Woman Sets Self On Fire To Protest Demolition Of Home


From Mop:

A female entrepreneur in Chengdu sets herself on fire on the roof of her building because of demolition

Summary: November 13, early morning, a horrific “eviction and demolition” incident occurred on Tianhuizhen street in Jingniu district of Chengdu city. The female owner tried to use death to fight the go-vern-ment organized demolition crew, eventually “self-immolating” on the building’s roof, burnt beyond recognition, her life hanging by a thread. Whether it is residents being arrested, residents being hurt and hospitalized, the go-vern-ment department determining this to be violent resistance of the law, or the residents being forced to vacate denouncing the go-vern-ment’s violent “eviction and demolition”, but actually who is right or wrong is not important, because the important thing was that a life was ignored here, that the law was trampled upon here, and what should have been a foreseeable “bloody incident” happened under the direction of the go-vern-ment officials present.



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Very disappointed in Obama, returning [to America] before liberating us.


Demolition, demolition yet again! How could a family single-handedly go up against the current go-vern-ment? These past two days here where I live, there were over a thousand villagers who also were not able to successfully oppose our go-vern-ment’s demolition crews? All suppressed! A confrontation of several thousand people, yet not a single report in the newspapers or meda! Disappointing…

When I think about our building in the past, all with real estate records and land records, which is to say, our house and the land underneath the house were all our private property. The go-vern-ment took away our house, took away our land too, and only gave us a replacement house, so we indeed only have real estate records but do not have land ownership! Is this not exploitation?  Exploiting away the rural people’s land, the last thing they can rely on to survive, is completed through a single demolition! Ignorant rural people, patting themselves on the back for moving into slightly better apartment buildings, hardly realizing that several decades later, after your building usage period is over, what will you, with no land to call your own, do?

It is said that the accumulation of capital in capitalism is the naked process of exploitation, but just how different is our go-vern-ment’s current methods of eviction and demolition??? To say it is even more bloody, even more cruel, even more disrespectful of human rights and property rights would not be too excessive, right?!


This country is invincible.


A female who overestimated her abilities.
In a China under the leadership of the GCD [共产党 , gong chan dang, Communist Party].
There can actually be such an absurd thing.
Unless she could be a terrorist sent by the Dalai Lama or whoever?


Last time was a Molotov cocktail,
this time self-immolation,
next time…?

On 2008 December 6, government demolition crews gathered outside a house in Minhang district of Shanghai. A woman named Pan Yong tried to protest and stop the demolition of her house without higher compensation from the government. She threw Molotov cocktails at the demolition crew. In the end, she and her family surrendered and their house was demolished.


At least I believe that loving my country and loving the Party has no relation, I deeply love my motherland, but I detest that certain group of people who bully and oppress the ordinary common people!!!


Sigh, the people cannot fight the officials, I trust [if she knew] this saying, this incident wouldn’t have happened, what a pity.


Any person who vainly attempts to fight the go-vern-ment will have nothing good coming to them!!! This is an example…


Should not have burned the gasoline on her own body.


There was a reason for China’s go-vern-ment banning guns in the past. I remember when I was really small, my family had an air gun, used to shot birds, but then one day the go-vern-ment suddenly gave orders saying that all air guns and hunting guns must be handed over. This showed that our go-vern-ment is far-sighted, that they realized that decades later, social conflicts will get worse and if then the ordinary common people were equipped with air guns, the go-vern-ment demolition department would have to be equipped with rocket launchers.


NetEase has already deleted this news, Mop will soon…



[Red text: “Kill all nail-house residents! Long live the Communist Party!” White subtitle: “China’s human rights is the best.”]


Revealing, hope the gover-nment can reflect on this matter! China is the people’s China, not the Party’s China!

2009 December 4 UPDATE: See “The Chengdu Self-Immolation” (EastSouthWestNorth), a long translation of a CCTV news program about this story.


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