Caught: Guy Playing Audition, Funny Expressions

Video on Youku.

This young Chinese guy is playing a popular online game originally from Korea called Audition.

Korean game: Audition.

In this game, you must type different directions on your keyboard and press the space button within a limited time in order to dance earn points. You can compete against other players and the difficulty depends on the music. There are many famous music in this game.

Audition online game picture.

Comments on Youku:

Uh oh, how did this mental institution’s patient get out?

So the person next to him was his girlfriend! Faint!

赞赞 Talented. Audition’s highest level!!

Could it a problem with his drink? I cannot see clearly what brand it is. I will absolutely never drink it. 搞笑搞笑

What is he doing? Why is his face like that when playing Audition? Is this an internet bar or the lounge at a mental institution?

The most annoying people in this life are these stupid cunts who pound on the keyboards while playing Audition. I do not know how many of them I have kicked out of my internet bar…

Audition online game picture.

Comments on Mop:

My god, how did I get lost, shocked me to death…


Is that girl his nurse? Is that girl his nurse? Is that girl his nurse?

Incorrect, he is Korean.

Fuck, you can get an orgasm from playing Audition?~~~

I am about to collapse, big brother [friend/buddy], you have a disorder, hurry and go get checked…

Such a classical figure is of course a Korean!
—The uncertain gender person at the end was a small bonus.

This is referring to the common joke that Koreans claim that even Confucius is Korean.

I thought that guy was watching porn and masturbating. About 20 seconds later, I discovered he was HIGH on something. This guy has a criminal record of drug use.

This is a disorder. My schoolmate’s face is also like this. It is pretty sad.

Actually, what is most admirable is the girl next to him!

I cannot hear sound in the office. Before I saw the comments, I thought he was watching porn

Audition online game picture.

Comments on KDS:


No way, him and the girl next to him actually know each other?

He did not faint?

Must be an alien…wearing our an earthling skin that does not fit correctly…

The guy filming is a little immoral, this is a type of disorder…. Pretty sad… Though, I am pretty bad too, just laughed out loud…and finished watching it.

Looks like the bug in “Men in Black.”

Men in Black: Edgar.

I really want to use a brick to pound his face

That guy is showing his orgasm face.

Chinese guy makes funny facial expressions while playing Audition in internet bar.

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