China’s Fattest Man Liang Yong Hospitalized

China's Fattest Man Liang Yong, laughing.

China's Fattest Man Liang Yong.

From Sina and QQ:

China’s Fattest Man suffers severe heart failure, enters hospital transported on cargo trailer

Well-known China’s fattest man Liang Yong recently was recently hospitalized. At 1.58m tall, his 225kg [almost 500 lbs]  weight has presented the hospital with an unprecedented challenge, whether for examination or treatment.

This journalist yesterday learned from the Xinqiao Hospital that Liang Yong entered the hospital due to abdominal pains, facial swelling, breathing difficulties, etc. After initial examination, his excessive weight has already led to a decline in heart and lung functioning, and is life-threatening.

From NetEase:

“China’s Fattest Man” Liang Yong’s Hospital Story

On May 26th, owing to his poor health, Chongqing Dazu County man Liang Yong, known as “China’s Fattest Man” [maybe “Fatty #1”, “First Fatty”], began his fat-reduction treatment at a hospital in Chongqing, accompanied by his father. Liang Yong is 31-years-old this year, and his weight was 225kg [496 pounds] when he entered the hospital. No matter where, “China’s Fattest Man” is always the center/focus of people’s attention.

China's fattest man Liang Yong.

Chongqing resident Liang Yong entering hospital on hand cart.

Liang Yong lying on Xinqiao Hospital bed.

China's fattest man Liang Yong receiving a shot in a Chongqing hospital.

China's fattest man Liang Yong getting weighed. He weighs 225kg (496 pounds).

Liang Yong eating.

Liang Yong being stared at by others in public.

Liang Yong's father taking care of him in the hospital.

Liang Yong and his father sleeping in the Chongqing hospital.

China's fattest man waiting at an elevator.

China's fattest man at the Xinqiao Hospital in Chongqing, China.

China's Fattest Man Liang Yong, laughing.

A news report from the “tomato” channel (seen in the QQ report):A Beijing television news report:A Hong Kong news report on YouTube:

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Comments from NetEase:


Even though he is so fat, to have a father who is always by his side is a blessing/happiness.


Seen his JJ yet? How come his JJ is not proportionally sized? How does he ML? Please forgive me.


I have always believed that people who are fat because of overeating have too little self-control, and is extremely shameful (excluding fat caused due to genes or medicine). Those who allow them to eat are also extremely irresponsible! I have seem a teenage boy whose eyes are only slits [because he is so fat], and his mother was just next to him watching him eat fried snacks, the mother herself being rather slim. With her son being fat like that, how can she not be concerned?


He has a wife and child? Hehe, this woman is truly courageous.


He’s rather pitiful, [so] don’t maliciously laugh. I hope he can quickly and successfully lose fat, and begin a normal life.


That photo of him eating scared me…just one meal was more than two days for me!!!


Fatherly love and motherly love is always the most true/real, and the most touching!


How come we don’t see his wife taking care of him, but rather his old man?


Being this fat, isn’t the ultimate reason because of laziness? If he discovered himself becoming fat early on, then he should have persisted in exercising, and if he had an appropriate diet then he definitely wouldn’t be like this now.


Just one of his meals is even more than a meal for 4 people in my office! How could he not become fat? He’s simply a fat pig!


This person, I don’t know what to say, maybe he’s all too happy to get on television. At first, CCTV reported on him many times, and he became famous, even becoming a spokesperson for pig feed. Later, he said he did not want to lose weight, wanting to rely on his fat to earn money, sigh!! What use is money when you’re almost dead!! People cannot be like him, a good for nothing, no willpower, insatiable, only knowing to eat, truly no different from a pig. I already know about this person 4.5 years ago. I can only say, what happens next is his fault. This time he loses weight, next time he’s fat again, it is like watching a joke!!!


[He] has a wife? And a child?? NB, not crushing [his wife] to death while ML, could that woman be on the weightlifting team???? And his belly being that big, how long must his JJ be for it to penetrate [her]???? Losing 22kg in two weeks, damn, how come I can’t lose that much?


He indulges himself, becomes a burden to his family, is not a good son, not a good husband, not a good father, would eating less kill you!? A 30-year-old man, instead of being an upright man, is instead a freak, a burden on the family, a burden on society. Despise…


This fatty is comparable to the great Party, eating too much, itself starting to have problems, but the hospital still won’t let it die!


Let him see the bill every day and I think he’ll slim down a bit quicker.

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