Candles in Shanghai for Earth Hour, Not Dead Pigs

Candle-lit Earth Hour 2013 in Shanghai.

One of the top trending posts on popular Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo today, with over 40k reshares and 13k comments…

On Sina Weibo:

@徐卫华: Last night, the Huangpu River was lit up with candles. It turned out to be for Earth Hour, and I had thought it was for the pigs, pshaw!

Chinese in Shanghai with candles in observance of 2013 Earth Hour.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Haha, it could also be a memorial service for the poor pigs!


How many candles were wasted? More wasteful than the electricity saved, right?


This is even more wasteful.


Retarded, isn’t lighting candles even more polluting to the environment? Creating even more waste!


Shanghainese people are probably normally very frugal, but are now lucky enough to have pork rib soup all day long. Why not hold a pork rib soup festival, like the “Streaky Pork Festival” that bangzi have.


A bunch of poser cunts who can only do something for show.


The intelligence of these people is truly embarrassing for Shanghainese people.


Would’ve been better to organize people to watch Young Leifeng.


Isn’t lighting a candle even more energy-wasting than turning on a light?


I think it’s still for the pigs. Candles compared to electric lights are even more wasteful of natural resources and produce even more pollution. There is absolutely no need to use candles to convey the notion of using less electricity.


Just how much more carbon emissions did this cause…


Shanghainese people are simply SB.


Does manufacturing candles not require electricity!?


Turning off lights and lighting candles, candles are paraffin wax, 2C8H18 +25O2 = 16CO2 +18H2O ,2C22H46 + 67O2 = 44CO2 + 46H2O ,C17H35COOH + 26O2 = 18CO2 + 18H2O, pigs floating on the river, rest in peace. Oh yeah.


There truly are no lack of SB.


Humph, retarded Shanghai people.


Indeed it isn’t for the pigs, because the pigs are the ones lighting the candles! Candles aren’t even as environmentally friendly as electricity! Pigs!


Looks like being a poser is more important than drinking pork soup.


For the dead pigs, I am truly moved… Even the pigs are laughing in heaven…

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  • [email protected]

    wow, lots of anti-Shanghairen hate. Or is it jealousy…… nah. It’s boredom

  • TheDon

    Did i get sofa ?

  • BiggJ

    Earth hour in China? Same as a drug lord going to an anti drug rally.

    • Alex

      So fucking true. I’m amazed every day at how people waste resources all the time.

      Specially water, it’s insane!

    • yea mate i totally get what you mean by that, this whole earth hour thing was probably hyped up by some chinese drug lord to make his reputation look better and all that.

      • mr.wiener

        You know the only thing I hate worse than people being snide about Ozzies for being racist knuckles-draggers is an Ozzie coming along and proving them right.

        • Chang Liu

          Lol dude he touched a raw nerve there.

  • Foreign Devil

    At least earth hour was acknowledged by a few people in Shanghai. From the comments I can imagine it passed by with nobody giving two shits in the rest of China.

  • slob

    And the next day they go back to using their washing machines, driving their cars, playing their computers, making calls on their mobile phones, wasting paper, and every other possible way to fuck up the environment.
    Good thing you lit those candles for a minute though or the earth would have been DOOMED!!!

    • Yeah because the Chinese are the only one using washing machines driving cars and fucking up the environment. Damn think about all those useless holiday like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick days, and all those $1 party supplies build by child labor so American can have a excuse to get wasted and consume themselves into oblivion.

      Talking about pollution, American consumed 20% of the world resources, and 10 times more than the average Chinese driving with their multiples, cars, 5000 calories diets.

      You can all come out and say racist shit about Chinese that would better than the self-righteous liberal bigot attitude that going in this Chinese-bashing website.

      • linette lee

        I agreed. That’s is why they call this china smack. It’s made for laowai expats in Asian countries to come here to bash chinese all day long. EVen with good story like this they have to bash chinese. I see Americans litter all the time. Even on the highway they LOVE throwing garbage tossing out of their car windows. Paper cups, cigarette butts…etc.

        • MaoDimSum

          Still the majority of people is not deliberately cheating, robbing and poisoning the nation to make a quick buck. What you do in the bad imperialist country anyway. don’t you have to sell a kidney for a western luxury product? lol

          • linette lee

            Maybe you can answer me why the expats are still in China when they hate it so much. What do you think?

          • nintendo-nerd

            Because laowai aren’t qualified enough to get jobs, wifes, or girlfriends… or have easy access to have sex with underage children in their own countries, that’s why they are here in Asia :)

          • nintendo-nerd

            P.S. GARY GLITTER.

          • linette lee

            So you are saying expats in asia countries are losers? i didn’t say that you said it. ;)

          • nintendo-nerd

            I’m just going by facts, sweetheart :)

          • BiggJ

            At least the billion chinese losers have to stay in china and can’t leave. I agree most expats in china are what you described….But what does that say about china when people like that can come here and live good lives. Don’t make china look too good.

          • nintendo-nerd

            A billion Chinese losers? How do you know they are all losers? They are probably more hard-working than your lazy ass to just sit in front of your computer posting on Chinasmack all day. Well done.

          • BiggJ

            How do you know all expats are jobless wifeless pedophiles? I can generalize just as well as you can you. No wait, 1.4 billion chinese loser. That’s better.

            Just because to you need to ask your mom to use your computer after your homeworks done don’t mean I have to. Don’t you have a phone? Use your phone to put on post here. Or did your mom not buy you one yet?

          • nintendo-nerd

            If they are not jobless losers in their home countries, then why are they in China?

            After all, they spend all their time whinning and bitching on the internet on sites such as this… “oh, China is dirty, it’s so bad”, “Chinese people have no manners”, “I hate this place”, “China people eat cats and dogs”, etc.. well, if you foreigners don’t like China, then why are you there?

            Exactly that.. can’t get a wife, gf, job in their own country, no?

            Why live in a place that you hate so much?
            These losers don’t even need qualifications or have experience teaching English to land a job in China, how pathetic.

          • Dr Sun

            Billionaires are flooding out of China like the flea interested rats of the streets of London 1666.

          • LuoyangLaowai

            Those Billionars are only that way because They Cheated, Robbed, Stole, Swindeled, Laundered the money from the people and Others just as Corrupt. Its not Honest Clean earned money. The ONLY reason why they are flooding out of china is because They know there are so many Better Places. An Honest Hard working peasant who actually deserves to be in a better country should be going before the Billionare Crooks.

          • BiggJ

            I say let the billionaires leave. They always go to Canada, US, Australia, England some place like that. They go and spend their money and help our economy. So let um.

          • beijinger

            exactly it serves the government right….if they were honest in the first place, they wouldn’t have all those new billionaires to begin with…what goes around comes around

          • Perry Mason

            Ah, so they’re bankers!

          • linette lee

            This part I agreed. Those crooks sending there stolen money to Hk, USA, and canada are giving chinese bad names.

          • Chang Liu

            Ill gotten gains have a tendency to leave the country where they were acquired don’t u think?

          • Dr Sun

            A little harsh don’t you think ?

            But just for shits and giggles lets put it like this :

            Because Chinese are so uneducated and corrupt, with multiple wives, mistresses and using child prostitutes every day in their own country even the CPC cannot satisfy them, they have to leave, now they are in or coming to your country soon.

            @ nintento-nerd Chinese emigration abroad far outweighs Laowai immigration and the reasons are as many as the number of your pubic hairs. (assuming you are old enough to have any yet of course)

          • nintendo-nerd

            Child prostitutes every day?
            There’s more Child molesters in USA, and Europe than Asia.. and even you do find a peado in Asia, he’s a white man at least 90% of the time. Type “peadophile”, “child porn”, “child molester”, etc. on the internet, and I’m sure you’ll find 1 of your ancestors on there :p

            PS; I’m not even from Mainland China, shows you how smart you are ;)

          • Red Scarf

            No, it just well could be that Western countries collect more data on child molesters, or that such crimes are reported more than in Eastern Asia countries. Especially as defined by Chinese law that the age of consist is 14.

            and simply put a foreign pedophile is more likely to be reported to the authorities than a local one.

            Not only that but child abuse laws in China have no defined barriers and often villains use loopholes to be charged with “child prostitution rather than child rape.



          • Dr Sun

            “I’m not even from Mainland China,” and my guess you don’t live here either.

          • billygigu

            Because there will be always expats in foreign countries sweetheart…
            it’s like asking why there are still fish in a Chinese river if it’s that polluted. creating causality that simply isnt always that easy

          • BiggJ

            Contrary to what you think, there are not many expats in china.Compared to other countries.

          • don mario

            what big J said.. try and compare it to the amount of chinese that go overseas..

            and to answer the question, they didnt wake up yet..

          • LuoyangLaowai

            I wonder that myself Every day. I think I don’t go home because I would rather stay in a Country like China than have to go back to living in the same country as Fuckface Obama. So When I leave china this summer. I will only be there a few months. Then Im moving to another Country.

          • bert

            It’s fun to hate. What brings u to this sight?

          • dudedue

            yet you bitches still have your ass in the air with these bankers, corps, and politicians lined up behind ya. Stupid fuckers. Get real. American have no idea about their own position. They lack the ability to even comprehend what to 10% owns 80% of the wealth means cuz they’re so brainwashed. All they do is laugh at other people.

            You always come up with some lame faggot shit and act like that’s on the entire Chinese people. Motherfuckers even recognize this shit when it comes to black people, like it’s always whatever some black person does it’s holding black people back, but when some white person does it, it’s just that person. You do this shit all the time, on everything, against everybody.

            If you are so disgusted why don’t you change things? Tell your corps. to stop fuckinng with the chinks lol. Why don’t you??? It’s easy right?

            Finally, FUCK YOU EXPATS. You bitches are the faggoest (THE FAGGGOTS) motherfucker. The other day one of you faggot talking about how no American would come to China cos people shit on the street. LOL. Stop making yourself look good for the people that don’t know you. Americans know jack shit about China. The truth is most Americans are not faggot like you expats. They have no need to move to China. LMAO.

            FAGGOTS get the fuck out of my face. You faggots can’t say shit to my face.



          • Germandude

            ROFLMAO. And this post, kids, is the reason why you shouldn’t listen to RAP-music.

            Edit: to dudedue: download “virtual dj” and get a nice beat to that text. The hip-hop world is waiting for you.

          • mr.wiener

            I think the phrase he was looking for was “the most faggy” , ‘though a “faggotiest” would fit nicely in the beat.

          • ScottLoar

            So, you really don’t like homosexuals, eh?

          • mr.wiener

            I’ve never stopped being amazed at homophobes who don’t see the irony in saying “Fuck you you fucking faggot”, or “suck my dick you queer-arse”.
            It’s kinda like saying “fuck me in the arse you gay”.

          • Dr Sun

            Probably the same reason as when they were in the Corps their called Jar heads and the toilet was called the head. Slurp…slurp !

          • Perry Mason

            Tsk tsk. Substance abuse.

            ATTN: Moderators

            How come this…whatever dudedue is, write all this stuff and it stays, and my original short, pithy post about what those ******* women on that xiaosan with self-righteous ************* onlookers and security guards gets removed almost as soon as I put it up?

            Do I have to be incoherent to use ****, ************, ************* etc on this site?

        • beijinger

          Chinese litter more…..waayyyyyy more….

        • middle_kingdum

          Please let us know when you can show Americans dumping thousands of dead diseased pigs into one of their major rivers and no one seems to be punished, ok?

        • MrT

          Yea America sucks you should leave New York and come back to the motherland.
          You can get yank dick here.

          • linette lee

            Never been to China. I heard china chinese hate honkese and taiwanese. Is that true?

          • mr.wiener

            In all probability, but there are good people there too. You should visit there with an open mind, not just to have your prejudices confirmed :)

          • linette lee

            That is so true. :) I will only go if you go with me. :) So in case they really hate honkese and taiwanese I won’t feel like I am the only one. You are half taiwanese already. lol….

          • MrT

            I can give you a quick tour, as long as you feed me.

          • Dr Sun

            You chose him over me…..I’m gutted !!

          • MrT

            They don’t hate any one! So friendly and kind!

          • MrT

            really? you never been to the mainland?
            Wow and you have so much to say about China!

            So where do you get your information about the life’s of Chinese people here?
            Please don’t tell me Chinasmack…..

          • linette lee

            From the china chinese in Usa and HK. They are my friends. I do have friends from all different background. Hk and usa are very muilticultural. HKers know what’s going on without stepping foot into China.

          • MrT

            that’s bollocks, because i also have Chinese friends from the those backgrounds and they haven’t got a clue, they feed of the same media bullshit everyone does out side of the mainland.

            Brainwashed hearsay.
            Plenty wrong here but outside China everyone barking up the wrong tree, they barking up the US political tree.
            Your creditability is zero here.
            Next you will be telling me Info Wars is all true…

        • bert

          Don’t agree you ass kisser.

      • Red Scarf

        And it took the USA 200 years to reach the carbon dioxide emissions as it has today. China in the other hand has surpass the USA with only 50 years of modernization and still has a long way to go.

        China has some of the fastest growing rates of obesity, abortion the world as seen, its not only GDP China overtake the USA.

        • MrT

          Well the US did shift its production to China hence the rapid emissions increase.(same with the fast food outlets, only reason KFC and the other crap still in business)

          Oh and its the same reason the US going down the pan now, no fecker got any money because their jobs went..
          and whose to blame for that? The rich yanks.
          Civil war soon, best keep them guns hidden from the feds when they come to take them…

          • Red Scarf

            So when USA production was at its peak and it was pumping out carbon dioxide it wasn’t their fault because they were producing products for all of the world, as the Chinese argument does,

            Your argument would make sense but, if there was a great decrease in USA emissions, but transfer of production, only, can’t account for such rapid increases in carbon dioxide China.

            Oh yes, as for fast food, who’s forcing them to eat it.

          • MrT

            Fast food, the companies who sell it force them to eat it with endless brainwashing adverts, you know this.
            Anything that’s been jumped on like AMWAY in America just come here set up shop for as long as they can get away with it which will be along time because most the population are retards and don’t know any better.
            China is now the raping ground for failing American companies.
            A bit like all the has been rock stars coming this way.

        • Just look at all the shit around your should, how many Chinese even have those. Chinese sacrifices their own country to industrial and compete in an unkind world. Who is going help Chinese industrialized and learn what needed to learn. Chinese sacrifices their land, American corporation get huge profits, give Chinese pittance, and then blame Chinese.

          American should just be glad they can buy cheap shit and have high standard of living. American buy shit and throw away in a week. All the plastics toys that American spoilt their children with are made with Chinese labor and polluting the world. If you ever walk into a Chinese family home and an American home you will see how much possession American have.

          It is sickening how fat-asses American can be so self-righetous while exporting pollution and inflation throughout the world.

      • ScottLoar

        Dear Harry,

        The US has 5% of the world’s population and consumes 24% of the world’s energy (by the way, energy conversion is one of the indices of civilization), and produces – are you ready now? – fully 23.6% of the world’s goods and services (GDP) according to 2010 figures. Now here’s some homework for you: Take a unit of energy, say a barrel of oil, and see how much that single barrel produces in GDP in the USA as compared to, well, because we’re on this forum compare to China and see who is the most efficient and cleanest producer by far.

        Yours most sincerely,


        • Germandude


          the US is not at all the most efficient and cleanest producer. I would have remembered that if I ever heard that before. The logical guess would suggest that small countries are more efficient, countries like Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Hong Kong, Austria. My guess would be that most of the European countries are doing pretty fine (especially northern European countries) because traditionally, efforts on a clean environment are high because of public interest and pressure and efficiency is needed for achieving this. Now since I am interested, I do some research and find the following:

          source 2008
          “The most energy-efficient countries are all similar to Japan. In many cases, they do not have access to abundant sources of energy and have sought efficiency as a matter of energy independence–in the case of (No. 2) Denmark as an urgent national priority since the oil shocks of the 1970s. Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel and Italy all make the list as well.

          The U.S. doesn’t. Using energy intensity as a measure, the U.S. is using slightly more than 9,000 BTUs per dollar of GDP. The top 10 countries use 7,500 BTUs or less. China uses 35,000 BTUs per dollar of GDP.”

          Turns out that my assumption was quite right, considering that Denmark, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Austria are all in. I am surprised that Italy and Germany even made it.

          Source 2012 (based on the 12 largest economies)

          “In the last decade, the U.S. has made “limited or little progress toward greater efficiency at the national level,” the report concludes.”

          Now I know that different sources will give different results and I am aware that not each country can do immediately what they are supposed to do. There is a reason however why the US are always, regardless of president, criticized about the lack of effort on becoming more energy efficient.

          • ScottLoar

            Your references are wholly convincing, you are correct, and the assumption that smaller but fully developed countries with less available resources are necessarily more efficient is also correct. America’s 9,000 BTU’s per dollar of GDP is about 4 times more efficient than China’s 35,000 BTU (and add to that China’s greater pollution) but compares badly with the top 10 countries using 7,500 BTU or less.

            I was clearly wrong.

          • Germandude

            I am not sure if you used irony on this part: “Your references are wholly convincing”? Do you mind to clarify? You can easily find other sources.


            I didn’t intend to bash the US here. In fact I totally understand the results considering that a country like America has worse results than for example UK, Japan or GER.

            On the other hand, we should grant China time to develop it’s efficiency and to actually recognize the long-term advantages by doing so. The west has also needed long time to actually figure out. That’s all I am saying.

          • ScottLoar

            You’ve become so jaded you can’t recognize sincerity. No, I was not being sarcastic nor intended irony; yes, I was sincere and admit your references are wholly convincing. I admitted I was wrong.

          • Germandude

            Sir, please see my edit. Your post was not showing more than the 1st sentence when I hit the reply button. I thought you are using irony because indeed, the 2nd source I included in my post is a bit, how to say, dodgy?

            Regarding your question: “But, say, what about productivity?”

            US is on #9 when it comes to the real GDP or PPP-corrected GDP


          • Chang Liu

            Isn’t that partial because of manufacturing? Whereas developed countries have the service sector consuming less energy for the dollar.

        • The Chinese would love to learn or buy technology from America to make their society more efficient, but this world is not altruistic – we do what we have to do. If the West cares about environment then we should export clean technology around the world to serve a common good. Until that days comes, you can take that shit about efficiency and shoved it up your ass.

          Do you really think the Chinese are going to stop industrializing because all the Western liberal bigots start caring about the environment? In reality, the environment argument used against developing countries are pure political. It is away to limit their growth and make the West look good. The Chinese didn’t steal 3 continents and used slave labor shipped from Africa to build their country. They sacrifice their environment to get where they are today.

          • ScottLoar

            “Do you really think the Chinese are going to stop industrializing
            because all the Western liberal bigots start caring about the
            environment?” No, that’s not what I think, and neither can a reasonable person infer so. My reply addressed your comment, “It is sickening how fat-asses American can be so self-righetous while exporting pollution and inflation throughout the world”, but that is not your concern. You just want to smear a people, like most who post here no matter Chinese or foreigner, so your comments don’t deserve notice. Replying to you was my mistake.

          • mr.wiener

            It’s more a question of how high you can make the temperature in the pot of boiling water before the frog dies.
            At the end of the day it is the Chinese who will die first if they can’t find cleaner manufacturing/ waste disposal technics, so politics aside it is self interest that will reign supreme The West will suffer also for this , but not as severely and nor as immediately.

      • slob

        How is my comment even slightly racist? I would say the same shit for my own country’s people. These ‘save the environment’ twats are all hypocrites. If they really gave two shits about the environment, they’d spend their day to day lives fixing it, not just lighting a candle once a year.

        “Talking about pollution, American consumed 20% of the world resources, and 10 times more than the average Chinese driving with their multiples, cars, 5000 calories diets.”

        Why do you assume I’m American or give the slightest fuck about America’s pollution?

      • Germandude

        Statistics are nice, aren’t they?

        “Talking about pollution, American consumed 20% of the world resources, and 10 times more than the average Chinese driving with their multiples, cars, 5000 calories diets.”

        Now we can of course do sth very interesting: How many people in China actually possess a car? How many people in America possess a car? Suddenly it’s not a comparison between a country with 1.3 billion people towards a country of 400 million (guesstimate) but more like: approx. 200 mio cars in China and 260 million cars in the US.
        Switch that from cars to overall life standard and I guess you understand the problem.

        • American consume the most per capita and consumed most of the world resources. It is fact that American consume most of the world resource for their proportion. If you add all the Western world, they consumed the majority of the world resources, while being the minority of the world population. Most of the shit that Chinese make are for fat-asses American. The only reason why the Chinese endure this temporary slavery is because China need to catch up to an unsustainable system build by Western society.

          If the Chinese do not learn how to manufacture and industrialize, then they would forever be slave, just how the industrial Western exploited resources of poorer countries, and raped so many people around the world.

          In the future, Chinese will consume more than America due to sheer population, and they deserve it. Unless you one of those racist white asshole who thinks they are more entitled to live well than Chinese or Indian. If you are then you should go f*** yourself.

          • Chang Liu

            I think Chinese average will never be as large as US. Even if per Capita GPD caught up. One basic problem is urban sprawl in the US. Low population density is inherently more wasteful.

      • bert

        hahaha! Butthurt?

        But the US deserves to use 20% of the world resources. We discovered uses for them so why can’t we have them?

        You seem to be hell bent on mentioning all the US holidays and festivals in each post.

  • Brett

    They didn’t show the pictures where all of the candles and wrappings were thrown on the ground after the event…

    • Kai

      As much as that plays right into my prejudice against Chinese people, do you actually have a link to pictures showing just that? I think it’d be a great juxtaposition.

      • Brett

        No, you caught my bullshit. I was only having a jest at my Chinese buddies. They know they are littering bastards, too.

        • Kai

          Ah okay, too bad, I think that would’ve gone viral on Weibo.

      • Kate

        Well those candles have to go somewhere? I’m sure they ended up in trash.

        • BiggJ

          Ended up floating down river with the pigs.

        • MrT

          no, all the girls took em home.upgrade for em.

    • Neither shown is Elton John singing “Candle in the Wind ’13” for all of his fallen comrades.

    • yea mate they are like living inside our rubbish bin

      • mr.wiener

        Yea mate, I went to Bali once too mate. Little power plugs all live in pigstyes. They’re not classy like us….yea mate.

        • Dr Sun

          Mr Weiner, you see the streets in the USA after the 4th of July, total mess, or the streets in the Uk after Bonfire night, or the streets in Germany after Beer fest, disgusting mess, folks just throwing their trash everywhere.

          • mr.wiener

            I don’t disagree with your comment, I just wish this bogan twerp would piss off.

          • bert

            Such a stupid comment. So all the streets in the USA are a total mess after the 4th? Numbskull. U ever even been to the US or at least the real US? Meaning outside of LA or NY?

    • Dr Sun

      I wonder where all the fireworks, burn wood, bunting, plastic beer glasses, tinfoil wrappers, go after “Bonfire night and the 4th July” ?

      • Brett

        That’s a question to asked your stoned friends to contemplate. I don’t have an answer.

        • Dr Sun

          Ask the soccer mums, Brett,their the ones , lol

      • linette lee

        All over the streets. Including urine and vomit and used condoms. :)

        • Dr Sun

          Yeah Linette their cultured like that, be careful walking down the stairs in nightclubs, the steps are littered and slippy with used condoms.
          The toilets blocked, the floors, alleys and streets covered in piss and vomit, it’s lovely to see their “high culture”

          • linette lee

            It’s true. USA do have soooooo many slums even in the cities. The NYC subway probably is the world most dirty disgusting subway.
            HK subway is very clean. I remember when I first came to NYC I didn’t want to sit down on those filthy subway seats. Even now I wouldn’t sit on them most of the time. Look so dirty. I don’t like to hold the pole neither.

  • Red Scarf

    Looks totally staged, same looking baseball caps, rain coats and of course candles… rather than a focus concern on mother Earth.

    • Reginald

      propaganda for external consumption, the hats are in English

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Yeah, as if the day after Earth Day the Earth is actually better… LMAO.

  • Wow, people are so cynical. As if all Chinese don’t care about the earth. Instead of making this a positive story, we have to spin it to a negative because it is Chinese. I could said the same about American peace walk and all the self-righteous shit that American do to make themselves feel better while dropping bombs on Iraq creating a new generation of deformed babies.

    • jacktheficker

      See, it used to be America that you can blame for everything. Nowadays China did such a great job of being the asshole of the world that they even overtook the US of Ass! Well Done!

      • the other guy

        not quite there yet…

      • MrT

        I don’t think it will be ever possible. USFEAO

      • I don’t think so. American are hypocrites that why everyone hate America. American are like their leaders…all empty fake talks. Talking about peace while starting wars. Talk a lot of democracy while trying to undermine it for economic advantages. You brainwashed sheeples just keep tuning in to your MSM.

        • Dr Sun

          nods, sadly

          • bert

            “Nods, sadly” and wants everyone to know because he is an important thinker.

        • Chang Liu

          sheeples :) love it.

        • bert

          This is about China dilboy Harry. Stop crying.

  • linette lee

    It’s just small candles inside big paper cups. Don’t be so stupid people. It’s good they acknowledge and promote earth day. Our environment earth is not more important than pigs?

    • LuieWittong

      of course, it’s about the principle… you wanna be so considerate and do sth that is in line with the earth hours intend, whereas this one is straight posing. with your intelligence you could have just stood there with them too

      • linette lee

        people around the world light a candle for everything. So they light a small candle for the earth. I doubt they will trash the candle on the ground because these people care about earth. How much wax is wasted or thrown away? NOt much for a small candle.

        They are helping to bring awareness to save the earth. And they succeeded because they are on weibo.

        Also what about children drawing pictures to bring awareness to save the earth in other countries in schools? Why? They are wasting papers and crayons wax? it’s killing the environment?

        • ladygugu

          Bring awareness is a good thing. Wake up my fellow nation, I am tired of being ashamed to be half Chinese!

          • linette lee

            Why are you ashamed of being chinese? You need to go travel to other Asia countries more. It’s good to be Chinese or American. It can’t get any better.

        • 5,000 years of uncivilization

          Agreed. After reading the Chinese comments, i feel that perhaps the comments are attacking the people who care enough to get out and do something to bring awareness instead of staying at home and critisizing others on Weibo. As if they feel guilty for not doing anything. It’s pyscological, like when people say bad things about others because it makes them feel better about themselves.

      • linette lee

        Also understanding earth hour we are reminded to not be wasteful with energy. Be conservative to conserve energy like re use your towel in hotel so we can use less water and energy to wash. Like separate your recyclable items. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags when doing grocery shopping. Those are small things we need to remind ourselves but is helping the earth.

      • Love your user name and +1 for a good point.

        • linette lee

          I like luiewittong too. ;)

  • lilowanders

    Next day the chick squinting into the candle is going to lick the display window of louis vuitton again, while her dad is bleaching bean sprouts with industrial bleach and her mother glueing together fake japanese eyelashes with some weird toxic chemical compound

    • bert

      Just like in that Gore film “whatever truth”. Where he is seen going into GUCAS and waving and tells everyone how China has better car emission standards than the US. But can’t walk around in BJ without eye drops.

      What happen to that guy anyway? Did he die? Oh yeah, he was found to be a corrupt lying pig.

  • The Enlightened One

    Why are they all wearing the same clothes?

    Makes it feel very…. commercial for some reason.

    • tonkotsu

      chinese hipsters are always looking for something stupid to be a part of

  • Speedy_Cheese

    Wow, this bantering back and forth is so childish.
    “Well China did this! Oh yeah, the U.S does that!”

    The reality is, we are all guilty of contributing to the ill health of the planet in one way or another. Of course there is significant pollution in cities like Bejing, what do you think will happen if over 20 million people occupy one area? New York has over 8 million, but that is less than half the population of Bejing. If you put 20 million Americans in NY, do you think there won’t be an offensive amount of air pollution or Big Mac containers littering the ground?
    The truth is, we are global polluters. We have been handed down bad consumerist habits. There are people all over the globe who do not think twice about throwing their garbage onto the ground.

    It is up to individuals to change their own ways of living, for it is impossible to collectively force people to be ecologically aware. You can only do your part.
    At the super market I heard a woman and a cashier get in a fight because the woman getting checked in was infuriated at being expected to use a reusable shopping bag and demanded plastic ones. She actually yelled “I don’t care about the environment!” like a child. No matter where you go, you will find people with that attitude. Blaming each other does nothing, for there are offenders in every consumerist society.

    The sad reality is, there are many who do not care what they hand down to their children as long as they get their use from this world. I have tried very hard to live responsibly but it is very hard to be optimistic in the face of such widespread selfishness and greed.

    • BiggJ

      Yes, we are all polluters. But a country with so many people as china and the pollution they have already you would think they would care more. And america is the same, but america is cleaner by far though. With better programs in place for recycling and so on. You say in impossible for a group of people be ecologically aware? To a point yes. I’m from a small province in Canada. A few back I could give 2 shits about recycling and so on. Then this law came into effect….You had to separate all your recycles. The government gave your 2 green bins. One for outside and one for inside. The little one inside was for bio degradable shit, like fruit peels and shit like that. Then you need black white and blue garbage bags. One bag is for plastic bottle and plastic in general, one is for tin cans, and the one is for garbage that don’t fall under any of the other catagories. And you need to recycle all your paper. And if you don’t, you get fined. And the fine goes up everytime you do it wrong.

      Trust me, I hate doing shit like that. My wife keeps all that shit straight for me. But I realize now if doing things like that can keep my home land from looking like China……So be it….i’ll do it.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Respect to Chinese recyclers who rumage through rubbish all day, collecting recyclables for some meager amount and then manage to smile.

      • Kuaige

        Holy shit you’re from da oisland

    • linette lee

      You don’t know there is only the chinese, the american, and the evil japanese..That’s all there is…lol. ;)

      • Speedy_Cheese

        Hahahaha! I am Canadian… that is quite different from American culture. Where I live I can just go to a beach or a forest hike and I won’t see another soul. Lots of space and untainted natural beauty here in Newfoundland… unfortunately that may not be the case for long.

        I know of the pollution in New Delhi… the literal mountains of empty water bottles. When my sister stayed there she said the population and filth is suffocating. It is devastating to even ponder. It is hard to imagine such suffering and discomfort.

    • Thor

      Talking about pollution, New Delhi is 10 times more polluted than Beijing, as I read recently on Slate.

  • Celebrate without all the kahoots and do it all the time instead of just one day.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If this happens all the time then it wouldn’t warrant a special “celebration”. The same goes for all holidays and birthdays and anniversaries… Yeah, lets get rid of them all, that’s what you mean, right?

      • 1. I get that this is China Smack as you so Lmaoed at it.
        2. Think of it like Valentine’s day in which people profess their love for another. Why not do this whenever they want? Why does showing love for someone or for the earth remains on a marked date? The history may dictate a date for records sake but the meaning needn’t.

        3. Your point is going the extremes or something? I only comment to have a more significant uphold to this as a few csmackers say about the irony and posers of it all. Anything can be a warrant for celebration. See Alice in Wonderland’s Mad hatter.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          LOL… exactly. I know it is all for a good cause, but seriously, did China ACTUALLY got less polluted and better the next day… That’s what I am getting at with these all for show “Earth Days”.

  • Candles aren’t as environmentally friendly as electricity? In China? Electricity from all those coal-fired power plants?

  • ultm8

    People are so wasteful for showing off. So many dead pigs floating down the river, polluting the shanghai drinking water, yet, ask someone to do a good deed on earth day, by taking the time to fish out the pigs, I bet no one will be up for that. Ask instead to waste and pollute by, buying tones of candles for show, everyone does it, no problem.

  • grovesman

    hilarious…the amount of emissions from one candle is greater than one light bulb.

    Sorry I can’t find the link so here is the copy of a decent article.

    Earth Hour Is a Colossal Waste of Time—And Energy

    On the evening of March 23, 1.3 billion people will go
    without light at 8:30—and at 9:30, and at 10:30, and for the rest of the
    night—just like every other night of the year. With no access to electricity, darkness
    after sunset is a constant reality for these people.

    At the same time, another 1 billion people will participate
    in “Earth Hour” by turning off their lights from 8:30-9:30.

    The organizers say that they are providing a way to demonstrate one’s desire to “do something” about global warming. But the reality is that Earth Hour teaches all the wrong lessens, and it actually increases CO2 emissions. Its vain symbolism reveals exactly what is wrong with today’s feel-good environmentalism.

    Earth Hour teaches us that tackling global warming is easy. Yet, by switching off the lights, all we are doing is making it harder to see.

    Notice that you have not been asked to switch off anything really inconvenient, like your heating or air-conditioning, television, computer, mobile phone, or any of the myriad technologies that depend on affordable, plentiful energy electricity and make modern life possible. If switching off the lights for one hour per year really were beneficial, why would we not do it for the other 8,759?

    Hypothetically, switching off the lights for an hour would cut CO2 emissions from power plants around the world. But, even if everyone in the entire world cut all residential lighting, and this translated entirely into CO2 reduction, it would be the equivalent of China pausing its CO2 emissions for less than four minutes. In fact, Earth Hour will cause emissions to increase.

    As the United Kingdom’s National Grid operators have found, a small decline in electricity consumption does not translate into less energy being pumped into the grid, and therefore will not reduce emissions. Moreover, during Earth Hour, any significant drop in electricity demand will entail a reduction in CO2 emissions during the hour, but it will be offset by the surge from firing up coal or gas stations to restore electricity supplies afterward.

    And the cozy candles that many participants will light, which seem so natural and environmentally friendly, are still fossil fuels—and almost 100 times less efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Using one candle for each switched-off bulb cancels out even the theoretical CO2 reduction; using two candles means that you emit more CO2.

    Electricity has given humanity huge benefits. Almost 3 billion people still burn dung, twigs, and other traditional fuels indoors to cook and keep warm, generating noxious fumes that kill an estimated 2 million people each year, mostly women and children. Likewise, just 100 years ago, the average American family spent six hours each week during cold months shoveling six tons of coal into the furnace (not to mention cleaning the coal dust from carpets, furniture, curtains, and bedclothes). In the developed world today, electric stoves and heaters have banished indoor air pollution.

    Similarly, electricity has allowed us to mechanize much of our world, ending most backbreaking work. The washing machine liberated women from spending endless hours carrying water and beating clothing on scrub boards. The refrigerator made it possible for almost everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables, and to stop eating rotten food, which is the main reason why the most prevalent cancer for men in the United States in 1930, stomach cancer, is the least prevalent now.

    Electricity has allowed us to irrigate fields and synthesize fertilizer from air. The light that it powers has enabled us to have active, productive lives past sunset. The electricity that people in rich countries consume is, on average, equivalent to the energy of 56 servants helping them. Even people in Sub-Saharan Africa have electricity equivalent to about three servants. They need more of it, not less.

    This is relevant not only for the world’s poor. Because of rising energy prices from green subsidies, 800,000 German households can no longer pay their electricity
    bills. In the United Kingdom, there are now more than 5 million fuel-poor people, and the country’s electricity regulator now publicly worries that environmental targets could lead to blackouts in less than nine months.

    Today, we produce only a small fraction of the energy that we need from solar and wind—0.7 percent from wind and just 0.1 percent from solar. These technologies currently are too expensive. They are also unreliable (we still have no idea what to do when the wind is not blowing). Even with optimistic assumptions, the International Energy Agency estimates that, by 2035, we will produce just 2.4 percent of our energy from wind and 0.8 percent from solar.

    To green the world’s energy, we should abandon the old-fashioned policy of subsidizing unreliable solar and wind—a policy that has failed for 20 years, and that will fail for the next 22. Instead, we should focus on inventing new, more efficient green technologies to outcompete fossil fuels.

    If we really want a sustainable future for all of humanity and our planet, we shouldn’t plunge ourselves back into darkness. Tackling climate change by turning off the lights and eating dinner by candlelight smacks of the “let them eat cake” approach to the world’s problems that appeals only to well-electrified, comfortable elites.

    Focusing on green R&D might not feel as good as participating in a global gabfest with flashlights and good intentions, but it is a much brighter idea.

  • If this was for that worldwide event, they’re suggested to light candles made from animal wax or something instead of paraffin.

    Someone should tell those above commenters As cynical as ever. I mean, you’d think they’d give a fuck about the environment they live in, what with all assortment of animals inner-tubing up and down the damn delta.

    Seriously, I don’t get how they can be so apathetic sometimes.

  • tonkotsu

    lol hipsters

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