China’s National Bureau of Statistics Releases Average Salary Data

China’s National Bureau of Statistics Releases Average Salary Data

On May 27th, the National Bureau of Statistics released data which revealed the national average yearly salary of Chinese workers to be 49,969 RMB. Middle and upper management had the highest average salaries at 109,760 RMB, around 2.2 times higher than the overall average. Most netizens didn’t agree with the statistics, saying “50,000 divided by 12 is an average of 4166 per month. Go look at the provincial averages again. It such a huge difference. Nonsense.” and “You just didn’t calculate the salaries which were under 4000 a month…”.

Source: Netease

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  • Stefan

    Chinese actually ARE increasingly earning a good salary. Just check the boom in Chinese tourists traveling the world or the amount of cars being bought.

    • Bman

      Nobody’s denying that many people are wealthy. Its the half billion who are suffering that aren’t so happy. I don’t think that they’re consoled knowing their countrymen are travelling well while they don’t have money for healthcare.

    • KamikaziPilot

      I agree with you here. More importantly the middle class is rising, I don’t really care too much about the elite though.

  • David

    I think the point is that these statistics, like those for the CPI and crime rates are all bogus. Most countries use the statistics to know what they need to focus on. China uses them as propaganda and to deny problems that are deeply rooted in society. While some countries might fudge the numbers a little (like the U.S. with the employment numbers, where they release numbers one month in big bold front page headlines then ‘revises’ the numbers the following month in small font on page 10) the raw data is out there for people to look at and for journalists to investigate if they choose to.

  • for men, this rate is alright, for women, not really!
    as i know, quite a lot men build house can get 150-200 per day in my town. sure, the work is tough but the payment is not cheesy either.

  • Teacher in China

    The high income average seems a little low. That’s not even 10,000 per month. But I guess middle management probably only makes 6-7,000 per month, while upper management probably makes closer to 15,000. So maybe that works out.

    The national average seems pretty high to me. That’s around 4,000 per month. How many of all those migrant workers and farmers in China are making more than 1-2,000 a month? How many recent university grads are making more than 3,000 a month? Then add in all those store clerks, KFC employees, taxi drivers – there’s no way they’re making more than 3,000 a month. You’re talking about way more than half the population just looking at those groups alone.

    Maybe the average gets pushed up because there are so many people making ridiculous amounts of money every year? Even if it’s 1% of the population making billions every year, they would affect the average in a calculation, right?

    • Dolph Grunt

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the most important statistic was “number of people who read the news and earn less than 4000rmb per month”.

      • Teacher in China

        Ha yeah, point taken. I got carried away with trying to rationalize there and forgot what and who I was dealing with.

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