Chinese 3D Street Artist Hailed As “Chalk God” & “Architect”

3D chalk art in China: A girl looks down a "stairwell" drawn on the concrete ground.

3D chalk art in China: A girl looks down a "stairwell" drawn on the concrete ground.

From Xinmin:

“Chalk God” 3D street art, netizens hail him as an “Architect”

Yesterday, many photographs of 3D chalk art spread on Sina Weibo [a Chinese microblog service like Twitter], with the talented person who created these artworks being nicknamed “Chalk God” by netizens. One netizen said: “Is he an architect like in ‘Inception‘?” There were even netizens shouting one after another: “This isn’t chalk, this isn’t chalk.” Through a search, Nanjing media discovered that the 3D chalk art first appeared on a post in the Henan section of Tianya [a popular Chinese internet BBS forum], with the poster called “tntu3d“. A phone call confirmed that he is the “Chalk God”, but we can call him Mr. Hou.

With regards to his own creative ideas, Mr. Hou said: “I think these 3D artworks actually aren’t that rare/surprising, but the idea is very key, and only with the idea can you move people. For example, I once went to a tourist sight/attraction, and there was a sculpture at this intersection. Below the sculpture, on all four sides, were a bunch of advertisements for counterfeit official documents. I felt this was so representative of China today, so I started drawing, never expecting to become so popular.” Mr. Hou expressed that the piece that he is most satisfied with was “drawing ‘happy birthday’ for my son’, and the vegetable planting piece was created last year when stealing vegetable games were really popular.

Here are the photos of the “Chalk God’s” artwork:

3D chalk art in China: a box.3D chalk art in China: a box, drawn at home.

3D chalk art: a ball.

3D chalk art: Happy Birthday, drawn for his son.

3D chalk art: A stairwell.

3D chalk art: a stairwell.

3D chalk art: a stairwell.

3D chalk art: a staircase.

3D chalk art: a staircase with a hole.

3D chalk art: planted vegetables, with son.

3D chalk art: planted vegetables.

3D chalk art: planted vegetables, with the "Chalk God" in picture.

3D chalk art: sitting on a lily and clouds?

3D chalk art: child sitting on a lily pad and clouds?

3D chalk art: Terracotta warriors?

3D chalk art: Terracotta warriors? With "Chalk God".

3D chalk art: Ban Zheng "advertisement".

3D chalk art: geometric shape?

3D chalk art: columns.

3D chalk art: A column in a pool of water.


Written by Fauna

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