Chicago Group Beating of Asian Teen, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A group of teenagers kicking and beating a Chinese boy in Chicago.

A group of teenagers kicking and beating a Chinese boy in Chicago.

On Sina Weibo:

@YouTube精选: Outrageous! Recently, this “Chicago Asian boy beaten by group” video has been spreading on various foreign sharing websites: The 17-year-old boy not only had his sports shoes [sneakers/trainers] and wallet robbed, he was also repeatedly beaten by the 7 thugs! [怒] While bullying and robbery can be found in every country… At present, Chicago police are already investigating this matter.

An animated gif of a group of Chicago youths beating up a single Chinese boy.

12/01/18 UPDATE: An edited copy on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku that currently has nearly 1 million views and over 9000 comments over 300 pages since it was uploaded 1 day ago.

The above microblog post featuring the above video was posted just after 5pm today. In less than 4 hours, it has been forwarded over 2200 times and has nearly 900 comments. It is not “viral” by Chinese internet standards (yet?) but as requested, below are a selection of the Chinese netizen reactions and comments. Please note that in addition to the comments below, many comments expressed disbelief, outrage, and strong condemnation of the attackers.

Comments on Sina Weibo:




Sigh, better transfer schools.




Must learn some self-defense.


Where’s the Chinese kung fu?


Descendent of corrupt officials, deserves to be beaten.

Wai_Nam: (responding to above)

How do you know he’s a child of government officials?


Fucking foreign devils, overseas Chinese should stick together, or else they’ll always be bullied.


Don’t make this more than than it is. The middle school student videos from Guangdong these past few years are much more cruel than this. It’s a common phenomenon around the world.


Human flesh search these bastards. Fuck


If he’s the child of a civil servant [Chinese government official], then he deserves to be beaten!

A Chinese young man being dragged and beaten by a group of Chicago youths.


Fuck, American pigs.


Immediately gouge the eyes of one of them, and the rest of them will all be [scared] stupid.


I watched half of it and I really couldn’t watch the rest. Poor kid…


When foreigners attack people in China, no one dares to do anything about it either… It’s happened so many times now.


“If he’s the son of a corrupt official, then he deserves to be beaten”. This kind of comment is really unbelievable, why is the hate for no reason transferred [onto the child]?


Overseas students abroad, you must take care to protect yourselves.


These bastards are sick, both beating and filming it, even uploading it onto the internet…


The United States is place where the strong prey on the weak, and safety in public can also vary greatly between different places. This kind of thing is very normal, it isn’t just against Asians, although Asians happen to have relatively weaker physiques.


Why [did this happen]? 7 against 1? [怒] Nowhere is there peace~


Every country has scum.


First worry about our own country’s school violence.


Throughout history, white people have always been inhuman! You think China are the Indians [Native Americans]. Whose child is this? Encourage him to learn martial arts.


If you don’t want to be bullied abroad, learn martial arts… Laowai are all afraid of Chinese kung fu.


shit you Fucking American


Can anyone explain what happened?


All we have to do is beat up some Chicago person here [and it’ll be even].


Human scum can be found anywhere.


In the video they yell “Chinese negro”!… Are Chinese people very black?… I never knew America was this frightening~~~!!


Beating kids is wrong, a crime. But considering the probabilities, this may very well be the son of a corrupt or naked government official [one whose wife and children are sent abroad]. In that case, I have to applaud this!! Well-beaten!! Beat him to death!! Beat him until his large intestines fly out of his anus!! Oh yeah!! I welcome all black people and white people to wildly beat the son and grandsons of overseas citizens of Chinese origin!! Curb corrupt officials from fleeing abroad!!


Americans have human flesh searched them out. Of those beating, three are Chinese. The one in grey is named Wesley Wu.

Joseph_Lyricson: (responding to above)

Fuck, that’s really quick… Requesting the truth [of what happened].

凡怒: (responding to above)

This thing is really big in America, they even have their telephone numbers already.

A gang of Chicago teens beat up and rob a Chinese boy on video.


Don’t let me see laowai right now.


Strongly demand the local police investigate this incident.


Hope he’s a little Japanese or bangzi!


He was pretty fast running away.


So a Cantonese speaker becomes a “nigga” [汗]


Fucking Americans!


I hear there are already new developments to the matter, that there are even Chinese people amongst the attackers. A wise man doesn’t fight when the odds are against him, running away is the right move. Then go home and buy a baseball bat, maybe an aluminum one, then find them and beat them to death one by one. [怒][怒][怒]


Any place where there is people is scary.


Laowai are all this vicious? Are they as vicious as our chengguan? [思考]

无恶不作的小霸王_: (responding to 凡怒)

No way, Chinese beating Chinese? Fuck.


I’m here to read the comments – – I wonder what the comments would be like if it were Asians ganging up and beating a laowai?


In this kind of situation where one is being bullied, one has to target one person. Even if you’re beaten to death, you still have to go after one of them. At this moment, you have to go all out against one of them, bite off his ear, and not let go even if you’re beaten to death.


A sharp contrast to how laowai are treated like gods in our country.


Why is the one thing I keep hearing: “f*ck you nigger”?


How can this happen?! [怒] So lawless!!! [哼] Hope Chicago police will justly deal with this and not cover it up. [右哼哼] Doesn’t matter if this Asian boy is Chinese or not, we should all be concerned for him. [悲伤] These fucking Americans have truly embarrassed their country!! [愤怒][愤怒] Forward this forward this! Let even more people know about it!


Upon arriving in America, the first one one should do is spend some money buying a handgun and learn how to easy it. Keep it on you to protect yourself, in order to protect yourself against this kind of situation. The moment a bunch of overconfident thugs see a muzzle, they’ll run faster than even dogs. Even if you open fire and kill a few, you’ll be judged not guilty according to American law.


@美国驻华大使馆 #美国驻华大使馆 [United States Embassy in China] The person the laowai in this video are yelling at is Chinese, so everyone forward this to the American Embassy.


How come the person who filmed this didn’t help him?


Our own people bully our own, much less foreigners. Always thinking our country is so strong and powerful, but is it the people or the government that has nothing to do with us that’s strong and powerful? Not many people understand this.


To be completely blunt, in the eyes of laowai, Asian males are just competition for their jobs and Asian women are just there to service them.


TMD racial discrimination yet again, what are Americans so cocky about, a bunch of… I don’t even know what word to use anymore to condemn those Americans… [怒][怒][怒]


The comments are even more upsetting than the video. [Some of] you only fucking know how to how to make meaningless stupid remarks.


Everyone add @美国驻华大使馆 [to their comments to forward it to the American consulate Weibo account].


It could very well just be the child of an official or rich Chinese studying abroad. If he’s beaten, then so be it. Even if they beat him to death, who cares?


Information of one of the hoodlums: Johnny J Li ,PHONE#(773)8231160.


The phone # of one of the thug’s parent: Wan S Lau (773) 8231160


The phone # of one of the white thug’s parent: Alejandro Palomino,Mother: Mariel Palomino。(773) 8935231

很多蛮牛:(responding to above)

Google has free telephone calls, as long as you have an American IP address you can go on Google and call a North American phone number for free~~ Do you want me to call and say “Your son is a fucking bastard???”

A teenage boy hits another Chinese teen in the face with his sneaker during a gang beating in Chicago.


Take a look, the vanity of Chinese people wanting to emigrate abroad, serves them right for being beaten to death! Anyone with a bit of national pride would not go abroad. Foreigners think Chinese people are fools. Foreigners don’t dare to be so cocky in China unless they want to be beaten to death! Why I fucking JB hate the most are those ABCs! Think you’re so niubi, right? Go out and you’re just like a dog! [弱][弱][怒骂][怒骂][鄙视][鄙视]


I wonder what kind of treatment foreign students get in China? Are there also people who would attack/beat them? Or simply look at them favorably with curiosity and envy? When seeing someone from Chicago in the future, first give them a beating!


More or less there’s always some discrimination by laowai toward Chinese, so I don’t envy living abroad at all.


Possible offender: Johnny J Li (773) 8231160 3518 S Paulina St Chicago, IL 60609-1228 Possible Parents to this offender: Wan S Lau (773) 8231160 3518 S Paulina St Chicago, IL 60609-1228 Chi Lau 3518 S Paulina St Chicago, IL 60609-1228


On YouTube, it says 4 of the people in this are Asians, maybe Korean or Chinese, because of the Li and Wu surnames.


These seven stupid cunts have already been arrested, as well as human flesh searched.


Using the internet expecting the truth, now that’s idiotic.


WESLEY WU – grey hoodie, main kid attacking the man, deleted facebook. EASLEY WU – big puffy jackey with fur hood, blue striped adidas pants RAYMOND PALOMINO – white guy with no mask TODD RAMOS – grey and black hoodie JOHNNY LI – blue hoodie and blue snap back on DANNY HUI – dr


This is exactly why I think Chinese people, even those working in foreign companies, who give themselves an English name for no reason are all SB. Did your parents not give you a name? Even your laowai boss, have him call you by your [Chinese] name, and they will actually respect you for it…


So this is what America means by “human rights”? China’s [pro-America netizens] should sober up.


This kind of thing also happens every day in China.


This isn’t racism! It’s just a bunch of immature foolish kids!

梦落长门:(responding to above)

It may be, but at present we don’t know the reasons [behind the beating]. No matter what, I trust the majority of ordinary Americans couldn’t do this kind of thing! It’s better [for everyone] to be more rational, even if we’re very angry!!


Racism is not something that can be solved/eliminated quickly.


It seems like 5 of those in the video are Chinese.


We can only say that there are bad people and good people everywhere. ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Translation: Who told you to not stay in China, who told your parents to immigrate, and not obediently stay in China drinking Sanlu?


Asian? Hope he’s Japanese.

stojakovic2006: (responding to above)

If this is how Japanese people are treated in America, the treatment of Chinese people may be even more sad. I think he’s Chinese. Asians are a small minority in America. This problem is not as simple as whether he is Chinese or Japanese.

坐警官天: (responding to above)

It’s normal. Forget America, it’s like this even in our own country.


Americans beating Americans, what are you guys getting so excited for?


Chinese people are second-class citizens in America, whereas Americans are first-class citizens in China.

What do you think?

A lone Chinese teenager is beaten by a group of Chinese and white teens in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Thanks to chinaSMACK readers Jeremy, Greg, samgyapseol, and others for letting us know about the video on YouTube.

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