China Killed 180k Dogs to Trade for Russian Su-27 Fighter Jet


Chinese netizens react in disbelief to a recent claim made by military expert Du Wenlong on Yunnan TV regarding the slaughtering of 180,000 dogs to make dog pelt coats to trade for Russian-made Su-27 fighter jets. The reality is that in the early 1990s, 70% of the costs of the first shipment of Su-27s were paid for using industrial and consumer products under ”Project 906“.

From Sina Weibo:

@凤凰网: Russian Fighter Jets Traded to China for Dog Pelts, China Killed Dogs in 3 Provinces to Meet the Demand — Military expert Senior Colonel Du Wenlong: Back when China was requesting to buy Su-27s, the terms set by the Russians was to trade using 10,000 dog pelt coats. 10,000 dog pelt coats created a lot of pressure/difficulties for us. It takes 18 dogs to make one coat, so that winter we killed all the dogs from the three provinces of Henan, Shandong, etc. in order to trade for Su-27s.


Full statement from the expert:

”Back when we were importing Su-27s, Russia was also having economic difficulties. They only wanted three things: One, flashlights; two, vacuum flasks; three, dog pelt coats. 10,000 dog pelt coats, that created a lot of pressure/difficulties for us. It takes 18 dog pelts to make one dog pelt coat. So that winter we killed all the dogs in the three provinces of Henan, Shandong, etc. in order to trade for Su-27s. So dogs in China had made significant contributions to China’s military and weapons modernization.”

Comments on Sina Weibo:


So is this the real reason behind the beating of dogs?


If this is true, then of the 180k dogs, how many were loyal Hachikos, how many seniors lost their only companions, and how many children lost their childhood friends. To make this kind of deal is no different than trading your soul to the devil, and even the most despicable words cannot describe it. After all, one Su-27 means little to a great nation in comparison.

蹬山队: (responding to 我真不一定是好人)

Before 1994, dog pelt coats were the main exports to Russia, I personally sold over 1,000, but compared to the China National Native Produce and Animal By-Products Import and Export Corporation (CNNPABIEC), I’m nothing. They exported millions of dog pelts to Russia each year, so much that there weren’t enough dogs in the countrysides to kill. Later, the Russians changed their living habits and started to wear sable, so dog pelts lost its market, and people stopped raising those dogs.


Now we can kill 50 cent dogs, in exchange for jet engines.


Poor doggies. Vicious evil humans. Such evil will definitely face retribution [karma].


Such a ridiculous request. Now when we buy Su-35s, are we supposed to send over some excess stock of melamine-tainted cheese?


After skimming the comments, most of them are jeering~ and I’m too lazy to say much tonight. This isn’t news on military forums. When the Soviet Union collapsed, there was a critical shortage of many commodities, not just dog pelts but also many light industrial products.


Why does this feel like I’m watching a show from Taiwan?


China, you sure are cruel.


The first batch of Su-27s were traded with material goods. Material commodities made up a significant portion of the payment.


Doggies sacrificed their lives for the nation.


I personally think we should turn these experts into leather coats…


This is quite believable. The civilian goods economy in the Soviet Union was rubbish at the time, and they often traded military hardware for foreign civilian goods.


Good thing Tsarist Russia didn’t ask for human pelts.


Actually, Du Wenlong is really a great speaker. Every time I watch his analysis, I feel as if our Heavenly Kingdom is about to take over the world.


Yuling Dog Meat Festival can’t be considered a festival anymore. The Su-27’s nickname should be the dog slaughter fighter.


When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Russians were so poor that they lacked everything, with the only thing left over being a bunch of weapons from the Soviet era. You could’ve offered them cabbage and they would’ve traded, let alone coats.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Amused

    How is this different from killing cows or sheep? Besides the dogs tasting more gamey that is.

    • Ken Morgan

      Because dogs are cutsey wootsy (hackspit) and are our friends!

    • ClausRasmussen

      >> How is this different from killing cows or sheep?

      It is different because we are humans and more attached to some animals than others

      • Amused

        Honestly I feel kind of shitty every time I’m killing an animal. Mix of elation at the violence and disgust with myself when I look in it’s eyes. But they do taste so good.

        • ClausRasmussen

          We are also predators if that helps. You’re just acting according to your nature :-)

        • jin

          I’m very yabi wopy pleased to let you know that I’m pretty very jerry dary gary Asstree Amused by your comment.

          • Guest

            Glad to make you smile.

    • utera

      Dogs are evolved companion/worker animals, they were not bred to be live stock, it is that simple.

      • Amused

        Meat is meat.

  • Wiki states $30 million as the cost for this aircraft = $16.3 million (in 1990 dollars)/180,000 dogs = $91/dog

    • DC

      probably not factoring the Communist co-op discount.

    • Brian227

      $16.3m per aircraft, times how many aircraft? It sounds a bit… sensational, to me. But then we never see sensationalism on Chinese TV, do we?

      • Perhaps they bought just the one (without an engine) for parades?

    • Zappa Frank

      dogs probably were just part of the payment.

      • Irvin

        dogs and whores, in the end we still paid of it with bitches, but with different breeds.

  • DC

    the Russians probably thought…if we make some ridiculous request they’ll go away and we won’t look bad as comrades….once again underestimating Chinese resolve…

  • Joe

    To clarify, China had very little foreign exchange reserves at the time and had no choice but to barter. The actual agreement comprised of 70% from industrial and consumer products, fur coats were just as mall part of that. But of course Chinese media likes to pick up on the more sensationalist side of things.

    This of course is nothing new, Cuba bartered for weapons with plantains and sugarcane too.

    • grand

      not really. during the cold war, the soviet economy became very lopsided. 50% of soviet’s gdp were from the military industry. the soviet couldn’t produce simple light industrial products such as soap, or flashlights and had to import them. even today, russia’s light industry is very weak and has to rely on imports.

    • Xio Gen

      Chinese media is becoming sensationalist. Just one more facet of capitalism slowly permeating into the Heavenly Kingdom *wipes tear from eye*

  • RegisterToPost

    OK, the slaughter of those dogs was a tragedy. But that image with the Shiba Inu was a great cover image to the story. Kudos!

  • mr.wiener

    I wonder if dogskin coats smell bad when they are wet?

    • Amused

      I wonder if you buy one if you have to keep guard over the thing lest Cruella DeVille show ups and dognaps your swag.

  • Ktrang

    for china thats a cheap price to pay. and ofc they couldnt careless about animals to begin with

  • Surfeit

    “Doggies sacrificed their lives for the nation.”
    This has to be one of my favourite comments ever. It’s so dubious! If it’s trolling, it’s expert level. If it’s honest opinion, it’s expert level retard. The fact I can’t decipher it is just so damn attractive! Thank you, stranger on the web!

  • johndoe

    UM… Humans ARE predators, we are at the top of the food chain and that makes us predators, being a predator doesn’t mean we must use our claws and jaws to kill, but we use our brain and technology to help us, that makes us no different than any other predators.

    • ClausRasmussen

      We also have some anatomical and biological traits that are typical for (omnivorous) predators: Stereoscopic sight, front teeth for tearing, a digestive system suitable for processing meat, and inability to synthezise some vitamins (especially B-12) that are plentiful in meat

      It is possible to live off a 100% vegetarian diet but it would have been difficult for our ancestors to escape malnutrition

      • Zappa Frank

        yes all true. But humans somehow are out of this all… I mean predator hunt because they have to. Actually we can chose.

      • mr.wiener

        How many vegans does it take to eat a bacon cheeseburger?
        One… if no one else is looking.

        • must touch brain

          I think it’s supposed to be, “how many Muslims does it take to eat a bacon sandwich?” I’ve never eaten a hamburger even when alone.

          • mr.wiener

            We believe you…

      • A Touch of Sin

        Damn you and your science!

        • ClausRasmussen

          The layman’s version is “eat your burger and be happy”

      • B*tches, Leave

        Humans adapted to the environment like any other animal. The things you listed are not proves (although it is considered by many as facts). There are animals out there with much better eyesight, bigger teeth and sharper claws, but these animals are 100% herbivores. And while animal products do have the most amount of B12, some plants have it too (enough for a human; but of course not enough for a glutton).
        Our ancestors escaped malnutrition, they survived, established as the dominant species and now we are here at the crossroads of choosing to unnecessary follow their old way (except eating animal products for entertainment rather that survival) or go vegan and evolve …

      • wnsk

        Pandas are biologically built to be carnivores. And yet, they subsist almost entirely on plants (bamboo), from which they derive very little nutrition and have difficulty digesting. Where does that leave us?

        Maybe we eat what we eat simply because we like how it tastes, and because it’s convenient to do so…and not so much because ” it’s in our nature” — whatever that means.

        • RagnarDanneskjold

          Pandas would be extinct without human aid. Vegetarian humans have much lower sperm counts. It’s a fine diet for monks who are not trying to have children, but among the general population, vegetarianism will fade out through evolution due to lower rates of reproduction.

          • must touch brain

            Bullshit. I’ve always been a vegetarian and if it weren’t for contraceptives, I’d have an army of children. Anyway, the world needs more children like it needs more traffic.

          • Thor

            Do your nickname comes from this good ole (1985) Midnight Oil record ?

          • wnsk

            Pandas have existed for millions of years without human assistance. The fact that it is endangered today has more to do with deforestation and habitat loss due to HUMAN ACTION than anything.

            Lower sperm count just means less chance of conception. It does not mean mean no chance. It does not necessarily lead to extinction. You just have to screw harder, and more often. Overpopulation can be as disastrous to species survival as population decline.

      • must touch brain

        Maybe but the point is, for years, humans have been able to live without meat and have no reason to continue eating it. It’s a murderous waste of life.

    • B*tches, Leave

      Our intelligence makes us smarter than any other animal on the planet, but it certainly does not make us qualify to call ourself predators.

      • Kai
      • Sophia Dalke

        So in your post before this you admit through inference that prehistoric man was necessarily a predator (“unnecessary [sic] follow their old way”), and now you’re back on this baseless assertion that magically we’re not because we don’t ‘have’ to be. You’re delusional.

        Animals are tasty as fuck. All multicellular life eats other life, and just because some life has chlorophyll and doesn’t walk around doesn’t mean it’s some kind of bullshit moral high ground to eat that but not other life that happens to move around.

        • Kris

          So you’re saying that eating a carrot from your garden is the same as roasting and eating your dog? Just because one happens to move around, it doesn’t give you a moral high ground, right?

        • must touch brain

          Too many people. Should be culled and eaten. With a few herbs and spicy, perhaps they’re tasty as fuck, you barbarian.

          • hailexiao

            How about we all give up both meat and grain? Paleolithic vegan diet would be awesome if we could get it to work on industrial scales.

          • must touch brain

            I have a friend here in Qingdao that actually has that sort of a diet and he’s a body builder. I’d consider it too but i like my grains too much and i hate hanging around fitness centers.

  • Irvin

    Can you see the irony in all this? Dogs were sacrificed for a tool that may one day take human lives.

    I wonder how many lives must the fighter jet take before it’s worth all the lives of the dogs. If it can kill 100people, it’ll still be 1,800dogs per human.

  • don mario

    what kind of sad shell of a human being would want to wear a dog pelt jacket?

  • Riina

    …er…of course they are O.O some humans just learned to gain profits by avoiding eating meat, but it’s not our true nature.

    • Kris

      Our true nature is what we are at this moment. The changes in our diet are a natural evolution, just like the evolution of technology.

      I’m wearing synthetic clothes, typing on a plastic keyboard, smartphone in my pocket… is that less of a “true nature” than the way cavemen lived? It’s just an evolution, part of life and nature.

      • Riina

        OK, let it be this way. We once decided to become carnivores, because that’s the evolution. That was better for us. We developed fangs. Looooong ago. And we still have these fangs. And unless there was some kind of ban on meat, whether human-made or naturally made or whatever the reason (fantasy, in my opinion), we will still be carnivores in our nature. We can set our mindset towards eating plants only, but that won’t make us loose fangs, if most of people would stay meat-lovers… We can adapt, change, look for same nutrition in meatless diet, but as far as I know, most people on the planet are not herbivores and drastic change in diet of all human kind is not gonna happen soon :)
        (excuse my conditionals, I’m not a native)

        • Kris

          An animal with stronger characteriatics is more likely to survive and reproduce. On TV they explained it with polar bears, the few bears with a genetic mutation that made their fur white had a bigger chance to survive in the snow and therefor more chance to reproduce.

          Having omnivour teeth while eating only plants, doean’t decrease your chance for survival or reproduction.

          That’s why we already have some useless body parts. As long as they dont hinder our chance for reproduction, they’re not going away.

          Also, a pretty large piece of the population is already vegetarian or eating less meat than past generations. People are becoming more and more aware of the consequences, and a ban on meat isnt that far fetched in my opinion (who knows in 50 years?)

  • Rick in China

    I don’t get it – is the military guy trolling IRL? Crazy? Serious? I’ll just pretend he’s serious, because it seems more like trolling or crazy to me.

    If that is the case, both countries look terribly disgusting in this scenario.

    • Joe

      Du Wenlong is a senior analyst for the PLA Academy of Military Sciences so what he said should have some truth to it. But the media just focused on the most controversial part of it.

  • Dolph Grunt

    And now it looks like Xi himself has been caught buying massive quantities of elephant tusks. The sacrificing of animals has completed the full circle.

    “When we last met, I was but the learner. Now I am the master!”

  • must touch brain

    Another Chinese disgrace.

  • Only in China, because they don’t know how to make their own jets. LOOOOOL

  • Ktrang

    oh please, they dont care about them at all. look for animal cruelty and they are top of the list

  • Guest

    Dis wut happnz. Not wow.. so scare.

  • kingObing

    God damn fools.