Chinese 3D Street Artist Hailed As “Chalk God” & “Architect”

3D chalk art in China: A girl looks down a "stairwell" drawn on the concrete ground.

3D chalk art in China: A girl looks down a "stairwell" drawn on the concrete ground.

From Xinmin:

“Chalk God” 3D street art, netizens hail him as an “Architect”

Yesterday, many photographs of 3D chalk art spread on Sina Weibo [a Chinese microblog service like Twitter], with the talented person who created these artworks being nicknamed “Chalk God” by netizens. One netizen said: “Is he an architect like in ‘Inception‘?” There were even netizens shouting one after another: “This isn’t chalk, this isn’t chalk.” Through a search, Nanjing media discovered that the 3D chalk art first appeared on a post in the Henan section of Tianya [a popular Chinese internet BBS forum], with the poster called “tntu3d“. A phone call confirmed that he is the “Chalk God”, but we can call him Mr. Hou.

With regards to his own creative ideas, Mr. Hou said: “I think these 3D artworks actually aren’t that rare/surprising, but the idea is very key, and only with the idea can you move people. For example, I once went to a tourist sight/attraction, and there was a sculpture at this intersection. Below the sculpture, on all four sides, were a bunch of advertisements for counterfeit official documents. I felt this was so representative of China today, so I started drawing, never expecting to become so popular.” Mr. Hou expressed that the piece that he is most satisfied with was “drawing ‘happy birthday’ for my son’, and the vegetable planting piece was created last year when stealing vegetable games were really popular.

Here are the photos of the “Chalk God’s” artwork:

3D chalk art in China: a box.3D chalk art in China: a box, drawn at home.

3D chalk art: a ball.

3D chalk art: Happy Birthday, drawn for his son.

3D chalk art: A stairwell.

3D chalk art: a stairwell.

3D chalk art: a stairwell.

3D chalk art: a staircase.

3D chalk art: a staircase with a hole.

3D chalk art: planted vegetables, with son.

3D chalk art: planted vegetables.

3D chalk art: planted vegetables, with the "Chalk God" in picture.

3D chalk art: sitting on a lily and clouds?

3D chalk art: child sitting on a lily pad and clouds?

3D chalk art: Terracotta warriors?

3D chalk art: Terracotta warriors? With "Chalk God".

3D chalk art: Ban Zheng "advertisement".

3D chalk art: geometric shape?

3D chalk art: columns.

3D chalk art: A column in a pool of water.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • James


  • SuperJun

    government will just erase it.

    • Alikese

      And so will the rain.

      Chalk art isn’t supposed to last forever.

      • coh

        Haven’t you hear? In China the government does make rain…

  • Sunni

    The 办证 one blew me away.

    • Yeah, that one is REALLY good…I like the second circular stairs one too, doesn’t look as “real” but still very cool.

    • Jamie

      办证is vandalism! You can often see this kind of ads on the wall in China! So many on my way to school! But the one drawed by chalk is pretty cool!

      • Sunni

        That’s why it’s very clever.
        Vandalism done in such an artistic way ;)

      • Gary

        The word vandalism refers to damage. This is graffiti. In many jurisdictions permanent graffiti such as with paint is legally considered vandalism but since these examples are in chalk then they probably don’t qualify.

  • dim mak

    It’s been done…

    • Yes, second time it doesn’t impress

  • Type Two

    It has been done but some of these are still pretty great. Its good to see people at such a level being creative just for the sake of it.

  • GreenTea

    this is amazing.

  • Justin
    • jin

      julian beever did it with alot of colors and other crap. but this guy did it with only chalk. look at the first pic, doesnt that look amazing? it looks real enough for me.

  • I’d assume these people just dont have the internet except they are all talking on the internet… I guess they all need to start using Stumbleupon more often… see just how often this is done all over the world.

    That said, nice pictures, Terracotta Warriors one is pretty cool.

    • Justin

      Actually, language is probably the greater barrier I would say. Censorship in China is mostly focused on things published actually in Chinese. If you can read English (as a growing number of middle class Chinese can), you have virtually free access to most information that is out there, with the exception of a few blocked sites like chinadigitaltimes,, facebook and blogspotetc.

      But without a proxy, you can find tons of articles on Liu Xiaobo, Tiananmen Square, the Lhasa riots and pretty much anything else controversial you’d like to know.

      In fact, I read such information from inside the offices of People’s Daily, a 共产党 newspaper, on a daily basis. When are the stormtroopers coming to my door? Maybe the higher-ups know about my surfing record but they just don’t care because I’m the best copy-editor they’ve ever had. (if not exactly the most modest)

      It primarily boils down to a human resources issue. It’s hard for the State Information Office to find people with English skills to censor information written in English or other languages for that matter. But I also think censorship is more focused on the more volatile poorer groups who only read Chinese.

      • vpeople

        why poor people volatile? does it necessary when you under such a rich and definitely not volatile CCP government control?

  • Chris

    The flowers the squatting child with the pink idiot bunny slippers drew were good.

    Whats with the artistic arrangement of the trowl, toothpaste, butt-washing-scoop-cup and ball pouch?

    Epic Fail.

    • Sunni

      It’s in reference to an extremely popular online Chinese website/game happy farm, where facebook’s farmville originated from.

    • fail

      yeah you epic fail dumbfuck

  • wow. so fresh!! BIG RESPECT FROM SWEDEN!!! JIAYOU!

    get out there chinese people and paint the city!

  • Jamie

    Time to draw one in my home!

  • baron_shaolin

    nice work.
    I would not give the “God” title though…

  • fireworks

    cool street art.

  • Lynne

    Extraordinary….love the street trompe l’oeil, keep up the good work

  • shushu

    holy crap. how does he do that. too godly

  • giants ftw

    he’s good, but this guy is the real chalk god:

    • Strangerland

      Does it matter who was the best or who was first?
      In my opinion, civilization started not from one single-mind, but from thousands of minds joined and complete each other. Art, a form of human’s civilization also experienced this. People borrow from each other ideas, some complete or modify existing pieces, and only through trial and errors from around the world we can get better.
      The world needs more people who would cooperate and go forward together, not putting each other off and go all tribalistic on each other. Instead of arguin whose the first or who is the real master, maybe all we need is working together for the betterment of tomorrow.

      • George Bush

        that’s true.

        But China is notorious for ripping things off.

        Also, the title of the article suggests he’s the best or at least really amazing, hence the response here.

        Also, the article doesn’t admit or point out that it’s not original, or pay homage to the style and it’s masters. Also, he does not mention that it’s not original, or pay homage. Hence the responses here.

        If he would have said, “There are great 3D chalk artists out there, but I wanted to bring my Chinese perspective and look at my work, yaddah yaddah,” no one would be writing negative reviews.

        • anon

          You need to read more carefully:


          “Mr. Hou said: ‘I think these 3D artworks actually aren’t that rare/surprising, but the idea is very key, and only with the idea can you move people.'”

  • J for Jaded

    Dude this guy is like the program photoshop.

  • dan

    Julian Beever has been doing this since the mid-1990s. There is already a huge amount of work that he’s done.

    Take a look at the original artist and the level of work that he does.

  • Justin

    The poor are volatile because they have nothing to lose. The rich are invested in the system and the middle class hope to be one day, but the poor have nothing except their own anger at the fact that they have nothing.

  • The Regulator

    In such a monstrously crushing, soulless, bovine void of a nation, stuff like this is truly outstanding.

    The Regulator, always a paragon of objectivity, doffs his cap to this. This chap could have spent the time he spent perfecting this impressive, if not exactly ground breaking, medium playing majong and bellowing helleuuuooooooooooooooooooo at passing foreigners. But no; this kind of stuff demonstrates that they’re human after all, the diametric opposite of what the party aims for.

  • DontDoIt

    pretty good but obviously he got the idea from original artist who does much more impressive stuff. this is not so good when compared with the original art community who started this type of thing.
    he needs to keep improving before doing stuff like this:

  • InstantNoodles

    Nicely done.

    Also did he just draw the Chinese version of farmville?

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  • George Bush

    It’s great, except, as is the case with so much in China, this guy just stole someone else’s gig and then did it himself… at a much lower quality level.

    There is so much great old tradition and art and culture in China. It’s too bad all the modern stuff is copied garbage.

  • George Bush

    It’s great, except, as is the case with so much in China, this guy just stole someone else’s gig and then did it himself… at a much lower quality level.

    It’s not that I mind he copied the style, it’s that he doesn’t admit it. He should say it up front.

    There is so much great old tradition and art and culture in China. It’s too bad all the modern stuff is copied garbage.

  • Dandoval

    Coolness. Its nice to see Chinese people expressing themselves in unique ways.

  • Eidolon

    Julian Beever wasn’t even the first one to do it. If you look up the link DontDoIt posted, people have been exploring this style of pavement art for ages. You don’t have to “give credit to the original creator” when it’s an established style used by many artists around the world:

    It goes back to at least the early Renaissance artists.

    But of course, I don’t think most people on the internet would recognize names like Kurt Wenner, in or out of China.

    So really it’s just one of those “omg I found something new on the internet” posts, though it could be an useful commentary on the level of ignorance amongst Chinese netizens.

  • Someone find this guy and hire him!

    Get him to do some city murals, add works to an art gallery, don’t let this talent go to waste!

  • lunocio

    bọn trung quốc chúng mày đỉnh cao thật.

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  • Jeez Louise this guy is awesome!! All of his images looked as if you could step into them. Keep up the good work!

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  • David Stiehl

    does this artist have a website or facebook? i’m not able to find anything :/