Caged Cats To Be Slaughtered For Meat Found In Tianjin


From Mop:

Urgent Help!!! 2009 November 23, nearly one thousand kitties will soon face the misfortune of being slaughtered

Just on Xiangyang Road in Nankai District of Tianjin City, just past the old business school, there is a place that will make people furious: Shui Yun Jian KTV. There, are nearly one thousand kitties waiting to be slaughtered. Currently, there are several cat friends [friends of cats?] going to save the cats, who waited until around 9pm to call 110 [the number for police]. The “” have already arrived, but their attitude is a little biased towards the opposing party [the cat traders/traffickers]. If any schoolmates know of any friends in the media, can you mobilize the reporting? Inside are a total of 36 metal cages, stacked on one another, all stuffed full of cats, the conditions too appalling. Schoolmates who have recently lost a cat, maybe your precious is here in one of the cages…













From CCTV:

Concerned netizens take action, eight hundred kitties rescued

On the 23rd, a netizen on “Mao Mi You Yue BBS” posted an urgent help needed post: Over 800 kitties are caged in a compound at Tianjin Nankai district, facing the misfortune of being slaughtered and sold by cat traffickers. Several tens of netizens and cat-lovers immediately reached the location, launching a cat rescue operation.

As a result of unsuccessful negotiations with the cat traffickers, the compound’s gates were locked. 40 “cat friends” disregarded the cold and remained outside the compound overnight. The next day, another 70 plus Beijing cat friends rushed to and arrived at Tianjin. After the cat friends anxiously waited a day, the cat traffickers still had not reappeared.  After coordinating, yesterday night, finally with the help of police, the caged kitties were transported by specially arranged vehicles to temporary accommodations in an unused school classroom, with 30 volunteers responsible for taking care of them. Tianjin City’s Animal Health Supervision Authority also sent relevant personnel, to conduct disinfect/sterilize the classroom serving as temporary accomodations for the kitties and the transport vehicles.

As a result of not having any food or water for several days, over half of the kitties’s health are extremely weak, and several kitties have already died.

After the kitties had adjusted and recovered, the volunteers will begin accepting registrations for adoption.

Comments on Mop:


HOHO an inspiring rescue.


Ding this up, we cannot let the little kitties suffer.
I am not in Tianjin, otherwise I would definitely adopt.


People don’t have enough to eat yet have nothing to better to do than to care about cats? However, people who eat cats are too disgusting.


All animals are life. Pigs, dogs, cows, sheep, chickens, which isn’t a life? Why aren’t there people who sympathize with them? Were these animals born simply to be oppressed by man? But cats are dignified/noble? No! We are the ones who are wrong. Without people who eat them there would not be people trafficking them, so everyone think about their own problems, do more good deeds, do less harm.


Those who kill cats aren’t human! They’re beasts!!!
Poor kitties!!!
Ding ding!
Hope even more good-hearted people, people who love cats, will help the kitties get through this difficult time!!!


Animal protection organizations, China has one now???

Fighting for the rights of pigs, cows, sheep, cats, and dogs???

Waiting and observing…


Ding this post! Save the cats!
I’ve suddenly discovered that this post is from a few days ago, fuck, why is it only getting hot now, it’s already a cup!


I am really thankful the person who spoke out first, because the first person is very important.

If the first person said:

In this day and age, people cannot survive, and we still worry about cats? Why do you not go protect those pigs, cows, sheep?

And then criticize cat-lovers of being hypocrites. Then following with be a lot of people in agreement.

Following the crowd is normal behavior, but if in the face of ugliness and evil you still follow the crowd,

then that is known as not having a conscience.

Moreover, in China, there are too many people without a conscience.

Even without a conscience, they still audaciously put forth some excuses and justifications.

Helpless, this society has forced people to all become beasts.




You need to post another thread telling all the people raising pigs to release all the pigs! This way none of us will eat meat anymore! Fuck, so cats are not beasts? Humans cannot eat their meat? Lou zhu, time to mend your brain!


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