Calisthenics By Creative Chinese Students

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Comments from Mop:


One look and you can tell it is a mental retard who was let out by the mental hospital.

Why was this kid not sent to the sports team?…
Truly regrettable.

Chinese kung fu and gymnastics combined!!!
China’s national football has hope!!!

I laughed so much I want to go kick him to death!

I pay silent tribute to the people next to him. They either laughed to death or were scared to death!

He drank too much Sanlu, and is struggling to piss.

Our class also had someone like this who absolutely was not only pretending/goofing around. In the end, he was recommended to Tsinghua [one of China’s top universities].
He was a very peculiar person. According to his point of view, if you are going to do calisthenics exercises, you should do them vigorously. Many of his views were peculiar.
Hehe, everyday he was like a great wise man who only seemed slow-witted.

Made me secretly laugh in the office!

The responsibility for maintaining world peace will be placed on your shoulders.

I will not ding, my apologies to that student~~~

Movements accurate, speed agile, intensity steady and resolute, he is suitable for going to Shaolin Temple to become a monk.

Such vitality! We are getting old.

I do not feel there is anything unnatural, perhaps he feels he needs to be that way to feel vigorous. Funny is funny, but we still need to respect him. Looking at the students next to him, they are also calm and do not think anything is strange, so what is so funny?

I’m at work! Watching this, wanting to laugh, but not being able to has made my stomach cramp. I am so sad…I must go home to watch this again and re-experience it.

Comments from PCPop:

An intensified version of “broadcast gymnastics” [group calisthenics]. It truly tests the pant’s quality.

Dinged, I also feel this is the right way to do calisthenics.

He is taking it so seriously! For these students who sit in class all day studying and only go through the motions of group calisthenics, his routine is so much more beneficial to the body. Using so little of the physical education activity time to do your best to stretch the body, feels very good.

Not nearly as good as the Little Fatty from last time… [see below]

…reminds me of high school life…

I am helpless [with laughter]! One word! Niu!

Why are there so many people criticizing him? At most, he is taking it too seriously, there is no need for people to criticize him. Do not forget that he is a middle school student, and students should take this seriously. Is it not better than students in public being affection [kissing and hugging] and getting captured on camera!?

His posture/poses are so perfect/exact. Others are all simplifying the movements.
Everyone is not according to standard, only one is, and we think it is hilarious.
I like this kid…

When I first started watching, I certainly was laughing and laughing so much my stomach hurt. After watching half of it, however, I was no longer able to laugh. Now I only want to say that the principle that China’s youth lack is this kind of courage to not care what other people think. That is why they always group together like a kind of coward. Hehe, this kid’s [exercise] method is worth promoting!

As a physical education teacher, from a more professional perspective, this student’s coordination is really good. I will not say if his brain has any problems, but if he really does it like this, he has amply achieved the goal of working out his body. However, because he does every move like shadow boxing, he is definitely more interesting to watch amongst the group of people, hahahaha~~

This is the “Little Fatty” video mentioned by one of the comments above. It has been viewed over 1.3 million times with over 4,700 comments:

Video on Youku.


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