China – Brazil Basketball Game Mass Brawl Between Players

Su Wei boxes a Brazilian player.
Su Wei boxes a Brazilian player.

From NetEase:

Chinese men’s national basketball “friendly” match erupts in mass brawl, Brazilian team withdraws in protest

October 12th Beijing time, the Chinese men’s national basketball team met the Brazilian men’s national basketball team in Xuchang, Henan province for their third “friendly” match. Within the first minute of the game, Zhang Qingpeng was knocked to the ground by a covering opponent, and when the head referee did not whistle any fouls, Chinese head couch [Bob] Donewald received two consecutive technical fouls for arguing with the referee, and was fouled out of the stadium. Penalties on players from both sides caused their anger to grow, and during a fight between Zhu Fangyu and his opponent, a large clash broke out with the Brazilian team with a massive brawl breaking out between players on both teams. The game was again stopped, the Brazil team walked off the court, with 3000 excited basketball fans on the scene. In this clash, Zhang Qingpeng’s head was injured and he was carried to the locker room on a stretcher by the team doctor. Twenty minutes later, the Brazilian team did not return to the court. The organizing committee later publicly announced that the Brazilian team had withdrawn from the match due to the conflict, that the game has been changed to a [intra-team] game, and that the basketball fans can get a full refund for their tickets.

Zhu Fangyu caught in violent conflict.
Zhu Fangyu caught in violent conflict.
Brazilian team hits back.
Brazilian team hits back.
Zhang Zhaoxu punches opponent.
Zhang Zhaoxu punches opponent.
The two teams fighting.
The two teams fighting.
Brazilian player knocked down.
Brazilian player knocked down.
Su Wei chases and hits Brazilian player.
Su Wei chases and hits Brazilian player.
Brazilian player knocked onto the ground.
Brazilian player knocked onto the ground.
A scene of chaos.
A scene of chaos.
Both teams fighting and attacking each other.
Both teams fighting and attacking each other.
China's men's national basketball team loses their cool.
Brazilian player knocked onto the ground.
Brazilian player knocked onto the ground.
Zhang Zhaoxu's face deformed by a hit.
Zhang Zhaoxu
Zhang Qingpeng grapples with opposing player.
Zhang Qingpeng grapples with opposing player.
Zhou Peng speaks out for his teammates.
Zhou Peng speaks out for his teammates.
Zhu Fangyu leads the charge into the brawl.
Zhu Fangyu leads the charge into the brawl.
Zhang Zhaoxu kicks an opponent.
Zhang Zhaoxu kicks an opponent.
Brazilian coach very angry.
Brazilian coach very angry.
A Chinese national men's basketball player is escorted off the court by security.
A Chinese national men
Donewald charges onto the technical table and

There is also discussion on Tiexue (“Is the Chinese men’s basketball team training boxing in the Asian Games). Here is a video from a discussion on Mop (“Video: Large brawl during men’s national basketball team friendly [match]”):

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Here is another video that is spreading on Kaixin001:

Comments from NetEase:


Sigh, seeing such shameful news so early in the morning! And a bunch of men’s basketball children who don’t know what shame is!


Can’t play ball, but they sure can get into fights!!! Other people come from far away, and this happens…next time, if these players happen to get beaten to death abroad, don’t say that we are not patriotic, [because] that would be [what they] deserved!!


Chinese players’ characters are as such~inviting others to come fight~~a national shame.


Full price refunds? But I feel spending this money to watch a mass brawl is much more exciting than watching a game!


If you’re going to play ball, play ball, but getting into fights because you can’t beat them? That’s really JB losing face [embarrassing].


China is about etiquette/propriety/manners. For them to get into a big fight during a game, the men’s national basketball team has extremely disgraced the Chinese people. If China’s national men’s basketball team’s skill is lower than others, they should have an open mind and learn from others.


Since the essence of the match is just a game, is it really necessary to be so serious? [So serious] as to get physical?


Chinese people are always like this… Don’t fight, and the internet mob says you’re cowards! Fight, and the internet mob says you don’t have character [are uncivilized]! It is so hard to know what to do, to fight is wrong, but not fighting is also wrong! Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!
No wonder back then Old China got played around by foreigners, it is all because there are so-called apologists like you guys, making everything about justice and morality, only knowing how to talk, but never getting any real practical effect. If current society’s moral awareness is really so high, then there wouldn’t be so much unfairness and injustice!!!
Think about it! Mob!


Makes laowai [foreigners] even more convinced that all Chinese people know “拆尼死空服 [chai ni si kong fu]”!


Break out of Asia towards the world, courageous and upright men’s basketball team, bravely throw your punches! Brother [referring to self] is proud of you!


If they got into a fight, then they got into a fight… I especially hate those zhuang B people… screaming about not having manners… If there were manners… then during the War of Liberation and War of Resistance against the Japanese… would you go reason with them? Such a SB… Chinese people’s courage and uprightness is getting less and less… cowardly just standing there fucking talking out of your ass without putting yourself in other people’s shoes…


Is courage and uprightness brandishing fists towards the opponent? This is a sports competition, not a place for you to show of your Sanda, so if you have the ability, then win convincingly on the court! I’m not saying we should treat foreigners as some sort of treasure, I too am really disgusted with that sort of thinking, but competing like this [getting into fights] is bad, tarnishing the sport. Also, please do not be so quick to incite nationalistic sentiments, nothing good can come from that, and not every place needs this kind of sentiment. I trust the players had a reason for fighting, but please don’t use “courage and uprightness” to exaggerate this kind of irrational and uncivilized behavior. The Chinese men’s national football [soccer] team is a perfect example. If you’re going to go out and train [by competing with foreign teams], then do so. Why spend so much money going out to embarrass yourselves [and us]? [It is already known that] your skills are inferior to others and you’re shorter than others [that you are at a natural disadvantage], but getting into fights? I don’t know what you guys are thinking. Thinking it will prove that you are men? That you have courage and uprightness? Ridiculous!

Courage. chinaSMACK personals.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Bitter Expat

    Jesus Christ, that’s just fucking embarrassing. Whatever happened to just saying “sorry I knocked you over”?

    • Tim Collins

      What I think is funny is do you think those Chinese guys would have started that fight againt the USA Team with big black dudes? I think not….so funny.

      • JK

        size does not matter idiot.

        • Tim Collins

          Size does not matter is correct…but the American players are more “street” than the Chinese. Also, you will notice that most of the Brazilian players were not even fighting back but trying to get away. Listen, if you did this attack on an American team, you would have been attacked back and when you have Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Dwight Howard pounding on you, you will think twice. The Brazilians looked smaller to me also so people are not stupid, you charge who you think you can fight….do you honestly believe that one chinese guy would have come running over to fight if it was big ass black dude from america? I don’t think so…that chinese guy would have been still angry but he would have seriously thought twice before picking a fight with a bigger and better team. These chinese guys fight like pussies too, they have to suprise attack and then they all jump and kick the guy on the ground at the same time. Both teams were at fault here but the brawl makes the Chinese guys look weak. I have seen this fighting style in China many times and it is strictly for pussies.

          • knows how to ball

            agreed. the chinese team would never have tried this with the u.s. team, but star power might have a little to do with that too. i too have witnessed this style of fighting many times in china, and it’s a shameful thing. then again, i’ve seen one chinese guy take on three others and kick all their asses.

            yes, the brazilian guy threw a moving pick, which is against the rules and should’ve been called by the referee. is it dirty basketball? sure, but it didn’t look malicious, and happens all the time in games, even in china (i have yet to see a legitimate pick set in a pickup game here). i doubt the chinese guy had a concussion. it takes a pretty major blow to the head. however, donewald, the chinese coach, incited things further by losing his marbles. if he’d spend more time coaching his guards and forwards on how to defend the pick and roll and be aware of when a pick is coming, maybe this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. the chinese forward, however, clearly ran over the brazilian guard as he was standing still. this was malicious, instigatory, and uncalled for.

            in the end, there’s blame to heap on all sides. the refs are supposed to be able to prevent this with sharper calls, donewald needs to get his act together, the brazilian team needs to play a cleaner game, and the chinese team members need to keep their cool. a ridiculous and sad sight.

          • Leonard Z

            u r a fuckin stupid ass.. r u a fuckin cracker?! fuck the brazilians anyways! they started that shit!

          • Zhuang

            First of all, from your tone you’re a troll. Now gtfo.
            Second of all, a full on fist fight would not only get them screwed with the game even more but with the law. An example of this, if you’re American, are in shows like Maury or the Jerry Springer show, they do not punch with their fists, rather blindly with their palms.

  • George

    First at soccer matches and now basketball??? Im sorry to see the chinese people getting more dangerous every day. Road rage, couples fighting in the street, etc… This is just the tip of an iceberg.

    • Frank

      Hey George! Que tal? No sabia que posteabas por aqui, mira quien habla de peleador, ya hubieras querido estar en la pelea no? haha… cuidate, saludos.

      • Carl

        hey frank, c’est quoi ta problem. peux pas battre l’argument si il y avait une? ou essaye toi de présenter une sorte de perspicacité à l’aide de l’espagnol? In Brazil, they use portuguese.

    • Zhuang

      And this doesn’t happen in other countries? Don’t stay aboard just chinasmack, but visit others.

  • Bitter Expat no. 2

    That’s terrible.

    And those crappy security guards running after the players with their hands in the air…

  • The John

    To be honest, the fighting was stupid…

  • Alikese

    Those Brazilians look like bitches. You’d think they’d be tougher, growing up in favelas and all.

    • KT

      My sentiments exactly. This Brazilian team were obviously not extras in City of God. If they were, they would have reached for their AKs, wasted the lost, thrown the heads into the crowd and then enjoyed a line or two. Pathetic.

      • ImmortalTechnique

        Being half-Brazilian myself I’d like to remind the readers that basketball is not as “street” as it is in the USA. Poor people play futebol, not basketball. They players are probably more middle class than you are.

        • dirtywhiteboy

          i think he was being sarcastic….

    • ananda

      they could surely fight, mate. but they are basketball professional player, not fighters. we know the right time to fight. and that was surely not! sorry.

  • Stimpy

    Do we have the most thought-out Chinese-message board post I have ever read above? I think so!

    To quote: “Chinese people are always like this… Don’t fight, and the internet mob says you’re cowards! Fight, and the internet mob says you don’t have character [are uncivilized]! It is so hard to know what to do, to fight is wrong, but not fighting is also wrong! Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!
    No wonder back then Old China got played around by foreigners, it is all because there are so-called apologists like you guys, making everything about justice and morality, only knowing how to talk, but never getting any real practical effect. If current society’s moral awareness is really so high, then there wouldn’t be so much unfairness and injustice!!!
    Think about it! Mob!”

    • John

      Correct! Best comment ever.

      ——-a Chinese

  • Jay K.

    personally i am shocked so many chinese it seems, were against this. The Brazilians deserved it. playing dirty and causing an illegal screen to get one of the CN players to get a concussion and neck brace put on, that’s jsut asking for trouble and it wasn’t on accident, if u watch the video it was a clear intentional moving screen violation.

    brazil got punked and they deserved it. im glad the coach told (maybe he did, maybe he didnt) to stand up and grow balls dont get pushed around.

    • karen

      agree on this one. the brazillians WERE playing dirty, even during the first two games. can’t say i’m surprised that this happened

      • Jason

        The Chinese posters who posted negative comments should be ASHAMED of themselves and have never played real competitive sports where team spirit is the most important element in keeping a team together.


      • louie david

        It wont excuse China from what they did. If they are truly professionals they wont let emotions control them. They are stupid. They did this before with the Puerto Ricans. I recall years ago, their cousins (Taiwan), did the same thing to the Philippines. What do you expect from them. They are not thinking!

        • Zhuang

          Then suggest an alternative to when I fuck your wife.

  • Xero

    From my experience they always cheap shot you and attack in numbers. It has happened to me. Get hit from behind and 10 guys jump on you trying to grab your hair, clothes and trying to kick and slap you.

    That being said, Chinese are generally terrible at fighting. I can confidently say only groups of Chinese guys would intimidate me.

    • JK

      Just come and touch me then. ill rip your jaw off.

      • Tim Collins

        Dude, you leave your address and make sure you are alone and I am sure some guys would love to teach you or a thing or two. You are probably about 45kg and your gf is fatter than you and kicks your ass. I am probably giving you to much credit for even having a gf. Keep up your tough talk on the internet brother, you father must be proud of you.

        • peter

          Tim, you sound like a sad little (or probably fat) american who probably did not get laid until he was 28. get a life.

        • Zhuang

          Describing yourself, eh? Profiling doesn’t work over the internet rather you’re illustrating emotions floating in oneself’s mind.

      • lol

        hahahaha …that’s just sad.

  • I don’t know what happened exactly, but still this is not right.
    Call me stereotyping… but what a bunch of spoiled only childs fighting when they don’t get their right~!!!

  • Type Two

    Chinese Kung Fu bests Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…
    The Chinese really can fight. How vehemently and ruthlessly they go at it! Too bad this is basketball and not a professional wrestling Royal Rumble match.

    • kung fu panda

      the kung fu style used was “hit and run, no look then hit, hit when back turned, and hit smaller guys” sissy boys do that all the time

    • mickey-d’s

      Certainly not… in any street fight (and this was definitely not a sanctioned fight with a ring) something like 90% of the fights end up going to the ground.. it’s easier to clench someone and fall than it is to stand still and take a beating. Once on the ground, it doesn’t matter if those kung fu kicks are as fast as lightning, a Jiu-jitsu man will break your arm or knock you out in a matter of seconds. You put your money on the China Kung fu man… I’ll take the Brazilian any day – haha!

  • John

    I’m glad they fight. It shows the Chinese are not pussy. Hell, people fight in sport all the time, there is nothing wrong with it. It is part of the competitive spirit. Hockey sanctioned Fighting, soccers – riot is the norm. LOL

  • man, i live in henan. i missed this. i missed the soccer riot. i should go to more sporting events.

    henan is like the germany or florida of china.

    there i said it

    • malagebi

      “henan is like the germany or florida of china.”

      what does that even mean?

  • pitbull6

    nothing is new with the Mainlanders..

    countless incident of fighting and brawls in sporting events. Commie barbarians.

    God only knows what they were taught in school. seriously lacking any semblance of manners and ethics in every aspect of their lives

  • “Zhang Qingpeng’s head was injured and was carried to the locker room on a stretcher by the team doctor”

    Wow, decapitation is a serious injury!

    • Bill Rich

      You mean they carried his head to the locker room and not an operating theater in a hospital ? Savages. What did they use that head for ? A coffee mug ?

      • Head soup is a delicacy in southern China. The entire team enjoyed it immensely.

    • Chunghwa

      should be “…and *he* was carried to the locker room…”

      but still pretty funny though.

  • 大 李 飞 刀

    You call this basket ball? I call it “Chinese Kung Fu vs Brazilian Fujitsu”…he..he..he.

  • falukiller

    As usual, chinese sports teams have to prove they are the best whether by hook or by crook. Shit heads

  • telia

    i think they just take after their american coach

  • ponpon

    love how the comments always turn to say thats its all because of the foreign devils! i think we are getting used to this from Chinese team sports

  • GreenTea

    did u people watch the same video as i?

    the fight broke out after the brazil player fouled the #9 chinese guy and didnt got call so #8 who saw it happen ran toward the brazil people and bump him.

    tudou vid :035

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    This chinese fuckers , you dont have any balls at all, do you call that sport?
    if i was in that game i would help brazil to kick your asses mother fuckers!

    you should not be athletes!
    if you guys came to brazil and start that fight again, you chinese fuckers will be dead!!


    strange fuckerss

    • Chunghwa

      Dear sir, are you mad?

      *********word limit**********

    • Fenqing Mike

      bitch ass brazilian, I make sure i bring my PLA army when I goto brazil, take care all of you bitches.

  • shogun

    i would like to see this fuckers on the ground with BJ (brazillian JiU Jitsu)

  • Bill Rich

    But…. Who won the fight ?

  • AnBei

    “China is about etiquette/propriety/manners”
    I would tend to disagree. Compared to other places I have visited China is a country lacking in manners and compassion. China is a violent society where outwardly respectable people see no shame in resorting to punches to settle an argument. A code of etiquette exists in an historical context but is rarely adhered to today.
    This is a simple fact.

    • beowulf

      this is simple bullshit. There are a lot ot etiquette/proprierty/manners or what you like to call it in China. Like how to exchange cards, seat order at a dinner, fight over the bill (where everybody is insisting to pay for all, in difference to our western “lets go dutch” or how you like to call it) and so on.There etiquette/proprierty/manners are different to our etiquette/proprierty/manners because – tata – their culture is not western culture.

      • bert

        Those ‘manners’ you mentioned are just about face not about loving your neighbor.

        1. Exchange (business) cards=trying to get a connection or increase income
        2. Seating order=face to keep or get more connections, unless it is a family event then it is about respect which is fine.
        3. fight over bill=none of them really want to pay, they just do it so they don’t look cheap.

        • Tadd

          This kind of touches on the classic “every action is a selfish one”

          I only help the old lady to cross the road, because it makes the hot girl across the road, think I am a gentleman.
          I only give money to the homeless to satisfy my good-deed-for-the-day and gain some bonus karma.
          I only donate my kidney to my brother, because I don’t want to live with the guilt of not having made a sacrifice for him.

          A tad extreme, but hey, I’m just leaving a comment :)

        • beowulf

          1. Exchange (business) cards=trying to get a connection or increase income

          No this is about exchanging itself, not about how to do it. “How to do it” is etiquette/proprierty/manners. They could also exchange business card in a western way – throwing it over the table into the soup of your business partner, and achieve the same result

          2. etiquette/proprierty/manners express respect, but are not necessary equal respect

          3. Then they are really good actors. Sometimes I really insist on paying the bill, because I want to give something back to the people who helped me a lot or are really close to me. I usually loose every fight, thats why I am trying to do it now like many chinese and pay the bill secretly in advance.

          I think we can and this discussion now. EVERY Culture has its own rituals/etiquette/proprierty/manners… Even subcultures like people from Jersey (I watched south park last night) have their own etiquette/proprierty/manners. Maybe you do not like their culture or you do not understand them. But saying the do not have something like that, is just ignorant.

  • Reggie Dunlop

    1. I have yet to see a good fight in Basketball, this includes the NBA. They all fight like a bunch of drunk chicks at a party.

    2. This coupled with the other brawls happening in Chinese sports only solidifies my belief that China is ready for Hockey!

    “You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.”
    Denis Lemieux (Slap Shot 1977)

  • Funky

    disgusting. China should be suspended from international competition.

  • Curren$y

    You think this is strength? No. This is weakness. Disgraceful. Where are all the classy Chinese gentlemen at? Being professional athletes, you got to have a little class. I apologize to the Brazilian team on be half of China. Such behaviours are 100% unacceptable. Even if the Brazilian team started the fight, returning punches wouldn’t solve anything at all.

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  • Sunni

    It should be rephrased to 中国曾经是礼仪之邦 blahblahyadeeyadabadabadabadeedoop.

    Damn hot to see men fight.

    • 我 寻 欢

      礼仪之邦 vanished after the Communist party taking over!
      now China becomes 暴 力 之 邦 (country of violent).

  • Call this a brawl? No players charging into the stands? No objects getting thrown onto the floor? No one on the P.A. pleading for calm?

    Now for some real action, check out this clip of “Malice at the Palace”:

    • Peter

      You should post some hockey fights while you are at it. It’s good to keep perspective – but fights at international matches are particularly disturbing, don’t you think? At this game, the teams are representing their countries and, particularly in China, that is important to people.

  • redgirl

    Chinav Brazil. Basketball Game mass brawl! Yes. Seems more Spur of the moment or Passion or just that.. A Brawl ..[…compared to Italy v Serbia…
    Serbian Football Association chief Tomislav Karadzic said
    “There had been “indications” there would be violence, which he said “brought embarrassment and shame on our country.”
    It seems more sinister to me than the above mentionted
    Brawl… I hope.

  • bscalled

    Outrageous! LMFAO … These BRIC Countries are not yet ready for public consumption.

  • Peter

    What I can’t get over is the Chinese players like to kick people while they are down. This demonstrates a very disturbing aspect of current Chinese “culture.”

    It happens everywhere in the world, yes, but at an international match? Another chance to show how civilized you are… oops, guess not.

  • justinchina

    What a bunch of lazy-ass thugs…starting @ 3.23 of the tudou clip…there is like 7 Chinese players kicking and stomping a Brazilian on the ground…no wonder the brazilians didn’t come back out, it was the entire staff from the China side…even towel boys are running around getting cheap shots…

  • George

    shame on China
    the coach should know better then that
    fire that damn British coach
    i wouldnt want that coach to represent my team

  • Baidu

    this is only a friendly game supposed to be, why they are to serious anyway there is no trophy or money pot at risk. where is the sportsmanship of this people.

    the Chinese should be blame he start to freaking out.. next time don’t play basketball play chess either!!!

    shame! shame! shame!!

  • Chef Rocco

    Not a big deal! Guess these making a fuss about it aren’t hockey fans. In a hockey game, international or not, fighting is an essential part of game, no violence, no audience, simple like that.

    Anyway, modern sports have been much more civilized than ancient Roman’s entertainment – gladiatorial game, but sometimes, people are still thirsty for watching violence, this is why Hollywood action movies are so popular.

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    slay the alien submen !

  • bb

    That’s really not cool as China Football team !

  • Roi

    A bunch of savagers, it represented the commi-Chinese culture very well.

  • i’m lovin’ it

    brasil deserves a beat down on this.

    and they got it!

  • Cool Matt

    Stay Classy Chinese Basketball. Stay classy.

  • eddie

    chinese should be banned for doing any sport other than wushu, karate, mma, boxing, etc…

  • Brazilian Living in Hena

    I am Brazilian and have been living in Henan for three years now, and to tell you guys, i am not impressed. Not only this this country, but specially this province is full of wild animals like the chinese players you see on this team. Not happy because of losing for another team, not just any team, but for a team of a country Chinese people look down and know nothing ( if this shitty education, why i am not surprise), they started a fight agains the brazilian team, only proving the brainless, with no idea of manners, dirty pigs that they are. This players are from Henan. I live here and it’s like a zoo. Wild and dirty animals walking free on the street and spiting everwhere.

    And you know what’s the worse?
    Chinese people will defend this wild animals, they will probably say that the brazilian team started the fight. Just check the video, it’s pretty clear who started the fight.


    • Shanghai Baller

      I agree with Brazlian living in Henan….The Chinese players choose to show that they are “tough” and attacked the Brazilians like wild animals with no remorse or SPORTSMANSHIP. This Chinese team has set Chinese basketball back years – with such a spectacle on a national stage.

      As a competitive basketball player myself – I understand frustration, but I take that out on the next play and play harder…never fighting or attacking them.

      Learn manners. Sportsmanship, channeling competitiveness and understanding that you are a part of something more than just a foul that was not called, but develop for sport in your own country…..

      Chinese referees – setup and control a game like your job description requires you to do so. Manage tough plays and weather any storms that may occur while refereeing two physical teams.

      Brazilian guy did not maliciously foul the chinese player. Chinese team (and some staff) maliciously attacked the Brazilians.


    • Shanghai Baller

      You think Slums have international basketball games?

      Smart thinking

  • Similar incident happen between friendly football match involving between the Chinese team and the host country team (Singapore) about 2 months ago.

    The Chinese team display incredible flying kick kungfu skills which are not relevant to football match. It all started with an accidental tackle by the Singaporean striker. The umpire rule out foul play and then the Chinese side went on a rampage

  • john chow

    没素质。very classy, china men’s basketball。那位苏州的网友,友谊篮球比赛跟抗日有什么关系啊?爱国不等于你这种思想没道理的脑残民族主义。

  • cat woman


    China is about etiquette/propriety/manners. For them to get into a big fight during a game, the men’s national basketball team has extremely disgraced the Chinese people. If China’s national men’s basketball team’s skill is lower than others, they should have an open mind and learn from others.”

    is this person serious? etiquette? manners? china? all used in the same statement? how on earth spitting phlegm all over the streets etiquette. or pushing each other out of the way manners? im confused. i wonder if this outcome would have been the same if the match was not held in china.

    • fireworks

      Both sides of the BRIC are at fault. I mean, having a brawl happens in more rougher sports like Rugby or other round ball games. Basketball shouldn’t be violent at all.

      I guessed Basketball need to introduce red and yellow card rules. The coach was behaving like a aggro, he should take a chill pill. Criticizing the referees should be done through official channels not thumping fist.

      Those trolls should realise Brazil is not fault free at all, their players came out swinging. If they think they were civilised, they should have restrain themselves.

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  • HooHah

    It obvious the Chinese team is in the wrong. Undeniable. And what’s wrong with that Chinese team Coach. Knock down illegal defense is common in every basketball game, so why the unnecessary bang table, referee shouting antics. From the second video, it evident that the Chinese team are the ones starting the fight. Such a shame. If you want to play dirty, play it in the game. There’s not need for such hooligan act. It’s a downright despicable display from the country whom excels in sports. Punish the players, ban them from the games. I am a Chinese, and i am not standing on their side this time round.

    • CT

      I think the American coach getting so angry unnerved the Chinese team. This is not something a Chinese coach would do, show that much anger especially at authority figures.

      I don’t know if the hard pick was intentional or not, or if there were any other events leading up to this. It appeared that the Chinese team really wanted to fight and the Brazilian team didn’t. Clearly Zhu Fangyu provoked the brawl.

      In general Chinese play basketball less aggressively and fight less, although the national team has been in a few scraps in recent years. I played over there for quite a few years and only saw a couple fights.

  • BigB

    Chinese wouldn’t know “etiquette/propriety/manners” from a hanburger with french fries.

    As a Laowai living in China I see this far too often – a gang of Chinese stomping on a single person. They ARE cowards because they without honor, from these videos the game seemed rough and the refs did a bad job, but the Chinese only showed what those of us who live here already know:

    They are easily provoked and have the word honor means nothing in this country.

    • baron_shaolin

      My impressions:

      First, fights happen sometimes. it’s an unwanted side of sports.
      That being said, The Chinese team is clearly wrong, because they attacked the Brasilian team as they were leaving the court.
      There is no excuse for that!

      That’s why they will most likely suffer heavy pusnishment from FIBA.

      Second, that’s really cowardly for 5 guyz to stomp on a guy…
      No matter what some people think, those guyz can’t fight for shit.
      They have absolutely no technique…

      They are pussies and can’t fight. (Chinese and Brasilian)

      I could knock out any of these tall bitches, but they play ball better than I do… ;)

      I will refrain from making any generalizations about the Chinese as a people based solely on this video, doing otherwise is not wise.

      my two cents,