‘Child Prodigy’ Is Expert Mechanic & Driver In Wuhan

12-year-old mechanic

From NetEase:

“Child prodigy”? Wuhan 12-year-old auto repair master becomes driving “expert”

October 14th, someone unexpectedly found a 12-year-old automobile mechanic in Wuhan.

Don’t be fooled by his young age, this is already his second year in the business.

He’s not only experienced, he can fix a car all by himself, even adults often consult him on problems that they don’t know about.

12-year-old auto mechanic
12-year-old mechanic in Wuhan
12-year-old fixing car
12-year-old fixing car 2

What’s more, not only can he fix cars, he can also drive them. His practiced driving turns the owners’ initial worries into admiration!

12-year-old mechanic driving 2
12-year-old mechanic driving

王浩峰聚焦》 [a Chinese blog and the OP of this thread] has investigated in the surrounding area day and night. This little mechanic spends his entire day busy in the oil and dust, and has to work overtime at night. Every time he is paid for fixing the cars, he turns the entire sum over to the boss. He seems to be the boss’s money making tree. But the owner reportedly only gives him meals, and does not pay him.

12-year-old working overtime 2
12-year-old working overtime
12-year-old fixing car at night
12-year-old mechanic making money

Ai! Even if it is amazing, this is still saddening: a child turned into a mechanical guru, but will growing up to be illiterate do him any good? A child’s small fragile hands, can they fasten automobile parts?

Comments from NetEase:


Illegally using child labor, should be investigated and stopped.


Poor child. You should be happily going to school.


Just making a living, don’t investigate me.


The kid should be happy, he can make money in the future! But I’m angry, how can they use child labor?


Forced to make a living…


Are your pictures real? Did you find actors?


If you want to be a boss, you have to start young.


Nowadays graduation means unemployment, it’s better to learn a skill when you’re young, but 12? A bit too young!!!


When you have a skill you won’t starve to death in the future, so what if you graduate from university? Most likely won’t be able to find a job, but like this kid, when he grows up many auto repair businesses will want to hire him with a high salary.


Must a child study in school? I think this is good, master a skill that you can depend to survive on early, the you won’t have to worry about food a clothing for life, it’s much better than not being able to find a job after school.


Don’t know what to say.


This child, should be sent to study [mechanics] further, China’s auto industry, might need this star.


If he can be a mechanic at this young age, then he will be a wonder going to school. The boss should send him to school, it will make more money than your auto repair shop.


Might be the boss’s son!


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