Chengdu University Fashion Show Rips Off Victoria’s Secret

Pictures and video of a student-run fashion show held at China’s Chengdu University of Technology recently surfaced online and attracted a lot of attention from Chinese netizens, who quickly pointed out that both the clothing designs and the way the models sashayed down the catwalk resembled the famous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

While other commenters debated the appropriateness of such a risqué show in a university, most just expressed their appreciation of the eye candy.

Source: Baidu Tieba, Youku

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • FlendyToberson

    something in China rips off something else?
    well I never!

    • JAYJAY

      something in China rips off something else?
      well I never!

      See what I did there? I just copied your sofa post. LOL

    • donscarletti

      Yeah, but at least this time I don’t have to shut up and listen to an investor rabbit on about how China is so much smarter and more successful than the west because of its innovation, creativity and efficiency.

      It’s amazing how fifty million yuan can upgrade a dismissive retort to an obsequious smile of agreement.

  • Ravz

    It isn’t a rip off.

    It is VERY COMMON in high schools and universities to have fashion shows and it is also VERY COMMON for people to base their fashion on famous ones.

    • terroir

      SPOILER ALERT: The rest of your life is going to be a rip-off of the same lame standards you hold for yourself. You won’t be disappointed with but will have a lingering, nagging feeling that things could be better and so will bust a nut at the first time you experience passion. Hot, unbridled, lust for living and love.

      On that day, bring another pair of pants with you.

    • guy somewhere in china

      Thank you very much! Jesus, finally a reasonable comment on Chinasmack.

    • Ravvs

      This comment isn’t a rip off.

      It is VERY COMMON in the comment section to have opinions and it is also VERY COMMON for people to base their opinions on famous ones….

      • Shin

        Ravvs you just don’t understand and probably never will. How sad.

    • G

      Definition of rip-off: “Something, such as a film or story, that is clearly imitative of or based on something else.”

      How is this not a rip-off? They didn’t just “base” their fashion on the VS show — they blatantly copied elements from the original show! Even the chick copying Tyra Banks’ outfit has a little staff with a sparkly “V” on top!

      I can’t decide if you’re a troll, or just stupid…

    • Canadian_Skies

      So, what you’re saying is, it’s very common in China for ripping off other people’s originality?

  • O.M.G. I am appalled! Isn’t there a rule, especially in universities against plagiarism???

    This is beyond believe. Perhaps this was a fashion show to show how well students can copy a famous designer’s works and show.

  • UDK

    Hahahaha! Not a single original thought in their minds! Hahahaha!

    • spongyfart

      oh please they’re just university students learning how to sew

      • Bruce Tutty

        no, they are taking part in a fashion show

        • No, middle school children learn to sew in Home. Ec.

          University students are supposed to explore the world and create something for themselves.

          Not only is it just another blatant rip off from china, it’s poorly put tovether like a homework assignment finish the night before it’s due and the grade isn’t important.

          I would and have failed students for such shoddy workmanship and total lack of creativity.

          • Alan

            Bla bla bla, yada yada yada, insert random comment about how the HK education system is so superior, HK is so much better, how much more awesome your wife is compared to Chinese girls, how much you love life and love yourself….but your sinophobia reeks and shows itself in each and every posting you make!

            You need deep hypnosis and help/therapy for your fear/hatred.

          • RacistAlan

            Wow Alan

            No one has mentioned anything about HK or wives and you have launched on a tantrum that would make Kim Jong Il and Fidel Castro happy. The thread is about a fashion show.

            You are clearly quite racist towards non mainland chinese and/or have personal issues in your life you have to deal with. It is you that needs the help and their are didicated forums and professionals out there that can help you with this.

            ps. If you see the Hong Kong flag please don’t slit your wrists. You are idiot true but all human life is precious even the racist, fools like yourself.

          • Alan

            @ RacistAlan/and/or Elijah posting under yet another sobriquet:

            You are clearly quite racist towards non mainland chinese and/or have personal issues in your life you have to deal with.

            Elijah is the one making racist postings against Chinese, not me. He is the one asserting HK is NOT a part of China.

            He is racist and treacherous, not me.

          • Chad

            Elijah does clearly have some deep-seeded psychological issues, but so do a lot of other folks here.

          • mr. wiener

            Alan is humping his leg pretty badly though, always bring up E’s wife and post his picture and such.
            “Racist and treacherous”? , that is the weirdest combination of adjectives since Eattot posted “Respectable and cute”.

          • Alan

            Alan is humping his leg pretty badly though, always bring up E’s wife and post his picture and such.
            “Racist and treacherous”? , that is the weirdest combination of adjectives since Eattot posted “Respectable and cute”.

            @ mr weiner:

            Nice post man! It’s not humping his leg though, noone on these boards has irked me as much since jones and his inability to shave. With E it must be the same thing, that loathsome goatee, his blog boasting of his conquest in marrying a HK gal and hating China and refusing to recognize that HK is a part of China.

            That and the fact, he admits his own failings on said blog, and tries to pass himself off as a sensitive Jamie Oliver wannabe, what noone cooked shepherds pie before?

            All bow down before elijah….he is truly great and we should all respect his blog and never criticize any of his nasty sinophobic comments!!!

            Happy weekend all on the mainland, cheap beers…none for you E in the SAR!!

          • Creepy Stalker Troll just went full retard.

            If I were racist against Asians, would I have married her and have pretty much promised her ‘half bloods’ as she calls them (Harry Potter = awesome).

            People living in a geopolitical area defined as a nation do not constitute a race. The key word there is geopolitics which is politics in a given place. Strange how people disagree over politics eh?

            It’s a shame that I recognize and admit my faults. That’s gotta be unhealthy.

            PS. I proud of my wife and my Shepherd’s Pie for one reason: They’re the best and make me happy.

          • Fauna or whoever can also prove that I’ve only ever posted under the same name. Creep Stalker Troll refuses to look at himself and realize how fucked up he really is, no matter how many people point it out.

            This whole thing started out as ridiculous and went downhill from there. It’s ended up with Creepy Stalker Troll badmouthing my wife with every single reply he makes. He injects retarded shit that has no relevance to the topic or my comment. Now he’s airing bullshit issues he has from my personal blog, like photos of me with a goattee or showing how to cook a Shepherd’s Pie… Seriously?

            How many times is this now? How many months? Fauna, you’re fond of tracking comments, what do you think?

          • Little Wolf

            Seriously Alan….did Elijah’s wife do something to you? Why do you feel the need to take cheapshots at someone not even involved in your little feud? How chickenshit is that?

            Flame away if you want….but leave wives, kids, grandmothers, girlfriends and dogs out of it. Show a little class.
            Creepy Stalker Troll indeed.

          • Brett Hunan

            I believe the term “mud blood” is the one you were thinking of. although i dont care for you, (“E” is it now?) back to your original post~ correct. They copied every single outfit that they presented…. seriously?

            One can pretty much guarantee that whatever student (or faculty member) came up with the idea figured no one at the school would recognize the VS ripoffs. Whatever. Im all for any event that lets cute girls walk around half naked.

          • Alan

            PS. I proud of my wife and my Shepherd’s Pie for one reason: They’re the best and make me happy.

            I’m sure you really believe that of yourself.

            I could say I’m proud of my chinese gal and my ability to cook egg fried rice, but I don’t broadcast it on a blog, just to cause outrage, do I?

            And it’s not tracking, nor did I mention you are racist against asians, but you are sinophobic, and you stubbornly persist in your belief HK is a country, it IS not!

          • Alan

            badmouthing my wife with every single reply he makes.

            Little wolf and beardy one, I never badmouthed your wife, nor in every single reply.

            That is just E’s insecurities kicking in again, and his desire to be the victim and focus of attention and promote his blog and forum.

          • @ Brett: No, the term is halfblood, as in ‘Half-Blood Prince”… Mudblood is a disgusting name that I wouldn’t use with my probable offspring.

            My name is Elijah, it’s what everyone that I give a shit calls me and I don’t give a fuck why you don’t like me, that’s your problem.

            @Creepy Stalker Troll: I’m not wasting anymore time on your retarded shit. I’m not going advise you to seek help because a worthless cum-smear like you doesn’t understand the need for it and you don’t deserve it.

            You don’t like my personal blog? Cry me a river and get on with that pathetic thing you call a life, little bitch.

          • Alan

            and I don’t give a fuck why you don’t like me, that’s your problem.

            How you respond to others, speaks volumes about yourself.

            It’s a pity, that marriage, and your beloved HK, hasn’t made you a nicer, stabler person. I don’t need or seek your help…nor will I advise you to do so.

            Your blog will still irk asian guys though, so deal with it. And the sinophobia is still wrong, let’s ask Fauna about that, shall we?

            Keep it up ace.

          • Brett Hunan

            Im glad you wouldnt call your child mud blood… and i know you secretly care what everyone thinks about you. if not, no one would know anything about you…. but we do.

          • mr. wiener

            Good grief.
            Are we reduced to insulting each other in Potter-speak now?
            “don’t call me a mud-blood you muggle sister humper!”

          • Ray

            Lol at the flaming, but you both make some excellent points!

            Sinophobia is bad, like all other phobias out there. I mean being irrationally scared of something and being unable to control it, that’ll just make you the worst kind of person in the world. You scared of spiders? you are a waste of a human.

            How dare Elijah thinks that his wife is better than any Chinese girl, or for that matter any girl in the world! There is no way his wife would want to be called by his husband to be better than every other girl in the world right?

            Elijah you should really stop loving yourself and life, and don’t you realise that it is bad to don’t give a fuck what some random internet trolls thinks about you? and that it says alot about your character?

            Wow is that a double rainbow?

          • Alan

            Sinophobia is bad, like all other phobias out there. I mean being irrationally scared of something and being unable to control it, that’ll just make you the worst kind of person in the world.

            With regards to goateed one, I rest my case.

          • 404namenotfound

            ^ Alan’s 1st comment

    • mr. weiner

      They are students after all and Victoria’s secret is the bigs, so they were probably given this stuff to study. They copied it a little too faithfully , hoping no one would notice [yeah like plaigurism never happens anywhere?] and got caught . I’d give them a retrospective “D” grade and move on with a quick word that you can’t be too obvious.

    • CHNinUS

      I am from Chengdu, this University is really not the top tier ones there, you can regard it as The University of Phoenix. So for those 4th tier students, I actually think they get some real work done.

  • Chinggis was here

    What is with the huge rose garter belt covering the twat in pic 2 and the boxer with the maxi pad in pic 4. I can’t look at any more, my brain is melting.

    I place a request for more cute chicks, supermodels are deformed.

    • Oh God!!! Don’t get me started on the ‘models’ themselves…

      #3 with the pink flowers: Is that her bush showing through?? Get a lawnmower for God’s sake.

      #4 In the blue: Check out the ladyboy’s bulge.

      #5 With the white wings: Going for an Angel Mummy or what? At least we know why they don’t put free toilet paper in chinese toilets…

      #11 With the staff: I dub thee queen of the retards! Most girls with a rod in their hand can spare a smile.

      #17 With thecosplay armour: Your mom is going to be pissed when she finds out you’ve been sneaking the tin foil down into the basement for your LARPing

      • Patrick

        After careful (and thorough inspection) I unfortunately have to announce that #3’s bush is not showing. If anyone knows this little hottie, please forward her email to me so that I may request photos of said bush and I can perform a more detailed analysis. If found to be good enough I’ll send her some money to visit Jiangsu for the summer (cooler than Chengdu) and donate weeks of my time to further her education. No lawnmower required. If possible I would sincerely like to offer #2 the opportunity to further her knowledge.

  • eattot

    so stupid@
    i hate everything copy!

    • 侯火

      me too… me too… :/

  • Jeff

    I think I could actually jack-off to the Chinese girls…

  • jiayi

    How come there are 19 lingerie pictures yet I’ve never seen such a distinct lack of boobs in my life. FML that’s China for you.

    • mr. weiner

      In china which “Bees” are the smallest?

    • elizabeth

      At least they are real, not fakes.

      You wouldn’t want women to comment on your endowments (or lack of), would you?

      Please be respectful and show some class.

      • mr. wiener

        I’m an Ozzie. I got class coming out of my arse.
        Sucking on silicon leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I have never yet seen a pair of fun bags I wasn’t respectful of, be they mosquito bites or wind socks.
        The only person who gets to comment on my [lack of] endowments is Mrs. Wiener.

        • elizabeth

          Lol! Reading your comments almost always crack me up!

        • elizabeth

          Lol! Reading your comments almost always cracks me up!

  • german

    no shame, we should call chinese “copynese”

  • jiayi

    I’ve come to appreciate the Chinese love for fair skin on their pretty girls. It makes them look very innocent and nymph like even if they are the village bicycle.

    There’s a difference between inspiration and imitation. Jokes aside most of these creations are all shoddily made, badly tailored, and there’s not much potential for originality. China has some very good young underground designers but if this is the best the kids can do then obviously someone isn’t teaching them very well. Ah yes, in China, they shall go far!

    • mr. weiner

      Bugger that, give me a dark skin wench with a bit of muscle tone :)

      • DRaY

        I second that, most Chinese girls are really weak and feeble, no muscle tone at all …. it actually used to weird me out.

        • A GUY

          So they put on a shoddy fashion show. Have you been to an art exhibit at a western university, lots of unoriginality and bad work to see. They are learning and were prob paying homage to Victoria secret.

          I don’t get why you guys are hate’n on Chinese girls so much. I don’t have a thing for them, but they’re all right. Chinese men on the other hand. B.D Wong i’ll have your babies!!

          • donscarletti

            Ah, “homage”, formally a feudal ceremony of a vassal giving loyalty to his lord, now is pretentious git for “I got caught stealing this idea, lets say it’s a reference and the fans will like it”.

          • A GUY

            Dude, it’s a university fashion show. There is lots of copyright infringement in China and it’s a problem. If you weren’t so hungry to point out China’s faults you would see that this isn’t a big deal.

            I think the outside world owes it to China same as they do to each-other to point out weak points and blatant rule breaking, (the whole world does it to each other incessantly) but these things should be done only when necessary and in a tone that encourages thought and dialog not defensiveness.

            PS: I want to have B.D Wong’s babies.

          • donscarletti

            I wasn’t directing my comment at China. I’m directing it at anyone who uses that word, “intertextuality” is another word used by uncreative people to justify not having their own ideas.

            I don’t think this is endemic to China, I’m not naive enough to believe the west is not riddled with such people too.

  • Rod

    Hahaha. There was something on Ministry of Tofu about copycat movie posters too.

    Is there no shame in this?

    I knew a guy here who opened up a couple of businesses in the town I live. His magic business model for success was to go to Guangzhou, see where there were lots of people, take pictures/menus/ideas from the place, copy it EXACTLY, then register the name for copyright, and make them pay royalties.

    I guess maybe these are students, so imitation is a form of flattery, but with the rep that China has regards to copycat stuff, it just adds fuel to the fire.


    hmmm. Fuckity.

  • kay

    do chinese people really think being pasty white is preferrable to a little color?

    • themig

      yes especially in taiwan singapore and fillipines, you would not believe how dark skin is reviled. while there are some darkies who deserve their reputations like hindis.

      • staylost

        Not really digging the racism.

        • mr. wiener

          I agreed with what he said , but not the way he said it. Which is ironic because he was refuting the way some cutures in asia are biased against dark skin.
          Sometimes it’s not about being PC ,but about being well mannered.

          • Capt. WED

            dude they used to prefer “white” because if you are dark you work in the fields. Nothing to do with white people. ALthough now fucking days, yeah they’re is definitely white worship to a certain degree.

          • Brett Hunan

            Capt. you are way off base. Some filli kids drop out of school because they are dark. Its like its unaccepted by society.

            Look for cnn article fillipino forgotton kids or something like that

          • Chinkicide

            Colour-based discrimination is well-known in this miserable backward cesspool.
            How the chinese female creatures struggle to avoid the slightest sunshine also well-known.

            You might think that these worship the White, but I tell you that I am white, not bad looking, but still continuously being abused because of my colour.

    • donscarletti

      Yes, but it’s the end of winter and Chinese do like to rug up, so even if they didn’t, it would look the same.

      • A GUY

        I’m not being sarcastic. What does rug up mean???

        • mr. wiener

          To “rug up” means to put on warm clothing. To “wear a rug”would be to wear a wig, but to call a girl a “rug muncher” would be to call her a lesbian.

          • A GUY

            Thank you never heard that term before.

    • 31

      That’s chinese cultural preference for centuries. “一白遮百丑” . Since the ancient times, chinese girls put white powers or some sort of makeups on to make themselves look better.
      In case you don’t know, these was a short period in Tang dynasty, girls colored their face red because red was the standard of beauty at that time.

      • staylost

        Maybe some people haven’t heard, but lighter skin (as related to the prevalent local skin color) was the preference of all males in nearly all societies ever, at least until the modern world.

        This is thought to be because rich people didn’t have to be under the sun as much and rich = beautiful; therefore white = beautiful.

        In modern countries rich people actually spend more time in the sun than poor people. Success, health & happiness = tanned. Many young Chinese (though not most) already have switched over and are living in the modern world where tan equals health and beauty.

        It reminds me of the tacky brand stuff rich Chinese wear. Where I was born, that brand stuff is for poor people, just like really white skin is for poor people. Rich people’s clothes don’t have tags/brands because a tailor made everything they wear.

        • notorious

          staylost, i agree with your comment on brand names. in the usa, all of the poor people, especially in urban areas are OBSESSED with having a brand name on everything they where, especially so that the name brand is showing on the outside so that others can know what the brand is. I think subconsciously, they think that if the brand is showing, no one will know how poor they are. It sounds like an overly simplistic explanation but in poor neighborhoods, why are people knocking the doors down to buy $200 USD Air Jordans? It’s crazy to me.

          So your explanation sounds wholly logical.

        • mr. wiener

          People used to have the same attitude to white skin as Asian. White skin meant you lived a life of leasure and didn’t work in the fields. This all changed with movements like the romantic poets and such with their emphasis on the beauty of nature. And the rich started flocking to the countryside and going to the natural spring areas like Bath in England.
          At the same time as this the industrial revolution meant that generations of former urban workers were now crowding into the cities and factories. Suddenly white skin came to be seen as slumy and unhealthy. Where as having a year round tan meant you had the leasure to travel to warmer climes.
          It’s been a few decades since China’s industrialisation. Let’s see how long it takes before attitudes on skin pigmentation change there too.

      • eroger

        Actually i’ve heard one saying before why asian girls like to look white that because the asian face is much too plain,unlike the europeans whose nose bridge is high with deep eye sockets, a white face will bring out their small eyes, flat nose etc.

        • Dat Ankle

          I’ve seen some Asian girls with a tan whose facial features look nice with a little color. The whole white face looks better with Asian features sounds like some made up science crap, reality is that they want to be white because that has been the social beauty standard in Asia for a long time.

          • eattot

            not true.
            because all our hair and eyes are black. the whiter skin is, the converse is stronger. white prefer a bit tan because their skin can hold any style, besides skin, they still have lighter hair, shining eyes,stick out nose…but for asian, only skin can be the shining part to catch eyes.
            same reason, megan fox is top hot beauty, jessica alba can not be, though jessica has everything perfect, but megan has a pair of killing shining eyes, jessica everything is brown.

          • staylost

            Right, eattot, what you are saying makes a certain sort of sense, but your example is pretty wretched since Jessica Alba is considered the enduring beauty and Fox is generally considered more of a plastic surgery flash in the pan. Sure, Fox is hot, but Alba is the “top hot beauty”.

            *I’m not to in love with either of these girls, I’m just trying to set straight their hot histories.

          • Alan

            because all our hair and eyes are black

            @ Eattot: I prefer chinese girls eyes and hair over western girls anyday, don’t sell your self short.

  • typingfromwork

    So these are Uni students, somewhat expected to be less original as they are still learning, but a lot of these designs are just blatant copies. I thought arts graduates are encouraged to take inspiration from the works of others while branching out with their own unique takes. Honestly, this is pretty pathetic.

  • junior

    has a chinese person had an original idea at any point in the last 500 years?

  • blackflagnation

    why is this news? It’s just another day in the week in China.

  • Capt. WED

    This is pretty blatant copying (by some university student). HOWEVER, The fashion industry is about copying though, relatively to some other creative industry at least. What is hot this season will be “copied” over and over again. Part of the creative process in how do you profit in an environment like this. In this sense the fashion industry is actually ahead of other “intellectual properties” based industries. Also look up at the tech industry does things vs. Hollywood lubing with lawyers…

    But my point is then stop it, or find some creative way to overcome that, if you can’t then just shut the fuck up. Or if you yourself are either creative nor imaginative, only coping a feel good moment because of other people, go fuck yourself.

    Most things in this world is about incrementally adding to some previous invention. When you have an original thought that’s why list a shit load of references.

    But yeah, China does copy a lot, that’s without a doubt. If you mad then just do some playground maneuvering. Failing to that then adapt. BUT MOST OF ALL, PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    • Capt. WED

      Whatever you do just fucking do it and stop whining. Do what is at your disposal which allow you to figuratively stick your bayonet in your opponents eye sockets, slit his fucking throat from ear to ear, and bite off his fucking ugly piece of a shit nose and spit it in his mom’s face.

      If you fail to figuratively do that, then you failed. FUCK YOU just stop your whining.

      • staylost

        What if my opponent is the figurative act of sticking bayonets in eye sockets, etc. etc. ?

        Also, Chinese noses are not any uglier than anywhere else. I don’t get why you don’t like Chinese noses.

        • Capt. WED

          “If you fail to figuratively do that…. FUCK YOU just stop your whining.”

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Shanzai booty!

    • themig

      china needs to have a 1 daughter no male child only policy. so we can seee more of this

      • Chinkicide

        the china needs 0-child policy, in 20 year many of this place’s problem would disappear

  • mbm1ame

    wow, at some point “made in China” is going to be a known basically as an imitation or poor quality.. no wait it already is. tut tut tut

  • Why is this show accused as rip off?
    I doubt they claimed their work to be original – they simply copied Victoria Secret for their own fun.

  • Maikoh

    Haters, the f**king lot of you.

  • Jay K.

    i would bone every single one of them…

    • staylost

      Who wouldn’t? The only question is what keeps it being a “would” instead of a “will/did”.

      • Chinkicide

        I would not. I have higher standards. There are the chinese after all.

    • donscarletti


      Once the clothes are off, you’re dealing with qualitatively the same thing anyway, not much expectation of one naked woman to be particularly different to the last, though that doesn’t sate our curiosity.

      Also sex, you put it in, you thrust it a bit, you ejaculate, you sheepishly apologise and argue the duration wasn’t as short as she claimed. Last time was like that, next time will be like that, but I haven’t done it for almost 7 weeks and damned if I can think of anything else right now.

      The VS models were sexy, the Chinese models are wearing exactly the same thing and thus looking just as sexy (though VS can obviously find hotter models than Chengdu university), the designers may not be clever/creative, but there are sexy girls in the picture to ogle, just enjoy it.

  • notorious

    the ladies (including the knock offs), did a great job.

  • notorious

    I think it is a proper course of study to see if they could replicate some of the designs. ANybody can make their own.

  • bob

    They are student after all.. They might put VS as their idol of fashion… So they use VS design for their fashion project..

  • Castro

    What is Victoria’s secret? I will proffer a guess that it she also finds her style to be garish & tacky, but laughs all the way to the bank anyway…

  • White Thrash


    ha !

  • Mop

    As long as they’re not claiming it as their own…

  • Lucas

    lame, same thing but less good…

  • wuleshan

    Chinese will never get rid of copy-paste habits

  • Proud of Chengdu. The girls here put Beijing and Shanghai to shame.

  • eattot

    i love to watch V’S show…
    those models are so so sexy and stunning, and not as those clothes shows, its colorful, sexy and energetic….just make u happy!

  • lo’ and behold

    Chinese education system in all this 5,000 years of civilization only teach 2 things, memorized- copy, memorized-copy, memorized-copy and memorized-copy, nothing more, Chengdu University is just following the system, challenging the system is prohibitted and out-of-the-box thinkingis bnot encouraged. So that’s why we see what we see today.. a copy cat generations, you name it Baidu-Google, Weibo-Facebook, Tudou-Amazon, I-phone, I-pad, Jordan on even Fake Nicholas Tse and Andy Lau….

    • Capt. WED

      yeah that’s right. Welcome to the modern world. The world period. That’s how it is historically. I’m less technology advanced, I will copy what has been developed. What else am I going to do? I’d be stupid not do. It’s either that or live in a bubble and get taken advantage of, which is what happened in the past, not going to repeat that. My copying skills is pretty good. Puts food on the table and keep people from raping the shit out of me bayoneting my through my eye sockets. It’s all good.

      I would be dumb to not copy that shit.

      Wait oh a fucking search engine huh? That’s soooo hard to copy. LOL. It’s just math. Asian we good at math. We look at algorithm. Copy copy. Jordan? Hey whatever float you boat man. Copy copy. All rest of that shit are just some designs and bullshit. Copy copy.

      I fucking win. Like I said, if you not happy with it, fucking invade and fucking bayonet me.

      • moop

        but you don’t win. copying means you have to have something to copy. do you have a time machine? who did you copy it from?

    • eroger

      Well, i’d like to see, someday, china will copy the the world value of not to copy.

      • Capt. WED

        maybe one day when China becomes “developed,” and actually become a “innovative” producer then intellectual rights will be respected. But who knows, perhaps that won’t happen. However historically when a country becomes developed intellectual rights will become *more* respected. Note it never is 100% completely respected. If you disagree then I will point you to the latest Mass Effect 3 torrent for your xbox. IPs will never be 100% respected. If not China then someone else. So next you are going to argue that China is a special case?

        Go ahead and complain, but you do have the power to stop it. You can stop doing business with China and strictly enforce your IPs rights.

        @Moop WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON???

        • Capt. WED

          I don’t really know anything about GDP or anything like that. But face it, China will never become as developed as the US is. A substantially portion may become wealthy by western standards (that’s the reason why multinationals are salivating; hell some of them are making big bucks in China). For a large percentage of the population 5rmb is what they can afford to spend on IP products. Think about it. You are saying some farmer will pay $100 dollars for Windows Vista or whatever the current version is so they can be respected in some chinasmacker’s eye? As some ethical IP rights respecting world citizen??? When some guy on /b/ can do it…Chinese farmer??? LMAO.

          Now you going to argue why you so overpopulated? Well, that’s a problem I guess. *shrugs* I’m sorry I can’t be like you. I’m stuck in China lol. I’m the product of my past. I’m sorry that Chinese people are retards. That’s right you will always have one up on me. Derp. I am white man’s burden. Dirtying up his planet. We should just leave. Maybe that other person is right, we should restrict the one child policy to females only. because damn I wish I was never born.

          • Capt. WED

            China is fascist. The world is fascist. Nature is fascist. Everyting is fascist. Except J.

            Oh you are not fascist. Good for you then.

    • elizabeth

      I would dispute that Google and Apple are all original. Yahoo and Creative would cry foul and they are Asians.

      • earmuffs

        Wow! Know nothing Chinese at it again. Yahoo and Creative are not asian but American. But you would not know that because you can’t access Goggle to get real info about the world. Apple and google are some of the most creative companies in history. I live in Thailand and Thais think they invented computers. Their proof, they can Google in Thai and their Iphones are in Thai. Same nationalist stupidity as in China. So you see, you are not alone.

        • Jaochoui

          I’m two years late, but better late than never: Creative is a Singapore and Singapore-based company, and Singapore is located in South-east Asia, which is in Asia. ;)

  • markx

    Looks VERY nicely done.

    To all the critics: Please tell me, how many more interesting ways can you think of to show off tiny bits of lingerie on a fashion show runway, other than on beautiful overdecorated girls?

  • Adjutant

    How shameless.

  • Pong Lenis

    Stupid report! What you thought were the Chinese learn to copy? They have special classes for that.

  • tipotter

    China ripping something off?



    There are rip-offs every where now days. Have you seen the new Ford Mondeo?? It is the spitting image of an Aston Martin!!

    But the Chinese is still the king at fakery. LOL

    • donscarletti

      Yeah, after the Mondeo successful placement as Bond’s original ride in Casino Royale, Ford is really pushing its luck.

  • Big Ears Tututoo.

    There’s an ancient Greek goddess of wealth (seen on the left). She is accompanied with her crazy meth smoking twin sister, the goddess of poverty. I won’t say who it is. I trust you are intelligent to discern for yourself.

  • Jack

    i am just getting my soy sauce here, and watching some hot chicks, haha.

    BTW, dont criticize them . they were just having fun .

  • Fman

    Sweet Zombie Jebus, not only is it a lame attempt at ripping it off but the “costumes” are the quality of a sixth grader! Made in China is still shit I guess… Can’t even rip off right…

    • Mr.M.Walter

      it’s not a professional model show, dumbass, just some uni students having their happy time, seriously, why are there so many dumbasses like you?

      • Jack

        yeah, you are right.

  • Derek Xu

    Fashion is not a place to show original ideas. The point is that the girls are good looking.

    • PAOLO

      Giovanni Lovati di Verona che abita a bressanone VERGOGNA!!!
      Truffatore e pedofilo, nei Testimoni di Geova accettano pedofili e truffatori.VERGOGNA!

  • Tando

    Hilariously blatant

  • Foreign Devil

    The Yukou video is of such shit quality that I can’t appreciate these Chinese beauties properly! Someone introduce HD video to China please.

  • theelemur

    Jesus fucking christ on a flaming pogo stick.

    They’re students – who cares if they copy successful designs. It will be to the designers’ detriment if they only copy others, but that’s their choice. Maybe those girls wanted their chance to be victoria’s secret models and they got their wish for a day.

    This is a big fuss about nothing.

  • Vincent

    what a bunch of wannabes.

  • k

    If I were a woman, I’d hate to have my picture side by side with a victoria secret model…..that being said, those girls would of totally failed designer class in an USA college for plagerism. Also, just saying…the chinese girls all look basically the same in the face with little difference and all of them have the same pasty white skin…so boring…you’ve seen one cute chinese girl and you’ve seen them all. At least the white girls have variance and muscle tone.

    • Exman

      You’re comparing one country’s university’s female aesthetic diversity to Victoria’s Secret who hires models from America and all around Europe. Are you stupid?

    • Sunny

      Yeah u r right. They all look the same but these random Chengdu university girls look @ least lean and fit. So u should pick some random UNiversity girls from USA college, and they’ll be more fitted to catwalk for maternity gowns, instead of lingerie. Actually will be more like hippo-walk instead of catwalk with Macdonald 42inches diet waists. Coke & cheeseburgers all the way!!!

      • Bob

        China is getting fatter too. That being said you are saying there are no thin Americans, watch a Houston Rockets basketball game, and tell me the cheerleaders aren’t thin.

  • lonetrey

    I won’t lie, I find the asian version more attractive. But I am asian myself, so that’s why….

  • Shin

    China. No free thought. No new ideas. No new inventions. No Shame. Losing culture. No future.

  • dim mak

    Was gonna say all fashion shows look like that
    But the “clothes” really are too similar