CCTV Anchorwomen Not Wearing Bras, Chinese Netizen Complains


From Chinanews:

CCTV Achorwomen Going On-Camera Disliking Underwear, “Nipple Gate” Displeases Viewers

[Note from Fauna: The original Chinese for the above “nipple” translation is 凸点, which is literally “raised/protruding point”.]

While a certain pretty CCTV anchorwoman was embroiled in legal matters, public “concern” for CCTV anchorwomen was aroused, as if X-ray machines were attached to their eyes. Anyone who was the least bit careless would be flipped inside out and posted on the internet as an “exposé” without discussion! This time, Cheng Lu has been “poisoned”!


March 18, CCTV morning news weathergirl Cheng Lu’s bosom “nipples” were very distinct! Netizens naturally suspected [she] did not wear any underwear [i.e. bra] while on camera. Simultaneously, [they] even dug up photos from a netizen’s post during May of last year that stirred discussion over CCTV’s Chinese Film Report anchorwoman Tu Jing Wei’s distinct “nipple” [when she] wore a pink, short-sleeve blouse.


To be fair, as the weathergirl for CCTV’s morning news channel, Cheng Lu’s style of dress is actually rather “traditional”, with nothing really controversial. Her reporting style that is markedly animated, relaxed, and with somewhat fast speech is regarded by many to be “natural and smooth”, and peoples’ impressions of her are positive. Her being “exposed” without a bra while on-camera is perhaps due to two reasons: one possibility is the bra is too thin, and netizens were briefly seeing things that they did not really, unequivocally, and clearly see before hastily pressing the “go online” button; Another is she had something to do at night, slept too late, and with the morning show is too early, she had no time to put on a bra before going on camera, so it was just carelessness. Therefore, I do not really believe she was imitating her fellow “sisters” [other women who have done things to create fame for themselves] in attracting the public’s eyeballs, trying to elevate her popularity, or getting a powerful person or some high officials to take notice, and not wishing to take the sexy route. I also believe this blemish on Cheng Lu, or rather carelessness, will be forgiven by society. It will hang around online for a few days and then people will forget about it. Despite this, a question still popped into my head: why does the public “care” so much and so harshly about a CCTV anchorwomen? I think it is perhaps due to the reasons below:


Reason #1: CCTV’s status is important, [and it has a] large impact. In the eyes of citizens and foreigners alike, CCTV is the Party’s, and the nation’s, mouthpiece. It is the leading spokesperson and acts as a “window” into the Party and the nation. This requires every CCTV staff member to not only possess perfect mastery of politics, ideology, and professionalism but also good appearance. Strictly speaking, [they must have] resolute political beliefs, pure ideology, firm discipline, mastery of professionalism, noble ethics, refined appearance, cannot have the smallest problem, and cannot afford to have any problems. Otherwise the party’s image, the national image, and the people’s image will be damaged. For this reason, the public has high standards for each anchor, strict requirements. Any flaws that are discovered will be pointed out, criticized, and will even be subject to the internet’s “exposé”. This is not being merciless, it’s not trying to find a bone in an egg [sic, i.e. be really picky], but love. To deeply love, to have high standards, to be very strict!


Reason #2: CCTV anchorwomen are not entertainment stars. Even though female TV show hosts and movie/TV/music celebrities are all considered stars, and even though they’re all public figures, their professional characteristics and appearance requirements are not the same, so we cannot confuse one with the other. Just looking at clothing, movie/TV/music celebrities are on stage, showing breasts, revealing shoulders, short skirts, halter tops, prominent breasts showing stomachs [sic], to the point of wearing something even more fashionable, revealing, and sexy is considered normal and no one will make a fuss. That is the result of the profession. But TV program hosts are not the same, and while hosting a program [they] must follow the guidelines due to the nature of the job, neatly dressed, unique but not strange, fashionable but not tacky, and also serving as an example [for others]. If each and every anchorwomen wore strange clothing and flaunted their ample chests and beautiful bodies, dolled up like movie stars during a performance, then that would lead to a national uproar, a global outcry. Others would ridicule CCTV as a “beauty pageant channel”, and all of China’s people would be ashamed to show their face. Due to this, everyone has strict standards for the appearance of CCTV’s anchorwomen, which they monitor very closely, and there cannot be the smallest flaw! Even a weathergirl not wearing a bra cannot be overlooked, cannot be tolerated, and even cannot be forgiven!


Reason #3: CCTV upper management has been too relaxed towards the anchors. This is a very fundamental reason. During the last few years, CCTV is still CCTV, but in the eyes of the people, it’s no longer what it used to be, and the people are completely dissatisfied! Just look, one aspect is that during these last few years, the anchors have been repeatedly making mistakes on air, constantly making a fool of themselves and causing much public discussion, much criticism, and society has reacted strongly; Another aspect is that some anchorwomen are acting like movie/TV/music stars, very much taking the sexy path, flaunting their ample bosom and beautiful buttocks, taking many naked photos. Furthermore, some anchorwomen “do not know a woman’s place”, excessively dating/having relationships, with constant sex scandals, with constant rumors of being taken as mistresses or “supported”. Other than that person not having any self-respect and not being fit to be a CCTV anchor, a very important reason is that CCTV leadership do not have high standards for the anchors, have lax management, and are lacking in supervision, resulting in program hosts with weak discipline, complacent administration, and loose ranks. As a result, having a mishap is common, and not having a mishap is uncommon!


A weathergirl’s obvious bosom “nipples” have met heated debate, seemingly directed at Cheng Lu but in reality is “a drinker not interested in his drink” [i.e. there is an bigger reason]. [There is] concern that CCTV is too important, concern that CCTV anchors are always having mishaps, concern that CCTV management is too complacent. Once again, CCTV has been warned of this matter, [it] should properly line up the troops, manage them a little. [They] must not keep disappointing the citizens!

cctv anchorwomen

Comments from Chinanews:

I didn’t express any dissatisfaction, I like it~~


It is faster to become known by revealing a little.


[Yes,] this should be managed! Otherwise, who knows what they kind of big mess they will cause.

游客 61.28.13.x

Does not wearing a bra make them that perky?


This is all about someone having nothing better to do!
The person who posted this is dissatisfied, dissatisfied at the anchorwomen for not showing enough
It’s just like those fen qing, watching Japanese porn videos, while at the same time cursing Japanese people
Lower than a pig/dog [i.e. lower than low]

游客 122.228.135.x:

That thing [i.e. the bra] was not invented so you couldn’t see, it was to prevent them from sagging down to the stomach. Therefore, those who have regrettable chests and [chests] that stand straight and tall [sic] need to wear them. Wearing them is also cumbersome.

游客 120.69.33.x:

Beijing weather is very hot, perhaps it’s not comfortable [to wear a bra].

游客 221.195.33.x:

Lou zhu is mentally retarded, why do you care?


[This] should be dealt with/stopped!

游客 218.84.39.x:

There’s nothing bad about this, you should care more about other matters.

游客 113.87.154.x:

From now on, all anchors will be men and there will be no problem, also won’t look at them to the point of staring.

游客 91.103.153.x:

Obviously self-promotion, how can these girls have that nice of a body??? Don’t know how many layers of padding were stuffed inside the bra and then stuck on a point? Is everyone pretending to be naïve or have they never seen a real bosom that wasn’t covered by a bra?


Boosts the ratings!!!!!!!!!!!1

游客 119.7.184.x:

You care too much. This person is not normal.

游客 60.162.251.x:

Isn’t it rather beautiful? Weren’t there no underwear in China’s past?

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  • krdr

    Not sure if nipples should be visible at CCTV. Does BBC or CNN’s anchor women shows their nipples? And some of shirts looks like to hard to be worn without bra. OK, maybe that’s why nipples are hard.

    • Fransisco

      OMG! all these posters HAVE to be single men / men with gfs who have tiny boobs! any guy who has lived with a woman with a c cup ought to know that nipples sometimes have a mind of their own and WILL show (especially in the cold) even through a bra. Perhaps small-cup sized women’s nipples only show when they don’t have a bra, cause there is soooo much padding between the breast and the shirt.
      (can’t believe I am responding to this topic!)

      • krdr

        This girls have tight shirts, so their nipples are easily visible. Whether they wearing bra or not, we could tell by where the nipples pointing. Usually they’re pointing out and down.

        But now, other thing comes to my mind. This nipples are too visible. I’m sure some of this pictures are altered. On first pic of Tu Jing Wei, folds on shirt from bra are visible and shirt is too tight on that place for naked skin.

        On last picture, nipple is obviously photoshoped, except if jersey is made from rubber.

      • shanghai girl

        I completely agree about the ‘mind of their own’ bit, but in many of these pictures, it appears to me to be seams or creases in their shirts more so than their nipples… Some people have to much time on their hands.
        (I say as I spend the day playing online… lol)

    • Chris

      Hu cares.

      Maybe they just want to show that some Asian girls actually have breasts. Hu knows…

      • steve

        they have great nipples , my wife is asian

  • Cool Matt

    this poster has to be a woman

  • DWR

    Maybe they could heat the studios properly, to avoid this problem.

    Dissatisfied viewers may wish to switch to French channel M6, for the glorious Mélissa Theuriau:


  • bunnyfluff

    Most people haven’t stepped foot on in TV studio…they are cold…freezing cold (well, the one’s I’ve been on, at least). And sometimes when nipples get cold, they become erect/erect. And with some women, a bra ain’t gonna help with that.

    I’m not saying that’s what’s happening here, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it was.

    What’s really surprising is that we don’t see it more often!

    • krdr

      The most TV studios I’ve been was extremely hot due direct light. Especially in smaller TV stations with small studios. There’s even a rule of the thumb that goes: Smaller studio – smaller skirt and shirt

  • JoelFromLondon

    Mmmmm makes me think if they are not wearing any panties … :p Sexy

  • Why would anyone complain about this?

    • 水溶C100

      Thank you Moom… I was getting worried that I was the only one.

      • females bitchin’ about other females getting men’s attention.

  • FYIADragoon

    Wow, sure is sausage fest. Who would complain about this?

  • Zhegezhege

    Isn’t it a great sign of our common humanity that no matter your politics, we can all agree that boobs are a good thing?

    • DocVudu (aka HardyPengood)

      Well said, Zhegezhege. That is an important, er, point of this article that should perhaps be handled more in a follow-up report.

  • I have mixed feelings about this.

    On the one hand, most Chinese women don’t need to wear a bra because they have small boobs that won’t get saggy even if they don’t have one. I’m not saying that because I’m racist or because I’m trying to offend anyone, Korean women are very much the same.

    On the other hand it’s only natural for a woman to become sexually aroused knowing that millions of men are watching her on TV so it’s understandable that her nipples become erect so easily.

    I don’t know about bras but maybe they could preserve their dignity by covering their nipples with small pieces of electrical tape or something like that.

    • Bakery

      Woah, man. They have electrical tape now?

    • keius

      Over time, even smaller boobs will sag…and having a baby will cause issues no matter how small, unless they’re so small, there’s no lactation whatsoever (A cups?) :P

      Anyway, these girls know what they are doing. They are advertising themselves and trying to stand out. They are doing what they have to in order to get by in their industry.

      There is always the chance that they just forgot that day. It’s happened to my wife once or twice when she was preoccupied and didn’t notice that she didn’t have a bra on til later.

      Still, i doubt it. How many coworkers would have told her before she went on air?

    • DocVudu (aka HardyPengood)

      Electrical tape??? why? What’s wrong with you? They are just nipples. Try to control your fear: they won’t hurt you.

    • bandaids!!! For Christ’s sake, BANDAIDS!!!

    • korean_guy

      From my observation Chinese women have bigger breast than Korean women.

  • Jon

    This is the only time I have ever seen anything worth watching on CCTV!

  • ZeBadee

    It’s either very hot in the studio so they prefer to take their bras off, or it’s very cold …. perky!

  • dirtywhiteboy

    what a travesty!!! a dark stain on the world of professional journalism. now if you excuse me, I think the news is about to come on….

  • ……….and you welcomed us to the new chinasmack newly redesigned page but please you should let us (me) to have a button that i can restore the classic page, these news things everyday i dont like them. imagine am still on windows Me. very classic!

    • FYIADragoon

      I imagine I’m still on 95. Where is your nostalgia?

  • so much to read about nipples.

  • Bakery

    I love how 凸 looks like a nipple…teehee

    • Happyboi

      my first thought as well. I just learned knew characters – I’LL NEVER FORGET!

    • pervertt

      The last one I saw didn’t look that pixellated.

      • Sorry, forgot to mention that I’m totally into Lego babes.

  • Does anyone else think that “Nipples. ChinaSMACK Personals” would have been a funnier ad line for this post?

    In any case, this whole thing is making a mountain out of a molehill (zing! But seriously, who cares?)

  • keius

    Propaganda tv, does anyone actually watch this? :)
    Nipple tv, hmmmm more viewers…. :P

  • Jay K.

    i swear this guy bitching smells like a crisp 50 cent bill i just got from the bank this afternoon

  • shengguo

    I care!!!! they should do that more!!

  • Peter

    This kind of thing (even if it is sooo cute] has to be investigated by the highest powers of the land. Police forces need to be put on standby in case people of different opinions start trying to settle the matter forcefully in the streets or in the Birds Nest. Public morality is at stake. This is NO.1 of all the problems facing the motherland. Stay cool and enjoy whatever there is to enjoy.

    • HardyPengood (aka DocVudu)

      I am prepared to volunteer to lead a People’s Militia, with the sworn duty to begin inspecting all women who are suspected of not wearing a bra. Women who are uncomfortable opening their shirt can choose the alternative of inspection by careful pinching of any nipples that appear to be erect, to determine if there is a bra between the shirt and the breast. Women who are being properly dressed will not mind, as the inspector will only be feeling a bra, not their actual nipples. Even if the inspector just gently squeezes them a few times, maybe pinching just a little bit on the 3rd or 4th time on the very tip, this should not bother a woman with good morals.

      This will be a formidable task, and I expect to have my hands full with all the responsibility. Are there any other volunteers to join the People’s Nipple Brigade?

  • Maoist


  • Felix

    Under the condition that she/they left away their bra by intention:

    I’dd unterstand if someone would complain about sexism on TV, which puts women into the position of objects (though I wouldnt complain on the internet, as the net has already proved that serious debates should rather be held in public than aninomously.. ;)).
    However, the discussion above is all about CCTVs image. WTF? Plus, please, what kind of “ide­ol­ogy” should someone in the party have? Marxist-Leninist? Come on, that’s over!

    • GodsHammer

      They have the bra on! Are these guys blind? They have womanly nipples and the bra hasn’t got the giant padding in front. That is why you can see the nipple. You can see my GF nipples through a sweatshirt with or without bra. WTF is the matter with these ‘men’?

      • cdn icehole

        Perhaps the type of ‘men’ that likes ‘men’.

  • Michael Hennessey

    Awesome. Will have to see if there’s a website already just for this fetish. Thanks again China!

  • of Canada

    Chinese anchor women showing too much cleavage and nipple has led to the recent earthquake in Taiwan and collapsing of a mountain there! Shame on them!

    • Rambling Lycan

      I am surprised that all the ‘experts’ still insist that these anchorwomen are not wearing bras. they are!!
      Nipples (for those who have prominent ones) are bound to potrude if they wear tight clothes (think tennis players) UNLESS the girl is wearing a thick padded bra (think coconut shell).
      the fact that Chinese think that these anchorwomen are not wearing bras is a result of 99.9% of girls in China wearing thick padded bras.

      • FYIADragoon

        I don’t even think that Victoria’s Secret sells anything besides padded ones in China.

      • The Anti-Racist

        I will agree with you in that Rambling Lycan. I also think these ladies are actually wearing bras and is not even a matter of them having cups or whatever. But the point is most chinese girls usually associates bra with thick padded cloth filled stuffs. Whether they have or doesn’y have any breast at all.

    • HardyPengood (aka DocVudu)

      So, are you saying that my prayers have indirectly led to massive natural catastrophes?

      • HardyPengood (aka DocVudu)

        (question was to the comment from “of Canada”)

  • There are some reports that indicates wearing bra may contribute to breast cancer. A tight fit bra is not good for blood circulation:)

    • FYIADragoon

      Time to go liberate some women of their cancer shackles…

  • Chinese Netizen

    There is a reason they call rock hard nipples “weather report” right??

  • C&N


    that’s all i wanted to say but Fauna believes the above is too short therefore i’ve inserted this pasage

  • fireworks

    This proves nobody watches the news.

  • pervertt

    Thank god for CCTV’s wardrobe department. Without visual cues like these, squinty eyed viewers like me would have trouble distinguishing the male newsreaders from the female ones.

  • scribble

    Don’t know what the problem is. Ratings are up along with my penis.

  • Doly

    That’s normal, same as their grand mother or mother, no bra is common in China

  • Henri

    Sometimes it’s good to show a little ,to keep in line with this
    modern world.

  • krdr

    Quite sure some of this were photoshoped

  • kimboslice

    Wow, they sure look nice enough to me. Where can I find one?

  • Cam

    As a woman, these anchorwomen have awesome perky boobs if they’re not wearing any bras. Perhaps it was a bit cold in the studio? Anyway nothing a bit of tape can’t fix.

  • zammo hung

    I met a lovely mongolian hoor in Shanghai back in 2002.

    Amazing nips.

    You could’ve hung a soggy dufflecoat on ’em.

  • Without bra

    What is wrong with not wearing bra if u have a beautiful body

    Maybe this guy is sick

    • Okmer

      ya man, beautiful, all natural.

  • mika

    In my country, I guess no clothes would be something we would talk about. Nipplegate – ha ha ha, why not fingergate – oh my god, she showed me her lower part of her finger! Aaaaa!

    Me and my highschool class mates in Sweden all went for a naked swim together, talk about having different perception of how life should be. Ahh – why can´t people just calm the f++k down and relax here, everything is just waaaay too serious. Still love the country tho :)

  • aag

    Probably someone needs to turn the air conditioning down in the newsroom. Apparently, it is quite cold in there. The ladies are probably wearing bras and the vast majority of bras are thin enough to show when one is extremely cold.

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  • nana

    maybe its a trend or somthing

  • Eunice

    Someone went on a rant about this? There are children tied to windows on leashes for chrissake. What has our world come to? This site…

  • sweatypalms

    She is hot! You go girl. This is the right direction China needs to move in. My only suggestion would be to unbutton that blouse at least one more button.

  • Cyber Fish

    I think its Photoshoped…. I am sure its photoshopped..

  • By definition, oriental women have smaller breasts but in proportion their nipples are mostly always longer.
    I have no problem at all with them showing thru shirt. Livens up the boring news.

  • Ariel

    In most of those photos, the protrusions aren’t nipples at all, but rather the top fabric-gather of darts in the fitted blouses they are wearing. This whole thing must be INCREDIBLY frustrating for the anchorwomen in question.

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