Charity Gives Migrant Workers Train Tickets & Cash

Chinese baby boy of migrant workers waves.

From NetEase:

I have previously seen an advertisement in the Nanfang Daily newspaper, saying there were good-hearted people in Guangzhou [province], Shenzhen helping migrant workers without the money to return home [for Chinese New Year/Spring Festival] by providing them with train tickets, cash, etc., and I also helped by making a post [on the internet] about it. The day before yesterday, they finally arrived in Dongguang. I saw them, it was very lively, but a pity I did not bring my camera to capture it. The pictures are reposted from another BBS discussion forum. I hope this kind of thing can happen more, so our lives can be full of warmth and caring~~~

A line of Chinese migrant workers signing up for charity.

A red scarf with the Chinese words of 'help you return home' for the charity organization helping migrant workers return to their hometowns and families for Spring Festival.

A migrant worker child looks at the camera.

A migrant worker man gets a red scarf placed around his neck.

A young Chinese boy holds onto his red pockets or red envelopes of cash.

A migrant worker shows the free train tickets and cash the charity organization gave him to help him visit home for the holidays.

A migrant worker smiles while giving a speech thanking the charity organization.

A Chinese train leaving Dongguan.

A volunteer helps migrant workers board the train home.

A migrant worker holds up a t-shirt of the charity organization that is helping her visit her family for the Chinese New Year holiday.

Comments on NetEase:

Makes my heart feel warm.

Too bad we still have to go line up to buy tickets tomorrow morning at 5:00.

Happy new year, they should have arrived at their homes by now, right?

Seeing this set of pictures, besides being moved, they remind me that it is again time to celebrate a new year, again time to go home.

Right now, good people are truly too few…
at least I haven’t run into any.

The world needs true love.

Going home, it truly feels good to go home…

This is something the government (country) should do that is currently being done by ordinary individuals. I am both sad and happy for our great motherland.

I do not need others to give me a ticket, just helping me get one will be “OK.” So many ticket dealers, fuck, I strongly recommend that train tickets be require true names [to prevent people from buying a lot of tickets and then reselling them to other people for a profit].

It seems there are still many good people, but I wish this world can become better and better.

China has never lacked heart, it only lacks faith in ZF institutions!

It simply feels different than normal [special, good] doing a good deed.

Bullshit, how come I haven’t run into such a thing? Yet another publicity stunt. There are no more tickets for 10 days later (the earliest you can book a ticket), and there are people giving away tickets? These people must be scalpers [ticket dealers].

This kind of helping is curing the symptoms not the disease. Migrant workers all leave their homes to make money. Can it be that after working one year, they cannot even afford to pay for a train ticket? The most important thing is still the problem of migrant workers’ wages. There must not be unpaid wages.

So fake, it is impossible to get a ticket even for a high price right now. Train tickets should require real names.

Comments from the “Help You Return Home” blog on NetEase:

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Good people live long and well.. 2009, jia you!! But hopefully 09 will not be cold again…

[This] moves us, but I hope in the future there can be even more “help you go home” activities. I salute this company, I salute this company’s owner!

Sincerely wish all of China’s sons and daughters peace and happiness.

Having arrived in Donguan for almost 10 years, seeing these pictures is the first time I have felt warmth.

I hope the conditions at train stations from last year will not appear for this year’s New Year’~~~

Farmers/peasants are a vast group that society pays close attention to. Only when they smile from happiness will our motherland be truly worthy of praise.

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  • Samael

    OH NOES! wheres all the posts? Has chinasmack been harmonized?

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  • bopomofo

    Now that’s what is right about this place!!! Taking care of the poor and needy.

    We need more. MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!

    同志门, 新年快乐!!!

  • selena

    hope they get jobs soon


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    Friday, January 9, 2009 at 1:22 am Edit


    Friday, January 9, 2009 at 9:37 am

    I hope this is a start to show (give feeling to) these migrant workers that society do care for them and that they are valuable to the growth and prosperity of South China.

    Friday, January 9, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Can anyone dig out details of this charity, would very much like to make a donation to such a scheme. Thanks.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • TheIncredibleEgg

    Great that they finally got home.
    Charity much appreciated.

    Some migrant workers couldn’t get home. They’re relentless:

  • That is so great!!! I mean if average Chinese people can help each other by providing train tickets and money for all to go home for Chinese new year, than the rest of the world can learn a great deal from this!!!

  • John Smith

    What a beautiful world!!

  • Jim

    Absolutely shocking that in a nominally socialist country workers have to rely on charity hand-outs at the end of the year.
    Good on the people doing this; shame on those who won’t allow Chinese workers to organise for the right to a living wage.

  • Mike

    As in any place with a huge gap between the haves and have nots, most leaders and rich are truely uncaring snob elitists. After the mid-90s, China quickly reverted back to being one of the most classist societies in the world. There are few charity organizations, it is nearly impossible to register a domestic or international charity, and volunteerism is looked at as suspicious and potentially dangerous for the government. Any group that can organize masses of passionate people to help society for free is a real threat to any inneffective uncaring corrupt government.

  • Peteryang

    nice to see civil activism thriving in this country, but only if its heading in the good direction like this one. I think the government should allow independent charity organization and establish laws to regulate and protect them, after all it is citizens’ work that really drives china forward.

  • dexter2

    is that the responsibility of chinese government? touched and pissed,you bet

  • Confucius the Second.

    The whole of China had forgotten, that most of the New China, was built by exploiting to the bare bones the ignorant farmers with slave wages and dare to call them Migrant workers, when they are just plain “Old thousands Names” trying to earn 2 meals a day.

    The present China is just another veiled Dynastic system, as existed in the last 5000 years of shameful Chinese History.

    The emperors in Beijing is just interested in staring at empty potteries, robbing the poor, and feasting nightly and throwing away excess food,
    while the majority 80% poor Chinese do not even access to water, education, basic health care, simple infrasttucture etc.

    Just like the old Chinese Saying, we the Chinese ( particularly applied to
    the corrupt selfish officials) are “Slapping our own faces to fatten up,
    to look well fed”. Eg the silly wastefull US$100Billion Olympics gimmick, while Wenchuan Earthquake area is still in shambles.

    Time to, truly serve the people and strenghten the country and educate
    the poor and under privalage, instead of exploiting them for another 5000 years.
    Else China will be bulliied again by the Foreign powers in another
    future Modern “Opium War”, if China remains weak on the whole.
    Empty Eggs shell are easy to see through.

    Confucius the Second.

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  • ziziyo

    hmm, i see that filthy half-breed fcuk da lu ren isn’t posting here

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  • awwwwwww that really made my day!!

  • Lewis

    That guy with the mouth is awesome! His mouth is huge and he is so happy!

  • David Fieldman

    It’s at times like these when good people come to the aid of their fellow-man. It’s extremely heart-warming and very emotional to witness the joy on the faces of the thousands of workers and their children who toil endlessly so we can enjoy the bitter fruits of their labor.
    God bless you all.
    Happy Spring Festivaland safe journey home to all.