CCTV Anti-Littering Message After Death of Sanitation Worker

A sanitation worker in China sweeping up litter.
A sanitation worker in China sweeping up litter.
A sanitation worker in China sweeping up litter.

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻 [CCTV]: Again! Sanitation Worker Falls Ill And Dies From Overwork [泪] Forward This For Them! — Wherever it is the most dirty, that is where they are, squatting on the side of roads eating boxed meals. This is Wuhan city sanitation worker Zhu Guoxi. On the 24th, he suddenly coughed up blood and collapsed, and passed away two days later. On his hospital bed, he even said, “I have to get back to work…” Do you know? A lot of sanitation workers have to bustle about all because of littered garbage. From this moment on, refuse to litter! For Worker Zhu, and for all sanitation workers! Those in support, forward this on!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Once again, I strongly suggest increasing the wages for sanitation workers! Those in agreement, ding this up!


Hehe, my mom has been a sanitation worker. Every day she was ordered around by those so-called managers, who also constantly carped on her, yelling at her if she were a little late in the morning or at noon. While you’re here asking us to forward this, stop tooting your own horn [making yourself sound better]. When sanitation workers go into work early, it isn’t because they’re afraid of the city being dirty, it’s because they’re afraid of a bunch of dogs barking behind them. Littering garbage is shameful, but shifting responsibility is is abominable.


Motherfucker, what the fuck use is forwarding these things? If you’re not going to increase their pay, don’t come out and spout bullshit.


While researching wage increases for public servants, why not research increasing wages for sanitation workers while you’re at it?


Every month, sanitation workers get the lowest pay to do the dirtiest and most tiring work. If you, the government, aren’t going to increase their wages, stop fucking prattling here!!!


Increase their pay!


Stupid cunt! Why don’t you first increase compensation and medical care for sanitation workers first?! [Instead] the money is basically all taken by the sanitation companies!


All day having us forward [this and that], can you give it a rest? Shouldn’t you be promoting increases in pay? Or is death from overwork not related to amount of time worked?


Why not increase the income for this position/occupation?


They are all just temporary workers employed by the actual sanitation workers, with the actual sanitation workers being their bosses, and it is like this everywhere. Go investigate which of those sweeping the streets every day are the actual sanitation workers, and what the actual sanitation workers are doing.


Written by Fauna

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