Caught: Wife Catches Husband Having Sex With Mistress In Car

From Mop (1 & 2), ifeng, Tiexue, and KDS:

Embarrassing! Man and women having sex in the car caught by wife

Wife catches cheating husband having sex with mistress inside minivan.

Men and women having sex in the car is no longer something strange, as even stars have been caught having sex in cars. However, for this man and women having sex in the car, being caught by the wife red-handed is not good. Photo: One day, the wife in the photo learned that her husband was meeting with his mistress in a van, and angrily rushed to the scene!

Wife catches cheating husband having sex with mistress inside minivan.

Truly one of those things one wishes weren’t true, how the wife hoped she would not see her husband within after pulling open the door, but the truth is often the opposite of what we hope. Within the car was not only the wife’s husband with a young and beautiful woman, but worse, the woman was completely naked…even an idiot would know what they were up to. The scene that followed, surely everyone can imagine, could be nothing less than a horrific war. Photo: After the wife quietly approached the van, she attempts to quickly pull open the door.

Wife catches cheating husband having sex with mistress inside minivan.

This is a tragedy, and you can’t blame the government either. You can only blame yourself. Since you’re having sex in the car, why let your wife find you so easily? Therefore, you are just getting what you deserve. Men who become wealthy easily become bad, but are all men like this? The car sex and the fighting are warnings, warning netizens that only the wife in one’s home is one’s lifelong woman. In the name of morality, in the name of responsibility, please respect yourself and respect her! Photo: Finally opening the door, the wife sees an unsightly and awkward scene…

Comments from Mop:

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She doesn’t even know if he penetrated yet being so worried~~~



So few pictures.

No pictures of the shaking. It would be better if the video was posted.


Too amusing…if there were a video, it would be even more amusing.


[They] have car sex yet they don’t know to pick a [better] place, don’t know how to pick a [better] time, in broad daylight, not even in the woods [where it is more hidden], such a cupware!!!


This story tells us that when having car sex, one must pick a good place.

Comments from KDS:


Judging from the back, the wife doesn’t seem to be bad either [the wife looks pretty good].


emoticon The person secretly filming this is quite impressive as well [having captured this scene].


Will it be a lifetime of ED [erectile dysfunction]?


Come on, this is too fake, they don’t even lock the door?


This story tells us
that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket,
but you must put all your car keys in your pocket. emoticonemoticon


Can afford a car, but can’t afford getting a [hotel] room.

Rock the car. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Wot no Liu Xiaobo


    • aquadraht

      Why, he isn’t fucking in vans right now

      • It’d be pretty awesome if he was, though, right?

        • aquadraht

          Why? Me seems that he did enough making a fool out of himself anyway. Though I despise the harsh sentence he remains an idiot and a puppet of NED.

          • Right, so the fact that he once ran Chinese PEN, which once received funding from the NED, which once received funding from the US government, makes him a ‘puppet’. Unless you have any evidence of the NED instructing him to do something and him doing it, it is impossible to see why you might call him a ‘puppet’. As for him being an ‘idiot’, I presume this is on the basis of him doing what he did even though he knew it might end up with him being sent to jail – this would be proof of ‘idiocy’ if it weren’t for the fact that the goal he was working towards was an admirable one.

    • Chunghwa

      there won’t be any, because not even a 3rd-street-beggar in China would have heard of him, let alone netizens.

      and this site is a netizen-reaction site, not an Asian politics one.

      • wu lmao

        well, I guess that’s pretty telling.

  • Wu

    yeah, put some story about Liu Xiaobo, damn it!

    • dim mak

      Fauna doesn’t want the police at her door

      • Wu

        is there any topic about this highly sensitive matter in chinese forums?

        • dim mak

          yes, plenty
          deletions are haphazard at most

    • Chef Rocco

      The story about Liu Xiaobo is very similar to OP:

      When CPC opened the car door, she found Liu was having sex with a Norwegian mistress in the car, imagining how mad she was, she slammed the door close so nobody could see it.

    • Hey, I don’t actually expect her to post anything about Liu – it’s more that, under any normal circumstances, if someone in China won a Nobel it would be big news and there would be an article about it here. I mean, previous ethnic-Chinese Nobel winners have been featured on this website, but now that an actual PRC citizen living in China has won one, because of the government clamp-down, not only on the news of Liu Xiaobo winning the prize but on the Nobel prizes in general, there’s no hope of seeing such a piece.

      • Hm… Maybe the real question is how many ’50cp’ are trying to get Fauna knocked off the Internet?

        • bert

          In China everything is an understood blackmail situation. There will be no Liu story here.
          But hey, they keep telling us things are becoming more and more free. So let’s be happy :)

          • For those in audience who may remember… “You can get anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant!”

          • septopus

            Exceptin’ Alice.

  • Chef Rocco

    Another catch an affair? not so refreshing

  • The John

    This is really sad…

    Some people will justify this with racism of course. Some will say all chinese men are like this or the woman married for money so she deserves it.

    In all honest, being cheated on is painful and there is no excuse for it.

    If I was the wife, I would be to upset to even open the door. I would just move on…

    I’ve never been cheated on, but I can’t imagine my wife or myself doing something like this…

    When I was 23, I realized as a young man that I didn’t want a lover. I wanted a companion. I think anyone can find a lover, wife, husband, bf, gf and so on… But, finding a companion is damned hard.

    A companion is a best friend that you give your heart to. You love each other, but the sex.. money and everything else is very small compared to your friendship, bond and companionship.

    Such relationships are rare…

    • Strangerland

      Companion…? Er… don’t by any chance, trying to tell us something else do you? (OK, I’m just kidding, let me assure you that I don’t have problem with those who are in different sides with me. And definitely not a phobe- of anything. )

      If you’re just trying to say about how true friendship is more precious than lusty-romance, then yes, I can see the logic behind that statement.

      • The John

        When you’re young, you fancy a lay in the bed. Unfortunately, it gets tired. You get older and you realize that having someone that you can really hang out with and enjoy is a million times better than just plain screwing. I mean sex is wonderful. But, when you have been there and done that…

        All im saying is, finding THAT kind of person is not easy. It’s not as simple as im good looking and she’s hot. We both have good sex. Like I said, it gets old… My former girl was an actress and had a great figure. But, I just couldn’t feel anything… She is a good person and we still contact each other every so often.

        However, finding a real cool person that you can have a great friendship and good conversation with is amazing. The sex takes a back seat to the actual bond. Then, when you do have sex… it’s fun and loving. Not just about seeking personal pleasure.

    • aww that’s a really sweet thing for you to say.
      It’s not often you find these sensible comments on ChinaSMACK.

  • C

    No joke here…bad call, personals.

  • pug_ster

    Who is dumb enough to have sex in the car nowadays? A bed or sofa is much more comfortable.

  • HandleMyLovePump

    1) Honey! Thank God you’re here! These female car salesladies are really getting agressive these days”

    2) “Er…darling, hi. The aircon wasn’t working and it was hot, that’s why shes not wearing any clothes. It’s platonic, really”.

    3) It’s a naked woman?!!! Darling, I thought I was just testing the safety airbags were working ok. Thanks for letting me know”

    4) “Wanna join us? I was just testing her suitability for a threesome. Our sex life needs some spice and I always thought you were a bit lezzy.”

    • Stop!
      And before you say anything – think for one second:
      “Do you believe my honest words or your shameless eyes???”

  • {laughing} It is a wonder that the CCP doesn’t have a version of the hit television show “Cheaters” in P.R. China! This twit is going to shell out big in Divorce Court regardless.

  • Alex

    News say that Xiaobo’s wife is in home arrest… how lame is that.

    Anyways “This is a tragedy, and you can’t blame the government either. You can only blame yourself. ”

    WHAT?! hahahahaha mixing apples with oranges.

    • Alikese

      “My wife found me cheating?!? DAMN YOU HU JINTAO!”

  • John

    This is news in China? 1.3 billion people running around doing stuff and this is significant?

    • Chunghwa

      >implying this is a news website

  • 老外

    Having seen her backside, I can only conclude her husband is a mental retard.

  • Simon

    Listen, dear charming Chinasmack hostess –
    the spineless population of TG china had more than enough intercourses, now they need to understand what it is like to have a spiritual leader!

    • Justin

      Everyone quit calling for Fauna to post something about liu xiaobo. She’s not going to do it and expecting her to just shows how little any of you really understand the situation here. It just makes you look like a bunch of ignorant boobs.

      Imagine you spent hours of your time and energy building up something that tons of people love and read and that has actually started making you money. Would you want to risk it all just to appease some Western idiots who take up half your comment section discussing such enlightening topics as how Chinese women have no asses or boobs?

      I’m sure 99.9 percent of you had never heard of Liu Xiaobo before he won the Nobel Prize. Now your acting indignant as if you were standing arm-in-arm with him in Tiananmen Square.

      People in the West think that free speech and democracy were just ideas and institutions that sprung fully-formed from the minds of our godlike, alabaster-skinned forefathers rather than institutions that developed over the course of centuries.

      China is modernizing at a rapid pace economically, but socially and politically the evolution is much slower and it’s to be expected. You can’t just thrust a Western model on it and expect that it will take immediately.

      For example, Americans think that just because the 1st Amendment was written into the constitution at our nations founding that free speech has always been enshrined in the fabric of our society and it is something static. But free speech in the U.S. today is very different from what it was in 1776.

      Few know this, but Abraham Lincoln shut down newspapers in the Civil War. In the early 20th century, people were arrested all the time for seditious speech, including my personal hero Eugene V. Debs. It wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that the the right to seditious speech as a political right, which is what Liu Xiaobo’s Charter of ‘08 was at least in the view of the Communist Party because a call for an end to one party rule is tantamount to a revolution in China.

      So try to put things into a historical perspective before you go railing off half-cocked about China’s “human rights” abuses because they happen everywhere not just in China, but in Guantanamo Bay Cuba and in secret CIA prisons throughout the world and in interrogation rooms in Chicago police stations.

      • Sunni

        lol ignorant boobs.

      • bert

        Oh brother. Now we all feel so bad and we are amazed at your personal hero and your knowledge of world affairs.

      • Simon

        you are one loud and ignorant ass!

        Have you seen the carnage on tiananmen square in 1989?
        Have you dealt with chinese police interrogation and threat?
        Have you seen chinese jail?

        For the record, I tell you I have. Liu the big brother was there, and Liu’s spirit is still there today. This is a man to be admired by mankind. Yes the award also belongs to those perished souls in tiananmen square and elsewhere that June, as Liu pointed out. Because of Liu, their blood is not lost in mere hatred but will now slowly but surely begin to redeem peace and true progress for China.

        Oh yea, you know everything about Guantanamo and CIA secrets. Chinese prison university won’t accept a coward like you in, perhaps you can go graduate from some Iranian jail.

        I trust Fauna has the decency and intelligence to spread the universal spirit of righteouness, in her own way with her strength in satirism.

        • Chunghwa

          hurr I can ad hominem too

        • Chunghwa

          oh, and I forgot to mention, off-topic

        • Chef Rocco

          You acted funny, Simon. Are you so obsessed to Liu? personally I am ok with the fact that he is your hero, but when others said he isn’t a hero for them, you appeared to be mad and foul-mouthed.

          If you want to be an activist for human rights, respect others’ right of speech and opinion first, otherwise, you just look like a Red Guard in Cultural Revolution.

        • limousine lib

          typical limousine liberal freedom fighter. we have the in the US and in HK. the only reason that they’re not as bad as the commies is that they aren’t ruling China.

        • Justin

          I actually never said a bad word against Liu Xiaobo, and to be honest, I admire his audacity and courage just as much as anyone else. I think he was unfairly railroaded and made an example of for doing something that had the support of at least some mid-level Party members.

          I’m just saying it’s narrow-minded to expect China to instantly have fully-formed free speech and democracy when these institutions take time to develop.

          China has it’s own political system, which for better or worse, works for the time being. Who is to say that democracy would work better — or at all — in China? Do you think I believe that torture and repression is right? Of course I don’t, but I was merely pointing out that these things happen all the time in the supposedly civilized and developed West. Read about the Chicago 11, who were tortured by police into confessing to crimes they didn’t commit.

          To maintain order in a nation of billions has its price, especially when you have a population nearly as large as the entire population of the U.S. living in extreme poverty and the Rule of Law is still in its stages of infancy.

          If you tried to implement absolutely unfettered freedom of speech, there would be so much misinformation out there, there would be riots daily (especially if you consider that in some parts of the country there are already riots going on, though you don’t hear too much about them because of brother river crab).

          Freedom of speech requires firm laws governing libel and slander and mechanisms to enforce said laws, which China doesn’t have at the moment. Read a book about constitutional law and you’ll see how these concepts developed over 200 years in successive Supreme Court decisions. China has only been a nation for a little over 60 years.

          Furthermore, power is power; corruption is corruption regardless of the location, and I hardly think the U.S. system is that democratic to begin with. Hello, electoral college anyone? I lived in Texas and voted for Obama, so my vote meant doodley squat.

          In the U.S. you have two parties, both of which represent big business and could give a flying fuck about what ordinary people think on a non-election year. In China, you have one party with two factions, which correspond to the Democrats and the Republicans (One is populist at least in rhetoric and one is pro-business) In the U.S. you have third parties which are inconsequential.

          In China, you have the Popular Front and non-Party candidates, which are also inconsequential. On the municipal and county level, China has democratically-elected representatives. And if you want to vote, just suck it up and join the Party, and you can vote. It’s about the same in the U.S. If you want to have any real say in governance, you generally have to participate in one or the other ruling parties.

          China is making progress toward reforms, but it will happen on its own schedule and it will be guided by people, namely China’s academics, who know more about the facts on the ground than any of us Westerners do with our armchair analyses posted in the bowels of China forums.

          • john digmeme

            I just want to say that I enjoyed your comment, thanks for taking the time to write it.

          • Dave in Macau

            Great comment, thanks Justin.

          • marke

            Good post. Good points.
            Democracy is a great idea – but barely works most of the time. It only currently works in the USA because there are only two major parties. And they do a great job of pretending to belong to the average man, but are beholden to their big business financiers…. all that said, a wonderful place and people (the USA), and the system has been miraculous in terms of scientific and industrial advances. (let’s not discuss the current inexplicable leaning towards invasions, and the support blind support of Israel’s ‘creeping invasion’ of Palestinian land)

            The “China system”, as it has recently evolved, seems to be working pretty well (lets not look too far into the past). With dedicated, visionary leadership, it just might be exactly the right system at the right time.

      • Alex

        I would say that most of us who read this webpage knew about Liu XB much before the nobel prize.

      • Like I said, I’m not actually calling for Fauna to do a piece on Liu, just disappointed that discussion of his prize is censored by the CCP. One person who did manage a brief post on the subject was Han Han, check it out here:

        You can read Danwei’s excellent translation here:

        Money quote:


        • 老外

          It’s difficult for me to understand why others complain about everything China’s government does. Sure, they have some problems with corruption — but so do we. I actually welcome censorship. There are things children (or anyone) do not need to see.

          Furthermore, Tibet should not try for independence. If Abraham Lincoln didn’t crush the South, America would be weaker today. There are few Americans who disagree with Lincoln’s actions, and he created a stronger America. It hurts my heart to see a people divided, so I support Taiwan in China’s hands.

          I support the execution of drug dealers and mules. Having seen what this did to my neighborhood, I know how dangerous this can be.

          For the most part, I support the Chinese government. That isn’t to say China is perfect. Sure, there are a lot of problems which must be fixed, but the same could be said for our country.

          I have found that everything we complain about China doing, we are guilty of the exact same thing. If you dig deep enough, you’ll see what I mean.

          • Alikese

            “It hurts my heart to see a people divided, so I support Taiwan in China’s hands. ”

            Having your feelings hurt is not a justifiable reason to to take over a sovereign nation.

          • Alex

            And I don’t understand how some people have to defend everything about the Chinese government and past. Including crimes, lack of liberty or genocides.

      • Oh, and anyone who surfs the Sino-blogosphere even casually would have heard of Liu Xiaobo and Charter ’08.

        • 老外


          There’s a difference between a sovereign nation, and brothers and sisters. The Taiwanese are actually Chinese. The only reason they were divided was because America wants to make the region unstable. I don’t like that.

          I also do not like North and South Korea being separated. This is China’s fault… they have done the same thing as the Americans. Like I said, both sides have problems.

          If someone came into your house and took your children away to a foreign land, and they grew up to hate you, would you also be upset?

          • ptptp

            You’re ignoring the fifty years before the end of World War II that Taiwan was a Japanese colony.

            Further, whether due to America’s interference, the stubbornness of the Nationalists to accept defeat or whatever reason, Taiwan has not been part of China for 115 years despite Nationalist delusions for 30 or more years after WWII. In that time, they’ve developed they’re own society separate from China. Whether Taiwan returns to China or becomes independent should be left up to the Taiwanese people.

      • milkfiddle

        The way to support your ideals, and others that fight for your freedom is not to bow down to an aggressor but to stand up. I appreciate your support for Fauna but please understand most people here are expressing a frustration of not being able to speak, or at least be heard. Let them here it and I hope Liu Xiaobo gets more support from this childish government’s actions.

        • 老外

          I’m sorry, but what is Fauna? I’m new to this website.

          And I prefer that a people are united — even through difficult times. When the hard times are over, the people would not be divided, but stronger than ever before.

  • Alex

    1. From what I’m seeing, the wife looks pretty good as well.

    2. “Men who become wealthy[…]” — Having a $5000 van makes you wealthy?

  • Jimmy Lai

    Why do I get the feeling that this news is made up? Who’s taking the pictures and who would be stupid enough not to lock the door. What is it with China and their propaganda. Reading the last paragraph you realize just how much influence the communist government still has on public media. *sigh*

  • Song of the article,

    My Happy Ending
    -Avril Lavigne


    I love this site!


  • nhum nar kao

    fukk nobel prize. The tools of politics? The tools for USA?

    what about the human right in IRUQ?

    what about Arms merchants in Africa?

    • Alikese

      Yes, clearly the Nobel Foundation, a group that was founded by a Swedish person in Norway, is clearly a tool for the USA, you cock.

      • nhum nar kao

        I think all people in this world should known how this tools was used. ..OH exept american people they don’t no.
        American always good always true. this is all they known.

        • nhum nar kao

          sorry about my enland langueage

        • Alikese

          How is a group of Norwegian people giving a prize to a Chinese guy proof of American meddling? Not all white people are American.

          Oh, and try actually coming to America. You will find that dissent and disagreement with the government is very, very common. “American always good always true” (if I understand you correctly) is flat out false.

          • You kidding me – you drop most P.R. Chinese into the good o’ U.S.A. – and they will be screaming “Who are all of these black/brown/etc. people?!”

          • nhum nar kao

            Sorry i don’t understand you post.

            I don’t blame america people. But i think this time nobel prize was interfered by USA and western allies to make problem to China.

            Why don’t they give the prize to some one who spent their life for real peace. Many volunteer in Africa ..doctors , peoples that help war migratories. People who anty about Iraq invasion. etc…

            I think there are many place in this world that was not in peace nowaday and the are some come in and help. But not in China. China is now in peace. Don’t you think this prize will make the peace over (Not only for China but for the whole world).

            I think this prize was atrophy when the politics is come in…

            ps. Apologize for my english.

      • lol

        The nobel peace prizes are norwegian. The swedish awards are for science and the arts-they’re are very different.

        • Alikese

          Yeah, I know. Alfred Nobel is a Swedish guy and founded the Nobel Foundation, and the Peace Prize is given out by Norwegians.

          After the split in the Union between Norway and Sweden they divided the foundations between the two countries so both sides could have some of the prestige.

    • Free Thinker

      Once again, America will win the most Nobel Prizes for this year. Why? It’s because in America, you can think freely without worrying about some mysterious men kidnapping you in the middle of the night just because you decided to do research on some controversial topic or write some controversial editorial in the New York Times. It’s why so many scientists and other academics from abroad flock to America. Long live democracy, long live free thinking, and long live America!

      Now, we return you to your propaganda programming…

  • manusan

    han Han blog 2010/10/08 : ” ”

    In same time, China Smack speaking of Mistress !!!!!!!

    no comment

  • Blotha Lonely

    Fuck!! “Made in China” quality car !!!

  • milkfiddle

    Is it the Middle Kingdom’s first Nobel peace prize?
    Let’s rejoice, let’s talk about it!
    Liu Xiao bo?
    where are you?……

    • nhum nar kao

      Hey Red Indian where are you ?…

      • Laughing his @$$ off counting his casino profits, and eyeing a new round of suckers from the far east.

        • Shoeshine

          Sawtell for premiere! or at least best commentator on Chinasmack…

        • Chef Rocco

          Right, they are Guobao like panda in Chinese, endangered but well-protected, these luck guys!

  • James

    This just means both countries will go up in flames. You will note the fire in the photo is much bigger on China than on Japan. This means China will burn for its crimes against humaity,and its arrogance. Haha. Enjoy it.

  • fireworks

    Poor bastard, hope he can sell the van now for more money. He can now claim he has tested van’s suspension robustness.

  • Well he’s done.

    What a total dumbass though.
    You would’ve thought that they could’ve found a more hidden.location for their “business”

  • China sometimes seems to Brazil. But this kind of thing happens in “apparent” best families in Europe.

  • Kram

    So it’s always the man’s fault? No, often it’s the woman’s inability to offer sexual gratification that men look for that gratification elsewhere, it doesn’t mean that the man is cheating on the heart. Look around and see how many prostitutes there are in China, millions – China could do well to push harder on sexual education and open up a lot more in this area and you would see less of these incidents. A woman who can satisfy her man in bed has little need to fear her man doing this and that also goes for the man too.

  • ess eff fon

    chinese people are too smart for their own good.

    For the WISDOM of this world is FOOLISHNESS to God. As the Scriptures say, “He traps the wise in the snare of their own cleverness.” -1 Corinthians 3:19

  • 红薯

    it too bad .the man is a jerk

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  • momm

    why is always the husband fault if he cheat? we dont know there relationship maybe the wife dont sleep with him for years.

    also we must admit man nature is just different

    and everybody cheat if he or she got the chance, dont act so holy

    • trouse


  • trouse

    pigs around

  • GOod game – no second chance.

    – K&J Fashion)