Child Accompanying Street-Sweeping Grandparents Loses Leg

Child Accompanying Street-Sweeping Grandparents Loses Leg

A 2-year-old girl lost her right leg and uterus after she was hit by a truck while accompanying her grandparents while they worked as street sweepers in Xiushan, Chongqing.The driver of the truck that hit the girl has already paid more than 40,000RMB in medical expenses, and is currently discussing compensation with the family.Many netizens wished the child good health and a quick recovery, while others cursed her parents for allowing such a young child to be on the street.

Source: Netease

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  • Jahar

    They don’t seem to teach much street safety here, and the rule of traffic seems to be, “If I watch where I’m going, and you watch where you’re going, I don’t have to pay attention to what anyone does but me.”

  • Amused

    Too bad it didn’t happen in the US. Then her family’s insurance would get to pay for the truck driver to get his front end realigned and probably pay for any medical bills out of pocket.
    Which would serve as a much better example to people as to why they should actually bother to watch their children and/or give them some instruction on how to NOT commit suicide.

  • Mao’s_a_Dong

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        Are nickels the new wumao?

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        • Alex Dương

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        • DD Bear!

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  • 十月码

    There is very little street safety education in China. Most drivers don’t let the walkers pass first if they encounter, and most walkers don’t conform to rules. I really hate this, especially after I went abroad once and found that people in western countries conform to street rules. In some places, after realising that a person got injured badly, drivers choose to strike them again to kill her or him, because they don’t want to pay many money for the victim’s medical expenses and compensation as victims always got disabled.

    My sister was killed in street by a truck in our village, when she was on her way to primary school. She is a really nice sister, older than me, and cares for me. She was awake while my mom and dad toke her to hospital, and talked to my mom, “I don’t hurt mom, don’t worry.”

    • Vance

      Sorry to hear about your sister. That was a touching story.
      Yes we generally follow traffic rules here. It varies from place to place. On the East Coast, people drive more aggressively. In the Midwest, we drive very friendly and non-aggressively. Here in the state of Indiana, I noticed that the animals do not run out from in front of the cars like they did where I used to live. The only reason I can guess for that is that people here so commonly brake for the animals that they do not see an on coming car as a threat.
      Also here if someone deliberately runs down a person and kills them, they will be found and the very least they can expect is many years in jail for manslaughter, if not life for outright murder.

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