Chengguan Get Into Brawl With 70 Old People, Smash Cell Phones

Chengguan Get Into Brawl With 70 Old People, Smash Cell Phones

A group of chengguan in Zhoukou, Henan surrounded and beat a 70-year-old couple, smashing the cellphones of anyone who dared to record video and sending several men and women to the hospital. What did Zhoukou leaders have to say about the incident? “The old people started it.” Netizens are not fans of the chengguan, as evidenced by a top-rated comment: “If everyone who visits a brothel wore a condom, in just a short time the ‘chengguan species’ would go extinct on its own.”

Source: Netease

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  • James

    I’ll take a chengguan over a cop oinker from the US anyday

  • institutionalized monopoly on violence

  • JadedSamurai

    “70 Old People” is not the same as “70 year old people”…

    • Ya RLY… very disappointed

    • Me thinks, It would have been a much different outcome if they had tried to take on Seventy Septuagenarians in lieu of a single couple

    • Toasty

      I was expecting a mass brawl involving 70 old people. What an article that would have been!

  • “If everyone who visits a brothel wore a condom…”
    Just the thought of this makes me want to vomit.

    Long story short; a Chinese guy (in China) was telling me about his escapades/conquests and never wore a condom. When I chastised him, he was confounded and said it was no big deal and used the analogy of re-using silverware in a restaurant.

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