China Ranked 5th in BBC Global Popularity Survey, Above USA

Chinese soldiers raise PRC flag during the 2008 Beijing Olympic ceremony.

Chinese soldiers raise PRC flag during the 2008 Beijing Olympic ceremony.

From QQ News:

Survey of Worldwide Popularity Ranks China 5th, Surpassing USA and EU

As shown in a recent global survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), China’s global popularity has increased, surpassing France and the United States, and is now ranked fifth in the world’s most popular countries.

The results of this survey are drawn from the answers of 24,000 respondents in 22 countries. Compared to the results of the 2011 survey, this year shows that the percentage of those who hold a positive view of China rose from 46 percent to 50 percent, allowing China to surpass both the United States and the European Union to become the world’s fifth most popular country.

The survey also showed that China’s popularity increased in both developed and developing countries, with the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany showing the largest increases in margins.

Compared with two years ago, the views of those surveyed towards the United States changed little. This year, 47 percent of the respondents held a positive view of the United States, compared to 33 percent negative. For European countries, this year’s survey marks the second consecutive decline in popularity.

According to a spokesperson for Globe Scan, a public opinion research firm which conducted the survey for the BBC, “The EU has long been regarded as a symbol of political and economic stability. But after the European Union sunk into crisis, people turned their hopes toward China.”

Top 10 Most Popular Countries and Areas:

  1. Japan 58%
  2. Germany 56%
  3. Canada 53%
  4. United Kingdom 51%
  5. China 50%
  6. France 48%
  7. European Union 48%
  8. USA 47%
  9. Brazil 45%
  10. India 40%
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China ranks 5th most popular nation in the world, ahead of the US and much of Europe according to a BBC survey released last week, sparking netizen discussion

Read the full report here.

Comments from QQ News:

腾讯网友 夜莺:

Just take a look at the whities getting VIP treatment in China and you’ll know, this problem is inevitable.

腾讯青岛市网友 地面㊣靜風:

I understand the purpose of this article, a reporter saw the strain placed on the life of a Chinese worker, and so wrote something to humor everyone.

腾讯滁州市网友 ゞ夜の盡頭:

Then who’s the least popular country? Japan #1, Germany #2, both are the instigators of World War 2! How many countries have their eyes on China? I’m absolutely certain this is [the list of] the least popular countries!!

腾讯江门市网友 命运ぃ帆菲宏:

There are two possibilities: One, parts of Europe genuinely have fond feelings toward China. Two, the Western media deliberately released this for Chinese to see, the intention being: Hardworking, brave, kind-hearted and gullible Chinese, behold the results of your selfless assistance, the European mainland you have flattered has started to give you honor, but this is still far from enough, only ranked fifth, don’t you want to be first, so better hurry and provide more assistance! [Alludes to the European economic crisis and China’s role.]

腾讯网友 蓝塰艦镸:

Friends from afar, come enjoy yourselves. Come to China to enjoy our splendid local specialties — Southern Gutter Oil, Northern Gelatin, Eastern Leather-based Medicines, Western Poison, let’s see how long you stay?

腾讯湖州市网友 滴泪小丑:

With such Stupid people with too much money, could China not be popular? Go and see which European-American developed country allows a Chinese passport to enter without a visa

腾讯网友 觉悟人生:

Reading this article, I’m suddenly reminded of a comic sketch told by Ma Li a while back: People who talk big have the upper lip in the heavens, the lower lip on the earth, so where is their face? There is none, only lips remain.

腾讯芜湖市网友 白开水:

Foreigners from developed nations enjoy privileged protection in China, or as they say foreigners are first class, officials are second class, minorities are third class and Han are fourth class. Here in China the exact same thing can happen to foreigners and Chinese but will have completely different outcomes, just like differing chemical reactions. It’s very simple, just look at how even big shot officials are ranked behind foreigners and you’ll know just how big the disparity is.

腾讯网友 FKL:

This ranking is too hilarious, the two instigators of WWII ranked at the top. Which goes to show who knows what China being ranked fifth is based on, so unreliable!

烟台市 种桃道士:

There’s definitely a reason/basis [for this poll result], and it is because China’s resources are the cheapest, especially labor which is at a slave prices, warmly welcomed by foreign nations; China’s ordinary common people are the most docile and meek, always submitting themselves to mistreatment. Even in the face of strenuous manual labor, this country’s labor class demonstrates enormous patience, and this is very desirable in the eyes of foreign investors.

China’s political situation is also the most stable, where foreign investors never have to worry about encountering headache inducing situations in their home countries such as strikes, demonstrations, workers fighting for rights, or other unpleasant labor and management disputes because the local government will simply help them [foreign investors] quell the trouble.

China’s wealthy class are really rich, and are really willing to spend money, especially abroad in foreign countries. Chinese rich and their extravagant consumption receives unprecedented welcome from various countries in the world, because these rich effortlessly rake in cash in the mainland, of course with no lack of corruption involved, so when making money is easy, it’s also easy to spend, and they spend with all their might.

Chinese have a large self-sacrificial spirit, being frugal when it comes to domestic social welfare for their fellow countrymen, because we have an effective “harmonious” regime, one that prefers that its own people suffer grievance in order to pledge its own financial and physical resources to foreigners to put on airs as a “world power”.

Especially China’s political opponent, America, who is even more willing to praise China for giving huge financial funds and support to help it get through its economic crisis. When even our own “enemy” is giving us incessant praise, then who is left to not welcome China?

遂宁市 叶子,随风飘 (responding to above):

Too true, said so perfectly, ding!!!!!!!!!

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