Candles in Shanghai for Earth Hour, Not Dead Pigs

Chinese in Shanghai with candles in observance of 2013 Earth Hour.

Candle-lit Earth Hour 2013 in Shanghai.

One of the top trending posts on popular Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo today, with over 40k reshares and 13k comments…

On Sina Weibo:

@徐卫华: Last night, the Huangpu River was lit up with candles. It turned out to be for Earth Hour, and I had thought it was for the pigs, pshaw!

Chinese in Shanghai with candles in observance of 2013 Earth Hour.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Haha, it could also be a memorial service for the poor pigs!


How many candles were wasted? More wasteful than the electricity saved, right?


This is even more wasteful.


Retarded, isn’t lighting candles even more polluting to the environment? Creating even more waste!


Shanghainese people are probably normally very frugal, but are now lucky enough to have pork rib soup all day long. Why not hold a pork rib soup festival, like the “Streaky Pork Festival” that bangzi have.


A bunch of poser cunts who can only do something for show.


The intelligence of these people is truly embarrassing for Shanghainese people.


Would’ve been better to organize people to watch Young Leifeng.


Isn’t lighting a candle even more energy-wasting than turning on a light?


I think it’s still for the pigs. Candles compared to electric lights are even more wasteful of natural resources and produce even more pollution. There is absolutely no need to use candles to convey the notion of using less electricity.


Just how much more carbon emissions did this cause…


Shanghainese people are simply SB.


Does manufacturing candles not require electricity!?


Turning off lights and lighting candles, candles are paraffin wax, 2C8H18 +25O2 = 16CO2 +18H2O ,2C22H46 + 67O2 = 44CO2 + 46H2O ,C17H35COOH + 26O2 = 18CO2 + 18H2O, pigs floating on the river, rest in peace. Oh yeah.


There truly are no lack of SB.


Humph, retarded Shanghai people.


Indeed it isn’t for the pigs, because the pigs are the ones lighting the candles! Candles aren’t even as environmentally friendly as electricity! Pigs!


Looks like being a poser is more important than drinking pork soup.


For the dead pigs, I am truly moved… Even the pigs are laughing in heaven…

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