China Surpasses Japan to Become World’s 2nd Richest Nation


Foreign Media: China Has Passed Japan to Become World’s 2nd Richest Country, Middle Class Reaches 100,000,000 Citizens

On October 14th, the Reference News Network reported that on the 13th, foreign media claimed the investment bank Credit Suisse published an international wealth report which showed that China had superseded Japan to become the world’s 2nd wealthiest nation, behind only America. In addition, reports showed that China has the world’s largest middle class, reaching 109,000,000 people.

An October 13th report from Reuters News Agency said that, according to the value of the currency at the time of calculation, the total value of all the world’s wealth fell by 12.4 trillion USD to 250 trillion, a decline of 4.7%. Because the U.S. Dollar affects the value of other major currencies, it has counteracted the influence of stock and real-estate trends.

According to the report, dividing by country, the world’s three richest countries are America (85.9 trillion USD), China (22.8 trillion USD) and Japan (19.8 trillion USD). This year China took 2nd place, which was previously held by Japan, the main reason being unfavorable trends in the exchange rate. Household wealth in Japan dropped by 15%.

In China, market capitalization rose by almost 150% in the year to end-June 2015, however this had less impact on household wealth than was expected, because financial assets only account for half of household wealth, and equities only account for a small portion of financial assets.

“In mid-June China’s domestic stock market was shaken, but the negative influence on overall household wealth was limited, although this will be magnified during the forthcoming year by any RMB-USD depreciation.”, the report claimed.

The report predicted by 2020 China’s total wealth is expected to increase to to 36 trillion USD, accounting for 10.4% of the global total of 345 trillion, keeping China in 2nd place.

The report also said that the number of middle class people globally rose from 524 million in 2000 to 664 million in 2015, accounting for about 14% of the world’s total population.

Although China’s middle class accounts for only 11% of its adult population, it is still the largest in the world, at 109 million people, surpassing America’s 92 million middle class adults.

The report claimed that, using America as the standard, “middle class” was defined as an adult who has between 50,000 and 500,000 USD in wealth. (this figure was calculated using the mid-2015 price of the USD) In addition, using the purchasing power of the IMF Flat Value Series, calculated according to local buying power, the middle class range for other countries can be calculated.

Comments from Netease:

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西坡盲流 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Becoming no. 1 is just around the corner, I’m crying tears of excitement.

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:122.233.*.*

I’m holding the motherland back.

总是不在意 [网易广东省手机网友]:

If I wasn’t holding China back, it would already be the world’s richest country. I’ve failed my country.

网易浙江省温州市手机网友 ip:61.164.*.*

China has more than 13 billion people, more than a hundred million middle class! If you compare the numbers, who can compare with China?

跟贴局愤青 [网易重庆市手机网友]:

The feeling of being blessed has sprung up unbidden.

新闻今日谈 [学尼玛]:

I’m not worthy of my country, I’m holding it back, the things you guys are saying are terrifying!

手机用户1042506013 [网易四川省自贡市手机网友]:

Rich and successful people say their wealth was paid for with hard work and sweat.

278374538 [网易江苏省徐州市网友]:

Work hard! Money doesn’t fall from the sky. Successful people have their own way of doing things, they don’t blame the gods. Keep working hard and maybe the next successful person will be you.

叶利钦大统领 [网易日本手机网友]:

China has 1.5 billion people splitting its 22 trillion dollars. 90% of it is held by 50 million people. Japan has 120 million people splitting 20 trillion dollars, of that 100 million people split 90% of it. (Global Shit Report): China is Wealthier than Japan!

Free丶布衣 [网易天津市手机网友]:

In 1955 the per capita income of a Chinese person was 3.2 times that of a Korean and 1.1 times that of a Japanese person. After more than 50 years of tremendous growth, in 2008 the per capita income of a Chinese person was 3% of a Japanese person’s income, and 7% of a Korean’s. Obama is currently accepting interviews saying: “The standard of living for Chinese people is that of an American in 1910.”

少帅的心思你别猜 [网易广东省揭阳市手机网友]:

There was a premise they forgot to state, their calculations didn’t include the other 1.1 billion people!

平淡生活1971 [最最最霸气]:

The benevolent man cannot be rich!

sjxgyyx [网易湖北省网友]:

China’s wealth gap index passed the warning line long ago, but the domestic experts still said it was normal. I don’t know if thats because its easy to bully Chinese people or if there is a problem with the warning line.

dpxiaomao2015 [网易山东省泰安市网友]:

The U.N. fee should be raised, the country [China] is so rich. I suggest we pay little Japan’s fees too.

网易广东省汕尾市海丰县网友 ip:58.254.*.*

That is the people at the top! Most people are at the bottom and its difficult for them even to scratch out a meager existence.

网易福建省福州市手机网友 [寒冰浪人] 的原贴:

I wet myself laughing. America has 85.9 trillion, and only 300 million people. Japan has 19.8 trillion and only 120 million people. China has 22.8 trillion and 1.37 billion fucking people! Are you mocking yourselves? Seriously?

网易安徽省合肥市手机网友 ip:42.157.*.* [In response to the above comment]

Who are you comparing averages with right now? You don’t get it. When the U.N. is talking about fees we should emphasize our 900 million poor people, when talking about ranking we should emphasize our 100 million middle class.

网易菲律宾手机网友 ip:112.198.*.*

The characters for “China” in this article have nothing to do with me.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:118.186.*.*

More and more shameless…

747446826 [网易贵州省贵阳市云岩区手机网友]:

I think North Korea is the richest, China is the second! This is the order of the universe!

  • KamikaziPilot

    2nd richest in the world. Unfortunately for them they have to share it among 1.3 billion people and very unequally at that. But I guess it’s progress, after all they can brag they passed Japan who has one tenth of their population, score one for the harmonious society and their 90,000 years of history.

    • Amused

      I agree with you, it is progress man. But unless they find some way to address the wealth imbalance, not just between rich and poor but between city and country….. well the inequality is going to be just awful in the future.

      • Fatfreddy

        I am sure if US can survive the same widening gap, China can

        • redwhitedude

          China is developing nation the US is a developed nation. China is the country that is going through trying times in its goal to reach developed nation status.

          • John

            It’s gonna be a long time before China becomes a developed nation. Money isn’t everything.

          • anon

            If you look at the richest countries or “most developed” countries’ histories you’ll see years of brutality, colonialism, unfair trade deals, bullying and greed. I love how the West now cries foul every time China does something out of line (controlling their exchange rate, extending their borders). The hypocrisy is astounding.

          • guest

            Fall and rise of empires, there as been times when China was a rich country and demanded tribute or trade in favour of themselves, not to mention expansionism.

          • Bill the Awesometacular

            China during the Qing Dynasty was like today’s Iraq. Western pressure made the country transform from monarchy to Republic to authoritarian commie regime kinda like Iran (authoritarian Shia regime). Careful there people. ISIS might take over Iraq from the Iraqi Republic just like the commies took over China from the Kuomintang.

        • Clams4Sale

          The US CAN’T survive the widening gap tho

    • Jahar

      You must be one of those american running dogs, or is it japanese running dogs? Whatever that means.

      • Amused

        I’ve always wondered, what a “running dog” really is and how it is you become one. Seems like it must be a lucrative occupation.

        • Suju Queen

          Nah, I understand what Jahar meant by “running dog” . Not an English word ,but an Urban language used by the Chinese speaking world to describe someone as a Lackey

      • Zappa Frank

        something like this but with an american flag

    • Anon

      Feeling threatened? What’s wrong with feeling pride that your country has gone from poverty to wealth?
      Gone from being a civilisation older and more wealthy than any other in East Asia, to being stomped on by the Brits and Portuguese.

      • Bill the Awesometacular

        Kinda like Iran being stomped on by the Russians and the Brits and Iraq being stomped by the US. Stop with the victim mentality damn it.

    • tony cheng

      I agree with you on the first part but 90,000 years of history ? 90,000 weeks most probably !

  • Amused

    Some of the best comments I’ve seen from the netizens. Admittedly its been awhile since we saw them regularly, but these were pretty choice.

    • 42

      Just because you think its good, doesnt make these netizens comment the best. This is just a selection of comments from ChinaSmack. you havent even begun to explore all the other netizens comments.

      • ClausRasmussen

        The translated comments look representative: Some happy flag waving, some self deprecating humor, some Japan bashing, and some harsh realists to spoil the party

    • Lichdar

      They are pretty hilarious.

  • Vance

    Nice to know we are still WAY in the lead. We haven’t even been trying hard these last few years. We’ve been more concerned with having a black colored president, forcing young healthy people to buy crony health insurance, controlling the climate by 0.02 degrees, and saving the whales to worry about silly stuff like…earning a living. Still we manage to earn 4 times the wealth with 1/4 the population as the guys in second. Criticize us all you want, something does work around here.

    It is good to see that many of the top netizen commenters seem to understand economics and how to become wealthy.

    • Jahar

      High-five yourself.

    • you sound so proud!

      • Vance

        So many comments on here are so critical of America even though the comment is actually about China or some other country. The commenters on here sometimes buy into the political correct view told them by leaders (not the common people) around the world that America is the root cause of all the world’s problems. We are not the cause of the world’s problems. It was nice to see an article that shows that America still generally works. No it is not perfect, and there are many problems to solve, but that is true of EVERY nation. Even China and each country these people come from.

    • Germandude

      I like how you mention “we are still in the lead”. Like you include yourself in the “we” of the leaders. While I am sure you are educated and bright enough to see how the gap between the top 1% of your country is taking the fast-lane in piling up even more wealth, I am wondering if the “we” shall suppose that you are one of the 1%. I doubt it. I think you are an average Joe and you say “we”, because you are proud of your country.
      The reason I am thinking so is because it’s obvious that propaganda makes you write a statement such as “forcing young healthy people to buy crony health insurance”. That’s what the 1% of your country want you to worry about rather than establishing a society in which those who can support those who cannot. Something educated people would call an advanced society. And your “concerned about…..earning a living” in the US is also a typical example of a wealthy nation doing it wrong. Divide et impera!
      Still, the US makes 4 times the living with 1/4 of the popluation of China. Some things do work around the US. That’s right. Unfortunately one of it is brainwashing the masses.
      I am not suggesting that the US is doing everything wrong, but it’s the best western world’s example of how to PRETEND to being better.
      Regards from socialist Germany. I have a doc appointment now which luckily is not pushing me into bankruptcy.

      • Alan Dale Brown

        The middle class in the US is losing ground to the rich. However, the median (not average) income in the US is still well ahead of Germany, so don’t feel too sorry for us yet (Canadian middle class has just passed us up, by a miniscule amount). See:

        • Germandude

          I don’ feel sorry at all. You get what you ask for. Unfortunately the US is going in the complete wrong direction and I find it worrying that many run after flag-wavers whose intentions are doubtful. Let’s hope the blind and careless are still in a minority in the US.

          • David

            We appreciate your concern. However, I think it is going just fine (in general, of course there are problems everywhere). I suppose it is good luck you are where you are since you like it so much and I am where I am since I appreciate where we are going instead. I would not be happy in Germany (as a citizen I mean, visiting would be great on vacation) as I am sure you would not be happy as an American. I guess we are both lucky,

          • Germandude

            I agree with you. I have visited the US 9 times and lived there for over a year, so at least I think I am able to base my opinion on experiences that goes deeper than the usual US-bashing online. Also, I do not want to appear as the guy that spits into your soup. Many Americans I know are great people and the country itself is beautiful.
            However, where I have a big problem with is the economical and political system in the US that is pretty much fucking up many parts of the world and the indifference that so many Americans show as they are too busy “making a living”.

          • ClausRasmussen

            Actually, this socialist EU vs. capitalist US is besides the point when both systems are suffering from competition from China and other new economies

            In my half-informed opinion (I’m a Dane living just north of Germany), the EU welfare state is toast and the US is only doing so-so in this Globalized World

          • Vance

            Competition from China is good for both the EU and the US. WE must step up to the plate to become better and not hope the world will always be the same if we of both systems want to remain at the top. With all those people, if China ever does figure it out, they can easily dominate the world.

          • ClausRasmussen

            My point was that is it stupid to argue over which have the best system, US or the EU, when both systems are under pressure from China

            I agree that competition is good. I have no doubt that China will continue its development to the challenge for us is to improve ourselves and also learn from China (no welfare but low living cost is the key imo)

          • Germandude

            And this is where I (partly) disagree again.
            First, I agree that we have to step up to become better, but no, why do “we” need to remain at the top? I think, the western industrialized nations should take the lead in making this planet a better one. You know, stepping up in technologies that reduce the damage industrialized nations cause would be a good start. A more sustainable usage of our world’s resources. Best thing: We don’t have to wait for our stupid governments to move their asses. We can immediately start ourselves. For example: Do I need to have 3 TVs at home or is 1 sufficient for the family? Do I need to buy my 3.0 liter BMW or is the 2.0 version sufficient for my needs? Should I really buy 3 kgs of meat eventhough I am unsure if I will consume it in the next days and throw half away or should I buy less but maybe a 2nd time if needed?
            Questions like that are a good start.
            Why is it necessary to dictate people in the middle east or anywhere in the world for that matter on how they live? Why is fair trade not sth to strive for since we know, only the 1% is earning the big bucks under the current circumstances?
            There is a need to work together with the rest of the world rather than forming an elite group of countries that tries to push their thoughts on others. True strength is already there in the culture of our nations. Last time I checked, Coca Cola and Mickey Mouse were strong at winning kids’ minds, no matter if they prayed to God or to Allah. Bombs are not a good choice.
            And the cultural strength we have, especially still the US still holds it like “it’s cool to be american” will do the rest to grant us a seat on the bright side of life.
            And that’s the true problem China will face in the future. China’s image is so bad in the rest of the world, it will take decades, if not centuries, to be a true exporter of a “Chinese way of life” or sth similar. So, don’t be afraid and let them try. Just let it be a free & fair competition, sth, especially the US also promote if I am not mistaken.

          • David

            The best part is that we are both from countries that have free speech, so we are allowed to say what we think of many things (including criticizing our own governments or others) so we tend not to be as thin skinned as many more strictly controlled nationalistic countries. My soup is fine, I do not feel in the least bit personally offended. I know many people prefer a more socialist approach, I am just not one of them.

          • Lady Azula

            Isnt it great to have free speechthough? I also am a fellow American and agree with the views of our fellow free speech German friend up there. I find the American political system terribly flawed and I don’t want to associate myself with Vance up there. I find his views embarrassing.

          • Vance

            YOu should not be embarrassed that we are in the lead. We are not in the lead because we are better, we are in the lead specifically because of what you said. Each citizen can and has a duty, in fact, to contribute to the political discourse of the country. I agree with you. The system is terribly flawed. It needs fixed. Part of my point was that we have not been concentrating on fixing and maintaining our system. We have been leaving it to others to “fix” the system.

            It is okay to be proud of who you are and the people you came from. I made that post because it seems like Americans are not allowed to be proud of their country and it achievements. Even comments on here that are critical of some other country almost seems to be required to have some critical qualifier: “Well America is just as bad.” or “I don’t like what America is but…” In posts that have nothing to do with America but are talking about some other country. I.m not talking about the “womao’s” and their deflection. I’m talking about commenters dissagreeing with the womao’s but feel the need to qualify their argument by some statement of shame on America. SO here is a story that show.s the obvious success of America as a society. SO I express a little pride and it embarrassed you? Why? Because not everyone is filthy rich in America? Because not every garbage dumb and dirty smokestack is cleaned up yet? Is that why you are embarrassed at my pride in this country overall working?

            However, I agree with you that free speech is a most important aspect of this and many countries. It is one of the tennets that makes us great.

          • David

            I always say there is plenty of room in our big country for lots of opinions. You should nto be embarrassed by other people’s opinions, they represent themselves not you. You have your own voice that others might not agree with. It is a full time job supporting your own views.

          • James

            just fine for now. I don’t know how long this utopia is going to last.

          • David

            I think that can be said for anywhere. There are plenty of real problems to worry about today, I will do the future ones when they get here.

          • James

            This country is young, only 15 generations. You can tell that the Founding Fathers were trying to draft something ideal that can last. However, perhaps their method was fundamentally flawed. It seems like things are deteriorating and their original intentions are gradually withering away, decaying.
            The crony capitalism, the build up of the military industrial complex, the mounting national debt (which is basically the group of people at top printing money that they use on themselves aka crony capitalism), the withering away of our rights and our independence, the build up of the police state, the arbitrary increases in taxes (ridiculous property taxes here, 4% the cost of my house a year plus school taxes :O), using cops to generate revenue for the county by issuing ridiculous tickets, the processes of our insane medical industry…these are all things that are decaying this civilization from within, and they are against the Liberty that our Founding Fathers were striving for, and i see no end in sight, it will not get better only worse, gradually tighting its grip on us, jerking us around harder and harder, until it all pops in a messy explosion.

          • Vance

            Actually, the Founding Fathers were aware that the system would, over time, tend to lean to far toward totalitarianism or too far toward anarchy, and they predicted that it would take roughly 200 years for that to happen. They predicted that the People would have to institute some major fixes at that time. I learned this in a book called “The 5000 Year Leap” which studies the writings of the Founding Fathers to learn their thought processes. Should be required reading in school. Now it is up to We the People to reign in these things that you discuss. The Founding Fathers didn’t even trust the government they were forming, and rightly so.

      • Vance

        I have been middle class and dirt poor. Right now I am right in between. When I buy one thing, I have to forgo something else. You say that there is not enough care given to those in need. In my personal experience, whenever I have been in need, I was able to get plenty of public assistance, including affordable healthcare, to see to our needs until I got on better footing, so I don’t know who doesn’t care, but many do here. I am nobody and my family is nobody, but we have always been helped when we needed it. Those who don’t live here, say that we don’t care enough for our poor. I who do live here and have been poor, have always had adequate care.

        It is tough to brainwash people here because no organization has unilateral control over all media outlets. The “mainstream” media outlets, some of the cable news outlets, and most big newspapers are dominated by the political left more liberal people. News radio, much of the Internet sites not run by the “mainstream” networks, smaller newspapers, and the rest of the cable news outlets tend to be dominated by the political right. All one has to do is listen/read one of each to get a well rounded view of news and events. Someone that does not agree with you is not brainwashed, but has had a different set of life experiences than you.

        The 1 Percent is not worried about healthcare. They can afford to pay out of pocket for what ever they want. It is the poorest who have to make unpleasant choices between purchases. When a bunch of politicians working with big companies get the government to require that people buy their product, then that forces poor people to give up things like repairing the brakes in their car so they can make that month’s healthcare premium. No Obamacare is not free. I agree with you that the health insurance system here is messed up, but Obamacare was not about fixing it. It was one political party’s attempt to bring people slowly under its control.

        Our country is wealthy because each person has a chance, not a guarantee or a right, to be the best they can be and to work for that. Generally similar conditions exist in Germany, but Germany has far fewer people and has had some dictatorial interruptions in its history and has not been practicing democracy and free markets for nearly as long, but Germany is a great nation also and excels in the world.

    • 42

      There is absolutely no reason to be number one. China also never pretended wanting to be number one, China only wants prosper, stability and harmony for its people.

      Its even shallow to even want to be number one. It is just because of the fact America needs to dominate and be number one, that there is so much conflict that America directly or indirectly have created.

      Research said the most happiest people live in Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada. But they don’t rank at the top first, two richest economies, but still they enjoy a satisfying life.

      • Jahar

        See James’s comment below for a second opinion on how Chinese feel about being #1.

        • James

          hey Jahar why don’t you stop being a little wanker and explain what you mean by this? Also what are you anyways? Sounds like an Muslim or Indian. In that case, no wonder you talk so much poopy poop.

          • Jahar

            What a clever, well thought out and written response. What do I mean by this? Well, “James,” considering your name is a common name in English speaking countries, you should have been able to figure that out by now. 42 said that Chinese people don’t care about being #1, and your comment below was clearly supporting China climbing in the rankings.

          • James

            Jahar Jahar Jahar, you little wanker, called you out right away. It was obvious because your comments all have a tinge of butthurt bias in them. Why do you act like this all the time though? Can you stop being annoying and whiny? Man up, stop trolling the internet talking poopy poop just because you are a Indian or Muslim. Why do you even care if chinese people care about being #1? do you want to be #1? is this why you are butthurt? why jahar why?

          • Jahar

            Is that really all you have to say? Just name-calling? You asked a question and I answered. And still with the childish name-calling? Claiming I’m “butthurt”? Do you know what that word means? Because nothing about what I said would even indicate that I’m “butthurt.”

          • James

            you never answered my question jahar, I ask you why act like this? why do you act like such a little wanker?

          • Jahar

            Wow, you are such a child.

          • James

            Wow, you are such wanker.

          • Jahar

            This is the 4th time I’ve seen you post something , then edit it to be something different. What “poop” did I sling? Do you just come here to call me names? And yeah, I call you a child because you aren’t capable of having a rational discussion.

          • James

            what is not rational about our discussion? when you answer me on why you are such a little wanker we can further discuss the fallacies of your statements.

          • Jahar

            You called me names, and accuse me of holding a grudge about it? What have I said or done that would even hint that I care, let alone hold a grudge? You are the one that keeps calling me names. That doesn’t make any sense. No “point” you make, if we can even call them points, make any sense at all. I don’t care that you accuse me of “whining and bitching” for stating my opinion. To think any of this amounts to anything I would hold a grudge about is laughable.

            Again, where is all this racism you accuse me of? And why do you think I’m Muslim? And don’t you see the irony in the fact that you think I’m racist because you think I’m Muslim and you think they are racist? That’s you being racist.

            You can hate me all you want. I don’t care. All you do is throw around childish insults. You never have a substantial point to make, and you are incapable of being civil. You think it’s gonna bother me that you don’t like me? I still think you don’t understand why i referenced you in the first place.

          • Mihel

            why do you even care if chinese people care about being #1?

            I know this wasn’t aimed at me, I’m just butting in, but I guess most people here have something to do (will have to, in my case) with China and unavoidably with chinese people. When you go live/work in another country it’s only natural you care about what the people of that country care about.
            You don’t just study the new foreign language, you study the people as well.

          • James

            so you are saying this desire to be #1 is unique to chinese people?

          • Mihel

            Yes. But only if you have reading comprehension deficit.
            Otherwise no.

          • James

            then why are you pointing it out?

          • Mihel

            I was answering the “why do you even care if chinese people care about being #1?” question, event though it wasn’t aimed at me.
            The point was clarifying why one (me in this case) would be interested in why chinese care about being number one. It’s a telling characteristic of their culture, and if you work or live in China it’s only natural you are interested.

          • James

            well that isn’t why i was asking him that question. His writing had a malicious intent.

          • Alex Dương

            No need to throw insults at Muslims or Indians when replying to Jahar.

          • James

            i didn’t

      • Vance

        That’s because money doesn’t buy happiness. I think it would be great if the whole world could be lifted up to match us and these other countries. This article only talks about total wealth. Many of these countries, such as the countries you mention, are not as wealthy as we are simply because they do not have as many people. We are not at the top in per capita income, although we are close. But, 42, you gotta admit…ahem…that there are…cough cough…a couple countries in the world who…ahem…have WAY more people than us…and do not have even close to the total wealth we do. OH well, it is probably George Bush’s fault for being greedy and stupid.

        But all is well. You are right. You don’t want to be at the top. It seems that many there are way to sensitive to criticism of their culture and country. You read these comments. Americans must hear and read severe criticism (some is deserved-true for every country and culture) of their mere existence all the time.

    • Legendary Keyboard Warrior

      Way to lower the tone of the forum… The Chinese comments are better than ours, thanks for that Vance…..

      • Alex Dương

        You are welcome to rebut his comment.

      • Vance

        What did I say? I expressed a pride in my country and people for their success. I did not even issue any criticism of any other group at all, and yet this is the most controversial thing I have ever said on these forums? Why all the attempts to silence the Americans? If you enjoy criticism of America, it is all over the media and the Internet. I will in other posts even give out some myself. But I am not allowed to express a little pride? Jees….

        • Germandude

          I don’t think anybody wants to silence Americans. I think most want to express their opinions without getting it dictated by others. And that often is America(ns).

    • I hate dumb people, not Dumbo

      This kind of comment is why the whole world hates us.

      • Vance

        Actually, this kind of comment is why the elitist snob leaders of the world hate us. Talk to the average joe on the street in various countries of the world. Not the political or religious leaders.

        • Germandude

          I disagree. In the last 20 years, it has changed in Europe. While the people on the street have become more and more negative towards the US (special thanks to Mr. Bush) it is actually the governments that lean towards the US.

  • WghUk

    My calculations shows that this is less than 10% of the population. With only 10% middle class, 1% elite, that’s makes out to be about 89% for the working and underclass. What’s to be joyful about?!

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      89 is a lucky number

    • takasar1


    • Indicates a lot of room for growth. You have to remember that China has barely tipped to being more urban than rural, whereas the OECD average rural population is about 20%. If China is able to keep developing there is still possible another order of magnitude of change, it just isn’t going to happen at the same high rate in the past. One does not build a middle class overnight.

    • ClausRasmussen

      >> What’s to be joyful about?!


  • FYIADragoon

    Country with the most single men in the world too, country with the most smoking related deaths, country with the most blahblahblah….

    For the country that, mistakenly, prides itself on mathematical skills, is understanding the concept that having more people causes you to have more of everything that difficult?

    • Alex Dương

      A few translated comments indicated awareness of this.

    • simon

      do not forget country with the largest 扬州炒饭 as recognized by guinnes book of records!

      • Jahar

        I thought they screwed that up.

  • NondescriptRG

    2nd richest in the world? I hear some envious tooth-grinding from Norway, Sweden, Qatar and the likes.

    • Claude

      I Doubt the Scandinavians are grinding their teeth about not being ranked number two. That’s not the Scandinavian philosophy when it comes to running a country. Quality of life, education and social stability are important. I found Scandinavians pride themselves on trying to do all the right things politically. Even their prisons are superior. There’s a reason Scandinavians are the happiest people on the planet when polled.

      • NondescriptRG

        You are correct. That’s why I wrote the above sarcastically.

    • Lichdar

      I don’t think they care.

  • Necrogodomega

    Nice to see the Netizens understand that the use of just “number of people” isn’t really all that useful at all.

    • Claude

      Some, and some are “crying tears of excitement”. Jeez,

  • Foreign Devil

    Take a walk in any upscale neighborhood in Toronto or Vancouver and you will know which people in the world have the money these days. I’m just surprised there is any left in China after it all gets spent on overseas real estate.

    • Jahar

      Sorry can’t afford to go there.

  • James

    Fuck yeah go china!

  • i wish to have a rich daddy next life . coz in china no matter how hard you try , still so hard to get rich by hands .these old first rich they caught the chances that gov loan big money to person even they were deadly poor . now totally impossible .

  • LaoShu

    Now let’s look at per Capita wealth.. a different ball game.. a lot of little poops make a big poop.. but my shit is bigger !

    • James

      but you’re still a little shit compared to the big shits!

    • Angelo

      Yep and China can play poop game with African countries.

  • WFH

    typical filthy expat comment….

    • Claude

      I wasn’t offering to marry her, it was just an observation.

      • offer????
        are you insane???

        • Chris Bullock

          too many Question Marks for you tonight,pal.

    • Jahar

      Typical idiotic jackass comment….

  • Claude

    I’ve read a few articles on the subject. That’s the Swedes trying to do the right thing by taking in these refugees. Drop off these guys who have one foot planted deep into the 17th century into an advanced and enlightened homogeneous society and integration won’t be easy. I have no answers.

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    i never had relationship with ugly one!
    also i never flatter anyone, even my boss!
    my spirit is too strong that hardly can find a guy to control me.

    • Angelo

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  • 42

    Who says there is no freedom of speech in China. If I look at the netizens comments they are very cynical about the report and even critizes the system.

    • Jahar

      Organize a group of 200 people to discuss it once a week and see how free the speaking is then.

      • 42

        there is absolutely no reason to organize 200 ordinary citizens and talk about economics. we have summits like the G8 for that where world leaders representatives talk about it.

        • Jahar

          There are plenty of reasons. There are plenty of reasons to get together to talk about lots of things. Regardless of your opinion of whether or not there is, you still have to admit that stopping it would be limiting free speech. And by a fair bit.

      • ClausRasmussen

        That’s freedom of assembly, not freedom of speech

        Freedom of speech is suppressed in China but not nearly to the extent we would expect from a one-party, nominal Communist, state: The aim is more to suppress opposition to the Party than to suppress different opinions

        They seem to have realized that what you say on the internet really doesn’t matter in the end. But if you try to use your freedom of assembly and organize people to act together, then it becomes dangerous for the Party and you’re certain to be invited “for tea” at the local police station

        • Chris Bullock

          when i was studying at university in Shanghai, a Chinese told me there are more cops out in the Spring and Summer, since citizens are more likely to be out in the publuc squares, discussing politics, and raising the prospect of revolution.

  • Jahar

    Are they basing Chinese middle class off the 50k-500k model? I don’t think that would be too accurate, considering how cheap it can be to live.

  • ClausRasmussen

    What are those “UN fees” the commentors are talking about ? Is that an issue in China now ?

  • ClausRasmussen
    • Amused

      Seems kind of confused tho. I mean that’s an American flag, but that does look kind of like a Brit bulldog.
      ….Maybe he’s just a general, non-affiliated capitalist running dog?

      • WFH

        that dog hasn’t been running in awhile…

        • firebert5

          He’s more of a “stand-your-ground” kind of dog.

  • Chris Bullock

    true, true. happens in USA too.. just go to any place where upscale white folks hang out. guaranteed to see a chinese woman with a tacky coachbag, taking cellphone pics, and unaware of how completely out of place she looks. only dudes who fall for it include ex army, engineers, and manga fans, all hitting middle aged.

  • Amused

    If this is the last Chinasmack, RIP we’ll miss you….

  • This is the number in ALL, most of guys are not that rich.

  • Dano Liang

    still has limp 2in penis…..

  • mike921

    Still not per capita, and they’re still solid 3rd worlders – and that will NEVER change.

  • Warren Lauzon

    Unfortunately, 90% of that wealth is held by 1% of the population. And 96% of that 1% are CCP members. Nothing to see here, move along…

  • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

    So is this site dead or what? Haven’t been here in ages. I notice the Korean/Japanese editions are still running

    • Alex Dương

      There was a break for a few weeks, but a few short stories have come up in the past two days.

  • TJ

    I am not surprised that China’s wealth levels are so low considering that they’ve only had a market economy starting 30-40 years ago.

    Since inflation and prices have not caught up to developed nation standards, does this account for the fact that things are generally cheaper in China? Ie. an apartment in China might look the exact same as one built in California but cost significantly less (ie. 1.5 mill vs 100k), hence leading to an appearance of a huge wealth gap.

  • Patrick Amos-Fansler

    No amount of money can undo the damage that China has done to its environment in its pursuit of a higher GDP. So what if it’s now the second richest nation! That doesn’t mean anything to people in Beijing and other large cities who constantly live under brown skies.

  • They rich, bitch!

  • bealermealer

    What happened to ChinaSmack?

  • Rich in lies and corruption.

  • Lichdar

    “I think North Korea is the richest, China is the second! This is the order of the universe!”

    This is awesome.

  • realteruchan

    What the hell? Is Chinasmack dead? This is the newest article?

  • This website is now officially dead. You should sell it to someone who can continue your passion for stories of China or just turn it off.

  • Jason Chen

    Rich country? You’re joking right? Yeah, what’s the average income? Like $6000 – $8000 USD a year? The Chinese people are poor. With a population as large as China, it’s GDP is pathetic.

  • Mighty

    What happened to this site?

  • Samuel Rs

    I was a very loyal Chinasmack fan, so it’s sad to come back once again and not see anything new. A few times since it’s been dead there will be some big news story and I end up remembering chinaSMACK and come to see if it’s alive. Obviously, it’s not. I doubt it ever will be again. What was the name of the girl who created it? Shauna? Can’t believe she at least didn’t sell it off for a few bucks, ANyone found any other site like this? For China or other nations even? I haven’t really beyond some stuff on Reddit country boards, would appreciate if anyone who knew of one could reply to me. Regardless, RIP chinaSMACK.

    • Old China Hand


      This site is very dead… and it is quite unfortunate. The woman who started it was Fauna (I think). She should have sold it off to Shanghaiist or something.

  • rogerrabbit

    aiee where do i start…. money can buy you things but dignity and respect are not for sale or cannot be made in some sweatshop.

  • Netgrump

    Obvious that Mainland Chinese are not that good in Maths. Ongoing is the fraud of Chinese students applying for foreign universities when they make tests on Math and English…
    China has more than 10 times is many inhabitants and 1 billion are still playing with their pigs in the mud. Japan will remain the economic powerhouse in Asia for the nearby future keeping up the sweatshop China along with the Koreans and Taiwanese with their factories filled with pig farmers dreaming of becoming rich :)

  • Vincent Bongsu