China Football Players’ 30 Minute Sex in Hotel Controversy

China’s national men’s football team consistently disappoints Chinese football fans. Throughout the 2008 Olympics, many fans suffered through the team’s terrible performance and embarrassing behavior. During one match, a Chinese football player kicked a Belgium player in the crotch.

At this point, almost all Chinese people hate them.

Last month, rumors appeared that several members of the national football team were seen checking into hotel rooms with prostitutes or female fans. Xie Yalong, the head of the Chinese football association promised to investigate into the matter and promised the players would be punished if true. Several days ago, pictures appeared on many Chinese BBS forums like Tianya, Mop, and NetEase confirming the rumors, showing three members of the national football team with several girls returning to their hotel.

For example, a topic from KDS, “National football players getting a room to have sex confirmed by netizen“:

Chinese national football players with girls or prostitutes?

(Reposted from NetEase)

August 12th, Qinhuangdao, the night before the Olympic match against Brazil, I going to the Qinhuangdao Olympic Village with two friends to see the Brazilian football star, but Ronaldinho unfortunately was not there. However, we ran into three Chinese Olympic team athletes, see picture, and while I could not see who was on the far left, the other two were Zhou Haibin and Feng Xiaoting, with two beauties beside them. This picture was taken right before they and the girls separated from each other. Previously they were hugging and embracing each other, but I did not get pictures of that.

China Olympic football team players returning to their hotel.

At the time, these two girls did not appear to be prostitutes, and I thought they were just female fans who offered themselves to the football players. I did not think too much about it at the time. Besides, Zhou Haibin and Feng Xiaoting are what I consider to be the Olympic team’s better football players.  However, after watching the motherfucking game the next day and seeing how terrible they were playing, I knew that the two were up to no good the night before! Otherwise, they would not have lost so badly.

The football players were staying at the Qinhuangdao Seaview Holiday Inn. My friend’s camera flash was set really high and attracted the attention of the security, and the armed special police rushed over to ruthlessly expel us.

There is a longer topic with the original pictures on Mop, “Reporting that the Chinese national team gets a room on the night before the China v. Brazil match.” One of the funny things about this controversy was that the athletes supposedly checked into the room at 9:50pm and checked out of the room at 10:20pm, which means that they only used 30 minutes.

Comments on Mop:

9:50pm check into room, 10:20pm check out of room, is this normal?

They do not shoot on the football field/pitch, but while in a hotel, after getting in position, and right when they get to the opening, they shoot.

Put some girls with their butts sticking out and put them inside the football goals. Let us see if those guys will shoot then.

I am not going to pay attention to them anymore, who cares if they are having sex or taking drugs. All football fans just give up on the National Pigs!

If the actual act was caught on camera, it would have been even more perfect.

This kind of thing is something all men will do. It is very normal.

A bunch of rubbish
A bunch of rubbish
A bunch of rubbish
A bunch of rubbish

This topic is going to be hot.
The motherfucking national football team really is trash (Note: I mean the men’s football team)

Our country has a football team? I did not know…

Honestly, I will only say one thing: From top to bottom, the entire football association are the shit of shits. The men’s football team are all pubic hair.

I wish they would just disband the national football team and erase everything related to them so they cannot affect future Chinese generations with any trace of the national team in the Chinese consciousness!!

No wonder they cannot make a goal.
They spent all their shots on women.

I am proud to say that I have never watched the Chinese men’s football team compete! Haha!

Strongly recommended the dissolution of the national team. A country can have no football team, but it absolutely cannot have no hope.

Fuck the Chinese national football team! A bunch of trash! Keeping them is inferior to keeping pigs!! They embarrass the Chinese people!

China does not have football. The sooner we disband them, the sooner we can start anew. With 1.3 billion people how can we not find 13 people???

They cannot shoot on the football field/pitch, so they can only find prostitutes to shoot at. After all, the opposition are women, not men.

The process:
9:50 check into room.
9:55 begin washing.
10:00 begin foreplay
10:15 insert.
10:20 quickly pull out + quickly check out of room.
My god, king of impotence.

Who motherfucking still pays attention to the men’s football team? The men’s football team’s only contribution to China has been that more and more people care about the men’s basketball team.

In light of the national football team possessing strong leg abilities but are unable to make goals, the State’s General Administration of Sports has decided to change the composition of the country’s Taekwondo team and starting today, they will represent China in competitions and performances.

On the football field, they do not shoot~
Off the football, they shoot with vigor. Do all of them score multiple goals~

Sigh…cherish your life and stay far away from the national team…

Chinese Lesson Time

国猪 = guo2 zhu1 = Literally means “national pigs.” It is a popular nickname for China’s national men’s football team because it sounds similar to 国足 (guo2 zu2), which is short for “national football.”

Comments on KDS:

If you shoot everything at night, there is nothing left to shoot during the competition.

National football team…
Xie Yalong  [head of Chinese Football Association, also hated]

Why cannot athletes check into rooms [to have sex]? Are all the free condoms in the Olympic Village just meant for Xie Yalong to make balloons?

Not sure how we can be sure those are prostitutes, prostitutes these days do not dress much differently from girls from respectable families.

None of our damn business.

If you do not have the ability, then do not go out and play.

It looks like two of the bastards even wore the national uniform out!

If you can produce results, you can play a girl every day and no one will say anything. If you do not produce results, however, just one look and people will say it was rape.

They call that playing football? Why bother even watching them? Wasting us taxpayers’ money.

You must first protect your own balls before you can protect the balls on the field. 

Really daring. Not afraid of getting discovered and beaten by the national men’s football players?

Baidu China Men's Football Team search result

[English translation of above image]

Search: Stupid cunt, rice bucket, lose people lose ball, waste money waste food, national pig

Were you looking for: Chinese Men’s Football

A bunch of garbage~~and they still have the nerve to call themselves athletes~

With their quality they still have female fans throwing themselves at them? They are all mentally retarded.

There are a lot of stupid cunt girls.

Why are there still people paying attention to the National Pigs?

UPDATE: One China national men’s football player has written an confession/self-criticism/open-letter insisting that they just went to the hotel only to take a shower (Sina, NetEase, and Mop). In the letter, the player also comments about the difficulty of their opponents, the pressure they had, and the responsibility of the football association. Some people think maybe this is a fake written by a netizen. I may try to translate some comments later.

08/09/04 UPDATE: Joel Martinsen at made an English translation of the self-criticism letter.

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