CCTV Yang Rui’s Anti-Foreigner Rant, Chinese Netizen Reactions

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in sunglasses.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui on tv show with guest.

On the Sina Weibo account of CCTV International host Yang Rui

@主持人杨锐: The Ministry of Public Security must clean out foreign garbage, arresting foreign thugs and protect ignorant/innocent girls, with Wudaokou and Sanlitun being the disaster areas [worst places]. Behead the snake heads [human traffickers], the unemployed Americans and Europeans who come to China to make money, trafficking in people, misleading the public and encouraging them to emigrate. Identify the foreign spies, who find a Chinese woman to cohabitate with, while their job is to collect intelligence, drawing maps and perfecting GPS [coordinates] for Japan, Korea, Europe, and America under the guise of being tourists. Drive out the foreign shrew, shut down Al-Jazeera’s Beijing Office, let those who demonize China shut their mouths and fuck off!

There were only a ~3300 forwards and ~1600 comments of this microblog post so according to Chinese internet standards, this was not very popular.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui on Dialogue show.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui smoking cigar.CCTV International presenter Yang Rui smoking pipe in coffee shop.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Might as well just close the country off to the world.


Apart from protecting the ignorant girls, the rest I approve of. 99% of those who chase foreigners are not ignorant, just vain and avaricious.


No need to demonize, [China] already is a demon.


How did China approve visas for these foreign trash?


Brother, calm down.


Don’t make everything into a campaign/movement; Also no need to demonize the “three illegals”, after all they are just a small minority, and those who are a true danger to society are still our own people; The key still is to raise our level of management and work efficiency.

[Note: “Three Illegals” refers to foreigners who illegal entered, are illegally staying, or are illegally working in China.]


What makes Chinese men the most upset is Chinese girls one by one being seized into the arms of those various foreigners who are both old and ugly and may even have physical defects and then being their playthings.


Sometimes it is the Chinese women themselves who are foolish, and you can’t blame them [foreigners].


I’m a little confused: Wasn’t the crime of hooliganism abolished? Under what name is the Ministry of Public Security using, campaign or crackdown? Apart from protecting ignorant girls, shouldn’t they also protect all citizen’s lawful freedom and rights? Why differentiate the treatment between foreign hooligans/thugs and native hooligans/thugs? Isn’t the harm of native thugs who exploit public power even larger? [思考]


What should be done about fake foreign devils?

Yang Rui holding up a camera taking a photo.


Fucking should’ve been doing this long ago. I don’t understand why our countrymen are always bowing and scraping before foreigners!? Laowai are fucking humans too, why does everyone fucking look so highly upon them, fucking stupid cunts.


These words are going to make foreign-worshipers upset.


Who did Al-Jazeera offend…?


The rest is whatever, but what happened with Al-Jazeera?


I strongly agree with everything else, apart from banishing Al-Jazeera. Why do foreign media always demonize China? Europe and America is like this, Japan and Korean is like this. All well-known international media has been shut out by us.


The things you’re saying is to protect yourself, right?


You’re already how old and you still don’t talk reasonably. If it weren’t for a certain government’s indulgence, would foreigners be so outrageous? Moreover, about demonizing China, do people really need to demonize it? Open your eyes and look at this Communist Party-led society: Towards its own, fighting for every inch of land without regard for the lives of the ordinary common people; Toward foreigners, condemning and protesting while sending money… Stop hiding at CCAV every day fantasizing. In comparison to [other CCTV presenters] Cui Yongyuan, BaiYansong, and Zhao Pu, I even feel embarrassed for them!


Is it this serious?


Not clear on the matter with Al-Jazeera, so no comment. However, I have in Sanlitun run into before a very rude and obnoxious German, a fat laowai married woman who arrogantly looked down on Chinese people, simultaneously making money in China while trampling on our countrymen’s dignity.


The Europeans and Americans who come to China, if they’re not on official business, then they’re idiots, or slackers, or cheats, whereas the Chinese people who go to Europe and America, if they’re not bosses, then they’re corrupt officials, or the society’s elites!

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in London.


My Chinese company’s CEO is a foreign national Chinese, so what should he be counted as?


This is how the Boxers started back in the day…[汗]


Ding! I ding this with all my might! In Beijing there is a group of foreign stupid cunts, all day eating and drinking and hitting on cheap girls. I think it is strange, their entire body covered with hair like they haven’t evolved, and their poor cunts without jobs, and there are so many young girls willing to be with them, chasing after foreigners, and they’re quite beautiful too. Wake up, actually they’re all laid-off thugs who have come to Beijing without prospects, with that bastard who was beat up several days ago being an example.


Was it Al-Jazeera misleading the public or certain people unwilling to face the truth?? Afraid of others exposing something, right? Why is a large grown man like you talking like an idiot without character?

游云庭律师 :

“Drive out the foreign shrew, shut down Al-Jazeera’s Beijing Office”. Not having this kind of CCTV presenter write editorials for Beijing Daily is a waste of talent.


Microblog owner, you say this, I feel like I’m living in a fantasy world. You being a television presenter is a waste of talent, you should join the Central Propaganda Department!


Support the Ministry of Public Security, drive out Marx, Engels, Stalin, Lenin, and other foreign garbage.


What is demonizing China? Are Chinese people ignorant of what kind of country they live in? When in Rome, do as the Romans do…


I don’t know if you’re really this stupid, or just pretending to be this stupid.


Looks like a new Cultural Revolution has arrived, and these media personalities standing on the front line are the first to sniff the scent, beginning to declare their loyalty.

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in Europe with Mercedes Benz.


Whether foreigners are thugs/hooligans or not I don’t know, but this presenter has already demonstrated that he is a thug. Foreign thugs should be cleaned out, but this presenter thug should be cleaned out even more.


Mental retard.


Mister, don’t be so angry! If China hasn’t done anything to be ashamed of, if China has enough self-confidence, then it wouldn’t be afraid of others demonizing you [China]! If you’re frightened into a nervous breakdown just because others said a few things about you, you probably should ask yourself if you’re mentally healthy!


~~~Oh, it’s just a CCTV presenter!


Absolutely avoid going up against CCTV’s lowly stupid cunts, there is nothing in the world that is less worth it.


There sure are a TMD lot of wumao dogs amongst CCTV presenters. If you’re so niubi, why don’t you go safeguard the Huangyan Islands?


My god, how did the Boxers get reborn in CCTV?!


Might as well stop broadcasting bullshit language news as well [referring to CCTV International in English]. After all, if the foreign trash are cleaned out, who will be left to listen to it? [Yang Rui hosts an CCTV show called Dialogue, which is in English.]


There are wumao everywhere, it’s just that CCTV produces more of them!


Stupid cunt, fuck off!!!

CCTV International presenter Yang Rui smoking pipe under red canopy.CCTV International presenter Yang Rui in sunglasses.


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