CCTV Fire: Funny Photoshops By Chinese Netizens

"I'm not scared, the fire has not spread to the Big Underpants yet!"

Although last night’s fire at the CCTV building in Beijing destroyed the new Mandarin Oriental hotel, it also inspired many Chinese netizens to create a lot of funny Photoshops. Here are some of the more popular Photoshops from Mop and KDS that can also be seen on many other Chinese BBS discussion forums.



















See more Chinese netizen Photoshops:

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Joe

    Disappointed that the Hindenburg was not among these masterpieces. Oh the humanity!

  • Peteryang

    wow second

  • Peteryang

    dis iz da bast thred eva

  • DF

    See? We have our SA (something awful)

  • EvA

    eva stand for life, mother of all.

    Are you sure these are photoshopped?

    When extraudinary events occur, look to defy logic.

    I hope the bitch dies blemished, powerless, and meowing (crying/wailing) loudly.

    I hope China’s friends will take down this bloody organization with a noble femmefatale who punishes the guilty, not mass death.

    Take the terrorist organization down!

  • krdr

    One fireman died, damage is in tens of millions USD and Chinese youth makes a jokes?!

  • BBSguy

    You’ve never been around teenagers?

  • washingtondude

    lol thats great!


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  • Yang

    A lot of these are gold … especially the Gundam ones :o

    Hmmm I wouldn’t mind seeing someone photoshop a robot from a Super Sentai series in there haha

  • Ronnie

    Funny, but insensitive. It’s my hope that people affected by this conflagration will not see these.

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  • Jas

    True about teenagers – you should see what teenagers put on youtube these days. Teenagers will film schoolyard bullying and glorify it on youtube. Teenagers are yet to learn about political correctness and sensitivity and all that sort of stuff.

    So I am not shocked by the above at all, it is normal. And it is not like thousands of people died, I am sure even teenagers would show some restraint if many thousands of lives were lost.

    I think it is healthy to be able to see a light side of something, especially for Chinese. You can still love your country and poke fun at things at the same time.

    EvA your rant sounds like you are an extremist lunatic with severe psychological disorder. You make no sense, please seek some help – you need it.

  • Peteryang

    what does this have to do with teenagers?? they could be from creative adults, I see nothing wrong with these photos, they didn’t mock the deceased, they didn’t blame anyone, and they are purely entertainment, everyone has the right of pursuit of happiness yes?

    and there are thousands dying each day in africa, should we quit our own lives and mourn for them nonstop??

    besides, the government has been banning grossroot entertainments, so people have no choice but to look for other means.

  • Rick in China

    Stupid photoshops, I was really waiting for one to have the ‘big underpants’ pulled down with a little dick sticking out peeing on the fire, like the little cartoon pee baby on the back of so many trucks.

  • Hopefully soon also some important government buildings will be destroyed !

  • wuxia

    For those of you still wondering how it is possible that in this age this huge building burned down:
    I heard in an interview with the architect that the sprinkler installations were not fully installed and functional yet.

  • Tom2

    Could it all be an elaborate plan for the promotion of Cloverfield 2 due out late ’09?

  • QaQ

    “For those of you still wondering how it is possible that in this age this huge building burned down:
    I heard in an interview with the architect that the sprinkler installations were not fully installed and functional yet.”

    I thought that some of the building had already been in use during the Olympics, before its actual opening.

  • Peteryang

    nahh it was actually an appetizer for Transformer 2 – Revenge of the Chinabot.

  • wuxia

    @ QaQ
    I know, that is what I heard. This is what the architect said in the interview though.
    It might be that the fire broke out in a part where there was no sprinkler installation yet and that it was to big to stop by the time it arrived at the finished parts.
    It might also be that with this being China and all, the building might have been in use without being save yet.
    As a third option the architect might be lying to disguise some design flaws.

  • S. Lee

    For those of you wondering how Chinese could poke fun from a seeming tragic event and loss of tax-payer’s money – mind you – that building TVCC is part of CCTV, the icon and arm of state controlled media, and CCTV itself being the fire-starter added more reason for satire.

    This very much non-political news was put under censorship in just 12 hrs reveals some hidden-truth. And when you heard many talked about how great it’d be if the big pants (CCTV) could also take a bath in fire, you know it is not just because human nature.

    • Billy Joel

      @S. Lee
      If you stop talking about your ass,
      it has been revealed the CCTV building did NOT go on fire, instead, it is a hotel callled the mandarin oriental that was just about finished contruction

      • The Mandarin Oriental hotel is inside the CCTV building. It was not the main and famous CCTV building but part of the CCTV.

      • S. Lee

        Billy Joel:

        If you care enough to Google, on the first few pages you go through will tell the hotel you so rightly mentioned was housed exactly inside TVCC, the building caught fire that night.

        Now, do I need to go so far as to tell you TVCC is part of the CCTV site?

        Ah and my ass do have a hole like you, but i keep it under control.

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  • krdr

    In every part of the world there’s a people that have urge to make jokes during funerals. It is natural and some kind of defense against grief and pain, but that is not excuse to make jokes about other;s people pain, regardless how pics are funny. I said same thing in the post about San Lu funny pics.

  • oscar

    great PS,pls continue to create more XDD

  • Jas

    Peteryang- true and true. Good point.

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  • N

    What is the 草泥马 they keep referring to? Is that a near homonym of “**** your mother?” But it’s represented by a large white snake-thing?

  • N

    Oh! Found it:

    Haha, this is really funny.

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  • amazing works!

  • 路人


  • fireworks

    the first rendered image is the best. the big underpants urinate on the building to put out the flames.

  • CC

    stupid 鬼佬们, you know nothing about China.

    They are making fun of it because it’s CCTV, the propaganda machine has produced tremendous heatred towards itself, now you see?

  • wowchina


    cctv said too many lies

    We Chinese people he has long been dissatisfied with him


    World of Warcraft Baidu Post Bar,Onlookers migrant workers

  • krdr


    Hm, a building got burned. At least one man died, billions of yuans burned. Some 200-300 (maybe thousand) people will not get job in that hotel, nor foreigners will stay at that hotel and leave their money, but, another billions will be spent for reconstruction, not for schools or some other social programs. Ha Ha. How funny is that?

  • goldenbarn

    totally childish!!!!

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