Changing Chinese Children’s Lives With Photographs


From Sina:

That child whose fate was changed by a photograph

From the internet, I read an article and saw many black and white photographs, and could not help but think of that Project Hope big-eyed little girl [pictured above].

Su Mingjuan was the Project Hope big-eyed little girl, and though today she has already grown up, she was originally the child of an ordinary peasant family in an Anhui mountain village, her family poor ever since she was little, parents depending on farming to survive. Perhaps without this photo, Su Mingjuan would still be in her hometown farming now, continuing the life of her parents, but because of this picture, more people knew about her, financially aided her, helped her, allowed her to finish her education, and she now has a stable job at a bank in the city. It was a picture just like this that changed this girl’s life. On her face now can be seen is that self-confident smile.

There are people who say smiling is the most primitive and natural expression of humans.
There are people who say within children’s eyes are the most pure and innocent souls.
Then love is the best recipe for maintaining smiles and purity.

These past two days I discovered that Li Houlin’s blog has many children’s pictures:


A group photo.
With 4700 meter elevation children, a deep bond was made.
Starting from a child’s smiling face in a single picture,
and persisting out of love, it expanded to 4500 or even more smiling faces.


A smile, is the strength of dedication.
A smile, is a child’s dream.
A smile, is giving with your hear.
A smile, is a wordless repayment.
A smile, is a soundless commitment.
A smile, is the future’s hope.

Amongst these smiles, what is it that you see?


Will these children become artists or designers in the future?


Become teachers or doctors?
In XZ [西藏 Xi Zang, Tibet], what children yearn for the most is to become teachers and doctors, teachers can teach more children, while doctors can treat those who cannot [normally] afford to see doctors.


Or also become the next generation’s Tibetan singing group, or…there are too many possibilities.
The same photograph, the same expression, but hopes to have a different life.
In Li Houlin’s blog, there are also some activities for the I Do Children’s Fund, that helped me understand these Tibetan area children, but this blog post, this collection of smiles, black and white images could not help but shake me. Why is it that the places closer to the sky are farther from their dreams,  how can we let these smiles under the sun reclaim their color?

This is a problem/question that everyone should consider. Perhaps, all that is truly needed is a blessing or a bit of concern from you, and something can be achieved… Looking forward to even more people working hard for this, looking forward to even more children showing their smiles!

Comments from Sina:


Just passing by~~~[I] still deeply remember that big-eyed little girl.


Sometimes one’s fate is controlled in one’s own hands!!


Public welfare and charity needs us to never rest/stop/give up.


I think that while the Tibetan area children’s smiles are a little strange, I can feel the sincerity..


O(∩_∩)O~ I believe with everyone’s concern, those children will grow up more and more healthy and strong.


This world should have many many big-eyed girls like this.


Hope these really cute children can all depend on a photograph to change their fates.


Project Hope is very important, must persevere to the end!


In comparison, I feel I am truly fortunate.


There are people who say smiling is the most primitive and natural expression of humans.
There are people who say within children’s eyes are the most pure and innocent souls.
Then love is the best recipe for maintaining smiles and purity.


Extend both your arms,
help those children in poverty.
Maybe your own contribution is trivial,
but if we all individually give a little love,
that power is unmeasurable.
Always support charities!emoticons|E___6557ZHYYSIB|谢谢emoticons|E___7329ZHWGSIB|爱心


Project Hope is a project that benefits the people, it helps many people realize their dreams. I believe, as long as there is love, nothing is too difficult for the heroic citizens of China.emoticons|E___7302ZHMGSIB|敬礼


Written by Fauna

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