“Escaped Tiger” Training Exercise Held At Chengdu Zoo

A "tranquilized" escaped "tiger" at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, China being carried away.

A zoo worker in a Tigger costume is carried away on a stretcher while a real tiger looks on from its cage.

From ifeng:

Chengdu Zoo rehearses escaped “tiger” response

June 2nd, Sichuan Chengdu Zoo, a tranquilized “tiger” being carried away by workers, as a caged Chinese tiger watches through the glass. That day, the Chengdu Zoo conducted a escaped dangerous animal training drill/exercise. The training exercise simulated 2 Siberian Tigers escaping from their cages, with zoo workers working together with forestry police conducting an emergency response.

A "tranquilized" escaped tiger at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, China.

Startled, the tranquilized “tiger” rushed towards the quarantining human wall, but to ensure the safety of personnel, the forestry police was forced to open fire and shoot it dead.

A "tranquilized" escaped "tiger" at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province, China being carried away.

The tranquilized “tiger” being carried away by workers.

Chinese zoo workers at the Chengdu zoo shoot an escaped "tiger" from their car during an emergency response drill.

Workers in a car tranquilizing the “tigers”.

A zoo worker checking if the escaped "tiger" has been tranquilized.

Workers checking the “tiger’s” tranquilized state.

From NetEase:

Chengdu Zoo “escaped tiger” training exercise, catch one, “shoot” one

A man in a Tigger costume waves at a zoo visitor in Chengdu, China.

When the “tiger” appeared, tourists all thought it was amusing.

A Chengdu Zoo worker uses a pole to rehearse checking the state of a tranquilized "escaped tiger".

Police open fire on the “tiger”.

During a training exercise at the Chengdu Zoo in China, a man wearing a Tigger costume pretends to be an escaped tiger.

The “tiger” charges at the car.

Chinese zoo workers carrying back the tranquilized "tiger", completing the training exercise.

The “tiger” being carried back to the big cats exhibit.

From Liba:

Comrades…there is a situation…a tiger has escaped from the zoo!

The Chengdu Zoo today held an escaped dangerous animal response drill/exercise. One zoo worker played the role of the escaped tiger, while other workers and security successfully tranquilized him. The zoo hopes to use this exercise to increase the zoo workers’ capabilities in responding to emergencies, safeguarding the safety of visitors.

Tigger is shot.
The last picture is the highlight.

Photos of a training drill at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province of China where zoo personnel and the Forestry police rehearse their response to a potential tiger escape.

Comments from NetEase:


Forget tigers, unarmed humans wouldn’t be able to defeat even a 40kg wolf/wild dog.


Seeing that police officer hold that gun so seriously, I was covered in tears of laughter!


This must be a show released in conjunction with June 1st [Children’s Day], right? Exercises are conducted like this?


Our country’s drills/exercises are all just shows/performances.


Qie, children these days aren’t that easy to fool.


Tigers are endangered animals, so if one escaped, they’d just kill it? That creative?


So ridiculous/stupid, fuck.

Comments from Liba:

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Idiots, a bunch of idiots, are they just making a joke?


I LOL’d.


笑掉大牙 The Chengdu Zoo officials should probably go have their intelligence checked. 笑掉大牙


That real tiger must’ve been crushed to see his fellow tiger being carried away…


Are they trying to teach a lesson to the real tiger?
You be good and stay in that cage.
Come out and we’ll shoot you to death.


Ai-yo, LOL, I bet my coworkers think I’m an idiot, staring at the computer convulsing with laughter.


I’ve seen such exercises at Japanese Zoo and they’re like this too, where one person plays the role of the escaped animal, eventually tranquilized.

There’s nothing wrong with this kind of exercise/drill! Although it looks a little ridiculous, it serves its purpose.


That real tiger must be watching and thinking: A bunch of SBs.


Haha, LOL, feels like it was done for the real tiger to see.

From Shanghai Morning Post:

Photos of a training drill at the Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan province of China where zoo personnel and the Forestry police rehearse their response to a potential tiger escape.

Written by Fauna

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  • Raphael


    i just want to take this opportunity to say: BOO TO FURRIES AND THEIR PSEUDO-EDUCATIONAL SHENANIGANS

  • john digmeme

    Already I can tell the comment section is going to be full of teh lulz… I’m crying right now, the pictures are so epic, so, so epic.

  • That poor deceased tiger will be lovingly interred at the nearest restaurant with a big enough hot pot. He will be forever fondly remembered by his fur hung as a trophy and for his gall bladder and testicles which will no doubt be purchased for a respectful price.

    Shanzhai tiger or not, this is how you re-invigorate the environment/economy/same thing!

    • “Hold the trigger! Don’t kill Tigger!”

      • hanyucha

        Next week they be out traquiliazing Winnie the Pooh, ‘cept he don’t need no tranquilizing ’cause he’s got his paws in that honey pot of ketamine, just rolling around on the floor.

        Den Piglet runs out, and be saying, “Don’t be traquilizing my Winnie! He’s just gone cold turkey and you be giving him more tranquillizers!”

        Then Eeyore he be coming out too, coming down off crack, saying, “Well, I know all this was gonna go down, how’s about you shoot me with those tranqs and let’s make this a party.”

        Christopher Robin be coming out next, he be saying, “God damn you toys! I be working my fingers to the bone, and I come home to find you all tranqed up again! Sheeeet! Pass me the pipe!”

        Always thought dem toys werz on something!

    • “Goddamned cuddly manga cartoon characters!! Go back to Japan!!”

    • Boss: “Hey listen, I know you’re very keen and want to do your patriotic duty by helping the zoo in the infinitisimal chance that a tiger should escape, but you can’t take part in the drill unless you brought your government-mandated tiger-poking stick. No stick, no poking, no participation. How on earth are you ever going to catch a tiger unless you brought your tiger poking stick?”

      Keener: “But look, I brought this!” [holds up something small. Everyone laughs]

      Boss: “Keener, everyone knows the lobster escape drill was last week, and you missed it! Now get out of here and take your barbecque tongs with you before I inform your family and shame you for three generations!”

      • diverdude

        i’ve read a lot of funny things in my life. ‘tiger-poking stick’ has just become the funniest ! class fkn ic !

    • Western headline to accompany photos:


    • In the Chinese/M. Night Shamalan adaptation of this story, that guy in that tiger suit isn’t a guy OMG he’s actually the tiger himself this entire drill! He’s like Keyser Soze in that much better movie! But once the tiger escapes the zoo he will be confronted by the jianghu underworld operatives that he had previously left for dead! And then it’s revealled the tiger is actually a secret Shaolin martial artist!!

      Oh, and the movie sucks.

    • It’s a good thing that guy in the role of the escaped tiger is wearing a fake tiger suit or else we’d never know who he is supposed to be an escaped tiger.
      It’s just like how it is with face, diploma certification and guanxi: we need know to who you’re SUPPOSED to be in China.

    • Chris #1

      You are back on the turps?

  • Song of the Article

    Paper Tiger

    celebrating 6.4…..

  • Jones

    This is pretty darn funny. Needs more carnage, though.

  • diverdude

    imagine… i used to think chink-land was ass-tar-ded…

    • Chad

      Shouldn’t the actor have pretend to maul a few people here and there?

  • Gary

    The guy in the suit is lucky none of the policemen forgot to take the real bullets out of their guns. I think he deserves hazardous duty pay.

  • Capt. WED

    –daddy can I take popo like tigger?

    –hit me please mistress.

  • Just let some Chengguan catch the tiger with bare hands.

    • Tigers aren’t afraid of chengguan; tigers don’t have 5000 years of glorious history to which they can “add oil” to each and every problem.

  • Capt. WED

    oh yeah, the furries angle. Rule 34.

  • tengu

    San Francisco zoo, three kids were high, stayed past closing and started taunting a Siberian Tiger. Tiger got so pissed she clawed her way out of the enclosure, killed one of the kids, injured the other two and followed a trail of blood tracking them down.

    Tiger had concrete chips in her paws and claws when they did the autopsy.

    Nice exercise…..

    • Capt. WED

      They pissed off tiger mom, fuck these stupid ass kids, they deserved it.

      • tengu

        No shit, totally deserved it, too bad she didn’t get the others. Dude, how you been?

        I wonder if they made the “Darwin Awards”…two brothers involved, a gene pool which should have been drained.

        • Capt. WED

          we are not beefing anymore? Let’s become internet best friends.

          creamy thighs for all!

    • baijiansi

      Darwinism at work.

  • ralphrepo

    LMAO at the little tiny gun that the cop would supposedly use to protect zoo workers as they try to immobilize an escaped tiger. That under powered “weapon” would be lucky to bring down a Koala Bear. Against a real animal like a tiger, that cop would likely empty his entire clip and then become a tiger’s lunch. To kill a tiger they would need to use real guns, like a shotgun with slugs or an AK47. There are reasons why big game hunters use large bore heavy guns to go after those animals. Anything less just won’t do the job.

    • Sunshine

      That’s a tranquilizer gun… There’s just no pleasing the public. If the guard had actually carried an AK47, someone here would be screaming ANIMAL CRUELTY.

  • Capt. WED

    I think that’s a tranquilizer gun. BTW the real tiger must be what the fuck they trying to pull out. These sadist bastards is fucking with me hardcore now. What does it all mean?

    • B-real

      The tiger is like “the next I escape im going to take 1 of them with me before they tranq me. They better kill me im king of the jungle motha fuckas!!!”

      • jin

        thats a lion…. idiot

        • Capt. WED

          lion, tigers, all the same. I support B-Real on this one, kill em all. If I were at the zoo and got caught up in a tiger escape and got killed, oh well.

        • B-real

          Depending on which jungle, where lions predominantly don’t preside Tiger, Leopards, Pumas, cheetah and agile cats of these nature are top of the food chain in most Jungles excluding Africa where lions often are more prong to being sited outside of jungles and rarely venture into dense green forested areas. Lions being “king of the Jungle” was a misnomer created by dumb white folks who think Africa is full of jungles and lions. Both being true but not entirely correct.
          Jin assuming you are Chinese this is basic knowledge not part of your curriculum in China. If you are from America you probably didn’t attend the right school in the proper school district or you watch allot of disney films. Before you go out and insult people maybe a little fact check would preserve your status of being the real smart ass of Chinasmack.

  • roger dodger

    This is just stupid, is this suppose to compare to the real thing. They should just watch a documentary that will be much more informative.

  • B-real

    On side note. Any one else having VPN problems in China? Even my corporate remote VPN is un usably slower than normal and my personal VPN seems to be blocked.

    • It’s a that special time of the year again. I don’t mean Dragon Boat/Zong zi Festival, I mean that it’s time of year for our annual hangover when we all wake up and can’t remember things that happened that day when we all drank a lot and got drunk, except that it wasn’t wine and we weren’t intoxicated, but it was red and we got hammered.

      • B-real

        yah, but im using these paid VPNs and every means of getting around the block have been fruitless. This was as of 6 days ago.

        • Ultrasurf still works; they upgraded two or three versions over the past few days to stay ahead of the blockage. You’ll need a proxy server with secured line to download it, though.

          May all the censors be raped and devoured by angry tigers. Or Tiggers, as the case may be.

  • happy redhat

    hmm, this is so cute!

    • So true, the guns seen wielded here are just like the ones you see on “My Little Pony” except on horseback.
      Ask any girl, everything is better when mounted.

      Speaking of all this has made me nostalgic; how can I leave this behind?

  • The Other Guy

    Where’s the story about the 17 year old who sold his kidney for an ipad2.

    I was sure that one would show up here.

    • happy redhat

      is that true?
      but several days ago i went to a mall in downtown, there are so many people standing in line to buy ipod. really shocked me!

    • If Chinese are dying in order to make Apple products, it only makes sense that they are also dying in order to get them.

    • Jones

      Yeah, I read about that. He’ll get a little older and drop dead after a couple of gambeis and some lost dice games. I wonder how he’s going to feel with the iPad 3 comes out probably in a few months.

      • Pffft. Humans have TWO kidneys, hello?

        Not to worry, though; the iPad 4 has an app for dialysis.

  • Rod

    I don’t get it…are they taking the piss or really making this a training exercise?

    • Neddy

      Understand your (mock) surprise. But yes, they are serious…
      And the title of this article should have been “Chinese Fire Drill at Chengdu Zoo”.

    • Jones

      Haha look at the guys back in the crowd of people with their brooms. Hahaha this is going to be a real blood orgy when a tiger really does escape.

  • I like how the real tiger wants to rip apart the guy in the tiger costume. lol

  • happy redhat

    i’d like to play this role.
    give me a chance, haha!

  • Anonanon

    That tiger in the glass tank looks seriously pissed off. Don’t think it likes being mocked.

  • Ethan JRT

    Did someone (hint: his comments are outlined in red) get drunk and decide to comment on Chinasmack again?
    It’s terrifying.

    • A fearless regular commenter on chinaSMACK …afraid?

      Great jumping Jehosaphat-pharm, it’s as though you have no idea what to do with yourselves if you’re not trolling against someone with an entrenched ideology.

      I’m not called ‘terroir “the terror” McTerroir-Glynnfiddich’ for nothing, you know.

  • blackflagnation

    I heard Winnie the Pooh broke loose while they were chasing down Tigger

    • happy redhat

      hehe, you are so cute!!!

    • hanyucha

      and they spit-roasted Piglet

  • Jones

    I wonder how well-versed the guy in the Tigger suit is with tiger behavior and tactics, not to mention the speed and athleticism of a tiger? Probably a lot. I mean, these guys wouldn’t cut corners, would they? No, of course not.

  • Powerstill

    be professional… use a proper costume… haha

  • The real tiger is all like “WTF”? lol

  • La Mano Gaucha

    That is soooo fucked up! Haha! “Safety conscious” for sure.. LOL!

  • Ha! It looks like that tiger-man got a work out. I guess it’s better safe than sorry!

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