CCTV Anchorwoman ‘Sells Cuteness’, Charms Chinese Netizens

Wen Jing 'sells cuteness' on CCTV's Live News

From Sina Weibo:

#Go Eat Chocolate#

CCTV Anchorwoman “Sells Cuteness“, Jokes about Going to Eat Chocolate”

On the March 24th afternoon airing of Live News, anchorwoman Wen Jing covered a news story about a “1-meter tall, 60-kg chocolate”, then she abandoned her long-held serious-looking and demure image and blurted this out of the blue, “I’m gonna eat a bar of chocolate. See you later!” Netizens joked: The anchorwoman was so innocent! Suddenly feel CCTV is down to earth, right?!

The news story was about a chocolate products charity auction in France for children affected by cancer.

The comment “The anchorwoman is so innocent” is adapted from a popular pun in a sketch of this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The original was “打败你的不是天真,是无鞋(无邪) What defeats you is not naivete, but shoelessness (innocence)”. Since 无鞋 and 无邪 are homophones (wú xié), it has been trending to say, “I’m defeated by XX’s naivete/innocence/cuteness”.

This topic had generated 29,605,811 discussions at time of translation.

The chocolate at the charity auction for children affected by cancer

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Has Wen Jing gone crazy? Haha. She said on Live News: I’m gonna go eat a bar of chocolate, see you later…So cute!


You should be braver: “For the kids, go eat some chocolate! See you!” Keep it up, very good!


I heard that Wen Jing said in CCTV news “going to eat chocolate”. snicker This sister is probably a person who wears her heart on her sleeve. She once yawned publicly in the program [shown at 04:12 in the following video clip]. As soon as she realized the mistake, she immediately sat up straight looking all embarrassed. It was too hilarious! xixi CCTV becoming down to earth is a good thing. News anchors making mistakes is also quite cute. xixi

A Collection of the Most Stunning News Programs [Bloopers] in History


When even CCTV has learned how to sell cuteness, those people who make a living by selling cuteness must be under great pressure.


Is CCAV finally going to abandon their long-held rigid image and start having a human touch??


CCAV should have dropped its spinster-like miserable cunt face long ago!


Well said! Hope this can set an example in changing the media’s style [of news reporting].


This also demonstrates how domestic reform is characterized primarily by a top-down approach.


#News Turning into Entertainment#


It shouldn’t labeled as “News Turning into Entertainment”. News reporting doesn’t have to be so rigid in the first place.

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  • Rick in China

    I don’t get how this is cute… or how the woman with her beehive slash russian winter hat hair is cute?

    I’m more amused at what ‘netizens’ take as interesting and worthy of commenting en-masse.

    • Germandude

      Yeah, everybody gets excited about chocolate. I bet no one actually gave a fuck about or did understand that:

      “The news story was about a chocolate products charity auction in France for children affected by cancer.”

      • manujoro

        Exactly! Forget about the cause, it’s chocolate!

    • Destroy My Gangmen

      What the hell? This is 2013 where everything gets commented on en-masse.

      Nice to see that even something faintly positive can still be dragged down to cynicism by the first ex-pat that comments on it as well.

      • Rick in China

        My post is less cynical and more commentary on the stupidity of the story, and those who brought it into any sort of popularity on the net. Not everything that is “fairly positive” is worthy of discussion or propagation, as is this case. Maybe I’m alone here – if you think this sort of story is worthy of your time, then I guess you fit my ‘cynical’ grouping of those who are stupid and find this type of story worthy of your time.

        • beijinger

          you are not wrong…stupid story….not cute…..

    • I was thinking it was an exploded rendition of Bieber’s hair.

    • galap

      Mushroom Head

  • ScottLoar

    Most of the news and weather announcers sorely need a wardrobe consultant as the clash of their clothes with the multi-colored backdrops typical to Chinese programs is worse than a bad trip on acid. The guy giving weather today wore a white, collarless, zip-up shirt overlaid with huge blackbirds in different positions of flight. His shirt looked like the hide of a pinto pony – and in motion. One poor weather girl with narrow shoulders, wide hips and thin legs wears jackets with heavily padded shoulders over mini-skirts. She looks like a Dada art object.

    • carmouflagger

      I miss the good old Bo Yee Poon days.

      • ScottLoar

        Most impressive. I daily see women in Shanghai that could seduce a saint to sin with a single smile.

        • I guess he may not be a saint after all ;). Not related but any guy that deny ones natural urges and dishonors ones vows that he so denies is a coward move and definitely no where saintly.

          • ScottLoar

            I’m sure you intended some profundity but confusion came out. Look, know what you want to say, then write it like you’d say it. Punctuation would also help make your meaning clearer (e.g., one’s, nowhere, cowardly).

          • Yup, I’ve just reread it. Let me correct that for you. Any man is a coward if he so adamantly made a vow for something. (Especially when that something is against the nature of the human body.)

        • They’re called hookers. Seriously, run the other direction.

  • This lasted less than a second, and it wasn’t cute at all. If you want to see cuteness overflow, watch Taiwanese TV stations.

  • cc

    She looks like she’s got a dildo rammed up here arse

    • MrT

      You been looking in the mirror to know this

    • cc

      No, looking at your mum’s O face, when i shove the dildo up her arse

      • ManofEarth

        mental retard / wanna tell us ur sorry xcuse for life now?
        lol ; )

        • cc

          Too much time in this shithole country, whats you’re sorry excuse you lame arse twat.

      • mr.wiener

        Did you just insult yourself?
        No skipping your meds till the prescription is finished young man!

        • cc

          Hong Kong Sevens, still suffering from the fall out.

          • mr.wiener

            You were in the south stand I’d guess.

          • cc

            West stand near the centre of the pitch, most of the time at the drink stand though. I’ll never drink Pimms again.

  • Red Scarf

    I fail to see the cuteness thing, don’t this kind of chit-chat commonly occurs with USA new anchors, I swear the USA is becoming more and more like the USA with each day.

  • commander

    Vastly increasing wealth disparities that many outside watchers guess are closely linked to corrupt collusion between governmental officials and business men should deserve equal attention.

  • BiggJ

    Oh shit, One of the clones is malfunctioning!! There is something wrong with this ones programming……better sent her to back to the re-education camp…..We can’t have public outbreaks like this. She is causing too much commotion amongst the chinese people…….

  • BiggJ

    The chinese should make a knock off movie from “anchorman” with Will Farrell. Just call it “anchorwoman” staring Wen Jing. It would be lamest shit the rest of the world has ever seen, but would be a block buster hit in china……Just like every other chinese movie. lol

    • ManofEarth

      retard still posting shit online… dude u aint ashamed of urself by now? sry lil xcuse for life…

      • nintendo-nerd

        BiggJ doesn’t have a life, didn’t you know?
        He says he has a wife at home, but I highly doubt it.
        He probably still lives with his mother at the bottom of the basement, and his mum feeds him fish when he’s hungry. That, or he’s reallt a online peadophile thinking he’s going to strike lucky on

        • Rick in China

          The fact you’re paying attention and posting about someone you say has no life and posts too much on the same board you’re posting on indicates you’re projecting.

          I don’t even get your insult fully, either.. maybe you need to practice up on your English. “Bottom of the basement”? “Feeds him fish when he’s hungry”? WTF does that even mean.

          • mattsm84

            Hey, lay off nintendo-nerd and ManofEarth They’re just doing their jobs. Stack those little cooper colored coins to the ceiling, boys!

          • “Feeds him fish when he’s hungry”? His mother forces him to give her cunnilingus, I think.

    • Just missing one thing: the ‘way-fucked-out’ Gangnam Style scene a the end that makes no sense whatsoever but manages to wrap up all the loose ends. Seriously China, insult your audience more please.

  • mr.wiener

    Looks like the Chinese have started hitting the Prozac, Welcome to the first world.

    • ManofEarth

      u lil sad australian xcuse 4 life again – keep swallow ur own shit lil inmate ; )

      • mr.wiener

        Try harder troll.

        • Dr Sun


  • PixelPulse

    She will never be as great as the all powerful Ri Chun Hee.

    • ScottLoar

      Have you heard that woman deliver? Mentioning Kim Jong-Il her voice became soft, motherly, even loving, while denouncing the US she was a strident harridan, lashing with enough venom to wither a continent.

  • Oh my god! This is AMAZING! I can not believe such a CRAZY thing happened! I just can NOT contain myself! AAAHHHHHHHH

    Our local news station did a story on the Harlem Shake crazy right when it started and people weren’t completely sure of what it was, and then immediately did the Harlem Shake on the air.

    I got tired of the Harlem Shake pretty quickly, but the anchorman owns it.

    • Alphy

      lol nice.

  • Washington Bullets

    I don’t understand why this made so many waves on the internet, honestly. American news anchors say stupid shit all the time on the air, but it never makes front page of anything, let alone calling it cute. Most of it winds up on it seems. I mean, it’s nice she shares sentiment with the chocolate sale, but I don’t see it as something that should be this big, perhaps people aren’t used to seeing anything but stoicism from CCTV anchors. However….now I really want a chocolate bar.

    • manujoro

      Just like those “aircraft carrier style” photos. I still don’t get what was all that about.

      • mattsm84

        It was an internet meme as propaganda. It’s kinda like having the constitution in LOLcat.

        • ss


  • Alphy

    I guess this say something about how boring CCTV is, that even such a stupid little phrase “I am going to go eat chocolate, be right back” will be a shock to some watchers.

  • mattsm84

    Try as I might, I will simply never understand the east asian pre-occupation with cuteness.

    • It’s really childish, isn’t it? I will never understand how someone can buy a BMW or Mercedes and put Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty seat covers in it.

    • Male dominated societies are like that. It also helps that the women, in some parts of Asia, are very short.

  • American reporters, especially local news anchors, do this all the time. We don’t call it cute, though, we call in personality. But it does seem to be a deviation from everyone on Chinese television acting like robots.

  • MonkeyMouth

    in other news……

  • ming

    Is she really considered cute?

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