Caning Corporal Punishment at Chinese Martial Arts School

Students of a martial arts school in Henan, China are gathered to watch some students being disciplined by teachers and trainers.

From QQ:

Students in a martial arts school in Henan province violently beaten, images too horrible to look at

Recently, an online post shocked Chinese netizens by revealing that students in a famous martial arts school in Henan province were violently beaten by the school. They were hit for not observing the school’s rules and regulations, such as smoking, absenteeism, talking after bedtime, using cell phones, etc. According to investigations, 90% of the students who had been beaten did not think of using the weapon of law to protect themselves, only because they were afraid of being even more severely scourged/whipped. According to reports, during the martial arts school’s violent disciplining, trainers mainly use staffs and hit the students in the buttocks because the buttons have more meat and won’t lead to internal injuries. The school would also gather all students to “kill the chicken to scare the monkey” [make it a warning to others].

It has been a well-known secret that trainers in martial arts school beat students. A trainer who is not willing to have his name made public said, “There are many students in the martial arts school, and difficult to manage students are even more. Using verbal discipline doesn’t work most of the time with those who smoke, drink alcohol, or cause mischief. This [using physical punishment] is most direct and effective way, and the most convenient way to manage [discipline]. We too have no choice.”

Students of a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are gathered to watch some students being disciplined by teachers and trainers.

Chinese students of a Henan martial arts school show wounds from being physically disciplined for violations of school rules.

Students at a Henan martial arts school in China show their bruises and welts from being caned as corporal punishment.

Chinese students of a Henan martial arts school show wounds from being physically disciplined for violations of school rules.

Students at a Henan martial arts school in China show their bruises and welts from being caned as corporal punishment.

Chinese students of a Henan martial arts school show wounds from being physically disciplined for violations of school rules.

Students at a Henan martial arts school in China show their bruises and welts from being caned as corporal punishment.

Students at a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are disciplined with physical punishment in the form of public caning.

Students at a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are disciplined with physical punishment in the form of public caning.

Students at a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are disciplined with physical punishment in the form of public caning.

Students at a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are disciplined with physical punishment in the form of public caning.

Students at a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are disciplined with physical punishment in the form of public caning.

Students at a Henan martial arts school in China show their bruises and welts from being caned as corporal punishment.

Students at a Chinese martial arts school in Henan, China are disciplined with physical punishment in the form of public caning.

Students at a Henan martial arts school in China show their bruises and welts from being caned as corporal punishment.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯深圳市网友 怀念过去:

This is still acceptable, and I support it. This is a martial arts school, it’s normal, and these days students should be dealt with this way. You also should take a look at some of the incidents that are coming out of normal schools these days, where 10-year-old students beat others even more brutally than adults do. They’re simply out of control without any discipline. I think those of you who go online everyday should also already know this. Everyone needs to look at this from a different angle in order to see a different conclusion.

腾讯手机腾讯网网友 血色青春:

Isn’t this our Tagou Martial Arts School, the number one martial arts school, where I was once a student. I’ve also suffered such beatings before, but if you want to learn real martial arts, you can’t fear pain/suffering, and being hit is also a way of developing your potential. If you want to learn martial arts, you mustn’t fear pain/suffering. “Flowers in a greenhouse can’t stand the wind and the rain”. What [martial arts] can someone who can’t stand pain learn?

腾讯镇江市网友 右边後衛:

Tempering the flesh I don’t oppose, but what will children raised under violent discipline be like mentally/emotionally? What will they be like when they grow up? This is a very serious question.

腾讯四川省网友 缘:

No biggie. Don’t always drag the law into things. In fact, dutiful sons/children and talented people can also be produced under the stick [through physical discipline]. Although it’s not the only way, it is still necessary. Children nowadays aren’t taught respect anymore, not knowing what should be respected, all spoiled into thinking they are the most important and precious. Those who were born before the 1970s, very few escaped being hit by teachers, but now they are all very grateful towards their corporal punishing teachers!

腾讯手机腾讯网网友 精彩生活:

Do you guys think a student who isn’t afraid of his master [teacher], who doesn’t respect even his teacher can be of any use to society? He is still a child but is already full of bad habits! What do you think should be done?!

腾讯天水市网友 &朦胧&:

At a martial arts school, it should be like this. If students become “flowers in a greenhouse”, they will easily break/snap. If we want to raise awareness of martial arts in the world, then suffering hardship and pain is necessary. An old master once told me: “Being beaten by me is better than going out and then being beaten by others!”

腾讯手机腾讯网网友 糖果核:

It was much more brutal when I was in Tagou [Martial Arts School]! One look and I know this is Tagou’s masterpiece [work]. It’s completely normal. The main thing is that the law is imperfect plus Tagou’s influence/power. In short: If you’re in Tagou, one is doomed to be beaten!

腾讯荆州市网友 青苹果乐园:

[I] strongly condemn such corporal punishment. In today’s society that emphasizes human rights, this is even more shocking, and must not be tolerated!

腾讯手机腾讯网网友 精彩生活:

I believe education for children today should be more integrated! We can’t simply deem beatings/physical punishment bad. I too grew up getting physically disciplined by teachers, and I have never hated my teachers. Now I even think they were not strict enough! I agree with the teacher’s methods as a strict teacher produces good students and this saying is definitely not wrong. But integrating physical discipline and patient instruction is better! They’re/we’re all only children!

腾讯泉州市网友 恩恩:

The idea of martial arts schools is learning and having a strong body, not to implement a system of violence like in “black society” organizations [organized crime]. Though we say strict teachers produce good students, this isn’t how they are educated. If I were these children’s parents, I would immediately take my children out of that evil school, and at the same time sue that school.

What do you think about corporal punishment?

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  • 200m specialist

    First sofa comment

    • lonetrey

      if chinaSmack was a martial art school, you’d have been beaten to death, lol!

  • robin yates

    this is a top martial arts school. You have to learn discipline, if you break the rules you will get beaten.Moral for the pupils with a brain is ” don’t break the rules ! ” The UK stopped physical punishment in schools, also parents cannot hit their children. The result of the Political Correctness is a generation of kids who have no respect for themselves, no respect for the society they live in.

    • Maybe it’s a top martial arts school; maybe these kids are the ones who failed “kicking ass 101”; maybe they even deserve it rather than are a victim of a cycle of violence and exploitation that their teachers/masters/sensei perpetuate.

      But what this Chinese article truly is terribly inaccurate and misleading. Maybe these beating are a “well known secret”, but that shouldn’t mean that we should believe an article with no citations.

      “According to investigations…”: what investigations? 90% of whom? Who is that trainer who gave a huge quote? Where did all these hot Chinese asses come from? Is there a “caned ass” picture repository somewhere?

      Looks like I can’t deny that a huge crowd of kids was gathered to watch three kids get caned, but did they cane them all? To whom do these asses belong to?

      Somehow, the “terrible truth” got caught up with the phrase “a beautiful lie”; and then 5000 thousand years passed.

      • Ray

        They probably didn’t cane them all, didn’t the article said that its to “make an example” to the rest of the monkeys by killing some chickens?

        For all the articles that you don’t believe and the responses you made justifying why you don’t believe them, the exact opposite can be said to your reasoning.

        How do we not that this is not the accurate recordings of the actual story? Just because the sources are not named it must be a lie? Maybe these kids are a victim to their teachers brutality. Wheres the evidence saying that these teachers are not sadists or ex-cons? etc etc.

    • Dave


      Opinions like yours make me physically ill. Clearly the values of Westerners and Chinese are very different. Stay out of the West – you (and your Chinese brother/sisters) are not wanted here.

      Just stay out and leave us alone.

      • Cameron

        How do you even know Robin is Chinese. What are you afraid of huh? That Chinese people will go to the West the Beat the shit of pussies like you? Grow some balls, this is the real world. I grew up as a Westerner in a Western coutry and all i see from the Western no corporal punishment ideology is that it has become an excuse to not discipline misbehaving kids, thus raised a generation of lazy, pussy-ass people who whinge at the most minute of problems. Just from your comment you have just demonstrated that you yourself is an uneducated leech of society who has raised kids who breaks the rules and have no respect for society but don’t do anything about it.

        • Dave

          a) I’d be willing to bet a large amount I am more highly educated and richer than you are now or ever will be in the future.

          b) Your oversimplification of complex issues shows a simple mind.

          c) You clearly were a victim of physical abuse as a child – alas, you are too weak to accept the harm it did you (clearly a substantial amount of emotional harm). So you live in the denial of “beating does no harm”.

          • mr. weiner

            I dunno about that Dave, if someone were to beat you right now it would make me feel pretty good.

          • Jack

            Exhibit A: Stay out of the West – you (and your Chinese brother/sisters) are not wanted here.

            Exhibit B: Your oversimplification of complex issues shows a simple mind.

            You’d think someone “highly educated” would be more aware of their hypocrisy.

          • Ray


            I don’t think education has anything to do with hypocrisy.

          • Cameron

            Well Dave, unless you’re an Ophthalmologist who’s been practising privately for over 5 years, then you have just lost the bet both in terms of education and income.

            Also a well educated person will certainly not make ignorant statements such as “Stay out of the West – you (and your Chinese brother/sisters) are not wanted here. ”

            “Your oversimplification of complex issues shows a simple mind.” You’re saying i have simple mind when you’re the one making accusations based on ignorance and racism.

            ‘You clearly were a victim of physical abuse as a child – alas, you are too weak to accept the harm it did you (clearly a substantial amount of emotional harm). So you live in the denial of “beating does no harm”.’ If it did me an amout of emotional harm then why are you the one complaining about the issue of corporal punishment and even stating to “leave [you] alone”?

            You know if you chose not to reply to my first comment, your inital comment would’ve just seen as troll comment. However, being the stupid person that you are, you decided to reply. In your attempts to sound smart, not only have you demonstrated that you are simple minded and uneducated, but you have also showed everyone on this thread that you are someone who is truly and utterly stupid.

      • ODB

        If so, then why are you on chinasmack?

        • Andy

          LOL ! Dave got owned by ODB !

          Grow some balls Dave or go and hug a hoody !

  • mr. weiner

    I think I can see Christ’s face in the bruised leg of photo’s 6,8,9. “Suffer unto me the little children”. Amen

    • 老外

      Just wondering if you understood that verse, or if I’ve misunderstood you? People were annoyed to see children running to see Jesus, and they basically told the children to “get lost.”

      Then Jesus basically tells them to suffer that annoyance, and let the children come.

      • mr. weiner

        No, you haven’t misunderstood me, I just thought it would be nicer to put that in than a catholic choirboy joke. The arcaic English of the King James bible gives that verse a different twist to modern ears. For myself personally I think the bible is a good book, but I wouldn’t take it as gospel ;]

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    The Game feat 50 Cent – Hate it or Love it

    • I will buy that for….
      you know how much


      • Will I Am

        Kedafu – Last I knew youtube was blocked in China, but that may have changed.

        • staylost

          Kedufu is sponsored by youtube. Why post if you aren’t being paid?


        • Nyancat

          you can always use a vpn to get around the block

          • staylost

            That assumes excess cashflow and a willingness to act outside of the law.

  • Confucius

    Look at the west, corrupted and social failure in every aspect. Many of them are drug addicts. So we can concluded that tough discipline is essential to produce a decent person. lol

    • staylost

      Look at the west, so free and wealthy in every aspect. Many of them do kind things for no reason. So it can be concluded that tough discipline is essential to produce China. ~._~.

      • mr. weiner

        Maybe they could introduce canning for motorist who break the law and endanger the lives of others?

        • Dave in Macau

          I’ll can the motorists personally….

  • nereis

    If my son was a little shit I’d sent him to this school to learn the meaning of discipline and suffering. Kids need to know who is boss, no ifs or buts.

    • Dat Ankle

      So your really willing to let some stranger beat your kid? Bad parenting 20-100.

  • Rod

    Yeah, I think you can’t complain about being beaten in a martial arts school. Did they think fighting was going to be with pillows?

  • Foreign Devil

    Since the Chinese comments are all in favor of this then all you foreign english teachers in CHina may now take a staff to work and beat some discipline and respect into all those punks who think english class is a time for letting off steam. :)

    • Andy

      We’re too exhausted from having sex with all the beautiful Chinese women to beat kids ! :-)

  • Knots and Rope

    It’s all “fun and games” until someone dies.

    • staylost

      It isn’t really serious martial arts without some risk, sorry, but that is the way it is (unless you are doing the wushu dance stuff, I guess). What is pictured above may be an unnecessary risk, but how can you prepare to take a hit and keep going unless you practice taking the hit.

  • JB

    My initial feelings seem pretty close to what everyone else is thinking. That’s what you get for fucking off at a martial arts school.

    Now that that’s out of the way, is this a school that specializes in martial arts, and if so, is it a replacement for high-school/equivalency, or is it some form of bootcamp/behavioral school?

  • Rick in China

    “Caning” during martial arts practice was common for me growing up, but it wasn’t in the form of repeatedly beating like a kid being spanked by his father – it was for fucking up during practice or not paying attention to perfect form. This usually resulted in a visible bruise or welt, if it didn’t the instructor was being lenient.

    They didn’t use a simple stick, they used a Shinai, which is essentially a bamboo version of a kendo sword and while it’s not rigid so there aren’t as bad welts as a straight bo/jo/stick would have, it does hurt especially due to the flexible nature and extra ‘whip’ motion.

    I’d imagine that these days it doesn’t happen the same as it used to, and it’s unfortunate, because I feel the few whacks with a Shinai I got made me pay extra attention to proper form and discipline. I’d imagine now a days it’d be considered abuse….we’re goin soft people, SOFT!

    • I can feel so much feeling and poetry in how you describe the whipping.
      Just proves the point that people who have been beaten in childhood/adolescence, become big advocates of such methods in adulthood.

      • donscarletti

        Well, if the people who have been beaten often see it as a positive influence in their life, then I couldn’t think of a much more convincing argument than that. I’m saying this as someone who was not beaten (well, certainly not vigorously) and still does not plan to beat his offspring.

      • Patrick

        That’s a pretty far reaching conclusion. I support proper discipline, that involves punishment that doesn’t mean I support “beating”, I was beaten often and never beat my children. I admit in a couple cases I wanted to. Did your parents teach you to speak from inexperience on matters of importance?

  • This is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Chinese men’s underwear resembles women’s underwear too closely. If there’s no “bird hole” in the front then they might as well do away with urinals and have everybody sit down to pee.

    • staylost

      Yeah, you would have to be super gay to man those canes too. Not that there is anything wrong with gay, just that those guys slapping around the young men’s tushies certainly are.

      LOL, on my list of things to do: find out a neutral Chinese slang noun for homosexual guys so I can write “super gay” in HanZi. Could probably sell that on a shirt in the USA.

      • Rick in China

        超飘.. I think.

        • Rick in China

          超飘飘 — maybe that, not sure if you need to double it still when you add the adjective.

          • Artemis

            i’m chinese but i don’t get 超飘. maybe you wanna say 拉拉(lesbian) and 飘飘(gay). they are used by some in Sichuan and Chongqing, China. however, i’m from Sichuan but i never heard of it. maybe they are used only by very few people. anyway they are very localized slangs even people from Sichuan like me don’t understand (i just googled them LOL). according to online explanation, 拉拉(la la)=lesbian due to the pronounciation, 飘飘(飘, literally ‘float along the wind’)=gay, cuz homo in China are not well accepted, homos feel uncertain/not sure, feeling like ‘floating along the wind’. but on the other hand, i don’t think they are so offensive, and words with doubled characters are intended to sound cute, you may wanna use them.

          • Artemis

            well 超 does mean super, but this single character can mean something else like ‘go beyond’. if you wanna make it sound funny and not weird, you may print it as 超级拉拉(super lesbian) and 超级飘飘(super gay), instead of 超拉拉 and 超飘飘, cuz 超级 has only one meaning: super.

      • I’m no linguist, but how about “three guys on a scooter”? No footrests, nothing to support your weight but your crotch; just you and your best bro’s (or best 15 minute-bro’s) hugging each other and mashing your balls into the guy in front of you while you receive from your receiving-partner behind.

        Off-topic (teh gay), I’d say the slang term for “three guys on a scooter” to be “the human centipede”.

        • mr. weiner

          I believe the fellow in the middle is called “Lucky Pierre”.

      • mankouzanghua


        when i first started learning chinese, the first loose expression for “gay” i came across was “心理变态” (i think i found it in the pocket dictionary i had at the time). Surprisingly, i’m sure people would know what you meant by it — e.g., 超级心理变态 or 心理超级变态. definitely not neutral, though.

        • Artemis

          he can just use 断背(meaning Brokeback)! every youngster in china knows it! the Brokeback Mountain!

      • Chef Rocco

        Should be “断袖王“,Try it, though it will not be understood by poorly educated people.

    • mankouzanghua

      and terroir, don’t knock sitting down to pee until you’ve tried it at least a dozen times. it can be quite relaxing to take a break for a few moments and just scan a magazine or something

      • Chef Rocco

        no, terroir likes to see how far his “zone of influence” can go.

  • staylost

    Well, since Batman has also received corporal punishment from the Chinese government, I believe corporal punishment must be a harmonious thing.

    • Since no one liked it over on the -ist, here’s my take on Christian Bale seeing Sunglasses Chen re-posted here:

      Is this all a re-make of the first Burton Batman movie?

      Chen Guangcheng (the Joker, but with Jack Nicholson sunglasses) is imprisoned for campaigning for human rights against the Communists and goes all “Dark Knight” in his cause, whereas the “White Knight” Bale (Batman) made a propaganda movie for the Communists and feels he needs to amend that by personally visiting a Chinese dissident in person.

      It’s like one killed the others parents, and the other was pushed into a vat of Axis chemicals.

  • diverdude

    C’mon folks,, This is the 21st Century!!

    can you say TASER. much higher entertainment value!

    • Knots and Rope

      Before or after the pepper spray? Just to spice it up!

  • EuroTrash

    I ve seen worse at any Super Sale Sunday back in Ireland (or any sort of freebees in China…anyone want some free Turnips from Henan??)


    i do the same to my wife

    its important that she dont fear pain to develop her full potential.

    Im her Master so she need obey me, i do that for her best because i want she has a good life

  • DRaY

    Are those photos really from being beaten in school?? looks like those close up are of someone who got fucked up in a fight or fell off a scooter or something… what ever…. a little caning is good for hard headed kids…. My Vice Principal tried to cane me back in the day and I told him I would bust his ass if he tried ……. The good old days … I was 12 he was 60 … I would have fucked him up!!! Don’t know how I didn’t get suspended, it was a stalemate that day, but I never wound up in his office again….. A little discipline is understandable, but if someone beat my kids up that badly I would cattle prod the dog shit out of them, and then piss on em.. NOW DAS GANGSTA

    • dim mak

      Sounds like he should’ve caned you anyway

      • Patrick

        I was thinking the same thing right about bust his ass… besides being GANGSTA would be more like putting a cap in his ass.

  • namrepus

    for those who agree for brutal beatings, all of you are crazy!!!!

  • FYIADragoon

    For stuff like drinking, smoking, cellphones during class and other detrimental vices I see nothing wrong with a bit of corporal punishment even for students of normal schools. I think a simple ruler or hand to the ass would do though. Cane would be a bit excessive for a normal student.

  • .

    Child abuse is okay if you call it “martial arts school”. Fucking savages.

  • pervertt

    It seems that beating up people solves ALOT of problems in China. Want to visit a blind lawyer in Shandong? You get beaten up. Want to make a petition to the authorities complaining about local injustices? You get beaten up. Don’t want to sell your farming plot to make way for developers who are in cahoots with officials? You guessed it, you get beaten up.

    This is marvellous way to maintain social harmony in China. Who needs the rule of law when you can have rule of the feather duster? It works perfectly well with little children. Just ask any Chinese parent.

  • Hongjian

    This is good. I fully support.
    I hope more Chinese schools and institutions these days should reintroduce public caning, beatings and shamings for rule breakers.

    Not only pupils should be subject of this rule, but also lazy and risregardful employees of state-owned companies, food makers, and other companies/institutions of societal importance, that has fucked up so much in the past in terms of quality and security of their products.

    Turn China into Singapore and beat the third-worlderness shit out of those third-worldlers! The reverse-midas-touch can only be healed by caning and abuse, not with terroirs and other faggy democratic liberal hipster’s proposal of ‘love, freedom and durrrmocracy’.

    • mr. weiner

      Well it will make for good t.v and a thriving cottage industry of domonatrixes [domonnatrixii?]

    • Capt. WED

      Agreed. But it’s time to for the final battle with those Taiwanese. Are you READY TO DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY???

    • staylost

      It doesn’t get more faggy than the cane slapping those rows of boys are being forced to watch. It’s like a “scared fag” program instead of a scared straight program.

  • dim mak

    Not a big deal, my ass looks like that after when my parents used this bendy cane thing on me.

    Besides, there’s no shortage of arrogant little shits who need discipline,

  • Yes/No,
    5000 years of history, a Cultural Revolution, the Olympic Games and 70 years of economic and personal development has lead to this?

    • Chef Rocco

      Yes and No,

      Yes, because canning is the tradition of dynasties with that the emperors disciplined the rule breakers, the cultural revolution shattered the norms and made things upside down, Mao said:”you should dare to drag the emperor down from his horse by risking to be skinned” (舍得一身剐, 敢把皇帝拉下马). Nowadays, kids are the little emperors in China, they should be disciplined if they break the rules, very logical during post-CGR, especially they are spoiled by the social and economic prosperity of 70 years and the glory of Olympic Games achieved by their parents. There is a logical and natural thread up to the use of canning.

      No, because canning causes pain which would enhance memory biologically for wrongdoings, canning is good for behavior corrections on human beings, not just for Chinese.

      • Hey Chef Rocco,
        I enjoyed your rational and well thought response.
        Thanks, Robbie.

      • Hey Chef Rocco,
        Reading your comment again, its rational suggests that you have total faith in the judgement of any Chinese person who will decide if you are innocent or guilty.
        Looking at the numbers of rule brakers, I assume some will be innocent untill proven guilty.
        Again did anybody allowed these young people a reply, defence or a response.
        I once judged somebody because he did not followed my written instructions. But later I found out that this person could not read or write.
        Is he or me to be caned or beaten?

        • Chef Rocco

          Are you talking about due process?

          Of course there are misjudgments, Chinese also are human beings and are not impervious to errors and mistakes. But Chinese are pragmatical and understand the trade-offs between social benefits and costs.

          These school kids didn’t conduct criminal activities and the punishment is not severe, no permanent injury but pain, why is it necessary to go through a long legal procedure to verify their guiltiness?

          Common senses and regular investigation would be sufficient, in my opinion. As long as the teachers punish them out of responsibility and agreed by parents, I don’t think the punished students would hold grudge for their lifetimes.

          • Hi Chef Rocco.
            Yes, well thought and analysed as I am talking about due process and I suggest that now we are getting a bit irrational when we assume that all those punished in these pictures have gone through “common sense and regular investigation” By who? their accusers???

            And even when teachers or persons unknown to these students punish them out of responsibility and agreed by the parents they, the judge, jury and executioners can be wrong.

            But I disagree that these students don’t hold grudges and this is where my western way of thinking differs from the Chinese thinking or Eastern way of doing things.
            I for sure would hold a lifetime grudge if I was beaten or severely punished for something I did not do, and surely would demand justice or take action myself, what ever time or what ever cost. (as I have succesfully done as a trainee lawyer on many occasions)
            But then this is where I differ from the chinese people in the video clip and is also the only reason why I want to be a practicing lawyer, to argue this in court.
            Also I will predict, as has happened and is increasingly more happening in western law courts, that one day one of these Chinese kids will take his parents to court claiming negligence in parenting and common assault or/and physical child abuse and then it will be getting really interesting, from a legal point of view.
            Chef Rocco,
            Thanks for your academic and professional response but let’s agree to disagree here.
            Pragmatism can never be an excuse for being wrongly accused, punished or beaten. I know it is, but should not be and therefore we need lawyers, even when we don’t like them.
            But thanks again for your well thought comments and I have learned a lot from them,
            Best wishes and Good Bye,

  • To explain a little further.
    I am a western father who told his son and daughter, like my father told me that I would be the only one in this world who would/could/ or should beat my son, or daughter.
    (and why is no Chinese person talking about a male teacher beating a female student, or a Chinese father beating his Chinese daughter??? are they all perfect????)

    Yes, all you male students out there, I know that it would be nice if we male students could be beaten up by our beautiful female 20/25 year old Chinese teacher. hahahha

    But as a westerner I would never beat a helpless and/or defence less young child as that means that you have failed as a father/teacher or human being.
    My western life’s principles are that simple.

    But I told my son (and daughter) like my father did to me, that I definitely would beat them if they allowed themself to be beaten by a stranger and behave like a coward, accepting a beating without response.
    Also as an International Law student I remind you all that an adult beating beating a child is illegal, yes even in China, and therefore if one of these beaten children would fight back, even Chinese law would allow for legal protection in a case of a child being assualted by an adult and therefore being forced to act or fight back in self defence.

    I feel strongly about this as I was once beaten by my western teacher for something I did not do but I hit back, never being or wanted to be a coward. ( and by the way, the western teacher hitting me almost went to jail for assaulting a minor in his care)

    But does this mean that all you Chinese children who accept beatings for things they maybe did not do are cowards?????

    Again, before you all start to “go off” again and comment.
    I am not against ” beatings” but in my opinion they should only be done by the father (or mother) and then only as a last response.

    Remember before you comment that this letter is from a western father who was beaten as a child by his teacher who did not liked him for something he did not do and hit back, simply refusing to be a coward.
    Funny enough, for your info, my father was proud of me beacuse I did as he told and taught me, and that was never to be a coward and I had listened to him.
    And I hereby thank my father for never beating me, but hope that my mother will never give me a clip around my ears again for bad behaviour. hahahahahh
    Now you can all comment, and I look forward to them,

    • dim mak

      It is? Last time I checked domestic physical punishment wasn’t illegal in China, nor is it in schools

      • Hey there,
        Robbie here.
        I think that the point of law is if this kind of beating is “domestic physical punishment” or illegall assault or physical abuse of a minor in your care.
        I suggest that as a student lawyer I would argue that “domestic” means the household, and therefore includes family, but not teachers or unknown persons who are not family.
        Being beaten by unknow persons can never be “domestic physical punishment”.
        Thanks for your comment.
        Maybe we could check with a real qualified Chinese lawyer.

  • Lily

    I think this is totally inhumane !And at the same time i was shocked by the aboved comments ! It seemed to them corporal punishment is a must in raising a good child ,but i consider that is just their sick psyche beccaus e they received those treatments in their young age .School is school ,not a underworld ! that’s so brutal.I hope so relevant authority should do something to stop these brutality !

  • Tie Ridge

    Yes America has been striped of our rights to correct our children. Now look at them stealing killing and just worthless. I think It we could use this in America we could save somee tax pays dollers and stop alot of violance.

  • mp

    I always wondered where Kwai Chang got his name. And now we know why Master Po carried around that oversized stick.

    As Amy Chua wrote in her book: “Spare the cain and spoil the Jane.”

  • liz

    strongly condemn such corporal punishment. In today’s society that emphasizes human rights, this is even more shocking, and must not be tolerate i agree whit this comment it is seek and crazy what they think they will achieve doing this..

  • mystery_man

    Stay strong, my brothers! Your joy is my joy, and your pain is my pain.

  • Su_Zhou Se_Lang

    I guess they take the phrase “Spare the rod, spoil the child” to seriously here.

  • ryo saeba

    stupidity should hurt

  • cc

    I think the moral of this story should be “don’t get caught”

  • Andrew

    Wouldn’t the student have a better chance of learning self defense if he was allowed to fight back against the bastard who is assaulting him?

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