ChinaJoy 2009 Pregnant Gate

Last year, there was the 2008 ChinaJoy Knee Gate. This year…

From Mop:

CJ [ChinaJoy] Dirty Man Discovered: What’s wrong with filming for a moment? Just filming for a moment won’t make you pregnant!



Here are some more pictures of these girls on KDS:

Photos of Pregnant Gate’s Main Characters

Truly quite pretty!









This is a photo of the man who was filming the girl in the video:


This is another video by the same man:

There is a video of interviewing the two girls:

In this video, the interviewer refers to the above video and asks the girls what happened. The girls mostly say they first tried to ignore/avoid the man, but then felt he was a little 过分 [excessive, crossing the line, going too far], so one of the girls confront him. Did they encounter similar incidents? The girls say yes but this guy was the worst. What do they think of the outfits? It is okay as long as they can accept it, and she also says her skirt is pretty long for example. In the end, the interviewer just tells the viewer to be considerate of the girls and interact with them respectfully.

Comments from Mop:




I thought it was a little Japanese, did not expect it to be us Chinese.


These dirty cunts!
It is true, just filming for a moment won’t make you pregnant.
Are whores afraid of clients staring at their cunts?


The man was too dirty, and the MM was pretty formidable.


Too dirty, if someone filmed my girlfriend like this I would definitely go and beat them up.


Why can she make suggestive poses on the stage
but be so shy when she is before us convention attending gamers?

This is a problem.

However, this brother also did go too far in his filming.


You guys have a mental problem, they [the girls] are there to model/walk around. This is work. Did she beckon to you guys, or provoke you guys? You guys don’t have sisters? If not, you don’t have mothers either? They are all females. Running to take dirty photos or film them, and even saying they are whores!
This world are all poor people abusing/exploiting/bullying poor people, suffering people laughing at others who are suffering even more. Selfish, apathetic onlookers. Everyday living muddle-headed, wishing to have a fancy car and a pretty girl beside them, not working hard, not struggling, and still wanting good fruit to eat [nice things]. Seeing a girl by herself, who is just working, who did not beckon to you, who did not provoke you, and you go and impinge upon them, is this excusable?! I truly cannot look past this, lou zhu, if this video was made by you, I really tm despise you!!!


I most bs this kind of person…tmd, being so obsessive with girls.


This kind of man should be hung and directly whipped to death! Every day, his JJ should be cut, cut him for the rest of his life. Are women not people too? I am most against this kind of person, the same as a dog in heat.


“Just filming for a moment won’t make you pregnant.”
This person is really J8 dirty.
Definitely influenced by Edison Chen’s Sexy Photos Gate.


The main thing is that guy was too ugly, and of course getting one’s picture taken by an ugly guy is a loss of face.

Some people on KDS think these incidents are fake and a publicity stunt for website. However, there is also this post on Baidu Tieba that appears to be from the man who filmed the video:

Chinajoy Shanghai girls, what is so special about you?

The story is like this, while eating lunch I saw a showgirl at the entrance sending an SMS text message, and I very casually filmed her for a moment, then a Shanghai girl came up and blah blah don’t know what she was saying.

[The video was also posted in this post]

What do you think about this incident?

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