Chengdu Beauties Surround Chengguan Who Beat Up Old Man

From NetEase, Mop, & Tiexue:

Chengdu beauties block chengguan who had beaten people

May 14th, at Yanshikou in Chengdu, several chengguan beat an old man selling bayberries. Immediately afterward, the chengguan were surrounded and condemned by crowds. Several pretty girls together blocked the front of the law enforcement vehicle.

Some pretty girls in Chengdu stand up to the local chengguan (city management officials) who had beaten an old man selling bayberries.

May 15th morning, netizen “我是你牛牛姐” posted a microblog message saying that chengguan beat an old man selling bayberries at Yanshikou in Chengdu on the 14th and afterward were surrounded by crowds of condemning onlookers. The photograph included in this microblog message showed an old man in blue with a pole standing in front of a law enforcement vehicle, and beside the old man were many females also standing with him blocking the law enforcement vehicle, with many onlookers also in the distance. Photo is of the scene of the incident.

Large crowds gather after Chengdu chengguan beat up an old man hawking bayberries.

A netizen on the night of the 14th posted online describing how the incident unfolded: “In the afternoon around 6:00, chengguan gave a beating to an old man selling bayberries. The old man was about 70-years-old, carrying a pole on his shoulders selling bayberries. The chengguan broke the old man’s scale, then crushed the bayberries under their feet, then pulled the old man down onto the ground and beat him. The young people who passed by could not bear it and surrounded them, shouting at the chengguan to apologize. When the chengguan arrogantly said they’d compensate 100 kuai, everyone became furious.” Photo is of the scene of the incident.

Crowds in Chengdu surround urban management officials who had beaten up an old man.

Photo is of the chengguan law enforcement vehicle being towed away.

A video of the incident:

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Comments from Mop:


Beautiful looks,

beautiful hearts…

even more beautiful in their actions…

People who stand up for what is right is exactly what society needs…

Society needs good people even more…

Damn Mop, always filtering/moderating my speech…

I will oppose you to the end…


Ding, the beauties aren’t bad…


Chengdu’s prostitutes are doing pretty well for themselves, they even dare to provoke city management officials!


However beautiful they are, they are still challenging the GCD [gong chan dang, Communist Party], which never ends well.


I was there at the time. Chengdu’s beauties are quite gei li, aren’t they?


Whenever good deed then involve beautiful girls, it always feels like it is a publicity stunt.


Women who have a sense of justice are even more beautiful.


Have urban management officials these days all gone crazy, what right do they have to use violence against others, what gave them that power?


Bastard chengguan, if you think so highly of yourselves, then go recapture Taiwan.


Chengdu’s girls are definitely fiery! Not even fearing the Heavenly Kingdom’s most ferocious beasts! Ding this up!


Why do we even need city management officials anyway? Without city management officials, the city would be even better.


There are fewer and fewer of this kind of people!!! This post must be ding‘d. Everything I’ve seen lately has been disappointing/depressing, but upon seeing this post, I can’t help but sourly say one thing: Truly satisfying!!!!


Looks like there are still women who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, good, well done.


Beautiful women like this are the truly most beautiful, seeing this makes me happy, truly a credit to us women! Jia you, I will always support you girls!


So much better than those men who only know how to stand by and watch. Men, you guys should reflect upon yourselves. Why is it that some men who are obviously big and strong yet are so indifferent? Who won’t even go fight against an injustice when they see it?

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  • Asakura

    That’s the way to go!

    • Why doesn’t China eliminate 城管?

      • Do not tell or believe that the Chinese government nor the Chinese Communist Party to speak, think or plan with logic.

        • Bob

          Which logic is this?

      • Justin

        Well for one, the country needs enforcement of certain laws such as keeping vendors and beggars from blocking subways, fire lanes, walkways, etc or illegally selling (possibly unhygienic) food. That can’t be questioned. All countries have this. While they’re at it why don’t they get rid of health and building inspectors? That would be a great idea for a developing nation already fraught with problems.

        The issue isn’t over the need for Chengguan. It’s about oversight and how they should be performing their duties, i.e. that they should not been kicking the shit out of everyone. The CPC, being pragmatic as they are, will start to rein them in as they realize that they are a greater threat to stability than they are an agent thereof, as near riots like this indicate.

        • Why don’t the police just enforce those laws? They get paid enough.

          • The chengguan, like the PAP, exist to keep the proper police and army’s hands clean and institutional pride un-besmirched, when the CCP (or well-connected powers that be) decide that acts of violence against the Chinese people are needed. You know, a bit of ‘good cop’, ‘bad cop’: Good cop gets to deny responsibility if things go bad; he can still sleep at night and face his wife and children. Bad cop gets to be a mercenary psychopath who can be disavowed as a ‘temporary employee’ if necessary.

            Frankly, the chengguan really should be dissolved, their duties given to the proper police. Having nameless goons with which to distance the powers of law and order from necessary but distasteful acts of “management” only succeeds in cheapening violence as a solution to those social management problems.

            All this reminds me of the chengguan I saw being choked by another man by the side of the road in downtown Nanjing, last summer. If I had to make a guess, I’d say that chengguan–if they aren’t seriously reformed or dissolved–are going to end up being the death of this regime. They are the ultimate messengers of disrespect to the Chinese people. Given all the incidents sparked by chengguan, and the scorn heaped perennially upon them, it seems that folk have received that message loud and clear. Not exactly a boon for propaganda.

          • Dr. Jones,

            Excellent points. The distancing “temporary employee” shtick I’ve heard referenced so many times.

            I guess the night guards at the Forbidden City were also “temporary employees.”

  • gabriel

    damn missed out on the sofa… guess ill have to stand

  • Brett Hunan

    Did he get the 100 kuai or what? Anyone think the old man won’t get anything, even an apology?

    • The Shadow Knows

      I thought it was a thousand kuai. But no matter, maybe one of these beauties gave him something. :)

  • Anon

    Whats with the ‘Chengguan’ factor in China??? CCP, time to liberalise and teach humanity to your enforcers! Unless being particularly obtrusive, no poor vendor, especially the aged should ever be treated like this.

    Or at least set up a free peddling zone to offer the poorer in the private sector a weak version of the iron rice bowls of chengguan. Cities are about sharing, space and unless someone complained about the vendor for fraud or selling contaminated food, there is no need to treat them like that.

    Every case like this makes China appear worse, or in fact confirms the ‘worse’ where China would be a better, red tape free society.

    • Nathan

      Are you seriously suggesting that the ZF act humanely? The CG are a valuable tool for controlling the rabble on the streets and enforcing control. They want them to act like this and only occasionally does it come to big outcry’s like this… and they dont care what you think.

      Dont hold your breath for change.

    • TheSeaCow

      The problem isn’t the Chengguan, it’s the law.

      Law making in China goes something like this:

      1. Have a problem.

      “Too many people are getting sick from eating out!”

      2. Make a law twice as strict as the strictest law anywhere else in the world.

      “Zero tolerance on Street Vendors! Every standalone restaurant must fill out textbooks worth of health permits!”

      3. Rarely, if ever, enforce said code, breeding a culture of ambivalence and neglect towards the written law. Pay your law enforcement officers poorly so that when you actually do choose to enforce the law, it incentivizes corruption in an obvious way.

      The only way law works, especially in a country as big as China, is if it exists as written formalization of existing social norms. Take the USA as an example. The law, “no carrying open bottles of liquor on the street” works quite well because it’s pretty much a formalization of the fact that walking around chugging a 40 makes you look like an alcoholic. The law, “no drinking alcohol until you’re 21” is ineffective and poisonous because it is ingrained in American culture to start drinking around the age of 16.

      Now, you can play around trying to shape people’s behavior on the margin. Yet when the law and existing social norms materially diverge, it is the law and not society that needs to adapt.

  • Holy crap, either the Jasmine Revolution is speeding up in china or everyone whose face is in a photo at the scene will receive a knock at the door late one night….

    Overall though, I’d definitely say that they’ve earned the title of beauties. Such an awesome and hope-inspiring break from those automatons who avert their eyes and pretend it doesn’t happen in china.

    Song of the Article:

    “Fight For Your Right”

    by the Beastie Boys


    “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

    by the Twisted Sisters


    “These Boots Are Made For Walking”

    by Nancy Sinatra

    Whatever suits your tastes.

    10 Cents!!!

    • Real Song of the Article

      Kangding Love Song
      -Wu Wen Ji

      Keep it Red and Real

  • eddie9684

    are those called beauty? haha

    • Sunshine

      I think you may be focusing on the less important aspect of this article here. lol.

  • Alikese

    Someone should buy grandpa a car so he can drive down the street throwing bayberries at all the chengguan he sees. It’s the only way to be fair.

  • Alex

    In China EVERYONE is a meinv or shuaige. WTF?

    • Nagexingqisi

      because they’re all such beautiful people

    • The meaning was “inside beauty”. How could you miss the point?

      • fouManChu

        I have dibs on the tall bitchy one, she seems to have the most “inner” beauty.

        Yes I know, men are incorrigible.

        • MadeInChina

          In that case, dibs on the orange one! Those twins look like they’re ready to explode with the most ‘inner’ beauty. She looks fruity.

    • Linping

      haha, I think Meinv ,shuaige are just courtesy calls .

    • Justin

      It literally means beautiful girl, but I think it’s often used as just a catch-all for young girls whether they are attractive or not. If you go to restaurants and bars, the waitstaff will often call you meinv or shuaige even if you are ugly as fuck. It’s like calling someone “honey.” Or “Sister” and “Brother.”

      • Not to mention Sichuan has a reputation for beauties, so just about any woman under the age of 35 from either Chongqing or Sichuan would be referred to as a beauty in such a ‘headline’.

  • John Wayne

    I think they should be ashamed of themselves. A total disgrace to the badge and community.

    • 6161

      I don’t know.

      I mean, sure, they’re ugly as sin, and thus, like you, I was disappointed by the deceitful hed, but as Crystal pointed out above the original author was apparently trying to make some untranslatable point about their “inner beauty” in sticking it to the Man.

  • Irvin

    Same shit, different toilet.

    • I think ” same toilet,different shit” is better.haha

  • Longnose

    Bravo! This kind of civil courage, also impressively displayed in Shanghai last month, will move China forward. The commie bigwigs should be embarrassed to death. Here they can learn, what a “harmonious society” really means. Replace “rule of goons” with “rule of law.”

  • Leo

    LOL @ all the lil chengguan dudes holding hands.

    • Phil

      those arent the chengguan. those are the police who have come to control the incident

  • Jones

    Is this what a man has to do to get attention from attractive girls?

  • Foreign Devil

    This (publicly denouncing the chengguan) could probably only happen in Chengdu. . certainly not in Beijing or Shanghai, where migrant workers are despised by all. I’ve always felt that Chengdu is one of the least sympathetic cities to the communist party. My Chengdu wife certainly never had any love for Beijing or the CCP

  • Rick in China

    “Photo is of the chengguan law enforcement vehicle being towed away.”

    When you have law enforcement towing other law enforcement, you know there are serious issues in structure and power.

  • HansDampf

    Chinese women have more balls then the men

    • Honibaz

      On average, this is the sad truth.

      • Dr Sun

        Honibaz, this is a 3 year old thread ???

        • Honibaz

          Yeah I started to go through the very first story a while ago, but I wanna go through every story so I’m stuck here for now.

  • KfU


    is it 5, 6, 7, or 8 police vans on scene?

    If everything is so harmonious, why do they crap their pants every time there is a hint of public dissatisfaction?

    Why draw this out for 10 years?

    More efficient just to skip forward and put in to action operation “defeat the enemies of the glorious revolution” and have the PLA wipe out a few city centers, so the public can be reminded who is in charge. . .

    • Rick in China

      Your comment is nonsense for so many obvious reasons.

  • Anonanon

    The Chengguan don’t wanna upset the pretty ladies, man
    Or else they’d have no-one to cheat on their wives with!


    • 404 name not found

      hahaha ha ha hahaa hah

    • 404namenotfound

      Still funny hahahahaha!!!

  • BT

    those girls have more balls than their boyfriends

  • liwenqiang

    Chinasmack: I just discovered this site, and it is amazing! Keep up the great work and coverage~

  • Jess

    Today, I learnt that bayberries…existed.
    chinaSMACK is kinda educational~ : )

    Has there been much discussion on Jane Zhang on the Chinese interwebs? Her new song is called 改变, which seems innocent enough in Chinese. But when you realise that the English title is “Reform,” the lyrics become pretty implicit. Exposing hypocrisy and lies, and so on…
    And you’d have to try really hard to translate 改变 into “Reform,” so I’m guessing it was intentional.

  • Michael


  • Anon

    It is doubtful you know the victim well enough to call the rabble? The chengguan would be just fine in any case, even if my suggestion was taken. You need to think from the shoes of the impoverished and aged trying to eke out a living sometime. EQ dude!

  • Jeff

    Hot AND spicy… Oh yeah!

  • Rod

    Where were they when the French guys got hassled?

    It’s good to know someone cares though…

  • Koreansentry

    I wouldn’t called them beauties by looking at the first photo, they’re probably average looking, or Chinese have very low standard on beauty.

  • xes

    the one on orange shirt is really pretty! :x

  • Dr SUN

    I like the tall one.

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