China’s 2009 Military Recruitment Propaganda Posters


From Mop:

Extremely shocked! Didn’t think China’s military recruitment posters this year could be this fierce!

2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – Second Artillery Force [above].

Intercontinental nuclear missiles is the most fundamental difference between nuclear countries and non-nuclear countries and nuclear threshold countries, is the ultimate embodiment of a country’s force/military strength, and also the most powerful symbol amongst military recruitment propaganda.

2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – China Air Force [below].


2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – China Navy.


2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – female fighter pilots.


2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – armed police.


2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – Honor Guard of the three military forces.


2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – military parade.


2009 military recruitment propaganda wallpaper – Navy students.


Comparisons with other countries:

India’s military recruitment advertisement.


Japan’s military recruitment advertisements are good at using images of beautiful women.



Singapore’s military recruitment advertisement uses the richly challenging military experience to attract people.


France’s Foreign Legion military recruitment uses French “hukou” to attract people.


The Netherlands’ military recruitment advertisements use the imposing Leopard 2 tanks to attract people.



Comments from Mop:


oh my god, the Celestial Kingdom’s chengguan are even more niu than this, right?


In my entire county, only 3 people could join the military. Many people wanted to join! Want to help the country?! First give money! [This means they needed to use unofficial methods to be selected to join the military]


Doesn’t study well and out of control,

only this kind of person joins the military. At least that is the way it is here.

Being a soldier should not mean being the private armed forces of a certain organization.


They only changed the backgrounds, no dramatic slogans??


Japan’s enlistment advertisements are still more enticing.


I have been a solider for over 3 years, every day cleaning, pulling weeds, watering, tidying up my stuff, folding my blanket, making a huge contribution to the motherland’s national defense!


Joining the military also requires finding guanxi [connections] and taking back channels.


Having seen this many propaganda/promotional posters, I want to say…I would still rather join the chengguan!


Why do the three women on the Japanese one look so similar? Why don’t they change into AV clothing? [because it would attract more recruits]
On the Singapore one, when not in a jungle or midnight, and unless the commander has a problem, is painting your face black so the gangsters can’t find you?


Those who join the military here are of two kinds:

One is the local hoodlums, the ones who cannot get into university and cannot be controlled at home, so the parents pay money to have the military deal with them.

Two are the children of government officials, spending big money to buy entrance into the officer schools.

In which group does everyone here belong to?


Joining the military is to accomplish something, to realize one’s self-value, to defend the country, to serve the motherland and the people. The posters emphasize the parade, so I have to ask, why do we join the military? To be paraded?


Written by Fauna

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