CCTV’s National Day Parade Broadcast Disappoints Netizens


From Mop:

Reason why the filming of the 2009 military parade was worse than the 1999 military parade

The general reaction to the 2009 military parade was that it was ruined by CCTV, failing to capture the same impression and feelings of the 1999 military parade. I feel the below is also part of the reason:

The 1999 military parade was filmed by the Eight One Film Studio, but the 2009 military parade was filmed by CCTV.
Considering the character of these two organizations, CCTV’s filming style emphasizes news and documentary, explaining very completely the event’s time, location, people, environment, sequence, and results. They do not pay attention to aesthetics. In the midst of the marching, as every formation passed, CCTV’s director would frequently cut and change shots, up down, left, right, far, near, communicating clearly the situation from various angle, including what the people on the “tian-an-door” building are doing, what the people on the observation platform are doing, and what other whatever people wherever were doing, all one-by-one broadcasted. But this method lost the main focus, lost the beauty. When compared, Eight One Film Studio is an artistic and creative organization, its filming emphasizing artistry, emphasizing aesthetics, not like CCTV which emphasized capturing more and everything. They only pick the most beautiful shots, the most beautiful angles to film, and like this completed a high quality film/recording.

Here is a copy of the CCTV broadcast on Youku:

Just my personal perspective, I hope to get the ball rolling, everyone speak freely.



Comments from Mop:


Those below, go attack CCTV…


Now broadcasting an important message: CCAV‘s XX, your mother is calling you to go home to eat!!! Quickly go home. CCAV‘s Lu Yuan Director, your mother is calling you to go home to learn the basics, please quickly go home, stop publicly embarrassing yourself outside!


Just today I had said to someone that it was not as impressive as 1999. So this is the reason why. Many thanks to the lou zhu.


Another thing was the distance shot had a little thing blocking the lens, yet they did not handle it nor did they check beforehand. [Their] work attitude was not rigorous.


60th Anniversary of the Founding of New China television broadcast director Lu Yuan.

It was this 2B that ruined it:




Although it was not filmed very well, I was still moved by our motherland’s greatness!


After all, Eight One still has some relations/connections with the military, have you guys ever seen someone who doesn’t do a good job for themselves? People only slack off and do a bad job when it is for other people~ The country’s situation is not something you or I can change~


MB CCAV‘s dog-fucked director,

I am watching a military parade, a military parade, a military parade, do you understand? What I want to see is the military, not Brother Hu [President Hu Jintao]!
Fuck dammit!

Only knowing how to suck up to the leadership, MB!

Watching this military parade made my balls hurt!

You fucking should use more angles to show the military’s appearance. Not a single close-up, all distance shots.

More distance shots, you motherfuckers?! Always filming Brother Hu…

What is there to see about him?!

I turn on CCAV and it is always his image!

Motherfucking 60 year [anniversary] only happens once and he took up half of it!

Let me say again:


Fuck your mother!

Truly made my balls hurt.


Strongly suspect the parade was filmed with DV. Compared with the 1999 parade, the difference is indeed very big. CCAV is suited to filming fake news, so real things they are unable to film well.


What was missing from this year’s military parade was a panorama of the entire scene, and a sense of grandeur. What a pity that everyone’s hard work was ruined by CCAV!


Watching yesterday, I was cursing the director’s mother, what kind of joke was that? It was truly really bad, no grandeur. It was either close-ups of some government leaders’ faces or all distance shots, very disappointing!


Ai! An Olympics and a parade both ruined by CCTV!


This year’s parade was truly disappointing… At first I thought they were not marching in sync. Then I discovered that every formation was crooked. After consideration, it must have been a filming problem…Too disappointed. After watching half of it, I stopped watching. It completely lacked the emotion of the 1999 parade!!!

What did you think of the 2009 China National Day Parade? Have you seen the 1999 parade?

UPDATE: Here is a video of the beginning of the 1999 parade:


Photos of female Chinese soldiers from Sina.


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