Chengguan Attacked & Disfigured by Street Peddler in Guangzhou

The wounded chengguan Su Jiaquan.

From QQ:

Guangzhou City Management Official Hacked 7 Times by Street Peddler, Might be Disfigured

March 17, Guanghzou, chengguan staff member Su Jiaquan was still receiving medical treatment in ICU. At about 2pm that afternoon, two chengguan staff members from the Guangzhou Tianhe District Chepo Street Chengguan Law Enforcement Squad were enforcing the law attempting to persuade a street peddler selling pineapples on the roadisde [to cease and disist] when the street peddler suddenly drew out his knife and attacked them. 27-year-old chengguan staff member Su Jiaquan received 7 knife wounds on his body, 5 of which were on his head and face, which might lead to disfiguration. According to reports, the street peddler who attacked him is a man around the age of 40, and at the time of this report has yet to be brought to justice, with Guangzhou Deputy Mayor Xie Xiaodan having already ordered that all efforts be made to apprehend the assailant.

nded chengguan Su Jiaquan.

As it is understood, Su Jiaquan’s masseter muscle from the left corner of his mouth to his left earlobe has been cut, exposing his parotid gland. There is a 10cm knife wound on the temporalis of the left side of his head, but fortunately his skull isn’t damaged. On his face and behind his ear are an additional 3 minor wounds. His left forearm has a 4cm long knife wound from trying to block the knife, a deep wound that reaches his ulna. The middle finger of his right hand is also wounded. According to Su Jiaquan’s attending doctor Wang Fusheng, there are altogether 7 knife wounds on Su Jiaquan’s body, 5 of which are on his head and face, which may very likely leave scars causing disfiguration in the future. “He was primarily wounded on his head and face, and due to abundant capillaries, he lost a lot of blood.”

The brother-in-law of the wounded is comforting the sister of the wounded.

The brother-in-law of the wounded comforting the sister of the wounded.

Su Jiaquan’s sister is in tears.

Su Jiaquan’s sister also expressed her worry: “He’s only 27, his son is only a little more than 1 year old…” Su Jiaquan’s sister repeatedly complaining in tears: “It’s the street peddler who attacked the chengguan! I’m very worried about how he’s going to live in the future!”


Witness Ms. Su

There was a minor physical conflict between both parties

Dongpu Road intersection parking attendant Ms. Su witnessed the incident. She said this intersection is a hot spot for illegal street-side peddling, and chengguan often come home to enforce the law. The day the incident happened, there were several street peddlers doing business there, but they all fled upon hearing the loudspeaker from the chengguan’s patrol car. The two chengguan officers may have raised their voices a bit during their effort to persuade [the street peddlers to leave], and during the second instance, though the street peddler had backed off over a dozen meters or so, he showed no indication of leaving. Upon seeing this situation, a little physical altercation occurred between the chengguan and the street peddler. However, as to who first became physical, and how they were physical, Ms. Su did not see clearly as she sat in the parking attendant booth.

The other law enforcement staff member

The indifference of the surrounding people makes me very sad

In this Sunday street peddler wounding incident, the other chengguan staffer Zhong Yongde that accompanied Sun Jiaquan during the patrol is a witness to the entire incident. Yesterday [March 18] afternoon, after giving his testimony and looking weary, he accepted a press interview. Upon mentioning this incident, what he felt most is sadness. “I saw my own colleague being hacked bloody while trying to enforce the law through persuasion and advisement, yet none of the surrounding people helped us, I’m really unhappy.”

That Sunday afternoon, the wounded Su Jiaquan wouldn’t stop bleeding, and quickly was covered from head to toe with blood. Zhong Yongde too had no time to call for help, and hurriedly helped Su Jiaquan back to the patrol car. Though this took place on bustling Dongpu Road, not a single passerby was willing to help them. “The surrounding crowd were very cold and apathetic, and I felt very sad then.”


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Comments from QQ:

腾讯保定市网友 JACK穷死:

I don’t know what actually happened, but I don’t think anyone would hack someone for no reason at all, because after all that’s a crime, and if it weren’t because someone was left without a choice, would would willingly break the law? The indifference of the bystanders I think is their indifference toward the government’s credibility, is it not?

腾讯网友 岁月如水:

“Su Jiaquan’s sister also expressed her worry: ‘He’s only 27, his son is only a little more than 1 year old…’ Su Jiaquan’s sister repeatedly complaining in tears: ‘It’s the street peddler who attacked the chengguan! I’m very worried about how he’s going to live in the future!’”

A street peddler beats a chengguan and it’s on the news, but how many street peddlers have chengguan beaten? And why do those rarely make the news? Society is unfair/unjust!!!

腾讯上海市网友 一线天:

Maybe he was unjustly hacked, and because the organization he represents has no public credibility, the ordinary common people have no sympathy, so this isn’t a problem between the attacker and the attacked. In fact, the more important problem is not where the murderer is, but the problem that causes this kind of phenomenon, and how to solve it!

腾讯泉州市网友 王雪琼:

I don’t know what’s the matter with this society. First it’s chengguan choking a street peddler, making a little girl cry. Now, it’s a street peddler hacking a chengguan, whose child is only 1 year old. Who’s right and who’s wrong? But they all have children, and it’s the children who suffered.

腾讯网友 ﹏ExCiteMen:

Chengguan is a high-risk occupation, the people they must manage all being of low character and at the lowest levels of society. What can you do? Cities need to be managed. The characters of many people with little education in China are indeed hard to understood. One makes a living earning a salary, while the other claims to be trying to feed their families. But aren’t chengguan also trying to feed their families? Everyone is just trying to make a living. If chengguan stopped doing their job, I think even more people would be criticizing them. Support the chengguan, and compared to the civil servants who sit safely and comfortably in their offices, I think their treatment and supervision should be adjusted, because who would be willing to do such tough work for a 2,000 yuan salary only to have the people curse you all the time~?

腾讯网友 天枰小兵:

This is a tragedy! Not only a tragedy for chengguan, but also for street peddler. and of course, the most important of all, it’s a tragedy for our nation. The street peddler only wanted to survive, and the chengguan was just trying to do his job. The press too are only briefly reporting on it, which means nobody will care about it a few days later anyway. In all likelihod, there will be even more homicidal street peddlers as well as even more chengguan getting hacked. The tragedy is just beginning~~

腾讯惠州市网友 以成败论英雄:

Those street peddlers are also only trying to make a living! They also have children and families! Why do we insist on not giving them the space to survive? Why cut off their only way to survive? In fact, they are also serving the people! If we didn’t have those people selling things, where would the ordinary common people nearby go to buy things? How far would they have to go very far to buy things? So, have you people ever thought, what if it were you? Don’t you not eat and wear clothes? Do you not want to buy cheap things? Don’t tell me you want to go to a very distant supermarket to buy things? Are you willing to waste your time? And to pay twice the price! Would you? Would you? Giving them a way to survive is to also leave yourselves a way to live, with more convenience!

腾讯烟台市网友 柳青青:

Do business on the street should be managed/controlled, it’s a danger to pedestrians and vehicles. Support chengguan’s management.

腾讯西安市网友 稻草人:

Not having others join in on hacking at him is already good enough…

腾讯济南市网友 雪落有声:

This news is one-sided! To report only the chengguan’s side as the truth is extremely irresponsible behavior! There needs to be an interview with the street peddler and the statements of the passers-by!

Comments from NetEase:

兕啵児 [网易重庆市武隆县网友]:

Those who think the hacking was well-deserved… please click the lower right corner. [10,802 upvotes at time of translation]

空亦空 [网易广西南宁市网友]: (responding to above)

The young man is innocent, it’s the abuse of power and this damned system that should be hacked.

luoweiyl126 [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to 兕啵児)

Good, good, good.

黄易盖楼我搬砖 [网易浙江省温州市网友]: (responding to 空亦空)

There are many other occupations, but he chose to be a chengguan, so he deserved it!! Just this morning, I read on the A6 section of the local newspaper: Street peddler involved in Guangzhou “manhandling incident” is Wenzhounese, yesterday when being interviewed by the reporter of the newspaper said, ”I am going to sue, if only to get justice.”

龙德云 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

People downstairs [people who comment after this one], don’t laugh!!!

小Bing快到我碗里来 [网易赤道几内亚网友]:

I am a chengguan, and street peddlers like this are truly lawless and out of control. In today’s society of law, how can things like this still happen? Those 2B who are cheering this, I’m telling you, you are sick, and need to be treated!!

clz123456 [网易湖北省十堰市网友]: (responding to above)

Treated your mother’s cunt, if it weren’t for you guys constantly running amok creating outrages, how would there be so many people that hate you!

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  • Why can’t people just be nice to each other.

    • Germandude

      Watching CCTV news could make you believe that every day is April 1st as you wish it to be.

  • OMG

    It’s the revenge of the street vendors, the cycle will never end…don’t worry the empire of the chengguan will strike back soon, the empire always strikes back

    • slob

      The stupid thing about the vendor’s actions is that the Chengguan posted in that area are going to be lot more violent now because of this incident which is going to affect the other vendors. Righteous as his actions were, he and his fellow pineapple crew are going to get pretty fcked up if they peddle that area again.

      • OMG

        LOL, well I guess payback is a bitch…this time the Chengguan will be armed to the teeth as if they’re ready to invade Diaoyutai Islands, AK47’s and Type 99 tanks…Tinnamen Massacre style….lol crazy oppressive regime

  • Red Scarf

    Many Chinese will see it Chengguan 9999999 Street Peddler 1.

    But at the end of the day, violence is violence no matter who its from.

    • BiggJ

      The only way to fight violence is with more violence.

    • narsfweasels

      Yeah, right outside my apartment complex there are several illegal vendors, and two Chengguan sitting in a car. Unless the Chenguan have 5:1 superiority of numbers, the “Law” can go enforce itself.

      • slob

        I would honestly say 5 vendors VS 5 Chengguan, the vendors would win easily. They fight for their lives, the Chengguan fight because it’s their job and a lot of them are scrawny / old as hell. Chengguan is a bitch occupation imo and only failed police officers take up such a shitty job. Luckily the Chengguan in my city (3rd tier city?) don’t care at all and often walk past vendors without even saying a word out of sheer laziness.

        • Chang Liu

          Yeah that appears to be my observation too. I once nearly got into a fight with a Chenguan in Shanghai after locking up my bike on a lamp post outside a club this dude rudely told me not to lock there. I told him this is a public space, he then told me it was blocking the driveway (which it wasn’t) and when I refused he told me to lock on a lampost on the otherside of the driveway which is exactly the same! I lost all patience and almost punched him. He backed down when he saw that I got pissed, what a pussy.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      An “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” mindset. I can only see this escalating as the Chengguan will enforce with harsher penalties and those being punished will resist even harder.

  • Looks beat up. You should see the other guy.

  • Bugs Bunny


  • BiggJ

    This guy got off pretty easy. You pull a knife out you better kill the other person. In most situations if you don’t. the other person will kill you. This guy just got a few cuts…no big deal.

    • Chang Liu

      I don’t know man, having your face slashed up might be pretty traumatising for most.

  • A Lu

    The news the chinese have been waiting for…let the rebellion begin!

  • donkeykong

    “I saw my own colleague being hacked bloody while trying to enforce the law through persuasion and advisement, yet none of the surrounding people helped us, I’m really unhappy.”

    I am currently in China, and if a person attacked me with a knife I doubt if any of the people watching would help me.
    It seems to be the Chinese habit to watch and comment, but to never take any action to help.

    • LuoyangLaowai

      From what I have been told. People are too afraid to help for fear of being sued. Ive heard several stories about people hit by cars or hurt in some way and a witness will come to help. Then the victim will sue the person helping them to cover the medical bills or whatever, So everyone is afraid to help in an accident. I dont know if these stories I have heard are true or not. Have any of you heard such stories?

      • linette lee

        you are right. The Chinese court awarded crooks who extorted good Samaritans. Fxck those Chinese court officers and the whole china system. They are all garbage.

        “This phenomenon essentially began Nov. 20, 2006, when Xu Shuolan, a 65-year-old woman, fell and broke her hip while attempting to board a bus in Nanjing. Peng Yu, a 26-year-old, was the first to help her. He gave her 200 reminbi and escorted her to the hospital, staying with her until her family arrived. In thanks, Xu sued Peng for 136,419 reminbi, or $18,000, claiming that he was the one who knocked her down.”

        • vincent

          Hah they better enforce some ‘Good Samaritan’ laws or they’re going to see a whole lot of apathy from the public, that Nanjing case sure had a ludicrous outcome and the consequences of that event have probably caused a great deal of harm by causing the ‘Bystander effect’ to occur more often.

          • anon101

            yeah, well before you help anyone, look around and make sure there is a traffic camera pointing at you (if at an intersection) or a hotel camera, or a bank camera. Anything that you can get the police to pull up and have a look at.

            I tend to be very sketchy now as I helped someone once and the guards decided it was my fault.

            (a girl crashed her ebike into a road enter / exit barrier thing. I ran over, stayed with the girl on the floor for a bit then helped her and her bike to the side of the road. at that point security arrived and yanked me aside pointing to the damaged barrier saying I had to pay for it. there was quite a crowed and I looked around helplessly, a few of them had seen what had happened, not one came forward. At that point the girl with a mouth full of blood, chirped up and told them it was her fault, they just looked at each other and stood back a bit.

            I thanked the girl, went to a shop right opposite and bought a bottle of water for her to wash out her mouth. then went on my way.

            people had clearly seen me run over and help and decided to say nothing and see what happened… really annoying.

    • GuangzhouDangerous

      ETA: if Chinese people see another Chinese being attacked by a
      foreigner, then I am sure that many of them would join in to help their
      fellow Chinese.

      I have to agree with that. Late one night in Guangzhou my friend had his bag snatched. I caught up with the guy and tripped him up – to get the bag back. I was attacked by a group of drinking youths (around 5 of them) who saw a laowai tripping up one of their brethren, I was hit in the face with empty bottle of ZhuJiang beer(please at least throw harbin at me). I made it out with just a busted nose. Be careful out there.

      • Chang Liu

        Are you sure the youth aren’t part of the same gang? lots of thieves have look outs and back up.

    • Dr Sun

      The odd thing is a few years back on the streets of London I was called to the scene of a assault 3 local men were beating the crap out of a Asian girl that refused their unwanted sexual advances.
      Arriving on the scene there was a large crowd of locals watching but doing nothing, can you explain that ?

      • donkeykong

        Of course it can happen anywhere in the world, but it does seem to be much more common in China.
        Also, since you were “called to the scene”, I am assuming that you are or used to be a cop.
        I would trust that having a cop arrive in London means that I would be helped.
        I just do not trust the police in China to do anything at all if they witnessed a crime against me.

        • anon101

          DK, Dr sun is very anti west, (looking at his many posts saying f* the white man etc etc) he is not a policeman in London so I dont know why he was called to anywhere. perhaps he just felt like a bit of bull to try and get his point across.

      • narsfweasels

        Link to the newspaper article?

      • Alphy

        Tu Quoque? You cannot explain away a misconduct merely because of another, not even one that would appeal to hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter where a crime is committed it should be judge base on its own standing.

        If you are trying to compare racial hate crime rate between countries, then the argument should be based on frequency statistic not individual case. As I am sure any reasonably size country would have cases of hate crime.

        • Dr Sun

          No Alphy I’m not, I was simply pointing out to the China bashers that these crimes occur frequently in their countries as well.
          In other words it’s not a unique Chinese characteristic as they try to imply.
          @ Donkeykong no I was on a “ride along” with the Ambulance service.
          @ Icky I was using Asian in the British sense, in this case a woman of Indian/Pakistani origin.
          @ Anon and Chat2Arseholes – two socks make a pair.
          @ narsfweasels, if you pop down to the Evening standard and ask for their microfish archives for 1984, look in April, i’m sure it’s there. I’m not sure if they have digitally archived that far back yet.

      • Icky

        Not that I don’t believe you, but… You need to expound on
        your example a little I think. For instance London is well over 40 percent ‘foreign’ so it seems very strange that there was a purely local crowd watching anything, much less a 3-1 beat down of a girl. While such things surely happen, but they do so mostly in very sketchy areas dominated by the (generally eastern European controlled) meat trade.

        Also, it’s probably not that helpful using the word Asian in regards to a Britain as the word has a different meaning in the UK as compared to the predominantly North American audience found here.

      • Chat2Arseholes

        This never happened. Admit it.

  • Myrrath

    “In today’s society of law”

    That made me laugh. Not in this country

  • TheDon

    Damm this sofa I never get !!!

  • linette lee

    Why china Chinese don’t understand you can’t have illegal peddlers everywhere. Street venders need to be regulated and inspected for public safety. China gov’t needs to have a better street vending regulation and give out permits and do inspection and regulation.

    • slob

      Some people were not fortunate enough to be born into a family that can afford to buy a shop or get a proper licence. Public safety? Nearly all of the licenced restaurants break some form of food safety law here. The only difference is you sit inside on a chair and eat rather than on the street. The food quality/preparation/care is all the same. Have you ever taken a look at the kitchens of these restaurants? Even the big fancy restaurants are disgusting. I think I’ll take my chances on food that’s prepared in the open in front of me rather than in the back of the shop where anything could happen to it.

      • linette lee

        I see what you mean. I would prefer to see the food prepare in front of me also.

        That is why I said China gov’t needs to do better on regulation and inspection. Do a grading system. Close down any shop don’t meet standard. Do better on giving out permits to small business.

        Most of all. Clean corruption. Zero tolerance for corrupt officers or inspectors taking bribes.

        • Chang Liu

          I thought there is already a grading system? On the walls of eateries along Changle Lu there are these happy faces plastic signs.

    • joe

      maybe, maybe theres no such thing and its just prostitute money for the chegguan.

  • vincent

    The Chengguan should think about effectively changing public perception towards them, it definitely won’t be easy but their heavy handed methods have earned them the ire of the common man.
    It’s normal to see their methods when visiting local wet markets and such, they seem to be drunk on the little power they wield, forgetting that while they are supposed to enforce the law, they shouldn’t abuse the little authority they have by being dicks, so I guess at this point they are reaping what they sowed.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If they don’t put on their dick face, no one will obey the rules.

      • vincent

        Maybe they should use reverse psychology and just stand around the street peddlers not doing anything but whistling, the peddlers might get it in their heads that something is off and get spooked hahaha next week on CS, Chengguan introduce their new weapon in the battle against illegal street peddlers, the Chengguan K-9 unit.

        • OMG

          They don’t need the K9 units…they should start training chengguan parachute division, they can have super fast reaction time to any where in China including Diaoyutai, in case the hate Japanese puts up a Sushi stand on that rock.

  • TJDubs

    Poor decision by the Chengguan to pick the pineapple salesman as his bullying target. No reasonable person would fuck with a street vendor who spends every day hacking pineapples with a machete. And don’t go after the girl frying chou doufu – she could throw boiling, terrible-smelling oil on you. The huizu hawking yangrou chuan’r, he could stab you with a red-hot poker at any moment. That leaves… the guy selling useless shit, e.g. fake eyelashes for car headlights, baby turtles in airtight containers, lighters the size of your forearm, etc. Harass him – he’s helpless, and no one will miss him.

    PS – Leave the jianbing lady alone.

    • narsfweasels

      Agreed. Go anywhere near that guy selling jianbing by my house with anything other than good wishes on your lips, and you answer to me.

    • slob

      This. Those shitty fucking novelty vendors annoy me coz the stuff is garbage and you can buy it anywhere. Those food vendors though…nom nom nom. I love that wrap stuff that’s made on a huge round stone plate with crunchy stuff/gravy in the middle. If they dare go near that guy in my ‘hood, I’ll join him in beating those CG to a pulp.

      • narsfweasels

        That’s jianbing.

  • narsfweasels

    “Chengguan is a high-risk occupation, the people they must manage all being of low character and at the lowest levels of society”

    Here’s your payment. Now, there’s a well-researched article on the Economist that needs you to say “But it happens in America too!” on. Chop chop, there’ll be money waiting when you’re done.

  • Alphy

    The main problem of Chengguan is not rather the function is needed or not, but the same old problem of rule of law in China. By law, unregulated street vendors are illegal, it should then be enforce and any other country would do the same. The enforcer though, should be the police, or someone who is held accountable by their actions and framework of the law. Not another organ that works outside the usual legal framework.

    If you ignore your own legal framework, find shortcut instead of fixing legislator that doesn’t make sense, how are you suppose to expect others to respect the law of the land? if the enforcer of the law do not abide by law that gives them the power how are regular citizen suppose to response? Laws are suppose to be guidelines that all people should follow, in China they are now mostly for decorative purpose usable only to the rich and powerful.

    • Chang Liu

      You got it! I was thinking along similar lines. A lot of Chen guan seem to be out of work dads. It is almost like a profession for urban male losers, like a petty job. Being what it is, there is pre-existing underlying animosity between Chenguans and migrants. It is probably why lots of Chenguans act like massive dicks. I feel they are a temporary measure that will get phased out.

  • Luoyanglaowai

    Aren’t the Chengguan just nothing more than Hired Thugs?

    • luoyangLaoway

      Im not really clear about that. There are the Police. And then there are these other people that do the dirty stuff right? Or is Chengguan pinyin for police?

      • Chang Liu

        No Chen Guan literally means City/town authority or enforcement. I think their only remit is to keep public order and maintain peace in public spaces.

  • Isabella

    Im a Dongguan girl,this news make me sad.. I dont how to say that feeling..

  • dave

    How can you feel bad. This guy probably deserved it. Corupt assholes. Reas the feed what they did to a women right in front of her baby. Hes not dead so next time he will know not to fuck with the “peoples China”

    • Actually, he looks pretty young and probably hasn’t had time to become a raging asshole piece of shit human being.

    • Leys Scalon

      Violence is never to be taken lightly. As I see the fight was one-sided. Some people would say that the chengguan got a taste of his own medicine but who knows whether he had ever beaten a peddler? Beside he’s still an human being even if he might be corrupt.

  • Speedy_Cheese

    Very sad.
    Another example of how the government has divided the people, setting them at each other’s throats. Two individuals who were forced to deal with the cards they had been dealt and it escalated brutally. The peddler needs that work to earn a living and the officer must do his duty. Neither can compromise and neither came out victorious.
    It is hard to witness the every day people who are paying the ultimate price for corruption.

  • Chinese Police act like a goon specially in Tibet.

  • PandaPanda

    Don’t mess with Chinese farmers. They’re extremely uneducated, massive drunks and they turn to violence very quickly. Sure, the CG got a terrible rep but just because some or too aggressive doesn’t mean everyone is, but it’s also typical Chinese comments not being able to see that. It’s the rules and regulations that are weird and not up to date (or even very logical) so just blaming the CG is callous and ignorant.

  • Chat2Arseholes

    The only good cop is a…

  • this should teach all other chengguans’ a lesson! don’t treat people with violence , people will treat you the same shit way you treat them!

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