CCTV Says Apocalypse is December 21st @ 3:14pm Beijing Time

The following microblog post by CCTV News, the official state broadcaster, is currently the hottest post on the popular Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo. The CCTV News account has over 1.2m followers and this particular post was posted on December 20th at 7:40pm. It has since been forwarded and reshared over 194k times with over 57k comments spanning over 2850 pages (at time of translation)…

On Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: December 21th 3:14:35pm, Beijing Time’s “Apocalypse”: 2012 December 21st is the last day of the Mayan calendar, which is to say the so-called “apocalypse”. And because of time zone differences, it is at December 21st 3:14:15pm Beijing Standard Time that China will enter the “apocalypse”. One netizen joked: “This time is good, at least the stock market will have closed, and I can see whether I’m up or down.” Tomorrow afternoon at 3:14 and 35 seconds, what will you be doing?

CCTV News says the Apocalpyse for China will occur at 2012 December 21st at 3:14:35pm.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Review CET-4!


I’m actually making dumplings at the moment! [酷]


This time isn’t bad, I’ll be in class!


Didn’t they say it would be 2pm on the 22nd? At this time tomorrow, I’ll be preparing for a test…


Probably on the internet.




Won’t be able to see tomorrow’s Xinwen Lianbo, so sad, can you please broadcast it earlier? [泪][泪]


Police, hurry and arrest them! CCTV is spreading apocalypse rumors! [江南style]


Arguing with stupid cunts.


Waiting to die.




Be with family.


Let the leaders go first.


I’ll be on the Ark [referring to the ships from the movie 2012.


Even CCTV is playing up the apocalypse.


I’ll be dancing Gangnam Style! [偷笑]


Miserable cunt me will be taking a test.


Young miserable cunt me will be working…


Don’t be stupid. The end of the world will not be coming. [挖鼻屎]


Can’t believe CCTV would be this precise…


Maybe I should set an alarm…


Tomorrow at 3 the dentist will be giving me a tooth filling. Had I known earlier, I would’ve set the appointment for 3:15. [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]


I’ll be shaving…


Hope it’s the end of the world for CCTV and its masters.


December 22nd is my birthday. I wish myself an early happy birthday.


Signing a contract with a client, giving him a humidifier, so he won’t be too dry when he dies.


Don’t spread rumors!


Posted by CCTV, I’m just forwarding it… it’s not by me!


Giving my loved ones a call.


Only the ignorant would believe this. The end of the world will definitely come, but it isn’t something that this age/era will see.

The minute before and after 3:14pm Beijing time…


Just one minute left…


It’s almost here, so nervous.


Dears, begin tilting your heads.

[Chinese netizens on Weibo began changing their profile photos showing them tilting their heads to one side, joking that if everyone did that, they could shift the position of the planet and avoid the impact, thus avoiding the end of the world.]


No change at all.




The time passed.




Right now Beijing is 3:13pm.


We’ve been tricked by the Mayans, ha!


Yanyan, daddy loves you!


Is my watch one minute slow…?


Come on…


I’m picking strawberries.


A bunch of SB have been tricked.


What happened to the apocalypse?


Still alive…


Alright, reborn, the world is the same as before.

Hours later…


I slept through it!


This isn’t saying the apocalypse is over…but that it is just beginning…


I thought it was tomorrow? It was actually today!?!


Liars, humph.


Fuck…I completely overlooked this time!


We had just skinned a rabbit.


All I know is that today is the apocalypse for rumor-mongers.


I’m still here, so lucky, I’m so thankful for everything!


They said it would be the end of the world. [失望] I even Taobao‘d a ticket for the ark.


What? It already passed?


What else can be done? These past few days, I’ve kept 20 billion in underworld money on me at all times, keeping it by my pillow even when I sleep, just in case the unexpected happens. I’ve already prepared everything, awaiting that very moment.


I laugh… this was pulling my chain… a bunch of unreliable Mayans. Just what kind of information did they leave us?!


The Mayans are so unreliable. Just what civilization did they have? All bullshit.


All nonsense.

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  • Well, the official state broadcaster wouldn’t lie…

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Who is going to have some wild sex tonight? :p

    • YourSupremeCommander

      It all depends on whether you are pitching or receiving.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I think I made it very clear in a previous post which role I like to play ;)

        • YourSupremeCommander

          I don’t dwelve on that shit, I start my day new everyday, na mean?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Do any of guys ever hook up?

          • YourSupremeCommander

            You guys usually have hot girlfriends, I would love to hook up with those.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            You mean our fag hags?

        • A guy

          I’m dying to hear. I await your answer with bated dong…… Uh….. I mean breath.

          I know that the gay jokes are getting old, but I couldn’t help myself.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I wish. Have my share of fun for me :/

      • Gay Azn Boi

        And what would that be?

        • lonetrey / Dan

          Idk, whatever you want on Mayan Apocalypse Day. I have to be at work :/

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol yeah I’m at work right now too. But tonight’s gonna be wild :)

          • Kate

            Its ok I am not having any wild night tonight ether. I am at home playing with my baby all night and cuddling :) I may drink a bottle of champaign and play diablo 3.


      You just can’t resist can you? Every excuse you can use to bring up your gayness is fully exploited. I don’t think anyone has a problem with you being gay but I think it would be good if you could have a more meaningful conversation, something that doesn’t involve homosexuality.

      • A guy

        He just brought up having sex. He happens to be Gay so that sex is Gay sex.

        Some of us like it when he brings up his gayness, its like he’s talking about a dream life that us straight people will never know. Imagine no drag on your income (otherwise known as kids or a wife), easy access to sex (imagine for a second that girls were as into you as you are into them), better food (gay districts have better food. just a fact), and even the dance clubs have better music. Ahh what a heavenly life it must be, but alas I do not like penis.

        Be free GAB, live the life we cannot!!!!! Run freeeeeeeeee!!!!

        • MrT

          yes run and gather some twigs now like a good little boy!

        • Gay Azn Boi

          You totally hit the nail on the head, especially the easy access to dick. That is SO true. That is like of the few advantages to being gay lol. I’ve hooked up many times with guys and I don’t recall one time where money was exchanged. Don’t believe me? Just browse the personals section in your city’s Craigslist, compare the m4w ads with the m4m ads, and you’ll know what I mean. Pussy is gonna cost you, but dick is free :p

          From Margaret Cho:

          “You can really tell the difference between gay male sexuality and straight male sexuality in a personal’s ad. A straight personal’s ad goes something like: Divorced white male, 41, seeks slender lady for long conversations…walks on the beach…and foreign films. Non-smoker a plus!” Zzzzzzzz……

          A gay personal’s ad is like: “WANTED: ASS BANDIT! HOLD UP THIS CABOOSE! DICK SMOKER A PLUS!”

          • A guy

            thanks for the answer.
            Lucky ;(


          It just seems like his only concern is his gayness. It’s just kind of overkill IMO. So gays aren’t as picky as straight people (maybe true if your logic is that men are hornier than women)? Better food and dance clubs? I really wouldn’t know but I’ll take your word for it.
          GAB knows I’m only playfully teasing him, but I seriously can’t stop laughing sometimes at his posts. He certainly is entertaining. As long as he’s happy and not hurting anyone, I can’t really be too hard on him.

          • a guyt

            Hey I just got back from drinkin at a straight bar feelin and I had to make my own fun again. only person drinking, I had to open all the lonely straight guys up to havin a good time and stop worrying about fuckin the only girl in the bar. Got the whole bar singin and dancin in about an hour. Being married myself I was the only person not tryin to bark up that wrong tree. Only person that had a chancer because I didn’t care. It just reaffirmed my feeling that being gay would be awesome. If I have to spur a bar to have fun what is the point, Its just a bunch of slavesa to pussy in there. I love my wife and love being a family man, but I am certain that straight buys can’t ever be fumn because they are slaves to poon. I am free cause I don’t wanna have sex with anybody, so I can see what the problem is. My joys in goin out are food booze and dancin, just plain fun, and still I’df rather fgo to a gsy bar cause they play better music and people are havijn a good time. If I wasn’t married I would just hold my nose and gobbles somed jcock cauzse it’sd be worth it man. whygod did you not make me different.

          • a guy

            Don’t fake it baby, lay the real thing on me
            The church of man, love
            Is such a holy place to be
            Make me baby, make me know you really care
            Make me jump into the air
            Keep your ‘lectric eye on me babe
            Put your ray gun to my head
            Press your space face close to mine, love
            Freak out in a moonage daydream oh yeah!

            cop[y pastee thankyou.

          • Gerhana

            Homosexual propaganda.

          • carmouflagger


        • ig5959292ee

          nice post, heh

      • mr.wiener

        It would appear to be his defining characteristic. Which is a shame. There is so much more to life.


          I’m gonna backtrack on my earlier comment a little. Even though he seems like he’s going overboard, everyone has their own interest and priorities in life. For GAB it’s making sure the world knows how gay and proud he is and how much he loves penises the world over. Well, he just might be happier and more satisfied with life than either of us, so who are we to judge him. But I’ll still keep teasing him whenever he makes his gay comments, I can’t resist.

        • anon992

          hey man i dont like it that youre bashing gay maybe youre gay should just come out of the closet. Open-minded man!. try sucking some cock maybe you will like it then you wont be bashing gay.You got rejected by gay azn before? dont be sore loser man. Leave Gay Azn Boi alone.

          • mr.wiener

            ….So constrictive criticism is construed as “gay bashing ” these days? I think your feather boa is constricting blood flow to your brain.

        • anon992

          im sure youre gay man come out dont be afraid we will accept you. You like wiener? gays will give you wiener ;)

          • mr.wiener

            Little point in scratching an itch you don’t have. I’m outfitting a bunch of gay guys for next years pride march [pink imperial stormtroopers] but beyond that I’m disapointingly straight.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        1. This is a silly article, so expect silly comments
        2. I asked who’s gonna have some wild sex, not who’s gonna have some wild gay buttsex

        • A guy

          I was partly joking with my post above, but since I brought it up (note it was I not him KKP) , and this is the internet so I can offend freely without having to take your wrath at my silly question in person.

          Is the gay life style as great as I imagine or is it just as dull as the straight one, or full of different pitfalls and worries?

          Please forgive my question asked out of pure bright eyed hopefull ignorance.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            No, it’s actually a really good question, though I’m not sure what you mean by the “gay lifestyle.” Other than my preference for dick, I live my everyday life as any other straight person. You would NEVER see me wearing leather pants with angel wings strapped to my body riding on top of a float in a pride parade. That’s not me. Those guys that you see DO NOT represent the majority of gay people. Whatever “gay lifestyle” I do live, it’s mostly confined to the privacy of a bedroom, not out in the open for everyone to see.

            Not sure if that answered your question.


            I have a serious question that I’d be glad if you responded to. I’ve heard that asian men have a tough time in the gay dating world in western countries due to negative stereotypes. I read your post below about you hooking up a lot but I’m talking serious relationships. Like older white or black men coupling with much younger asian men, asian men seen as unattractive, submissive, etc. Is all that true? I know asian men in the straight world have stereotypes attached to them.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Yes, you’re right. Asians….either you love them, or you hate them. That’s the way it is for us in the gay community. I’ve come to accept it. Though I have to say I’m quite lucky to be living in Toronto where there are many White guys who are into slim Asian boys like myself lol. I heard it’s tougher to be gay Asians in the States.

            Also, I’m slim, somewhat fem, I have a small cock, and I almost always play the submissive role in a relationship, so the stereotypes for Asian men don’t really affect me, though I can see how they can be detrimental to alpha Asian males who are more of a “top” as they don’t fit the stereotype.

          • ” I have a small cock”
            Why don’t you settle down with a nice boy for once? Seems like you’ve always been interested in big assholes.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Isn’t it the same with girls? Ever heard the saying “nice guys finish last”?

          • anon992

            Yes! open-mindedness!

          • I don’t get it. Why is it a saying if it’s never true or even a common occurrence?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I was referring to girls in their teens/early 20s since I’m 21. I’m sure when they (and myself) get older we’ll be less attracted to jerks/assholes but until then that’s the way it is. And of course I’m not speaking for every girl/gay man out there, but a good majority.


            It’s probably a saying that assholes use to justify them being assholes.

          • How does it go again?


            Huh? I’m just saying jerks probably use that saying as an excuse, so they don’t have to be nice because nice guys finish last.

          • A guy

            We don’t finish last, we let her finish first.



            The stereotypes don’t seem to affect you because you basically are the stereotype. I even hear many asians don’t even like other asians as partners. Kind of like some asian girls (and even asian guys) in the straight world. Seems like you put white guys at the top of your dating list, which I cringe at. As for me I’ve always been mainly attracted to asian girls, not non-asians, and haven’t run into any rejecting me because of my asian heritage but I have also heard in the straight world some asian girls rejecting asian guys solely because they are asian. That shows self-hatred, or at the least low self-esteem.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            “That shows self-hatred, or at the least low self-esteem.”

            I don’t agree with that at all. As I said many times before, we can’t help who we are attracted to. If I’m only attracted to White guys (like some Asian girls), who are you to say that’s wrong? At the end of the day, I like who I like, and I make NO apology :)

          • A Guy

            It happens, and I am all for everybody screwing everybody else, in fact I encourage mixing so that we can make new kinds of humans with new skill sets that have never been seen before (being mixed myself I have to believe that). What I don’t support is when those preferences are based on something more sinister and broken than a love of a physical attribute or a common way of acting. I will use my sister as an example.

            My sister has yellow fever hardcore. (eww) It doesn’t bother me that she likes Asian dicks, it bothers me that that is all she likes. When it gets to the point where all you will date is one race it becomes a fetish and the other party becomes an object and not a person then obtaining that object is foremost and the actual person comes second. Knowing her well, I know where her obsession comes from. It comes from a hatred of her own race (she is white I am mixed). We grew up in a poor neighborhood where being white was scorned, (my sister doesn’t like black guys in general because she viewed them as the perpetrators of abuse) so when she was in her teens she saw anime and thought hey these people are beautiful nice and pure “from this day on I will only snoggle their cocks”.

            I think many of the white people I know with yellow fever have similar stories, and it doesn’t take much to assume that this happens with other races especially ones with the public image problems that Asian men have.

            I don’t know you GAB so I won’t presume to understand your motivations, and in your case who knows. Maybe you just like how tall they are, their blue eyes, wavy hair, medium sized wangs (that’s the rumor), or the way they are socialized in many cases, and if that is the case then love on. However in the grand scheme of things I do think that KKP has a point and a real concern that racism causes these sorts of things.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I guess I’m just attracted to their White features lol… blue eyes, soft hair, pointy nose, fair complexion, decent size cocks, assertiveness, etc. I’m sure that to an extent that is due to social conditioning or racism or whatever but, once again, I can’t help who I’m attracted to.

          • A guy

            It just sounds to me like you like white dudes and don’t have a fetish. The question that will answer this is if an guy of a different ethnicity had similar features and a great assertive personality, would you give him a fair shot?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I guess not, because he wouldn’t be white LOL.

          • A guy

            Then I sadly have to pass a little bit of judgement upon you, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t bother me much and probably doesn’t matter that much. I’m glad I could ask you frank questions like this and have you not get mad.

            I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

            Merry Christmas.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Yeah man you too. Btw, where abouts are you?

          • A guy

            I don’t like to say, but in a sign of good faith I will tell you where I am from and my background because you have been upfront with me and it would make me feel better about being so closed.

            I am from the deep south, I grew up in government housing, I am mixed with something else and white, but I look so white that I have always been treated as white. I was raised by a very religious family. I had a lisp when I was younger so I got beat up frequently for being “gay” by other kids in my neighborhood, and was shunned by richer kids due to my low social status. I grew up to be tall and strong; I am 6’0 (183cm) and weigh 175lbs (79Kg), keep myself in great shape, no longer have a lisp, but still have a baby face and am often mistaken for someone in his early 20’s despite being much older. I am married now and have been for the better part of a decade to a person that is not white, and we have a son. That is everything that I am willing to tell online, sorry if you wanted to know more, and I’m truly sorry if you wanted to know less.

            PS: I know you just asked where I am, but I just wanted to tell you so you knew who you were talking to.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            No man, thanks for sharing. It’s always good to know a little more about the people I’m talking to. I have to say that you’re quite open minded for someone who grew up in the deep south and raised by a very religious family.

            You said you’re mixed with something else and white. I’m curious to know what that something else is.

          • A guy

            Sorry I won’t say because it is specific and would threaten to end my anonymity here. Suffice to say I don’t find it very influential on my life, I only say it because it effects my views on interracial relations. Like I said I look white and when most people find out they say that they would never have guessed or that I am lying. My brothers all look more ethnic, but I came out blue eyed and blond haired, much to my fathers suspicions.


            I was kind of thinking you’d respond with that type of answer. The old “We can’t help who we’re attracted to” line. Even if the type you’re attracted to just always so happens to be a certain race and no one else. This is internalized white supremacy but I’m sure you’ll deny that too. Of course I don’t expect you to make any kind of apology but you might want to think why you reject people of similar background to yourself in favor of another group. Anyways, I won’t get into a pissing contest about this subject with you, just wanted to voice my opinion.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            No man it’s fine you brought this up, and you’re not the first to bring this to my attention. I find that if I start asking too many questions then nothing good will come out of it. It’s also too much for me to handle. Simply put, I’m never concerned with the “why.” If I’m only attracted to a certain race, then so be it (I guess it just happens to be White lol).


            Fair enough if that’s your school of thought. I mean when I was your age (21) I didn’t think much of racial issues, but don’t be surprised if you start thinking about this issue at some time in the future. I know I’m not the same person today as when I was 21 and in 10 years I also think you may change your viewpoint.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Of course, I expect my views to change over time, but for now I’m not concerned with such matters. Happy holidays!


            Happy holidays to you too GAB. Have fun, you only live once.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Yeah man YOLO!

          • Gay Azn Boi

            “This is internalized white supremacy…”

            I’m just curious. If I were only attracted to black guys, would that be a case of internalized black supremacy? :p

          • A guy

            In some cases it would be.

            The idea of black supremacy is almost comical in pop culture, but I think it is all to common placed and more insidious because it is very rarely rooted out or chastised. As someone who grew up in a predominantly black community I know all to well how some black people use historical abuses by whites to excuse their mistreatment and dehumanizing of them. In neighborhoods like these you will often find white kids disassociating themselves from other whites and only dating black men or women, while disparaging white people using the same racist language that has been hurled at them their entire childhood.

            I again would like to say that it is probably not the same in your case, but I can understand how KKP can see the specter of this in your comments. As I have had the fortune of knowing many an Asian girl who only dates whites that treat white men like a trophy of their integration. I will not begrudge anyone their preference, but when it is obviously a fetish I will call it what it is unhealthy and unfair to the other partner.


            That’s a good question. I know it’s complicated but I’d be leaning toward a “no” answer. It would be more like a fetish. The reason being that mainstream media and culture, which I’m assume influences your preference for white guys, hardly ever portrays blacks as superior. Fair or not, society questions our choice of partners when that partner isn’t someone who we should logically be attracted to (someone of the same background). That’s a simple answer to a complicated question.

            Your preference for whites is racism, no doubt about it, but to me everyone (myself included) is racist. It’s just a matter of how their racism manifests itself and to what degree they are racist.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Hmm you’re right. But as I mentioned in another post, all these debates on race get way too complicated, so I try not to be concerned with the “why.” If I’m only attracted to the X race, then so be it. I don’t care about what led me to be attracted to that race.

          • elizabeth

            You are the first gay I’ve come across online who does not actively support the pride parade. If you do not also force others to accept homosexuality, you will be dispelling a lot of negative notions that those minority paraders have unwittingly propagated about the lifestyles of gays.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Yeah well it’s those guys in the pride parade that make the loudest noise and hence attract the most attention. People like to judge gays based on what they see in those parades, even though there are many (myself included) who do not associate with those guys.

          • elizabeth

            I’ve got gay friends and acquaintances. I accept them as they are and do not poke my nose into their affairs. We get along because we respect each others’ choices even though our belief systems clash.

          • a guy

            I didn’t mean leather pants pride perfio de sruff I meant just the seemingly enjoynemt of life. You know, enjoying life with less stuff to tie you down and not having the spectre of havin to prove that your manly or defining your worth by how much pussy you can pull. I like dancin for the joy of it, its better than sex to me, I lose myself in ecstasy and nojne of my friends can understand it, guys see dancin as a route to tail, and girls think i wanna fuck when we dance. I just wanna have fun, get drunk enjoy the tases smells textures, scents and sound ofv life without the insatiable drive of procreation stealinbg it all towards it’s purpose. you know. It just seerms to me like gay people seem to get that more. I know lots of gays have problems with acceptance from youth, but I think that the slave of mochismo and the role of provider seems to crush their joy.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            This warrants a much deeper discussion with regard to the gay movement and our transition from sexual oppression to sexual liberation. I don’t have time for that, so in a nutshell, guys are a lot hornier/less picky than girls. It’s WAY easier to hook up with guys than with girls. Also, when we date, most of us don’t look for things like social background, education level, earning potential, social status, etc – things that most women would care about. Most of us only care about looks and dick size. Superficial? Yes, but that’s just the way it is.


          1. You are right, thanks for the laughs.
          2. But with you, when you say “wild sex” I already assume you mean “wild gay buttsex”
          Anyway you know I’m kidding around, nothing serious.

          • Gay Azn Boi


            So why is your screen name KAMIKAZIPILOT?


            My sense of humor is kind of goofy and I wanted to pick a silly name. Kamikazipilot sounded silly as any name so I chose it. It has nothing to do with any kind of japanese nationalism (even though I am of japanese ancestry) or any opinion of the actual kamikazes in WWII, although some may take it that way.

    • quasar

      Fuck you faggot

      • mr.wiener

        ….The irony of that one hit me right between the eyes.

        • Brett

          Im on that boat wiener.

      • Gay Azn Boi



          Awwww man, that’s a little gross. We’re two different kinds of people GAB. But I can say that you’re never boring.

    • anon992

      hey man its good that youre gay, ignore these haters you should be proud and shout out loud. You make gay people proud. How many litre of cum can you drink before you vomit? bet you like gobbling those cocks you vacuum boy you. Keep on sucking man, suck them dry. Wanna be a pornstar? got a couple of nice BBC for you to suck with.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        BBCs are way overrated. The ones in real life aren’t nearly as big as the ones you see in porn.

  • meo fio

    December 21st is not The End, it’s the beginning of the end.

    • mr.wiener

      according to some readings of it, it’s the 23rd.

  • thmswhnr

    So CCTV gets disappeared to a black prison for disseminating lies, disrupting harmony and trying to harm our China!

  • Blue

    What happened to the Chinese text? I used to be able to highlight the
    text which was really useful for looking up Chinese words that I didn’t
    know. I also really liked being able to copy/paste the Chinese comments
    so that I could memorize them and improve my Chinese. Is there any way
    that I can at least copy the original Chinese text? Does anyone else
    miss this feature?

    • lonetrey / Dan

      To be honest, it constantly got in the way where i moved my mouse cursor across the screen, but it wouldnt be bad to reinstate it in another form

      • Blue

        I agree. They got in the way a little bit but I would at least like to be able to copy the original Chinese. It was a really nice feature. Now I can’t learn Chinese from this website =(

    • Brett

      I have no trouble viewing the original text… Maybe its a browser problem?

      • Blue

        I can view the original text because it pops up as I hover my pointer over the text, but I can’t copy the original text so I can’t look up words that I don’t know. Before, it allowed us to be able to copy the original text which was very useful. I was using it to learn Chinese. Now I can’t learn Chinese by using this website anymore because I can’t highlight and copy the Chinese text.

        • It works here on Chrome, Win 7.

          Random copy from the above: 啊?已经过了?

          • Blue

            Yeah, it works on Firefox again also. I’m really happy now!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Hey GAB, are you on a human rotisserie right about now?


      WTF does that supposed to mean, LMAO!!!. Please stop encouraging GAB, I know he loves the attention to his gayness. You’re only feeding the monster with comments like that.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Lol I actually have no idea what you meant…

      • vincent

        Uhoh I think I know what he means :| Chalk it up to an overactive imagination :P

      • YourSupremeCommander

        LOL, if you knew what it meant you will be cracking up no doubt! Cheers!
        Two guys on their knees facing each other, and you on all fours in between them… LOL, sorry, I hope you can take a joke and laugh about it. Seriously I like you, a lot, but just not like that!

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Ohhhhh I get it now haha. I’ve actually never tried that before, though I’ve heard threesomes can be really fun :)

  • vincent

    Well looks like the Mayans trolled everyone hard.

    • mr.wiener

      A good joke more than 4000 years in the making.

      • linette lee

        We got trolled hard from 4000 years ago.

      • It probably came from an off-hand remark from some Mayan shaman to avoid answering the annoying question “when will the world end?” without saying “I don’t know”

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Am I the only one who actually wished that the world would end today?

      • vincent

        Awww don’t be like that, I hope you know people just like messing with you, maybe you should be a bit more open to discussion and other peoples viewpoints, I know that I’ve learnt quite a bit when I’m more open to debate.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          LOL I’m not like depressed or anything. I’ve been openly gay for a while now and believe me I’ve had to put up with a lot of shit from people in real life. You don’t really think I’m bothered by these comments, do you?

          • vincent

            Well of course not, but better to be safe than sorry yes?! Now I have no doubts about your state of being.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Oh no, GAB we all love you, just not like that, but still you are one of us! But seriously, your mom don’t have any handguns or assault rifles at the house that you have access to right?

        • Kate

          My mom does, my parents own 20 guns…but they are all kept in a gun safe with a lock code.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            I hope you do not play violent video games all day, or that you have a bad hair cut, or that you keep everything to yourself.

  • uppo

  • elizabeth

    The apocalypse cannot be precisely predicted or it would not be the apocalypse.

  • Topic: end of the world

    cS commentators prefer to spend this time commentating online; breathe sigh of relief Gay Azn Boi and his personality are around to provide a lively center to a boring story


      Yeah, kind of sad isn’t it.

  • quake–politics.html

    looks like the end of the world as the worlds elite know it will end after all

  • Gerhana

    @carmouflagger:disqus ,@disqus_3ntu2nOx6o:disqus ,@DavidisDawei , @mrwiener:disqus , @disqus_aB9EoWNetT:disqus , @Germandude , @cf27739e313d1b16d749ebdf96ee7d2a:disqus , @disqus_vr53A7xqWx:disqus , @ScottLoar , @KAMIKAZIPILOT:disqus , @lonetrey:disqus ,@SuperHappyCow ,@gayaznboi:disqus , @Little Wolf , @Jennster , @Super Bunny , and @you who read this

    “All who joy would win must share it. Happiness was born a Twin.” -Byron
    merry christmas and warmth wish,


    • mr.wiener

      To you and all the rest as well mate.

    • vincent

      Thanks @disqus_4Jah1yg9eh:disqus the felicitations are much appreciated and I wish you and everyone else at CS the same :D

    • Germandude

      Merry xmas lady. Don’t forget to eat a lot. And drink even more.

      Same goes to all smackers: Merry xmas!

    • linette lee

      @Gerhana, merry christmas girlfriend. Merry christmas to all china smackers.

    • DavidisDawei

      Merry Christmas Fire,
      Xie xie ni – Shengdan Kuai le to you and all!

      We had a White Christmas here. Right now it is -7C and getting ready to snow again. It is very enjoyable to walk in the snow, hear the crunch of the snow under my boot and smell the wood burning in fireplaces along the way.

      I have been in China for a few Christmas’ and I always have a good time – I love asking the Chinese what Christmas means to them – HaHa –
      – Dave

      • Gerhana

        that reads like creative writing to me, I can imagine it with your description. one day I will experience this phenomena you wrote, it does sound pleasurable…

        • DavidisDawei

          Awesome – maybe some day I can write a book – haha. The snow has stopped and it was enjoyable shoveling the driveway and walkways – it will become a chore by the third storm – 8″ (21cm) of snow this storm with another storm due in a couple days. Perfect Time to cross country ski –

          • Gerhana

            that looks beautiful, I have never experience snow or skiing before. Maybe cross country skiing with a hot coffee in the thermos, yeah that will be great, i’d like that. It is difficult to imagine myself on ice. There is no decoration outside your house for christmas?

          • DavidisDawei

            Once you get past the cold – it is a lot of fun!

            For ME, Christmas is not about Gifts, Santa or Decorations – I have a single White LED candle in the window behind the tree. If I ever have children, I will deck the house out for them.

            Xin Nian Kuai le

          • Gerhana

            what is christmas to you, then?

            when I was doing my degree for 4 years I never went back home once for any festival celebration. I only went back when the semester end. I would be in the hostel alone surrounded by darkness and the only place that have lights are my single small room. If you are looking at it from outside, you can see a small light and someone moving around. The hostel, is like the kind you can see in asian horror movie. Surrounding the hostel are trees and tall grass, it can be a little scary to someone superstitious. But I enjoy it, the solitary and the dark. The window of my room face the moon directly so during those holiday celebration, I enjoyed the moonlight. The sky and the cloud near the hostel are also stunning. When the sun sets sometimes the sky near the hostel are in strange colour like purple, red and even gold. The animal also make sound at night you can hear them. Sometimes the frog, the birds and other animal singing together. Many times bats, butterflies and birds flown into my room and hang out with me. I spend my time with movies and books at night while facing the moon. Its a different way to celebrate holidays, to be in solitary and one with nature. At that moment, you can be certain that the world is big, and you, as a human being, are only a small part of it.

          • DavidisDawei

            Hey Fire,

            I have worked many Christmas days over the years – my family usually coordinates getting together on a weekend (since Christmas is usually during the week)

            I was religious when I was a boy. You may or may not know that Christmas is the second most significant day of the year for the Christian Religion (Easter is #1). I acknowledge this and am still influenced by that to a certain extent.

            I try not to wait until Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday or some other day to show the people I love I care for them – but any day that creates joy and happiness is OK for me.


      • Gaius Baltar

        The only PART I DISLIKE is the post christmas COMEDOWN, once you get to boxing day the fun is over, christmas eve and christmas day is the best part, after that it is just leftover turkey and tidying up on boxing day, and getting pissed DRUNK on new years eve and then recovering from a STINKING hangover on new years day.

        • DavidisDawei

          Where are you in China? Is the calendar new year (new year’s eve) celebrated where you are or is it just another day?

  • vincent

    Merry Xmas all CSmackers and the mods, may this yuletide season bring joy and happiness to all, take it easy on the eggnog and be safe.

  • redgirls

    Merry x mass, smacker’s, banger’s, crusher’s, boomer’s and slamms
    and lurkers . :D and good will to all ,…

  • The Doomed Society

    In the absence of effective regulations and moral constraints, private
    profit too often trumps public good. Ironically, what is happening in
    China is exactly what Karl Marx described 150 years ago. He said that
    with adequate profit “there is not a crime at which [capital] will [not]
    scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner
    being hanged.” In a country where serving God is still suppressed, and
    “serving the people” is no longer in vogue, serving money seems to be
    the main attractive option.

  • Sinister State

    Historically, two state ideologies — Confucianism and communism — acted
    as restraints on commercial dealings. Traditional Chinese society
    acknowledged the human desire for wealth, but it also warned that, “A
    man of noble character acquires his wealth by just and ethical means.”
    Later, the Maoist regime’s emphasis on sacrificing the individual self
    to the collective also served as a moral check on people’s behavior.

    The destruction of Confucianism during the Cultural Revolution and the
    hollowing out of communism during the recent reform era left behind a
    vacuum of belief. This was quickly filled in by materialism.

    Though materialism also is common in the West, religious values, along
    with well-developed regulatory frameworks and the rule of law, help
    define what is acceptable in business there. In China, the revival of
    capitalism has been driven almost entirely by the pursuit of wealth. In
    the words of Deng Xiaoping, “To get rich is glorious.”

  • dim mak

    Very unprofessional for state media, I say

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