Charges Filed in Li Tianyi Gang-Rape Case, Netizens Still Angry

Li Tianyi (aka Li Guanfeng) and his BMW.

Li Tianyi (aka Li Guanfeng) and his BMW.

There were over 232k participants in the comments to the following article making it one of the most actively discussed articles on the popular NetEase Chinese web portal…

From NetEase:

Charges Filed Against Li Tianyi and Group Suspected of Rape, Their Actions That of Gang-Rape

China News Service July 8 Beijing Time report – The group of 5 people including Mainland China singer Li Shuangjiang’s son Li Tianyi suspected of rape has recently once again attracted widespread attention amongst society. The Beijing Municipal People’s Prosecutor’s Office released information on the 8th stating that the Beijing Haidian District People’s Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges in accordance with the law with the Beijing Haidian District People’s Court that day in the rape case against Li X and group.

Li Shuangjiang and son Li Tianyi on stage.
Li Shuangjiang and son Li Tianyi on stage.

The Beijing Municipal Prosecutor’s Office today released information stating that the Beijing Haidian District Prosecutor’s Office on May 6th received the investigation and charges against the 5 people including Li X suspected of rape transferred to it by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian Sub-Bureau. During this time, in order to complete evidence, it has lawfully returned the case once to the Public Security Bureau for additional investigation and evidence-collection. Now it has been determined that the actions of the group of 5 people including Li X have violated the Article 236 Section 3 Provision 4 of the “People’s Republic of China Criminal Law”, suspected of the crime of rape, and what more, gang-rape. On July 8th, the Beijing Municipal Haidian District People’s Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against Li X and group on suspicion of rape with the Haidian District People’s Court.

According to media reports, on the night of 2013 February 17, Li Tianyi and 4 others were gathered at a Beijing Wudaokou bar, met a drunk girl and took her to get a room at the Hubei Building. On February 19th, Beijing Police received a report from this girl claiming that she was gang-raped by the group of 5 including Li Tianyi on the night of February 17th at the Hubei Building. On February 20th, the 5 people were detained on suspicion of rape. At the beginning of March, police proposed to prosecutors the arrest of the 5 on suspicion of rape.

Beijing Police had previously indicated to the media that of the 5 criminal suspects in this case, 4 were minors, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the “Protection of Minors Law” regarding the prohibition against disclosing the names, residences, photos, images, and other material that may identify the minor suspects in a criminal case, they could not disclose the circumstances of the suspects.

At present, the Beijing Prosecutor’s Office has already filed charges in this case in accordance with the law. In consideration of Li Tianyi being a minor, and according to criminal procedures and the related interpretations of new regulations concerning cases involving minors, this trial will not be public.

(Original Title: Beijing Prosecutor’s Office: Already Filed Charges in the Rape Case Involving 5 People Including Li Tianyi)

Comments from NetEase:

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人民领袖毛润之 [网易上海市网友]:

[Those in support of] executing the 5 people including Li Tianyi, ding this up. [Over 54k upvotes at time of translation]

网易广西手机网友 网易广西手机网友:

[Those who] Hope Tianyi is severely punished, ding this, thanks. [39k upvotes]

捅鸡局驻黄易大使 [网易广东省肇庆市网友]:

Sitting here waiting to see if the law is going to be gang-raped. [32k upvotes]

吃兔子的大萝卜 [网易山东省日照市网友]:

I just want to know the following:
1. Would an ordinary QJ case drag on for this long, unless it remained unsolved?! For a case that broken long ago and the facts are definite and certain, why has it been dragged on and on without a sentence being pronounced?
2. Who are the other four people? Don’t tell me it is because Tianyi radiance [high profile] is so strong that the other four people have been overshadowed as ordinary. I’m much more willing to believe that those four people’s radiance [identities] are even more dazzling [scandalous] that they’re letting Tianyi take the fall by himself!!! Birds of a feather flock together. His friends could not be of families who sweep Beijing’s streets and are mortgage slaves!
3. With a case that has social impact, the public has the right to know. May I ask what right the police have to refuse discussing the processing of the case? Ask yourselves honestly, are you still prosecuting this case for the people?
With each day that goes by without a result, I will daily, asking when the sun rises, asking when the sun sets, asking until there is an answer!!!


What if netizens weren’t making a big deal about this? Then it would be taking turns having sexual relations, the first person not being guilty of rape, and forever 17 years old Tianyi… [25k upvotes]

网易美国网友 [约炮请移步38楼]:

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