Changsha Sexual Assault by Foreigner, Chinese Reactions

Silhouette of a sexual assault scene.

Silhouette of a sexual assault scene.

From NetEase:

Foreign Man Sexually Assaults Women Publicly in Changsha, Chased and Stopped by City Residents

CHANGSHA – At 6am on April 4th, on Changsha West Jiefang Road, city residents witnessed from across the street a male foreign national sexually assaulting a Chinese woman. The city residents, finding such behavior extremely inappropriate, immediately crossed the street to intervene and call the police. Relevant departments of the Changsha Public Security Bureau have confirmed that there has been such an incident, and at present the Criminal Investigation Department has already joined the investigation.

Mr. Yang was a witness at the time. He said, this incident took place in front of the KFC entrance on West Jiefang Road, the foreign man seemed to be around 20-something years old, about 1.6m tall, wearing black clothes and pants, and a pair of sandals. The women was around over 30 years old, round face, slightly chubby. Outside the entrance, the foreign man pressed the woman down, then took off both his pants and the woman’s pants, and began sexually assaulting her.

Mr. Yang said he happened to be passing by West Jiefang Road at the time, with him standing across the street from the KFC entrance. He saw at the entrance of the KFC across the street man was cuddling with a woman, at first thinking they were a pair of lovers engaged in intimacy. Mr. Yang also saw people pass by the couple but no one went forward to intervene, though some stopped to look while others simply walked away.

When Mr. Yang saw the man took off both his and the woman’s pants, beginning to sexually assault the women, he felt it was extremely improper, “therefore I called the police, reporting to the police that a sexual assault was occurring here.” Then, Mr. Yang crossed to the other side of the street and attempted to stop the man, “there were few others who crossed with me.”

Mr. Yang says that after he walked over, the man stood up, “his lower body was exposed and he immediately grabbed his pants to cover himself. I was furious, and a young girl beside me was furious as well, and scolded him in English.”

The surveillance camera in a nearby store captured the following scene: In the footage, several city residents were chasing and beating this foreign man. Mr. Yang said the man ducked and dodged while saying something. “I could identify that it was English, but didn’t understand what he was saying.”

The video did not capture the sexual assault, but police have confirmed that this male foreign national had sexually assaulted the woman, with the Criminal investigation department currently investigating this man. According to the police, the male is an international student at an Changsha Hexi university, while the women’s identity is not yet clear. As for whether the man had been drinking at the time, whether he knew this woman, and other information is still uncertain at this time.

Comments on NetEase:

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中日友谊 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

The entire time I was reading the article, I kept waiting to find out whether or not the dick went inside, and after finishing the entire piece, I still haven’t found out just whether or not it went in???

chuming8888 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Having a laowai fuck you is your glory!

网易福建省福州市福清市网友 ip:218.66.*.*:

There was no description of the woman resisting in the article, can’t exclude the possibility that the women was half-willing and half-unwilling.
This world is becoming crazier and crazier.

妹Q1458265024 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

It is precisely because of diplomatic immunity that foreign devils do whatever they please in China. Those in support, upvote.

网易海南省海口市网友 [压力山大而死]:

I long ago lost all hope for this country. Let those pitiful patriots be reincarnated back this lousy country over and over again throughout the ages if they want, I’m going to work hard so I can emigrate in the future!

网易河北省石家庄市手机网友(27.185.*.*): (response to above)

Fuck your mom, foreigners do bad things you can still find away to drag in the country? Talking about talking shit for no reason!

网易天津市手机网友 [wyt200]:

Fuck your mom, would you go to America and dare do this kind of thing?

网易北京市手机网友 [judith163]: (response to above)

Plenty [of similar incidents] in America’s black communities.

网易天津市手机网友 [wyt200]: (response to above)

And that’s done by black devils, but let’s see a person of the Heavenly Kingdom try it [in those places]?

网易河北省石家庄市手机网友(27.185.*.*): (response to above)

Did third floor’s [wyt200] wife mate with a bird and contract H7N9? Or drank too much red bean soup? Aren’t there more cases like this in India? And it’s not like there aren’t any in America too, right? With this kind of blindness, I bet your family is going to run into bad luck and die out this year!

网易江西省上饶市手机网友: (response to above)

In America, it’s nothing more than just rape and murder.

网易吉林省长春市网友 [张弘弛]:

Not a single Westerner in China is good/decent, all trash, locusts.

网易香港手机网友 [東亞病徒]: (response to above)

In Hong Kong, mainland women are prostitutes, whores, I fucked many northern gals, it was great!

网易吉林省长春市网友 [张弘弛]: (response to above)

American dogs, Japanese scum, wumao are all not human, so they are at best limited to this level [of discussion].

网易美国网友 ip:24.154.*.*: (response to above)

This “東亞病徒” is definitely not Chinese, but probably a Japanese pirates or a South Asian monkey, a bastard either way.

网易美国网友 ip:24.154.*.*:

Hunan people, way to go!

网易陕西省宝鸡市岐山县手机网友 ip:113.201.*.*:

Beat him to death.

网易四川省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Of the international students that come to the Heavenly Kingdom, 80% of them are all foreign hooligans, and yet the Heavenly Kingdom caters to them as if they were the boss, as if a bunch of slaves. My school is eight people to a room, while foreign students are two to a room with air conditioning, television, and a water dispenser, their own private bathroom, shower, and the housing fees they pay are even lower than the Heavenly Kingdom’s students.

网易浙江省杭州市网友 ip:218.109.*.*:

A phenomenon that only appeared after being colonized [after colonialism].
Women sleeping with foreigners, bearing babies for foreigners. Men working for foreigners at low wages. Red-light districts everywhere. Foreign stores all over the place.
The good atmosphere after liberation has completely been lost, and now all that has happened is a return to pre-liberation conditions.
Boasting about women’s liberation. Sexual liberation is all just about becoming commodities for the rich. There is no morality anymore.

网易广西网友 [101835544]:

…just what kind of situation is this? At 1.6m tall, just what kind of foreign national, Vietnamese?

网易美国网友 ip:64.134.*.*: (response to above)

Yeah, “the foreign man seemed to be around 20-something years old, 1.6m tall”, and that’s “about”. Daring to behave so arrogantly even at this height?

麻木的活着8 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

Who called the police? MD, ruining my good fortune, now my chance to emigrate is lost yet again…

网易湖北省襄阳市手机网友 [早起的人儿有肉吃]:

The woman didn’t even resist, huhu, and it was the passersby who called the police [not her].

杭州小撸帝 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (response to above)

I’m thinking she was enjoying it too much, otherwise 6am is already daylight, and on the streets, with people passing by, why wouldn’t she scream? Unless her brain is damaged, and if I may so boldly speculate, this woman and the black devil know each other, hung out together all night at a bar, couldn’t control their lust after coming out in the morning, and started to have sex right in front of KFC.

chdyyy [网易云南省昭通市网友]:

Cops, shielding foreigners, traitors.

网易浙江省宁波市网友 ip:60.55.*.*

Don’t see where it says this woman resisted. If she was resisting, would it have been that easy to undress her? So how could this group of men go chasing and attacking the guy? Talk about “the emperor not being worried but the eunuchs being worried [people unnecessarily being worried/getting involved]!”

网易澳大利亚手机网友 ip:220.233.*.*

Did the woman not know how to scream?

ly18647988808 [网易内蒙古呼和浩特市手机网友]:

This foreign man is just like our government officials, wanting to fuck every hole they encounter.

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:58.49.*.*

So foreigners fool around with a few ladies, why are you rabble making a fuss?

草根民意 [网易北京市网友]:

Was it because the woman was dressed too revealingly?

网易河南省平顶山市网友 ip:182.122.*.*

Wearing a condom doesn’t count as rape.


Numb, when the height was mentioned, I thought it was a fucking Japanese dog, but then I saw “English”… Ugh… Why wasn’t this son of a bitch beaten to death?

李振平 [网易陕西省西安市网友]: (response to above)

Don’t flatter yourself~~ the heights of Japanese and Korean people nowadays have all gone up~ Even people from some South Asian countries (Thailand) are getting taller~

电镀废水 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

When it’s Chinese, it’s labeled rape, but when it’s foreigners, it’s called sexual assault! Deceitful/unfair Chinese police!

网易美国手机网友 ip:98.228.*.*:

Whether or not it was voluntary/consensual is actually hard to say, because there are some Chinese women who upon seeing a Westerner will spread their legs and climb the pole.

Written by Pan

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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  • Kate

    I’m confused. Was this a western foreigner or what? Did the woman scream for help and resist him? Did she press sexual assault charges or did the police just file them? What’s her side of the story? Were they just a drunk couple that were being lewd? A lot things missing from this story.

    • Bugs Bunny

      i am curious too…
      sounds like an indian student…but why that girl did not call for help???or maybe both of them were drunk?

      • Kate

        I don’t know, but thank god they didn’t forget to mention that the girl was chubby. This girl’s mild weight problem was clearly more important then any above questions. True journalism would of mentioned the guy’s dick size while they were at it.

        • the ace of books

          Commenter #1 certainly wants to know! it’s important to remember these things, so he can mentally replay them later.

          • slob

            That could possibly be why they chased him down and beat him. Couldn’t stand the sight of one of their country girls being pounded by a massive throbbing black cock.

          • mr.wiener

            A “massive throbbing black cock” seems unlikely on a 1.6 meter man of [apparently] arab decent. Unless he’d had a donor organ grafted on.

          • Panda Banana


          • Kate

            Can one donate one’s manhood?

          • mr.wiener

            Could be a future trade in Africa if they ever run out of rhino horn.

          • Kate

            Making buisness plan to acquire big black cocks. Want in Mr. Weiner? With your avatar name, youre clearly an expert in weiners and we could be millionaires! Kate and Weiner’s Big Black Cocks Emporium \( ˚ ▽ ˚ ) /

          • mr.wiener

            We’d make lots of money, but I’d hate myself.

            And the name would have to be Wiener and Kate’s

          • SuperHappyCow

            God you’re a fucking idiot.

          • Kate

            And you’re like really rude and mean and jump on any chance to curse at someone. I’d rather be an idiot than a mean, grouchy, douche who takes offense at literally most things in this forum and your sense of humor sucks. Seriously, minimize my comments if they bother you and stop swearing at people, it’s just rude.

          • Guest

            Cows don’t have a sense of humor, fuckhead.

            I just take offense to idiots. If you can’t figure it out, maybe consider dying your skanky blonde hair another color.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Cows don’t have a sense of humor, fuckhead.

            I rarely take offense at anything, let alone idiots, I just point out how they’re fucking stupid, and usually tell them why. For YOU, I just thought it would be so obvious that I wouldn’t have to write it in crayons. See, what would be really really funny is if I made jokes about raping women. “We’ll just set up a cute little french shop where we pick out women to rape and use exclusively for sex!”

            Not just women are hyper sexualized and treated as objects, but you aren’t even aware of what you’re saying because you’re kind of a tool.

            One day when you stop being a tool, you’ll look back on the days when you were a huge tool and say to yourself “GOSH, WHAT A TOOL WAS I?!” and drown yourself like I politely asked you to a number of threads ago.

            Hows that for cow humor?

          • Kate

            Yeah whatever youve got serious issues that you take out on people in this forum because you must feel like youre just so fucking more brilliant then everyone else, because everyone else is the tool and you arent and youve got a sense of entitlement to let them know this. Again what the fuck ever, this is the last time ill ever read any comment you post or reply. Have a great day.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Nooo, nooo, you misunderstand, honey. I think YOU are an idiot, not everyone else. Almost no one else, actually.

            Stop being an idiot, and I’ll stop calling you an idiot. It’s really easy, actually. I insult almost no one, and don’t really have too much fun doing it. Cows are happy, see? Why do you have to make them sad? :(

          • carmouflagger

            Or if the next iPhone is that exciting.

      • stanleyrules

        i live in changsha at the moment. apparently the man was an arabian man and the stuff ive heard about it are also vague. just a sexual assault and nothing more, and the man apparently confessed to the police and admitted he had been drinking

      • Panda Banana

        i told you to stay away from alcohol!

        • mr.wiener


        • Bugs Bunny

          fuck off,old mfker!
          do not bullshit here.
          you sob even dare not to meet me in shanghai!!!
          do not talk as we met already. fuck off!
          you old idiot!

          • Panda Banana

            sorry babe, super extra sorry with sugar on top. I know i promised to come and see you so you can throw insults on me in real life. It didn’t work out, i had all sorts of shit to do. Ya know how it is in china: money is number 1!

            I will be back to Shanghai around june, july, to attend some business meetings, I am sure that we can make it happen this time….

            in the meantime take it easy with the booze baby, to many of this arab midgets floating around your city looking out with their greedy eyes for a local girl willing enough to pull off a quickie right in front a KFC store. Shameless bastards they are. Please don’t take that easy, i am really concerned !

    • fsck

      yep too many holes in this story.

      “She was scolding him in English.” then.. “He was speaking English but I couldn’t understand it”

      did he know the guy was being scolded then? Maybe she was saying “You’d
      better run honey, these guys look jealous and angry. I bet they think
      you’re raping me.”

      • Panda Banana

        “too many holes in the story…”, damn, its a chinese story, what did you expect? even most of our western stories are full of shit, investigative journalism my ass….

        • Rick in China

          I only saw 1 hole in the story – the only question is whether it was penetrated against her will or not.


      I think we’re all confused. As usual the CS story is short on details. All that matters is that a foreigner (who knows from where) did something inappropriate to a Chinese citizen. That’s enough for a story apparently.

      • linette lee

        That’s right. Does it matter if the foreigner is western or not? A crime is a crime, western or not western.


          In a perfect world it shouldn’t matter but in reality it does matter. I think it would matter anywhere in the world. Just a fact of human society.

        • Panda Banana

          no its not…..a chinese women raped by a chinese man is no story at all, cause it happens so frequently that it makes no sense to report it, unless the rapist cut off her tits afterwards, chopped them into small pieces and sold them as chicken chop-suey…

          when a crime is a crime and it really doesn’t matter who the rapist was, then please tell me straight out of your “clean open minded friendly towards all races liberal HK mind”:

          lets say you will be raped and right before you could chose between a black african, a mainlander and a local HKer, who would you chose? from your mindset and how you want to come across here, you couldn’t care less right?, cause crime is crime and it doesn’t matter where the violator comes from… so most likely to give all 3 of them equal chances and will let a lucky draw decides who the “lucky”one will be, right?

          BS, think about it, you are not far away from the latest chinese scum which walked their way through the streets of Kowloon or Canton spitting, shitting and nose drilling… probably just 1-3 generations in between..?

          Shame plays a strange role in a humans mind, and the reason why you as a chinese yourself hate mainlanders so much has to to with shame…get over it girl…

          • linette lee

            ……….Shame plays a strange role in a humans mind, and the reason why you as a chinese yourself hate mainlanders so much………

            I don’t feel ashamed of the mainlanders. I feel sorry for those rural china folks who are treated like slaves by the china gov’t.

            I don’t like the corrupt china people in power stealing money and spending them in HK with their lowly educated mistresses/whores. These are the same people who shit and spit in HK. These low lives who are the descendants of Mao’s party are peasants without education and they are in power controlling the China gov’t.

          • Panda Banana

            damn baby, you really have issues with your own folks…however…you know very little, and of the little you know, you know quite a lot…

          • SuperHappyCow

            Why are you so obsessed with black people, CB?

            Why are you dumb? :(

      • Kai

        The entire article was translated. The details you’re seeing are the details the Chinese netizens commenting there got from that source. cS is more about showing the what Chinese netizens are seeing and how they are reacting as a result, than it is about investigating and “getting to the bottom” of a story or “setting the record straight”. cS isn’t Snopes.


          Okay got it. I guess the Chinese netizens are just as confused sometimes as CS posters.

        • Rusty

          They react exactly the same as other people. You got your answer, now you can shut down your little blog.

    • I guarantee you this was not a white “laowai” because we have more class than that. Also chinese women come to me and not the other way around so rape is not even necessary. Kiss my ass, jealous chinese men.


        Only in your own mind is anyone jealous of you. I bet you’d like to lick my chocolate starfish.




          • Rusty

            If you were so successful with women, you would be out there being successful, not bragging about it on a website for geeks.

      • linette lee

        The ones that come up to you see you as a walking green card. Dumbass.

        99% of the china women chase laowai for green card.

        • They came for the green card and stayed for the oversized sausage. Enjoy your little wieners.

          • mr.wiener

            Much as I enjoy a good sausage joke [my trade after all] I believe you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

        • Panda Banana

          well you cant really say that. Its obvious that you as a HK girl have some issues with mainland women for whatever reason. I lived 7 years on the mainland and HK and had countless affairs with many mainland and HK girls/women. Bases on my experience i would question your 99% green card diggers and i would also question that 99% chase foreigners for others reasons. First you must take into account that still just a small minority actually speaks english, and then you need to realize that green card would indicate american only. I also dont know where this stereotype of old fat foreigner with chinese flower comes from. I lived and worked so many years there and not even once i have seen a couple like that. I have seen some nice and cute girls with rotten mouth chainsmoking local males, yes, and that quite often, but the most non good looking or overweight foreigners i have seen, in case they had a chinese GF, the GF came across kinda unattractive compared with girls you see with ugly chinese males, both HK and China.

          It might be that the idea of a green card crosses a girls mind, but that really depends on the male and how he sells his self or what he actually wants. I think that chinese women go right now through an era of sexual revolution and towards more independence. They know what they want, and from my personal experience many of them would at least like to try a “foreigner”, and why shouldn’t they? Damn, now a days, you can even see more and more chinese girls with black dudes, kinda pisses most of the local males off, but if they like to choke on a black banana, why not? But here comes the interesting thing, even they like to try something else, I would still go so far to say, that when it comes down to actual marriage and family planing, MOST of them would still chose their own, rather then a foreigner. I think that has cultural reasons, parents might play a huge role in that too and expectations from heir close social circle….I personally think that mainland chinese girls are amongst the most capable and loyal females in the world, right after japanese which are in my opinion unmatched….HKers males or females are probably amongst the most hypocritical humans i have seen so far…

          • linette lee

            ………HKers males or females are probably amongst the most hypocritical humans i have seen so far……….

            That’s probably because they have been influenced by the western culture.

            I have never seen a very pretty chinese girl dating any white dudes. All the chinese girls that date or married white dudes are usually average or below average on the look and financial department. The ones inside China definitely have green cards on their mind 100% without a doubt.

            The pretty chinese girls with high education level and financial background usually marry to chinese men. The only time they will marry to white dudes is when they are millionaires.

          • Panda Banana

            baby, you never lived in china, so how you can say that? and your knowledge is based on what…?

          • linette lee

            From seeing people on the street.

          • Panda Banana

            from seeing people on the street?

            you look at people on the street and you know what they are thinking? you know what there job is? you know if they are gov. officials? are you some sort of medium with super natural powers? guess not, so its pretty obvious that you just release some hot air out of your ass, instead of having actual knowledge on the subject.

            you are kinda like that black frog eye which some time ago came as a forum tourist, knew everything about china, simply by living in the US and watching old kung fu movies…turned out she was an angry black women with no job, beat up by her husband who left her alone with a bunch of kids…well she was proud about the fact that she lives quite well from her welfare…

          • SuperHappyCow

            It was you! You were that idiot that never came back. What was the name of that lady you hated so much? I’m wired and can’t remember, but man, she was hot.

            Anyway, you made up everything in that last paragraph. Way to be. How are you, buddy? Catch AIDs yet?

          • Makoto

            So are you going to marry a old divorced white dude ?

      • Panda Banana

        class has nothing to do with skin color, i think whites throughout history had their fair share of rape and violence, from then onwards we still do it, but as you said, with style! and we always find good reason why we had to do it!

        • mr.wiener

          Rape and violence are about power not sex and definitely not style

          • Panda Banana

            you are right about the execution and experience of power, but what would that be without some sort of orgasm which comes along as a release of that power, physical or mental, some sort of result should be seen afterwards. In some cases productive in others destructive, depending from which angle the individual looks at the whole thing.

            Definitely not style? Ever seen japanese porn? That shit got a lot of style, pure rape would be not interesting at all when there would be not story which comes along…

            Not sex?? Sure about that? Of course, i too very much doubt that when a prisoner is raped, that he was raped by homosexuals. Its more likely that they do it cause they want to see that special look on his face while being raped. We could say its to a part power, but then again, who would be so cruel to deny the rapist his “well earned” orgasm? Is a rape without sexual satisfaction (from the rapist) less of a rape? And can the rape, where the raped one feels sexual pleasure, still be called a rape….

            its not as easy as it looks like my friend…

          • SuperHappyCow

            Why are you such a twat?

          • Rusty

            I think it is about sex. Freud was right, we all are perverts animals inside. But the smarter the person, the better the self-control. I heard that people who are retarded will constantly try to mount each other. Rapists are just overly frustrated geeks with carpal tunnel syndrome, like Oppressed White Man for example.

    • mr.wiener

      Damn right. Chinese Journalism is really sloppy, Proof smoof.

      • Panda Banana

        no its not my friend. See, our western journalisms is sloppy too, they just sell it in a nicer packing. Chinese journalism and news are actually much easier to understand, its more predictable and the fact that you can be assured that most of it is propaganda, makes it easier to find out the actual truth. In western media you are feed by what they think should be sold as truth, its no longer just informing and let people make up their own mind and opinion about a subject, its more creating public opinion, and political agenda. Chines do the same, but the fact that they do it kinda obvious makes them more predictable and most of the time, when one would just think the opposite of what was reported he is closer to the truth then he would ever be by watching and reading western news…

        • mr.wiener

          I’m not saying Western journalism is better, in some cases it is worse. It just seems that in many cases the level of journalism in China is about the same as FOX news.

    • filabusta

      Yeah this would be a normal day if the guy hadn’t been speaking English.

    • Who needs reasons when this story was clearly designed to be inflammatory. You’re supposed to be angry, so pick a side and start adding exclamation points and caps lock.

      Like, “HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!”

      • mr.wiener


      • Kate

        Ok. Here I go:


        About right?

        • the ace of books

          SO YOU BEST
          HIDE YO KIDS
          HIDE YO WIFE

          • Kate

            Omg i was thinking about the same video when I wrote that comment \( ˚ ▽ ˚ ) /

          • Guest

            It is possibly the only rape joke I find funny, mostly because Antoine Dodson is so serious and says it on the news. :D

          • Kate


        • So drole. Love the hip-hop lingo.

          All I mean is that “teh Chinese internets” (and thus these stories here on cS) are never logical. They’re scandalous and exploitational. It is absolutely phenomenal that a noble sense of duty tries to hold them accountable to a higher authority, but it’s irrelevant: look at the result and then tell me it wasn’t pre-planned.

          And: I know you’re just kidding. So: KEEP SMILING!!! yOU!

  • MonkeyMouth

    double standards abound again. i wish that the people, as exemplified by these commenters above, would just pull up their own fucking pants and stop with this inferior-superior confusion

    • radbab

      yep. unfortunately it is part of the culture here fostered by the government. this complex is quite useful for the people in power to manipulate, e.g. when it comes to popular support over some islands in the sea.

  • “Plenty [of similar incidents] in America’s black communities.” – Well that’s very presumptuous. I wonder if a majority of Chinese peoples prejudice towards blacks are driven by pure ignorance or naivety. Perhaps both.

    • MonkeyMouth

      dude, you never heard of the new craze? the chinese uni students go into all the black ghettos and get them some brown sugar. by consent, or no consent.

      • mr.wiener


        • MonkeyMouth

          you are as sarcastic as i am. touche, good sir!!

    • Ambival

      Well, you can’t say it isn’t true, though…

      • I live in a quiet Black middle class neighborhood. Most if not all people in this neighborhood hold college degrees and work white collar jobs. There is no raping and plundering rampant here. For you to reinforce the assertion that such activity of rape and sexual assault proliferates among the majority Black Americans is very IGNORANT.

        • Panda Banana

          talking about middle class, what is the middle class anyway? sounds pretty much closer to the poor then to the rich…so how middle is middle?

        • Rick in China

          I hate to say it Anthony, as you’re trying to make a positive point, but you’re either in an extremely abnormal neighborhood or you’re way off on your guess on the ‘people in the neighborhood’.

          You say “most if not ALL” had college degrees and work white collar jobs. Well, statistically, a very small percentage of black households have college grads or work white collar jobs – thankfully it’s growing significantly but still lags behind asian/white households. That doesn’t have anything to do with the point on rape/sexual assault though, I think that it’s a minority of neighborhoods in the US that have significant crime – but since most of those ‘more dangerous’ neighborhoods are minority-dominant, some people unfairly associate color with crime directly regardless of where someone is from or what kind of neighborhood.

          • E A butler

            You find rape and crime in all neighborhoods… Please let’s not start the race war… that person who posted that comment is obviously ignorant.

          • Panda Banana

            yeah right, and the average salary is 5000 a month,even most people dont know anyone who earns “so much”…. you get such numbers when you put into account 100s of thousands low income people and 1 billionaire, does that mean that the majority of people really earn 5000 a month ?….you can take this theory and apply it to anything else too….

            rape and crime happens in all neighborhoods, sure, its just that it happens in some neighborhoods more frequently then in others….I know a good bunch of black friends who don’t want to live in black neighborhoods…lets just say that its more/less likely for a women to get raped in a particular part of the city which is dominated by certain people from a certain race…

          • KamJos

            No it doesn’t, it happens in all communities, I grew up in a Black neighborhood and am now in a White neighborhood. I don’t feel any safer on the matter of rape hear or there. I practice all the same precautions. As a woman you always keep your eyes open. Not to mention most of the time it happens with someone you know.

          • SuperHappyCow

            What, you mean like college campuses by college students?

          • Rick in China

            That’s a straw man representation of what I was saying and not a very good argument.

            No, rape doesn’t happen in “all” neighborhoods. It happens in very few neighborhoods, and statistically it happens more frequently in lower-income neighborhoods. White, black, latino, whatever – lower-income neighborhoods have higher crime rates.

          • KamJos

            Rape and sexual assault happens in all communities. It is high in places like the U.S. military and places like college campuses. Most rape occurs between people who know each other (Date Rape or Acquaintance Rape). It has nothing to do with money.

          • Rick in China

            It doesn’t happen in *ALL* communities. It can happen in any type of community, perhaps. The community I grew up in – never heard of a single reported rape, or murder, I think a kid went missing in like 1986 that was a huge deal from a neighboring part of the city and was talked about for a decade, but na – to say ‘rape’ happens in all communities is incorrect……it didn’t happen in mine. (or at least wasn’t reported)

            Sure, rape in the military and college campuses is very high – not all schools but some. That being said, if you’re denying that violent crime/rape is statistically equal between communities of any income/race/other demographic I’d say your “feeling” of how safe you are is clouding your judgement on how safe you *really* are.

          • SuperHappyCow

            What’s funny is that that’s actually true in some cases. In the U.S. income isn’t a good measure of frequency of crime.

          • Kate

            Yeah my community doesnt have rape or murder happening ether but how many rapes go unreported? I think more happens then anyone ever knows about in small communities. Like I know for a fact several top professionals in my area (very small wealthy white town) are coke dealers and big time into drugs (i knew the guy who sold them some of their drugs). Also know that one big time wealthy realitor was a child molestor in a different state, got a bhnch of plastic surgery, and moved to our town. My brother once worked as a computer repair guy and whenever he turned in people with CP on their comps to police, the main sheriff would always show up and basically said it wasnt a big deal and protected alot of the sickos.

            So who knows what really happens behind doors.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Only your mother and I.

          • Panda Banana

            its also veeery unlikely that a black women could get raped in china by chinese. Fuck its even a rare thing that a black women gets raped by someone white wherever, now a days… one can say that a black women is pretty safe everywhere in the world except within black communities.

            On the other side white women are pretty much in danger everywhere they are, though its still pretty safe for them in china, but they are in high danger when they would cross through a black neighborhood.

            On another side, asian women are probably worse off, cause they are in danger everywhere!

            So i would conclude that most black women can live pretty safe as long as they stay away from “their own” people…whites and especially asian women are more likely to get raped wherever they are wherever they live, and the chances are good that the ones committing the crime would be “members” of certain minorities groups.

          • About 34% of white adults have college degrees, compared with about 20% of black adults. That’s not as big a difference as most people think, and it’s perfectly understandable in a society where legally-enforced segregation existed just 50 years ago. There are millions of middle and upper-class black households, and there are plenty of middle-class black suburbs. Just because you don’t know about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. For example, I’m not black but even I know that Baldwin Hills in Los Angeles is an almost entirely black upper-middle class suburb. In fact, you will find middle and upper-middle class black neighborhoods anywhere there is a large black population.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Very much of the minorities that are arrested for crimes are for non-violent drug related crimes that whites, who commit the same crimes at higher rates, don’t really get prosecuted for. So I immediately question these statistics, especially since I’ve lived in many black neighborhoods in everwhere but the midwest.

            Weird. Why is rape disproportionately common on college campuses, if there are so fewer blacks and latinos there? I seriously doubt you’re trying to be racist, and wouldn’t say that you are “accidentally” being that at all, but it just doesn’t line up with reality.

            There are huge numbers of rapes on college campuses, that are frequented by predominantly white people. I saw a video last month of a bunch of kids talking about how they raped an unconscious girl in the anus, on camera. None of them got prosecuted because they were on the football team and the most important part of a middle class, white town.

            These crime statistics are incredibly dubious.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Having lived in many black communities, I can. Never seen someone try to rape a girl in the middle of the street.

        So yeah, I can say it isn’t true.

    • Xenophobia is really bad .. I see how it got u all .. talking blacks .. when a white man sexually assault a chinese girl .. this isn’t the first … what has it got to do with Blacks … it aint about race Jackward !

      • filabusta

        I think he was referring to the Chinese comment…. jackward…

      • Bandit

        How did this black retard find his way to ChinaSmack? I miss the days when this site wasn’t popular.

        • mr.wiener

          We get retards of every hue at ChinaSmack. It merely reinforces the notion we’re not all that different.
          Never go full retard.

      • Rick in China

        You’re right, Xenophobia is really bad.. I see how it got you…talking whites..when a saudi guy sexually assaults a chinese girl… this isn’t the first, what has it got to do with whites?

        I love how you assumed it was a white guy, when it was a saudi guy. Maybe you should look at your own xenophobia before you call other people out son.

      • SuperHappyCow

        I think you should really relax.

    • Promise Chukwu

      You are really so Naive and close minded.

    • Had the comparison been to Iceland, I would call them ignorant and naive. Many of the black communities in America, particularly the prominent ones such as Chicago or Oakland, are probably more violent and dangerous than Zimbabwe.

  • fsck

    “The surveillance camera in a nearby store captured the following
    scene: In the footage, several city residents were chasing and beating
    this foreign man.”

    But… “The video did not capture the sexual assault”

    So what actually happened then? A foreigner was just jailed for 1 year for defending his family against intruders. When it’s Chinese word vs. Foreigners word – the foreigner goes to jail.

    “Why did you beat the white devil boys?”
    “He was raping a girl”
    “…. hmmm must be true, those foreigners can’t contain themselves”

    Who needs evidence??

    • MonkeyMouth

      ya. its obviously a newbie young kid taking his teacher out to see the city. gets drunk, etc….i think its a charming story

    • one word .. xenophobia … against foreigners … specially blacks ! I see green lights all the time in my office .. but i can’t cuz I’m married .. You don’t who wanna set ur azz up , .. U already there’s Xenophobia here … Hatred for foreigners ….

      • wes707

        Not only is it xenophobia, fascism is also emerging in Zhongguo. The second era of globalization is running a familiar loop.

      • Rusty

        Guys are nice to girls they want to sleep with. So when girls are nice to them, guys immediately see a green light. Maybe this poor girl on the street had the bad idea to politely smile at her aggressor. The light was green enough for him I guess.
        And as for homophobia, let’s stop calling every cop giving you a ticket a racist shall we?

        • SuperHappyCow

          Women have to put up with so much stupid shit. Whenever I notice a lady that seems to have a stink attitude because I looked at her (almost never caught looking at a girl’s body) I gotta remember that. Hah.

    • BiggJ

      China smack turns chinese nightmares into dream realities…..

      Whatever the fuck means. hahaha

    • Mr Nightcat

      About the foreigner jailed for a year, mind if you share the link? I seemed to have missed it. Not at all saying that it didn’t happen of course, just haven’t found an article yet.

    • Kai

      It’s because the camera wasn’t pointed at where the sexual assault occurred. When the guys started chasing him, they ran by a camera that caught the chase on film, but not the actual incident that started it.

      The evidence appears to be witness testimony and the guy’s own confession. I know we’re missing the woman’s testimony but even then, we’re still going to have people who will suspect she’s lying, just like we can find ways to suspect the police must’ve forced a confession out of him. Too often it depends on who you want to be right and who you want to be wrong.

      • slob

        Didn’t this take place at the front of KFC? Don’t they have cameras in case of robberies etc.?

        • Kai

          Shrug, if there are, it isn’t unreasonable for there to be plenty of blind spots where cameras aren’t aimed. I think with a KFC in China, they probably have cameras aimed at the registers and inside entrance, but don’t have cameras mounted outside covering the outside entrance.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but in most countries, the police will say there was an “alleged” sexual assault, and allow the courts to determine if in fact a sexual assault occurred.

      According to this report, the police can confirm it did happen before any court has had a chance to review any evidence.

      Sexual assault is wrong. So is the legal system in this country.

  • grant

    the guy is from saudi arabia.

    • filabusta

      Really? Is that speculation or fact?

      • This is the word on teh Chinois interwebs.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    A quality trait of the uneducated: “A foreigner raped a Chinese girl… all foreigners are trash!!! Kill all foreign devils!!!”

    • if it was black would you say Foreigners ,? nope … you would say black Devils , now is a white man you say Foreigner.. why didn’t you call him a white devils ? … please be specific … Call a spade a spade

      • linette lee

        white devil, black devil, and the evil japanese. hahahaa…lol ;)

        Stay tuned and go away, We’ll be right back here at CCTV.

        • SuperHappyCow

          i secretly imagine that linette and eatott are always high as kites

      • donscarletti

        It’s not likely that they would use the term 黑鬼子, I think that if he was black, they would be more likely to mention if he was black (老黑,黑种外国人, etc), but who knows. I don’t see the security footage, so it’s hard to tell.

        • I read somewhere else that it was a guy from Saudi Arabia. Could be wrong though.

          • donscarletti

            Well, a quick google says that if you’re wrong, then so are the majority of people who have covered this story on other websites.

            To be honest, Saudi Arabian society is conducive to producing such problems. The idea being that the onus is on women to protect themselves from rape through obesity, clothing and seclusion. The society does not teach him that it’s his responsibility not to jump onto a girl simply because he thinks she’s sexy. This is problematic with most Hunan women that I know personally, who even by non-Muslim standards tend to emit an aura of extreme sexual-approachability.

            There’s some terrible patterns of degradation towards women on the Arabian peninsular and to a lesser extent the rest of the Arab world. It’s sad to think that this issue is going to be seen in terms of the victim’s nationality here rather than the assailant’s.

        • SuperHappyCow

          When a black person does anything its always mentioned that the person is black. Granted, I dunno why Jamal felt the need to bring it up, lol.

          I’m a cow, btw. Nice to meet you.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Maybe because i’m not Chinese? I should also point out that i’m not being racist… just sarcastic. I have no idea what race the man is. Is that even important? No matter what colour he is, he’s still trash. Being racist would be uneducated. How many Chinese men rape Chinese women on a daily basis? Yet, we don’t hear stories about it on Chinasmack until a foreigner is involved.

        • donscarletti

          Well, most Chinese consider Ghengis Kahn to be a ethnic Mongolian compatriate. I guess he probably raped women on a daily basis, or close to it.

          Generally during peacetime, the most hardcore of rapists probably can only rape on a monthly basis, Chinese included, during the chaos of wartime, things are different, I’m sure if there was a large civil war, the answer to your question would probably be 10 or 20 with many more raping on a less frequent basis.

          But right now, the answer to your question is 0 and has been since 1949 at least.

          • I have a book called the Great Big Book of Horrible Things, which is an almanac of mass killings throughout recorded history. It’s about as tongue-in-cheek as a book like that can be. It has a funny passage in there about how different historians view Ghengis Khan. One might call him a serial rapist, while others might refer to him merely as a “prolific lover”

          • bert

            Award to the dumbest post and the knowledge thereof!

            But you got the last sentence right, “officially”.

        • E A butler

          When a Chinese guy rapes a Chinese girl it is called making love!! Please understand the culture before you try to criticize it!!

        • Kai

          You do hear stories about it on cS, you’re just not remembering them.

          • moldavidian

            Ok, maybe it’s been a while. I do recall the last Chinese on Chinese rape case involving a young wife being raped by her boss but i’m sure there are so many other rape cases we never hear about.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Because it plays into the Chinese fear that foreigners are coming to steal all the women away with their exotic ****s.

          Ironically Americans thought the same thing about Chinese about a century ago.

          • bert

            You mean Americans thought all those railroad workers from China were coming to take our white women? Never heard that one.

            100 years ago Chinese were binding womens feet so that they could suck on the “foot penis” of the women. They believed the vagina stole men’s essence and feared it so they deformed the feet to look like a funky penis. This excited the men mentally. They also would make the woman stimulate his male part with the hole between the two deformed feet. But yeah that’s traditional China.

          • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

            Well yeah, that was the whole reasoning behind the immigration ban on Chinese. It was championed by a party that represented the people.

            “Fair wages!” “Decent work hours!” and “The Chinese must go!”

          • Americans think the same thing about Black Americans, and promote this sentiment globally (all the while White guys can generally have a consensual field day in Asia).

          • Silntthnkr

            More like 150 years ago (the Chinese exclusionary act was finally passed in 1882). But the reality is people in California were much more worried about Chinese immigrants stealing low paying jobs then women (although very few brought women with them when they immigrated because most intended to work and return home)..

        • Brett

          I’d say this guy got off light. I remember watching a video on chinaSMACK about the family of a rape victim killing the attacker in the street.

      • Panda Banana

        brother Jamal, i am white and i can assure you that for the vast majority of chinese we are all foreign devils. But its an undeniable and indisputable fact that they especially hate black people, damn they hate you guys even more then the japanese, and that means something. In fact, from all the countries i visited(and i have been to a lot of places) china is probably the most racist country of all…

        • SuperHappyCow

          Next to the US.

          Weren’t you banned?

          • Panda Banana

            dont know about the US. Even i was there countless times, i still hate to go there. For what ever reason i feel uncomfortable when i am in the US. So i can just speak as an observer and based on communications with friends and people i meet during my visits.

            I think that things in the world have generally turned around a bit, which means that the left are the new fascists and behave not much different then right fascists. From what i am able to see, most minorities become and are in fact more racist then whites now a days. And this is stuff i have even heard from black people….

            BTW, whenever i have time i watch this guy….just wish more black people would be like him to see thing from a rational angle…


          • SuperHappyCow

            Yeah, black people are super racist. Remember in 1970-now when black people forced white people into poverty by pushing loans on them that would cause them to forclose 2 years after they signed them? It was a crazy twilight-zone episode.

            Every other one of your posts mentions black people, or something you apparently hear from black people. Why is that? Why is that all you care about. It seems that you are obsessed with race.

            There’s actually a word for that. Do you know what it is?

          • Panda Banana

            you see, thats the difference between you and other black people i know. They are successful cause they don’t hide behind a victim card. They accept that this life and the world is full of challenges and the unfortunate fact that people from certain races have to work harder and be smarter to be able to compete on all levels.

            People like you who cant get over shit, will keep in bitching and complaining for the rest of their miserable lives, that is the difference….

          • SuperHappyCow

            There’s a problem with you saying that I’m not successful, since you wouldn’t know the first thing about me. And I’m not “complaining” about anything. I’m just pointing out the absolute fact that conglomerate banks that were mostly not regulated by the CRA made bets with other conglomerate banks that “so and so” debtor’s home would be foreclosed on. So they gave them sub-prime loans with ARMs that would skyrocket from 5% – 25% interest rates over the coarse of 1-2 years. See, thats what we called the Sub-Prime Lending Crisis, and it caused the global recession. Same thing as what happened during the Great depression, except this time it was caused by banks preying on blacks and latinos who were denied opportunity for decades.

            But that’s your problem. You don’t have to know anything. You’re not from this country, and even if you were, you aren’t actually capable of thinking about things critically.

            “Black people black people black people black people. Hey, my name is Coala Banana, and I have almost nothing else at all to talk about, except how my one black ‘friend’ said that black people are bad.”

        • Rusty

          Less complaining, more moving out.

      • Rick in China

        You have a chip on your shoulder man. How do you know what he would say? You presume EVERYONE who isn’t black is automatically racist against blacks, and each of your posts shows it. Ridiculous.

      • SuperHappyCow

        This story has nothing to do with black people though bro. Nobody said anything about it.

        • guestlogic

          I think he knows that the article says nothing about the man being black, but he is referencing the comments left by chinese people who assumed he was black. In the mist of there assumption some of the things they said in chinese were quite racist. The article says nothing about black or white so he is only talking about the mentality of chinese people (via their comments of course).

    • Panda Banana

      well, you can’t really blame them for such thinking:-(….what would happen when all the uneducated of this world would unite??? so as long as all the uneducated from the different countries think in such a way, that makes them predictable and controllable, and the world a safer place to live and to live good…

      • bert

        And what happens when all the uneducated in the US unite? Obama becomes president.

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Good point. I don’t really blame them… for many or most of them, it isn’t their fault they have such low education but at the same time, they can’t go around beating or killing others because they, themselves are ignorant.

    • khat311

      americans are exactly like this though

      • moldavidian

        I was being sarcastic and you? You think all foreigners are bad because of a few incidents?

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Exactly like what?

  • nqk123

    article is so vague. make it look like a propaganda against foreigners. this article need more details

  • wafflestomp

    How can the police confirm it was a sexual assault? Isn’t that the courts job? I find it incredible that NO ONE got a video/photos of said assault, just the camera of the beating.

    Seems fishy to me. Probably a drunk girlfriend pressured into claiming assault. Also whats this talk about a foreigner being jailed for defending his family? link?

    • radbab

      the police determines guilt. the court hands the sentence. if you’re in front of a court you’re already guilty.

    • fsck

      here you go dude

      also read the comments, funny as hell. Chinese saying “He was too violent, the guys weren’t polite, but maybe they only wanted to beat his wife.”

      Foreigners saying “Hell yea, taking care of business – who cares if you get kicked out afterwards, protect your family”

  • I bet this entire story was made up to scare chinese women away from “laowai” men because chinese men cannot compete with their tiny wangs.

    • Rusty

      Next time you miserably try and fail to pick up a girl in a foreign bar, may a big gay rapist find your shitty ass on the way home.

      • mr.wiener


        • Wanna be my big gay rapist, handsome?

          • mr.wiener

            Not what floats my boat sirrah. However with a Chinese leek , a whittling knife and some underpants elastic you could turn out a half decent strap-on for one of the afore mentioned girls from a foreign bar.
            It can be turned into soup afterwards too.

      • And why would a “big gay rapist” hang outside a foreign bar in China? I am more likely to bump into your mom. Next time come up with a more realistic insult, idiot.

        • Sean Cauffiel

          I think Rusty marked himself as the owner of a tiny wang.

      • Panda Banana

        what is a foreign bar? damn, i must be the only foreigner who in 7 years in china never went to a bar, been with my staff to karaoke and a handful nightclubs, but never went to a “foreign bar” (with the intention to pick up girls?)…guess i prefer things the “hard” way, a bit more conservative, its more challenging and the rewards seem to be more exciting and promising…

        “big gay rapist”?? i recall gay asian boy saying once that “ass rape is no joke”…:-(

  • BiggJ

    Title should be” Man from who the knows where….assaults asian looking woman we think is chinese….according to a few men on the street…..Insecure asian chinese men are furious!.

    • The Enlightened One

      Could this work?

      “Midget man from the loli-pop guild attacks fatty Oriental woman in front of KFC… believed to be deaf, dumb and mute because she didn’t scream for help…. possibly enjoyed it…. Chinese men angered because she possibly enjoyed it!”

      • linette lee

        Thank god he didn’t beat her with a fried chicken.

        • The Enlightened One

          That would turn out to be a hilarious story though… “Crazy oompa-loompa is angered when Asian-looking woman eats his chicken… beats her with drumstick… and rapes her for good measure… Chinese men attack oompa-loompa cause he wasted good chicken.”

          • BiggJ

            Chinese man eats chicken oompa loompa drops and gets N7H9. lol

          • linette lee

            Now he is suing her for losing his chicken.

            He lost his chicken and she lost her virginity. His chicken is most important.


    Something inappropriate happened. Whether is was consensual public lewdness or a sexual assault. If it was public lewdness I would have pissed on both of them if I had a full bladder. If a sexual assault, as much as I hate to get involved in other people’s business, I would have physically stepped in like I hope most men would have.

    • mr.wiener

      Question is, if it was not a “foreign looking guy” “speaking English [possibly]” Would anyone have intervened?
      Going on a lot of stories we’ve seen here I’d have to reluctantly conclude, not.

      • The real question is, can mr.wiener fap without shooting seamen into his eyes. Going on a lot of stories we’ve seen here I’d have to reluctantly conclude, not.

        • mr.wiener

          A helmet with a visor usually suffices for this, Although I’ve never had occasion to shoot seamen,sailors or any other members of the armed services :)


        Maybe, after all there are Chinese people who would intervene in such situations although they’re probably a small minority. I guess it just depends on whose passing by at the moment but in all likelihood, I’d also have to sadly conclude, not.

  • Nilerafter24

    How does he know it was sexual assault?

    “”Outside the entrance, the foreign man pressed the woman down, then
    took off both his pants and the woman’s pants, and began sexually
    assaulting her. “”
    –Was she resisting? screaming? shouting for help or any other obvious reaction of sexual assault? No mention in the witness description. Just ‘sexual assault’. For I know, it could have been improper yet consensual drunken sex.

    ”’When Mr. Yang saw the man took off both his and the woman’s pants,
    beginning to sexually assault the women, he felt it was extremely
    improper, “therefore I called the police, reporting to the police that a
    sexual assault was occurring here.”””

    — ‘….and begin to sexually assault the woman…’ This guy needs to take classes in scene description. Either crucial details are intentionally left out of the witness account or the writer of this article is just too lazy to describe in detail what the nature of the ‘sexual assault’ was.

    “”Mr. Yang says that after he walked over, the man stood up, “his
    lower body was exposed and he immediately grabbed his pants to cover
    himself. I was furious, and a young girl beside me was furious as well,
    and scolded him in English.”””
    — “….she scolded him in English”. This is from the same guy who can’t understand English,obviously jumping to conclusions.

    “”In the footage, several city
    residents were chasing and beating this foreign man. Mr. Yang said the
    man ducked and dodged while saying something. “I could identify that it
    was English, but didn’t understand what he was saying.”””
    — Ha. You don’t understand what someone is trying to tell you yet you beat him nonetheless.

    “”The video did not capture the sexual assault but police have confirmed that this male foreign national had sexually assaulted the woman””
    — How exactly did they do that? Any Chinese woman that was, let’s say and I assume, having improper yet consensual drunken sex with a foreigner will obviously say she was being sexually assaulted to preserve her dignity in front of the police. Was his side of the story even considered?

    Just another foreigner bashing article to please simple minds.

  • Alphy

    Again, this story lacks a lot of details and merely open a way for racial spam. Did anyone bother to ask the police investigating this? What about the victim? What’s their relationship? It’s not a story when there are so many holes unfiled.

    • Sean Cauffiel

      Ha! Holes.

      • Alphy

        O_o no pun intended… oops

  • Release the “they only intervened because it was a foreigner” comments.

    • Winterbitten

      Well that’s not a good way to put it though. More like, there’s a good chance people would walk by if it were a Chinese citizen but as soon as it becomes know they’re a foreigner the chances of someone walking by practically turn to 0.

      • Panda Banana

        in the western countries it would be the other way around i guess. We are scared of foreigners, and prefer to find excuses for them why some of them are how they are, thinking that most likely it was our own fault cause we failed to socialize them….its more likely that people would get involved when the violator was a white guy, rather then middle eastern or black…everyone is scared of muslims now a days…

        • Panda Banana

          ..everyone is scared of muslims now a days…

          forget to add: …..except the chinese…

          • mr.wiener


          • In time, friend. In time.

          • bert

            Chinese fear Uyghur’s, so you are wrong.

          • Panda Banana

            i doubt that, cause the last time this fucks raised their voices, the chinese police and military did a pretty good job….

        • SuperHappyCow

          Black people are so fucking entitled in Western countries, am I right?


      • Kai

        Didn’t the article say some people walked right on by as well?

      • Keprar

        I guess this is similar to America where there have been entire TV shows demonstrating that people will ignore white people committing crimes but a bunch of black kids sleeping in their car generates multiple 911 calls.

  • Sean Cauffiel

    “Chinasmack reports on sexual assualt perpetrated by foreigner, exposes violently racist Chinese netizenry”

    • Red Scarf

      Yes, meanwhile in Shanghai, Chinese walk by claiming its none of their business.

    • nqk123

      I told my friends that there are a lots of racist and stereotyping in China, but none of them believed me. Thank to Chinasmack, I was finally able to convinced them.

      • Kai

        Dude, who are your friends and where are they from?

        • bert

          Uh oh! Auntie Kai wants to get to the bottom of this. You better tell him who they are. He will send an email to each and everyone of them telling them how they should be more balanced and how in China blah blah blah…………………..

  • donscarletti

    Fuck, here comes another 3 months of bullshit like the last time this happened.

    • filabusta

      Last time it was complete bullshit propaganda. That video was completely sketchy. They don’t have a cut up video to accompany this.

  • the ace of books

    Chinese Commenter #1 is the kind of person who surfs the internet one-handed, if you get my drift.

  • Showdaddy

    My contact with the TV station in Changsha told me it was a Saudi Arabian male student. This article says nothing about this.

    The comments seem to assume a white foreigner. There were comments about the U.S. as well. Another assumption?

    • Panda Banana

      you cant really blame them for not going into such details. Chinese dont really have the time to put foreigners into different categories. They can see the difference between black and white, but don’t expect them to go deeper then that. Its the same when in western europe they talk about east europeans which appy for asylum, even they come from EU countries. Even they are to 99.99% gypsies, in statistics they will come up as Bulgarians, Romanians, Serbians and so on,,,which is BTW not even a lie:-)…so saying a foreigner is not a lie either, its just not going further into details. From a chinese perspective, cause they don’t care, from our western perspective, cause out of political correctness not to be calles a racist! Fuck that makes me think about how racists is that towards all the eastern europeans which are not Gypsies…

      • hess

        They don’t want to classify people by race thus they use nationality…

        • Panda Banana

          thats my point, by not wanting to come across as racists towards a small group of people, they actually act racist towards whole nations…our liberalism and political correctness is out worst enemy. I dont blame anyone who likes to come and steal money out of the system….i blame the fucks which developed such a system where parasites can come to steal and cheat there way through the institutions….

    • Red Scarf

      Hmm these links says it was a Saudi Arabian male.

      “A Saudi Arabian man was detained for sexually assaulting a Chinese woman
      in public in Changsha city, Central China’s Hunan province on April 4,
      China News Service reported on Monday.”

      “A Saudi Arabian man was detained for sexually assaulting a Chinese woman
      in public in Changsha city, Central China’s Hunan province on April 4,
      China News Service reported on Monday.”

  • garbo

    Another hooker caught with her pants down.

    • Panda Banana

      it can’t be hooker, cause prostitution is not allowed in china!!! Thats very much excludes that she might be a hooker!!!


  • CheddyZeddy

    Its a bad thing if the foreign student did indeed rape the woman.

    • hess

      the guy was arab, not black

    • linette lee

      Not true. China smack post any news that’s popular on the chinese internet. It can be any news.

      China gov’t promote racism toward all foreigners. Not just black. And you are lucky that you are not Japanese. China gov’t teach them to hate japanese in public school.

      • cheddyzeddy

        I think Chinasmack is a propaganda website created to promote hatred

        • linette lee

          Some of the bloggers here is pretty anti china. They hate everything Chinese. They are doing a pretty good job on spreading hates between chinese and foreigners themselves without the help of China smack.

        • SuperHappyCow

          I disagree.

        • I think that it is a news site that focuses on quirky things pertaining to China. Many of the commenters just communicate as they would naturally, and many people are filled with prejudice, hate, and so on. It is unfortunate, but it is reality. I have learned to embrace hate and use it as a tool just as my enemies do against me.

      • cheddyzeddy

        how about this, chinasmack should do a good investigation on what they are reporting and then post things that are true
        Half of if not all of chinasmack reports are incomplete and biased. Always intending to make Chinese look innocent Japanese look bad and give Black race the bad boy image

        • linette lee

          Not true, Go to the chinese website. These are some of the most viewed reports on the chinese internet. Those reports are not fully detailed neither. Chinasmack is more like a entertainment news.

        • Kai

          Please read our About page.

        • SuperHappyCow

          That’s not what they do, though. They translate popular stories and Chinese commenters’ posts.

      • The Chinese government promotes racism toward foreigners? Why is it that I get my own apartment to myself at China Daily, while my Chinese colleagues have to share one.

        • linette lee

          are you the same justin from canada? All you Justins need to add a last name on your user name. I don’t know which Justin.

      • Panda Banana

        well, they don’t teach them directly that they SHOULD hate the japanese, they just show them an easy way to wake up the ability to develop some sort of hatred towards the japanese. Thats a big difference, but yes, I would go so far to say its intentional, cause critical and rational thinking is not the strongest virtue of a chinese kid….

        but lets go right south of the canton into HK where we both live at the moment, would you say that HK people are less racists then mainland chinese? Sure, they seem to have no big problems with japanese and probably like them more then mainlanders, but are they really less racist? I would say no, their level of racism is probably on the same level, the difference is that its executed in a different way, probably thanks to a higher education level compared to their mainland brothers and sisters…

        • linette lee

          Would you say the people in America are less racist than people in China? Are there closet racists in America? People execute their racism in a different way.

          • Panda Banana

            exactly, thats what i mean, its just executed in a different way. Everyone of us is to a degree racist. I had once a friend from turkey, not a muslim BTW, we studied together in germany, he was the most radical anti-fascist i have ever seen, member of the communist party, took part in all sorts of anti racist and anti nazi demonstrations and so on, well educated too….however, after a couple of years he married and had 2 children, one boy and one girl. Once i visited him at home, and we watched some news on TV report that a black guy was beaten by a crowd of neo nazis. He was outraged and one could see his anger and his readiness to go right after the nazis to defend the black dude…..after he calm down and his wife brought us some tea. I brought up a point regarding his baby daughter. I told him that i am sure that we all are at least a bit racists even he. He denied that, then i asked him what he would do when his daughter in around 16 years from now, would bring home a black guy, would that really not bother him? He thought about for a moment and said, yeah most likely he would beat the shit out of him and forbid his daughter to meet such people, BUT he also said that this had nothing to do with racism…yeah of course. I talked with him last year on the phone, after more then 15 years, he is now a tough nationalist, even claims that he is a muslim now, and ordered his wife to get sure that his daughter will not merry a dirty german, even she grew up in germany, she should marry someone from turkey:-)))…i said to him, that it sounds weird to me, how people can even consider and go so far to prefer one of “their own” as bad as he might be, rather then someone probably good just cause the other doesn’t fit into their bronze age understanding of life…

            I witnessed too much shit over the years in china, and how chinese parents pimp on their own children(my employees), spoiling/wasting the children’s hard earned money, forcing them into marriages, and even they are still young themselves prefer not to work at all and to live solely with the salaries their children earn every month. Its obvious that they brainwashed their own children into some sort of fake values and guilt complex, really comparable with whores which obey orders from their pimps, cause they cant or don’t dare to think for themselves…its a shame….I applaud the young chinese man and women who want to break out of this misery they call culture, and go their own way in life…

          • linette lee

            You mistaken being caring and having strong family value and very family oriented to parents brainwashing their kids pimping on their own children to get money.

            Chinese are not the only ones that have very strong family bond. It’s called taking care of your family. I think the Italians are like that too. (don’t you watch The Godfather….So your old folks need cash…I give them cash. No problemo….just kidding…)

            Parents work hard to raise their kids. Kids take care of their old folks when they become adults. That’s what family is for.

          • Panda Banana

            “You mistaken being caring and having strong family value”

            thats what pimps say to their whores when they ask where all the money is they earned over the years and that they somehow feel being used…..

            caring?? hahaha,

            yeah i know that you folks like to hide behind this words and use them as an excuse. Keep on brainwashing your children pimping on them and let them work for you, instead of teaching them some independence. You prefer to keep them under control even in their adult lives to ensure that they will be some sort of retirement fond as long as you live.

          • Greg

            you mean the Godfather trilogy where SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Michael Corleone has Fredo whacked?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Panda it seems to me that you’re always talking about black people.

          • Panda Banana

            i like black people, some of my best friends are black…black women on the other side:-(…damn even my black friends dont like black women:-)

          • Rick in China

            Nothing more racist than “I have black friends!” comments.

          • SuperHappyCow

            I almost only like Black women, and my black friends do as well.

            Weird how your life is kind of a stereotype.

          • Rick in China

            “People in America” – this type of comment is silly. America is HUGE. There is a significant difference between the average person in say, Montgomery Alabama and someone from say, San Francisco.

            Urbanization, exposure, education, and local society changes people’s perspectives enormously. People from Hong Kong have been exposed to foreigners from many places (although I guess mostly England and India) for a long time, so it makes sense they’re less aggressive and *racist* towards foreigners of any type. Homogeneous societies like China, where exposure is either very new or very limited, drastically increases the acceptance and commonplace of racist tendency. The more we mix, the less racism prevails, that’s pretty obvious.

          • Rick in China

            decreases, not increases.

          • Panda Banana

            i think that multi culture does not necessarily decrease rasism, it also very much depends on how certain minority groups behave, how the assimilate and integrate into the particular society. Some do pretty well, others do the best they can to avoid having anything to do with the particular countries culture and for any price get sure that their children think the same. I think there are more then enough examples in the world that multi culture has failed miserably, and i must say sadly so, cause its a great opportunity for all, but instead it is seen as a threat by many…

            HK where i live now, will also change soon to the worse, cause of the free hands outs provided to mainland chinese which abuse the system more and more. I think that every country which offers shit for free without asking favors or set pre requirements for people to get shit for free, is doomed to attract the worst kind of human species…see europe by example….

          • The more we mix and GET ALONG, the less racist things will be. If we mix and don’t get along, things seem to be more racist in some instances.

    • nqk123

      it not just black. white getting the bad rep. over the years as well

    • Rusty

      Talking about one black individual is not insulting all blacks. If you yourself didn’t do anything, stop running for crying out loud.
      And Chinasmack only promotes racism against China itself. But they are too stupid to understand it. So I don’t expect you to.

    • SuperHappyCow


  • nono

    A chinese man raping a chinese woman? meh.
    This is a summary of China’s reaction.
    Thank fucking hell I’m a chinese living in Australia.

    • SuperHappyCow

      You’re not fucking Chinese and you know it.

  • vincent

    Oh that’s nice it’s only sexual assault if it’s a foreigner eh, I seem to remember an article being very similar to this but the outcome was very different, I suppose this is alright , hell people even stopped to take photos, double standards…

    • The Enlightened One

      LoL… Too true.

  • PandaBanana

    damn eattot/bugsbunny! i told you to stay away from all this pakistani and indian midgets! Thats where your herpes comes from! you really tried to pull off a quicky right in front of a dirty ass chinese KFC?

  • crimsonarmor

    First off China is definitely not Heavenly kingdom because most Chinese are trying to leave and go to UK USA and Canada so i wish everyone will stop saying heavenly kingdom. If its so heavenly why is there so much shit going on such as rape theft corruption. Does that sound heavenly?
    As for this rape/assault article the details are not clear, In fact these days set ups are quite common where westerners are lured by women and then claim rape. Then somehow half a video or some pics which don’t show everything turn up. Then all the Chinese netizens start going on about how bad foreigners are. What a load of crap! If you believe in these stories so easily then you really are gullible.

    • Alphy

      You obviously don’t know much about China. Heavenly Kingdom, or Sky Kingdom is a direct translation. It mocks a republic running like any dynasty in the past as all previous monarch were labeled as X朝 like 唐朝 (Tang Dynasty), so 天朝 means (Sky/Heavenly Dynasty). It’s ironic, as CCP is suppose to be anything but.

  • MrT

    Changsha is full of Pakis and Arabs, I went that KFC last year and it was their local hang out.
    Its no surprise to me this as happened, lots of girls have told me how the Pakis are always hitting on them and get nasty with it. Most the Universitys and schools , specially in Changsha are recruiting only them for teaching positions because their far cheaper.
    Basically China doing it on the cheap has left the flood gates open for all the scum to run wild here.
    Bad enough before.

    • mr.wiener

      Ah, so it’s :” foreign scum? not us, it’s those people who are the foreign scum”.

      • MrT

        We all know who they are, its not unique to China, seen it all before in a past life, China will learn the hard way like others before.
        Get the checks in place now before it really gets out of hand and f**ks every body up.
        To many people turning a blind eye, including foreigners.

    • Panda Banana

      “full of Pakis and Arabs, I went that KFC last year and it was their local hang out.”

      thats what i tell eattot/bugsbunny all the time:

      stay away from cheap booze and KFC stores, too many of this Paki/Arab dwarfs hanging around there looking out for young girls who for a chicken sandwich are ready to do all kinds of dirty ass shit….

    • Howdy

      My university has recruited all Chinese Teachers with third class Chinese to teach us in English. Can’t even understand the question we ask although its related to the stuffs they just taught. When asked why they won’t recruit foreign teachers with fairly good proficiency in English from countries like India, Pakistan they replied that it would be very expensive for them. More than twice. So, whatever you say they are atleast twice expensive than senior and respected professors of my Univ. although with minimum minimum experience. Most of them being recent graduate.

      • MrT

        God you’re dumb, yes more expensive then local Chinese -English teachers but far cheaper then white English teachers say from UK, US, Australia,Canada etc where its their first language
        Also the University’s get a big fat sum of money each year from Government to use foreign teachers but they pocket the money instead or use cheaper teachers.


  • The Enlightened One

    Oh that’s just classy ChinaSMACK!

    What about the story I posted in the Japanese Schoolgirl post about the Australian dude that was physically attacked in his OWN HOME by four Chinese men. And used a weapon to fend them off with his wife and child possibly at home…THEN GOT SENT TO JAIL FOR A YEAR and PENDING DEPORTATION.

    Not only did they not find the victims (AGAIN WHO NEEDS EVIDENCE IN CHINA), so there was no one to file the charges but again HE WAS sent to jail. WTF?!

    This story is older than the one you posted, both being on eChinacities for some time now. Probably where you got this from…

    No, let’s put the spotlight on the evil foreigners! Of course the cameras didn’t capture what he did, just the beating he received… OF COURSE!

    • The Enlightened One

      I knew THIS one would get posted. I just knew it… Don’t give me your stupid dull-cow eyed expression of confusion, I see that enough around here!

    • Panda Banana

      in china things work differently. I very much sympathize with this guy, but he should have known better. I myself was in critical situations more then once in china, came in conflict with law and order several times, my life threatened and so on….you know in china, pushing someone around, cursing, a little bit slapping or even invading someones business or private home claiming shit is not really a crime. Yes, its unusual for a “commie” country, but the fact that most police don’t even carry weapons and are pushed around and beaten too, must have a reason. You, and in his case his wife, running a business, its not an easy thing to do in china. If you deal with chinese people you will very fast find out that they are very unpleasant customers, partners, employees or employers to deal with…and trust me not many companies in china really make money. But back to the story…

      A bunch of folks entered his private home, claiming money from his wife. Fact is,(from a chinese understanding anyway) that they had open issues with his wife, and in china you dont just go to the police or file a law suite, you get a group of people together and pay the one who owns you money a visit. Occupying his company, his private office,living room or laying on his sofa or bed is not unusual. Me and my chinese partners did the very same when customers didn’t pay their invoices, you get some of your working staff together, usually 10-20 people and go with them to the one who owes you money. Trust me, our staff would at any given day prefer to go somewhere to cause trouble rather then do their actual job in the factory, for them its a day off and some excitement, maybe even a good lunch afterwards in a restaurant if they were successful…however, we always get our outstanding payments this way. Its just hopeless and time wasting to send out warnings and invoices again and again or take someones word for granted…

      I can understand him, but again, fact is they just get in his house, maybe in an aggressive manner, that in its self is not a crime in china, its very common. Fact is also that he cut one of them with a knife, while he on the other side had no wounds at all. In china that speaks against him, he can not proof that his life or the life of his family was seriously threatened in any way, so from a chinese courts perspective he simply over reacted. Based on my experience, (and i was able to get away with lots of shit worse then that,) they didn’t judge him any differently then they would have judged a chinese.

      I once had a dozen guys waiting outside my office building with chop knives, chains and so on, simply cause i dared to fire one lazy MFer who apparently had some connections outside. The situation was obvious, yet, it wouldn’t make any sense to call the police, i too went to our cantine and took the biggest knife i could find, took a chair and sat right in front of the entrance door for all this MFers to see. I guess they never saw a foreigner behaving in such a way….

      Again, i mainly blame this guys wife, cause she was the one who should know better. She with whatever she did, put her foreign husband and her children unnecessary into danger! But when it comes to money and profit, chinese are ready more then anyone else in the world to risk life and health, their own and the ones of others even their closest family members, trust me on that…

      What this guy should have done? Go into an heavy argument with them in hope that either the situation escalates or deescalates….nothing wrong with taking a knife, stick, axe (toilette brush would be the best, chinese are scared more of toilette brush or your dirty underwear then of a knife) or whatever and threaten them, BUT in no way actually use it and cut someone…appearantly he did the wrong things, at the wrong time at the wrong place under the wrong circumstances….

      • The Enlightened One

        I understand totally what you are saying. And I agree with you too. That’s just the way they are… they never really get into a fight with someone unless they are certain their guanxi is higher or they are willing to risk their lives… or they are drunk and stupid.

        Actually, I heard they were already attacking him when go the knife. It still begs the question,.. who charged him if there were no witnesses or victims to make statements. But again, you are right… they probably bribed a judge or something and it is too bad for the foreigner or even Chinese guy caught in this situation.

        I am surprised the Australian government isn’t doing anything about it. But who can trust the government to help them out in a bind anyway?

        This world will always be dog-eat-dog which is why you better make sure you are tough, got a decent amount of money and know when to kick it into overdrive and when to keep your cool.

        I am just annoyed that ChinaSMACK didn’t post the damn story but chose this stupid one instead.

        This story has so many holes it sounds like the whole things was witnessed by a bunch of drunk idiots or written by one.

        • Panda Banana

          its just the way it is man. It took me a while to accept how badly chinese people treat each others, the irrationality, the strange behavior, the escalation based on very minor disputes. I barely talk with other foreigners and never go out where other foreigners go out. I lived and worked with chinese people for years, so my experience and adventures are most likely completely different then the ones from a teacher or someone who was send to china by his western company. So one can imagine, that when even this people have shit to say and to complain, then you can imagine how my life was all this years. I am not a complainer, i just say how things are and how i experienced them, and i wouldn’t want them to be any other way. The bad and unpleasant things are the ones where we learn the most from and which when applied useful can be benefited from in the most profitable way.

          I remember when my next door neighbor, an older lady from HK which owned a bunch of restaurants was found dead, her head chopped off. I too found from time to time a beheaded chicken in front of my door. Someone i know quite well, a guy from HK, who lived in a house close to mine was killed too, together with his wife and children. I found that especially HK people are so naive when they come to china, even they are chinese too, they are no match for mainlanders. Mainlanders are just another species when it comes to ruthlessness and achieving their goals.

          This guy will still get out of this healthy and quite easy, i am sure that they will release him soon. Owing someone money in china is a dangerous thing, and you must really be extremely dumb, want to commit suicide, or a bad ass MFer, to be able to still sleep well at night. Funny thing is, that the times you will get into trouble are the times you did actually nothing wrong. Even you act according to the law, the chances are good that sooner or later everyone will make one or the other strange encounter in china, even the ones which just work and go home…fuck, a lot of shit can happen and can be seen even on the way home:-)…

    • Kai

      The source of the story on eChinacities was a Sydney Morning Herald article via HaoHaoReport, neither of which are Chinese internet sources.

      The source of this story is NetEase, a leading Chinese web portal. cS aims to translate what is popular, trending, discussed by Chinese netizens on the Chinese internet.

      If the Australian story is popular on the Chinese internet, we’ll likely see it, and even then, sometimes we miss things. It’s a really big country and a really big internet. There are trending stories every day that we miss.

      Perhaps you can help us by finding some Chinese internet sources about the Australian story that have a critical mass of Chinese netizens discussing it?

  • Zappa Frank

    he was probably just getting use to chinese customs as for chinese people it’s not so strange beat women…i’ve noticed more than one time, strangely enough other chinese people didn’t care at all as long as no foreigner is involved.

  • donkeykong

    “Carl Mather was quietly convicted of assault in January after attempting to resist four people who barged into his Chinese apartment, while he carried his three-year-old daughter in his arms.

    The 54-year-old Australian English teacher opened the door of his Nanjing apartment to a man he knew, Gao Long, but three others sprang from hiding places and forced their way in.

    They were demanding to see his wife, Xie Qun, in a language he couldn’t understand, and he feared they would abduct their daughter for leverage in an ongoing dispute over money and pride.

    One of the biggest of the intruders pushed against his throat and the others beat his upper body. In desperation he ran to pick up a stick – but they grabbed it from him – and then a kitchen knife.

    Since November, Mr Mather has spent his days in a bedroom-size Chinese prison cell, shared with 15 men, while the assailants have never been investigated.”

  • sorry

    some people here just talk nonsense that black devils how many black’s in China can do something like raping a Chinese woman. you are also yellow devils.

  • prototype666

    first time on this website… wow… what a bunch of losers…

    • mr.wiener

      If this place is a toilet what does that make you if you are just passing through?

      • YourSupremeCommander

        a piece of shit?

        • No, a dead goldfish.

          Yes, a piece of shit. That is the joke.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Snap, son.

  • Marcus Black

    It’s interesting that the title of this article has “foreigner” instead of “white guy”. If the culprit was a black male you would see “black devil” in the title. Before you ask how i knew the “race” of the culprit, well I know the culprit is not a black male because there is no “black devil” in the title. The Chinese people’s inferiority complex towards white people and their superiority complex towards people of color is to say the least strange.

  • Promise Chukwu

    Trying to change topic about the FLU….nice try

  • Truth

    Racism is bad for the racist and the victim. Chinese should know that whites have tried all kinds of bad things against blacks and have badly burnt their hands, it is not them that will succeed . There will always be blacks in the world and only the racists will have to adjust. Blacks don’t have any excuses to make. Those who mare forced to make excuses are loving in pain.

  • Fate’s pawn, the Chinese brothers, saving their sister from the devilish foreigner’s deceitful love. Chinese sisters destiny must not intertwine with foreigner. Obstruct and separate them. Little do they realise, it will only fuel their fire of love. A man from another world, a woman from another world, their joining will be sweeter after overcoming momentous obstacle, much like…. Romeo and Juliet?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Judging solely on the info posted here: foreigner + KFC… yup, must be a black guy.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Ever consider suicide as a solution to your problem of existing?

  • La Mano Gaucha

    If my laptop wasn’t new, I would put it on the floor and take a shit on the screen while the CS home page is open. This place has become almost entirely a repository of inflammatory racist stories, inane drivel, shitty pop songs, and bland humor. I’m done here for a while, or maybe even permanently. Fuck CS, their editors, and their moderators.

    • KMT Guy

      The KMT urges you to calm down.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Seriously, he wants everything to be polite, everything to be politically correct, everything to be from Pleasantville, meanwhile he wants to FUCK CS, their editors, and their moderators, and take a SHIT on his laptop… what a stark contrast. These are the unstable people we have to watch out for: zero humor, live a boring life, keeps all the anger to himself and one day, BAM, brings a loaded automatic weapon to the mall… We have seen it way too many times.

        Sorry my joke is still too bland, my apologies to La Mano Gaucha.

        • La Mano Gaucha

          “Seriously, he wants everything to be polite, everything to be politically correct, everything to be from Pleasantville.”

          What the hell are you talking about? Show us the evidence, you piece of shit. Or are you saying that simply because I gave some shit to Eattot (a.k.a. Bugs Bunny) for using the word “Jap” continuously, like the low class piece of trash that she is? Here’s some thing for you: if you have something to say, at least come up with something truthful, or else, go and fuck your mother’s rotten crotch. Is that polite enough for you? CS has turned to garbage. Final post here… knock yourself out. I won’t lose sleep over it.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            I stand correct, I will see you in the news one day, peace brother.

          • SuperHappyCow

            But you are actually an obnoxious piece of shit quite often. Maybe you should consider working on it, and you wouldn’t run into this kind of thing?

  • PixelPulse

    Its hard to say whats more depressing; this story, the very predictable foreigner devil comments, or the comments on Chinasmack. Either way Im not shocked by any of them, sadly.

  • Hongwu Emperor

    The solution is simple: cut off his dick, and there will be harmony again.

    Laowai or not, the decision must be swift.

    • Panda Banana

      don’t you think thats over reacting? when cutting his penis off just because he had his pants down, would justify his “crime”, then what to do with eattot/bugsbunny? from what we could read, she too had her pants down! What would be a sufficient punishment for her? Could she again just get away with it, simply cause she was drunk again?

    • sean

      The news never mentioned about she resisting the act.. so its a mutual act. U gonna cut off his penis just for this. U crazy or something???

  • Sean Carter

    “Of the international students that come to the Heavenly Kingdom, 80% of them are all foreign hooligans, and yet the Heavenly Kingdom caters to them as if they were the boss, as if a bunch of slaves. My school is eight people to a room, while foreign students are two to a room with air conditioning, television, and a water dispenser, their own private bathroom, shower, and the housing fees they pay are even lower than the Heavenly Kingdom’s students.”

    Really?? WOW
    I am a foreign student myself, and I pay 8 times more than what the Chinese students pay.

    • Kai

      Yeah, that guy is an idiot.

  • Kung

    so, so many butthurts!

    Well, in Taiwan we have also this kind of discussion about foreign/Western men coming here to have sex with Taiwanese girls, many of whom only fuck with Western men and despise Taiwanese men.

    This is a post-colonial issue, and no one can deny its existence.

    Opinions of this, guys?

    • Panda Banana

      my opinion? to ALL man from whatever country you are from:

      you don’t own your women! if a bitch(women) from your country decides to fuck with someone else, then you should accept that and get over it once and for all, even it’s your own GF/wife. There is nothing you can do about it, except to raise your game and your skills and stay sexual attractive, and even then there is no guaranty. So you better get used to it, that you ARE replaceable and there are other men out there which your countries women find more attractive and like to fuck with for whatever reason. She don’t even need to explain the reason to you, simply cause it’s her free choice to decide with who she will have sex with, when and how. Women do have equal rights and they do have the right to orgasms. If your countries women despise you and prefer someone from another country, then it has probably or probably not to do with you, who the fuck cares. You can come to my country whenever you like and fuck all the women you like, i couldn’t care less, and you know why i don’t give a shit? Simply cause i don’t suffer from nationalism or/and some sort of inferior complex. I started playing with my cock before i was able to walk, I am fucking obsessed with women and pussy, but i would never go so far to claim one of these bitches my property, they are all free to go and to fuck who ever they want. Its a fucking free world, stop making a fucking sacrilege out of life and your fake ass cultures and stone age moral standards.

      Post colonial issues my ass, every dirty ass black dude from africa can come to europe with his broken english and can sell his self as an american rapper to a fine ass blond bitch. They can get all the pussy they want, and trust me there is some fine pussy on every corner waiting to suck on a big banana. How is that for a post colonial trauma? You guys better get your shit together and realize that pussies get wet and women are horny and some of them want try out certain things, they too want to discover and experience, and i personally cant see anything wrong with that.

      eattot/bugsbunny, i love you baby, show some love !

      • SuperHappyCow

        You’re really obsessed with black people. If you wonder why I keep saying that in replies to your posts, its probably because you keep saying it.

        Also, why do you have to call women bitches though? How was that necessary?

        • Panda Banana

          bitches? sorry, if that offended you….learned it from my black friends:-)

          • SuperHappyCow

            You really are obsessed. Everything about your life apparently involves an anecdote about a black person.


    • They fuck foreigners as long as they ain’t Black. Same thing in Japan (where I have lived, and for the record I was thinking about Taiwan) and all over Asia. White = Alpha, Black = Omega, everyone else is in between. Oh, and women like to try new things which is why a lot of times Asian guys are out of the running in Asian countries. With the rise of J-pop, K-pop, other Asian pop culture, and Asian countries’ economic standings, I’m seeing more White WOMEN with “Yellow Fever” these days.

      I understand if you only want Oriental women though, they are the most gorgeous on earth, and my inability to access them as a Black man is what has driven me into becoming racially aware.

      • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

        Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit inbred….I don’t know where the hell you lived in Taiwan or Japan….must of been in those backwater areas….But where I’ve lived I fucked ALL Asians across the spectrum from Japan Korea Taiwan China and in between. A Black dude must have took your bitch… ah well such is life..

        • I AM Black with yellow fever. It’s us agianst the world. The white man controls this shit and the world wants to be white and destroy Blacks.

  • Mudge

    I got out of China, was sick of all this racist BS (the money could never compensate) and now live in a place where China just seems like some kind of bad dream. They just bay for an opportunity to cut into foreigners, any foreigner and when they can’t they go for each others throats.

  • KV

    It sounds more like this:

    A foreign guy was banging his girl in a very open and ‘outlandish’ way.

    Some Chinese people got upset about them banging outside and decided to attack the foreigner.

    The girl then stated that he ‘assaulted her’ because of face (she didn’t want to lose face), if she said ‘oh i just wanted to get banged in public’ then she would look like a cheap whore in the eyes of Chinese people.

    Case closed.

    I wish we would see all the articles about Chinese guys sexually assaulting girls, I have at least 5 female friends who’ve been attacked by guys while walking home on the street (in Shanghai) and one or two who’ve been intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness and then taken advantage of…..

  • mx

    once you go black (or white), you’ll never go back. because it’ll ruin your tiny vagina or asshole for most asian dicks.

  • Black Monster

    Chinese netizen reactions: Black, Black, Black.

    I am offended? no, I’m proud!

    Yellow are inferior race! Proof: Asians were raped by Black American Marines.

    Blacks created the most advanced civilization in the world, the ancient Egyptian civilization.

    The world war will be invisible, think: bird flu and radiation. You are already doomed, there is no place in the world to hide, hahaha.

    • SuperHappyCow

      But you really should kill yourself, though.

    • silent observer

      I’m black and I am telling you to shaaaat up!

    • Howdy

      Egyptian Civilization by blacks?? Really??

      • SuperHappyCow

        Actually, yeah, probably.

  • Northern Lights

    I see the usual fascists are out to play as soon as a foreigner tries to do something they are incapable of (fucking). Get a life you assholes

  • 上官

    I handle the hiring of foreign teachers at a university in Guangdong. I hire only the teachers with an educational background suitable for teaching English. You want to teach English at our school, you had better have a degree for teaching English; not just any old liberal arts degree. I studied abroad, in America to be exact, and I know the score. I do not accept those who have a background in some irrelevant area of study. I also request a sealed copy of their college transcripts. I look over both their grades and curriculum. I rejected several applicants for low grades, and I rejected others who I felt would not be an asset to our school for having taken some some pretty ridiculous courses. Many others never got back to me. I guess they were ashamed of their college records. This is how I weed out the useless troublemakers who are here for a good time while peddling their basic understanding of English on the side. I believe some standard should also be put in place for foreign students, but that is not my department.

    • silent observer

      Aren’t we believing we are so high and mighty today. Hurray for you…do you want an award or something?…You sound like the Godzilla of pricks.

      • 上官

        I take it my formula would have weeded you out. There’s always where you came from; not that you could amount to anything there, either.

  • silent observer

    Plenty [of similar incidents] in America’s black communities.

    网易天津市手机网友 [wyt200]: (response to above)

    And that’s done by black devils, but let’s see a person of the Heavenly Kingdom try it [in those places]?”

    I don’t have to rape women…I just come here and your women freely give it up. I’m not the one that has to buy a house before I can get some p-ssy.

    Mainland Chinese are the lowest form of life I have ever witnessed

    • SuperHappyCow

      Not very useful to take offense from the comment and reply by saying that Chinese are less useful than single celled organisms. D:

    • LMFBAO!!!! You WIN THE INTERNET WITH THAT COMMENT MY FELLOW BLACK MAN!!! Now allow me to add…When i lived in china….my presence alone had chinese girls throwing pussy freely at me….while those SHA BI’s gotta buy a house to get any!!!

      i suppose if I had a small dick…and a government that treats me like shit….I’d be mad at Black people too….we have it much better than your average mainland chinese…Fuck those SHA BI’S!!!!

      • SuperHappyCow

        You make me feel bad on the inside, though. Why do you have to go so far out of your way to insult asian dudes’ dicks?

        Is that the only way you feel like you’re worth anything? By comparing your dick to someone you’ve never met?

        • mr.wiener

          In a word?… Insecurity.

          • Rosemon Calvin Pilot

            Whose insecure….you? Certainly not me….

        • Why? Are you chinese? asian? mixed? Do you feel equally bad if not worse about the racism and bigotry about Blacks.

          FYI I have met many chinese and while some are cool….some are just as uncool….as evident by that stupid ass post about raping being rampant in Black communities….Black people they’ve certainly never met! why is it okay for them to make mass assumptions and generalizations…….you kind of come off as apologetic for them…..pot calling the kettle black….no pun intended…especially when female rape is NATIONAL PASSTIME in China….that is if they are as unlucky to even be born in the first place and not aborted!

          I’ll commit suicide before I ever become so desperate and resort to raping someone….or buy one of the NUMEROUS hookers that hang out grabbing at me on every other chinese corner as I walk by.

          I’ll tell you something else….18-20 Black people won’t just walk by some little girl who got ran over by a vehicle…I’m out!

          • SuperHappyCow

            Not Chinese. You’re just doing the same thing you’re complaining about those anons did. Waste of time, don’t you think.

            Those fools are uneducated about anything, don’t be the same way by trying to say they have a little dick. That…hurts my soul, bro.

  • s0908946

    i am shocked and appalled at the xenophobia here, my degree is chinese and i am trying to contribute to helping our two cultures further understand eachother and thus have a better relationship. we are all human, and every country has rapists, criminals, and at the same time every country has good honest, hard working people. all of these ignorant and racist comments have really disappointed me.

    • Panda Banana

      you must be fresh out of the university….so i will give you some valuable advise for your future life:

      disappointment comes from wrong expectations !

      when you say our 2 cultures, chinese being one, then which one is the other? you start to sound like a chinese who thinks that there is one western culture and then there is them….BTW, what do you love about chinese culture anyway?

    • mr.wiener

      Welcome to China.