Changsha Old City Walls Razed For Relocation, Netizens React

A stretch of ancient Changsha city walls was recently unearthed at the construction site of a new luxury development by the Wanda Group called the Wanda Mansion. But the developer’s choice to tear down and relocate the wall, as opposed to preserving it on location, led to protests online in regard to the historical preservation of one of the few city walls that dates back nearly five dynasties.

As of March 7th, the demolition and relocation of 120 meters of the wall has commenced with only about 20 meters being preserved on-site for management by the Wanda Group.

The controversy surrounding the Changsha city walls is only a recent example in a string of historical preservation issues that saw the interests of the developers clash with the need to maintain historical relics.

Pictures from Rednet:

Comments responding to Weibo user @杰士邦大侠:


downI curse Wanda will be bankrupt soon.


After a few more years we would have nothing left. 5000 years of Chinese history, what a joke, 5000 years and all people see are steel and concrete buildings?


Why don’t you look at Wanda’s background, even the Beijing city walls were torn down. What other shameless things can this government do in this age?


Believe them: Tiananmen will be dug up too!


What do we have left?

Comments responding to Weibo user @独立观察思考:


If such a valuable ancient wall can’t even be preserved, what face does Changsha have to call itself an “famous ancient cultural city”?


Please leave China with some history


In their eyes [Wanda Group], money and enterprise are more important than protecting the old city wall.


This reminds me of the tearing down of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin’s residence in Beijing. What will be the outcome?


Who TMD tear it down, I will never buy their property, not like I can afford it…

News report from Hunan TV on Youku:


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