Changchun Car Thief Surrenders, Strangled Baby Buried in Snow

The child's aunt crying, begging the car thief to return to infant baby and promising not to press charges.

Through around the clock work by the police, through multiple investigation methods, and classifying Zhou Xijun as a “304” primary suspect. Under intense police pressure, Zhou Xijun turned himself in to police at 5pm on March 5th. Through preliminary interrogation, Zhou Xijun was identified as a 48-years-old male, from Gongzhuling city in Jilin province who currently resides in Changchun city Jingkai district. Photo is of March 4th, of the child’s aunt sobbing and crying, “I beg you, just give me the child, I won’t ask for anything else.”

From NetEase:

Changchun Stolen Car Already Found, Baby in Car Missing

Summary: March 4th morning at around 7:20, at the Xihuancheng Lu and Longhua Lu intersection in Changchun, a silver-gray Toyota RAV4 with license plate “吉A·MM102” was stolen, with a 2-month-old male infant in the car.

Yesterday around 10, the Changchun City Public Security Bureau held a press conference. After Changchun city police learned of the incident, over 3500 traffic, patrol, and special police officers searched the entire city for the automobile.

A silver grey Toyota RAV4 in Changchun, China that was stolen with an infant baby in the back seat.

March 4th, Changchun, the photo of the stolen vehicle released by the police.


Hundreds of taxis voluntarily went out searching for the infant

After the incident, many Changchun taxis and private car owners immediately joined in the search upon learning about it, with hundreds of taxis at this point having abandoned their normal business and many private car owners abandoning work to voluntarily search the entire city for the stolen car and the little infant.

To awe and intimidate the criminal suspect, nearly all of the vehicles participating in the search turned on their emergency blinkers. Some Changchun media and netizens made appeals hoping that other silver-grey RAV4s would not take to the road, to save unnecessary trouble for the kind-hearted masses and police looking for the baby boy.

Taxis gathered in Changchun to help search for the missing infant.

March 4th, Changchun, at the city exits or plazas were assembled many taxis helping search for the infant boy.

Taxis gathered to help search for an infant boy accidentally abducted in the back seat of a stolen car.

March 4th, Changchun, upon discovering a similar car, they gathered around it to investigate.

Many Changchun drivers and taxi drivers helping in a city-wide search for a stolen car that had an infant baby boy in the backseat.

March 4th, nightfall, many private car owners and taxi drivers searching for the stolen car.

From NetEase:

Changchun Car Case Suspect Surrenders, Infant Strangled Buried in Snow

According to information posted by the Jilin Provincial Public Security Bureau Official Weibo @吉林公安, suspect Zhou Xijun surrendered himself to the police on the 5th. According to Zhou Xijun’s explanation, after stealing the car, Zhou discovered the infant boy crying, then strangled the child to death, and buried it in the snow by the roadside.

A silver grey Toyota RAV4 that was stolen in Changchun, China, found.

March 5th, Changchun, the missing car was found near the Dayingzi School in Gongzhuling city.

Changchun police investigating the possible stolen vehicle.

According to Zhou Xijun’s testimony, at around 5pm on March 4th, he stole the silver-grey Toyota RAV4 SUV (license plate 吉AMM102) parked in front of a market at the intersection of Changchun city’s West 4th Ring Road and Longhua Road, drove straight to the Changchun to Shuangliao public road. En route, he discovered the infant baby in the back seat, and on the side of the public road from Gongzhuling City Huaide Town to Yongfa Village, he strangled the infant and buried it in the snow. Photo is of police investigating the suspected stolen vehicle.

The baby's blanket and other items in the stolen car.

March 5h, Changchun, the blanket that wrapped the baby and other items in the car.

The abducted child's relatives rush to the scene upon hearing that the stolen car has been found.

March 5th, Changchun, the child’s family rush to the scene after hearing the news.

Chinese police recover the pink blanket that had wrapped the infant boy killed by a car thief.

Gongzhulin city Yongfa village, criminal police found the pink blanket that wrapped the baby.

Chinese police and police dogs searching for a baby in the snow.

March 5th, Changchun, police dogs near the scene of the theft to search [for the baby].

A "For Family Market" where the family's car was stolen.

March 4th, Changchun, the location where the car was lost.

Photo of a 2-month-old infant that was abducted when the car he was in was stolen. The child was later found strangled and bured in the snow by the side of the road.

March 4th, Changchun, photo of the missing infant.

Comments from NetEase:


[He] can be executed now.


If you’re going to steal a car, then steal the car, why commit murder? Recommend that these child-killers all be executed.

khdliu [网易上海市网友]:

Why did he have to do this??

緈鍢尛吥 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]:

Too vile! He should pay with his life!!!!


I feel numb all over. I am a child’s father, I can understand the feelings of all fathers and mothers.
What an evil man. If you were to commit suicide I would think you human. But you are not human for now surrendering yourself, dreading punishment for your crime, no better than beast!

网易陕西省汉中市网友 [把酒问青天呀]:

Fuck… From when I saw the news yesterday to today, I’ve been paying close attention to this incident, even thinking about it at night when trying to sleep. When I reached the office in the morning, I looked at the latest news, hoping to see good news. At noon, my coworkers and I even analyzed the incident, and even though our analysis was that everything bodes ill, I still prayed for the child hoping for a miracle to appear. I never thought the ending would still be this sad. Zhou Xijun, you beast, should’ve just directly cut off your flesh… yes, and with a blunt knife… fuck…


Agreed, only people with children can understand this kind… [of feeling]


I keep wondering, why was the infant left alone in the car? Don’t let this kind of tragedy happen again. If parents were more careful, children would suffer so much less!


How could anyone put their hands on [kill] such a cute child? It had just arrived in this world for 2 months, and before it had the chance to see to really see this world, it has had to leave.

纯粹d路过 [网易重庆市网友]:

Utterly heartless! 48-year-old, does he himself not have a child?

The missing baby's grandmother crying.

March 4th, Changchun, the grandmother of the lost baby crying inconsolably.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


A country that can have a government that can have its own people cut the throats and shoot dead its own people while still collecting a 5 cent bullet fee will certainly have evil people who are vicious enough to strangely to death a two-month old infant—-Welcome to the world of devils and beasts!


Mainland China not only doesn’t have safe milk that can raise a child, it doesn’t even have a safe social environment.


A weak-minded brute to the extreme. How big could the crime of stealing a car be? Committing murder is simply being an idiot. Even able to kill a little infant. How could anyone do such a thing. God, just what is wrong with Chinese people? Why are Chinese people such beasts? Have we all lost our minds over money?


Little Haobo, be good, don’t cry, follow the road to heaven, it will be very lonely, don’t blame the police, don’t blame the parents, only hate Zhou Xijun for being so savage, and when you reincarnate in your next life, find a good family, regardless of whether rich or poor, that won’t leave or abandon you!


A robber is able to drive the car out of the provincial capital city filled with surveillance cameras, strutting out from beneath the police’s nose, and over the 30+ hours between the incident and his surrender, the police dispatched over 10,000 people without finding this car, and they say they were working around the clock continuously? Multiple investigation methods? May I ask the police: What are your video cameras and surveillance cameras for? When they are so accurate when it comes to photographing traffic violators? Are they just used for fining taxpayers? The guy surrenders himself, and you guys come and take the credit! So sad!


Fuck… what was this person thinking… This kind of vicious person must not be allowed to live. Although sometimes I think the death penalty is rather cruel, this person must be sentenced to death… too fucking furious.


Pandora, please! Close your box of evil! The human race is mad enough, the evil of human nature cannot be this unbridled!


Was it because we spread [the news to find the car and baby] too fast that the thief panicked and resorted to such desperate measures? [The original Chinese text is literally “cornered dog jumps wall”]


I really want to ask one question, once the police were called, what were all the traffic cops at each intersection doing? If they had promptly just seized the moment a little more, would the child’s end be different?


Please don’t denounce the parents as being careless. Although they indeed were negligent, they were indeed also afraid of the child being cold. We can only remind parents everywhere that they can leave someone to watch the child. No matter when and where, one must not let your child leave your sight.


Why did he surrender himself? Was it done by his son? I question and request the truth.


“Human scum” can no longer describe this kind of person!! Executing him ten thousand times would not be enough! Little baby, may you rest in peace in heaven. [蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛][蜡烛]

Candles and mourners outside the home of the dead infant's family home.

March 5th, Changchun, city residents light candles and grieving for the dead in front of the deceased baby’s family’s home.

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  • linette lee

    a very sad sofa. :(

  • MrT


  • He should be slowly strangled with piano wire…….

  • mr.wiener

    Steals car …..panics and strangles infant….gives himself up to police….
    This makes very little sense.
    A cautionary tale of human stupidity? One of the netizins posted:

    “Please don’t denounce the parents as being careless. Although they indeed were negligent, they were indeed also afraid of the child being cold. We can only remind parents everywhere that they can leave someone to watch the child. No matter when and where, one must not let your child leave your sight.”

    Does this mean they left the infant alone in the car!?! My God, you don’t want to jump to conclusions, but what were they thinking?

    • thmswhnr

      Caption on the first photo says it was the baby’s aunt. I guess the aunt cares less about the baby’s safety than the parents would.

    • Dr Sun

      happens all the time and all over the world.

  • Washington Bullets

    It’s an awful shame what happened in Changchun, and it’s terrible to hear news of this, no matter where it happens. I hope that man gets what he deserves, and may no peace come to him for cutting short a life that had yet to blossom. I admire the civic-mindedness of the people of Changchun and the efforts they undertook to aid the authorities there. Everyone around the world may complain about their local police, but we always want them around when we’re violently confronted with the terrible acts of our fellow man. My heart goes out to the family of the child.

  • BiggJ

    Yeah fuck that’s a shame, It’s one thing to steal a car… kill the baby in the car, that’s just demented…It’s not like the baby can point you out to the police. Just drop the baby in front of a public building or something. At least the parents could maybe get their kid back. This whole story is so fucked up.

  • willie miller

    Feel a lot of emotions reading this – anger, disgust, disbelief, but most of all just really really sad. R.I.P.

    • Dr Sun

      Agreed a terrible thing, incomprehensible . RIP little one.

  • A Lu

    I’d fucking kill both the guy and the parents. Who would leave a 2 months old alone in a parked car? Insane

  • Elijah

    I’m left with a few thoughts:

    1) Why was a baby left unattended in a car during winter? Was it for just a minute or 5 or 10 or 20 or what?

    2) How in the name of fuck do you so casually go from stealing a car to killing a baby??? A stolen car is material goods, inanimate and easily replicated. A baby is alive with entirely unknown future ahead of it. There’s this unshakable feeling of life being a very casual and low-worth commodity in china, is it in the culture or the result of governance or economic hardships or a combination?

    3) As one of the ‘netizens’ pointed out, there are numerous cameras all around most cities in china. No one simply goes off the grid in a city, maybe in the countryside. The police really are quite shameless about assuming credit for catching the guy when he gave himself up. Much like I turned myself in when I over-stayed my visa rather than have anyone find me… after 1,254 days……. Completely ineffective police force throughout china.

    4) I am completely blown away by the sense of community and caring shown by the citizens of Changcun. I’ve very rarely ever seen or heard of anything like it. I hope that it will be exemplified as a social standard.

    I feel bad for the family and assume that the guy will be charged with First Degree Murder (since it was clearly pre-meditated and not accidental or done in a fit of rage). Was even a fairly cute kid (not that that changes anything obviously).

    • wafflestomp

      I agree, leaving the child in the car unattended makes them unfit parents. Darwinsim comes through again.

      • filabusta

        Grow a heart, asshole.

        • slob

          He’s right in a way. This wouldn’t have happened if the caretaker at the time wasn’t so careless. It was parked outside of a market so they obviously went to buy something and left the 2 month old there alone. Look at the back seat photo shot and what the policeman is carrying. The baby’s not even strapped in with a baby carrier. What if they hit the brakes suddenly while driving? 3 giant problems with this whole thing :
          1) Baby’s not strapped in
          2) Baby’s left unattended
          3) 2 MONTH OLD left unattended. Fair enough an older child – 7,8 years old etc. But a 2 month old? What in the fuck… as a father I personally find it irresponsible. It’s a terrible loss obviously and would shatter any parent’s heart. All parents make mistakes when raising children but rarely this kind.

          • filabusta

            I know the caretaker was wrong to leave the baby alone. I just don’t think it’s appropriate to bring Darwinism into that discussion.

          • El Puma R.

            In fact it’s not bad to bring it in. Considering all the technology we’ve developed and how people behave nowadays it’s hard to say we’ve evolved at all. We still believe the same shit and suffer from the same things people have always been believing and suffering.

            Baby was 2 months old and his mom left him in the car just to go to the market. Absolutely subnormal and retarded, Cromagnon or Neanderthals would’ve thought twice.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Indeed. thumbs up!

          • Kate

            Totally agree…..I have never even for 2 mins left my child unattended in a vehicle. If I get out, even to go to the mailbox, she gets out with me. Too many horrific stories involving.children.neglected in cars.

          • El Puma R.

            What I’ve seen from living in China and more exactly in changchun is that the parents spoil them a whole fucking lot but leave aside basic things like … crossing the street safely, not smoking next to the baby or pregnant woman, feeding them properly or breast feeding, etc. Totally unacceptable and subnormal.

          • nitewings

            im from changchun and let me just tell you our average temperature in winter is -40C. it’s not wise to bring a sleeping baby outside. no parent would ever think anyone would go steal a car. and they didn’t just “go to the market” you make it sound like they left for hours.

          • filabusta

            These people just lost their two month old baby to a psycho, and you are calling them neanderthals. I think that ‘evolved’ people are supposed to have grown empathy and compassion. So who’s the real retard here?

          • Ami

            The idiotic asshole who wrote that comment obviously has no clue what natural selection is. They just wanted to have something “clever” to say.

            The child is dead, not the parents.

            In less they’re trying to imply that an infant, incapable of defending itself, deserved to die because it wasn’t adapted to its environment (it’s parent’s car)??

          • filabusta

            My thoughts exactly.

          • El Puma R.

            Nobody “deserves” to die and I already said I’ve seen how irresponsible parents in Changchun are.

            So all I have left to say is that you’re Chinese and you simply hate “losing face” even when your flaws are written all over your face. Can’t you people accept that you have flaws? That’s the one and only way to fix it! My country has flaws too and you don’t see us whining about foreign criticism and hiding our shit under the carpet. And I said shit, not dust… why? ‘Cause China parenting stinks like a big shitty fuck-up to me.

            Leave a 2 month old in the room while you go to the bathroom: OK
            Leave a 2 month old at your friend’s or sister’s house while you go to the market: OK
            Leave a 2 month old in the cradle while you see who knocked on the door or pick up a call: OK
            Leave a 2 month old in the car while you go to the market in a city with -30 C and a rising crime rate and huge wealth gap: NOT OK! absolutely NOT OK !

            And even if it was in muthafuckin’ Acapulco YOU SIMPLY DON’T LEAVE THE CHILD IN THE CAR. PERIOD!

            China needs to make a serious wake up call to all parents because I’ve seen them how they drop them at their grandpa’s and forget about them until they finish university and have a job to support their lazy asses.

            For that changchun guy… I was staying there because of my wife and now that we’ve left I don’t know what you people are so proud of… fucking materialistic and negligent shithole. Once I was taking a picture of an old building and an old lady called the police because she thought I was taking pictures of all the tons of garbage lying next to the place in question.

            So if you don’t like it then stop throwing trash on the sidewalk.

            For all those laowai who live in China: Changchun is, even though it has a very united and friendly foreign community, definitely NOT the place to live.

          • Kristy

            First of all, I’ve been following this story ever since it was reported. Everyone admitted, including Chinese people, that the parents were stupid for leaving the baby in the car. So it isn’t a normal habit for Chinese people. It is very stereotypical for you to escalate the issue into a “all Chinese parents this that blah blah”

            Personally, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of stupid American parents do things like forgetting their baby in a hot car for a day and the child dying. I never think of it as American parents are stupid, but the individual parents are stupid.

            And I won’t even respond to the other racist remarks you made it your post.

          • El Puma R.

            Racist would be against ethnic groups. The big chip on your shoulder, USA. I’ll be waiting for the day most of you realize Mexico is not all Latin America.

            Have you ever lived in China? to be more precise; have you ever lived in Changchun? Oh yes, they do exactly as I said, and the exceptions are just a few. I’ve been around the world and I’ve never seen such a monochromatic society like the one China has. So don’t tell me about generalizations when you have never been in a place where almost everyone is and does exactly the same.

      • It was very cold outside, they didn’t want the baby to feel cold. besides, your response is typical blaming the victim mentality.

        1. If they had taken the baby and the robber followed them and snatched the baby away for ransom, you would say, who would take baby out of the car in this cold ?

        2. If they had kept the baby at home and the home got robbed, you would have said, who keeps baby at home, while parents are away?

        3. If they had taken the baby along with them and accident happened, you would have said, no one should take babies in car?

        Stop blaming the victims, Human beings are very vulnerable species, this is why we have a thing called “society” where its an unwritten rule all over the world that you generally NEVER HURT A TODDLER.

        The guy was an animal in human form.

        • wafflestomp

          The robber was a car thief, not a kidnapper. Your arguments are very very flawed.

          Also, the parent was extremely negligent in not strapping the baby into the car as Slob mentioned above. While the thief is a bad man and deserves punishment, you can’t absolve the parents from criticisms.

          • Kristy

            How do you know they didn’t strap the baby in? The thief could have easily unstrapped the baby when he took her out to strangle her. Stop assuming

    • Roihu

      I can’t call myself an expert, but many people don’t think anything bad will happen to a baby if left unattended. Maybe in China they simply don’t teach about how not to leave a baby.

      • Elf Queen

        It is called common sense,you do not need to be taught that.In any event,it is too much of a punishment to loose a precious baby.

        • luoyangLaowai

          there is a serious lack of common sense in this country. from primary school and up nobody is taught to think for themselves. just listen to what you are told. very few of these people take time to think of the consequences of their actions. after four years of living here chinese people are nothing more than cockroaches to me now. i cant wait to get out of this country.

          • Kristy

            I hope you do. China doesn’t need elitist nobodies like yourself :) And I hope you aren’t American, because America already has too many like you.

    • Not to try to step inside the mind of a killer or try to excuse his actions, but (Re#2) maybe it’s like the guy who wound up killing a boy after he sequestered him and beat him; though he originally just wanted to teach him a lesson, afterward he panicked at the fear of losing face for having beaten up a child.

      Nope, it doesn’t make sense. Crime usually doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, neither does China.

      I’m sure there are better theories, but I don’t accept that he’s just flat out evil — which of course, at this point, he simply is.

      You’re right about #4 – maybe something good will come of this. It’s always sad that in China, people have to die before positive change happens (make up your own list).

      • mr.wiener

        I’d put it down to panic dum-arsedness and a diminished capacity for taking responsibility for his own actions.
        Of course then he turns himself in later which proves the first point [dum-arsedness] but disproves the second [responsibility]
        Logic with Chinese Characteristics anyone?

        • Chang Liu

          What does it tell me about your characteristics when you try to generalise an entire country of 1.3 Billion based on the action of 1 criminal? Anyone?

          • mr.wiener

            O.k , fair call, that was a mass over-generalization. I withdraw the last sentence. Sorry :(

          • Chang Liu

            No probs, we all slip into generalisation mode every now and then, I know i do :).
            According to this China intensional homicide rate per capita is surprisingly low, I would take it with a pinch of salt though, due to some ineffective policing lots might not be reported.

          • Change “criminal” to “sports star” and we’ve got ourselves a tennis match.

            Though I’ll say, not the time. Let’s stay focused upon the tragedy at hand.

          • El Puma R.

            I’ve personally found 3 children crying inside mom’s car while she was at the shopping mall and one of them was not even 2 years old. I’ve seen 4 yr old kids smoking and drinking beer with their parents, I’ve seen parents riding with their kids on the front seat of a taxi that was speeding on the opposite lane on a snowy day, shit I’ve even seen them driving with one hand and playing weixin with the other while their kid is on the front seat without wearing the seat belt… Meh, I’ve seen everyone not wearing a seat belt.

            No, not 1.4 billion… but a huge percentage of it is fucking up madly… and if you lived in Changchun you would know what I’m talking about. They might be the friendliest people on Earth as far as I’ve seen but they really suck at thinking before doing.

          • linette lee

            and the china police don’t pull them over and give them ticket? Or confiscate the car and charge the parents for negligence for leaving kids inside car unattended. In HK and USA you will freaking lose your driving license and be charged. I am always so shocked how the china police work. Like they know it’s wrong but they don’t care. It’s like for them life is not important or just another way to control population for the china gov’t. The people who suffered are usually the kids.

          • Kristy

            I’ve seen redneck Americans driving with babies in their laps thinking its funny.

            I’ve seen American teenagers and housewives texting as they swerve in lanes.

            I’ve heard people not wearing seatbelt for fear of not being able to unbuckle in case of an accident. Lmao

            Once again generalizations. Don’t succumb to them.

        • slob

          The guy might have been high on something at the time and the baby’s crying made him go batshit cray.

          • Kristy

            I think that too. Criminals tend to have unstable minds, you don’t know what set him off. I cry when I think how easily the situation could have turned out differently.

    • JayJay

      To answer your question:

      1) The parent went inside the shop to turn the heating up, so left the baby in the car which is warmer. Changchun is in North-east China, it is freezing this time of the year. But I know, the parent is still an idiot.

      2) The penalty for theft in China is dependant on the value of the property stolen. A Toyota RAV4 valued at around £20K would land defendant minimum of 10 year prison term. In other words, it is quite harsh for a grand theft auto charge. I thought what went through the killer’s mind would be, that he could have left the baby with someone, but it means a chance of getting caught. Plus he is an idiot too.

      3) The police are rubbish in China. Completely useless bunch.

      4) Citizens of Changchun are some of the nicest people in China I ever come across.

    • Duke

      Right on in regards to the reaction by the community. Does my heart good to see strangers come together and try to help each other anywhere but especially in China. Most of the stories are so horrible and always seem to emphasize how horrible people can be to each other here.

    • Greensnows

      Excellent points

      – leaving an infant unattended, doesn’t matter for how long, is irresponsible and unfitting as a parent, period.

      – Killing a defenseless infant is more than first-degree murder. It
      redefines crime, and the criminal needs help, desperately so.

      – Policemen in China, 99 out of 100, are absolute junk. They violate
      more rules than those they abide. Law is nothing more than a convenient
      tool for them to abuse innocent citizens, negotiate with criminals, and rip off victims in need of help.

      – Quick to claim irrelevant credit is one of the last incentives left for those pigs to act at all.

      – Finally, it’s both humbling and inspiring to read that taxi drivers and the general public have volunteered their time to solve the case. Respect!

  • Alex

    And most of the police was at the train station controlling people so they don’t go to beijing to complain to the government during the meeting’s that are taking place now.

  • [email protected]

    I have heard of a lot of accidental kidnappings which came from car thefts, Mostly in the US, lots of them, but never have I heard of the car thief murdering the baby. This is absolutely hideous. Can’t believe anyone would do that.

  • linette lee
  • Wu

    No body yet? Even after the killer was turned in? I guess it has only been a day, but not knowing must be hard for the parents. They could be left always wondering was the boy really dead.

  • mariko


  • Li

    Is it strange? when people put money in front of lives that just how it society will operate.

  • Laoshu

    No one cries over the millions aborted in this country…

    • Chang Liu

      Because foetus does not equal to baby. No pro lifer nonsense please.

    • El Puma R.

      How would you call a miscarriage? Fetus committed suicide?

  • the ace of books

    I know people can be brutal; I know people do stuff like this. I just can’t for the life of me imagine how. How in the hell could a person with a normal range of human emotion bring himself to lay hands on an infant? I mean, how in the hell do you justify something like that?

    • mr.wiener

      More to the point why would you? Was he worried a baby could give a description of him?
      He was in a panic, sure. But this just made things a thousands times worse and made no fucking sense.

  • narsfweasels

    This guy should be turned into a psychological test subject: his life up to the point where he killed the child should be completely revisited in every possible way to analyse what may or may not (if anything) have led him towards this course of action, so that more effective measures can be taken to avoid it again.

    And then he should be hanged. Slowly, for preference.

  • filabusta

    This man’s demons must have come for him in the night and scared him to the point of confession. What a sad story.

  • Alphy

    What terrible news, our heart breaks when hearing news like this. He left the world without experiencing so many things, culture, friendship, or even love. RIP.

    Monsters today are all too common, they are not like the fairy tails dress in horrific appearance, but walk among us in human skin just like you and me. I can never justify taking a life, but I can see why people would be so incline to get rid of a monster like this from the world.

    • fsck

      Well in all honestly I can say, atleast he left live happy and probably well fed and warm. It is horrible that this happened but he will never grow up to know and understand the horrors and true face of the world we live in. This is a soul that would definitely be in heaven, if there was that anyway.

  • DavidisDawei

    Did they find the body? Could he have stolen the car to kidnap the baby?

  • jurgen

    The parents didn’t leave the babay in the car to buy stuff. They OWN the market. It’s kinda like their home. The truth is they wanted to heat the AC at home first, so that the baby wouldn’t caught cold, which only would take about 5 minutes.

    • fsck

      Thats a retarded excuse, humans are built to withstand the cold (for a few minutes) and babies are supposed to get sick. Thats how their immune systems develop. This is a horrible event anyway you cut it, but it should massively unscore the need for proper parenting advice for parents.

      Sadly I think this will force another crackdown by police and people will welcome it. This whole situation comes down to a lack of education: The Killer – obviously retarded and couldn’t think straight. The Parents – lacked proper parenting skills and basic understanding of risks (however small or unthinkable).

      • Ami

        …I hope you’re trolling.

        2 month old infants are not built for sicknesses. Their immune systems are still underdeveloped. Things that an adult could shrug off in a few days can kill/disable a child, especially an infant. Which is why doctors tell you to wash your hands before handling a baby among other precautions.

        And no human’s aren’t “built to withstand” any real cold. We’re (near) hairless, blubberless apes from Sub-Saharan Africa. We don’t put up much of a fight against freezing temperatures. Just because we can “survive” being thrown in a desert or the middle of the ocean for a few days doesn’t mean we’re adapted to it.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Maybe he was physically tired, hadn’t slept for a long time, was desperate for money and cold … we people like to forget this, but insanity is always an arm’s reach away …

  • don mario

    what a scumbag… well, one good thing about china is we know this guy will pay for it as a organ donator in the near future.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    This calls for a muthafuggin bullet to the muthafuggin head!!

    • Chang Liu

      I am sure that gonna to happen, I wonder if the guy is going for the momentary insanity plea, does that even work in China?

  • El Puma R.

    OMFG Jesus kidnapping Christ WTF ??

    3500 policemen? No Lo-jack on the car? Guy turning himself in? Absolute police uselessness.

    LEFT the child in the car??? I lived in Changchun for long time and it happened to me 2 times, once found a 2 year old girl opening the door of the car and crying, she fell off the car and almost gets rolled over by a taxi, me and another woman saw it and she kept the little girl until the dad came back…. and once I found a 5 year old boy inside a car blocking traffic, he gave me his mom’s phone number and I called her and told that bitch to go back and get her son. She was even smiling me and saying it was ok and I could only curse her and told the little boy his mother was an irresponsible woman who couldn’t take care of him. Bitched cursed back at me and I told the boy “you see, she can’t take care of you”. Not like she was gonna punch me or something.

    Both the thief and the mom of the Child are, with all due respect to the deceased, complete retards. Absolute retards. I’m so glad I left that place ’cause like my changchun friends said to me, everything that’s bad about China is even worse in Changchun, and even though I loved it in many ways, it’s still absolutely full of retarded people.

    China has a SERIOUS parenting problem.. leave the child in the car… WTF is that someone please tell me.

    • Kristy

      I hear about American parents leaving kids in the car all the time. Not a Chinese thing but a careless parent thing in general.

  • Elf Queen

    Horribly sad. I know it will not bring the poor baby back ,but please execute this scum as fast as possible.Do not give me the moral crap,death penalty is well and alive for scums like this.

  • El Puma R.

    Wait wait wait…. no body found yet? Hmm…

  • It’s nice to see some news of the Chinese pulling together for a very worthy common goal. Sad ending though.

  • Anonymous of Jiangnan

    Ahhhh the wonderful generosities of typical northerners, just as deceitful and wicked as the cantonese!

  • The Enlightened One

    I don’t think the parents left the baby behind. I think the aunt was probably taking care of the baby and ran in to grab something or warm up the room and the baby was gone. Not excusing the aunt… but can you imagine how horrible she feels?

    She lost her sister’s or brother’s baby… now that is a pain that eats at the soul.

    She is going to need psychological help.

  • The Enlightened One

    Child molesters, rapists and baby killers are monsters that should be exterminated.

    I know some people are bleeding hearts for reform and rehabilitation but I am not one of them. These people lack parts that make someone human. They are selfish and have no consideration for the victim, the victim’s family, their own family (which also feels quite horrible) nor the impact of their actions on society.

    If drug dealers get the death sentence in China, surely a monster like this should receive the same treatment!

    • Kristy

      Apparently because he turned himself you, he can’t receive death penalty. A pity

  • cancerific

    the baby would have had cancer anyway

  • johma

    it’s the mom’s fault, chinese have no morals anyway.

  • Egg

    When people of think of the death penalty its actually an easy let off.. everyone dies.. to really pay for what he has done he has to be tortured.. an example of which other criminals who commit such ruthless acts will keep in mind as a consequence of their actions.

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