Child Trafficker Beat Senseless And Arrested

Child Trafficker Beat Senseless And Arrested
One middle aged man on the road in Chengdu grabbed a little girl and ran. He was discovered while on route to the getaway vehicle driven by a co-conspirator, and was caught at the scene. The man was then beat beyond recognition. The suspect is at present time already in police custody. Netizens expressed indignance towards child traffickers, the top comment said “you people are truly too cruel, it isn’t easy to become a child trafficker, who just willy-nilly becomes a child trafficker! Grab him and beat him bloody…why not grab him and beat him until he’s a vegetable? Let me at him, I have a turn-people-to-vegetables specialty move!”

Source: qq

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  • Tom_the_Jerry

    Still looks too good.

    • mr.wiener

      People who do this deserve very little mercy …I wonder what the prison culture in China is like? In the west they’d have to have him in protected confinement.

  • Amused

    Molester or trafficker? Seems a like it’d be a bit difficult to sort between the two,(not that one is that much better or worse than the other) just by asking the dude…