Children Selling Flowers Beat Up Young Chinese Couple

There are children in China who try to sell flowers to couples exiting from nightclubs, bars, or are just walking along busy streets. They are very persistent and sometimes will wrap themselves around your legs so you cannot leave until you buy their flowers. Many believe behind the scenes are adults who organize and control these children as a business. This recently popular video, filmed in Ningbo, China on the cheng huang miao [city god temple] street, a physical fight happens between a young post-80s generation couple and the post-00s generation street children:Actually, this is an old video but it is spreading on BBS forums and social networks again, such as Mop and Kaixin001.

On YouTube (faster loading outside of China):

Use a VPN to access websites that are blocked in China, such as YouTube.

Comments from NetEase:


The two post-80s generation aren’t all that good either,

making the first move hitting the children,

especially that girl.


Saw this a few years ago already, but only now has it been posted here? So backwards/behind the times.


These little naughty kids must have been pestering that girl to buy flowers. That guy, he’s too useless too.


The beginning of this video has been cut. The flower-selling kids were holding onto the girl’s leg and not letting go…only then did the guy go over to kick the child.
So then they were beaten by the people controlling the kids.


What to say? Flowers are still better sold by girls!


This fight is interesting!!!

So ridiculous.


That poor guy. Kicked in the balls…don’t know if he can still have sex…


Not bad, the small fighting the big…[the kids] will have good prospects in the future…but that girl’s guy, how useless…able to be knocked down by several little kids…sigh…


I’m from Ningbo, and have been pestered by people at the cheng huang miao [city god temple]…insisting on me giving money and if I don’t, they would not let me leave…actually, those children are truly malicious…


These days, don’t provoke those on the streets begging or selling flowers, just ignore them. At most they will bother you for a while, but you won’t lose any assets/money. Making the first move to hit someone is truly the worst choise.
These people appear to be weak, but in reality they all have strong people behind them supporting them. Those selling flowers in front of bars/nightclubs all have guanxi [connections/relations] with the bar/nightclub security, and those on the streets all have guanxi with the chengguan, even those selling roasted sweet potatoes have their own organization behind them.


Have a romantic date to fight flower-selling street children. chinaSMACK personals.


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