Car Accident Reported Two Ways Sparks Discussion


A car accident in Nanjing has lead to ardent discussion among Netizens, because the information given by the news has changed quickly. At first they said the driver was carrying drugs, had no driver’s license, and was named Xu. The next day they said he had no drugs, had a driver’s license, and was named Wang. Netizens believe there are three possibilities, one is that the reporter was starting rumors, two is that the police were starting rumors, and three is that the original driver was somebody important, so the news stealthily substituted somebody else into the story.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Or number 4, he was doing important drugs off of his driver’s license when he got in the accident, which led to some confusion.

  • Bman

    The odd part is that starting rumors is more likely to come with jail time than transporting drugs and dangerous driving without a license, or a conspiracy by the police to cover up said illegalities.

  • Chaz

    All relevant departments will be notified and perpetrators will be dealt with according to law. Boilerplate. Move along now…