Chengguan in Beijing Yizhuang Forcibly Remove Opposition

Confrontation involving chengguan in Beijing.

From NetEase:

“City management teams” [chengguan] are definitely a powerful and mysterious division. I now know the true objective of the joint US-South Korean war games. It wasn’t to deter North Korea, but to deter our mighty “City Management”!!!

On the 7th July in Beijing’s Yizhuang town, the workers of a decoration/ornament company certainly wouldn’t have thought that early in the morning they would have to face the head of city management unleashing “dogs” to bite them [setting ruffians to attack them]!!! In order to demolish a road/path in front of the company’s front gate that no one objected to, the head of city management brought with him various “immortals/supernatural beings” and a bunch of gangsters!!!

The person in charge of the decoration company said helplessly: In my hand I have an official document from the government written clearly in black and white that our entrance and exit path here is to be destroyed in broad daylight!!! Where’s the justice!!??

Chengguan (city managers) in Beijing.

The town head, vice town head, head of city management, lead a large group of staff to forcibly seal the decoration company's front gate. “The three musketeers” of the town head, vice town head, and head of city management arrive.

Chengguan (city managers) in Beijing.

The group await the head of city management’s orders……. START THE DEMOLITION!

Chinese chengguan confronts a young woman.

Hey, hey, hey! Little sister, what are you taking pictures of? Taking photos isn't good. Quick, snatch it!

Chinese police arguing with a woman.

This woman, you really are overestimating your abilities.

Chengguan in Beijing carry off a resisting woman.

You dare oppose us?

Chengguan in Beijing carry off a resisting woman. Here, her shoe is visible as she is being placed into a van.

Get in the car! Note the woman’s shoe!!

Chengguan in Beijing physically grab a resisting woman.

A gleaming police ID number!!!!! Truly eye-catching!!!

Construction crews begin to demolish the road after the chengguan has removed opposition.

After a bit of trouble, the diggers move in, demolition successful!

Comments from NetEase:

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Needs a complete overhaul, restore order to things.
China’s problems need to be fixed from the root.


Laughable government department, ignorant management.


The heavenly way, the right way, and the humane way, none are present here. Justice, truth, and legal principle, all have been distorted.


So amazing!! What an amazing country!! Forcibly removing people like this.


Why mull over such a normal occurrence?


Don’t all governments say they “wholeheartedly serve the people”?


Chengguan [City Management] again. So scary!


Where’s justice, where’s their conscience?!


Where’s the legal system then? Have all the legal people been bought off?
Where’s the legal system then? Have all the legal people been bought off?
Where’s the legal system then? Have all the legal people been bought off?


Seeing this makes me angry, who wouldn’t be angry seeing this?


[Let’s just] sing the national anthem again then!


Harmonious society! True talent!


City Management, a team prepared for military combat.


Why haven’t City Management gone to take back Taiwan?


This is the Heavenly Kingdom [China].


City Management like to bully the weak but actually fear the strong, if they wanted to fight a war they would definitely be puppet soldiers.


Bandits are on the move, hooligans are among them.
The people have no where to flee, back to hide and seek.


Is this in China?


Louzhu, you are a just person, I support you.


This is the high level abuse you get from a developed society..


Everybody ding this in the hope that our comrade Chairman Hu Jintao can see the true lives of normal Chinese people.


Why do comments/replies have to be verified? Why do violent law enforcement incidents occur so often? Why isn’t the private property of normal Chinese protected? Who can answer these questions?

Recent attitudes, rampant corruption, thieves creating havoc, experts harming the country, profiteering bringing disaster to the people, the law is just empty decoration, the people’s rights are just hollow words, the people are suffering!

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  • carny

    hehehe only in China, makes the BMW x5 driver still look a cretin tho’. have they executed him yet? i hope so for the families sake.

  • jimmythebeast

    First again. Amazing, amazing.

    • carny

      ????? you sure? look again my friend.

    • Jordan

      Yeah, amazing. Next time type faster.

    • bando

      having your comments moderated can do that sometimes

  • gagi gagi

    cheng guan batman signal light
    cheng guan thundercats call
    cheng guan public service announcements
    cheng guan intelligence testing game show
    cheng guan OC chopper custom chopper
    cheng guan theme song (a team song played with erhu)
    i could seriously go on forever

    • shoeshine

      what would the custom chopper look like? would it take inspiration from their little vans or from their imposing uniforms and helmets?

      • dongshizhang

        It would have to have a battle ram (he-man reference) on the front of it to smash fruit carts, shaokao, and other street vendors to smithereens. Additionally it would have to carry a team of chengguan. Basically I’m think monster truck like tricycle. Beef supreme style.

  • St

    OK, I’m going to go for my 5 mao here….
    here’s the problem… it’s not clear what’s being demolished, why it’s being demolished, who’s trying to stop demolition and why- or, in fact, anything at all. It could be perfectly reasonable, notice might have been given… who knows? People just assume the worst, because look, chengguan! They’re all evil, right?

    So where do I collect? Should I submit bank details to the relevant departments?

    • 练练英语

      i dont believe the net and the not willing to be exasperated by the one-sided words.
      now,1 yuan.

  • Overseas Chinese

    Chinese are so fond of doing illegal stuff, who else can stop them if not the Chengguan?

    • Li RuiKe

      A lot of truth to that. One guy was ticketed three times recently for driving the wrong way (against traffic). The fine wasn’t very large but he was outraged, “Do they expect me to drive the right way all the time!!” There are stupid brutes in every society, but why does it feel so good to leave China and land in places that feel safe and orderly? Because China is corrupt and lawless from the top. It will never be safe and orderly until all people are treated fairly and equally, according to the law – from the street cops to the highest courts. BMW drivers are no better than children. Chengguan are no better than property “owners”. But in China, money and political power are the law – and the root of its corruption.

      • Peter

        Yeah – would be great if China could change – but it would have to give up it’s culture of 差不多就好了 and of course 关系. Good luck with that!

        • PING

          Right on! The “culture of 差不多就好了”. Every Chinese has it,

          Correct me if I m wrong, this “差不多就好了” loosely means, Don’t be too serious; No need to be perfect; It doesn’t have to meet the standard; Take it easy, Chill out….

          Chinese going to fuck themselves up big time in the next major international conflict and going straight back to the stone age, just upon having this “culture of 差不多就好了”

  • Peter

    It’s really hard to see who is in the right here. What’s the background? Did the lady flip out and have to be forcibly removed? We really can’t tell from the pics and story. This is just another sensational photo of a women being carried away by police… could be terrible… could be justified.

  • CookieMonster

    I wounder how much they beat her after getting her alone. Here is Chinas wounderful Government at work. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST OVER THROW CHINAS GOVERNMENT! Are you blind?

  • Zardoz

    You know, that woman being man-handled (carried) in the first photo is kinda of cute. I wonder if any of the Chengguan copped a feel..

  • Teacher in China

    Big shout out to my hood!! Yizhuang makes it on ChinaSMACK – we made it to the big time baby, we finally got a piece of that pie!

  • bigdick888

    This is nothing! compare to Tinamen square incident, which they bring out the people army 人 民 解 放 军 and shot everyone on site!

  • Cup of tea

    once saw the the Cheng Guan liberate some tasty yang rou tran outside Century Park in Shanghai then distribute amongst the street cleaners around the corner. Very Robin hood of them if it wasn’t for the robbing the poor part.

  • Stimpy

    This is the police here, not the Chengguan, right?

  • Australian China Fan

    Although this is a totally disgraceful situation in China where the level of corruption is astounding. It is essentially the same In Australia. When the government proposed a new tax to allow the country to keep some of the massive profit generated by the mining industry (which is increasingly being owned by foreigners, especially the Chinese government such as ChinaMinMetal buying the miners here) the big companies bullied the government and paid to run a campaign to convince the people that the tax on them was unfair. Finally even the government was corrupted by the foreign mining companies and reduced the proposed tax so that they can continue to take all the profit outside.

    The only real vote in the world is the $dollar

  • sean

    fuck hu jintao, let him go to hell

  • 囧囧有神

    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese
    im not Chinese

  • yanger

    One of these times, something will just touch off, and there will be a massive riot in China. The government won’t be able to play games like “this tribe is trying to undermine China” games. It will roll and roll into a giant snowball. And that would be great. Chinese people need to do a good beat down on officials and thugs to show them who really is boss. China could then move beyond the thugs and into the future.

    • 8 Inch fat tool

      The government is always totally scared shitless of this happening. That is the reason for the tough line in the first place. In fact the problem in China is much worse than before the Communists took over originally. If the Peasants and average Chinese get together again it might be impossible to stop.

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