CCTV Anchorwoman ‘Sells Cuteness’, Charms Chinese Netizens

Wen Jing 'sells cuteness' on CCTV's Live News

Wen Jing 'sells cuteness' on CCTV's Live News

From Sina Weibo:

#Go Eat Chocolate#

CCTV Anchorwoman “Sells Cuteness“, Jokes about Going to Eat Chocolate”

On the March 24th afternoon airing of Live News, anchorwoman Wen Jing covered a news story about a “1-meter tall, 60-kg chocolate”, then she abandoned her long-held serious-looking and demure image and blurted this out of the blue, “I’m gonna eat a bar of chocolate. See you later!” Netizens joked: The anchorwoman was so innocent! Suddenly feel CCTV is down to earth, right?!

The news story was about a chocolate products charity auction in France for children affected by cancer.

The comment “The anchorwoman is so innocent” is adapted from a popular pun in a sketch of this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The original was “打败你的不是天真,是无鞋(无邪) What defeats you is not naivete, but shoelessness (innocence)”. Since 无鞋 and 无邪 are homophones (wú xié), it has been trending to say, “I’m defeated by XX’s naivete/innocence/cuteness”.

This topic had generated 29,605,811 discussions at time of translation.

The chocolate at the charity auction for children affected by cancer

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Has Wen Jing gone crazy? Haha. She said on Live News: I’m gonna go eat a bar of chocolate, see you later…So cute!


You should be braver: “For the kids, go eat some chocolate! See you!” Keep it up, very good!


I heard that Wen Jing said in CCTV news “going to eat chocolate”. snicker This sister is probably a person who wears her heart on her sleeve. She once yawned publicly in the program [shown at 04:12 in the following video clip]. As soon as she realized the mistake, she immediately sat up straight looking all embarrassed. It was too hilarious! xixi CCTV becoming down to earth is a good thing. News anchors making mistakes is also quite cute. xixi

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When even CCTV has learned how to sell cuteness, those people who make a living by selling cuteness must be under great pressure.


Is CCAV finally going to abandon their long-held rigid image and start having a human touch??


CCAV should have dropped its spinster-like miserable cunt face long ago!


Well said! Hope this can set an example in changing the media’s style [of news reporting].


This also demonstrates how domestic reform is characterized primarily by a top-down approach.


#News Turning into Entertainment#


It shouldn’t labeled as “News Turning into Entertainment”. News reporting doesn’t have to be so rigid in the first place.

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