Child Pees in Shanghai Subway, Father Argues with Angry Crowd

Video of a fight between a young man and Shanghai Metro passengers after his child peed in the subway.

Video of a fight between a young man and Shanghai Metro passengers after his child peed in the subway.

On QQ, NetEase, Phoenix Online, People’s Daily Online, Xinahuanet:

Couple’s Infant Urinating in Subway Incites Public Anger, Husband Flying-Kicks Female Passenger

Eastday reporter Wang Ming August 23rd report: Following the denouncements of many netizens incited by the “two women fighting over a seat exposed” video, last night, a “couple allows infant to urinate in subway inciting public anger, young man flying-kicks female passenger” video was made public on the internet, inciting even more waves of condemnation by netizens. This reporter note that various major verified Weibo accounts that had forwarded/reshared the video all collected several thousand comments, with nearly all of them uniformly criticizing this extremely uncivilized incident. What’s strange is that after the young man that was the child’s father incited the public’s anger, he even called his “little buddies” claiming: “I’ve gotten into a bit of trouble in the subway, hurry and bring some people over!”

Immediately after opening the video, this reporter saw a middle-aged man wearing red and blue stripes saying: “Enough, enough, stop arguing.” At the same time, to the side sat a young man in a grey t-shirt mumbling: “MD making a fuss over with/over a child!” In the video was also a woman saying “by what right”, apparently also saying some other things, but which could not be made out. Immediately, the youth in the grey t-shirt jumped up: “Motherfucking, I’ll beat you to death!”

Overall, the situation shown in the 6-minute long video was more or less: On the Shanghai Line 3 Metro, a young couple holding their infant had urinated in the subway train car as it pleased, getting on a nearby passenger, causing a dispute between the two parties, with the young man wildly cursing “motherfucker“, and even flying kicking the female passenger he was arguing with. His actions incited condemnation from the majority of the people in the subway train car who believed that it is uncivilized to simply urinate where one pleases in the subway, even for a baby.

Video of a fight between a young man and Shanghai Metro passengers after his child peed in the subway.
The young male’s flying kick against a female passenger.

However, it appears that this young man as well as the middle-aged man beside him did not accept the criticisms of the passengers, resulting in another conflict with an older Shanghainese gentleman. Owing to this old gentleman being unable to keep his silence, saying: “Children can’t piss (in the subway) either, and should also [at least] use a bag.” The young man surprisingly then said: “MD! It’s none of your fucking business!” Due to the young man’s constant crude language, the old gentleman also became incensed, “How is it none of my fucking business? Am I not also riding the subway? Did I also not buy a ticket? I expect a certain environment…” Thereupon, the young man and the middle-aged man both verbally attacked the old gentleman, and were it not for other passengers stopping them, physical blows would’ve landed upon the old gentleman’s body as well.

Video of a fight between a young man and Shanghai Metro passengers after his child peed in the subway.
The young man pointing at an old gentleman who was trying to help stop the fight calling him a “motherfucker“.

What is even more outrageous is that upon seeing their own behavior being frowned upon, after inciting the public’s anger, these two men surprisingly then took out their mobile phones to call people over to help them. This reporter heard the youth in grey in the video bring up his mobile phone and say: “I’ve gotten into a bit of trouble in the subway, hurry and bring some people over!” Seeing this, the child’s mother that had largely stayed silent throughout the entire incident finally opened her mouth, saying: “If you have the guts, fight yourself, don’t call people” In the face of the two men’s actions, yet another passenger stepped out: “How many people can you call? However many, it’ll still not be as many as us passengers.” There was also a passenger tried to reason [with them]: “In this day and age of Weibo, be aware of your behavior.

Video of a fight between a young man and Shanghai Metro passengers after his child peed in the subway.
The two men each took out their mobile phones to call people to come to the subway to “back them up”.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯西安市网友 在探索…:

Sigh, a child truly being unable to hold their urine can still be understood/forgiven, but the key here is that the parents did not control their child, that urine had gotten onto other people. As a parent, shouldn’t you acknowledge fault and apologize? This is the most basic of courtesy/manners as a person.

腾讯网友 无去来处:

Author [of the article], are you really “using words to kill someone” [unfairly defaming someone]? A half-year-old child, is it deserving of you people attacking him like this? Those who finish watching the video all know, it isn’t easy for the migrant worker couple, but [everyone] is repeatedly criticizing them, and wasn’t the man at the end also saying the child is a dog? For you human garbage who has lived decades to scold a child that has just entered entered the world for several months, you’re simply an animal.

腾讯网友 skylin:

Actually, the entire incident started because the child peed. It must be said that the child’s father is young, handles thing a little extremely, and indeed had fault, but everyone should also consider, when other people make a mistake, are we able to use a tolerant/forgiving tone when pointing out fault, especially in public? Adults and children both have a sense of self-respect. When you use a condescending attitude to point out another person’s mistakes, I trust anyone would find it hard to accept. When a father is scolded in front of his own child, and if you were a father, how would you feel? A lot of impulsive actions will catalyze in this kind of circumstance. In short, I hope everyone can be a bit more forgiving, criticize less, because after all everyone has times where they’ve made mistakes. This is not about not correcting faults, but a kind of dealing with things with as much tolerance and forgiveness as possible, as this will surely save effort and lead to better results.

腾讯盐城市网友 梦,:

Was this necessary? To expose this? That’s a child and that old man was cursing their child as a dog. What if they cursed your child as a dog? Also, if the child were able to hold his urine, it would no longer be a child. Moreover, the old man telling them to have on them a bag for human waste, what if they had simply forgotten, then what? You think you’re so high and mighty just because you live in a big city? This is social morality/civic-mindedness? There’s no need for these things to be hyped up on the internet.

腾讯宿迁市网友 MWG:

Also that female passenger in the beginning, you’re just trying to pick a quarrel. Yes, a child’s pee is dirty, but it was just a child. Whatever the adult’s mistake, just mention it and leave it at that, you don’t have to argue until there is some result and even if you keep arguing, what kind of result can be achieved? You can say some things, but if they don’t have this awareness or perhaps this character, you don’t need to go on tut-tutting without end. If you keep on tut-tutting without end, what you’ll ultimately get is a beating! This is you asking for it.

腾讯厦门市网友 海阔天空:

Shanghainese people sure are petty, without any tolerance/forgiveness at all. Isn’t it nothing more than a child taking a pee? Is it necessary for this many people to go attack a young couple? So wrong.

腾讯蚌埠市网友 菠萝菠萝蜜:

If it’s a baby, if the parent doesn’t have a diaper or an emergency plastic bag or similar receptacle, and although urinating as one pleases on the ground is improper, it can still be understood/forgiven. The way some supermarkets and public places provide children’s chamber pots is correct, and the subway can also learn from them.
It’s something that shouldn’t have been a big deal, so certain passengers’ reactions were somewhat too extreme; of course the child’s parents should also be calmer and more polite, because even though it was something that couldn’t be helped, their own actions were still uncivilized.

腾讯深圳市网友 withlove:

I have the first sofa…! A child peeing is no big deal, just let the cleaning lady take a mop and mop it up. Just treat every Chinese person as your a member of your family. Just treat [the child] as your own family’s nephew. Using a bag isn’t very good, [curbing] white pollution begins with everyone. It’ll affect those after you. Just be more open-minded. If you all have such guts, let’s drag you out to go to war. When China has to go to war some day, I hope you people will still be like this…

腾讯网友 文文:

Fucking it’s just a small child. You think they can hold it just because you say they can? Are adults these days all so argumentative/unreasonable?

腾讯南平市网友 *!~梦幻~:

Passengers with children, who get motion-sickness, who are drunk should uniformly bring their own or be provided with a plastic sanitary bag [such as on airplanes]. A gei li line: “How many people can you call? However many, it’ll still not be as many as us passengers.”

What do you think? How would you have reacted?


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