CCTV Anchorwomen Not Wearing Bras, Chinese Netizen Complains


From Chinanews:

CCTV Achorwomen Going On-Camera Disliking Underwear, “Nipple Gate” Displeases Viewers

[Note from Fauna: The original Chinese for the above “nipple” translation is 凸点, which is literally “raised/protruding point”.]

While a certain pretty CCTV anchorwoman was embroiled in legal matters, public “concern” for CCTV anchorwomen was aroused, as if X-ray machines were attached to their eyes. Anyone who was the least bit careless would be flipped inside out and posted on the internet as an “exposé” without discussion! This time, Cheng Lu has been “poisoned”!


March 18, CCTV morning news weathergirl Cheng Lu’s bosom “nipples” were very distinct! Netizens naturally suspected [she] did not wear any underwear [i.e. bra] while on camera. Simultaneously, [they] even dug up photos from a netizen’s post during May of last year that stirred discussion over CCTV’s Chinese Film Report anchorwoman Tu Jing Wei’s distinct “nipple” [when she] wore a pink, short-sleeve blouse.


To be fair, as the weathergirl for CCTV’s morning news channel, Cheng Lu’s style of dress is actually rather “traditional”, with nothing really controversial. Her reporting style that is markedly animated, relaxed, and with somewhat fast speech is regarded by many to be “natural and smooth”, and peoples’ impressions of her are positive. Her being “exposed” without a bra while on-camera is perhaps due to two reasons: one possibility is the bra is too thin, and netizens were briefly seeing things that they did not really, unequivocally, and clearly see before hastily pressing the “go online” button; Another is she had something to do at night, slept too late, and with the morning show is too early, she had no time to put on a bra before going on camera, so it was just carelessness. Therefore, I do not really believe she was imitating her fellow “sisters” [other women who have done things to create fame for themselves] in attracting the public’s eyeballs, trying to elevate her popularity, or getting a powerful person or some high officials to take notice, and not wishing to take the sexy route. I also believe this blemish on Cheng Lu, or rather carelessness, will be forgiven by society. It will hang around online for a few days and then people will forget about it. Despite this, a question still popped into my head: why does the public “care” so much and so harshly about a CCTV anchorwomen? I think it is perhaps due to the reasons below:


Reason #1: CCTV’s status is important, [and it has a] large impact. In the eyes of citizens and foreigners alike, CCTV is the Party’s, and the nation’s, mouthpiece. It is the leading spokesperson and acts as a “window” into the Party and the nation. This requires every CCTV staff member to not only possess perfect mastery of politics, ideology, and professionalism but also good appearance. Strictly speaking, [they must have] resolute political beliefs, pure ideology, firm discipline, mastery of professionalism, noble ethics, refined appearance, cannot have the smallest problem, and cannot afford to have any problems. Otherwise the party’s image, the national image, and the people’s image will be damaged. For this reason, the public has high standards for each anchor, strict requirements. Any flaws that are discovered will be pointed out, criticized, and will even be subject to the internet’s “exposé”. This is not being merciless, it’s not trying to find a bone in an egg [sic, i.e. be really picky], but love. To deeply love, to have high standards, to be very strict!


Reason #2: CCTV anchorwomen are not entertainment stars. Even though female TV show hosts and movie/TV/music celebrities are all considered stars, and even though they’re all public figures, their professional characteristics and appearance requirements are not the same, so we cannot confuse one with the other. Just looking at clothing, movie/TV/music celebrities are on stage, showing breasts, revealing shoulders, short skirts, halter tops, prominent breasts showing stomachs [sic], to the point of wearing something even more fashionable, revealing, and sexy is considered normal and no one will make a fuss. That is the result of the profession. But TV program hosts are not the same, and while hosting a program [they] must follow the guidelines due to the nature of the job, neatly dressed, unique but not strange, fashionable but not tacky, and also serving as an example [for others]. If each and every anchorwomen wore strange clothing and flaunted their ample chests and beautiful bodies, dolled up like movie stars during a performance, then that would lead to a national uproar, a global outcry. Others would ridicule CCTV as a “beauty pageant channel”, and all of China’s people would be ashamed to show their face. Due to this, everyone has strict standards for the appearance of CCTV’s anchorwomen, which they monitor very closely, and there cannot be the smallest flaw! Even a weathergirl not wearing a bra cannot be overlooked, cannot be tolerated, and even cannot be forgiven!


Reason #3: CCTV upper management has been too relaxed towards the anchors. This is a very fundamental reason. During the last few years, CCTV is still CCTV, but in the eyes of the people, it’s no longer what it used to be, and the people are completely dissatisfied! Just look, one aspect is that during these last few years, the anchors have been repeatedly making mistakes on air, constantly making a fool of themselves and causing much public discussion, much criticism, and society has reacted strongly; Another aspect is that some anchorwomen are acting like movie/TV/music stars, very much taking the sexy path, flaunting their ample bosom and beautiful buttocks, taking many naked photos. Furthermore, some anchorwomen “do not know a woman’s place”, excessively dating/having relationships, with constant sex scandals, with constant rumors of being taken as mistresses or “supported”. Other than that person not having any self-respect and not being fit to be a CCTV anchor, a very important reason is that CCTV leadership do not have high standards for the anchors, have lax management, and are lacking in supervision, resulting in program hosts with weak discipline, complacent administration, and loose ranks. As a result, having a mishap is common, and not having a mishap is uncommon!


A weathergirl’s obvious bosom “nipples” have met heated debate, seemingly directed at Cheng Lu but in reality is “a drinker not interested in his drink” [i.e. there is an bigger reason]. [There is] concern that CCTV is too important, concern that CCTV anchors are always having mishaps, concern that CCTV management is too complacent. Once again, CCTV has been warned of this matter, [it] should properly line up the troops, manage them a little. [They] must not keep disappointing the citizens!

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Comments from Chinanews:

I didn’t express any dissatisfaction, I like it~~


It is faster to become known by revealing a little.


[Yes,] this should be managed! Otherwise, who knows what they kind of big mess they will cause.

游客 61.28.13.x

Does not wearing a bra make them that perky?


This is all about someone having nothing better to do!
The person who posted this is dissatisfied, dissatisfied at the anchorwomen for not showing enough
It’s just like those fen qing, watching Japanese porn videos, while at the same time cursing Japanese people
Lower than a pig/dog [i.e. lower than low]

游客 122.228.135.x:

That thing [i.e. the bra] was not invented so you couldn’t see, it was to prevent them from sagging down to the stomach. Therefore, those who have regrettable chests and [chests] that stand straight and tall [sic] need to wear them. Wearing them is also cumbersome.

游客 120.69.33.x:

Beijing weather is very hot, perhaps it’s not comfortable [to wear a bra].

游客 221.195.33.x:

Lou zhu is mentally retarded, why do you care?


[This] should be dealt with/stopped!

游客 218.84.39.x:

There’s nothing bad about this, you should care more about other matters.

游客 113.87.154.x:

From now on, all anchors will be men and there will be no problem, also won’t look at them to the point of staring.

游客 91.103.153.x:

Obviously self-promotion, how can these girls have that nice of a body??? Don’t know how many layers of padding were stuffed inside the bra and then stuck on a point? Is everyone pretending to be naïve or have they never seen a real bosom that wasn’t covered by a bra?


Boosts the ratings!!!!!!!!!!!1

游客 119.7.184.x:

You care too much. This person is not normal.

游客 60.162.251.x:

Isn’t it rather beautiful? Weren’t there no underwear in China’s past?

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