CCTV Asks Chinese on the Street: What Do You Lack in 2013?

A Chinese man interviewed by CCTV News on the street about what he "lacks" replies with "a woman".

A man says he lacks a woman.

From QQ:

CCTV Street Interviews “What Do You Lack?”, Passersby Say They Lack Money, Love, and Women

Chongqing (ChinaNews) – “2013, what do you lack?, the question asked by ChinaNews Video and Chongqing Television reports on the streets and alleys throughout Chongqing prompted many Chongqing residents to reflect on what they “lack or don’t lack” in their lives.

A Chinese old woman interviewed by CCTV News about what he "lacks" replies with "a water meter.

An old granny says she doesn’t lack anything, just a water meter.

A young Chinese woman interviewed by CCTV News on the street about what he "lacks" replies with "money and a man".

What do you lack in 2013? [Young woman replies: “I lack money, lack a man.”]

A Chinese man interviewed by CCTV News on the street about what he "lacks" replies that "everything we lack and don't lack are just delusions".

What do you lack in 2013? [Man replies: “Lack and don’t lack is all in one’s mind.”]

Since late January, many reporters have tossed out the question of “2013, what do you lack?” to nearly 1000 people on Chongqing streets. The people interviewed are normal office-workers, retirees, migrant workers, street cleaners, as well as members of the CPPCC, writers and entrepreneurs. The various answers have made people laugh out loud or led people to think deeply, while netizens have mocked this question as another “godly question” following the previous “are you happy?”

[Note: The above refers to a previous CCTV street interview project that was conducted and broadcasted nationally around last year’s 18th National Congress, asking “everyday people in China” if they were “happy”, as noted in previous chinaSMACK reports. Netizens widely considered the entire thing an out-of-touch propaganda stunt. “Godly” as used here is a little difficult to translate, suggesting something as incredible or mocking it with a measure of incredulity.]

“Lack money” was the most common of the responses. Facing the ChinaNews camera, an “office worker” sighed that housing prices are too high, that wages aren’t rising, so he can’t afford to buy a house. Migrant worker Zhang Fu complained that he didn’t get much business last year, and wasn’t able to save much. A man in front of Southwestern Hospital said with worried face that his wife’s sickness cost him hundreds of thousands, and what he now lacks the most is money. A young guy working in sales hoped for more RMB. A man who dreams of winning the lottery rushed in front of the camera and shouted, “I lack 5 million!” “Chongqing Good Man” Zheng Dingxiang, who makes a living carrying goods on his shoulders said loudly, “I lack money not morals!”

“Lacking sleep” was also a common complaint among the interviewees. Taxi driver Zhang Wei said that he works 12 hours a day and that lack of sleep is a big concern. Chongqing news media reporter Shan Shibing who often pulls all-nighters said in his microblog that he’s a person who lives in the dark but lacks sleep, that hearing his mobile phone ring right after falling asleep is a frequent nightmare. 37-year-old Huang Guohui often relies on doing push-ups to keep himself awake on night shifts, looking forward to his rest day to get some more sweet sweet sleep.

“Lack energy/spirit” was another frequent reply. One retired old lady said she felt her current life was boring/tedious, lacking spiritual and cultural content. Chongqing writer Mo Huaiqi said he lacked youthfulness. Administrative staff Wang Li felt a shortage of happiness and emotion. Securities company employee Sun Hongtai said with a serious face that he currently lacks opportunity and platform [for success] the most. 21-year-old, 1.4-meter-tall “Dwarf Kindergarten Teacher” Yan Feng said what he lacks most is experience, because experience is his invisible wealth.

Likewise there were people “who are content with what they have”, who no matter how the reporters asked the question insisted they do not lack anything. Yuan Zhengwan, a retired worker currently opening land to grow produce, said he has a place to live and a pension to collect, so he doesn’t lack for anything. Street cleaner Chen Daofen also said with satisfaction that her danwei [workplace, employer] was not behind on paying their wages this year and will even be increasing their wages this year, so she has been very content.

One of the organizers of this “godly question” and Chongqing media worker Fu Liao told this reporter that there is no right answer to the question of whether one lacks or doesn’t lack anything. In this day and age where material abundance increases daily, perhaps perhaps only when we don’t lack anything in our hearts are we truly no longer lacking. He hoped that this “down-to-earth” series of interviews can reflect the real living conditions and psychological hopes of grassroots society.

To date [February 11], the “2013, what do you lack” interviews are still going on throughout Chongqing.

Comments from QQ:

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Trust — what China lacks the most right now, from the ordinary common people to the government, from children to parents, between husbands and wives, from parents to schools, between friends, among colleagues and teams, from workers to bosses… What China lacks the most is the sense of trust between each other.


Stupid, everyone on Earth knows it’s lack of money. Legitimate lawful income simply is unable to allow people to live a normal life, much less produce those “House Uncles” and “House Sisters” and such [referring to recent news about certain people owning multiple homes/properties]. They should go ask the government officials what they lack! Lack clean and honest politics/government? Lack government official morality and ethics? Or lack money?


The old man said it so right — “Lack and don’t lack is all in one’s mind!”


Actually, today’s society simply lacks three things: morals, money and trust! It’s extremely easy and quick for a country, a group, or an individual to go down the hill of lacking morals, but to climb back up will be hard. Likewise, whether it’s a country or an individual, it’s impossible to do anything without money, but, money is not something that falls from the sky. If mutual trust is lacking between people, then this country is in danger, mainly from top to bottom, from the government officials to the ordinary common people, there are too many cheats and liars! But it cannot be denied that there are still good people!

腾讯南京市网友 你 ,拿命疼爱

The old lady can’t even afford a water meter! Did you, the reporter buy one for her? If you didn’t buy one, what do you lack?

腾讯廊坊市网友 老宅男

I know the country lacks honesty and integrity, not corrupt officials.

腾讯网友 依然

I lack everything right now. If I could be a government official for one year, then I won’t lack anything.

腾讯河南省网友 醉月

What we lack the most is one, government integrity and credibility; two, the difference between the level of public servants’ salaries and prices; three, the level of trust between one and another; four, housing prices returning to a reasonable level.

腾讯连云港市网友 記憶_/~↘楒

I lack a beautiful world!

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  • kloppstock

    they lack sofa

  • Jay K.


  • Rick in China

    “Lack and don’t lack is all in one’s mind.”

    No shit, that’s why they’re f’ing asking you for your perspective, it’s a perspective piece. Attempt words of wisdom, end up looking like a fool.

    Question: “What foods do you like/dislike?”
    Answer: “Like or dislike is all in one’s mind, young grasshopper.”

    • mr.wiener

      I think he means happiness is relative. I don’t think he comes off too badly for that answer.

      Since it’s in Chongqing I’d say people lack direction:

    • Hongwu Emperor

      And he is right. happiness is relative, and what fulfills you on your life is too also. some want billions of cash, others would be happy by daily going to a temple and praying… in the end material possessions [and what you need and don’t need] is just something in one’s mind.
      He is truly right. See? in the people you can sometimes encounter wisdom far surpassing those of that stupid technocrats and crap.

      And that guy surely earned me respect.

      • Rick in China

        That’s my point. It’s not wisdom. They’re asking, TO YOU, WHAT DO YOU LACK OR NOT LACK THIS YEAR.

        They’re not asking for an objective answer, it’s a *perspective piece*. Answering a subjective question with an answer like “Well, that’s a subjective question” is a fucking idiot’s response…not one of wisdom.

        • No matter what the question, he’s answering to a state-run television channel.

          He’s spouting an obtuse “objective” answer because he lacks the ability to freely express an individual opinion without ramifications. But of course, he can’t say that.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            No, he was just trying to sound epic.

            And freely expressing yourself in the front of an ENTIRE nation is stupid, even in the most democratic ones.

          • Yes. For everyone’s sake – always lie.

            As well, television doesn’t have to be run by the state and broadcast to a billion people.

          • Rick in China

            Chang Liu gave a response that the translation may have been misinterpreted in an attempt to make it sound more “philosophical” than it really was, which makes more sense. I don’t think people have much problem expressing themselves without ramifications, unless the expression is something that creates social unrest or is anti-party/anti-government, and this type of question doesn’t really warrant that kind of response… it’s a simple question to find out what average people’s current priorities are at an individual level.

          • When a state-run television crew sticks a microphone is this guys face, he isn’t answering – he’s performing.

            Anyways, I like his answer. For the question is moot. China is a capitalist, materialist, superficial society based on the illusion of “face”: it doesn’t matter what anyone person “lacks”, the point is that they, as a people, are for want.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Not just in face, theres the ‘future’ to consider and the ‘progress’ and other BS the govt will tell us… capitalism is a poison, just like every non-traditional philsophy for our lands!!

          • I’d answer you, but I think you’re wrestling with yourself.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            huh? what the…

          • Chang Liu

            I think his answer is pretty honest if it indeed means ‘I don’t see my lot improving’ which I think it does. People who are better at Chinese help me out here.

          • Chang Liu

            Anyway the media is always in the business of constructing its own narratives. We have to take it with a pinch of salt. I happen to have a friend who is a corespondent of NHK. He tells me that a lot of the so called interviews are edited to betray the original meaning. Techniques such as swapping questions, loaded questioning, cut and paste, you can make anyone sound like a fool or a genius. Don’t for a moment believe this is the voice of the people.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            If what he said was explocitly anti-gvt, wouldnt it be more practical to simply delete/censor his part? LOL

          • Chang Liu

            Yes that is probably why he made his displeasure so cryptic. His view probably is share by an increasingly larger sector of society.

          • Which is what makes Rick in China’s outrage over his answer all the more enjoyable.

          • Chang Liu

            LOL yeah I think the translation was done in Google translate which doesn’t take contextual cues very well. Because the word CAN mean imagination.

          • cS uses Google translate, a commentator is rightfully incensed over a misunderstanding… a good time had by all.

          • As said, it’s debatable; I think he’s doing the old “Talk is cheap, work is glorious” Chinese stalwart reply. But it’s for sure that this guy has the best answer besides the “Dwarf kindergarten teacher”.

        • patko

          You are reflecting your own mental state right here. The guy is a pour farmer looking guy, do you think he wants to impress you with his intellect? Cmon, get real. What he said is what he thought, and you can critisize it all you want, the only one getting furstrated is you.

          Woo another words of wisdom, jail me!

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Besides, even works of great artists/sages usually have a hidden meaning, or a meaning that cannot be easily translated, even by modern chinese specialists [such as some books written in vernacular chinese have a different meaning than its translation,etc]

            Maybe that an sign that soon we’ll return to talking like that!

    • Chang Liu

      Translations is off mind you. 妄想actually means vain hope. Usually used in the context of impossible to attain. He is either a. making a philosophical rhetoric, or b. expressing a hopeless situation, I have no idea which without more information. I am inclined to say the second which makes the message really rather sad. The message can be understood as, ‘whatever I may or may not lack/want I won’t be able to get it’.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        If that’s the case, this is surely a realistic thinking. may be something bad happened in his life and whatever good/bad stuff comes it wont matter?

        Or would the first option [a: rhetoric] be actually his case, saying that the wish for something [usually desire for wealth,possessions,etc etc] is nothing but a vain hope, ie: something useless??

        • Chang Liu

          I am concerned about the direction China is going, social mobility is still acceptably high but the exponential income disparity is alarming. Increasing number of people such the old man interviewed feel there is no chance their lot will improve. That makes very sad.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Limited resources+limited planet+growing world population+growing desire for economical development+exponential growth of life standards = future catastrophe.

            It’s better for our people [and any country in the world] be ready when all that sh** of modern system collapses in a truly epic way.

            Its better to have a plan B unless we want a mix of the ‘survival of the fittest’ coupled with the ‘fight for living space’ soon.

          • Chang Liu

            I think you will find that relatively equal distribution of wealth is a relatively recent phenomenon. I am 100% sure distribution of wealth in Ancient China, for that matter ancient/medieval anywhere is far worse. So your point doesn’t make any sense.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I’m just saying that everyone wants to live good, and study, and blablabla and be a consumer [consumerism is what moves the economy right?] etc etc.

            And my point makes sense, I was saying that we [the world] has limited space,water,resources,limited everything and if things continue this way, the shit WILL hit the fan. period.

            So, the system will have to change from the consumerism-driven capitalist free market or simply F*** the planet with it.

            Besides, traditionalism is way cooler than that crap.

          • Chang Liu

            You are right in the sense that the fundamental law of conservation of energy means that there can be no new energy created and in that sense the world is finite. However humans have always come up with increasingly ingenius ways to manipulate material energy matrix to get more out of it.

            Last time there was a major scare about the world population was anticipated by the 18th Century statistician Thomas Robert Malthus who predicted by the mid 19th century the world would have ran out of food. We are still here. He failed to anticipate emerging technology in agriculture and industrial revolution exponentially increasing human’s capacity to sustain themselves.

            Any prediction are bound to be limited by the technical know how of the time when such predictions are made, yet technology grows in leaps and bounds. Nobody knows what will happens, but it sure isn’t a foregone conclusion.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I am happy that you at least agreed with that [resources are finite, dont abuse them or get your butt whooped one day]. for example water. untill the day humanity can produce drinkable water out of the sea [in worldwide scale], it may run out of water before that, or there are other examples.

            Anyways I continue being traditionalist and I strongly support the

            儒行 (ruxing) over that crappy modern/industrial western mindset, that is present in asia also, today.
            Like the Liji said, the scholar is a man who works with/for people of the present but the subject of its study IS the men of antiquity.

          • David

            Check out a book called “Collapse” by Jared Diamond. It discusses the problems which develop when third world countries try to raise their standard of living to first world levels.

      • Rick in China

        Thank you Chang – I like that response, because the translation just makes it seem like a fool’s answer to me – but your follow-up, looking at his predicament, makes it seem a much better response….in which case I should say the translator is trying to spin it, and hope this dude ends up doing better this year.

        • C.

          For being “in China” its odd you don’t know Chinese….

          • Rick in China

            I don’t bother to read the Chinese for stories that are *stupid*.

      • I’d see it more as “There’s no point in asking what I lack or don’t lack”.

        Or to be more literal, “Asking what I lack or don’t lack will result in nothing but a vain attempt that will fail”.

        • Chang Liu

          Yes good, so it is definitely an explicit expression of lack of hope. Glad we got that clarified.

          • No. We don’t agree. “No point in asking” can simply mean that the question is stupid.

            Yet, I won’t say that you’re wrong just because his answer is very (Chinese-ily) obtuse. As a for instance, we’ve gone on long about what he has said, and we’re no closer to figuring it out.

            And that’s China in essence.

          • Chang Liu

            Chinese-ily lol.
            If I were to make a literal word for word translation it would be “lack or not lack are both entirely a ‘denying imagination’ (futile exercise).

      • donscarletti

        I read that as 妾想 the first time I looked at it.

        Just answered my question about what I lack in 2013.

        • Chang Liu

          You want a concubine?

          • donscarletti

            Ever wondered why you see so many Louis Voitton boutiques in China?

            There is an old Chinese proverb:

          • Chang Liu

            So you want to masterbate? Thats an low hanging fruit my friend.

    • SuperHappyCow

      bro, chill

    • Robert Herjevac

      You must be an asshole in real life

    • meo fio

      No, it’s an ancient Buddhist parable: all suffering is caused by desires.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        This is true, meo fio.

    • Qin

      Well, I know some people who are just indifferent to food. They don’t really have a preference. Not having a preference is a valid choice too.
      In that case, his answer could be interpreted as him not caring about what he lacks.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        nice name there friend, impressive xD

  • Dr Sun

    Linette lee as my girlfriend

    • mr.wiener

      I lack the courage to reply to that one.

    • Germandude

      My god. I didn’t know it was that bad with you. Can somebody help Dr Sun out? Red Cross? WWF? Greenpeace? UN? There are so many different institutions. There must be one in charge to save this soul.

    • You’re the only one of us that lacks that
      (the trick is to name your left hand “Linette” and your right “Lee”)

      • What do you name the hand lotion? “The bridal veil”?

      • Chinkicide

        So shall the right one wipe the arse, while the left picks the nose.

    • Chang Liu

      I don’t envy you :).

    • Kiff

      As mental as she is, I reckon she’d be quite mental in bed

    • hess

      Back off man, She’s my internet wife.

    • slob

      You lack taste.

  • I lack the ability to constrain myself from trolling… and soul, I lack soul. I am infinitely empty.

    • mr.wiener

      Lordy, a Chinese emo. Too bad you are lacking in numbers.

      • Chang Liu

        Hope that number stays.

        • Kim Jong Un
          • Chang Liu

            Huh what? Are you suggesting emos should be blown up with nuclear bombs? Even I won’t go that far.

          • mr.wiener

            They might enjoy it too much.

  • Hongwu Emperor

    Lack and don’t lack is all in one’s mind.

    This guy earned me the utmost respect.

    • You should totally watch “Empire Strikes Back”.

      Luke learns to be a jedi from a muppet, and we are introduced to the one black guy in the Star Wars Universe; he sells beer.

      • Jahar

        I thought it was a malt beverage.

  • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

    Good manners

  • cc

    1.4-meter-tall “Dwarf Kindergarten Teacher”

    ummm okay

    • dim mak

      Best comment

    • [email protected]

      Right, because we needed his appearance described, otherwise, you know, we wouldn’t have known it was a dwarf answering..

    • cc

      You cock, get your own user name

  • A wet sloppy blowjob……

    • SuperHappyCow

      Not I.

    • [email protected]

      Right, for surely that would help the taxi driver not fall asleep at the wheel. The old woman, perhaps not so much.

  • Bugs Bunny

    i lack sex after carrying my little nuts ..
    lack passion for life,lack trust to men…
    lack direction of life…
    hmm,not lack 吃喝玩乐,时间

    • MonkeyMouth

      what do you mean? do you mean you want to carry my nuts?

      • Bugs Bunny

        who the fuck your?
        your cb?

        • MonkeyMouth

          haha…no. i am not cb

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    What the Chinese lack is Freedom,Liberty,Opportunity and unyielding confidence

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Then all the bloody world lacks that.

    • Chang Liu

      You got that from this post? How?

    • Chinkicide

      What the chinese lack is big enough spaceship back to their planet.
      And brain, heart and soul.
      And soap.
      Or just chinese genocide.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        How about some genocide into the shithole from where YOU came from, racist garbage?

  • For all the answers of “I lack money”, allow me to humbly suggest: in adopting a capitalist system, there will always be those who don’t have enough paper currency even without crudely putting a fixed dollar amount as to what constitutes “enough money”.

    So, to make everyone happy, why not do away with the whole concept of money? That way you won’t lack what you don’t have. Instead, adopt a system based upon the idea that all men are equal and work together for a common cause in the united cause of fraternity.

    Make a real community of communing together.

    • dim mak

      oh god
      terroir is a commie

      • Hongwu Emperor

        Or he is an Taoist, the macho kind-of ones who would favor revering the nature and forgetting material possessions and other stuff instead of kissing any big company ass. ;) tadaa!

    • Chang Liu

      Alright John Lennon, money isn’t the problem. It is seeing others having more that makes you unhappy. Experiments have shown that in social animals like dogs unfair distribution of food makes them unhappy not food itself.

      • Yep. Because the equal distribution of wealth is totally going to happen. Because the one thing people with money do is share it.

        I always laugh when “Imagine” is played on state tv since Lennon is talking about the abolishment of government and religion.

        • Chang Liu

          It is up to society and its values to shape rules which facilitate particular ‘flow’ of material distribution. It WILL never be equal, and probably undesirable. People are differently inclined and differently able however rules can be put in place to ensure an equal footing.

        • Chang Liu

          I think money, religion and governments are part of the human condition, they are a necessary evil, all we can hope for is find ways to mitigate its negative impact and promote the positive ones, finding a dynamic balance.

          • So when one respondent said, “I don’t lack morals, I lack money!” it’s a clear indication that the unequal distribution of wealth creates an unfair society where the rich are corrupt and only the poor are honest?

            Whatever. Satire enabled.

  • [email protected]

    They lack convenience stores! oh no wait..

  • Jahar

    I think they lack news reporters that are capable/allowed to ask question above a 4th grade level. This one is almost as bad as “Are you happy?”

  • I am a foreigner so I don’t lack anything.

    • Well, you’re lacking modesty.

  • MonkeyMouth

    Q: What does ChinaSMACK lack?
    A: Koalabanana

    • mr.wiener

      be careful what you wish for.

      • I wish for the development of a website called

        People would get along, there would be no comments since everyone agreed.

        It has already come true since no one would ever frequent it.

      • MonkeyMouth

        seems lots of the old school SMACKERS have disappeared, though, huh?

        • Kai

          Define “old school”.

          Also, many of the people you think are “old school” are still here, just using different names.

        • mr.wiener

          We have a small exclusive club we hang out at. The decor is nice and the booze is excellent.

          • It could use some posters on the walls.

          • mr.wiener

            I’ve told you before, I’m not going to take down those 70’s Playboy centerfolds. Those things are vintage dammit!

          • Elijah

            Sorry Terroir, there’s something about a big bush that draws the eyes. I’m with Mr. Weiner on this.

            As for old-school commenters, I’d say it’s more like intelligent commenters that are lacking. Seems like there’s only a half dozen, maybe a dozen at the most that leave intelligent comments with idiots and trolls filling in the rest of the comment fodder.

            Sadly, the intelligent ones are the ones who will search for more informative sites and leave only the idiots and trolls behind. I find myself commenting here far less in the last half year or so, hardly seems worth it.

          • Gaius Baltar

            Which are you then? Intelligent or china bashing troll?!

          • Elijah

            You’re question is faulty from several angles.

            1. If I didn’t think myself intelligent, I wouldn’t reserve my comments for thoughts that mattered or contributed to a discussion, hence the last sentence in my original post.

            2. Notice how I didn’t apply further restrictions to the “idiots and trolls” section of comments? It rarely matters whether someone agrees with a story or not on this site, they are still capable of being an idiot or a troll. Although to clarify, an idiot is someone who thinks they are correct, but aren’t and a troll is someone who just says things on purpose to evoke a response or cause discord due to a lack of attention in real life.

            3. Your use of an exclamation mark at the end of your sentence would imply a sense of incredulity to your question. This is neither rational nor applicable to the situation.

            4. Seeing as how points 1-3 are easy to get to on your own and shouldn’t have to be spelled out, I’m forced to assume that you’re either an idiot (in the traditional sense) or a troll. Either way, it’s highly disappointing to see someone using that name in such a low manner.

            Let me know if you have other redundant questions that need answering. For example, Why does this website seem so focused on china and it’s problems? Why not some Western country? (See how helpful I am?)

  • slob

    I lack a decent fcking bakery in the city where I live. Kalado, Vanilla, Holiland….Y U NO SELL DECENT BAKERY SHIT?!

  • diverdude7

    wtf is a ‘water meter’ ?? what does she need that for ? what does it do ? seems like it would be a simple thing to acquire. are they way expensive ? I propose we start a fund and buy her one if it is that important. I’ve no problem putting up a 100 if it makes that sweet old ladies life better… I have a Granma too… but she doesn’t lack sanitary drinking water.

  • off the topic vol.1

    Nice. Hmm…what do i lack for, let see.Oh..yes pretty much nothing. I don’t have a car, own house and stuff like that, actually i don’t have money much either, although i don’t use money much and if i had more i still wouldn’t spend much. Money might make you unpleasant in many ways that can be imagined. What makes you happy ? i have two things, health and music…well, isn’t that a bit ironic to hear, should i need enough money to gain those things ? of course i do.

    Hmm..well that is a fact that you can buy happiness for yourself, not directly necessarily and not all things, but let us take an example where a typical chinese youth from cities is so happy when they’ll get a new toy whereby to play with. Next morning in the subway. Look, daddy bought me a new phone,wow ! – so cool, it must have paid a lot of money. – I don’t know, but it is so nice and it has plenty of games.

    Material=happy—->domestic+overseas electronical waste—> not so happy anymore—–> earn some money by disposing and recycling that shit—->happy—->getting lung cancer—> not so happy at all, actually it will be awful, likely you’ll die. Oh,but next morning you can sell your organs at the market, valuable.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      I honestly respect you, my friend!
      And you are most correct. few things in life that we really need, and many times people forget that this cycle is what keeps modern people enslaved [get money-buy-sell-get bored-buy again-etc etc] =[

  • Misiooo

    I know! I know! Senkaku Islands!

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I lack considerate neighbors.

  • Happy New Yorker

    There is clearly no morality in China. The only important thing is money. What an empty world! Survival of the fittest! So glad I’m an American. Here people care about each other and know how to live in a civil society.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      ‘The only important thing is money’. look who’s talking btw!

      Time to get real man, and you guys are also deep in the capitalist gutter.

  • A guy

    A guy asks what do you lack in 2013?

  • Yang Jiansheng

    Who translated this? The translation is so So wired?

    Que 缺 in Chinese can be translated into Lack, but lost lot of meaning, and create confusing. Total amount of Chinese Characteristics in daily usage is about 6731, while general words in English high school level is about 30,000-50,000. What does this mean. It means Chinese word is more rich in meaning, and can be interpreted in very different way by individual based on their own judgement.

    So when you translate Chinese to English, should be more careful about it. There are too many ways to interpret the same sentence.

    你在2013还缺少什么? can be interpreted as ‘What’s your dream in 2013?’ ‘What do you want to improve in 2013?’ What would you like to buy in 2013?’ ‘What’s your shortage in 2013? ‘ ‘Does anything you dream about in 2013’ ‘what dream would you fulfill in 2013?’ on and on, can have 300 English sentence to match the Chinese meaning, depend on what in interviewee’s mind.

    Culture is difficult to translate. Be careful you guys, when doing your translation job. You interpret in your way of understanding may miss leading and create confusion.

    please visit me at

  • trouse

    yeah most of them are good on this freaking words of wisdom, but doesn’t really care it’s real meaning…it’s a plain bullshit, throw them a piece of bread and they will still ask you a bag of it.

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