Changsha Sexual Assault by Foreigner, Chinese Reactions

Silhouette of a sexual assault scene.

Silhouette of a sexual assault scene.

From NetEase:

Foreign Man Sexually Assaults Women Publicly in Changsha, Chased and Stopped by City Residents

CHANGSHA – At 6am on April 4th, on Changsha West Jiefang Road, city residents witnessed from across the street a male foreign national sexually assaulting a Chinese woman. The city residents, finding such behavior extremely inappropriate, immediately crossed the street to intervene and call the police. Relevant departments of the Changsha Public Security Bureau have confirmed that there has been such an incident, and at present the Criminal Investigation Department has already joined the investigation.

Mr. Yang was a witness at the time. He said, this incident took place in front of the KFC entrance on West Jiefang Road, the foreign man seemed to be around 20-something years old, about 1.6m tall, wearing black clothes and pants, and a pair of sandals. The women was around over 30 years old, round face, slightly chubby. Outside the entrance, the foreign man pressed the woman down, then took off both his pants and the woman’s pants, and began sexually assaulting her.

Mr. Yang said he happened to be passing by West Jiefang Road at the time, with him standing across the street from the KFC entrance. He saw at the entrance of the KFC across the street man was cuddling with a woman, at first thinking they were a pair of lovers engaged in intimacy. Mr. Yang also saw people pass by the couple but no one went forward to intervene, though some stopped to look while others simply walked away.

When Mr. Yang saw the man took off both his and the woman’s pants, beginning to sexually assault the women, he felt it was extremely improper, “therefore I called the police, reporting to the police that a sexual assault was occurring here.” Then, Mr. Yang crossed to the other side of the street and attempted to stop the man, “there were few others who crossed with me.”

Mr. Yang says that after he walked over, the man stood up, “his lower body was exposed and he immediately grabbed his pants to cover himself. I was furious, and a young girl beside me was furious as well, and scolded him in English.”

The surveillance camera in a nearby store captured the following scene: In the footage, several city residents were chasing and beating this foreign man. Mr. Yang said the man ducked and dodged while saying something. “I could identify that it was English, but didn’t understand what he was saying.”

The video did not capture the sexual assault, but police have confirmed that this male foreign national had sexually assaulted the woman, with the Criminal investigation department currently investigating this man. According to the police, the male is an international student at an Changsha Hexi university, while the women’s identity is not yet clear. As for whether the man had been drinking at the time, whether he knew this woman, and other information is still uncertain at this time.

Comments on NetEase:

中日友谊 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

The entire time I was reading the article, I kept waiting to find out whether or not the dick went inside, and after finishing the entire piece, I still haven’t found out just whether or not it went in???

chuming8888 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Having a laowai fuck you is your glory!

网易福建省福州市福清市网友 ip:218.66.*.*:

There was no description of the woman resisting in the article, can’t exclude the possibility that the women was half-willing and half-unwilling.
This world is becoming crazier and crazier.

妹Q1458265024 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

It is precisely because of diplomatic immunity that foreign devils do whatever they please in China. Those in support, upvote.

网易海南省海口市网友 [压力山大而死]:

I long ago lost all hope for this country. Let those pitiful patriots be reincarnated back this lousy country over and over again throughout the ages if they want, I’m going to work hard so I can emigrate in the future!

网易河北省石家庄市手机网友(27.185.*.*): (response to above)

Fuck your mom, foreigners do bad things you can still find away to drag in the country? Talking about talking shit for no reason!

网易天津市手机网友 [wyt200]:

Fuck your mom, would you go to America and dare do this kind of thing?

网易北京市手机网友 [judith163]: (response to above)

Plenty [of similar incidents] in America’s black communities.

网易天津市手机网友 [wyt200]: (response to above)

And that’s done by black devils, but let’s see a person of the Heavenly Kingdom try it [in those places]?

网易河北省石家庄市手机网友(27.185.*.*): (response to above)

Did third floor’s [wyt200] wife mate with a bird and contract H7N9? Or drank too much red bean soup? Aren’t there more cases like this in India? And it’s not like there aren’t any in America too, right? With this kind of blindness, I bet your family is going to run into bad luck and die out this year!

网易江西省上饶市手机网友: (response to above)

In America, it’s nothing more than just rape and murder.

网易吉林省长春市网友 [张弘弛]:

Not a single Westerner in China is good/decent, all trash, locusts.

网易香港手机网友 [東亞病徒]: (response to above)

In Hong Kong, mainland women are prostitutes, whores, I fucked many northern gals, it was great!

网易吉林省长春市网友 [张弘弛]: (response to above)

American dogs, Japanese scum, wumao are all not human, so they are at best limited to this level [of discussion].

网易美国网友 ip:24.154.*.*: (response to above)

This “東亞病徒” is definitely not Chinese, but probably a Japanese pirates or a South Asian monkey, a bastard either way.

网易美国网友 ip:24.154.*.*:

Hunan people, way to go!

网易陕西省宝鸡市岐山县手机网友 ip:113.201.*.*:

Beat him to death.

网易四川省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Of the international students that come to the Heavenly Kingdom, 80% of them are all foreign hooligans, and yet the Heavenly Kingdom caters to them as if they were the boss, as if a bunch of slaves. My school is eight people to a room, while foreign students are two to a room with air conditioning, television, and a water dispenser, their own private bathroom, shower, and the housing fees they pay are even lower than the Heavenly Kingdom’s students.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 ip:218.109.*.*:

A phenomenon that only appeared after being colonized [after colonialism].
Women sleeping with foreigners, bearing babies for foreigners. Men working for foreigners at low wages. Red-light districts everywhere. Foreign stores all over the place.
The good atmosphere after liberation has completely been lost, and now all that has happened is a return to pre-liberation conditions.
Boasting about women’s liberation. Sexual liberation is all just about becoming commodities for the rich. There is no morality anymore.

网易广西网友 [101835544]:

…just what kind of situation is this? At 1.6m tall, just what kind of foreign national, Vietnamese?

网易美国网友 ip:64.134.*.*: (response to above)

Yeah, “the foreign man seemed to be around 20-something years old, 1.6m tall”, and that’s “about”. Daring to behave so arrogantly even at this height?

麻木的活着8 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Who called the police? MD, ruining my good fortune, now my chance to emigrate is lost yet again…

网易湖北省襄阳市手机网友 [早起的人儿有肉吃]:

The woman didn’t even resist, huhu, and it was the passersby who called the police [not her].

杭州小撸帝 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (response to above)

I’m thinking she was enjoying it too much, otherwise 6am is already daylight, and on the streets, with people passing by, why wouldn’t she scream? Unless her brain is damaged, and if I may so boldly speculate, this woman and the black devil know each other, hung out together all night at a bar, couldn’t control their lust after coming out in the morning, and started to have sex right in front of KFC.

chdyyy [网易云南省昭通市网友]:

Cops, shielding foreigners, traitors.

网易浙江省宁波市网友 ip:60.55.*.*

Don’t see where it says this woman resisted. If she was resisting, would it have been that easy to undress her? So how could this group of men go chasing and attacking the guy? Talk about “the emperor not being worried but the eunuchs being worried [people unnecessarily being worried/getting involved]!”

网易澳大利亚手机网友 ip:220.233.*.*

Did the woman not know how to scream?

ly18647988808 [网易内蒙古呼和浩特市手机网友]:

This foreign man is just like our government officials, wanting to fuck every hole they encounter.

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:58.49.*.*

So foreigners fool around with a few ladies, why are you rabble making a fuss?

草根民意 [网易北京市网友]:

Was it because the woman was dressed too revealingly?

网易河南省平顶山市网友 ip:182.122.*.*

Wearing a condom doesn’t count as rape.


Numb, when the height was mentioned, I thought it was a fucking Japanese dog, but then I saw “English”… Ugh… Why wasn’t this son of a bitch beaten to death?

李振平 [网易陕西省西安市网友]: (response to above)

Don’t flatter yourself~~ the heights of Japanese and Korean people nowadays have all gone up~ Even people from some South Asian countries (Thailand) are getting taller~

电镀废水 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

When it’s Chinese, it’s labeled rape, but when it’s foreigners, it’s called sexual assault! Deceitful/unfair Chinese police!

网易美国手机网友 ip:98.228.*.*:

Whether or not it was voluntary/consensual is actually hard to say, because there are some Chinese women who upon seeing a Westerner will spread their legs and climb the pole.

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