Caged Cats To Be Slaughtered For Meat Found In Tianjin


From Mop:

Urgent Help!!! 2009 November 23, nearly one thousand kitties will soon face the misfortune of being slaughtered

Just on Xiangyang Road in Nankai District of Tianjin City, just past the old business school, there is a place that will make people furious: Shui Yun Jian KTV. There, are nearly one thousand kitties waiting to be slaughtered. Currently, there are several cat friends [friends of cats?] going to save the cats, who waited until around 9pm to call 110 [the number for police]. The “” have already arrived, but their attitude is a little biased towards the opposing party [the cat traders/traffickers]. If any schoolmates know of any friends in the media, can you mobilize the reporting? Inside are a total of 36 metal cages, stacked on one another, all stuffed full of cats, the conditions too appalling. Schoolmates who have recently lost a cat, maybe your precious is here in one of the cages…













From CCTV:

Concerned netizens take action, eight hundred kitties rescued

On the 23rd, a netizen on “Mao Mi You Yue BBS” posted an urgent help needed post: Over 800 kitties are caged in a compound at Tianjin Nankai district, facing the misfortune of being slaughtered and sold by cat traffickers. Several tens of netizens and cat-lovers immediately reached the location, launching a cat rescue operation.

As a result of unsuccessful negotiations with the cat traffickers, the compound’s gates were locked. 40 “cat friends” disregarded the cold and remained outside the compound overnight. The next day, another 70 plus Beijing cat friends rushed to and arrived at Tianjin. After the cat friends anxiously waited a day, the cat traffickers still had not reappeared.  After coordinating, yesterday night, finally with the help of police, the caged kitties were transported by specially arranged vehicles to temporary accommodations in an unused school classroom, with 30 volunteers responsible for taking care of them. Tianjin City’s Animal Health Supervision Authority also sent relevant personnel, to conduct disinfect/sterilize the classroom serving as temporary accomodations for the kitties and the transport vehicles.

As a result of not having any food or water for several days, over half of the kitties’s health are extremely weak, and several kitties have already died.

After the kitties had adjusted and recovered, the volunteers will begin accepting registrations for adoption.

Comments on Mop:


HOHO an inspiring rescue.


Ding this up, we cannot let the little kitties suffer.
I am not in Tianjin, otherwise I would definitely adopt.


People don’t have enough to eat yet have nothing to better to do than to care about cats? However, people who eat cats are too disgusting.


All animals are life. Pigs, dogs, cows, sheep, chickens, which isn’t a life? Why aren’t there people who sympathize with them? Were these animals born simply to be oppressed by man? But cats are dignified/noble? No! We are the ones who are wrong. Without people who eat them there would not be people trafficking them, so everyone think about their own problems, do more good deeds, do less harm.


Those who kill cats aren’t human! They’re beasts!!!
Poor kitties!!!
Ding ding!
Hope even more good-hearted people, people who love cats, will help the kitties get through this difficult time!!!


Animal protection organizations, China has one now???

Fighting for the rights of pigs, cows, sheep, cats, and dogs???

Waiting and observing…


Ding this post! Save the cats!
I’ve suddenly discovered that this post is from a few days ago, fuck, why is it only getting hot now, it’s already a cup!


I am really thankful the person who spoke out first, because the first person is very important.

If the first person said:

In this day and age, people cannot survive, and we still worry about cats? Why do you not go protect those pigs, cows, sheep?

And then criticize cat-lovers of being hypocrites. Then following with be a lot of people in agreement.

Following the crowd is normal behavior, but if in the face of ugliness and evil you still follow the crowd,

then that is known as not having a conscience.

Moreover, in China, there are too many people without a conscience.

Even without a conscience, they still audaciously put forth some excuses and justifications.

Helpless, this society has forced people to all become beasts.




You need to post another thread telling all the people raising pigs to release all the pigs! This way none of us will eat meat anymore! Fuck, so cats are not beasts? Humans cannot eat their meat? Lou zhu, time to mend your brain!

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  • Bereaver

    Sad…. animals are animals…. and people are people….. but they feel pain and heart break, just like us.

    • Bereaver

      Let me reply with something after I gave it a thought again…. I feel this way, because I’ve had no connection with animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, or any other “farm” animal.

      On the other hand, I’ve always had a pet dog or cat around the house.

      I know they are animals…. but…. who are we to judge them….. we are they god’s now eh?

      Anyway… we must eat…. this is a very controversial topic…. and I’d rather not dive in and swim around….

      But I will say one thing.

      To keep them in cages…. that’s the real wrong being done here.

      I think… cows aren’t as bad as they have open pastures and can seemingly be free on an open field.

      So, after giving it some thought, the only bad thing I have about using cats for food is that it’s hard to contain them in a way that would keep them happy.

      • bb

        actually most cows spend a large portion of their existence living knee-deep in their own shit…modern cattle feedlots resemble those cat cages much more than our imaginations’ idea of open fields, big red barns, and the rooster crowing at sunrise.

        • Mike Fish

          There are few if any feed lots in China, that’s a very western/industrial farm thing. The few cows in China raised for food are actually living in fields, not factory farms. Also, most imported beef in China is from New Zealand, Australia, or Argentina and I’m fairly certain none of those places are famous for the heinous factory farms that Americans are so fond of.

          • Mike

            You are full of shit. Check out Australia and Argentina. You also might want to check out how they are packed in ships so tight they can die and still stand until unloaded in China. American factory farms my ass. Where do you think the concept of feed lots came from?

          • Mike Fish

            Please tell me about your experiences on cattle farms in Australia and Argentina, I’ve never been and made it clear I was just guessing. However, I’ve been to numerous cattle operations in China, and have plenty of first hand experience with the agriculture industry in China. The point was since we were discussing China I thought BB was way off for assuming every country and every place has the same kind of large scale industrial agriculture that the US does. In my experience, most places in the world do not.

        • Mike

          Not true. Pens are cleaned every other day. Try another lie.

        • Bereaver

          Well, from the “country” foreigners that I have met. They haven’t been around feedlots, nor have they seen any. But if you talk to a New Yorker that has worked on a farm around the outskirts of the city…. Yeah, horror stories pursue.

    • 倪可

      Really? they “feel heart break”? What kind of minds do you think cats have? Do you think they love and hate too? Sure, the situation is appalling, but let’s try and be a little more rational about this.

      • Gianna

        They do love, you moron. Have you ever owned a cat? Or a pet for that matter?

  • Shoeshine

    I wonder how long before the nutcases from PETA find this edition of Chinasmack…


    What is the food or not food is the question.

  • drewwang

    This method of trafficking is obviously cruel, and the police should take notice, but pet owners don’t seem to be doing enough to stop it. In my home country, cats and dogs on the street are rounded up and put into a humane shelter if they don’t have a collar with identification. If they are lucky, they will be adopted in a week. If not, they are killed by injection. Nobody eats them, but if people wanted to, I wouldn’t object. If you let your cat run around, sterilize it so it doesn’t reproduce and fight with other cats, and there will be less of a market for such barbarism.

    • bleah

      so it doesn’t reproduce and fight with other cats, and there will be less of a market for such barbarism.

      If all cats would fight all cats until the death, there would be a lot less cats.

  • I had heard you could buy pussy at this KTV.

    • ImmortalTechnique

      And it all ended when she coughed up a furball onto my lap…

      • 250

        And it all ended when she clawed my balls off…


    too cruel…these are the real innocent beings, another proof of a 5,000 years uncivilized country….do you want to improve the situation from any point of view? I have the solution: China should start a campaign of mass sterilization in the countryside, in order to drastically reduce its population in the coming decades…I am sure ppl will accept some government money/pension in exchange of that…that’s the way we clear up the mess created by the great chairman and we make blue our planet again

    • Kai

      I love how so many people think alluding to the 5000 years of continuous Chinese civilization factoid is somehow a substitute for making an intelligent comment about why modern Chinese society is the way it is, less than perfect.

      Have you ever even contemplated considering the facts, you know, the history and circumstances that has led Chinese society up to this point? Or does that get in the way of your e-dick swinging?

      • Damon

        Kai, I love you man, but you’ve got to learn to pick your arguments…

        I’ve been 上ing Chinasmack for about a year now, great website, but the trolls in the English section really aren’t worth paying ANY attention to. I don’t even both scolling down anymore.

        Anyways, you know this, leave the knuckleheads alone.

        • Kai


          You’re right, I do know this, and I absolutely agree with you in principle, which is why I’ve scaled back in commenting here a lot in recent months. Sometimes, unfortunately, I relapse. Cheers.

      • aquadraht

        You probably should just realize that China has been a mostly agriculturally based civilization for most of the millennia of her existence. In case you had ever observed the attitude of peasants toward livestock you would have realized that it is not extremely friendly or emotional, nowhere in the world. That is the key towards explanation of the sometimes indeed disgusting attitude of some Chinese toward animals.

        What I can hardly understand, however, is the self-righteousness of comments like yours. I know some of our world, and haven’t found a people or a country without flaws. But I found honest and amiable people in most if not all places I ever visited or lived. So I ask myself to which good or ends you made your comments. Need to accuse somebody or feel superior to? That would be pitiful.

        • Kai

          Was this to me or to DUKE FLEED? If to me, I’d like to ask how you interpreted my comment to suggest that I don’t understand how peasants here and anywhere around the world in similar circumstances typically regard livestock? Second, may I further ask what part of my comment is being self-righteous and deluded that there is a country that is without flaw? Above, I wrote:

          I’ve lived in many places and amongst many people and everywhere I’ve seen people who cannot queue, who don’t care about strangers, and who stop and watch people in mortal danger or pain without helping. One of the best things I’ve learned in life, to make me a happier person, is to not judge “a people” for the failures of its members.

          Did you get the wrong person here?

          • aquadraht

            Seems I misunderstood. Apologies for that.

        • Wu


          A lot of Chinese families to this day still refuse eating meat, and many of such families were from the countryside. The very reason of this is that a lot of Chinese peasant does see buffalos/cows as their friend.

          • saiyan

            wow now i understand why monks forbid meat eating and yet do noting i guess protect those who cant protect themselves doesn’t apply to cats too bad i had a chicken ones as a pet that i later discovered was being breaded to eat when its full grown and while eating it 0_0 i discovered to eat a animal one must not have feeling towards animal …..oh sorry mighty god for i have sinned f*ck this i am a human i have the right to kill and eat anything i want ……………face palmed………just look at cannibalism is it still okay to eat anything that we want please 21.12.2012 hurry up!!!!!!!!

      • DUKE FLEED


        You are either an extremely boring person or a wu mao party guy, nothing more to say

        • jack butcher

          wow , my god!! another hitler!!1 where is jewish in chinasmack

    • Mike

      DUKE FLEED Why do you think you can belittle the Chinese people and their past. China is like all other countries who have good and bad history. Look at your own family before you find fault with some one elses.
      That is a polite way of calling you a dickhead! FYI

      • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

        KAI is not a wu mao guy ok? Although I don’t always agree with him, I think at least he tries to make logical arguments for people to see the other side of things.

        Believe me I am the first to blast the Chimatrons for the 5,000 history remarks, but I also would say, I think for example, Americans are too quick to hug a cow, forgetting that that the majority of people like steak.

        I think its a big step for China to step out and have people care at all for animals…

        Remember every time you have a dish of meat there is a bound up duck, pig, or cow that probably did not die graciously for it (I say as I munch a steak)

        Anyway, if you are going to blast someone, PUSSan playtoy would be a good target

    • Gianna

      You ignorant idiot, USA is no better.

  • Yeah, but why’s it always gotta be so hairy ?

    • …the pussies I mean

      fail to click reply to yan’s comment is fail

  • Hongjian

    This is wrong. This is so fucking wrong.


    Pets, who do not serve any practical function in general are just luxury. Luxury, starving people in a developing country should not be able to afford.

    If I’m starving, I wouldnt even think of animals being cute pets. I would think of a way to kill and eat them to survive.
    Only well fed, obese, rich and decadent Westeners should be able to afford the luxury of NOT KILLING AND EATING animals.

    Man. Some Chinese really dissapoint me.

    “People don’t have enough to eat yet have nothing to better to do than to care about cats?”

    Ding Ding Ding!

    we have a winrar!

    • bleah

      Cats catch mice and rats, don’t they?

      • Hongjian

        yeah. they should do this job originally.
        catch mice, toy with them, torture them to death and eat them.
        this is how cats originally should be. cruel, clever and independent animals who are choosing their ‘caretakers’ out of pragmatism and not because they like hippie faggots who treats them as pets.

        but in the west they are degenerated and became pussies (litterally) because of catfood, which has an higher quality than food for humans and lots of ‘love’ and ‘care’ by PETA and obese, depression-ridden, leftist ’68-generation women.

        Wealth – Degenerating your animals since 1949.

        • aquadraht

          Oh, you are that fenqing-disguised rightwing extremist living in Germany, having been so degenerate that you spent four years of your useless life in the German Bundeswehr – can’t stop to giggle: few native Germans are that stupid. Yet, in nowadays’ China there is nobody starving. Maybe, in some remote areas people with very low income may suffer lack of protein and need to rely on eating cats, dogs, or rats. I still doubt that that is the case.

          As far as people breed cats or dogs in a sustainable environment in order to kill and eat them, I would not object that too much – I ate 狗肉汤 in my favourite restaurant in 前门 quarter in Beijing and enjoyed it (actually, I don’t like dogs very much – yet I hope they have been tended accurately until meeting their destiny).

          In the process of civilization animals to a rising amount are being held as pets, part of the household serving entertainment and emotional requirements. Records of animal companians being valued highly are abundant in history, btw. in Chinese history as well as in history of other civilized nations. Clearly peasants tend to value animals as means rather than personalities – even the mounted soldier has a different view, much more the urban dweller with an animal companian, be it a cat, a dog, or a bird.

          But I think the road towards civilization will be a long way to go for you, and four years of German Army won’t have shortened it. Good luck for your future enlightenment.

          regards, a^2

          • Hongjian

            butthurt much?


            then be happy and enjoy your enlightment, brought to you and enforced by people who will do the necessary cruelty on your behalf.

            communists, hippies and leftist sure are funney.

            sleep well, Aquadraht, while not being ‘Am Draht’ it seems…

        • aquadraht


          Can’t reply deeper in the thread, thus do here. Poor little Bundeswehr-Feldwebel, did the Hauptmann take you, or where comes your fag-hate from?

          Btw, take an English lesson, you need improvement – not only there. And take care, ypu are surrounded by communists, Muslims, homosexuals, pet-lovers, liberals, and other evil and dangerous people.

          Thanks anyway, I am always sleeping well. There is a saying: Those who sleep don’t sin. And there is another one: Those who did sin sleep well afterwards.

          All the best for your enlightenment. Sun Wukong had to go a long way as well – may his example lead you.

          • Hongjian


            I actually like Muslims. At least they arent liberals and didnt go through the age of enlightment that pussiefied the good ol’ imperial Europe.

            And you’re right. Bundeswehr and the fucking deployment in Afghanistan were pretty shit and I felt retarded afterwards. Defending the democracy at the Hindukush with my life, while dissing said democracy the entire time… not so good. Nah, at least that faggot Jung retreated from his position. Good enough. Now we have this delicious Nobleman as supreme commander. Hail.

            And Sun Wukong is an awesome example! Without him brutally killing all the deamons and beasts who’re threatening that faggot Monks sorry ass, the Tang Dynasty wouldnt be able to import that Indian Opium called Buddhism into China, to stone their morally degenerated plebs with.

            So, a fricking monkey did the necessary cruelty on behalf of all the baaawwning moralfags out there, who are wishing for a perfect world, but dont want to get their hands dirty.
            Truely an useful animal, I must say!

            I hope the monk sleeps well.

          • aquadraht

            different aspect, kid: Introduction of Buddhism to China wasn’t all that bad. Orthodox 儒学 subdued ordinary people to bureaucracy as the only way to channel to heaven. Buddhism gave them the opportunity to plead to the metaphysical sphere by themselves. Thus a competition arose between bureaucracy and clerus diverting devoutness – and funds – from the state to the monasteries (one as greedy as the other) giving ordinary people at least bit of free space and choice. Even under that aspect the monkey rebel did some good to the people.

          • Hongjian

            cool story bro. really.

            I never considered the Opium for the masses, called Buddhism (or religion in general), as a bad thing per-se.
            From the Machiavellian point of view, something like a religion and/or an religion-based ascension-ideology to support the meritocratican system, is always a good thing. Humans need something they can believe in, no matter how retarded it is. If not, the society will be devoured by corruption, degeneration and decadence – like China today.
            The thing is just, it will only remain an Opiate, a drug, to anesthetize the true nature of people. So leaders and emperors should always use it as means to achieve social stability, not become addicted junkies themselves.

            Maybe that’s why the Emperors decided to import this Opium in the first place. The Old drugs of Confucianism and Taoism just lost their effect on the people or the Emperors just got addicted themselves.

        • aquadraht

          Again you didn’t understand anything, no wonder for somebody knowing 西游记 only from comic strips. The novel demonstrates that even an animal may achieve enlightenment be it ape or pig. This is somewhat above your backwards peasant thought.

          Actually,孙悟空 had the spirit of a true rebel. He would never have himself subdued to an extent of serving four years in the Bundeswehr voluntarily. Some humans are submonkey, really.

          • Hongjian

            ‘achieving enlightment’ sure is a nice way of saying being drugged and stoned beyond any recognition.

            fact is, people kill each other and kill cyute animools to survive and to procreate. Anything that goes against this natural law, can be considered a crime against humanity itself.

            submonkey, peasant, untermensch etc. no matter who, everybody knows how to survive, safe people who consider themself enlighted, it seems.

    • Someone

      “Pets, who do not serve any practical function in general are just luxury. Luxury, starving people in a developing country should not be able to afford.”

      “Only well fed, obese, rich and decadent Westeners should be able to afford the luxury of NOT KILLING AND EATING animals.”

      Luxury? Really, is that so? Please explain why that every time I go to China I often see many rich, fat, decadent, greedy, corrupt Chinese businessmen and government officials indulged themselves with with extravagant banquets that serves exotic, endangered animals that supposedly have some “magical power” for sexual vitality. If China is a starving, developing country then how come so many Chinese are living in life of luxury? Please look closely at your own people before criticizing the west.

      Your apathy attitude towards animals and life in itself is the reason why I dislike this stupid country called China so much. Every country have cases of animal abuse but China just seems to be top of the worst. This is the same country where a 2 year old girl was ran over by 2 moving vans and 20 onlookers walked by and did nothing to help. Asked one of the onlookers why they do anything to help and they simply say that the girl is not their child so it’s not of their concern.

      Studies have shown that people who own pets tend to live longer and happier lives. Only ignorant Chinese people with their selfish, old traditional ways of thinking would think pets serves no practical purpose because in the minds of the Chinese. all they think and care about is money and nothing more.

      China is a country that does not value any life, so why would they even care about animal life? China is nothing but a uncivilized culture that lacks consideration and total disregard for anyone or anything that’s not within their own family and network system.

      So please explain why after China’s 5000 years of civilization the Chinese are still “starving” and “developing”? Not really much of a progress isn’t it?

  • Cat lovers are usually fat barren middle aged women and I’ve got no time for them, the cats are just a distraction from the family they will never have.

    Are they going to sell the cats to restaurants in Tianjin or sell them down south? Tianjin is really boring and I’d like to have something fun to do the next time I’m there. I wonder if you get to pick the cat you want like lobsters in the fishtank at a restaurant.

    • Hongjian

      I like how you think Pusan Bangzi.

      Maybe China and Korea shoud export their delicious cat- and dog-meat products to the west to troll them hard.

      lulz would be earned.

    • zammon hung

      Yes, and you can get the fur made into matching hat and scarf.

      Kitten mittens too.


    • J

      Kimchi eaters are usually fags that can’t deal with their own inferiority and must troll fuckin’ boards and waste other people’s time with their unwanted rants about things that they don’t know shit about.

      I’ve very little time for these people myself.

  • bleah

    People don’t have enough to eat yet have nothing to better to do than to care about cats? However, people who eat cats are too disgusting.

    This comment made me chuckle.
    What about people who have nothing to eat apart from cats? ;)


  • Mike

    WOW! Is this Chinasmack or is it HATE MONGER CHAT???

    WTF!! People, So much hate toward each other and yourselves. No wonder this world is in the shape it is. The western world is wrong. No, the Eastern world is wrong. No, another part is wrong. All of us are wrong because we can’t get along. Please, I could pick on every comment listed and find something disfunctional but what would it matter. You are all to busy putting each other down. What happened to the human race?

    • aquadraht

      Mike, I fear there is lot of picking on other people here all time. I agree that it is not nice. Unfortunately, humans are not nice all time. But you are right that we should try to improve.

    • Hongjian

      ChinaSmack is Hate-mongering.

      China itself is a chemical element, that, when comming into contact with western media/western faggots, is automatically generating hate, aggression and troll. This is just a natural chemical reaction, which comes from the fact that China itself is highly corrosive to western liberal chauvinism and universalism.

      Any thread and any news-item that contains China-related elements in an english language website/board, is automatically a potential powder-keg and troll-bait.

      just the rules of the internet.

      • aquadraht

        Such rules only apply to 傻屄 (oops, politically correct rather is 傻逼) so B it.

        • Hongjian

          nooo. please reamain politically incorrect.

          actually aggressive, racist and uncaring ShaBi’s are the true face of the internet, outside of the well protected and worksafe world made of facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube and other hosts of attentionwhoring, obese women, filming their cats taking the daily dump and waiting for concerned ppl to comment it.

          So, Chinasmack and other hate-filled places are the ideal soil to see the true face of people around the world. And I like it very much.

          • aquadraht

            Kid, you don’t know much of the world. I wish you to do some real work, travel the world, fuck beautiful women, raise children and learn a lot you did not yet so far. Maybe you’ll understand soke day how much you are making a fool out of yourself and be able to have a good laugh about.

          • Hongjian

            >>Kid calling other people kids.

            well, thanks. I appreciate you kind wish. really, without irony here.

            I knew that cute Afghani girl back then in Kundus, but such a relationship wouldnt have any future, I guess.

            Now, In the glorious Machiavellian Republic of China, I must say that there are pretty good girls around. Far better than those in Japan at least. 3D-PD.

            But I think even when finishing that fucking study of law, getting a decent job with high salary, the world would only increase its level of shit-tier.

  • zammon hung

    Cats do serve a practical function – vermin control and companionship, for example.

    Kudos to the netizens who freed those cats.

    This internet is useful for some things after all.

  • Goodness

    LOL! Why is there an Ad for an Animal cruelty investigator at the bottom of this thread?

    Why do I get the feeling that in about 10 years we will be complaining about the Chinese consumption of Soylent Green? Because if there is one thing China will never run out of, its the main ingredient in Soylend green.

    Keep your hands off of Garfield you monsters!

    • aquadraht

      When I’m dead, feel free to eat me. :)

      • Goodness

        Not even if you were deep fried in slop oil my friend. :-)

  • The Chinese eat almost anything and everything. With the exception of the tables and chairs, any four legged creatures can be turn into sumptuous meals.
    The Japs and the Germans were known for their crime againts humanity during world war2. The Chinese are knowns for their crime againts animals since the dawn of centuries.

    • Hongjian

      B-but animools are DELICIOUS!


    • aquadraht

      Well, strange things may be observed all around the world. Muslims and Jews make a fuss of eating pigs, Hindus of eating cows, yet Hindus let pigs eat their shit, then eat the pigs afterwards – somewhat circular nutrition habit. European abhor eating cats and dogs but eat frogs (at least the french). Ok, Chinese don’t mind eating any kind of animals – truely cosmopolitic eating habit :). Not eating chairs and tables is just rational, they taste poorly. But where is the crime, anyway? Are vegetarians criminals against defenseless plants and salads, not being ashamed to eat them alive?

      • How the animals are treated up to the point it is slaughtered is what erks those animal lovers. Have you heard of how some people go about eating monkey brains?
        The monkey is alive, had its hair on top of the head shave off, and then the top portion skull hack off and brain suck out while that darn poor chimp still alive and struggling?
        If anyone deem such cruelty act as normal and perfectly justified in the name of gourment then I have nothing else to say.
        Have you heard or even seen hot water pour on live dogs and cats, and then beaten in the believe that this will make the meat tender and juicy? If anyone calls that perfectly normal then I suggest such people, in particular the Chinese has no rights to question how the Japs treated the Chinese as pigs when they massacred these people during World War 2.

        • aquadraht

          Though I agree that there are disgusting habits of animal treatment which should be abolished – and I am sure the waste majority of Chine se agree, too – you are spoiling your point by your exaggeration. Bad animal treatment, by the way, is far not limited to China, especially in farming, transport, and slaughtering.

          War crimes like those of the Japanese or the Germans in WW2 are something different, anyway. I strongly disagree to your statements. They remind the SS-men cold-heartedly killing women and children but shedding tears when their dog broke a leg.

      • Mike Fish

        Doesn’t it all come down to hygeine? People like to think we have animal protection laws to protect animals, but aren’t they really just to make sure the final product is clean and safe to eat? It’s nice to think the cats or other livestock wouldn’t be in pain or mistreated. I prefer they never be killed. But isn’t it at least the basics of civility to make sure what is served in a restaurant hasn’t been crammed into cages with a thousand other diseased animals, living in their own shit?

  • laowaixian


  • Thon Brocket

    Well, I like a good roof-rabbit hot-pot. A big Australian or Californian red wine complements the strong “foxy” flavour.

  • Amak

    …why is it we can eat cows etc, but eating a cat is somehow wrong? It’s just an animal and honestly, there are too many damn cats around.

  • Thon Brocket

    The shot of the sparrow on the cage is good. At least he’s getting a laugh out of it.

  • Righteous American

    Thank those brave and good-hearted cat friends for coming to the rescue! They really saved the day.

  • How about cows, pigs and tuna fish? We should rescue them as well.

    • Righteous American

      Fuck no, tuna’s delicious.

      • The key point is not so much as to what animal can or cannot be eaten, rather the way the animals are slaughtered during the process of turning it into a dish. All animals, regardless of pigs,cats,dogs,gorilla, chimps and etc should be slaughtered in a humane manner.

        • goodness

          Interesting point. I know plenty of people who like steak, chicken, and fish who won’t go near foie gras.

          • Guy

            I agree with stargaterich, I think all animals can be eaten but it is how they are treated that is important. where possible the animals should be killed as quickly and humanely as possible and all parts of the animal (where possible) used.

            Many local delicacies are prepared in pretty inhumane ways such as goose for foie gras, but like wise the way other animals such as sharks are killed just for their fins is also terrible. I can understand catching a shark and eating the whole thing, but cutting off the fins and throwing the rest of the shark back into the water to drown is pretty sad.

          • Someone

            “I can understand catching a shark and eating the whole thing, but cutting off the fins and throwing the rest of the shark back into the water to drown is pretty sad.”

            I find that very unusual as the Chinese usually eat the entire part of every animals they lay their dirty hands on.

        • Righteous American

          Well I dont think slaughtering a cat humanly or not would sway my opinion.
          I dont know, I just dont get the same emotional feeling when petting a tuna fish thats nestled on my lap.

          • Guy

            I can certainly understand your point, but different countries have different tastes. I dislike a number of the things that they eat in asia, whether it is dog, cat, sea cucumber, or whatever but that is their choice. As others have said eating a cow in India is against their religion, or Pork in Israel / Islamic countries. Should the people in those countries insist that other people not touch those things. In the UK people don’t eat horse meat. but in many parts of Europe they do. Should they try to forbid it? Where would it stop? I don’t think we should criticise people for what they eat, just that if they do eat it, they don’t waste it, or abuse it.

        • Mike Fish

          including people

  • pervertt

    The story is at once both uplifting and depressing. Depressing for obvious reasons, and uplifting because it shows that people who care for animals can be found the world over. I think it is an innate human quality that we show empathy for intelligent mammals, particularly mammals that offer companionship to we humans. I’m not talking about cats and dogs only, I’m also referring to the farmer who feels sadness in slaughtering his buffalo because it has toiled with him for many years in the field.

    If you must take a life for food (and I accept that this is legitimate), please do not let the animal suffer anymore than it should. This is why we have a word called “inhumane” – you would not be human if you did otherwise.

  • VeerLeft

    Just where did they get these cats?? Not a CAT FARM right? Regulated by the government breeding facility? No. They STOLE them.
    Same thing happens to peoples dogs every winter all around shanghai as well.
    That is the real issue with this. If people were making the CHOICE to eat cat…bred on cat farms …for cat burgers etc. that would be different. They are just grabbing cats as far as I can tell. EVery compound that I’ve lived in in Shanghai has cats that are a loose community of rat catchers and are fed by some old woman in the compound. All a ‘cat rustler’ has to do is sneak in at night and literally take the cats in a small net.

  • Rick in China

    I have 2 cats.

    That being said, I know people who have pigs as pets.

    Whose to say which should be a source of food, and which should be protected? It’s restricted and critiqued by culture, not by logic. There was recently a Southpark episode that demonstrated this very well — it was about dolphins/whales and Japanese, how ‘the world’ freaks out that Japanese eat whale and dolphin and their products, called “Whale Whores”, then they ‘convinced’ the Japs that they should eat pigs and cows not dolphins as if it’s so much better and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    Honestly I think the right argument should be whether to eat any meat at all, rather than which type of animal to eat. It’s the only non-hypocritical solution I see here.

    • Bizzork

      On that argument, I think for many populations in the world, it’s a much safer bet to have both domesticated animals and edible vegetation. As for which animals should be eaten, to even ask that question seems a little monstrous but arguably necessary. I like where this page is goin’.

  • Master C

    Maybe breed a less empathetic, less intelligent, larger and meatier breed. Larger cats still make better meals though. Domestic cats are for the lower end consumers who don’t have access to real game meat. More lion, tiger and leopard farms please !

  • Ranger_lost_in_Mordor

    Don’t eat pussies ! They are not for eating !

    • blkaznlava

      er…actually they are. especially if its asian.

      • icarusty

        are you referring to the women?

  • Paul

    think about the starving childrens in africa without food people. your donation of one of these feline cats can give one child the nutrients s/he needs to put a smile on their face. don’t you care, donate a cat.

    • Goodness

      *Sniff* Thank you Sally. If I was a starving child in Africa I know that the only thing I would like better then going hungry at night, is going hungry at night and becoming the object of further ridicule from the same Western countries which keep sending food aid. And the look on Bono’s face next time he is there would be priceless.

  • It’s sad that millions of animals around the world are not lucky enough to be rescued. Millions of animals suffer a horrible fate, not only for their meat, but for their fur which ends up in cheap Walmart pet toys or clothes. The eating of dogs and cats is just part of the problem. How sickening is it that so many animals die tortuous deaths just for their fur, which might then be used to create stuffed animals instead? Just google ‘Chinese fur farm’ for more information on these hell holes on earth.

  • lol

    what is so wrong about eating cats, dogs and whatnot?

    I like animals. they are good companions. and they also taste damn fucking fine.

  • The Expat

    One big difference with these cats. Many are STOLEN from people that love them…only to end up on a dinner plate. Pretty disgusting really.

  • MaMa Mia

    Now I fear Chinese spreading Kitty flu soon!

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  • michel

    Fucking pigs bastards.Cut the balls off those chinese fucks who harm those little cats. As long as those things continue who can tell China is a great nation ?Just village idiots with the latest technology and gadjetery in their hands…I pee on them.

  • Darren

    I’m in Tianjin. I kinda want to go find this place and check it out. I really hate cats so I don’t really care but I just hope I don’t end up eating some cat later unknowingly.

    • jack butcher

      darren you are so cool

  • Anrine

    What a disgrace to the Chinese race ! What has this world comes to ? Are we running out of food that we have to treat our pets this way ?

  • Brigit

    Those people should rot in hell



  • GROUPERCHEEKS- ure suck! cats and dogs are pet, u stupid! it’s not for eat and enjoying life. there are plenty of other stuff u can eat other than cat and dog, u moron! that’s in US are allowed not in other country! u dont respect human nature and mother nature truly!

    Anrine- i agree with u! chinese race are a cruelty race and stupid! i hate chinese country and chinese people!!!!!! curse them and die in hell!!!!

    • C

      Oh my god. Why does this situation have to define the “chinese race” as “a cruelty race and stupid!”

      There are obviously human nature explanations to proved a logical explanation for these actions (perhaps financial instincts to keep their business alive). I certainly don’t agree with killing cats and dogs for meat, but their view is that they AREN’T pets so they’re okay to kill them.

      It’s just like if you had a pet chicken/duck/cow that you loved as a pet. You’d be going crazy as this in whatever country you’re living in.

      • icarusty

        why do you sound so surprised? Whenever someone of Chinese (or indeed, Japanese, etc) origin does something bad, it’s not that person or the way they were raised up – nope, it’s the entire race… therefore heir conclusion is to ethnically cleanse all CHinese people, because obviously that’s the humane thing to do. Chinese people be aware of this growing tide of resentment against them, not because of their government, or even their culture, because of who they are. it is pressuring the Chinese to hate themselves for their very own identity – imagine doing the same towards blacks, muslims, etc.

  • specter

    lol whatever, you gotta eat right? Cow or cat, pick your fave.

  • chanel

    I adopted a kitten about one year ago, I’ve given her all the attention and care that I could. I thought as she got older she would come to accept her home and become accustom to human touch. After one year of sharing my home with her she still scratches and bites anyone who tries to approach her including me and my spouse. I’ve tried many harmless tactics to remove those undesireable traits but to no avail. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not her fault, rather it stems from inbreeding. My spouse hates this cat and has given up hope that the cat will ever accept us as it’s family.

  • manson

    FUCK!i want eat human meat

  • nacchan


  • sam

    slaughtering cats and dogs – especially in this cruel and barbaric way – is showing over and over again the real face of an underdeveloped civilization. there are thousands of western people looking with grief and anger at these unacceptable practices which are dressed up by some chinese circles as their “culture”. note that in europe there are numerous proclamations to boykott chinese products in consequence of these pictures of innocent animals brutally tortured to death.!/pages/China-Fck-off-and-stop-eating-cats-and-dogs-The-Page/146330965391832

  • Luke Thomas

    It’s China. I’m not surprised. Why do you think we Westerners feel disgust when we talk about China. CHINA HAS WORLD FAMOUS REPUTATION FOR CAT MEAT and it’s sick.

  • Antimeat

    How is this any different than cages packed full of chicken or pigs waiting for slaughter? Meat is murder, no matter how cute or cuddly you find one animal over the other. Besides, pigs are far more intelligent than cats, even, on average, smarter than dogs, yet, few people get upset seeing hundreds of pigs packed into a shipping container, whipped and prodded along the way to the slaughter house. I say if we are okay with torture and murder for one type of meat, we should be okay with it for all types of meat. I hear baby human meat is real tender and tastes and smells just like pork, and god knows we have enough of a population problem in parts of the world.

    I guess all said and done with, at least if these were feral or outside cats, we will have to worry less about their impact on the local songbird and butterfly populations.

  • why all the fuss?
    what’s the difference between slaughter a cat and a cow to feed people?

    • saiyan

      try saying that to cannibalism if u dare if u understand the difference and that’s the difference between slaughtering a cat and a cow to feed people think before u say something with you’re post u might as well say its alright to eat anything that moves

  • saiyan

    WTF THEY’RE eating cats that’s even worse than killing dolphins in japan u sick people i love cats because they they understands human feelings if u are eating cats than u are heartless there is a difference between eating to survive and eating for pleasure in a very very sick way i shall pray for those who eat cats so that u may suffer in the afterlife and im not even religious that’s how sick this is please stop this cruel sick habit

  • ArchaicAsia

    Some Asian culture is truly, truly backward.

  • icarusty

    Read the comments from the Daily Mail article on this story. They are calling for the GENOCIDE of the Chinese race, despite the very same Chinese race in those pictures rescuing the cats. These aren’t a few comments, but the vast majority – and even more approve of them.

    It is clear there is deep underlying hatred of ethnic Chinese (notice how they keep referring to the race rather than the culture, or the individuals involved as with most crimes of other races – including cases of whites’ own animal cruelty), regardless of whether 1 or a million do something good or bad…. therefore it is in everyone of Chinese origin’s best interests to look after themselves, prepare for the worst. They are the modern day Jews and I advise all Chinese to arm yourself and group together as best you can.

    I refer you to Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Indonesia for recent examples of where ethnic Chinese communities have been persecuted and thus have their women raped, their children and men beheaded, and their businesses looted and burnt. And they have the audacity to call the Chinese inhumane.

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