Child’s Death Rallies Support for Death Penalty in Taiwan

From Yahoo Taiwan:

Ten Thousand People Oppose “Abolishing Capital Punishment’

After a boy’s throat was cut, ten thousand people on Facebook gave support to opposing the ‘anti-capital punishment movement’

After slitting the throat and murdering a 10-year-old boy in Tainan, the killer even went on to say, ‘You can even kill 1 or 2 people in Taiwan these days and not be sentenced to death”, the twisted way of thinking triggering criticism throughout society. The family of a two-year-old boy who was tortured to death in Sindian last year offered their condolences, the boy’s aunt having a few days ago specially traveled to Tainan to comfort the murdered child’s father, initiated a petition on Facebook that within a week saw over ten thousand people give their support, and in the afternoon went to the Ministry of Justice to call for the enforcement of the death penalty.

Boy whose throat was slit receives donations, but father Fang [the boy’s father] asks that donations be left for those more in need

After the Tainan schoolboy surnamed Fang had his throat cut, people from all walks of life donated money to help the Fang family; but today, as he stood by his child’s funeral hall, the father today implored people to stop donating, so they can give their compassion to even more needy people. The schoolboy surnamed Fang had his throat slit dying tragically while at an arcade in Tainan’s south district, and when his father rushed to the Tainan Municipal Funeral Parlor, he only had 200 NTD on him. After the Fang family’s financial circumstances were made public, people from all walks of life donated money continuously, with even many people only asking asking for an account number for donations. The elementary school that schoolboy Fang attended announced on the 3rd a dedicated bank account to collect donations from people to give to the Fang family, with the school receiving on their behalf. The father this morning held a press conference at the Tainan Municipal Funeral Parlor beside his son’s funeral hall and expressed his appreciation for all the assistance people have given while asking everyone to no longer donate to his family but to give their compassion to those in greater need.

61 death-row inmates have yet to be executed, protested by the victims’ families

The number of criminals who have been sentenced to death in Taiwan has now reached 61, but since the the March 4th last year, already 1 year and 9 months have passed without an execution, leading the victims’ families to be dissatisfied and organize an online protest, as well as going to the Ministry of Justice this morning, demanding that the criminals awaiting execution be dealt with in accordance with the law. They believe it is the failure to execute those who have been given death sentences that led to this boy having his throat cut case happening in Tainan. The last time the Ministry of Justice carried out an execution was March 4th of last year. Including Guan Zhong-yan, Zhong De-shu, and the murderers of five major homicide cases, the total number of convicts awaiting execution had numbered 40, but since then the number of people have continuously grown. On August 16th of this year, when the ‘Cartoon Killer’ Huang Fu-kang was sentenced, he became the 60th inmate awaiting execution. August 30th, taxi driver Cao Tian-shou who killed a female student in Keelong was also sentenced to death, becaming the 61st inmate awaiting execution. In one year and nine months the number of people awaiting execution has risen by 21, yet they continue to be imprisoned only, evoking popular discontent. The Ministry of Justice indicated that the law will definitely be carried out, but there is no timetable.

Comments on Facebook:


The members of these anti-death penalty movements are probably made up of the family and friends of the killers.


Murderers must be definitely be given the death penalty.

Boss Chen:

Have these anti-death penalty coalitions and human rights groups ever gone and shown any care for the victims’ families? False righteousness~

Yuren Lin:

Taiwan can’t abolish the death penalty. Currently public safety is already really bad. The moment is is abolished, bad people be even more fearless in committing crimes and breaking the law.


Working hard to make money only to have to use it to support [keep alive] these murderers… I’m not able to spend this kind of money…

Fountain Wang:

Thank God, finally there is an incident that will make everyone pay attention to this topic. The death penalty must not be abolished!


Deserves to die, absolutely must be executed!


The death penalty absolutely must not be abolished.


This type of person deserves to die.


To put it simply, Taiwan is too free [has too much freedom], and that’s why it has become so wanton [chaotic, where people do as they please], no?


I support those opposed to abolishing the death penalty, so we won’t waste the nation’s food supply.

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  • Gay Azn Boi

    I say kill that mofo. It is too bad we don’t have the death penalty in Canada. My hard earned tax dollars are going to support pieces of shit in prison while I have to work my fucking ass off to earn a living.

    Murderers deserve to die.


    • YourSupremeCommander

      “I have to work my fucking ass off”
      LOL, you got that right! – Ralph

    • MrT

      Just think of all that back scuttling you can get in prison, just look at your TAX donations as long term investment.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Haha, if GAB goes to prison it will be paradise for him no doubt and you & I will be the ones working our asses off to support his pleasures!!!

        • mr.wiener

          Taiwanese prisons do not have the “rape culture” found in Western prisons. I know a few people who have been put away for dealing. In general population you can get beat up or killed for crossing the wrong people, but the chances of rape are slight.
          Of course I guess it would be comparatively easy to find a willing partner.

          • hess

            “Western prisons” Im pretty sure its really, really uncommon outside the US

          • mr.wiener

            Not sure of the stats , but fairly common in Oz and English prisons.
            Africa is apparently a reeeealy bad place for it. S, America I don’t know. I doesn’t seem to be too common in Asia.

          • MrT

            haha yea no rape problems!

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Ok….you guys’ gay jokes are getting really lame -__-

          • mr.wiener

            I’m sure German jokes are getting pretty old for some of us too.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            But you guys all like ganging up on me…

          • mr.wiener

            Oooow I could run with that comment, but good taste forbids it.

            Mr.T et al has been humping your leg for some time now like the troll that he is and they are. German dude and Hess have been calling you out on some of the things you have been saying lately.
            A chat room is kinda like high school. If you are different , that will boomerang on you later over some other disagreement.
            Not saying it is right, just saying it is.

          • Germandude

            The real problem with GAB lays in that he isn’t ready to participate in a discussion. Some of his posts, people, like I, agree with. On some others, people, like I, disagree with him and state a differing opinion.
            And then, GAB takes matters into a different direction, shouting “oh, you guys are so intolerant towards gays” (lol, what) and starts shitty insults like calling people Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and what not.

            Not a real base if you want to be taken seriously imho.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            “Not a real base if you want to be taken seriously imho.”

            …says the Schutzstaffeldude with a little kid making an indecent gesture as his avatar.

          • mr.wiener

            You want people to be nice to you?
            Be nice to them.

          • Germandude

            There you go, Einstein. I told you several times before that you shall leave that Nazi shit out of here, yet you bring it up again and again. The only joke I made about gays was the following one that I brought up, right after you came up with yet another Nazi joke.

            Q. Did you hear about the two gays who went to London?
            A. They were REALLY pissed off when they found out Big Ben was a clock.

            So let me ask you: Shall I continue taking you seriously or shall I go down to your level as of late?

          • ScottLoar

            Actually, Big Ben is not the clock, it is the name of the bell. Big Ben is not seen but heard.

          • Germandude

            You are right about Big Ben being the bell, not the clock. From wikipedia:

            “Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London,[1] and often extended to refer to the clock and the clock tower,[2] officially named Elizabeth Tower”

            I’ll check with some Brits tonight what they consider it being.

            Anyways, thanks for keeping the tone civil all the time.

          • ScottLoar

            Of course I’m right, no need to go to that mime Wikipedia. No matter you ask a Brit or what, Big Ben remains the bell and not the clock.

          • Germandude

            Yes, but colloquially refers to the clock as well. Anyways, I copied that whole joke from a website and will write a letter of complaint for misleading readers.

          • ScottLoar

            Please, don’t confirm error then excuse it. Big Ben is the bell, no matter anyone else tries to argue otherwise. And I sure don’t need Wikipedia’s agreement.

          • Germandude

            Big Ben is the bell. Correct. Since I just read that you are residing in Shanghai, may I offer to invite you for a beer?

          • ScottLoar

            Sure. I’ll accept wine or hard liquor (I don’t really like beer), but only after I return to Shanghai from Penang on 4 February. Tell me where you want to meet on the Puxi (浦西) side, please.

          • Germandude

            If we can manage to meet prior to CNY, no problem. How does Tiancifang sound? Wine/Whiskey ok?

          • ScottLoar

            Chinese New Year begins the eve of February 10 so, sure, any time before then and Tiancifang is fine. Choose a place and I’ll be there. I’ll walk in and say “I’m Scott Loar” and you may expect to see a tall guy looking very much like you probably think I look.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Like honestly, some of you guys are huge hypocrites and you don’t even realize it.

          • Germandude

            Like honestly, YOU are a huge hypocrite and you don’t even realize it.


            Are you actually trying to invite abuse? I mean “Gay Azn Boi” as a screen name, a bright rainbow flag, a line that says “Yes I’m gay. Deal with it.” if someone mouses over your avatar. It’s just too over the top. No one really cares if you’re gay if you don’t bring it up. It’s kind of like saying “I have a wart on my nose. Deal with it.” Please stop bringing up your gayness anymore.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            If anyone is bothered by my screen name or my avatar, then perhaps he needs to re-evaluate his own sexuality.


            I’m not really bothered by it, I just find it hilarious. Just kidding around with you, I actually have gay family members, no big deal.

          • Kate

            We are all different degrees of hetero or homo sexuality, some more one way, some more the other, some in the middle, gayness and straightness is often not black and white but grayish. Lord knows I’ve had my experiences with other girls.

          • More?

          • “Gay Azn Boi” isn’t a handle that is too provocative – not like, say, KAMIKAIPILOT and all the connotations that brings up.

            If you don’t “get” gay rights, it’s basically that they want to live like straight people do. Like how a straight guy can have a avatar of ScarJo’s ass, or go on and on about boobs — well, GAB is just saying he’s gay. That’s all. If the connotations of that word go to far for you, well, maybe you’re ready to accept gay people.

            GAB has a point. It’s not very refined, but start from there.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Thank you!

            And btw, I’ve been openly gay since high school. I got a lot of shit from homophobes/jocks/bullies (Patrick Tu and Ivan Wu, I hope you get into a car accident and burn to death) but I was never discouraged and I never stopped believing in myself. As I said many times before, if you’re uncomfortable with gay people simply because we’re gay, it’s time to re-evaluate your own sexuality.

          • I understand why you call yourself “GAB” – because you identity with it. It doesn’t do the same with “Straight White Male” because nobody identifies with that – instead they are “Princess Waterclop” or whatever from My Little Pony… because that’s what they identity with. You’re not pushing your “gay agenda” or disseminating your “gay propaganda” – it’s just you.

            Now that I’ve got your attention: I don’t agree with you. At all. I think you’re wrong. I think you’ve got the wrong opinion about the issue at hand. You’ve come off too bluntly and haven’t encouraged discussion. But. This had become a dogpile and *sigh* I had to say something about it *hikes up belt*. But I’ll leave it for another bleeding heart to pick up the case.

            That said: I think you should change your screen name to “Gay Azn Y-chromozone”, or “Gay Azn Youngling” so that your acronym becomes GAY.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Hmm. Terroir is like one of the few on here who understands me lol.

            Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’ll stick with GAB for now :)

          • SuperHappyCow

            I understand you.

            Doesn’t mean you’re not fucking obnoxious.

          • Gay Azn Yuppie? Gay Azn Yolk (anti-banana)? Gay Azn Yellow-fellow?

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Lol probably not gonna work.

          • patko

            You are the reason I think homosexuality is a disease. Do you see anyone walking around attaching his goddamn self identity to his sexaulity??? NO. Because people who are straight don’t think about that shit. Stop expounding to the world how gay you are. We don’t care, go sprinkle your fary dust else where.

            If you are ready to leave these identity issues at the side come back and lets talk like regular individuals. Someone needs to set you straight. (no pun intended). You attention seeking whore. Wheres your goddamn humility and wisdom.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            LOL. What’s with all these closet cases on cS???


            You got me there, but in my defense I didn’t pick that name for reasons you might think. I have a goofy sense of humor and when I first picked it I thought it sounded silly. Later I started thinking about it more critically but by then it was too late, my online persona was born.

            It just seems to me over the top. Actually not a big deal, I just find it amusing whenever I look at his avatar. Carry on GAB, Gay Power to you.

          • You could have worse screen names. Like “terroir”, for example. I didn’t think everyone would be calling me a dog breed, but then I didn’t think everyone would be agreeing with me either.

          • Kate

            I imagine you as a small terrior dog.

          • That’s funny. I imagine you as a large, pliable shin.


            I imagine GAB as someone wearing a rainbow colored underwear while draped in a rainbow flag proudly showing off his gayness for the world to see. He wants to go down in history as the gayest man ever, nothing else will satisfy him. It’s probably why I think he’s so funny.


            “Terroir” looks like a French word right? Well we’re both stuck with our names unless we want to create new identities. I think I’ll live with my name for the rest of my online life.

          • “terroir” used to be French before they gave it to the world.

            For a guy who has gay family members you sure don’t seem very supportive. Do you tell them to stop bringing up “their gayness”? Your family holidays must KAMIKAZI-licious.


            I’m okay with GAB being gay. It just seems kind of overboard, like his only identity is being gay, nothing else. My relatives don’t bring up their gayness, we just talk about normal things. Anyways I mentioned to him I’m only kidding with him. I think he knows I’m just pulling his chain.

          • donscarletti

            In his defence, he’s also Asian and a boy, so that’s part of his identity.


            He seems to relish being the boy in the relationship, not the man. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Thanks dude.


            You’re welcome Big Sexy :)

          • Dude,

            for my part I totally admit to picking on you before. It’s lame when everyone does it at once and piles on, so I’m gonna say that me and everyone else should quit it..

            So to everyone else: if you don’t agree with GAB, then take a position against his, er, really blunt opinion that gives no reasoning or argument and stop with the gay jokes that don’t have much to do with anything. At the very least … be funny. Cripes. It’s as though you’re all Dane Cook disciples of Andrew Dice Clay.

            (hey dude… Deutcheboy has a point… you are kind of leading them all on)

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Or do they just like picking on me simply because I’m gay?

          • Dude,

            You shouldn’t conflate your screen name to the reaction against your rather blunt and unsubstantiated opinions. No one’s telling you what to do. But man, you’re just inviting a backlash. It’s your rhetoric.

          • thmswhnr

            Your gayness seems to have led many people to have discussions unrelated to the topic at hand on these forums. Just a guess, but I’d say people are drawn to you for it. Maybe fascinated by it.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Too many closet cases on here man…

          • quake

            is it true white men and black men get the most women and gays because whites and black are willing to do oral sex on a woman or gay. while chinese men do not???

    • Alex

      I think it ends up costing more money to put someone to death just due to all the legal matters involved. Years of going back and forth to court and the small possibility of executing someone who is innocent. Besides, I personally think spending a lifetime in prison without the possibility of parole is a worse punishment than death.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I’m pretty sure a bullet to the back of the head doesn’t cost much.

        • Gerhana

          no, it will only cost you your humanity. In exchange for a life of a hedonist, or a life consumed by guilt. Here is a gun, pull the trigger, and claim your prize….

          • efe the foreigner

            but you assume that our humanity has some value. you assume we are something more than the truth. we are but galactic bacteria, frothing and evolving in some strange corner of the cosmos. and if bacteria consumes one of its own, it is the duty of the other bacteria to isolate and exterminate the corrupted and defective bacteria. this is the beautifully natural order of mother chaos.

          • Gerhana

            The nature allows consuming other bacteria without the needs for justification. There is no reason to be angry at the death of an innocent child, they are unfit to survive. They are just food. There is no need to isolate and exterminate defective bacteria. There is no such thing as a defective bacteria, if we follow nature. If they must die by your hand, it will be for your survival, for your own pleasure, not for the greater good. Bacteria consumed other bacteria, not because they are defective, but it is the order of life. I give you a child, he just learn how to say mommy and daddy, do what you will to him. Then others will do the same to you, not because you are defective, but in choosing nature, you have become a predator… but you, have also become a prey.

            Mother nature give birth to you, let you suckle her milk, she loves you like her own… then she kill you.

          • linette lee

            You are in deed very strange.

          • Gerhana

            “were all mad here”
            it was said by you, invinsible talking cat.

          • linette lee

            It’s limecat. If you defy Limecat, he is known to give you the Frown of Doom which leads to decomposition of the penis. Limecat may also give you the Glare of Justice. All hail Limecat, king of the universe, king of cats everywhere. He also uses pedigree.

          • Gerhana

            The lime exist for the pleasure of the cat. A fine example of the natural order of things.

          • linette lee

            What does the death of an innocent child has anything to do with natural selection or survival of the fittest? Animals and humans have been procreating for thousands of years, and the parents protect their young to ensure a high survival rate. I wouldn’t call killing innocent children by criminals the act of nature. It’s a misfortune and tragedy. Nature has its own way to keep the ecological system in equilibrium.

          • Gerhana

            In the wild, often youngling and hatchling dies as food. King Cobra’s hatchling are not protected by the mother, she left before they hatch, to resist the temptation of eating her own hatchling. They are on their own. There is no sense of justice, of right and wrong, only survival, and pleasure.

            this is a response to Efe’s choise in natural order and killing. With nature, everyone is a game. Every live is meaningless. Including children.

            I believe every lives are valuable and meaningful.

          • Kate

            That’s assuming one feels any guilt over killing someone. Some people do not. Not me though, personally I don’t even kill insects. I once killed a forrest bug quit painfully and slowly and felt horrid about what id done. I saved all the other forrest bugs I found to make amend for my wrong but I still have guilt over it.

          • Gerhana

            so fill with joy and love. Every live must have value. Alive, one can find joy, one can sing and dance and write and love. These are the reason we live. Your comments remind me of ancient Hathor… perhaps you were in past live.

          • patko

            Fact, you probebly kill hundreds of bugs just walking the earth. NOW CRY!


        “Besides, I personally think spending a lifetime in prison without the possibility of parole is a worse punishment than death.”
        Agreed, just imagine all the mental anguish you would go through, knowing you’d never get out. That’s not living. It’s basically a slow death.

    • starsky

      canada is a collapsing like the rest of liberal western civilization

    • BiffyClanger

      The problems is murder conviction is that are often wrong. There was this British study looking at all the murder convictions and alarming number (close to 50%)where later quashed. Now if UK still had capital punishment they (innocent people) would have been hanged.

      Having capital punishment in countries like China would give corrupt officials opportunity to silence forever those who have beef against them. Would you let either case to be on your conscience?

    • SuperHappyCow

      my name is gay azn boi i only care about fucking white guys

      thats where my thought process begins and thats where it ends



        LMAO!! Did he actually say or imply that before or are you making that up? Is it just me or does anyone else here just start laughing whenever they see and read Gay Azn Boi’s posts? Not so much for the content but because of that avatar and screen name.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Far too many fucking times. To such an extent I’d said something about how awesome it is to fuck chinese girls in their tiny sideways pussies, or some such bullshit, and he still didn’t get it.

          Bring back the death penalty, ONLY for aznboi

          I mean, he spells boy with an “i,” for fuck’s sake.


            LOL, that’s just too funny. Agree GAB can be irritating and get on peoples nerves. His worship of white guys is also kind of messed up.

  • reddirtg

    This type of person deserves not only punitive consequences, but should leave society wanting to know how such acts can prevented… He is not the only psychopath in China. Where is the outcry for mental health support?

    • person

      Not China, Taiwan

      • Gaaad!!!

        Taiwan? Thought it’s the Republic of China…

        • BigCAD

          Tell the population of Tainan/Kaohsiung that one.

          • Gaaad!!!

            Why bother, they can read their own constitution for themselves.

          • BiffyClanger

            It is still called Republic of China… Officially, whatever that means.

    • mr.wiener

      …..Taiwan hon, same country? Debatable , but eventually probable.
      Same system? Nope.

      • reddirtg

        doesn’t really matter if it’s Timbuktu or Iceland. You lynch mob types miss the forest for the trees as the underlying issue is mental health & public safety. Psychopathy is in every society & the most torturous punishment isn’t going to deter future events.

        • mr.wiener

          I’m a “Lynch Mob Type” ?…excuse me whilst I extinguish my flaming torch.
          I don’t recall saying anything about killing them all and letting god sort them out, or waterboarding them before throwing them to the rabid weasels. I’m also of the opinion that Psychos crop up every where. What to do about it? I don’t know, but I’m not pretending I have all the answers.

  • Kate

    I think there are people in society who commit such acts of violence towards others that there should be no chance of rehabilitation and society should just systematically and swiftly eliminate them because it is not fair to force other members of society to pay for their upkeep when they do not deserve it. They harm society first by taking the lives of innocents and second by costing society resources that they use. They are despicable degenerates who not only serve no function but have terrorized and murdered.

    But admittedly it seems a bit hypocritical to condemn this man to death when governments committ far worse atrocities but those responsible get off due to power and money.

    • mr.wiener

      This guy wanted to go back to prison. He admitted as much after he commited the crime. Bloody shame he had to kill some kid instead of J-walking.

    • Germandude

      I am not sure which position to take when it comes to death penalty.
      Rapists and child abusers should get the death penalty, as well as murderers. However, only when there is 100% proof that they committed the crime. Rapists and child abusers in my eyes are even lower than murderers, because murderers ended the life they destroyed while the other ones are letting their victim alive and basically make them suffer twice and for a long time if not forever.

      Then again, I fear any case in which the wrong person has been executed. That’s guilt the society would have to carry as a whole.

      • willie miller

        Agreed. I could support the death penalty for child rapists (for example) but only if I had complete faith in the police and the legal system as a whole. Incidents like the Central Park 5 in the US and Hillsborough in the UK don’t leave me with much faith in the police. Difficult to comment about the Chinese police and legal system as it is impossible to know how it functions or if it is fair due to the lack of transparency and the incredible brevity of trials.

        • Willie Va-millie,

          The Central Park 5 just show that the result of the death penalty is the further marginalization of poor and disadvantaged minorities. In the US, it’s blacks.

          Didn’t see the Central Park 5 doc yet. How is it? Any documentary where that Ken guy doesn’t employ heavy handed narration has got to be worth seeing.

          • willie miller

            I haven’t seen the doc yet either, can’t imagine it will be pleasant viewing but will certainly try to see it. On the subject of documentaries, I did see ‘You’ve been Trumped’ recently, shame being a douche isn’t a criminal offence as Donald Trump would have been put behind bars a long time ago :)

      • Ami


        What kind of psychopath wants to compare them? The victims don’t prosper from it. Don’t people realize a sicko could do both? I’m sure most rape/abuse survivors are just glad to be that: SURVIVORS

        • Germandude

          Of course they are surviving. However, see how many victims are destroyed for the rest of their lives. In my eyes, destroying a life is as bad as taking a life.

        • Germandude

          I have posted this on Japancrush before:

          “GIRLS, don’t read this.

          Birgit was 16 when she was attacked by a US soldier in the middle of the night, carried into a forrest, raped and then seriously tortured. The torture included cutting her vagina open, biting of her teats, cutting off her breasts, stabbing her multiple times, cutting off one ear and causing several other serious injuries. She was left for dying in the forrest but was eventually found by a guy walking out with his dog about 12 hours later. She somehow survived and was in coma for 23 years.

          The guy got sentenced to 10 years in prison according to German law. The maxium penalty for attempted murder in Germany. He was dismissed without honors from the US army.

          The woman is now 43 years old and is writing her story, trying to find a publisher for the book.

          The lady called a popular German radio moderator who has a weekly show where people can talk about anything with him. Download here:

          The lady calls at 45.19 minutes.

          Of course the talk is in German. Personally I have never heard of such a shocking story from a victim’s perspective.”

          After listening to her calling the radio show, I feel that guy doesn’t deserve to be amongst the living anymore.

    • Erdos

      I wholly support the death penalty. Opposition to it is indeed “false righteousness” or “moral masturbation”.

      • Thor

        The more death penalty a country has, the more crime it has to endure. So please, go and fuck yourself now.

    • NEWS FLASH: Dec 22/12: Taiwan Executes Six Death Row Inmates, Condemned

      Taiwan has executed six death row inmates, the first use of the death penalty this year.

      Campaigning human rights group Amnesty International has condemned the move as “cold-blooded killing”.

      The deputy justice minister said the brutality of the men’s crimes meant there was no reason to show mercy.

      The executions were carried out in three separate prisons – two in the central city of Taichung and two in the south of the island.

      A spokeswoman for the ministry of justice said that the executions had been carried out on a Friday evening to avoid a strong public reaction.

      Though religious and human rights groups oppose capital punishment, most victims’ families are in favour, and surveys suggest that most of the population also support the death penalty.

      The ministry said it has the obligation to carry out the law until there is public consensus on abolishing the death penalty.

      • vincent

        Thanks for the follow up Terroir.

  • redgirls

    “61 death-row inmates have yet to be executed” . Good, let them wait for their midnight knock.Every Dammed day.

    • I think it’s dreadful how everyone here is so much in favour of the death penalty. Do you lose the ability to think as soon as you hear of some horrible crime? Or are you always like this?
      The death penalty is barbaric, and the wrong people sometimes get executed too by the way. Life in prison is a terrible punishment, and it should be enough. The world’s most civilized societies have all abolished the death penalty.

      • vincent

        I guess you have to look at it this way, if god forbid you were put in such a situation like the families of the victims would you be able to take the moral high ground? The points you make are true though nonetheless.

        • mr.wiener

          If he did that to a member of my family the courts would not get the option of sentencing him to death.

          • Guest


          • vincent

            Ditto, doubt I have it in me to forgive someone who would dare bring harm to my family.

        • If I were the relative of the victim, I would probably want to kill the guy, and also torture them in public. That doesn’t mean the state has to actually carry this out. Luckily in civilized countries the relatives of the victim don’t chose the punishment.

      • linette lee

        ……..forced the boy to drink rice wine, then taped his mouth shut before whipping his legs with cable wires and pulling out his fingernails with -pliers……..

        You don’t think these men deserved death sentence how they tortured a three year old boy to death?

        • SuperHappyCow

          Prison for life. It’s pretty simple.

          • linette lee

            ………………The world’s most civilized societies have all abolished the death penalty……………….

            Yes, and the world’s most civilized societies also have finest prison in the world. Complete with hot water for shower and heated room for warmth. Indoor air conditioning during hot summer days. Recreational area with flat screen TV, sofa, games, and library. Outdoor basketball courts. Gym for workout. Complete 5 course nutritious meals. Fxck. It’s a resort. Go kill 100 people so you can get a life time pass to this resort funded by taxpayers. There go your most civilized societies.

            Those other countries that are not so “civilized” won’t waste their funds like this. Their prisons are poor condition but they also have death sentence. No one will get a life sentence in jail in those countries with poor prison condition.

          • Obviously prisons should not be holiday resorts, and they have to be related to the general living conditions in the country. In China, where a lot of people live in pretty aweful conditions even when they are free, it would make no sense to have such nice prisons. That’s probaby why Chinese prisons aren’t so nice at all, nore are Taiwanese ones, so your rant is out of place. Norwegian prisons are comfortable, but still not nearly as good as the life Norwegians led outside of prison, which is far better.

      • Kate

        Life in prison is terrible? Yeah its so terrible to have access to television, internet, conjugal visits, 3 meals a day, free healthcare, able to receive packages and visitors, a bed, etc. Um let’s see Anders Behring Breivick, you know the norway mass murder convicted of killing 77 people, gets a flat screen high def tv, a mini fridge, access to a nice gym, jogging trails, his family can stay over for 2 night visits, designer furniture, oh and a sound studio so he may record music. This man killed 77 people and this is his punishment. He is living better then I am, I don’t havr designer furniture or a sound studio, do you? Maybe we should kill 77 people too.

        • Oh please, not one of these rants on how prisons are such nice places. Ok, it’s true that Scadinavian countries often do have very comfortable prisons, but most countries don’t, and I’m sure Taiwan doesn’t. Prisons are mostly horrid, dirty, violent, dangerous, corrupt, heartless and hellish places. In many countries they are places where you live in constant fear, unless you are a grat gang leader (this should be changed too).

        • SuperHappyCow

          Yeah, inside a fucking box.

  • Misiooo

    Killing makes you a killer, even if you act in the majesty of so-called ‘law’. Support for death penalty and so-called ‘abortion’ shows how backward or rather retarded people really are and how little they respect life.

    • vincent

      The question to ask yourself is should you value the lives of those who don’t value the lives of others?

      • Gay Azn Boi


        • Vin-de-cent just asked if you want to sink down to the level of the murderers themselves.


          Agree with you Gay Boi. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life.

      • s3

        Spoken like a true seppo. You happily advertise that you do not respect the life of other humans!?

        One day I will meet you. I can say that with certainty. You should reconsider your poisonous comments in the mean time.

        We are all human

        • mr.wiener

          You can read can’t you? Vincent was asking what value placed on a life that doesn’t value human life. It’s a valid question , not a call to a lynching.
          “We are all human”…and some of us are twats.

        • vincent

          Unfortunately there is no cure for stupidity, you’re welcome to meet me, don’t regret that you do :)

        • x1sfg

          You live in a box. If somebody does that to your child, your first thought will be how we have to get him treated? There is evil in the world, and they must be eliminated. It is not an issue of an advanced society not needing to kill. It is a matter of eliminating evil people, and some cannot be cured. This isn’t cutting off a hand for shoplifting like in some cultures, but people who kill children and laugh about it must be exterminated.

          • eligh

            but it IS an issue of an advanced society that should not pass judgement and condemn its own citizens to death too easily. You ask if someone does that to your child, what would you want to do? your question is flawed because you are asking the victim. you are talking about vengeance not justice. if someone did that to my child, i would probably want to kill them myself with my bare hands. in fact, if someone raped my child, i would probably still want to murder him painfully and slowly. but that is not eye for an eye is it? and that is why i wouldnt be on the jury, which i why i wouldnt be the judge and pass sentence.

            If everyone can have revenge and condemn people who hurt or killed loved ones to death then we would cease to be a civilized nation. Justice needs to be mete by a 3rd party in accordance with the law, and i personally believe the death penalty needs to be judged on a case by case basis. murder is still murder, even if the person appears to deserve it. on a side note, if anyone identifies as christian yet is still for the death penalty they’re a fucking douchebag hypocrite. that is all

          • x1sfg

            That is why justoce is carried out by third parties.

            You need to brush up on your legal terms. Execution is not murder. Murder is an illegal killing.

            You probably have no dealings with criminals and thus, do not have a jaded world view like I do. You are also probably very young. How do we stop crime? Get rid of the social variables that cause crime, but also get rid of criminals. I am not saying execute everyone. In fact, I believe it should be applied to only the most heinous of crimes. And execution, at least in the states, is done on a case-by-case basis.

          • eligh

            you’re arguing semantics and legal terms. maybe i should have just used what amnesty international said about the recent taiwanese government’s “executions”: cold blooded killings hah killing is killing, no matter how you dress it up or whether or not it is carried out by the government or individual. we should not forget that it is still taking a life.

            and no, i’m not young, and yes, i’ve had “dealings” with criminals. besides working alongside a few that turned their life around, and a few cousins that served out prison sentences, i had a friend how was in an asian gang, got shot 3 times, stabbed in the neck, and at 15 got sent to jail for attempted murder. after he got out, he turned away from criminal activity, went back to school, and surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?) is a successful business man now.

            i never said i was against the death penalty, but rather in taiwan the public is pressuring the government using arguments like “what would you do if it was your child.” this line is reasoning is absurd and that is not justice. taiwan has “executed” an innocent person before, they have people on death row right now that have been convicted without any forensic evidence… such a mockery of a justice system

          • elizabeth

            You obviously have preconceived notions about Christians and what they should believe or subscribe to. I am a Christian and I am for the death penalty to stay for certain crimes, so I am a douchebag hypocrite to you who condemns others of being too quick to judge.


          • eligh

            yea what would jesus do right? those without sin cast the fir- wait no, i got a better idea! let’s just use a firing squad and kill em all! crucify this!

            well if it’s ironic at least i’m not passing judgement and then deciding whether you should live or die. i’d say that’s a significant difference.

          • elizabeth

            Why bring in Jesus and Christianity unless you have an axe to grind?

            Your standard anti-Christian rhetoric about casting the first stone holds little water in this case where I specifically stated that offenders be given second chances.

            Those who choose to break the law knowing well the consequences are responsible for their own fate. Advocating leniency toward such offenders is tantamount to endorsing the harm they inflict on innocents whose lives are surprisingly not worth protecting to anti-death advocators.

            You have shown have little or no understanding as to the context in which Jesus said those words. Or is your hatred so deep you have lost the ability to think straight?

            I’d take your hate somewhere else if I were you.

    • Kate

      Well with what, 7 billion lives on this planet, how valuable is life? Its easily created and destroyed all the time. Sure my life and those I care about. are only valuable to me, to the usa governement for example, my life is worth about $90.

      • Germandude

        Just for fun regarding what your life is worth:

        How do you get $90? According to the link above, I am sliiiiightly above that amount.

        • Gaius Baltar

          Does it really matter? Measuring how much we are worth sounds like something a cityboy or “grovelling weasel” would do. I pay no attention to such piffle, it is vanity, pure and simple. I know far nicer poor people, I have never met one rich upper class twit, I have liked, ever!

          • Germandude

            Actually, I read Kate’s “my life is worth about $90.” and was wondering. So, curious as I am, I googled sth like “how much is a life worth” (forgot what I typed in exactly). Since I know the internet is a fucked up place and a lot of sickos put anything in it, I thought, I give this “life-value-calculator” a chance.

          • Gaius Baltar

            No worries. I was just awaiting the GW’s and their strive to become a part of the 1 percent brigade, without actually even being in it themselves. They know who they are btw.

        • linette lee

          This link you post is cute.
          How can life be worth $90? $900,000 maybe. The USA gov’t and other western gov’t think about how much money they get from us annually from tax. All of us are worth a lot than $90 to the any western gov’t.

      • thmswhnr

        According to the US Department of Transportation, the value of statistical life is 6.2 million USD.

    • Erdos

      So if the state jails a kidnapper, there is moral equivalence between the two acts?

    • patko

      I’m ussually against such matters but our society is not sane at this point. So letting a killer live will not do anything for the society nor the killer. In a perfect society the killer would be diagnosed and treated. Such people are profoundly twisted and need rehabilitation.

      However the kind of rehabilitation and wisdom that this situation needs is not yet present in our society. So the question then is, what do you do with this person?

      We dispose of him, because unfortunately there is nothing else we can do. We don’t understand these people, why is it more humaine to put him in a box and let him live like that? Why is that so?

      If I put you in a cage for your whole life you will beg me to kill you. This liberal bullshit non executionism is filled with stupid superficial thinkers they can’t think two steps in the future and blurt out any moral seeming sentence without actually knowing anything.

      The day you can understand these twisted minds and help them understand and realize their mistake. Then we can start helping them. But untill then we should simple kill them, not all killers though. but definitly killers like this man.

      Some killings are of passion, stupidity etc… Killings where the killer (a very normal person) is put in a situation where his judgement changes so radically that he performs an act he would otherwise deplore. Such people made a mistake.

      But there are people in this world that are profoundly sick individuals who have had a bad childhood and have created a mind which no person who is raised in a normal manner can understand. The mind is built in layers, layers upon layers make up who you are. How you think and feel. If for some reason you are radically fucked up somewhere in your childhood up untill you are beyond adolesence then truely such a person is terminally ill in mental terms. Such a person would need incredibly empathy and wisdom to help. Empathy and wisdom this decrepit age does not have.

  • linette lee

    They need death sentence. Especially for animals who torture kids to death. These animals need death by electrocution. Not lethal injection.

  • Super Bunny

    im glad china insists death penalty …
    i do not believe in god, i believe law and order and rule only…

    • Rule by law does not require your consent or belief in the system

      • SuperHappyCow

        Word fucking up.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Lawful Evil.

      • Anonymal

        shes more Lawful Neutral

  • Taiwan’s Judicial system is in bad shape. There is no such thing a jury trial, and many judges are under qualified or apathetic due to life-long guaranteed employment. There are still people on death row who were tortured into confessing in the 90s.

    Today’s adult generation are the children of the White Terror, when political prisoners were marched out into the fields and hung or shot. Now those fields have shopping malls on them and people forget what it is to be wrongly accused and denied the right to defend yourself.

    Taiwan should absolutely abolish the death penalty, especially while they reform the judiciary to get up to speed with the democratic era.

  • Brett

    Prisons cost the public too much and prisoners are rarely rehabilitated successfully. There are some promising prisons in Scandinavia, but until the system changes to actually help the convicted I will support the death penalty. Prisons just create smarter and more highly skilled criminals.

    Btw, I only support the death penalty if the evidence is 100% there. If there is any doubt that the crime could have been committed by another person, death is a ridiculously stupid (and permanent) punishment to be dealt out for societies that consider themselves “advanced”.

  • Serious question, cause I don’t know: when did this guy allegedly say ‘You can even kill 1 or 2 people in Taiwan these days and not be sentenced to death”?

    Was it immediately after he committed the act, heard by witnesses in the arcade? The article doesn’t say, and the way it was written, also doesn’t care much besides inflaming opinions.

    • Chinkicide


    • mr.wiener

      Saw it on the news here. He commited the murder, left the arcade and presented himself at the police station ready to go. He said he’d done it in order to go back to jail and threw in the bit about killing people as well.

      • “He said he’d done it in order to go back to jail”
        Did he forget a book the last time he was there?

        What’s the “crazy” word about this guy? Not that being insane would stop him from being executed by the island republic of Florida.

  • Lots of anger when murder involves kids.

    The situation with death row in Taiwan is that there is a backlog of prisoners waiting to get sentenced to death (presumably due to legal reasons) – and now some guy mucks it up by taunting the public that it won’t happen to him (guess he reads the paper?).

    This backlog has probably been a long time in the making, and that the 60-odd prisoners on death row are probably there for crimes committed in the last few years, not just the past year.

    So Taiwan has the death penalty. It’s slow, but it’s there. And yet it can’t act as a preventative measure to stop something tragic like this happening again.

  • [email protected]

    Sigh, grey area… wrongfully convicted will also be executed, mentally ill will also be executed instead of receiving treatment, dissidents will be executed quietly, … I mean, I don’t know this for a fact, but that is basically what happens in America and China, so… yeah, no I don’t think capital punishment is the way to go. Two wrongs don’t make a right.


    The death penalty doesn’t discourage anyone from committing crimes, at least based on several studies I’ve read where they interview convicted felons asking if they knew they’d be facing the death penalty would that discourage them from committing their crime. For me personally I wouldn’t be celebrating too much if my sentence was commuted from the death penalty to life in prison. Either way I’d be screwed.

    Drawbacks to the death penalty are that it’s cost-ineffective (appeals, increase money spent on death-row inmates), arbitrary (some say racist), time-consuming and permanent if the person is innocent.

    The only positive I can see is that it prevents the person from committing another crime and it may bring a sense of closure to the victim’s family.
    Whether these conditions are the same in Taiwan as in the US I don’t know. I’m leaning more toward keeping the death penalty mainly as a option of last resort.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      You’re right. Death penalty doesn’t deter crime. You know why? Because in most countries where there is capital punishment, it is only reserved for the most heinous of crimes like murder. Thus, petty thieves, for example, do not have to worry about it. They know that if they get caught, at worst they’ll serve prison time, but they won’t be put to death.

      I propose that we make EACH AND EVERY crime punishable by death. Yes, even petty crime like theft, fraud, and whatnot. Or, better yet, legalize torture. Remember that cS article titled “Death by a thousand cuts” (or something like that)? It was an execution method used in ancient China. If potential criminals know that if they’re caught they’ll be slowly cut into pieces, alive, most will think twice before committing a crime.

      Do as I say and I guarantee the crime rate will go down dramatically.

      • Germandude

        Yeah, for that it’s proven that death penalty is scaring people off of comitting crimes…

      • donscarletti

        In the United Kindom circa 1800 there were 220 crimes punishable by death. Since the late seventeenth century, successive governments had “gotten tough on crime” and for 150 years nobody quite realised how psychotic they were getting.

      • SuperHappyCow

        You’re the dumbest person ever.

      • eligh

        yea your comment really doesnt warrant a serious response because it’s pretty dumb. So let me respond in kind and say that you should go to africa where a lot of countries have the death penalty for each and every crime, including homosexuality. oh wait, is that not a crime to you? well too bad stfu and get executed cause you broke the law kthx

  • 李順益: “too much freedom” sounds very strange to me, as an American :-/

  • eligh

    not sure if someone else brought it up already, but the reason it was abolished in taiwan is because they executed someone who ended up confessing under duress and torture, and then after he was dead it was proved he was innocent.

    in america, DNA has proved so many people have been falsely imprisoned, but luckily, it hasnt been discovered that someone has been executed that was actually innocent…

    the imprisonment, let alone execution, of an innocent man cannot be tolerated in a civilized society that has the rule of law. in my opinion, taiwan has proved they are incapable of meting out justice so they shouldnt be hasty to condemn other people to death. i feel like they lost that right

    • mr.wiener

      Yes , I remember that case.
      It took them about 5 years to execute that psycho Chen jing shin. That one was richly deserved.

    • Wandering_Spirit

      There are as many cases of proven criminals freed after just 10 or 15 years due to rehabilitation programs and doing it again (Paedophiles, Rapists, Bank robbers with killings on their shoulders, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc.). The principle in Taiwan is if you kill someone who was useful to society, society has a loss, his family loses a father, a mother or a son and the criminal must die for his sin. That is the essence. There isn’t one single doubt on the fact this system can lead to some mistakes. But the amount of mistakes made with the death penalty will never be higher than that of the mistakes made by tolerant justice systems in the west were victims die, while criminals enjoy plenty rights and even have second chances; chances those they killed and their families will never have again. I am in support of death penalty, when well managed. Apart from that, some criminals are beyond rehabilitation. And they don’t deserve the costs society has to sustain to keep them alive.

      • eligh

        it is better 100 guilty persons should escape than that one innocent person should suffer, is a maxim that has been long and generally approved.

        It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished, for guilt and crimes are so frequent in this world that they cannot all be punished.

        But if innocence itself is brought to the bar and condemned, perhaps to die, then the citizen will say, “whether I do good or whether I do evil is immaterial, for innocence itself is no protection,” and if such an idea as that were to take hold in the mind of the citizen that would be the end of security whatsoever

        – benjamin franklin & john adams

        • Wandering_Spirit

          Coming from a western country i can see where tolerance has taken. And whatever historical reference clashes with the sad reality of criminals treated like kings and sent to rehab (at taxpayer’s costs) even when it’s clear they can’t be rehabilitated. I saw that daily in my country and in other European countries. When a society starts to protect more the criminals than the victims there is something wrong. As there is something very wrong in ignoring the victim and his/her close family rights to have justice. And at the moment what i see down West (And as a westerner) is that criminals take advantage of a system that doesn’t have death penalty. Fake statistics aside (Those NGO make up), death penalty is an exceptional deterrent. As i said….it lends itself to errors, like in any system. But in my over 40 years of life in the West i have seen many more victims caused by criminals getting out of bars and repeating their crimes over and over again than i have seen, read or heard about wrong death sentences. You have a rapist who rapes and kills, ends up in jail, gets 30 years, then he does only 10 and gets out on parole, then repeats the same action and it’s 2 victims dead (not to mention all those he may have raped without killing them). Forgive me but i still am for a well administered death penalty. If then we talk about corrupt courts killing people as they please and for political purposes then it’s a different thing. But i still think that if you kill someone and it’s 100% proved you did deliberately did it well i go for death penalty and sleep tight too that night. Many cases are way beyond rehabilitation. I hope Taiwan doesn’t become a copy of the West, and same for China. There are other paths to administer justice and even make death penalty acceptable. what is not acceptable, is to see a criminal getting out and repeating the show just because of a system that protects criminals more than victims…as it’s the case in the west now…and this applies to any western country except those in which the death penalty is still in place.

      • HaakonKL

        There is something scary about people measuring human lives in Yuan and Dollars.

        • Wandering_Spirit

          It’s even more worrying when common people out of indoctrination and wrong ideologies spurring misunderstood ideas of misplaced tolerance, end up by tolerating more the criminals than the victims. Indeed it’s not a matter of Yuan or Dollars or even Euros. It’s simply a matter of justice, when properly applied. That said, to me certain types of criminals should not be in jail. They are a threat ALSO IN JAI and it’s an insult society has to pay for them, too, after what they did. But if someone feels so compassionate towards these people they may want to bring them home to help them “rehab”, and also take risks and costs for that, without bothering the part of society that doesn’t share the idea that we have to be tolerant towards criminals like these (specifically these criminals, and not a petty robber, just to mention).

  • justblowtheccp

    send the murderers to lick out the assholes of perved out chinese government officials until they die from a herpes super breakout and don’t miss that female government official that took bribes for allowing the local drainage oil operation to continiue, and who then went and got a 800,000Y surgery to tighten her pussy. it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but thats just one of uncountable things that are the daily truth in china.

  • ddd

    Should abolish it, as there is a change of convicting someone who is innocent. If he was just given a prison sentence, he can be released and financially compensated, but if he was executed, there would be no way to bring him/her back.

  • Daniel Tynan

    There are many living hells worse than death.

  • elizabeth

    Life is priceless. We can’t attach a value to it. If someone kills another for whatever reason, taking that person’s life will not bring back the dead. Sparing him the death sentence also allows the killer to have a second chance in life. However, if giving him a chance means that there is a possibility of another life lost/ruined, then our priority should be to protect the potential victim.

    On this basis, I support the death sentence for certain crimes such as drug smuggling and serial killing/repeat offenders. If it is involuntary manslaughter or there is genuine remorse over an unintentional/spur of the moment mistake, then forgiveness and pardon will do more for humankind than a blanket death sentence.

    The law should be used for the good of man above punishment or revenge. So, it should take into consideration the circumstances, which is more often than not already the case. It is not black or white.

    As for wasting taxpayers’ money on prisoners, we could always make them work to pay for their upkeep. Supporting the death sentence because prisoners are too expensive for our pockets is only a convenient way of saying our money is more important than another person’s life. Of course, I object to prisons having more than the basic necessities for a humane existence.

    On the other hand, if there are too many prisons, it only means there is something very wrong about a society or the way law enforcement is carried out. The root causes should be established and addressed.

    • You favour the death penalty for drug smuggling??? Are you nuts?

      • elizabeth

        I suggest that you do some research on drug smuggling and organized crime, the underground world and its victims, especially child victims before waxing lyrical about compassionate ‘civilized’ societies.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I am a westerner living in Taiwan and can positively confirm those trying to abolish the death penalty in Taiwan are taiwanese movements pushed by western organizations. Me as a westerner left the West also because in our countries criminals are not punished for rapes, homicides etc. but they are actually helped by such organizations (that make money as NGOs) to get free again. They get free lawyers, lots of support etc. The day you’ll abolish the Death Penalties, NGOs will keep faking statistics on crimes (as it happens in our countries) while crimes from sick people will skyrocket. Death Penalty is a very good deterrent when well administered and one of the reasons Taiwan is much safer than other places (Together with the low rates of immigration and other factors

  • The Doomed Society

    Chinese Journal of Food Hygiene suggests that more than ninety four million people become ill annually from bacterial foodborne diseases alone, which led to approximately 3.4 million hospitalizations and more than 8,500 deaths.

  • Chinese

    When you take the life of another person, you have negative value to the public, thus should be eliminated before further damages are done.

  • dim mak

    I thought Taiwan already had the death penalty

    • Gaius Baltar

      They do, but it is used sparingly, if at all.

  • ItsJustMe

    As My grandmother says ” the law is for the lawless”. If they can prove beyond a shadow of the DOUBT, then YES they should execute the child killer.

  • Rudoloh Schmidt

    Death penalty should be based on certitude of the crime. If it is 100% certain that this person is a murderer, than execute them. If there is 1% of doubt, than life imprisonment.

  • Mr. Zheng

    I would rather be put to death than live the rest of my life in prison.

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