Chaos: Son-in-law Destroys Own Family’s Home With Front Loader

Son-in-law Destroys Own Family’s Home With Front Loader

A man in Ningbo, Zhejiang, recently destroyed his father-in-law’s home with a front-loading tractor. He procured the tractor from nearby, tearing a 200 meter path of destruction damaging multiple homes as he drove towards his target. When he arrived at his father-in-law’s home, he tore off the roof and drove in. Even though 12 family members including 2 of his own children, were trembling with fear in the small bathroom, he continued his rage until the tractor got a flat tire. The top-voted netizen comment on the story said “This is the most epic news story I’ve ever seen, nothing compares.”

Source: Netease

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  • risotto

    Maybe he really liked playing with Tonka trucks as a kid…

  • Arta

    is the “why” explained somewhere ?

    • lonetrey / Dan

      There’s a reason why Chinasmack’s comments are drying up.

    • Dolph Grunt

      Actually, in the original story from Netease, it wasn’t explained. I think at this point no one really knows why he did it. The family of 12 had just finished eating dinner and were watching TV when the truck crashed through the wall. The father-in-law surmised that the safest place for the family was in the bathroom, for whatever reason. The father-in-law thought the family was surely going to die when suddenly the truck stopped. He still had no idea who was doing this and at this point all of the electricity was out in the house so he couldn’t see the driver. He saw a figure get out of the truck and pick up a brick, presumably to manually continue the attack. Someone in the family called the police while all of this was going on.

      As the brick wielding man approached, the father-in-law (through the dim light of a street light) finally made out the attacker as his son-in-law.

      That’s it. Doesn’t go into any detail about why it happened or how it was stopped or even if police arrived at the scene. So, I’ve gotta give Chinasmack the benefit of the doubt here and say it wasn’t their fault on this one.

      Added note: One of the top comments from this is “Son-in-law of China”