Chengguan Bludgeoned to Death with Hoe by Villager in Hubei

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

From NetEase:

City Management Official Struck in the Back of the Head with a Hoe During Enforcement Rendered Brain Dead

March 16th, Hubei province, Yingshan county, while stopping illegal construction during a patrol of his jurisdiction, chengguan squad leader Duan Jinyin had the back of his head bludgeoned by a hoe wielded by the illegal builder. At present, Duan Jinyin has already been declared brain dead.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

March 16th 9am, Hubei Yingshan, Duan Jinyin led a team to patrol their jurisdiction. While passing through the low-cost housing neighborhood on Xuefu Road of Wenquan town, they discovered Xiaomifan villager Xiong X in the process of constructing a building at the entrance of the neighborhood. Upon learning that Xiong X had not applied for approval of the construction, law enforcement officers immediately went forward to issue a notice to cease construction. Xiong X’s son signed the notice, promising to immediately stop construction.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

March 16th 10:30am, Hubei Yingshan, just as law enforcement personnel were preparing to tear down the illegally constructed building, Xiong X’s son suddenly picked up a brick to attack the law enforcement personnel, but was quickly stopped by surrounding personnel.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

March 16th, Hubei Yingshan, Xiong X suddenly raised his hoe and struck Duan Jinyin’s head. Duan Jinyin immediately collapsed to the ground, unconscious, and was immediately taken to the hospital by squad mates while Xiong X was detained by police.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

Despite the emergency efforts of Yingshan Wuhan hospitals, victim Duan Jinyin remains unconscious, his life hanging in the balance.

A villager bludgeons a city management official ("chengguan") in Hubei.

Xiong X has already been arrested.

Comments on NetEase:

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

Honey, prepare a few extra dishes, tonight we’re drinking [celebrating]!

花开o [网易四川省乐山市网友]:

Excessive taxation, corrupt government officials, untrustworthy charities, ruthless chengguan, police without conscience, distorted education, medical treatment lacking morals, bloody demolitions, retarded experts, lying media, ignorant land developers, fraudulent financial industry, etc. These are all culprits destroying harmony [in Chinese society], it is these who are the true anti-China forces!

流氓小亨 [网易江西省九江市网友]:

The normally high and mighty chengguan are suddenly in a panic. Just look at how at ease and self-content that old man is and you know.

冰源上的浪子 [网易广东省佛山市顺德区网友]:

To kill one is to rid the people of one scourge.

花开o [网易四川省乐山市网友]:

In government halls are a large gang of multimillionaires, calling themselves the vanguard of the proletariat, beating their chests and stamping their feet swearing not to walk the evil path of capitalism. Towards you and I, those who cannot afford homes, schooling, and medical care, they implement a “proletariat dictatorship”?!

Comments on NetEase:

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adsf5w [网易广西柳州市网友]:

When a hoe is wielded well, chengguan will certainly be felled.

楼下没JJ [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Only with more people like this will China have hope!

jerry615107 [网易江苏省徐州市网友]:

It’s because the chengguan stepped on things with their feet and wouldn’t let them pick it up with their hands that made the people angry. Carefully watch what starts the conflict.


This hoe sure came down fiercely!

网易山东省临沂市网友 [过客丶]:

This one swing of the hoe has destroyed two families! Already so old, how could he not consider the consequences!

网易浙江省宁波市网友 [cywdj]: (responding to above)

Seeing his son about to be beaten up by the chengguan, the father reacted on impulse. Those who are parents all know that when one’s child is attacked by others, parents will do anything. The old man was too impulsive, class struggle has become a social problem. When those above continue to tyrannize the people, those below will continue in an abyss of suffering.

网易浙江省金华市网友 [恶心的二人转]: (responding to above)

When one person steps out, they will be screwed, but a thousand or ten thousand? Then they would be heroes, marshals of a new country. Only when everyone protects themselves from being bullied and makes others fear them can they be considered to have stood up.

网易山东省济南市网友 [hanswang]: (responding to above)

Not young, clearly knew the consequences of bashing someone with a hoe, yet still did so with all his might, so frightening.

网易浙江省金华市网友 [恶心的二人转]: (responding to above)

The problem is that they’ve already left you with no choice, and since you’re screwed either way, if it were me, I’d try to bring all of them down with me. [Taking down] just one extra person would be a win.

lidikai99 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]: (responding to above)

Where do you see [the old man] being left without a choice? Striking a person in the back of the head is clearly to take a person’s life. That chengguan also has a wife and kids… Under this kind of system, tragedies will continue to happen.

From NetEase:

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Hubei City Management Official Bludgeoned to Death By Villager with Hoe

[…] Around 11am on the 20th, as a result of his injuries being too serious and resuscitation efforts failing, Duan Jinyin died in the lie of duty. […]

Comments on NetEase:


Brother’s [referring to self] heart is dark, how come this news makes me happy?


The consequences of being a dog. Going to celebrate tonight.

songxinke1 [网易上海市网友]:

Emergency notice, drinking alcohol and ordering more dishes [celebrating] is not allowed tonight.

空亦空 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

Old man, may I borrow that hoe?

网易广东省深圳市网友 [ycysr]:

Although some chengguan are rough and cruel in their law enforcement, it cities didn’t have them, China would just be one large garbage dump!

网易山东省东营市网友: (responding to above)

If I may ask: The chengguan have been established how many years now? Before they were established, was China a garbage dump? If it was, then you and I are both garbage inside the garbage dump, right? Also, is the current China very clean? Is the air you breathe very clean and pure? The water you drink unpolluted? The oil you eat guaranteed to not be drainage oil?

一叶朱 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

Speaking human language to a dog is pointless. The best thing to do: see one, hoe one.

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  • fabi

    such much hate against chengguans ;o

    • Most of it is based on precisely zero experience and they are talking out of their asses by the way.

  • very likely hit the cerebellum, he will have problem with fine movement, like writing and will probably have problem with learning new motor movement, so no more latin dancing class for you

    • Ruaraidh

      Brain-dead means he’s a vegetable. So no more breathing or thinking or anything, let alone dancing.

      • well in case he survive and decided to change career into a professional latin dancer, like most people who survive death.

      • SuperHappyCow

        I’m brain dead and can still dance, idiot.

        • Ruaraidh


  • Dr Nick

    Well done. This should be a lesson to all the chen guans.

    • Ruaraidh

      I see that you have been rendered brain dead also.

    • jcyin

      Maybe Dr. Nick should also be bludgeoned on the back of his head

    • Chang Liu

      wtf? Chen guans are humans beings, some might be dicks but they perform vital functions. As much as I sympathise with migrant workers I don’t want slumification either.

      • the other guy

        “As much as I sympathise with migrant workers I don’t want slumification either.”

        I some parts of China this seems like a lost battle..

        • Chang Liu

          This story should make it plain clear that the solution isn’t more Chengguans.

  • Gei li.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Zhe shi hen niu.

      • Bi!

        • SuperHappyCow

          no, just niu, actually

          cows are the best

          everything is a cow

  • Chinkicide

    Coward creature, attacks from behind. Hope he’ll get executed.

    We need more chenguans with wider authority, better training and guns, probably.
    You have to be prepared for everything when you walk among the savage.

    • BiggJ

      With guns???Imagine how this situation would have turned out. Everyone in that video would be dead or wounded. Even a few of them chenguans would have gotten shot by each other….it would just be a mess.

  • Chang Liu

    Cheng guans gets a bad rap but I don’t think they deserve to die like this.

    • Dr Sun

      Chengguan or not, murder is murder.

      • HoeTime!

        Killign Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden was murder too

        • Chang Liu

          No those were executions.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Which count as ‘murder’, if you consider the loss of someone’s life. Be it a good or bad person, or be it for the SO-CALLED ”greater good” like they did.

          • Chang Liu

            Not really, execution are carried out by institutions against individuals. Murders are conducted between individuals. I do not moralise merely stating how the word is intended.

          • captain communist

            go to beijing and see all the idiots in that city. no education, no salary, no manners, its like a free for all. terribly run country

        • Yup, capital punishment should be considered murder.

          • bert

            Man you guys are about 4 years behind. Next one of you will say, “I was against the war but supported the soldiers.” Anyway, you are all so smart and loving toward humanity, it brought a tear to my eye.

        • i hate chinese

          killing men that killed thousands of innocents, is like putting down a dog

          • Yeah, Saddam was a dictator the US could easily live with all throughout the 80s, just as we could live with Gaddhafi and Mubarak in the 21st century. And the US happily looked the other way as he gassed the Iranians and Kurds. It was only after he invaded Kuwait and threatened US interests that he became an “inhuman monster”.

            Sure Saddam was a dictator who used torture and horrible violence to control his people, but in the name of “liberating” the Iraqi people, the US managed to kill half a million through sanctions alone, and countless more through bombings, “collateral damage”, destruction of infrastructure, and that’s not to mention children who are born with giant tumors due to the massive amounts of depleted uranium that now litters the countryside in Iraq. So tell me again who is the greater evil Saddam or Bush?

            Pull your head out of your ass.


            I agree. The top priority of every country on Earth is their own self-interest. Liberating people and improving their livelihoods are far down the list. I’ve heard stories of some Iraqis who’ve spend time at Abu Graib under both Saddam and the American administration who say that things were better under Saddam. At least they understood his logic while the Americans just seemed to take joy in humiliating and demeaning Iraqis and their culture. Not defending Saddam in any way, he was a horrible person, but I’m not sure Iraq is much better with him gone than with him there.

          • Chang Liu

            Thats right the US supplied Saddam in secret during the Iran Iraq war. He was their no.1 ally in the region. Watch out Pakistan.


            So if Bush or Obama were killed it would be like putting down a dog. Sounds right.

          • Chang Liu

            + Tony Blair! and Donald Rumsfeld.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Agreed. hands down

    • [email protected]

      I agree.

    • Kate

      Agree. That’s just a barbaric act.

    • narsfweasels

      Absolutely. The individual family should be compensated for the loss of their breadwinner/father/husband, the attacker sould be punished within the limits of the law.

      However: The Chengguan themselves are the physical, and most importantly, easily identifiable representation of the corrupt ness of the present legal system in China. They use violent tactics, they bully and harass those smaller than themselves. Basically, they are the regime at street level – and therefore all the ire at the inequalities, indifference and downright illegalities of the system is aimed at them.

      Wailing on the Chengguan is a bottom-up attack on the top-down inequality.

      • Chang Liu

        I agree for the most part but that was beyond the pale.

        • narsfweasels

          That’s as may be.

        • As Obi-Wan says, “May the fourth be with you.”

      • meo fio

        He’s the hero china deserves, but not the one it needs right now…and so we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector…a dark knight.

        • BiggJ

          China’s superhero……….a man with a hoe…..made me think of something. You ever watch “Thunder Cats” when you were a kid? Imagine this guy saying this. “china….China.,,,,,CHINAMAN HOE!!!! hahaha

          • Rainer

            Guess there’re quite some such America’s “superhero” among 2 millions behind the bars of your great.. well, “from California to New York gangland”. hahaha!

          • BiggJ

            Yeah america is just as fuck up as china…..well maybe not as fucked up…..but It has nothing to do with me. Instead of chinaman with a hoe, it’s nigger/spick/honky with a gun.:)

          • x1sfg

            You’re a shining example of why we’re so fucked up

          • BiggJ

            You sound chinese, So it’s a foreigners fault? I’m not chinese or american.

          • bert

            Then how do you know so much about these gun toting niggers, spicks and honkies in the US?

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Killing a man doing his job = heroism??

          Besides, this chengguan wasn’t doing nothing wrong, or at best following orders [which were not injust by any means].

          When the govt stops illegal buildings you guys whim and want to kill chengguan…

          BUT when the same govt [due to corruption,etc] allows a poorly-built building to be made, and it suddenly collapses you also complain? what’s going on?

          • karl marx

            china is a backwards country, even more backwards than USA!

          • bert

            Ever been to Europe? Talk about backwards. Freaks everywhere and few men willing to defend anything.

      • slob

        In this case they were actually quite professional and the CG that got hit didn’t deserve this at all. The real trouble maker is that skinny little fucker on the right hand side kicking the wall down aggrevating the man’s son which is how the whole altercation started. Their job is to make sure they stop the construction not to generate more conflict by pissing off the family which could (and did) lead to violence.It would be like if a cop arrested a drug dealer and then sat there in front of him tearing up his goods and kicking it around the place which anyone would know would piss the dealer off and probably make him do something stupid. They confiscate it and that’s it. These guys should have just cordoned off the area and moved them out of the place before touching any of the construction themselves.
        They were quite professional in how they handled it though. I was expecting them to kick the shit out of the father for taking out their colleague but they didn’t. Credit for that.
        And as mentioned in the Chinizen’s posts, the man was just protecting his son but went a bit overboard with it. He shouldn’t have over-reacted as his son is a pretty big fella and a hoe is dangerous tool.

        • anon101

          slob : erm well, actually it was the 2 cops there that arrested him instantly. not the CG

      • I think you are right. The problem is that the law is not uniformly applied to everyone. Plenty of other people get away will illegal construction so people can’t understand why the rule is being applied only to them. I’m not sure this is the fault of the Chenguang though.

        • linette lee

          You need to be judge dredd in order to survive in china. Take justice into your own hands.

          but no one deserve to be hurt or died.

    • Rainer

      Chengguangs are actually doing what cops do in America, where this mad idiot peasant, who was obvious constructing something illegal, would be shot at site.
      But anyway, its a good idea to rule the poor by the poor who the West rely its colour revolution daydream on.

      • Chengguan aren’t cops. If they were, they’d be accountable for their actions.

        Ah: but China. Where even accountants aren’t accountable for themselves.

        • Chang Liu

          Problem is the reach and acceptance of law not just the enforcement part but also the lack of respect for the law by the general populace. I think many Chinese feel it is their divine right to get rich and rules are just obstacles.

          • DavidisDawei

            I have found there is no etiquette in China when someone wants something. They don’t care if it is an inconvenience or imposition to you because they want it; too bad for you.

          • Chang Liu

            I think etiquette of the market is something thats evolved not a spontaneous miracle. Takes time for those conventions to be accepted by everyone. Certainly was the case elsewhere. China’s market existed only for 1 generation. Patience my friend.

          • Yeah everyone always talks about everyone else’s corruption but when they’re doing it, they say “that’s the system here,” or something to that effect. Sadly most people in the corrupt officials position would be doing the same thing, And I’m talking about all people not just Chinese.

          • Chang Liu

            Very true. When you are nested within the system it is very difficult to even conceive change.

        • DavidisDawei

          I’m not up to speed on the roles of the police, chengguan or other enforcement agencies in China. I steer clear of these folks when I can.
          Anyone know….
          How do you identify the chengguan – are they in uniform? (same or different from the police)?
          Are the chengguan hired by the police or some other government agency?
          I have seen 10 year old kids wearing uniforms and riding motorcycles that say “police”. I cannot imagine they are really a police officer, but I don’t know.

          • Chang Liu

            Lol well I am 100% sure the kids are just wearing a costume.

      • bert

        What a stupid sentence. Stop trying to sound philosophical.

  • Roman

    This reminds me of some fucked up planet of the apes. Chinese are smelly monkeys.

  • diverdude7

    what a country on edge… sometimes I think this whole place is going to explode,,,, a modern day version of the Reign of Terror or CR… at night the crowds down below my apartment drink everynight to inebriation and the scream and yell and basically go bonkers,, they make the most animalistic sounds/noises. Like it is a lead-up to going on riots. I truly believe the pressure is building and someday in the not so distant future, this place is going to explode.

    (a glimpse of what I am talking about can be had by looking at the anti-Japan riots. please note: the majority of injury/damage was chinese/chinese)

    • Dr Sun

      been to south central LA ?

      • diverdude7

        Nope. Never have. Never really been in any ‘ghetto’. Maybe passed through a little bit of Harlem, East NY back in the 1980’s, but nope, I have never spent time in a ghetto. I imagine they are on edge also.

        • SuperHappyCow

          The crime in those areas are really over-hyped. South Central is bad, but not the worst place in the U.S. that Ive been to.

          • Ami

            Honestly the majority of bad places aren’t -that- bad. Just don’t make yourself look like an easy target and avoid the places that really are -that- bad. Nice people are everywhere and so are mean ones.

          • meo fio

            ya that would be Detroit

          • A guy

            Did you say Detroit???!!! I just shit my pants, and felt hopelessness.

          • Chang Liu

            I thought Detroit is a ghost town with a sprinkling of hipsters reclaiming some parts.

          • meo fio

            Don’t go into Detroit at night unless protected by a squad of heavily armed marines.

          • I’ve been walking around in Detroit and Flint in the late 90’s. I was actually on a day project selling cheap glamour shot coupons to people on the streets and to store owners. Ethnic people love their glamour shots!   While it didn’t seem like the place I’d like to spend too much time, and the service sucked (I remember going through a drive through restaurant and they simply said “what do you want” as their greeting….  The people on the streets were so friendly and had a great sense of humour. Some of them loved making fun of my Canadian accent too… Which was the first time I ever realized I had an accent. Now, I look Indian and no one ever knows what nationality I am… I’m not sure that nessisarily contributes to an increased level of safety.. But my white girlfriend who was with me at the time felt incredibly out of place and frightened. We only saw one other white person, who looked like a lawyer coming out of a building, and when he stepped into the street he made a quick dash down the road to his car.

            I have a friend who also spent some time in the area… He’s a white biker looking dude who toured the US on his motorbike. He said he felt as safe as could be in detroit and met some of the nicest people on his entire trip. Contrast that to how he felt in the south where a few bad rednecks seemed to want to run him off the road just for shits and giggles.

            I’m not sure what the moral of my story is… Perhaps that you can hear stories from a variety of points of view, people who have even actually been there may have had very different experiences and feeling they brought away from the area, and if you’ve never been there you should be that much more careful to believe your feelings about the area are really that accurate.

          • bert

            Who lives in most of those places? And why are you going to all these wonderful American locations? Family?

          • SuperHappyCow


      • A guy

        I was born in a “ghetto”. Have you ever been to south central LA? Shut the fuck up. People in poverty are most definitely more on edge, but don’t pretend you have any fucking clue what that is like.

        • Chang Liu

          Does it explain the anger?

          • A guy

            No. Anger is a sad state that people fall into from all walks of life, but it is more common for those who’s basic needs haven’t been met. If you have only worried your whole life about eating your next meal, you haven’t had time to deal with the sources of your resentment and your other higher needs. Many people ask how people can not have pulled themselves out of poverty, my question is how on earth were any of us who did able to. I don’t excuse the murderer but we have to try to understand the contributing factors, and by that I don’t mean making snide comments about chengguan or cops who mostly are just trying to eek out a living as well. Fighting corruption is the solution but belting a cop just cause his uniform reminds you of past wrongs is the opposite.

          • Chang Liu

            True yeah I mean it must be harder assuming you are from the US where poverty is generally assumed to be their own fault.

          • bert

            And whose fault might it belong to? You armchair philosophers are so funny!

          • Chang Liu

            Why does it have to be a blamed party? US due to its unique history has a unique set of beliefs towards success and failure. Its like saying Indians like curry, who’s fault is that?

      • SuperHappyCow

        Uh, have you?

        • Dr Sun

          yep, have you ?

      • bert

        Ever been to north central Indiana? Nothing going on but it is safe and clean. Wonder why? Great place and you are not welcome.

        • Dr Sun

          Drove through it once , that was enough.

    • vincent

      Shit dude, you should think about moving before you go off the deep end.

  • Tadd

    Is it just me?

    When I see these videos of attacks/fights/accidents/murders in China, it just seems that people don’t seem to be 100% sure on what they’re doing. Maybe they were all in shock from that sudden attack from behind… I mean… when the guy flopped to the ground… the bald-guy took a drag of his cig, then popped it in his mouth, before helping the others drag the victim off the scene.

  • jcyin

    “When one person steps out, they will be screwed, but a thousand or ten thousand? Then they would be heroes, marshals of a new country”

    Uuh is thus netizen brain dead himself? We already had this. When the poor and oppressed formed the communist party and overthrew the KMT. And now the communists are marshals of a new country. Honestly grow up. No country could ever be universally equal in everything. China has been run like this for millenia and nothing will stop this cycle. So just bear with it and enjoy what you can in life. Unless you want to end like the old man and be charged with manslaughter

  • Bert

    What these people think of chengguans is what hong kongers think of mainlanders should they carrying hoes around when locust like you think it’s ok to kill another human being.

    • Chang Liu

      Bert calm down, would you like to enforce the demolition of illegal buildings? What if it was in your backyard? Someone’s gotta do it. In HK there was a spade of demolition like Kawloon Walled city and those infamous roof top ‘extensions’. Emotions are always high when it comes to home demolition but nobody has to die.

  • Apothis

    I think China needs to consider implementing a hoe ban. Especially on those assault hoe’s. They are just too dangerous.

    • mr.wiener

      You’ll never be able to ban all the ‘hos in China :)

    • dave

      im sure not the first time his heads been in contact with a hoe but his last.

      Fuck these chenggun. THere the worst of the worst .And humanity usaully dictates emotion or at least a sense of right and wrong when someone dies. But how do you feel sorry for a group of assholes that go around harrassing people looking for an angle to take from poor ignorant farmers making ujp rules as tghey go . This guy obviuosly felt a threat towards the other mans safety which im assuming is his relative. We all know how chinese like to gang up and the headline could have read chengguan beat local over ilegal building permitts. Look at the other Chengguans they dont even have the ability to get control of the situation. Theyre looking around like a bunch of fuckin idiots and they pic his lifeless body up .Not even understanding they could be doing more damage to the man. I say its revolution time and more of this is needed.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Hoes can kill!!!

  • vincent

    Why do the actions of the common folk and the Chengguan have to be in extremes, there should be some measure of restraint on both sides when dealing with issues, this was a heinous act.

  • aoko

    wow chinese netizens are so callous…

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Well most are mad against chenguan in general because of the bad rep they get for abusing their position. Most are happy to see them get the short end of the stick for once(or twice). Still such aggressive action won’t solve anything. Just give the corrupt chengguan an excuse to crack down even harder.

  • Red Scarf

    Totally uncalled for. Odds are he will receive the death sentence.

  • Mr. Ed

    My Chinese brothers! You can’t be so short sighted! What does bludgeoning one chengguan accomplish? Find a high-ranking government official and then we can get the party started!

  • Speedy_Cheese

    This is what desperation reaps. Desperate people taking desperate action.
    What happened was absolutely wrong, there in no true justification for murder, but one must consider what motivation there is behind such a drastic action.

    Back a frightened or desperate individual into a corner and they will lash out.
    The people of China have no reason to trust officials and nobody to aid them when they hit rock bottom. What must one do to get ahead or support their family?
    The rich get filthy rich on corruption while the rest work to the bone to get by.
    Why there is surprise when things like this happen is beyond me.

    • PandaPanda

      This is illegal construction. Dangerous for people living there or even passing by and probably -since they’re striking down on it- in a place where it’s a hindering for the public. Ever seen those places with houses occupying 100% of the land? No sidewalk, no emergency exits, no fire escapes or fire retarders between neighbours, and everyone are furious. This is actually one of the most worthwhile jobs the chengguan do.

      • Speedy_Cheese

        I could only imagine the danger of living in such a place.
        Now if only the chengguan could exclusively carry out worthwhile jobs, they would not have such a loathsome reputation…

  • I thought Chengguan liked to beat the shit out of people. This was their excuse to do it and instead they just carefully moved the guy away. I don’t understand.

  • Alexander

    Let the ChenGuan carry swords like in Ming Dynasty….

    • BiggJ

      And this is what that situation would look like…..haha this is a pretty funny picture.:)

  • Chinese Police and military are accessory of the brutal regime. I have no sympathy for supporting the evil regime.

  • MonkeyMouth

    Captain Save-A-Hoe?

  • MonkeyMouth

    This is how a revolt starts. One hoe at a time. Although murder isnt they way to go in this case, its encourgaging that folks are not so afraid anymore. Chengguan are necessary here, but they abuse power, etc. People are waking up, and standing up.

    • BiggJ

      They will sit back down once they make an example of this guy. The government can’t let people think can do this kind of shit to their enforcement. The guy who did this his outcome won’t be good. And the government will make sure people know that happens to him.

  • Archie

    This is what you get with such an opaque justice system. Bring in a genuine, independent rule of law and let it do its work. Allow people to have faith that they will get justice, not screwed, and perhaps they will start to slowly respect the system a little more, instead of always being suspicious of it – even totally hateful of it.

  • Jay K.

    shit just got real nigga!

  • Jim M.

    The Chengguan are the new Red Guards.

    They need to be stopped, and this is one way to do so.

  • Chengguan may well be despised in China, but no more than people in the UK (from where I base my own experiences) despise the County Council Planning Department, the Trading Standards Authority, the Inland Revenue, the Health and Safety brigades, and any number of other public authorities. The difference? We generally don’t kill them.

    Why, however, do we regularly see these people attacked or killed in China and then see their assailants lauded as heroes? It can only be down to recourse. In the UK, no matter how crappily you are treated by a public official, you can tell them what you think, make a fuss, go on TV or write to a newspaper, do a sit-in protest or take the matter to a court. In China, however, with no such recourse, is it any surprise when an old man, watching helplessly as his world caves in and with nothing left to lose, makes the decision to bash a head in?

    • Ruaraidh

      How many times has the Trading Standards Authority beaten people on the streets?

      People in the UK who aren’t try-hard outcasts don’t hate public authorities. At worst, all most people feel towards them is exasperation.

    • Chang Liu

      Well the simple answer is after centuries of civil unrest China, once a proud civilisation had almost regressed to a barbaric state for many. Rule of law just doesn’t get the same underlying respect as it does in the UK.

  • Me

    Nothing better than watching them wail on each other As long as they’re enslaving and killing each other we are all a little bit safer out here in the free world.

  • cheong

    As an old Taoist/Buddhist, I am trying to see his from an impartial point of view.

    From the rules of Law, this is not a premeditated murder But an involuntary manslaughter.

    And accordingly he should be charge as such.

    But he can be acquitted if proven that he is proven to be under duress and or threats to his son’ life & safety or to be proven he is of unsound mind & body > insanity.

    (we did not hear what was said in the vidclip > benefits of doubt must be given)

    To charge a person for 1st degree murder or premeditated murder > life or death sentence so there must be no benefit of Doubts.

    This applicable in a country that goes by the rules of Law.

    I am afraid, I do not know what kind of legal system in China is applicable to this particular case.

    But I hope he is charged with involuntary manslaughter, without a suspended sentence.

    Even though the Chengguan are very high handed or threatening or whatever, there is no reason to resort to violence of whatever so.

    “Two wrongs, do not make one right”

    Many would agree that the Chengguan are “not much of a desired people”

    but they do not deserved death.

    We see a lot of these type of Chengguan even in our country but I personally do not agree to this type retaliations especially leading to death.

    “Violence beget violence”

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

    May our Goddess of Mercy (Kwan Yin) & Lord Buddha bless his soul.

    And may I say, let this be a lesson to all,

    that violence do not resolve but will aggravate the problem further.

    ps: the victim’ next of kins can sue the perpetrator and or maybe the employer (in this case, the government) for damages and or punitive damages in a country that is governed by Rule of Law especially so if the victim was a breadwinner.

    Hope there will be further postings on the outcome of this case.

    Sad that it had to end in this way with the loss of life.
    “All living beings, be it an ant have the right to life & no one has the right to take it away, even god unless otherwise”

    Namo Orr Mi Tau Futt

    • Chang Liu

      Sry but this is a case for the law to decide. I respect your personal religious beliefs but it should not play any part in this tragic case. How is hitting someone on the back of the head ‘involuntary’ unless he had a history of mental illness.

      • I think it’s the difference between murder and manslaughter. Murder is one someone has considered their actions, manslaughter is in the heat of the moment, In this case, I’d also think manslaughter because he reached to the Chenguan harassing his son.

        • Chang Liu

          Sure I get the manslaughter part, not the involuntary part.

      • cheong

        First before I answer, let me tell you that I am an old Chinese Taoist/Buddhist & I am only literate in English.

        From day one in the kindergarten till I finished my engineering studies in UK, it was in English language.

        I am illiterate in all other languages & not proud to say that I am illiterate in Chinese language even though my ancestor home is still in the Province of Fujian, in a small town near Xiamen.
        But then I do speak other languages & Chinese dialects especially mandarin & cantonese.

        So, can you please Google the legal term “involuntary manslaughter” for its definition.

        In all democratic countries, especially a commonwealth country which normally have the basic Rules of Law based on the British legal system.

        We do not have the Miranda Law which is very unfortunate & hopefully maybe in the future, it is one of the ultimate “ingredient” towards human’ right.

        As I have said earlier, quote:

        “I am afraid, I do not know what kind of legal system in China is applicable to this particular case.”

        henceforth, the charge or charges will normally be determined by the police & forwarded to the DA office for further prosecution if any.

        Even if he is of “mental illness” as you have mentioned, he has to certified by a proper authority nominated by the court.

        If he is certified to be unsound mind & body, he will be declared an insane person, & must be during that particular moment of crime.
        Furthermore there also many circumstantial factoring that have to be taken into consideration.

        If it so declared, then he will not be charged but normally be acquitted due to insanity > plead of insanity.

        But this does not mean he will be freed.

        He normally be locked up in an asylum for medical treatment.

        In our country & I am quite sure for all other commonwealth countries, it will be for as long as needed “at the pleasure of the King”

        Our country is based on the monarchy system henceforth, our King is the head of the country like as in UK in this case,

        it will then, be the queen, QE.

        Please take note our King only play a ceremonial role similarly as QE.


        Long live the Queen & our King


        I hope, by now you have Google ed what is “Involuntary manslaughter”

        In layman term, it is just simply “a killing without the intent to kill”

        If there was an intent to kill, then it will be called murder.

        Furthermore, if there was premeditation to kill, then normally he will be charged with first degree murder.

        In our country, the sentence will be a death sentence by hanging.

        So, in different countries, there are different legal systems.

        In my honest opinion, he should be charged with involuntary manslaughter without suspended sentence but locked up in an asylum until as and when it is deem fit by the King or Queen to be paroled if there is any.

        Another interesting factor here is:

        since the victim whom I presume is still breathing but in a coma with brain dead condition, the question is, is he considered as a non living being.??

        If he is considered as not a “non living being”, then the charge for involuntary manslaughter in will be null & void.

        This is another grey area as in some countries, the answer will be “yes” and in some, it will the the reverse.

        So, there you are, as I have said before, quote:
        “I am afraid, I do not know what kind of legal system in China is applicable to this particular case.”

        My assumption was based on my experiences with our legal system which is based on The Rules of Law which in turn are based on the British Legal System.

        But please dont get me wrong, I am not implying in anyway at all at all that our legal system is flawless’

        In all legal systems, there are bound to have flaws, loopholes especially “grey area” so because of these, many perpetrators

        can “get away with murder literally”

        Hope this will explain my ranting from an old person.

        Bye & have a nice day.

        • Chang Liu

          Thats my point hitting on the back of the with a metal instrument of sufficient weight appears pretty ‘intent’ to me.

  • PandaPanda

    I dislike the chengguan as much as the next guy but the Chinese comments are insane (as usual). Illegal construction is a much worse and more dangerous offence than unlicensed street vendors, that Xiong has effectively signed off his own life here and I’m perfectly OK with that. Life in a labour camp for such a disgusting attempt at someone’s life from behind.

  • Chat2Arseholes

    Trying to work out a play on the saying ‘Bro’s before ho’s’ It’s beyond me at this late hour. Any wittier Chinasmackers want to give it a bash?


  • ultm8

    In a second, dead. I bet when he woke up that morning he didn’t think it would be his last day. A reminder to everyone, enjoy life, today could be your last.

  • Charles

    It’s so sad to see someone killed like this! We don’t know if he deserved it or not, but it’s interesting to see how the Chinese response is to assume he did deserve it.

    There is a uneducated, irrational, self-destructive side to China. Some people just get frustrated at their impotent position in life and go nuts. We have seen this kind thing on Chinasmack so many times.

    With the increasingly unreasonable oppression going on in the US, I wonder how long it will be before we see citizens killing police and local officials… As freedoms decrease, I don’t see any other possible outcome. It’s just a matter of time.

  • Mike

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the comments left by Chinese netizens.

  • beijing dick

    beijing fuckin sucks

  • Pothead Retard

    Hmm, now I get it.

    The asians should finance the status quo of West if they want to stay alive. They will sustain the Communists, the Zionists, the Banksters, the Muslims, the Vatican, the BRICS, otherwise will be destroyed.

    BRICS? who created it and for what purpose? Eastasians will finance the BRICS (via commodities) to provide profits to European banksters.

    Thus the yellows could be members of NWO provided that they accept the new rules of the game, in particular: the loss of the national / cultural sovereignty and accept racial status (food, radiation, eugenics) inferior to Whites, to Zionists and other Westerners. The proof is in the pudding. Pardon my engrish

  • Washington Bullets

    Anyone ever see Hobo with a shotgun?

  • linette lee

    “Excessive taxation, corrupt government officials, untrustworthy charities,ruthless chengguan, police without conscience, distorted education, medical treatment lacking morals, bloody demolitions, retarded experts, lying media,ignorant land developers, fraudulent financial industry, etc. These are all culprits destroying harmony [in Chinese society], it is these who are the true anti-China forces!”

    thank you.

  • Markoff

    just one more confirmation that significant part of Chinese nation is made of animals, they have no brain to think twice about killing man, simpletons…

    hope the animal will get capital punishment, no harm if they kill it, it’s not human being

  • Fman

    Dude (Chengguan) got hit in the head, wasn’t premeditated murder I think, just the Chengguan was a pussy and got brain dead… I think it is a reaction from people treated marginally and unjustly… To be a Chengguan, you kind of need to be a piece of shit to begin with so… no tears from me… they were sure having fun bullying the peps until the pussy got powned… lights out mutha fucka

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  • Nick

    Headline: Chengguan bludgeoned to death by villager.

    Chinese Netizens Reaction: Woooo! Fuck Da Police! We gonna get drunk tonight!!!~

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