CCTV Anti-Littering Message with Nanjing Sanitation Worker

An elderly Chinese woman over 60 years old in Nanjing, China who works all year as a sanitation worker, sitting on the ground fishing out littered cigarette butts from a drain gutter.

An elderly Chinese woman over 60 years old in Nanjing, China who works all year as a sanitation worker, sitting on the ground fishing out littered cigarette butts from a drain gutter.

This was also among the top 10 Sina Weibo microblog posts of the day yesterday

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: Please Look At These Photos [泪] Forward! — There is a fountain on Nanjing’s Shizhiqiao pedestrian street, where a thin and weak auntie sits on the ground, using bamboo sticks to pick out the cigarette butts trapped in the metal grating of a drain. The auntie is surnamed Wang, is 62 years this year, and all three members of her family are sanitation workers, who work nearly all year without rest… Seeing this, do you feel guilty/ashamed? Don’t litter, so sanitation workers do not have to toil so hard! Those who support this, forward it on!






Comments from Sina Weibo:


Strongly demand that they be giving raises, better benefits, and membership in a union.


Those who do the most have the lowest wages, and those who do the least have the highest wages. [呵呵]


This kind of microblog post always has people cursing the government. I [呵呵]. You guys never got to first year of high school, right? The first year of high school politics textbook clearly writes that the government providing the basics doesn’t mean it is responsible for providing everything. The auntie has food to eat and a job to do; isn’t that something provided by the government? Or are her wages being paid by you? Or does the government have to give every poor person a million before you people will think the government is doing its fucking job? [拜拜]


Every single one of us owes them the most basic of respect. [泪][泪][泪]


MmmM Restaurant promises: sanitation workers can enter our restaurant to take a break, and we will provide one free cold beverage.


I am a second year student in high school, and I’ve seen the sanitation workers near our school eating things from the garbage cans, drinking drinks that we’ve thrown away because we didn’t like them, so sad~ [伤心][话筒]


Since we can’t change other people’s behavior, then we might as well increase…wages…for…sanitation workers!


Give them a raise! What use is saying this nonsense?


According to the development of Chinese people’s characters [civic consciousness], this kind of news will still need to be disseminated 10 years later.


Chinese people lack for nothing except character.


Everyone improve your characters [civic consciousness, habits] a bit and sanitation workers will no longer have it so hard. What’s more important is that our living spaces will also be cleaner and more beautiful. Some bastards simply do not understand this truth, even saying stupid things like “if I don’t litter, then wouldn’t you sanitation workers would be unemployed?” These kind of people were probably raised by pigs.


There are a number of people who are the most disgusting/obnoxious. They too know they shouldn’t litter, afraid of getting dirty looks from others if they do it too obviously, so they litter secretly, littering where other people can’t see them, in flowerbeds, in corners… either way making it even harder for sanitation workers to clean up after them! I really want to lift these people up and throw them into the middle of the road!!!


Over 60 years old, so why is she still forced to come out to work as a sanitation worker by life? Why does she have to work all year without rest? What happened to social security and national pensions?


62, working all year without rest? Does this conform to our labor laws? Why aren’t [CCTV, people] questioning the administrative organs [employer, government]?


Those who should feel guilty/ashamed isn’t us but the government and relevant government departments.


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