Chengdu Fake Taxi Tries to Flee with Police Officer on Roof

A taxi and public bus block a fleeing fake taxi carrying a traffic officer on its roof!

A taxi and public bus block a fleeing fake taxi carrying a traffic officer on its roof!

Chengdu’s most niu taxi clone, drives over a hundred meters with traffic officer on its roof is a video currently spreading on the Chinese internet, with over a million views on popular video sharing service Youku just one day after it was uploaded.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


These people actually reacted quite commendably. [The bystanders helped.]


The taxi driver on the side was very brave, proactively going to block him, should be commended/rewarded.


Are those two green cars taxis? The one that backed up was very gei li.


If there’s something Chengdu has a lot of, it is good people.


Wow! Gei li! [The officer] gets off and immediately smashes open the car window! This traffic officer is pissed!


Too outrageous! Pull him out and beat him!!!


Haha, us Chengdu people really are very warm-hearted/enthusiastic, all going to block that car.


The public bus driver and those green taxis all acted commendably!


The speed with which the people of the Heavenly Kingdom gather around to watch/look is truly quick…


This driver has a death wish.


Wearing an official uniform is indeed powerful … Were her not wearing this uniform, I bet he would’ve been taken away by the car, nor would the crowd help …


That [fake] taxi driver is screwed for sure, just look at the crowd of people gathering. And the traffic officer just yanks that driver out!


Ai yo!! Gathering around to watch! Gathering around to watch! So lively/exciting!! What is so interesting to gather around and look at!


To watch the show, that woman ran so fast.


Haha, the traffic officer was really angry too, he even smashed the black taxi’s glass window.


Unity is strength!!! Go Chengdu people!

Many of the over 2300 comments over 79 pages were praise for the reversing taxi and public bus driver as well as everyone who helped. This video currently has over 13k upvotes, versus ~360 downvotes.

Thanks to Maxiao for the tip!

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Judge Jehovah

    The bus, the green taxi both did a great job blocking the fake taxi;
    The police officer reacted every fast also.

    • Alikese

      It worked out well for everyone (except the criminal, I suppose) but it seems supremely dangerous to reverse at 20 miles an hour to go cause a car accident when you have someone dangling off the front of the other car.

      That cop looks to have been about three feet away from Christopher Reeve-ville.

  • Xiao heibai

    Road culture in china is a strange thing.

  • Chinese Cop: “Stop in the name of the law!”
    [car continues]
    Chinese Cop:[after a moment of ineffectualness] Stop, do you know who I am?
    [car stops and reverses back three generations]

  • Chris N.

    How many Chinese people does is take to make an arrest?


    1 to subdue the criminal and 50 to watch

    • fenqing

      so it’s one Chinese person then, god you Americans are dumb..

      • ralphrepo

        So every negative comment about China has to come from “an American” eh? God, we Chinese are so predictable.

      • ZZZ

        You would think Americans can spell better! Although his line is indeed formulaically American, in the vein of “how many Aggies it takes to milk a cow”.

        • snow


          whats the point of chinese people reading this? I would imagine chinese ppl would be reading the originals… in chinese…. rather than looking for translations…

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  • Dark Canuck

    Does a fake taxi really warrant a cop jumping on the roof and risking his life? Is it just me or is there more to this story? Perhaps he was behind on a few red envelopes?

  • Jess

    Who is going to pay the reversing taxi’s bill if his car is damaged? Can he will claim for whiplash?

  • B-real

    nice to see people come to the cops rescue

  • Capt. WED

    All I could think of that some nice avoidance algorithm. Then I was like, Jackie Chan movie.

  • Sean

    Great team work….ChengDu is my second home, and people there are friendly and helpful.

  • KopyKatKiller

    Good to see the other taxi help. But what really shocks me is that a traffic cop was actually doing his job!!!!

  • Rick in China

    Wow! As a driver in Chengdu, I realize how lucky I am…

    My front plate ripped off in the Chengdu rain storm on July 3rd, while I was motorboating in 1st through water over my hood deep…surprised it didn’t stall. Anyways, on Sunday I was pulled over in a police ‘check’ at the exit of ChunXiLu parking area with questions for license/registration/etc., they said there are lots of ‘fake black plates’ driving around, so were suspicious.

    I haven’t done annual check in 5 years, renewed insurance, or even bothered to get a Chinese license….but since I kinda told them directly and didn’t try to hide shit or get away with it, and just asked politely for information on how/where I should do annual check etc – they checked to make sure back plate numbers were ‘legit’ and belonged to me and let me go with a warning. I literally only had my work ID badge on hand for identification. I think the purpose to this story is: If you try to get away with shit, police will go to length to BUST your ass. If you’re up front and appear to be sincere or ‘trying’ to do the right thing, they’ll just let you go.

    That being said, this video is great.

    • Jess

      Did you speak to the police in chinese? Do you need a chinese licence to drive in China?


      • Rick in China

        I always speak fluent and somewhat ‘localized’ 川普, and have been pulled over a couple times – although this was a spot check with the specific intent of finding drivers with car issues / illegal plates / etc from what I could tell, as it was at the 1-laned exit of a mall area.

        The other times were for illegal left, driving in bus lane, etc.. but I had a licensed driver with me each time and they just had us switch, and gave a warning – no check up on the vehicle status.

        You do need a Chinese driver’s license. I am studying for it now – I tried once without reading any study or test questions and failed, 68/100, too many silly questions and specifics like “If xxxxx situation, the fine is: 100, 200, 100-400, 400rmb” which requires memorization :D

      • Just John

        I find I get no tickets by not speaking Chinese at all.
        Most of the time, they just won’t bother to go through the hassle of trying to speak to you in English to tell you what you did wrong and ticket you.

        Even with my wife with me, they still do not bother, since she speaks English only when a cop talks to her (While she is with me). Maybe they just assume she is an ABC?

    • donscarletti

      Wow, you were driving unlicensed in an unregistered vehicle and the cop didn’t tear you a new arsehole, that would not happen back. One must assume that you did not encounter this particular officer, if one is brave enough to hang onto the roof of a speeding car, one is surely brave enough to follow the official police procedure to book a foreigner, which happens to be the same official procedure to book a Chinese national, but the difference is, one actually follows it.

  • Song of the Article

    Born to be Wild
    -Steppen Wolf


    • Nah,

      Breaking The Law
      – Judas Priest

      • Or, the flip side of the coin

        I Am The Law
        – Anthrax

        • trxn

          I fought the law (and the law won)
          – The Clash

          • Brett Hunan

            Thumbs up comrade

  • Irvin

    The legit taxi help block because the other taxi was stealing its business. The bus help block because it’s trying to stomp on the little guy.

    The police guy didn’t really had a choice, he couldn’t exactly get off until the car stopped.

  • Dawei

    Not such a big crime fake taxis are everywhere in China, and for the most part provide a public service. The reason they exist is that most city Governments limit the number of registered taxis permitted on the road well below actual demand and so you get entrepreneurs filling the gap particular during rush hour.

    • ralphrepo

      I agree with that assessment. Municipal governments have always benefited from licensing costs which generates cash flow into city coffers. In New York City the cost of a taxi medallion (the authority granted by the government to drive in NYC) is currently around $766,000 USD. That’s three quarters of a million US dollars. Owner drivers usually pay off the costs by borrowing from banks and it is almost like a mortgage for a house, taking literally years to pay off. Most owners rent their car out to other drivers when they’re not actually driving themselves (ie. when they’re at home sleeping or vacation). The license is so expensive that the productive value of it only comes from having the vehicle on the road 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are fakes on the road, and they’re routinely caught by rigorous policing as the city works very aggressively to protect the market “value” of its licenses.

      • anon

        All true, but the taxi drivers themselves are also part of it being “organized” labor. They’re not particularly fond of granting more licenses to increase competition for themselves and diluting their customer pool so they’re often advocates of increasing barriers to entry as well.

    • Irvin

      Yup, Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

  • “Chris Tucker Crushes Coke Can With One Fist”

    Perhaps there was a baby trying to jump from the cab window?

  • The one thing that caught my eye was the fact the folks started to swarm around the incident, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, to gawk after the fact – obvious to the fact that some cars were trying to drive around it. Would not be surprised if there are stories of multiple folks getting killed doing something like that in the future.

    • Dark Canuck

      Doubt it, in China sidewalk and road should just be combined into one word, considering how many people walk on the road and how many cars drive on the side walk.

  • Rod

    I didn’t actually see anyone on top of a car. I just saw a bunch of people running to one area of the video.


  • mark

    Wow…this is the first time in 5 years here in china that I have seen anybody selflessly help somebody else……………oh no wait a minute…. the taxi driver that boxed him in had a vested interest as the clone taxi is stealing his trade (money!)…. ah there we go! normality restored…….. he was doing it for money. that’s the China we all love.

    • mark

      that original statement was a bit harsh. I apologize.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    The *real* taxies in Chengdu are no better. I remember once taking such a NFS ride on a legal taxi on the footpaths of Chengdu.

  • bert

    That video brought a tear to my eye :,)