“Escaped Tiger” Training Exercise Held At Chengdu Zoo

A "tranquilized" escaped "tiger" at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, China being carried away.

A zoo worker in a Tigger costume is carried away on a stretcher while a real tiger looks on from its cage.

From ifeng:

Chengdu Zoo rehearses escaped “tiger” response

June 2nd, Sichuan Chengdu Zoo, a tranquilized “tiger” being carried away by workers, as a caged Chinese tiger watches through the glass. That day, the Chengdu Zoo conducted a escaped dangerous animal training drill/exercise. The training exercise simulated 2 Siberian Tigers escaping from their cages, with zoo workers working together with forestry police conducting an emergency response.

A "tranquilized" escaped tiger at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, China.

Startled, the tranquilized “tiger” rushed towards the quarantining human wall, but to ensure the safety of personnel, the forestry police was forced to open fire and shoot it dead.

A "tranquilized" escaped "tiger" at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, China being carried away.

The tranquilized “tiger” being carried away by workers.

Chinese zoo workers at the Chengdu zoo shoot an escaped "tiger" from their car during an emergency response drill.

Workers in a car tranquilizing the “tigers”.

A zoo worker checking if the escaped "tiger" has been tranquilized.

Workers checking the “tiger’s” tranquilized state.

From NetEase:

Chengdu Zoo “escaped tiger” training exercise, catch one, “shoot” one

A man in a Tigger costume waves at a zoo visitor in Chengdu, China.

When the “tiger” appeared, tourists all thought it was amusing.

A Chengdu Zoo worker uses a pole to rehearse checking the state of a tranquilized "escaped tiger".

Police open fire on the “tiger”.

During a training exercise at the Chengdu Zoo in China, a man wearing a Tigger costume pretends to be an escaped tiger.

The “tiger” charges at the car.

Chinese zoo workers carrying back the tranquilized "tiger", completing the training exercise.

The “tiger” being carried back to the big cats exhibit.

From Liba:

Comrades…there is a situation…a tiger has escaped from the zoo!

The Chengdu Zoo today held an escaped dangerous animal response drill/exercise. One zoo worker played the role of the escaped tiger, while other workers and security successfully tranquilized him. The zoo hopes to use this exercise to increase the zoo workers’ capabilities in responding to emergencies, safeguarding the safety of visitors.

Tigger is shot.
The last picture is the highlight.

Photos of a training drill at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province of China where zoo personnel and the Forestry police rehearse their response to a potential tiger escape.

Comments from NetEase:


Forget tigers, unarmed humans wouldn’t be able to defeat even a 40kg wolf/wild dog.


Seeing that police officer hold that gun so seriously, I was covered in tears of laughter!


This must be a show released in conjunction with June 1st [Children’s Day], right? Exercises are conducted like this?


Our country’s drills/exercises are all just shows/performances.


Qie, children these days aren’t that easy to fool.


Tigers are endangered animals, so if one escaped, they’d just kill it? That creative?


So ridiculous/stupid, fuck.

Comments from Liba:


Idiots, a bunch of idiots, are they just making a joke?


I LOL’d.


笑掉大牙 The Chengdu Zoo officials should probably go have their intelligence checked. 笑掉大牙


That real tiger must’ve been crushed to see his fellow tiger being carried away…


Are they trying to teach a lesson to the real tiger?
You be good and stay in that cage.
Come out and we’ll shoot you to death.


Ai-yo, LOL, I bet my coworkers think I’m an idiot, staring at the computer convulsing with laughter.


I’ve seen such exercises at Japanese Zoo and they’re like this too, where one person plays the role of the escaped animal, eventually tranquilized.

There’s nothing wrong with this kind of exercise/drill! Although it looks a little ridiculous, it serves its purpose.


That real tiger must be watching and thinking: A bunch of SBs.


Haha, LOL, feels like it was done for the real tiger to see.

From Shanghai Morning Post:

Photos of a training drill at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province of China where zoo personnel and the Forestry police rehearse their response to a potential tiger escape.


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