CCTV Yang Rui’s Anti-Foreigner Rant, Chinese Netizen Reactions

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in sunglasses.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui on tv show with guest.

On the Sina Weibo account of CCTV International host Yang Rui

@主持人杨锐: The Ministry of Public Security must clean out foreign garbage, arresting foreign thugs and protect ignorant/innocent girls, with Wudaokou and Sanlitun being the disaster areas [worst places]. Behead the snake heads [human traffickers], the unemployed Americans and Europeans who come to China to make money, trafficking in people, misleading the public and encouraging them to emigrate. Identify the foreign spies, who find a Chinese woman to cohabitate with, while their job is to collect intelligence, drawing maps and perfecting GPS [coordinates] for Japan, Korea, Europe, and America under the guise of being tourists. Drive out the foreign shrew, shut down Al-Jazeera’s Beijing Office, let those who demonize China shut their mouths and fuck off!

There were only a ~3300 forwards and ~1600 comments of this microblog post so according to Chinese internet standards, this was not very popular.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui on Dialogue show.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui smoking cigar.CCTV International presenter Yang Rui smoking pipe in coffee shop.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Might as well just close the country off to the world.


Apart from protecting the ignorant girls, the rest I approve of. 99% of those who chase foreigners are not ignorant, just vain and avaricious.


No need to demonize, [China] already is a demon.


How did China approve visas for these foreign trash?


Brother, calm down.


Don’t make everything into a campaign/movement; Also no need to demonize the “three illegals”, after all they are just a small minority, and those who are a true danger to society are still our own people; The key still is to raise our level of management and work efficiency.

[Note: “Three Illegals” refers to foreigners who illegal entered, are illegally staying, or are illegally working in China.]


What makes Chinese men the most upset is Chinese girls one by one being seized into the arms of those various foreigners who are both old and ugly and may even have physical defects and then being their playthings.


Sometimes it is the Chinese women themselves who are foolish, and you can’t blame them [foreigners].


I’m a little confused: Wasn’t the crime of hooliganism abolished? Under what name is the Ministry of Public Security using, campaign or crackdown? Apart from protecting ignorant girls, shouldn’t they also protect all citizen’s lawful freedom and rights? Why differentiate the treatment between foreign hooligans/thugs and native hooligans/thugs? Isn’t the harm of native thugs who exploit public power even larger? [思考]


What should be done about fake foreign devils?

Yang Rui holding up a camera taking a photo.


Fucking should’ve been doing this long ago. I don’t understand why our countrymen are always bowing and scraping before foreigners!? Laowai are fucking humans too, why does everyone fucking look so highly upon them, fucking stupid cunts.


These words are going to make foreign-worshipers upset.


Who did Al-Jazeera offend…?


The rest is whatever, but what happened with Al-Jazeera?


I strongly agree with everything else, apart from banishing Al-Jazeera. Why do foreign media always demonize China? Europe and America is like this, Japan and Korean is like this. All well-known international media has been shut out by us.


The things you’re saying is to protect yourself, right?


You’re already how old and you still don’t talk reasonably. If it weren’t for a certain government’s indulgence, would foreigners be so outrageous? Moreover, about demonizing China, do people really need to demonize it? Open your eyes and look at this Communist Party-led society: Towards its own, fighting for every inch of land without regard for the lives of the ordinary common people; Toward foreigners, condemning and protesting while sending money… Stop hiding at CCAV every day fantasizing. In comparison to [other CCTV presenters] Cui Yongyuan, BaiYansong, and Zhao Pu, I even feel embarrassed for them!


Is it this serious?


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Not clear on the matter with Al-Jazeera, so no comment. However, I have in Sanlitun run into before a very rude and obnoxious German, a fat laowai married woman who arrogantly looked down on Chinese people, simultaneously making money in China while trampling on our countrymen’s dignity.


The Europeans and Americans who come to China, if they’re not on official business, then they’re idiots, or slackers, or cheats, whereas the Chinese people who go to Europe and America, if they’re not bosses, then they’re corrupt officials, or the society’s elites!

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in London.


My Chinese company’s CEO is a foreign national Chinese, so what should he be counted as?


This is how the Boxers started back in the day…[汗]


Ding! I ding this with all my might! In Beijing there is a group of foreign stupid cunts, all day eating and drinking and hitting on cheap girls. I think it is strange, their entire body covered with hair like they haven’t evolved, and their poor cunts without jobs, and there are so many young girls willing to be with them, chasing after foreigners, and they’re quite beautiful too. Wake up, actually they’re all laid-off thugs who have come to Beijing without prospects, with that bastard who was beat up several days ago being an example.


Was it Al-Jazeera misleading the public or certain people unwilling to face the truth?? Afraid of others exposing something, right? Why is a large grown man like you talking like an idiot without character?

游云庭律师 :

“Drive out the foreign shrew, shut down Al-Jazeera’s Beijing Office”. Not having this kind of CCTV presenter write editorials for Beijing Daily is a waste of talent.


Microblog owner, you say this, I feel like I’m living in a fantasy world. You being a television presenter is a waste of talent, you should join the Central Propaganda Department!


Support the Ministry of Public Security, drive out Marx, Engels, Stalin, Lenin, and other foreign garbage.


What is demonizing China? Are Chinese people ignorant of what kind of country they live in? When in Rome, do as the Romans do…


I don’t know if you’re really this stupid, or just pretending to be this stupid.


Looks like a new Cultural Revolution has arrived, and these media personalities standing on the front line are the first to sniff the scent, beginning to declare their loyalty.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in Europe with Mercedes Benz.


Whether foreigners are thugs/hooligans or not I don’t know, but this presenter has already demonstrated that he is a thug. Foreign thugs should be cleaned out, but this presenter thug should be cleaned out even more.


Mental retard.


Mister, don’t be so angry! If China hasn’t done anything to be ashamed of, if China has enough self-confidence, then it wouldn’t be afraid of others demonizing you [China]! If you’re frightened into a nervous breakdown just because others said a few things about you, you probably should ask yourself if you’re mentally healthy!


~~~Oh, it’s just a CCTV presenter!


Absolutely avoid going up against CCTV’s lowly stupid cunts, there is nothing in the world that is less worth it.


There sure are a TMD lot of wumao dogs amongst CCTV presenters. If you’re so niubi, why don’t you go safeguard the Huangyan Islands?


My god, how did the Boxers get reborn in CCTV?!


Might as well stop broadcasting bullshit language news as well [referring to CCTV International in English]. After all, if the foreign trash are cleaned out, who will be left to listen to it? [Yang Rui hosts an CCTV show called Dialogue, which is in English.]


There are wumao everywhere, it’s just that CCTV produces more of them!


Stupid cunt, fuck off!!!

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui smoking pipe under red canopy.CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in sunglasses.

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  • On the sofa with a racist.

    • ed

      Don’t be mad he’s talking about you.

  • Nyancat

    guess he was expecting a different reaction :D

    • Tommy

      The reactions translated hear aren’t reflective of what most people said.

      As in, Chinasmack seems to be skewed towards a foreign audience.

      • anon

        What do you mean? I looked through the comments on Sina Weibo. These were the earlier comments and in roughly the same proportion.

  • Song of the Article

    No More Mr. Nice Guy

    I stopped watching Dialogue in 2005

    he is too ZB

  • James E

    Oh, please. We could say the same about the Chinese in our respective countries, but we don’t because it’s ridiculous.

    • Small Bean

      But we don’t, because we know it is crazy to incite like this…
      No one in Ireland is talking like Yang about this:

      Can’t wait for this to hit CS, but then again, maybe too racy at this time…

      • D. Tective

        I haven’t seen Irish calls for the expulsion of Chinese. And this was an actual rape. Funny how the rapist had the audacity of defending his behaviour. Even more telling, we actually get to know the Chinese rapist’s name, but not the so-called “British rapist” in Beijing. Makes you wonder if he is even real, as the British embassy itself does not know the guy’s name.

        • Justice

          Even though this is not a welcoming news, I somehow happy that a black man did not rape the Chinese woman. If it was, China would have been a real hell for blacks living here

          • D. Tective

            Yes I guess if a white person does something bad, all foreigners get the blame. However, if a black person does it, only black people would be blamed. Am I wrong?

        • kodi

          I have heard reports by some people who work for BTV that the girl was a prostitute and she was refusing to provide service after the guy already paid. I am not sure whether to believe this, but these guys that work at BTV are in their early 40’s and may simply be resentful of a woman being within arms reach of a Westerner, but then again I would not write it off.

      • There’s plenty of racists here in Ireland too, but I’d be very surprised if an established TV presenter/news anchor said something so horrible and foolish.

        For the most part, the Chinese coming here have been welcomed, whether they’re “bosses” or not.

        Seems like this lad had some kind of mental meltdown to be saying such bizarre things (I mean, foreign spies with Chinese girlfriends, collecting GPS data? Really?).

        I hope this hatred of foreigners isn’t really so widespread (or acceptable).

        • Cleo

          How do you like the Germans in your midst? Michael Fassbender is SUCH a matinee idol, isn’t he? I know exactly what Yang Rui is talking about. A middle aged Japanese man in my dorm building bragged that he knew every street in Beijing and had mapped it better than any map available for sale. That was before construction changed the layout of streets of course. I think they’re looking for secret meetings because they think there must be SOMEWHERE where the Order of the Phoenix meets in secret that Japanese and German WEATHER satellites have failed to capture.

          Where could it Be?

          Watch the Birdie.

    • barack obama

      yes you do, shut the fuck up

  • Qwerty

    He fancies himself to be an intellectual, but has the mentality of a fascist taxi driver.

    • anon

      The pipe is a nice touch.

      • moop

        every picture above makes me want to punch this dirty dick in the face. he told the bbc that if people don’t come on his show because of this incedent then they are cowards

        • Brett Hunan

          Thats any bully’s technique to try to force people into doing something that goes against their beliefs. No one will stop visiting because they are scared, its because they believe that this guy is a major asswipe. The only reason anyone should agree to go on his show is with intent to make him look like an ass to all of China.

          • moop

            china geeks on weibo calling for his resignation:

          • Little Wolf

            Kind of reminds me how everybody got persuaded to do things after 9-11 because “if not, then the terrorists win”.

          • mr. wiener

            Apparently it didn’t work this time. Too much too soon?

        • GhostofYost

          So, I posted this earlier today in the thread about the ATM machine when the subject of xenophobia came up, but since it seems this story is going to get a lot more views I’ll repost it. I really hate to be “that guy” and repost the same thing twice, but I think my story may be the first of more to come……

          I have no problem with China wanting to deport illegal foreigners, but asking common citizens to assist in reporting “foreign trash” and even identifying specific locations to locate said trash is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous.
          Over the weekend I had the unfortunate experience to encounter the repercussions of the growing tide of anti-foreigner sentiment in China. My friend, his father, his father’s partner(their first visit to China), and another friend(51 year old businessman), and I went to a popular night club to give our out of town guests the experience of a Chinese night club. This club is known as a high class establishment and for it’s friendliness towards foreign customers. However, we had hardly made it through the door when we were attacked by security who were wielding bamboo sticks. I have no idea how many people attacked us, but I do know I received 6 stitches to the top of my head, and was struck in the body a total of 27 times, with some of the strikes being hard enough to split skin. My friend, who is 51 years old received over a dozen stitches to three cuts on his face and head.
          It is extremely concerning to me that this attack was completely unprovoked, as we had been there for at the most 3 minutes, and for the fact that our attackers were yelling racial epithets and telling us to get out of China.
          As I said before, I am all for deporting illegal foreigners, but I think the “sweeping out of foreign trash” should best be left to the devices of people a little more qualified than night club security.
          My two friends and I who live here all have proper residence visas and are fully aware of our responsibility as ambassadors for our countries during our stay in China. My friend’s father and his partner are patent lawyers who were in China for a conference and also had the proper visas for their stay. I wonder if we qualify as the foreign trash Yang Rui was speaking of?

          After talking to some people around town I’ve heard of a couple of similar incidents going down since this whole “100 Day Crackdown” started. You guys might want to be a little more cautious with when you go out to bars (if you do at all) until this thing blows over a little bit.

          • Made In World

            You need to send this report to your consulate and to either the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. This is what people from free countries do.

          • GhostofYost

            Already have. Awaiting their reply.

          • radbab

            > I think the “sweeping out of foreign trash” should best be left to the devices of people a little more qualified than night club security.

            given we’re in China, of whom exactly are you thinking there?

            The police that enforces house arrests and performs journalist intimidation as badly disguised street thugs?

          • Alan

            You guys might want to be a little more cautious with when you go out to bars (if you do at all) until this thing blows over a little bit.

            Agreed, I have sort of hung up my drinking spurs and avoiding my usual shaokao hangout for a while…..sensible advice you wrote above imho.

          • whiskersthecat

            I remember being yelled at back in 2007 or 08 or whatever by this random middle-aged dude with a flat top, bulging eyes, and his shirt rolled up to expose his beer belly. He yelled at me to go back to France. I told him I had never been to France but would love to go sometime. Then he laughed and he gave me a cigarette. The cigarette did not contain any sort of explosive device or human fecal matter as far as I could tell. So I guess he turned out to be kind of cool, all things considered.

          • DeVitaVackra

            Why don’t you tell us what night club, city and address it was?

            Here’s one example, to avoid, we, a group of people, had booked a room for a good time, but upon arrival they refused to let me inside, because I was a laowai, no other reasons given:

            Xingzhiyun Recreation Club
            62号 Xiuling Road, Xixiangtang, Nanning, Guangxi, Kina
            +86 771 579 1188

            I was shocked to be treated like this and just went home, okay.jpg. Now thinking about it I’m happy they didn’t beat me up.

          • pada

            I do trust you “received 6 stitches to the top of my head” as it was written on darn hospital bills. However, while believing a prisoner could well count and remember the times he was waterboarded, even over 150 times like that trash in Gytmo you must know who, I wonder how come you managed to count and remember exactly “you was struck in the body a total of 27 times”, no less and no more.
            But anyway, like you, I hate with clenched teeth the thugs with bomboo sticks.

          • Notorious

            This anti-minority sentiment seems oddly familiar. It’s terrible though that it has happened and hope you are your friends get better.

          • GhostofYost

            Pretty easy to count welts (that have since turned into bruises), especially the ones that were split open from being struck so hard.
            For the record this happened in Foshan, Guangdong at a club called Grammy’s (sorry, no address or phone number). The owner of the bar has since offered to pay for my friend and I’s hospital bill (a total of 500RMB), and has even been so kind as to offer us a night of free drinking at his newest venture, Emmy’s. If your beginning to sense a theme you’re not mistaken. I’ve heard rumors of plans for a third establishment called Oscar’s. A club named after an American music award the scene of anti-foreigner violence. Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?

          • That really is horrendous. I hope the police are handling it seriously and that the place gets shut down. Glad you guys survived the attack.

          • linette


            Those Chinese security guards really just attack you and your friends like that? That is just pure racial violence. Not cool right. You folks better lay low for a while for safety.

            Being called a racial slur and being a victim of racial violence can be a painful experience isn’t it? Now look what happened. You curse me out calling me Chinese dog Chinese this and that. I curse you back calling you trash dirty foreigner this and that. And we don’t even know each other. WTfxxk?!

            Don’t we all should be careful with our language and manners.

          • GhostofYost

            To follow up Made In World’s suggestion on contacting our respective consulates…
            I am still awaiting a reply from the American Consulate, however my Canadian friend received a reply last night. The email was only a couple of lines, and basically said; “Sorry this happened. Next time call the police. Attached are a list of lawyers.”
            The call the police part is especially disappointing, because in his email he specifically stated his wariness in dealing with the local police force for obvious reasons, and for some that are hearsay that I don’t feel comfortable going into on a message board because they are hearsay.
            Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting a reply from my consulate on the matter. Hopefully they can offer a little more comfort than an apology and the police’s phone number…..

          • meep

            @GhostofYost, I live in Foshan as well and the rumors of this incident have spread amongst the foreigners here. From what I’ve heard about Grammy in the past is that this is not the first time foreigners have been assaulted by security staff there; although I am sure a few occasions were not unprovoked like yours.

            Many of the foreigners I know here have decided not to go to Grammy anymore (it really isn’t a great place anyway IMHO.) Have the owners done anything else to address this? Have the staff been fired? Have they noticed that fewer foreigners are going there? I did a web search and this was the only information I could find about the incident.

      • Nyancat

        yeah for sure it’s a refreshing change from the cocks he usually has in his mouth.

      • Andao

        Yeah, the pipe is 8/10, but the assholery is unwelcome.

    • An ‘intellectual’ that according to his profile studied at ‘Wales University Cardiff College’ – no such ‘university’ exists or has ever existed. It may do on bits of paper you can buy in certain areas of Beijing. Or perhaps he actually studied at Cardiff and Vale College. NOTE: colleges and universities in the United Kingdom are not the same and tend to offer only ‘further education’ courses and not ‘higher education’ courses offered by universities. #pretentiousxenophobe

      • Made In World

        That little tidbit should be forwarded to the appropriate news agencies. Good catch. Don’t forget to mention he likes peaches!

        • kaka

          Made even more interesting if you know that University of Wales were punished for creating “colleges” all around the world and giving them Degree issuing status – but did not provide any oversight on teaching, enrolment, and examinations.

          So he may have a Degree, as colleges in the UK may issue Higher Education certificates in certain subjects if they have Degree Issuing Status conferred upon them by an university – but if its a Uni of Wales degree from a college – then there’s a chance it’s worth sweet FA…

          • Daniel

            The University of Wales was originally a university made up of several smaller Universities, which included Cardiff University up until several years ago. The University of London has the same status.

            What it likely means is that he graduated from Cardiff University whilst it was part of the University of Wales.

          • and he cannot remember its name?

          • Dr SUN

            There currently is :
            The University of Wales Newport
            Cardiff Met University
            The University of Wales Trinity St.David
            Cardiff University
            Cardiff college international (not degree awarding, IELTS and foundation courses)

            There is not and never was either :
            Wales University
            Cardiff college

            There was:
            The University of Wales but it lost it’s accreditation in 2011 for awarding fraudulent degrees to overseas students, it has merged with the The University of Wales Trinity St.David .

    • Cleo

      Beijing taxi drivers are rather superior in my experience. My first taxi driver who delivered me from the hotel to my language institute was descended from Manchurian bannermen, this being Beijing after all.

  • anon

    As I’ve already said on other blogs and articles: What a gigantic DICK.

    • anon

      In his latest defense, he essentially made the same argument as kaka.

      After looking at these incidents, I termed these expats “foreign trash” and I believe they should be brought to justice if they are found to have violated our laws.

      I want to separate them from the silent majority in the expat communities who obey and respect our culture and society. Singling out this “foreign trash” serves to protect the good reputation of decent Westerners.

      Replace the appropriate words, such as “foreign trash” with “white cunt”, and you have equivalence. Should we buy Yang Rui’s argument that he wasn’t being racist or a xenophobe?

      • Brett Hunan

        Its a decent cover-up, but like foundation and blush, it just covers up the blemishes, doesn’t reverse or repair them.

        Im rolling with you on this one, anon. He’s a hypocrite who got lost in his somewhat newfound power of having an audience.

      • kaka

        Good question anon… but it is not an equivalence, thus the answer to your question is yes, but also yes and no.

        As a stand alone comment, Yang Rui’s first post could be easily deemed xenophobic by some – as is shown by the reaction to it by both Chinese and non-Chinese readers.

        In that 1st post, he is essentially calling foreigners “foreign trash” because they happen to be foreign, and not because they are trash – without any attempt to qualify his statement. – or to use my completely unrelated comment from a different news thread to which you referred – he is calling foreigner’s c*nts because they are foreigners, not because they are foreign cunts.

        As a stand alone comment, Yang Rui’s second post is certainly not xenophobic, and is obviously very carefully written not to be. It is centered on some basis of fact, and is written using a more balanced and rational argument with the use of less incendiary language, whilst being directed at a particular section of the expat community.

        In the 2nd post he is essentially calling a certain section of the foreign community in China “trash”, because those foreigners are in fact “foreign trash”. It is therefore a reasoned statement of fact based on his own rational observation – and could easily be deemed non-xenophobic.

        However, neither are stand alone comments, and so can not be accessed as such. What one should take from the first post is that Yang Rui is probably xenophobic. What one should take from the second post, seen in the context of being an attempt to mitigate the negative reaction to his first post, is that he is probably xenophobic but too weak to stick to his beliefs when under pressure – which to use Yang Rui’s own words is “a reflection of cowardice “.

        • anon

          I understood your argument, about context and whatnot. The thing is, people have to recognize that their comments are not always (and aren’t likely) going to be viewed in the context they think they ought to be judged by.

          Therefore, the burden of qualifying their comments is upon them. They can’t whine about being criticized and called racists after the fact, accusing others of maligning them for what is too often their own laziness and indulgence in negative emotion and hyperbole. It’s one thing to have one’s words taken out of immediate context (literally cherry-picking words out of a sentence or paragraph which is easy to see and prove), but its another when your immediate context doesn’t suggest a balanced and rational argument either but is, like Yang Rui’s, largely a rant.

          In the vast majority of “racist” comments and accusations of “racism” on this site (and others), its usually that someone literally did say something patently offensive but just doesn’t want to be called racist for it, because they refuse to see themselves in a negative light and don’t want to take responsibility for their actions or mistakes. Like Yang Rui.

          So I don’t think accusations of racism has become devalued. I understand the possibility of it, of cheapening the accusation through overuse, but in all honesty, there is far more actual speech and behavior deserving of the criticism than not. It’s just that some of those people refuse to be held accountable for it, and for some reason think they can demand that others somehow see them in the context they see themselves, which is impossible. It’s one thing to say something racist and think oneself not a racist. It’s another to say something racist and convince others that you’re not being racist. Its possible that others have misjudged you, but one is ultimately responsible unto themselves for how they are perceived. It’s one thing to apologize and retract something that was said in misjudgment, it’s another to go on the attack against others for calling you out. Yang Rui is an example of the latter. Attacking the racism criticism is often (not always) the latter as well.

          So I agree with what you’re saying about Yang Rui. I still think there is an equivalence and there are a lot of Yang Ruis in this world.

          • kaka

            Agree with what you say…

            … but the “non-equivalence” was to do with my previous comment to which you referred from another thread.

            … which was that if someone calls me a white cunt because I’m being a cunt, then I wouldn’t feel racially abused, as both statements would be true, whereas if someone calls me a white cunt and I’m not being a cunt, then they are calling me a white cunt simply because I am white, in which case I would feel racially abused.

            … therefore, if Yang had made the 2nd comment, without having made the first – then, even though I am a foreigner in China, I would find it difficult to disagree with the core message. I am a foreigner and I think some foreigners should not be here. I think most foreigners living and working in China, at least sometimes, feel the same.

            … where it becomes non-equivalent is that he made an initial comment that was arguably xenophobic – and therefore any subsequent comment is tainted by the first – and is merely an attempt to excuse the initial comment.

            … besides, as anyone who has watched Dialogue can testify, as I used to do before my missus banned me, the guys a douche – and he’ll remain a douche whatever the fall-out from his recent comments ends up being.

          • Little Wolf

            Well anon, I suppose you were more or less directing your comment at me and/or kaka . And I still think the “r” word is thrown around way to easily. Why does every comment critical of a group of people have to be deemed racist? I’m not even sure what racist means anymore. I had believed KKK is racist. Black Panthers, Aryan Brotherhood , Neo-Nazis(Damn I can’t even think of any other color group besides Black Panthers at the moment, so sure are alot of white racists) I thought a racist meant somebody that believes himself to be superior based solely on his race. Fuck, as a mix race myself, I can’t catch a break. To whites, I was “injun” . To the Native peoples, I was too white. In Brazil, I was “gringo”, In Sweden, I was pegged as American before I even uttered a word. In Bahamas, I was “white-ass honky motherfucker” In Hawaii I was “haole” and now I’m “Laowai”.
            Look….I’ll drink off the same water bottle with any person of any race(unless they’ve got obvious plague or something) Does that qualify me to be a non-racist because I don’t think a guy from another race has “cooties”? Am I a racist because my experience has shown me that mainland Chinese are generally shitty drivers? Do I think I’m superior to Chinese because I’m American? Of course not. Do I think I’m superior to people that have zero regard for others, no manners, refuse to own their mistakes and do nothing to contribute to make the world a better place? ABSOLUTELY. If those people are a different race than me, does that mean I’m a racist? If so, then I can live with it. I grew up in Southern California where it’s always been multi-cultural and as a youth I was convinced probably the only way I’ll ever see “Red China” is as a soldier strafing troops and tanks. So, every day I remind myself how cool it is just to be here. Does that mean I’m not racist?
            And I fail to see how you are any different from me in failing to recognize your own racism. Except you’ve got the typing skills to cover all your bases.

            I have wanted bitch-slap the smugness off Yang Rui’s face since the first time I ever watched CCTV-9. But I’d settle for 1 of those school carnival things where you throw a softball at a target and dunks your asshole woodshop teacher into the water. Which is really about all that guy is qualified for anyway.

          • moop

            kaka, did your wife ban you from watching dialogue because you couldn’t stop yelling at the tv? that’s why my wife banned me :(

          • kaka

            no moop, no shouting.

            after each show I would curl up on the sofa in the foetal position in silence for several hours to shelter myself from having consider the notion that Yang Rui may be right, eventually falling in to a trance like sleep, as if he was – it would mean that my entire world view was wrong; my understanding of civilisation, my belief in fact and reason, my interpretation of everything I’ve ever read, the conversations I’ve had, damn it – even the things I’d seen with my own eyes, where somehow not true.

            to handle this, my brain began to invent coping mechanisms – had my life until I entered China been just a dream, or worse a computer generated reality to maintain my compliance with a higher earthbound power. By entering China, had I somehow managed to cross-over in to the true reality – had I, you could say, entered the Matrix?

            It was at that point that she banned me from watching any show on CCTV 9.

            It took several months, but eventually things became better. In the end, I feel she made the correct decision.

          • anon

            kaka, I understand what you’re saying and fully agree with your characterization of Yang Rui’s maneuver.

            My point about equivalence is that Yang Rui is, like you, arguing that “trash” is the operative word here, that he’s not describing foreigners as trash but referring to trash that are foreign. We all very quickly saw him as doing the former, not the latter. Imagine the person calling you a “white cunt” responding to your accusation of racism by saying he thinks simply thinks you’re a cunt. What matters is how you interpreted his comment, right? You might, in the rare case, agree you were being a cunt, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt, but I think our experience dictates that few people ever really see themselves as cunts, so the racial/ethnic descriptor becomes a lightning rod. Moreover, I’d say there’s really little excuse for using racial/ethnic descriptors in general. Even if you agreed with the other person that you’re being a cunt, it still makes their use of the descriptor suspect with regards to why they felt it was necessary.

            Furthermore, context is the key. Yang Rui’s words around “foreign trash” make it less likely that we’ve misinterpreted him indulging in hate speech. If someone called you a white cunt and rants about negative things ascribed to white people around that, we can be pretty sure he’s just being racist.

            BTW, I think most of us rationally know that Yang Rui doesn’t think all foreigners are trash, but we do have grounds to believe he was indulging in racist hate-speech and ought to be condemned for it.

            Little Wolf, I personally don’t think every comment critical of a group of people is deemed racist. I think it boils down to how that comment was made. As I said, I believe it is the communicator’s responsibility to qualify and protect themselves from misunderstanding. We demand it of Yang Rui, don’t we?

            I don’t think its that hard to understand what “racist” means:

            Superiority isn’t necessarily part of it though it is arguably connoted. The main thing is negative discrimination on the basis of an irrational element of identity. It’s intellectual laziness in action, because the racial element is introduced to disassociate oneself into an us vs. them dynamic.

            I actually think I can be racist just as much as the next person. I won’t say I’ve never caught myself thinking something or even saying something that is arguably racist. I do think, however, that I’m more conscious and conscientious about it. I try really hard to avoid giving into knee-jerk prejudices and I try really hard to be careful in what I say. I think that’s a worthy endeavor and principle to live by. We all have impulses. What makes us rational beings is the ability to control them. If you think I’ve said anything racist, please feel free to call me out on them.

          • Little Wolf

            anon: I am certainly not accusing you of being racist. I think we are probably similar in that we don’t consider ourselves to be racist but can accept that sometimes we may have a thought that somebody, somewhere could consider it to be. I can’t walk on egg shells with every single thought and worry that snippy people are going to get offended by every remark that is not complimentary. It may just be that I am relatively new to the Internet. I was simply never interested in computers and preferred to be outdoors doing stuff and lived just fine without it. As a result of being analogue in a digital world, I see a lot of words thrown around that most people would never say to another’s face. And in that way, I think “racist” is now way over-used and lost its sting.

          • anon

            You bring up a good though now popular point. I think most people in general are far more careful and conscientious with what they say in person than behind a computer, just as they would in person amongst people of different races or ethnicities than they would amongst their own.

            While we can say people hiding what they think is a bad thing, I still think people openly or recklessly sharing racist or prejudiced notions begets more racism and prejudice so I’d still rather people keep it to themselves than vomit it out. The anonymity of the internet only lowers people’s inhibitions and social common sense. While people are still more careful with their words offline than online, I sometimes worry about how the internet is becoming a source of validation for people’s developing prejudices, and when it’ll spill over into daily offline discourse. People think of the internet as a place to vent, but indulging in such behavior actually psychologically reinforces it, especially when others slap you on the back and give you the thumbs up for it.

            I understand people don’t want to feel like they have to tiptoe around everything so as to not offend other people’s sensibilities but I think that’s simply the way it has to be in society if we care about coexisting peacefully and constructively. The internet has a way of insulating us from the consequences of our speech, but it doesn’t insulate the victims of our speech.

          • Somethin Somethin

            You guys obviously don’t watch “Dialogue”. This guy is the biggest wu mao dong, flag waving, hypocritical, pseudo-intellectual, xenophobe to be given air time since 1945. CCTV9 used to be the channel I would watch when I wanted to fall asleep. I stopped watching because this guy used to piss me off so much I couldn’t sleep. I have seen this guy get straight pounded by grad students half his age on topics from economics to simple chemistry. He rarely gets anybody of international note or academia to come on his show. The better ones usually show up when the woman is hosting. He especially likes to bring on people from Renmin, Tsingua, and Beida. Not saying anything bad about these guys. I’m just saying he brings them on so he can kiss their asses and try to draw them into one of his “great China + evil outside world” rants. Seriously hate this guy

          • Little Wolf

            I know the feeling, Somethin. After hurling a hair brush through my new big-screen TV(back in the day) during a Raiders-Broncos game, my ex-wife use to fill 2 or 3 shopping bags full of newspaper balls to toss at the TV whenever watching Lakers and Raiders games. Whenever, I see Yang Rui’s face I find myself looking for projectiles. Dashan also has this effect on me.

        • Made In World

          It’s not important what he meant, it’s important what was understood, especially from the Chinese. I have already had my own incidents because of this.

      • Cleo

        I’ve heard Africans try to speak ebonics that they learned from American films and rap music and the F word just doesn’t sound right coming from them. The same is true of the American style cursing of Welsh-educated Yang Rui. BUT I’ve watched enough of his programs over the years such that I’m not affected at all by this tweet. The impression he makes from Dialogue prevails.

    • staylost

      I wouldn’t so much say he is a jerk. Rather, he is below average intelligence and had few opportunities to broaden his perspectives in life.

      One the positive side, I’m sure he knows how to smoke in a restaurant, speak very loudly into his cellphone, and treat women like objects, which must buttress his position of respect among a certain select group of Chinese.

      • anon

        No, I’d say he’s a jerk AND below average intelligence for indulging such irrational prejudices. Given the amount of opportunities he’s had to travel the world and interact with foreigners in the course of his career, he doesn’t have much excuse for failing to broaden his perspectives in life.

        • Alan

          I often find the well heeled and travelled chinese tend to be some of the most arrogant and obnoxious.

          Personally, I wouldn’t allow any more immigration from the far east into the UK, until things change.

  • Beijinger in Seattle

    He shouldn’t have said this publically given his job, but I more or less agree with his sentiments.

    • anon

      Here’s an interesting question. Are there any similarly well-known news personalities in the West that have kept their jobs after making similar public comments? We know there have been plenty of Western personalities to make equally offensive comments, but I’m curious about the actual consequences they’ve faced versus Yang Rui here.

      • canadian icehole

        Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, etc… Granted major networks would not have them on for very long but they are still around.

        • Brett Hunan

          Anyone not worshipped amongst the Fox crowd?

        • staylost

          Primary difference is this guy was working directly for the Chinese government. People that act like this on PBS/BBC get fired instantly.

          • anon

            Right, there’s a difference between public and private networks. Now that I think about it, there are actually a lot of people who act like this despite working for the government. Aren’t there a lot of politicians like this?

          • staylost

            Politicians don’t work for the government. They are the representatives of the people that make up the government. There ability to act like idiots is directly decided by their voters, while government workers are, on the other hand, subject to the most sensitive of lobby groups.

            So Hu Jintao could say that Sicilians are far superior to Corsicans, and would be judged by the standing committee, while Yang Rui would be judged by the most stringent standards of national and international propriety.

            An government worker represents the entirety of the government agenda in a reflective way, while a politician directly represents her specific constituency in an active way.

        • D. Tective

          Any of those work for a public institution like CCTV9?

      • Red scarf

        So hes become the new Jack Cafferty, similarly we should expect that now a mass protest against him or petition Sina and/or him for an apology, by the Western masses.

        Hes clearly exacerbated negative attitudes held by Chinese toward “English teachers” and expats in China.

        But I don’t expect that to happen to, but it shows that Chinese can be just as bad as Westerners.

        • Yang Po Fu

          A. Jack Cafferty was referring to the PRC when he referred to them as “goons and thugs” that “haven’t changed in 50 years”. I haven’t seen or heard too many Chinese people that say much differently about them, but that’s besides the point.

          B. CNN apologized publicly for his comments.

          I’m not offended by what he said. I couldn’t really care less about what he said, I’ve never taken much notice to these kinds of things. It’s the fact that an Al Jazeera reporter was kicked out of the country for … ???

          And yet completely unprofessional, biased, offensive and certainly not harmonious comments are going to result in what for Mr. Rui? Will he be held accountable the same way Melissa Chan was?

      • GhostofYost

        Remember Jimmy the Greek? He said that blacks were better athletes due to selective breeding by white slave owners. Now granted, Jimmy the Greek was only a commentator on CBS’ NFL Today show (and Las Vegas bookie) and not a self appointed representative of his country (as Yang Rui himself suggests), but CBS shit canned him nonetheless.

    • staylost

      Which would make a Beijing native in Seattle the butt of the joke, right?

      I totally agree that a lot of these foreign nationals are jerks with little worth to boot, just like most Chinese, most Canadians, most Europeans, most Africans, etc.

      A positive suggestion on how to move forward:
      Make the process of moving to China and living in China more feasible for real foreign professionals. Part of the problem currently is that the more quality human resources will balk at the ridiculousness of the current system, while the dregs are willing to navigate the rat maze because their opportunities are more limited.

      To the racist protect our women movement:
      If some hot girl approaches a single guy in a bar, he is going to respond positively unless he is gay. So if Chinese girls are seeking out Falklander or Sardinian losers in bars, they are making a statement about their available choices. I have a feeling that as soon Chinese guys become loyal husbands on average, the value of foreign boyfriends/husbands will be reduced.

      • anon

        I really don’t think the crux of the matter is loyalty. I’m sure it is in some calculations but the vast majority is about seeing foreigners as being a vehicle for greater opportunity, whether that means foreigners typically earn more or provide some sort of opportunity to emigrate abroad for the better opportunities and standard of living perceived there.

        As soon as the average Chinese guy has the same economic prospects as the average foreign guy, then we can start arguing about how big of a role perceptions of loyalty play in the equation. Until then, the simplest and usually most applicable reason is economic. Has been before, is today, and will be tomorrow. I know some foreign guys don’t like the idea that they’re being seen as a means to an end and not an end unto themselves, and surely there are some and even many girls who don’t, but this is such a historically evident phenomenon around the world that it’s just dishonest to not give it proper due. Again, before some people get offended, you can consider yourself the exception, and you may very well be, but let’s face it, perceptions of loyalty is not compelling in this equation whereas economic and social mobility perceptions are.

      • Mick

        What is a “real foreign professional”? I suppose people with masters in linguistics or diplomas in teaching and years of experience teaching a language that many locals are seeking to improve for business are not “real foreign professionals”? Did it ever occur to you that some people might choose to live and teach in China for a while because of an interest in and a love for the country.

        And sorry you prejudiced little f*ck, what exactly is your problem with Sardinians and Falklanders?

        • staylost

          In which case I was defending you, so I’m not sure why you are upset.

      • Made In World

        “I totally agree that a lot of these foreign nationals are jerks with little worth to boot, just like most Chinese, most Canadians, most Europeans, most Africans, etc.”

        So who is left? Who has worth?

        • staylost

          A few people everywhere. My thought is most people do something “trashy” at some point in their life. Political and thought leaders are included in this group, and China should probably get used to that fact.

          If someone acts poorly at one particular time they neither represent any entire people group, nor do they instantly become trash.

    • Jay K.

      don’t get all butt raped in seattle because the majority in that city are korean or japanese descent.

      you probably are smoking good weed right now as we speak while taking it up from a jap’s dick

      oh no that’s raceessss!

    • Are you nuts? Do you think it’s full of foreigners going around spying and “trafficking in people” in Beijing or what? Why do you agree with Yang Rui’s statements?

  • James E

    I would love to personally ban him from Australia.

    • Kou

      if you expulse all the foreigners in China and you will see how it is gonna have repercution to your economy.. think a picture of a crisis in China.. nobody buy your goods, nobody gives you even one drop of fuel from overseas, worse than in hell dude.. mr smart ass, think seven time before saying bulshit on the media..

  • Dawei

    Well it would appear our friend has potentially killed the goose that lays the golden egg. I wonder how many foreign experts will be keen to appear on his “dialogue” program in the future, or will his viewer ratings drop. I suppose since it is CCTV viewer ratings don’t really come into it much but if the whole point of CCTV EN version is to project soft power then chummy here is heading in the wrong direction.

    As to the three evils or what ever they are calling them, this seems like a low number of individual evils, I though all gweilos were pure evil incarnate, or more correctly n to the power infinity evil, where n = one individual evil, so I strongly request the Government round them all up and shoot them dead.

    Have a good day.

    • pc

      I’ve watched the show a few times, and it can be interesting. Most guests don’t really get a chance to respond fairly to his questions as he is always cutting them off (when they say things he doesn’t agree with). If by some chance, the guest manages to answer a tough question, Yang gets flustered, and annoyed.
      I think the photos of him are fantastic. Various poses of him looking smug and niu.
      Foreign Trash… You simple minded goof. You are a xenophobic, simpleton, who has reached the pinacle of media by sucking the teets of foreign media in China. Bad baby! You’re not supposed to bite the breast that feeds you! Who’s going to watch your show now? Who will appear on your show?
      Have I besmirched your character? Are you going to threaten to sue me as well?

      • Made In World


      • Alan

        Various poses of him looking smug and niu.

        I’d agree I think he has been drinking and smoking too much of his own napoleon type visions of grandeur and self importance as the spokesman for the chinese people….and who elected him as their spokesman?

    • Are you MaDaWei from New Chinese Practical Reader?

      • Dawei

        Na I am his dad, he is a bit of a twat and the family is very disappointed in him.

    • Dr SUN

      I would love to go on Dialogue now and rip him a new one, asking him about his opinions and how they are destructive to China and the world.

      IE I’m the host and him and the others (with their fake and paid for Phd and professorships) as the guest victims, PRICELESS.

  • Jim

    Just made a Weibo account just so I could criticize him on his own turf. Bastard

  • kaka

    “(China must…) identify foreign spies, who find a Chinese girl to live with while collecting intelligence, posing as tourists to get mapping and GPS data for Japan, South Korea, the United States and European countries ” said a shifty looking asian guy wearing a Mackintosh coat, peaked cap, thick scarf, and carrying a long-lens camera whilst standing in London outside the Palace of Westminster taking “tourist” snaps.

    • staylost

      Nice catch.

    • anon

      Hahahahahahaha! Thanks for connecting the dots on that one!

    • Made In World

      Double encore! You are truly a son of a shrew!

    • whiskersthecat

      He sure looks Korean on that Dialogue image.

  • Joe Loaded

    Wow, I wish the CBC broadcasters would say the same thing about him. Not that I would be able to recognize him out of a crowd of peasents, but if I ever saw him on the street in Shanghai spit would be spat.

  • dim mak

    What is there like only 300,000 permanent immigrants in China?

    At least you’re not dealing with a 10~20% foreign born, radically different, permanent immigrant population that’s fucking your women, outnumbering your offspring, siding with your liberals, while being immune to any criticism because even your Han brethren will crucify you for being racist

    Get on my level son

    • kaka

      If I’ve read between the lines correctly, and if I’m not mistaken, then I think you’re referring to Luxembourg. Right?

    • Tony

      300,000 permanent immigrants in China? That’s it? There’s nearly that many Chinese immigrants in New York City alone.

      This is the price the China has to pay for its meteoric economic growth. Without foreign companies and those pesky foreigners, China’s economic miracle wouldn’t be so miraculous.

      Perhaps, this guy would have better luck with Chinese women if he improved his looks and worked on a better pick up line than “Suck my dick, I work for CCTV.” Clearly he’s projecting his own inadequacies onto an easy target.

  • Amy

    many might agree to rid the city of the drug-peddling Africans. but oftentimes they are forced by their governments to come to china to become business-men or engineers, etc and are then left selling dope and trading goods only to support their mothers, sisters and brothers in big families back home. of course people will judge by appearances rather than reality. disgusting

  • dim mak

    On another note, Yang seems like a cool, level headed guy…on TV.
    I like watching people squirm on his show while he fires off loaded questions

    • Young Man

      You must be watching a different programme- the guy reads his questions from a script, never cross-examines, never improvises and his English is decidedly average at best (perhaps the reason he sticks to reading from the script).

      He’s also not too smart- the moment any Chinese man starts to criticize foreigners it’s not too long before the whole “they’re ‘cohabiting’ with our women” horseshit comes out expressing an obvious and very widespread inferiority complex which destroys what little validity his argument might have.

      Pitiful really.

    • Little Wolf

      By “cool” you mean “weasel”, right?

      • Dconn

        Black Panthers are not a racist group, Dr. Huey Newton founder of the Black Panthers was of mixed(black and white) heritage. He was painted as a racist by the media to assassinate. He called cops “pigs”. He even met with Chairmen Mao to ask his advice on the situation that African Americans faced in during the Civil Rights period. He was however guilty of being a Socialist.

        “We have two evils to fight, capitalism and racism.
        We must destroy both racism and capitalism.” -Dr. Huey P. Newton

        • Dconn

          (i meant to type “assassinate his character”)-autobiography of Huey Newton “Revolutionary Suicide”

          • mr. wiener

            What does the genetic inheritence of Huey P.Newton,founder of the Black Panthers Party[for the protection of black people] have to do with this smug wanker Yang?
            I was just wondering as the only reference to the Black Panthers was several stories ago in the posting about that stupid British passport-holding {*sigh*} possibly of pakistani heritage, stupid ,attempted rapist.

  • Anus Presley

    What makes this clown presume that all foreigners come to China for the money, or that we were unemployed before coming here?
    I earned twice as much money in England before moving to China. In fact, I doubt there are many foreigners who come to China to earn a fraction of what they could earn at home.
    Personally I came to China because I was bored working in a mundane office job in London. And I wanted to see and experience another country. It had nothing to do with wanting to make money.

    Also, I wonder if all this bullshit from the mouth of Yang rui about ‘trafficking in people, misleading the public and encouraging them to emigrate’ has anything to do with Chen Guangcheng being shuffled out of China to America in the wake of a government corruption scandal?

    • mr. wiener

      All this time I was working as a foreign spy without knowing it!?!! Those motherf*ckers at the CIA, Mossad ,MI6 [..umm and ASIO] owe me a shte load of backpay damnit!!

      • kaka

        There’s any easy test to determine your MI6 spy status, just say the first word that comes in to your head after reading the following 5 words:

        1. Country.
        2. Gun.
        3. Agent.
        4. Murder.
        5. Skyfall.

        You’re only a real MI6 spy if your answers are:

        1. England.
        2. Shot.
        3. Provocateur.
        4. Employment.
        5. Done.

        • anon

          Hahahaha, your comments have brought me great mirth today.

        • Yang Po Fu

          Being from Canada, my answers were

          1. Canada eh!
          2. No thank you
          3. Western Union
          4. Is bad in real life, good on tv
          5. Cool sounding name for a video game

          Take off hoser! You’re a son of a shrew!

      • Dr SUN

        Don’t forget the Govt pension.

  • Thorsten

    How can a society accept such comment’s! This guy is doublefaced and above all, stupid. Driving German Cars, eating Foreign food and drinking French wine because he thinks its nice. Not a bit of charakter left!
    Just another example of Guanxi driven stupid people. Luckitly the chinese president is not as stupid as this guy!!!!

    • Young Man

      Isn’t he?

      • kaka

        Hu’s a clever guy – just consider the cards he was dealt – 10 years in power and the country hasn’t descended in to factional civil war and chaos whilst also seeing relative improvement in the quality of life of many in the population – from looking at my official book of Chinese history, I would suggest that that has been no easy feat… So, on balance, Hu Jintao can’t be that stupid

        it’s like the Mao-22 conundrum: many people dislike Communist China because of their dislike of the people; their habits, customs, character traits, etc – by extension they have a bad opinion of Mao because they reason that killing millions of Chinese people and inflicting pain and suffering on the rest was inherently not a good thing to do – however, if you dislike the habits, customs, character traits, etc of the Chinese people, how can you dislike the man who whacked at least 40 million of them?

        If the average foreigner held ultimate power over the entire population, as Mao did, who could honestly say that they would be as sparing as Mao? My father-in-law would napalm everything up to the borders of Shanghai if he had the job, and he’s Chinese. From that perspective, Mao actually seems quite a reasoned and enlightened ruler.

        • Young Man

          “From that perspective, Mao actually seems quite a reasoned and enlightened ruler.”


          I think we’re done here.

    • Yang Po Fu

      Imagine if he was the leader

  • Anus Presley

    aluo5: “What makes Chinese men the most upset is Chinese girls one by one being seized into the arms of those various foreigners who are both old and ugly and may even have physical defects and then being their playthings.”

    Doesn’t say much for Chinese men if they can’t compete with these ‘old, ugly, and deformed’ foreigners, does it? Maybe you need to ask yourself some serious questions pal?

    Here, I’ll give you a few tips:

    Firstly, next time you’re in the company of a Chinese girl in a restaurant or any other place, don’t hawk up a luger and spit it on the floor.
    Secondly, farting loudly in public, rubbing your exposed pot belly from drinking too much gassy Qingdao beer, and smoking 40 cigarettes a day, doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you a dick.
    Lastly, slapping your girl about in the street doesn’t make you appear tough, or cool. It makes you look like an un-evolved cunt.

    • pc

      Well said.

    • mr. wiener

      The King has spoken…um broken wind?…uh..Look , I just agree with what he said OK?

    • Dr SUN


    • whiskersthecat

      Dude, if you could hawk up some Lugers, that’d be sweet. I mean, it would probably get you into a lot of trouble in China, but if you could head out to Canada or the US, you could call up your Lugar-bearing hawks and make some serious cash. I mean, your average working original Lugar is going for about $1,500 to $3,000. Bringing in that kind of cash, and paying only for hawk food (mice are cheap)…it would be pretty easy to land a few girls. Plus, imagine how much you could impress your friends if you actually spit the Lugar onto the floor. I guess it would be a pretty nice skill to have if you were ever held captive by Al Qaeda or some Mexican cartel. Anyway, food for thought.

      • whiskersthecat

        I have resolved to say “I mean” less in the future. Thank you for your patience.

        • anon

          I must say, there are quite the amusing comments on this thread.

      • Anus Presley

        Not sure what the correct spelling is for a phlegm gem. Is it ‘looger’, ‘lugur’, ‘luger’, or ‘loogar’?

        Maybe I’ll write Yang Rui a letter and ask him if he knows.

        • whiskersthecat

          “hork up a loogie” :D

          But honestly, stick with my first suggestion. You’re sitting on a gold mine, Mr. Presley.

  • pc

    I have a good feeling that the Chinese media/government will fire him, and then distance themselves from him. One thing that is very important is foreign media, and now he has severly damaged China’s “soft-side” reputation to the world. Not to mention that the foreign community is in a uproar about this. China never wants to loose face, and he basically just gouged an eye. Melissa Chan was removed because she was reporting on issues that made China loose face. It was fine a few years ago when she was cutting her teath with small stories, but as they got more sensitive, the leash tightened. Then she was given the boot. Yang Rui will be fired because in one tweet, made all of China out to be xenophobes. The governemnt looses face, and therefore must distance themselves from Yang.

    • ACE

      You’re a STUPID mother fucker reading only the main stream media- that’s why you’re such a MORON asshole! grow up you stupid moron and stop reading these MSM it will make you DUMB! DEMOCRAZY is only an invented word to control the masses. FUCK the WHITE TRASH!!!

      • kaka

        another fellow graduate of 孔子 – 理性的辩论: 胜利在四个简单步骤?

      • Anus Presley

        Ha ha ha!

        On the subject of looking DUMB…where did you learn English? From a baboon with tourette’s syndrome?

      • mr. wiener

        See Ace of Books, this is the fella I was telling you about. I wish I knew his postal address so I could send him a thesaurus.
        Hi Ace, gotten any lately?

        • ACE

          mr.Weinerdog from oz,did gave you my address in taiwan but you’re such a fucking coward avoiding the place.let’s try this,just provide your area and I’ll hunt your ass down,then gang bang your chick.

          • mr. wiener

            Must have missed that E-mail.
            You can find me at the brass monkey most weekends. I’m the guy who looks the most like Jesus if Jesus played rugby. I await you presence with interest, but am anticipating disappointment.
            If you are too scrawny for me to pull your limbs off like a fly is it O.K if I get my wife to do it?

          • pc

            Awww, can I give my address too? Then you could hunt me down too. I’ll blast Motorhead on the stereo, as my 3 year old pushes you around, then after she gets bored abusing you, I’ll let my two huskies gang bang you.

          • whiskersthecat

            Hey dude, I’ll be in Taipei all summer. Let’s meet. I’m not very built or anything. A bit underweight, really. But I have a huge ding dong to make up for it.

        • the ace of books

          Hot damn, son, I suddenly understand your enthusiasm for seeing “Ace” post something sane.

          Yeeeeaaaah I’mma just kinda stand on the side of the room where the crazy ain’t.

          (Although I’m having fun trying to parse the rather delightful phrase “DEMOCRAZY is only an invented word to control the masses”. It …. – it’s not invented to … but I guess you could sa- no, wait, you couldn’t, could you? well, perhaps the masses, if by masses you mean …o hell nevermind.)

    • anon

      It would be great if he was fired but I’m not confident he will be. I also think Melissa Chan was, as she herself said I think, the chicken that was killed to scare the monkeys, aka a warning to others.

      Off the top of my head, the Chinese government only fires people who make the government lose face in a big way with the local Chinese people. I don’t think Yang Rui’s comments have really gotten much attention from the average Chinese population despite how big it has become amongst expats and foreign China observers.

    • Andao

      I agree with you but key point on this: I don’t think he would have been fired if he didn’t say anything about Melissa Chan.

      Notice how a bunch of the comments were like “Wait, what the hell is this about Al-Jazeera being kicked out of China?” People who didn’t even know about that whole episode are now baiduing the shit out of it. And that makes China look worse than this guy’s antics.

      • Dr SUN

        yeah she did some pretty good reports, sadly for her so much better than the lame BBC or American reporters do here.

  • ACE

    We called these foreign GARBAGE – ‘WHITE TRASH’
    These White Trash are natural born violent people(it’s in their BARBARIAN blood).One can tell by simply observing how humans eat.
    Civilize people in Asia uses hands,spoons and chopsticks to eat BUT these WHITE TRASH use WEAPONS(fork and knives) to ‘attack’ their food! It’s to instil the violence in them and there’s NO WAY these WHITE TRASH will bring PEACE to the world but only WAR & VIOLENCE. the usa & nato are always instigating countries to fight so they can sell their weapons.They lied about fucking DEMOCRAZY and pretend to be caring assholes! FUCK the WHITE TRASH & HUNT them down!

    • pc

      Ugh…are you serious? You’re on the boarder of “sounds so stupid, he can’t be serious” and “mentally retarted, but deadly serious”…

      Which one is it?

    • Brett Hunan

      Everything you wrote is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

      However, one part sticks out as kind of silly. Knives are used to cut food right?….. to make sure the food can fit into a mouth, right? What do Chinese chefs use to make the food bite-size?

      I think chopsticks are easier than a fork sometimes, forks are better in some situations. Calling the use of a fork “barbaric” is reaching.

      Considering how people eat: Lets not forget, most people would consider lack of table manners as a sign of barbarism and many attribute Chinese people with a lack of table manners (or having different ideas as to what good table manners are). We are all barbaric sometimes, aren’t we?

      Very funny post though, made me laugh. :P

      • mr. wiener

        It is nice to see ACE using more variety in his arguments. The utesils one I’ve heard before, but it is good. :”Save our food from foreign attackers!!” “Attacking our food on the streets in public with their barbaric forks!”, “save out food! Save our food!”.

        • Made In World

          Yeah, let’s see you eat pizza with chopsticks, son of a shrew!

      • Made In World

        “What do Chinese chefs use to make the food bite-size?”


        and peaches

    • Getrealson

      If you hunted us down, like the dogs we are, what would you do once you found us? would you:

      A. start pointing your little finger and yell loudly

      B. Wait for your countrymen to come to your aid before striking
      (remember KFC?)

      C. run home and blog that you have found one and post lots of rude words

      Be careful what you wish for my angry little friend.

      • Little Wolf

        haha…I’ve been on the receiving end of the old “Chinese Finger-point Death Curse” literally dozens of times. Course, nothing ever came from any of them.
        And man…they were really fucking serious. (from what I could gather)

      • ACE

        none of the above. will remind you that while your ancestors were still living in caves,we were already observing electrons! Dig it?

        • Made In World

          but did you have forks?

        • Made In World

          BTW what the hell history book have you been reading? Living in caves? Electrons? Please educate this sorry son of a shrew.

        • whiskersthecat

          But I bet your ancestor’s women were still sleeping with our ancestor’s cavemen and loving it. They love that big caveman club oooooh yeeeeah

          • mr. wiener

            If that where the case, Chinese would look like our caveman ancestors…..Hang on , I forgot the Chinese invented birth control too.
            Too bad ACE’s mum didn’t use any.

          • ACE

            Your violent race aka the WHITE TRASH is facing extinction fast so whine all you can while I have fun kicking the WHITE ARSE & their HALF BREED offspring! Remember – WHITE TRASH are here ONLY for our entertainment and that’s the bottom line! Nearly forgot to mention wiener,weiner,whiner…oh Fuck,think it’s sausage dog(or something),your mother’s BIG FAT arse looks RIPE for my 4X4 big foot.

          • ACE

            guess you’re one of those HALF BREED or MULTI MIXED BREED?

          • moop

            wow, a 4×4 bigfoot? you must hurt a lot of sailors with it

          • mr. wiener

            Recon I touched a nerve much?
            Seems to me the only entertainment value is being provided by ACE. All this posturing and chest beating, I think he’s got something to prove. Let me tell you bro. A chatroom ain’t the place to do it. Step up or shut up.

    • fredf

      Forks are barbaric ?

      Eating with your mouth open is barbaric !
      Talking with your mouth full of food and spitting the food everywhere is barbaric !
      Eating dogs and rats is barbaric !
      Spitting bones onto the table is barbaric !
      Spitting onto the floors of restaurants is barbaric !

    • kaka

      Believing free speech to be the cornerstone of any open society; Whilst I do not agree with what you say ACE, I fully defend your right to say it. Oh no, wait, scrap that, I forgot were I reside for a second…

      … and if you’re honest, you call Caucasian foreigners “white trash” because you heard it whilst you were illegally watching some US tv show online, but didn’t quite understand the cultural context in which it was used, as despite your hatred of foreigners at least their tv shows have something approaching a plot, don’t resemble a public re-education film, and the people in them that can actually act.

    • bustanmente jones

      attack their food? Have you seen how Chinese eat? Hunched over the bowl slurping the food as if they’re afraid it will run away??? War and violence? How many minorities did this glorious nation destroy or assimilate in order to become China and how many people died violent deaths during the great leap backwards??

    • Pamela

      hahahahahahahahaha .. cant stop laughing about the “use WEAPONS(fork and knives) to ‘attack’ their food’ hahaha… I cannot even get angry because of the racist comments hahahaha….

      • kou bei dave

        It had to have been a joke

        it really is quite funny

      • kaka

        Wait a moment Pamela, he does make an interesting observation. . .

        the use of chopsticks, spoons, and hands predicates the need to have ones food cut up by someone else prior to consumption, rather than having to “attack” it with a knife and fork oneself whilst eating.

        of course not all “white trash” use knives and forks, as I’m sure you’re aware – it is common for “white trash” babies to have their food mashed or cut-up for them by whoever prepared their food, usually their mother.

        the obvious point of difference is that once the “white trash” become sentient and fully functional human-beings, and are thus capable of doing shit for themselves, they seek to become independent and self-sufficient, and try to live their life without their mother organizing every aspect of it.

        i wouldn’t want to suggest that people who continue to have their food mashed and cut-up by someone else prior to consumption after early childhood are in anyway are dependent, un-self-sufficient, and generally allow their mother an inordinate say in their day-to-day lives – that is not for me to say…

        still, makes you think. . .

    • grovesman

      Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’…Rawhide!

    • El Puma R.

      What a lame psychological-oriented statement… You gotta stop thinking about food, buddy. My fork and knife could kick your chopstick ass any day buddy. And after that you’ll see me dating that girl you secretly loved but never knew who you are…

    • Yang Po Fu

      No one will listen to you in China. Now you have many foreign spy trash listeners. Maybe soon you’ll have an army!

      There is a job opening on CCTV, I’m sure there’s room for someone like you.

      Have you ever been to “civilized Asia”? Guarantee you it’s not here. Ever hear of obeying the law?

    • Yang Po Fu

      Here’s another 5 mao

      • Yang Po Fu

        And another… I’m not sure how it works, do you get the money for replies?

    • Yang Po Fu

      You’re a stupid head. Your a super stupid head. Just trying to talk to you at your level. Anyways, another 5 mao for you. You’re welcome!

    • Made In World

      Barbaric? Read your post.

    • Lord Starck

      You mean those civilised Asiens who pick their ears with the long finger nail? Or those who spit out on the street, in the bus, on the office floor? Those who eat everything from shark fins, dogs, cats, rats and what not and justify that with “culture”? Congratulations you eat all this the civilised and peaceful way with disposable chop sticks for which a forest need to die for. Wonderful.

    • Oisín

      Lol, you start with “These White Trash are natural born violent people” then finish with “FUCK the WHITE TRASH & HUNT them down!”

      What’s it like to be a psychopath, Mr. Ace? Or did you just forget to take your medication?

    • linette


      hahha..interesting concept. Fork and Knives definitely more “aggressive” utensils. Chopsticks and hands are more “neutral and supportive” utensils. These eating utensils are developed by people using their ideas in their heads.

  • Foreign Devil

    His accusations of “spies” and human trafficking are kind of ridiculous and sound like Cold war era rhetoric. But there certainly are plenty of low life illegals overstaying their visa’s in China. More and more as 1st word economies crash. I’ve watched his watered down political talks on Channel 9. . . he ought to be careful of insulting his target audience. . foreigners in CHina. . . .though I’m they keep him on TV to spout the propaganda point of view regardless of if anyone can sit through his “debates”.

  • eattot

    i agree! really should kick some mfs out!

    • staylost

      Support! Kick all CCTV anchors out of China and into North Korea where crazy news anchor auntie can beat them all into oblivion!

      • 404namenotfound

        ^ This!!

    • I_Banged_eattot

      i agree! really should kick some mfs out! starting with you. send you somewhere nice. lets say… eastern Congo! let them have their way with you.

      • pc

        I vote for sending her to Mogadishu, where she can be pounded to madness by 1000 pirate cocks.

      • eattot

        u go die!
        go die! change your name!

      • Alan

        That’s the funniest handle I have seen on cs yet!

        Big respect!

        A UK Variant would be I_Shagged_eattot, rofl

    • mr. wiener

      *sigh* You just gotta love the girl.

    • fredf

      eattot agrees !

      eattot has agreed to throw away her iphone, LV bags, and Gucci shoes.
      eattot will now only buy and use Chinese brand phones, bags, clothes and shoes !

      No more mf western brands !

      • eattot

        i am not rich, i wear whatever i like, and i have no interest in that kinda thing either.and i am still young,i do not need any.

        • mr. wiener

          Eattot hon. I like you because you speak your mind , but I think you misread the mood in the room today.

        • I_Banged_eattot

          judging by your sagging funbags you’re not as young as you used to be. oh those were the days, when your A’s were perky. “sigh”. i’ll get you some new victoria’s secret cause you’re going to need it darlin.

          • pc

            eattot’s not going to wear victoria’s secret… she’d be a race traitor if she did…

          • eattot

            go die!
            when u get nothing good to insult a woman, so say fuck you to her is the best and direct way?

          • eattot

            u go die,go die!
            do not bullshit online,come out,who your?

          • staylost

            You slept with her and she thinks you are gay? Not good news for you dude.

          • Young Man

            OK, we’ve found the eattot’s kryptonite that makes her break down like an evil killer computer from Star Trek caught in a logic trap by chubby Bill Shatner.

            Now let’s never speak of it again.

          • Chinggis was here

            Champagne comments on ChinaSmack today. +1 to Kaka and I_Banged_eattot. I laughed so hard at eattot’s replies, I spat drink over the screen.

            The only reason I watch CCTV 9 is for Wang MangMang and Jenny Gu. Even channel surfing for shows about glorious Communist victories against the Japanese is preferable to Diatribe with Yang Rui, I can’t even understand what he’s saying. Either he needs subtitles or my English has regressed… Sigh.

        • pc

          eattot, I’m sorry for the rude comments, but you have to understand, you came across as a racist and a xenophobe. Maybe you are, and maybe you aren’t. Most people feel angry and frustrated when they come across people who demonstrate this kind of hatred. Please, clear the air. But be careful what you say, or you might be facing all sorts of nasty comments. People are angry today, and I think you made one wrong comment, and everyone decided to pick on you (myself included, and for that I’m sorry), but please explain yourself.

          • Brett Hunan

            She neither came off as a racist nor a xenophobe. Where did any of you get that idea?

            Yes, she said “I agree”, but her follow-up clears up what she agrees with: “some mfs” should be kicked out.

            Everyone is always so ready to pick on eattot that they jump on anything they can to attack her.

          • Nyancat

            I think it is cause Eattot lacks the linguistic skills to properly convey her message that she get wailed on, I’m pretty sure most of us understood what she meant but still chose to give it to her hard, poor girl. :'(

          • linette

            All you crazy people here coming to this website bashing China and Chinese and still have the guts to ask us to not behave like racist toward foreigners and xenophobe. I am going to faint and laughing my a$$ off so hard. Don’t you all folks have any shame?

            This is clearly a good example. eattot made one small nasty comment(compare to you folks dropping like 10), all you bastards start jumping on her like gorrilas attacking her making racist and sexist comments against her. Get lost and take those sexist racist comments and give them to your own mother.

            Didn’t your mother teach you treat people the way you wanted to be treated? All you gorillas.
            It takes two to tango, your bad behavior and racist attitude toward the Chinese are the reason why they are fed up and a rise on anti-foreigner sentiment.

        • Dr Hung Low

          I, for one, think youre smokin’ hot, darling

          • Alan

            I agree with you doc.

            I wonder if eattot, is up for a bit of cyber, I don my wizard hat and robe and upgrade her to 40X hottie…..

      • Alan

        I would argue that not many mainland chinese own a genuine iphone as it is.

        There are only 5 or so official outlets in the whole country.

        Now an Iphone bought from HK or Macau, possibly a different matter, especially if bought from fortress or somewhere like that.

    • Yang Po Fu

      Kick out those sons of shrews!

      • Young Man

        Yes, their fathers are hamsters and their mothers smell of elderberries.

    • El Puma R.


      In the past 10 years the immigrant Chinese population in Argentina (my country) increased from less than 10,000 to more than 200,000; they’ve brought with them seriously horrible sanitary habits that have harmed my own people along with the mafia who controls them and throws them dead next to a public road if they… who knows! Same statistics apply to most countries in South America… you do the math.
      However we’ve never got to the point of saying things like this Yang cunt and you just said. We are trying to teach those people what means to be civilized even though it wasn’t our job in the first place. I’ve been living in China for 4 years and I’ve realized it isn’t so much fun anymore because now that I understand your language I can fuck with your ignorant minds daily, however, one gets tired of seeing this level of thoughts all the time, added to the fact that no one does anything to make things better… your people are experts in pointing out the flaws of the foreigners when you actually have a very long way to go.

      just to conclude:

      Chinese people who speak english don’t use expressions like “kick mfs out”, ever. where else could you have learned such expression? It’s crystal clear that some “white trash” ditched you for someone better and left you with a lots of illusions… and a sore p***y.

  • Patrick

    I honestly believe I met this prick in Suzhou. Drunk from red wine he tried to skewer me, then hid behind the women. A real piece of work.

  • Anus Presley

    On a lighter note, it looks like the arrogant Russian cellist has been sacked:

    • bustanmente jones

      what’s interesting is that although he was an idiot, the woman who was hitting him and being racist by telling him to get out of China (which seems to be the go to insult) would have been charged with inciting racism in any other country, but people here just seem to be able to say what they want.

      • Alan

        I do not think the Russian was racist at all, merely standing up for himself.

        • Anus Presley

          Standing up for himself? So if some put their feet up on your seat you’d be o.k with it? He acted like an arrogant, inconsiderate piece of shit.

          • Anus Presley


          • Alan

            He acted like an arrogant, inconsiderate piece of shit.

            No different from how I am treated by locals who think I do not understand their dialect.

            But your right, two wrongs don’t make a right.

            Rudeness is just not unique to us laowais, not at all…..

  • Jeff

    “No need to demonize, [China] already is a demon.”

    as stated though the eyes of a loyal Chinese citizen

  • fookie

    Drives a western car, wears a western suit, smokes a western pipe and cigar. Good example.

  • bustanmente jones

    This guy makes his living from interviewing foreign experts while speaking very poor English.

    A person in his position should be fired for a rant like this. He seemed to like foreigners enough while traveling overseas and wearing Western clothes!

    Talk about illegals??? China was and still is one of the biggest nett exporters of illegal immigrants, people working illegally in restaurants etc all over the world!

  • Greg (the smart one)

    What a pole-ridng cocksmoking cunt.

    If we were face-to-face I doubt his mouth would be gibbering away like this.

    I think it would more than likely be “Yes sir, no sir”.

    • mr. wiener

      Oh, I think he’d abuse you verbally alright and maybe take a swing at you if your back was turned. Especially if he’d had a skinful of booze and had some friends to back him up.
      He is a puffed up little turd at the moment, a bit too drunk on his own importance, but this is going to change very fast when he gets fired. I can see him eating crow in short order.

  • bustanmente jones

    he loves everything western expect the people. if they guy could speak decent English I’d still have no respect for him.

    We pay taxes, buy homes, have families, buy cars, but as foreigners we’re still second class citizens and someone on national television can say what he wants without getting into trouble – “pay taxes and support the economy Yangguizi, but you have zero rights!”

    • Xiongmao

      He’s just angry ‘coz no one ever watches his crappy shows on CCTV5. I once sprained my ankle and had to sit absolutely still in the sofa for half a day. Painful shit but when Dialogue came on and I couldn’t find the remote I hobbled to the TV, screaming in pain all the way, just to turn it off ASAP. It’s actually a true story. I’d rather get a dose of mind numbing pain that made my eyes water up than watching just 2 minutes of Yang Rui.

  • Geschichte des Materiali

    All foreigners trash must be swept off my sofa

    • Anus Presley

      I’d like to come and take a shit on your sofa and then rub your face in it, although something tells me you’d probably like it.

    • Nyancat

      Why do foreigners throw trash on your sofa? Do you live in a dumpster?

  • Jeffli

    so where’s……
    Cloaca ‘one hole’ nabanna ……these days? Has he been kicked out of the country already?
    Yang Rui deserves a medal for that!

    • Nyancat

      he’s masquerading as a ‘white ghost’ …

  • Don

    hahaha, I always knew this guy had something against foreigners, that he is a racist, I never enjoyed dialogue whenever he was there because it seems that he is one of the comentators not the host, always defending china which makes dialogue kind of boring a predictable.

  • goodjob

    Most Chinese men believe that the Chinese girls who are seized into the arms of those various foreigners that are both old and ugly and may even have physical defectsare are vain and avaricious and just want the money and the visa.

    • Xiongmao

      I particularly like the ‘physical defects’ part. I assume it’s not some slick, oh-so-funny Chinese way of insinuating impotence but how handicaps and disabled people generally are looked down upon in China and most of Asia. Goes to show what a moron that guy is. I also feel slightly amused at the thought of an 18 year old kid with no education who spends 12 hours a day at internet cafes think he’d be a better catch than a 30 year old foreigner with an education, life experience and a decent job. If you’re so burnt up inside then MAN THE FUCK UP instead of sitting behind your computer whining.

      • El Puma R.

        Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

    • radbab

      They love to complain how westerners get girls, yet they make it hard for themselves to get any girl. Divorced? no way. Over 28? no way. Too short? no way. Wants a house? can’t afford. Wants a car? can’t afford. Found the right girl – didn’t get approval from her/his parents. Nevermind the fact that there’s more guys than girls around in this country…

      • elizabeth

        Careful, double-edged sword. It may imply that Chinese men have ‘higher’ standards than the laowais.

        • fredf

          No problem.
          I am very happy to have the girls that the Chinese men reject because the girl is too short, or too tan, or over 28, or too educated, or too smart, or too popular, or too quiet, or , or , or………

          • Shanghairen

            There are a lot of deal-breakers here. 17 good qualities and 1 “bad” quality? NOT beautiful. I say to a Chinese friend “that girl is not bad looking”; she replies “Oh, you like short girls”.

        • mr. wiener

          The secret to happiness is……….Lower your standards!

          • elizabeth

            Some things are not meant to be compromised, friend, and I am not referring to physical appearance or material possessions.

      • Notorious

        I agree. Basing this on what i’ve read on this site and from many translated comments, these guys are definitely too picky. That’s a sure fire way of ending up alone. I was reading a post about that facebook guy’s wife and was stunned that they were calling her ugly and fat. She appeared to me, a very pretty woman. maybe she didn’t look western enough? lol

  • Castro


    Pipe smoking, English hat wearing, Mercedes driving Chinese man is angry. Not enough attention from Mommy. Probably not Breast-fed. Harbors secret desire to be a ‘white guy’.

    ACE – angry about something. strong dislike of forks.

    Eattot – still hottest girl posting on CS! so she can say whatever she wants. If she was nicer she show avatar in bikini or sth. and I bet her ‘Twins’ are still Standing to Attention as they should !

    • Little Wolf

      Castro: Agree. Regardez!

      • diverdude

        thx bro..

        • diverdude

          oh, I’m Castro too, depends which computer I am on it seems…

    • Made In World

      Don’t say fork! It get’s him going!

      • Little Wolf

        MIW: 3rd paragraph here should really get him going then :)

        5,000,000 years BC: Somewhere on the cooling igneous rock formed from millenia of geological turmoil that will one day settle and form the land we now know as China, sulphuric emissions from falling meteorites destroy stretches of lush forestry and wipe out all but the hardiest forms of life. A cycle is begun that will be repeated many times throughout the entire history of this land.

        4,999,999 BC – 3001 BC: A quiet time for Chinese civilisation.

        3000 BC: Exactly 5007 years ago this Tuesday, primitive man all over the world began to pick up objects using small wooden sticks as tools. Two advanced primates along the Yellow River basin decide that their way of picking up things with wooden sticks indicates their superior level of civilization, and establish the foundations of Chinese civilization after taking a shit in a hole.

        2500 BC: Chinese scientists rename the fatherland “the motherland” after determining the sex of China.

        1600 BC: The great Yu, last of the Five Legendary Rulers, promises to eradicate bad habits such as spitting and queue jumping within the next five years. “China is a developing country” he reminds critics.

        770 BC – 476 BC: The Spring and Autumn Period occurs in China, and is only brought to an end by the invention of Summer and Winter by Chinese scientists.

        479 BC: Confucius: philosopher, educator, and the man responsible for consolidating the guidelines that would shape East Asia, dies after chocking on a chicken bone. Though his earlier works were hailed as successes, commentators note that as he got older, the old man started to lose clarity. Phrases like: “Confucius says: Kids today don’t know they’re born”, “Confucius says: Take your coat off or you won’t feel the benefit”, and “Confucius says: I remember when this was all fields”, fail to make it into final editions of The Analects.

        221 BC: The armies of Qin Shihuangdi “peacefully liberate” the whole of China for the first time, and the government goes around relieving citizens of burdensome relics of the old feudal system, like life and happiness. Qin Shihuangdi also builds the Great Wall of China: a feat of engineering so magnificent, that it can be seen anywhere in the world.

        771 AD: At the height of China’s “Golden Age”, rebels An Lushan and Shi Siming lead an armed uprising against the ruling Tang Dynasty. Disgruntled peasants complain that the government spends too much time and money having passionate affairs and stirring political intrigue in order to attract CCTV producers of costume dramas from the future. The Curse of the Golden Flower fails to win a single Oscar nomination at the 2007 Academy Awards, and producers begin to leave the past as audience’s demand more modern dramas. The An Lushan rebellion is quickly quelled and the Emperor blames everything on the time-travelling foreigners.

        1167: The five year old Genghis Khan is left at home with his “Uncle Tommy” while his mother pops down the shops to buy some yak’s butter. A disturbed Genghis promises not to tell his mother about the “special games” he’s been playing, and grows up to conquer Asia and slaughter millions.

        1266: Marco Polo arrives in Beijing and brings with him the inventions of spaghetti, ice cream, and gunpowder. Five years later, after investing in the Joint Venture “Sino-Polo Happy Food and Fireworks Factory”, a bankrupt Marco leaves China with all his ideas pirated and distributed freely around China. The Mongol government responds to Venetian protests by saying it was all a ”misunderstanding”, and Marco “didn’t understand the Chinese way”.

        1368: The Ming overthrows the Mongols and establishes a new dynasty that will last for nearly 200 years. During his coronation, the Emperor promises to eradicate bad habits such as spitting and queue jumping within the next five years. “China is a developing country” he reminds critics.

        1405: Admiral Zheng He and his men arrive on the east coast of Africa: a feat accomplished 87 years before Columbus discovered America. Zheng He and his men spend their time in Africa walking around in a tour group and refusing to eat the local food. After being asked to leave for saying the locals were “too black”, Zheng He steals a giraffe, and cooks it upon arriving in China. The giraffe disagrees with the stomach of the Chinese Emperor; Zheng He is imprisoned and the African natives are then asked to apologize for hurting the feelings of the Chinese people.

        1793: Lord MaCartney, a well-known celebrity in Great Britain, sails to China and pleads with the Emperor Qianlong to accept British exports of micro-waved vegetarian meals and recordings of The Mull of Kintyre. MaCartney’s demands aren’t met, and he returns disheartened to the United Kingdom. On the way he is robbed of most of his fortune by a one-legged gold-digging pirate.

        1842: Faced against powerful slogans like “Keep China British” and “It’s time to euthanise the Sick Man of Asia”, feeble catchphrases like “Get high on Confucianism!” fails to win the War on Drugs for the Qing government. Hong Kong is ceded to the British, and the Chinese vow to seek revenge by bricking the windows of the British Embassy 125 years later.

        1911: Sun Yat-sen’s new Republic ends nearly 5000 years of imaginary imperial rule. The new Chinese Congress promises to eradicate bad habits such as spitting and queue jumping within the next five years. “China is a developing country” they remind critics.

        1949: After years of civil war, Japanese invasion, and national humiliation, a giant poster of Mao gains control of China. The giant poster wields power through an army of smaller, photocopied, versions of itself, and promises to rid all China of stamps featuring Queen Victoria and placards of Chiang Kai-Shek. The giant poster of Mao is head of the Chinese Communist Party, which at the time was the biggest, and probably the best, Communist Party in the whole world.

        1958: Mao begins the Great Leap Forward, which quickly leaps to the top of the BBC’s All-Time Best Misnamed Political Campaigns, pushing aside old favourites like Hitler’s “Great Hanukah Promotion Drive” and Gandhi’s “Let’s Kick Their Fucking Heads Open”.

        1966: Mao follows his success with “The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”. A time which seemingly everybody chose to ignore completely and read a book about the Nanjing Massacre instead.

        1969: The dreams of Man are realised as Neil Armstrong takes his first step on the moon. China responds by stating it too will place a man selling lamb kebabs, t-shirts, and musical lighters, on the moon by 2040.

        (May++) (3++)th 1988++: According to the official records of the CCP, on this day the sun was shining, so Deng Xiaoping decided to have a nice picnic with his friends out in the countryside. On the way home, he saw a cute kid selling homemade lemonade by the roadside, so he bought six glasses for only one yuan each, and then gave the kid a shiny button to take home.

        1997: The comet Hale-Bopp graced the heaven’s in one of the most beautiful sights ever to appear upon the celestial basin in recent years. Angry that the arrival of the comet was diverting media attention from the upcoming handover of Hong Kong, Deng Xiaoping passed away in a pathetic face-saving attempt to bring global attention back to China. The trick is a success, and none less that Dame Edna Everage himself arrives in Hong Kong to preside over the handover ceremony.

        2000: Beijing authorities greet the arrival of the Olympic committee by painting the grass green and removing all the tramps off the streets. Six weeks later, Beijing authorities greet the arrival of the Eurovision Song Contest committee by painting the grass brown again, bringing the tramps back in, and letting them run wild on crack cocaine.

        • mr. wiener

          niiice :)

        • anon

          Did you copy this from Sinocidal?

          • Little Wolf

            It came from sinocidal, of which I was a founding member but I am not the composer of this article. It was written by the artist known as “Chou-Chou” (a funny, FUNNY man). And I think it’s still as funny and valid as when it was first posted back in 2007.

        • Alan

          I never rofled so hard in all my life.

          I doff my hat to you sir, that clearly took some time to write, and it is hilarious, YET, oh so true!

  • Xiongmao

    Interesting that so many people commenting seem to be unaware as to why Al J got banned (exposing China’s black jails) or if they are, do not think it’s worth exposing. They’ve been brainwashed well, but hey, at least many of the comments realise that it’s a storm in a glass of water, that the amount of foreigners in China is abslutely miniscule compared to the number of Chinese and that the vast majority of them know how to behave. Yang Rui’s programs on CCTV are boring, leading and un-confronting. Maybe he just had enough of this pseudo-journalism and picked a questionable topic to rant about. One question though, if he’s such a xenophobe and he dislikes foreigners so much, why has he enrolled his kid in an American university?

    Put the Pakistani-British Muslim in jail, or fire the crazy Russian for all I care (as a European I feel no connection to either culturally anyway) but this Yang Rui double-standards, raving nobody really ought to shut up and not pour gasoline on the fire.

    • fredf

      “One question though, if he’s such a xenophobe and he dislikes foreigners so much, why has he enrolled his kid in an American university?”

      Hypocrisy ………. with Chinese characteristics…..

    • anon

      Most Chinese people don’t watch Al Jazeera, much less the English version, so of course they don’t know about it.

    • Made In World

      Okay, you left me in suspense. As there’s been absolutely no real reason they’ve been expelled except for violating unknown Chinese laws… I’d really love to hear the why….

      If it’s cuz she reported on black jails and such… surprise surprise…

    • An anonymous boy…

      Actually no one knows the exact reasons for the ban. The reporter did lots of probing stories (the jails were just one), and in general al j did documentaries (prison slaves being the most recent) that did not paint China in a great light. The black jails thing is 2.5 years old. So they would be a little slow to ban them for just that.

      Additionally, China is feeling pressure recently due to increase foreign press scrutiny on some recent unnamed stories. So you can speculate on all those factors.

      It is not like Yang Rui’s thoughts are that much different from the U.S. officials’ sentiments toward al j during the Iraq War saying it was Anti-American (or even certain types of foreigners). Of course that comparison isn’t exactly apples to apples… And, I admit his are over the top and sweepingly generalized to any foreigner which makes him come off as a bigot.

      But, obviously he clarified after he posted that and said the majority of foreigners aren’t trash… Thus, his position is now much more neutral. As for him being a hypocrite, mostly everyone is: it’s solved with cognitive dissonance.

      Lastly, the reactions of any other country that dislikes al j’s press of them (such as Algeria, Israel, and Egypt) are not much different from China either.

  • John

    We should indeed leave the country, there are many better places to go to. It is however strange that Mr. Racist loves our cars, our cities and our style of life. When I look at the size of his shoes, I find it small. I guess he has a complex on size. I would say, it is normal that girls don’t like him. So if he doesn’t pitch well, maybe the catching is better?

    • Yang Po Fu

      I hear Afghanastan is nice

  • Wang Lijun

    And China wonders why FDI is decreasing…

  • Anus Presley
    • pc

      You know, it’s interesting that in Ireland, a Chinese guy rapes, not just attempted rape, but RAPED an Irish student. The detective and the judge, both commented on the fact that this was “uncharacteristic” of the Chinese community there… In Ireland, you don’t have everyone up in arms against foreigners because of one goof doing something stupid.

      FAUNA can we please get that story up on chinasmack? It’d be good for the masses to see… I will be posting it on weibo later tonight.

      • Anus Presley

        I agree. People need to see the difference in reaction between these two cases. Kind of puts things in perspective.

        • anon

          I think you’re jumping the gun a bit. Yang Rui is neither detective or judge in this case. China is definitely less PC than many countries in the West but there’s just too many instances of knee-jerk racism in the West for anyone to seriously try advancing a “which society is more racist” debate. In the end, both sides are just going to come out looking less than admirable.

        • k

          Its not just westeners they are targeting in that 100 day thing but other asians as well. My husband was reading korean news articles saying that koreans were being harassed as well in china.

  • Dr SUN

    Dialogue is a rubbish show any way, questions that are “so loaded” fired at the Laowia.

    Well at least he has shown his reall feelings and opinions towards the “White Trash”, odd his daughter is at school with them though.

    He will probably get promoted over this.

    • pc

      His daughter is in school in America, “studying” hard, late into the night, sometimes 4 or 5 times, and with her “white trash” classmates…

      • fredf

        My first thought is that I hope his daughter gets impregnated by her “white trash” boyfriend, but I guess that is not polite.

        On the other hand. Yang Rui is probably hoping that his daughter gets American citizenship so she can sponsor him to immigrate to America.
        The hypocrisy continues…..

    • Yang Po Fu

      Who actually watches this show unless every other form of entertainment in their apartment is broken?

    • Alan

      If it is not her,it is that other smug female reporter who every time the laowai tries to make some constructive criticism, arrogantly interjects with getting back to the original topic…..

      Sticking a bony fish up my arse and walking up and down the street drinking Tabasco and winding myself in the stomach would be more fun…..or maybe not.

  • elizabeth

    Al Jazeera is a political tabloid. I don’t trust them.

    • Made In World

      So then all political tabloids should be expelled from all countries. Then all presumed political tabloids will be expelled. Then all possibly presumed suspected political tabloids will be expelled…

      Isn’t this the history of modern China?

      • elizabeth

        I didn’t say expel. I said I don’t trust them. In other words, ‘read with caution’. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to judge things for themselves, so it gives governments the excuse to ‘expel’ them.

      • elizabeth

        ‘Independent’ news entity owned by the STATE of Qatar.

        • Made In World

          Again, regardless. You say you didn’t say expel, but you certainly seem to be advocating it. Free countries have rubbish news too, but the people are educated enough (generally) to recognize it.


          • James

            Melissa Chan was expelled – maybe we can guess why, since the official reply is “according to the relevant laws and regulations.”

            1 – another reporter for Al Jazeera working on a multi-part show about slavery in the 21st century, illegally filmed China’s laogai system – workcamp/prison labor system, where prisioners are forced to work as unpaid labor. And interviewed Harry Wu, a hated enemy of the PRC.

            2 – Melissa is a hard working journalist who wasn’t afraid of going after embarassing stories, like the piece she did about “black jails” – illegal detention centers, where people are held imprisioned, but not charged with any crime.

            3 – Melissa looks Chinese, so she should have loved the motherland and not ever found anything to criticize about it, she should have written one long constant stream of praise, and she didn’t.

            Therefore she is clearly a shrew who should be thrown out.

          • elizabeth

            Ouch. My ears, my ears…why are you yelling? It’s not my place to tell the Chinese what to do with their homeland. It’s their internal affairs. I respect their prerogative.

            Maybe that’s why the taxi driver stopped for me instead of the educated white dudes the other day :D

    • fredf

      ALL tabloids are political.
      Why do you not understand that ?

      • elizabeth

        Uh oh, space before a question mark…

        Nevertheless, not all political news sources are tabloids. That’s my point.

        • mr. wiener

          DA DA DUMMMM!…… He’s baaaack

  • typingfromwork

    Dumb ass racist on TV. The usual mix of people defending and chastising him. Same with any internet forum.

  • Made In World

    We’re constantly supporting them in their rights and their freedoms, the first chance at freedom of speech, what do they say? …..

  • radbab

    xenophobia in the guise of public security, law and order. Gotta guide the anger of the masses against something, or else they might actually start thinking about what’s really going on in their country.

    But rest assured, once the Japanese arrest some illegal Fishermen again they’ll forget about the westerners and turn on the Japanese, as usual.

  • Ill leave if you do

    If this idiot had any idea how many illegal Chinese are committing crimes in the U.S. he would shit his pants… there are over 220,000 illegal Chinese in Los Angles county alone and some commit horrible violent crimes with alarming frequency.

    America has had to put up with Chinese street gangs for decades – murdering, drug dealing, human trafficking thugs.

    If China cannot handle becoming a country that is connected to the rest of the world (which I believe it cannot) then close up your borders, stop selling your crap to the west and waste away in your own ignorance.

  • Duke

    There are people of Chinese origin in every corner of the earth. For anyone in China to say there are too many laowai, they would have to forget just how many of their country men are living, studying and working in other countries. Unless China wants all its population abroad sent back to them(can you imagine), I don’t think a few laowai should ruffle to many feathers.

    • pc

      Just checked wiki (although wiki is not the best source), it’s estimated that there are 40 000 000 ethnic Chinese all over the world… So let’s trade? The world will send back all the Chinese, and you can boot all the foreigners out. Don’t worry, and extra 40 million people in an already packed country won’t affect the job market, traffic, pollution, poverty…

      • Made In World

        We’ll stick them in the Philippines.

        • Andao

          On Scarborough Shoal. Sort of like “holding my place”.

  • John

    I agree with some of the last comments. Write to your consulate. I am a foreigner living in China, and there was one really bad comment made there. The comment about foreign spies. My daughter already goes through tons of crap with being half Chinese… now she has to deal with this?

    WRITE TO YOUR EMBASSY… here’s an example


    I am writing to you in regards to a recent incident that has taken place in China. Recently, an international Chinese journalist, Yang Rui, was quoted as saying, “The Public Security Bureau must clean up foreign trash, snatch foreign vagabonds and protect our innocent girls.”

    As a (NATIONALITY HERE) I am extremely offended by these comments and concerned about my security and well being in China in the future.

    Other comments that concerned me were, “We already kicked out that foreign bitch [Melissa Chan] and shut down Al Jazeera’s Beijing office, to show people who demonize China that they can shut up and beat it.”

    These comments are vaguely reminiscent of other dangerous powers in the past.


    The most alarming remark was, “Foreign spies seek out Chinese girls to mask their espionage and pretend to be tourists while compiling maps and GPS data for Japan, Korea and the West.”

    If this is the tone from China right now, not only do I demand an apology from CCTV, I also want to know if my wife and child qualify as “in danger” in our current conditions. Can we seek asylum?

    (END OF CHINESE WIFE comments)

    I am demanding that my government gets an explanation from Beijing. I demand that an apology be made by CCTV (and perhaps the government). I demand that my country stand up for me the way China stood up for their people when Cafferty, an American CNN reporter, stated, in 2008, that the Chinese powers were still the “goons and thugs” they were 50 years ago. The Chinese foreign ministry demanded an apology. I expect the same.

    As a (NATIONALITY) citizen, I demand that you assist myself and fellow (NATIONALITY) in this situation. The reason I demand this is because I can.

    I am extremely concerned for my safety. I expect my government to get some answers and reassurances that this will not happen again.

    If the Chinese (with their “rights” system) can get this from CNN, I definately expect my government to stand up for me!

    I have forwarded this email to all of the appropriate news agencies. I hope my government will stand up for my rights.

    • John

      Also, if you have any tips or ideas to make this a better letter, give tips, thanks. I will send this later tonight. I hope you do to. It’s the only way to keep these guys in check as they constantly keep us in check.

    • John

      There’s too much reference to CNN is my first… not sure if I should demand my rights because I can also…

    • Made In World

      It’s good. Maybe something about his last comment, “no one is above the law”… if CNN had to apologize, then so do they… no one is above the law?

      I don’t know. I will write

  • MrT

    Yang Rui hit the nail on the head. Good job sticking his neck out.
    China full of spies, I have met lots of them.
    Fuck em all off.

    • Get real dude…

      You haven’t mat anyone other than your boyfriend in the alley behind the sewer oil restaurant you work in.

      • Made In World

        I don’t really think Mr T is real. You have to remember there are foreigners that disguise themselves as Chinese and try to make it worse than it already is. Personally, especially with a name like Mr T, and the comments, sounds like a troll… this is (I pray) not the Chinese mentality right now.

      • Z-Dawg

        Right on…

      • Z-Dawg

        Right on (and LOL).

    • pc

      I posted this same question to another chap today, and I feel I should ask you as well.

      Are you serious? You’re on the boarder of “sounds so stupid, he can’t be serious” and “mentally retarted, but deadly serious”…

      Which one is it?

      • Made In World

        Stupid, serious, retarded, but deadly… I guess that’s a great profile…

        Was that to me? If so, that’s my answer, I think…

    • mr. wiener

      I pity the fool.

      • Boris

        ‘aint gettin’ me on a plane, Hanibal!

  • Bunny99

    I used to think that Yang Rui was a fossil with terrible English who they had to keep on CCTV-9 because he had always been there and had political connections. No surprise to hear him spouting a racist rant. The most funny thing is that CCTV is supposed to be trying to promote its international influence – so really they should fire Yang Rui but of course they can’t. They will probably have him hosting a new show called “Bridges across the globe with Yang Rui and foreign friends”.

    His words would be viewed as inciting racial hatred in Europe and the US- so if you are from the USA please write to your Chinese Embassy to request that he be black-listed from travel to your country. If you are from Europe please do the same, wherever you are from just email your embassy and report him (unless you are from the DPRK, he’s welcome there).

    Don’t really want to see him leave China ever again.

    • Made In World

      That and the letter to your embassy. Some great ideas!

    • Boris

      You don’t want to see him leave China again?
      I want to see him publicly spit-roasted in the middle of Tiananmen Square, before being decapitated with a samurai sword wielded by the Dalai Lama.

  • Rod

    This is pretty funny – a guy who slams foreigners, but then posts pictures driving a foreign made car, smoking an imported cigar, wearing western clothes, and sitting in a cafe. Hm. I haven’t read the other comments yet, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who picked up on this.

    And since when did protecting women from foreigners fit in with politics?

    • Made In World

      Considering ChinaSmack just posted a story about a Chinese raping an American and his parents tried to bribe the victim…

      • Anon

        I’m not sure it was ever specified, but from the various circumstances I read about about here and elsewhere, I’m pretty sure that the victim was also Chinese. Not that it matters.

    • wacky

      he was slamming foreign trash not foreigner, unless you are saying that all foreigner are foreign trash

  • Sorry

    I hope Yang Rui will do the honorable thing and apologize for encouraging anger towards all foreigners…he would certainly be angered about the same type of comments directed at Chinese living in other countries.

    • Dr SUN

      What has been seen can’t be forgotten.

      He’s out the closet, too late to climb back in.

      Now on a serious note, my wife is asking where my fucking Austin Martin is, it’s a good question.

      Dr sun 008

      • John

        Yeah, I need my martini! Stat!

      • Anus Presley

        You’ve been exposed. Real spy’s drive Aston Martins, not Austin Martins. Better stick with the day job my friend.

        • John

          AHA! We have the real spy now! What’s that number?!?!

        • kaka

          To be fair – he could have been referring to the Chinese car brand Austen Martin, which looks similar to the Aston Martin, but not as similar as to break design copyright – however is much cheaper due to the fact that although outwardly impressive, structurally and internally it is a rickety piece of crap with a BYD engine.

        • Dr SUN

          Just been at it longer than you, I guess 009055 aka Anus P

          Real spies call them Austin Marten, better stick to the classroom studying before you hit the field AP.

          • Anus Presley

            I drive an Anus Martin. Any questions?

          • John

            Man there’s lots of spies on this site. What’s that hotline number? Do they pay rewards?

          • Anus Presley

            Now the Chinese know what all those thousands of shady, pasty-faced characters with cameras are really up to every day hanging around the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Their cover’s been well and truly blown.

            Good job we still have Google Earth.

    • Alan

      Rui chenggang had an anti foreigner outburst a while back and he did not get fired IIRC.

      The hypocrisy of those photos of him enjoying cigars, a pipe, holidaying in England, makes me sick to the stomach…..Like chenggang piped up to Obama he got to represent all of Asia, this guy is just an older more arrogant cut out cardboard version. He shouldn’t be allowed to host dialogue anymore.

      • John

        So the spy comment was to distract Chinese people from the whole Bo XiLai story and make them think it had something to do with the British guy Neil Heyword or whatever.

        The raping the women was to take down the stat that 30% of Chinese women have been abused by men. (was it 30 or 50? I’m being nice with 30)

        any other secret messages spotted in there?

      • Dr SUN

        Did you notice he was hanging around the Houses of Parliament a lot, taking pics while wearing sunglasses and smoking a pipe, looks like a classic spies behaviour to me.

        • Alan

          This guy could be the next bond villain in Skyfall.

          Wonder if we will get to see Daniel Craig all up in his face, and hurl him from some shanghai skyscraper…..imagine the wumao brigades reaction to that!!!

      • Made In World

        He hosts Dialogue? I thought it was a really cheap Japanese robot.

      • Knots and Rope

        Looks like Del Boy in the cigar pic. Alright me old china?

        • Alan

          ROFL, I thought that, what with the dodgy cockney spiv trader coat of choice…the camel hair, lol

          • Boris

            With the Merc he looks like Toad of Toad Hall.

    • Andao

      I saw “honorable thing…” and i thought the next word was going to be “seppuku”. Unfortunately it wasn’t, but I’m going to pretend it was anyway.

      • Laurent Coq

        Yang Rui you are a man! THE MAN!
        Telling the world that enough IS enough!
        You have got my entire support Sir!
        I too am fed up from those pompous breasted ignorant little jerks that come to china and humiliate, harass and take advantage of Chinese citizens.

        You were a loser in your own country you are a loser in China!

        To the foreigner reading this, if you can’t handle the truth, if you can’t deal with cultural differences, then take a hike back to where you come from ASAP…

        • Boris

          Apart from a Chinese xenophobe, the only support the fiendish Fu Man Shrew can get is from a Frenchman with a ludicrously entertaining surname. I knew the French were terrible fighters, but I didn’t realise they went around handing out ammunition to their enemies.

          • haha

            get out of china

          • Boris

            Apparently I’ve been giving you the same advice.

          • we all look alike

            don’t feed the trolls

        • kodi

          HAHAHA, “I too am fed up from those pompous breasted ignorant little jerks that come to china and humiliate, harass and take advantage of Chinese citizens.”

          I think you are a little extreme. Who taught you how to paint everyone with the same brush? You see a few examples of assholes from foreign countries then assume that all foreigners in China are the same? I would choose to reasonably believe that all foreigners in China are the same only if it is safe to say that all Chinese are the same, which is an utter fallacy!

          I do know what types of people you are directing your hate toward, although instead of looking at every foreign person with bias perhaps you should investigate a bit first.