China’s Rise In Western Political Cartoons, Chinese Reactions


From Guancha:

China in Western Cartoons, As Bitter Witness to China’s Rise!

In the West, political cartoons are a type of news commentary, using exaggerated and humorous drawings to quickly and accurately convey the gist of a news story, allowing readers to understand hidden meanings, provide political criticism, get society to think, and thus influence public opinion. Political cartoons have a long tradition in mainstream Western media, the target of their portrayals and ridicule ranging from government heads of state to business leaders, covering everything from political incidents to urban legends, serving as an another window to the world.

Modern Chinese consider themselves to be the “descendant of the dragon”, with the dragon being a totem of Chinese belief, auspicious, full of vitality, representing good fortune and luck, with no lack of dragon symbols in every dynasty and age. In Western mainstream media political cartoons, the image/symbol of the “Chinese dragon” is no stranger, but they often misrepresent it as an evil symbol, reflecting the West’s deep anxieties and complicated feelings about a newly rising China. The dragon’s massive size and cruel characteristics are often used to suggest China’s increasing power and threat toward other countries.

Below, let’s look at the China in Western cartoons. Among them, apart from the “ferocious/frightening” dragons used to symbolize China, there are also pandas and other symbols. From these, readers may be able to see the West’s bitterness/resentment with China’s rise.


China sternly condemn Japan’s [revisionist] textbooks.


Americans can no longer stand China’s appetite.


The US dollar and the Euro are facing a crisis, China’s holding the life buoy deciding which one to toss it to.


China’s peaceful rise in the eyes of America, with the flashlight being the Pentagon.


This show the jealousy regarding the Euro fattening up China. Note the flower in the pot.


The meaning here is that China is looks weak, but the truth is behind it.


Everyone should know the meaning of this picture, right?


Whenever the two [American political] parties fight, they are liable to use the China card at any time.


America’s envy, jealousy and hate can all be seen on the money.


Giant panda crushes Uncle Sam underneath it.


Pay attention to the flag stands.


America’s worries over China’s anti-satellite experiment…just one breath and it’s gone…


G20 became G2…(I think this was drawn by Europeans).


Encircle China. The Japanese prime minister holds a sign calling for “allies”.


The donkey and the elephant are busy stacking bricks (trade barrier), both screaming that they have the higher one, but China is instead left outside (this should be calling for more trade protection to keep China down).


China reached space by selling shoes.


Uncle Sam taking away lots of products, while China takes away lots of American dollars.


Asian issues. While China is busy trying to put out the fire, America is running ahead with a gas pump.


For the vote on the Syrian crisis, who dares touch it with China and Russia in the way?


The G20 summit can’t move this US-China trade boat.


Majority leader Harry Reid is making a statement: the US Olympic team uniforms were made in China! They should throw it in a big pile and burn them! “American flag pin: made in China; Suit: made in China; shirt: made in China; glasses: made in China; necktie: made in China; cufflinks: made in China; microphone: made in China; podium: made in China.

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Once again it US election time, and they all voice a hardline against China, but deep down they want to kiss up to China (who knows).




Making fun of China’s food safety problems (which we really need to take seriously).


Again the Syrian crisis, can’t get past China and Russia.


China is holding a book on Japanese aggression, Japan is holding a book on international law, while the other hand is reaching for the Diaoyu Islands.


This is clearly preaching about China’s rare earth metals monopoly.


So this is what the American dollar is like…(“Little Black” [referring to Obama] is very worried, while Uncle Sam is feeling helpless).


America: long live our partnership, hey! My coat…(this is attacking American policy towards China).


1945: Hiroshima, 2011: Fukushima


Race between China and America, the message here is good.


And old picture, of the Eight-Nation Alliance dividing China among themselves.


America using the US dollar to hold the world hostage, but the world’s pockets are empty (RMB issue).


China: Quick, eat, it really does taste good, trust me.


Old picture, of the Japanese invasion of China, with America hiding on the side to watch.


The Chinese leader holding an axe with the words “US debt” and making an inviting gesture. Obama: Oh, he wants to me bow my head.


Obama’s true face.


The dragon is holding a big stick.


The whole world belongs to China (our costs are high too).


Shall we say 1 billion? (blackhearted Europe would do anything for China’s money).


The dragon is very angry at America.


1. I’m outraged that our Olympic uniforms were made in China 2. I know! I’m going to buy new uniform made in the USA 3. Borrows some money from China to buy them.


To meet the needs of the director (America), China has to play both the role of the monster and the role of the world savior, really making it hard for China.

Comments on Guancha:

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Most of the comics are full of bias, clearly demonstrating that certain people have IQ problems, but if that’s the case, then I no longer have to worry…


That year when I saw Japanese people raise “down with Chinese imperialist” signs, I felt awesome inside, for the first time realizing, TMD, this is how awesome it feels to be an imperialist.


These comics are pretty good, humorously and incisively reflecting their artists’ thinking.


Western countries are beginning to seriously feel the threat of China.


The sixth picture is misinterpreted. That comic is very objective toward China, the main theme being that certain Europeans and Americans are hyping the threat of China, and scaring themselves.


In Chinese culture, dragons generally spit water, while those that spit fire are from the West.


Haha, the drawings are pretty good. We used to have many political cartoons, but how come they’re all gone now?


A lot of the explanations [of the cartoons] are ridiculously wrong.


Not bad.


They’re comics, isn’t the intention to exaggerate? No need to be so surprised [be so upset].


The person who wrote the explanations must be retarded.


Very interesting!

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Zack Snyder

    “For the vote on Syria crisis, who dares touch it with Russia and China in the way?”

    Umm weapons are being armed as we speak, God bless the ISIS.

    • David

      These cartoons are 2 years old, they refer to the crisis of removing Assad from power for killing his own people. With Russia and China having veto power on the U.N. security council, they can deny any sanctions from being imposed. This cartoon is not about military action being taken today against ISIS in Syria.

      • Jahar

        It’s funny too that they say “who dares touch it”, as if China and Russia’s veto scares them.

      • Oh no the UN! Don’t break the rules or they will write you a very sternly worded letter. Dat be Brinkmanship.

  • If I May

    I find nearly all of the commentaries below each of these mostly so-so political cartoons to be pretty indicative of how insecure mainland China folks are, or at least how backwards the CCP is in its thinking and propagandizing. It’s kind of pitiful, actually.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      any gov’t that can make the Dalai Lama look like a villain has got to be pretty good at messing with people’s heads

      • Joe

        both gandhi and mandella were labeled terrorists at one point, go figure

      • WhattheIdonteven…

        Dalai Lama isn’t as great as you make him out to be. You know, he says one thing and practises another right? As a buddhist, I would know especially in the way he persecuted the Shugden practitioners, and claimed that all the people who protested were sponsored by the Chinese government, when they were clearly not.
        You know, most of you people seem to understand when it comes to the evils of some Catholic priests, and the dark histories of priests and monks, but are blindly trusting of the Dalai Lama. You need to know that the Dalai Lama past in Tibet is as bad (if not worse) for the non nobles and non royals who lived during their reign.
        I don’t get it really.
        Dalai Lama clearly has a political agenda, and frankly speaking buddhism is about giving up the tempting vices of the mortal world, so, one would think he would stay away from the political world.
        Now just in case you’re misunderstanding, I’m not saying Chinese government is so good and innocent. I’m just saying that neither is the Dalai Lama.

        • donscarletti

          I think there are just a lot of people who instantly side with the “oppressed” no-matter for what reasons that person is being kept down.
          It doesn’t matter if that person is a pretender of a backwards theocratic regime, as long as he is out of power, he will have support amongst the bleeding hearts of this world.

          It also doesn’t matter what he believes and how strictly and ruthlessly he believes it should be enforced. Taliban, ISIS, the Islamic Republic of Iran are only bad because they have the power to use to oppress others according to their religious beliefs. But as soon as someone strong rounds them up or bombs them, they’re a cause célèbre.

          Plenty of student pussies complained when the Taliban got what was coming to them. Plenty of American and Chinese pussies even got angry when Vietnam dealt with the Khmer Rouge and some pussies are still whining about Japan being nuked into peace and prosperity.

          This is why being a bleeding heart pussy doesn’t make any sense. It’s not about which side is right, it’s just about backing the loser.

          I’m not going to dish out about the “left wing” like American Republican morons are want to do because there are plenty of left wingers with balls like Franklin Roosevelt, Deng Xiaoping and Che Guevara.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            Killing and slandering Buddhists doesn’t mean you aren’t a bleeing heart pussy, it means you are a little bitch with jealousy issues. If you really think the Dalai Llahma could hold up against the CCP gov’t, then that must be a pretty pussy weak gov’t.

            Also are you really comparing Islamic groups like the Taliban to Buddhism? They are nothing alike. After all, when was the last time you heard of a Buddhist killing anyone other than themselves? For the most part they promote non violent civil disobedience. And comparing feudal Tibettan Buddhists to modern Buddhism is about as useful as comparing the 1949 CCP to its present form.

        • Don’t Believe the Hype

          Give me a break, “political agenda?” I haven’t come across any stories lately of buddhists molesting children on the same scale as the catholic church, or the Dalai Lama claiming he is the rightful leader of China.
          The only reason he is banned and slandered is because the CCP is so damned nervous about any spiritual/ organizational leaders other than themselves. Why else would they bother wasting so much time fussing about a guy in robes? And please don’t say Tibet’s secession, that is such a non-issue in China. That’s like saying America is going through a crisis because Texas threatened seceding for the 1,000th time.

    • Zsari Maxim

      You mean you didn’t find the cartoon themselves to be indicative of how insecure the cartoonist and the targeted audience are?

      • Realitycheckplease

        Considering many of them are China Daily produced to mime what Chinese think Westerners think of China the point is valid.

    • takasar1

      what is more pitiful is that you got this mixed up….

    • Cynic-Al

      I find many of the meanings aren’t conveyed properly to Chinese readers-that’s if the translations into English are correct.

      • donscarletti

        It’s not surprising. A lot of them are kind of clever and subtle. If there is nobody there to laugh at your idiotic interpretation, you can say they mean whatever you want them to mean.

        I like it when the guy said “The meaning here is that China is looks weak, but the truth is behind it.” Whereas in the cartoon, the guy is scared shitless of a huge shadow behind a tiny man, meaning just the opposite.

        The donkey and elephant both encircling themselves in wells is interpreted as “this should be calling for more trade protection to keep China down”, whereas in reality it is saying that they are both screwing themselves with barriers while China is left unaffected.

        Also the one with the shopping trolley full of “tainted products”, he knew what “products” means, but apparently not “tainted”.

        The carrot and the stick, it is saying both sides are hostile to China but claim each other are friendly. The caption says the opposite.

        So damn depressing.

    • Dick Leigh

      A few of the comments (that were translated) were critical of the analysis though, pointing out how wrong they were. Not all Chinese are insecure fengqing that hate America for hurting China’s feelings.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype

    These are great! I would love to see Chinese netizens start making some of their own.

    • Joe

      there are plenty of netizen political cartoons, just never published in mainstream media for obvious reasons

  • Amused

    It’s interesting that they seem to mostly see thru the wu mao-dom. Be even more interesting to poll what Zhou chinaman on the street thinks about the relationship with America.

  • someguy

    Awesome articles and cartoons. Good to see most of the netizens not overreacting to America’s criticisms of China (think, if China were to publish the same political cartoons, only lampooning Japan, how would the netizens of Japansmack respond?).

    Only thing that really bothers me about American cartoons is that they always portray China as some evil dragon. In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of virtue, and is overall, a good thing (hence, the emperor is supposed to represent the dragon). The fact that the Chinese dragon is always portrayed as the evil Western counterpart just shows plain ignorance from the author’s part.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      It’s also the most recognizable symbol. Aside from the panda, but a panda is seen more as soft and inoffensive, while a dragon irregardless of stance, looks quite intimidating.

      And from the average American perspective, China is quite intimidating.

      • David

        In the west, of course, dragons are not wise and beneficial, but cruel and greedy.

        • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

          Yeah that too.

      • SongYii

        Americans who are intimidated by China are so because of the way China is represented in the news media, books, movies.

        After living in China for several years, I see little to worry about.

        • donscarletti

          I watched the NBC coverage of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony on video once and it was incredible. Nothing but Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen, they seemed to be mentioning as many political gripes as possibly could come to their heads.

          The Australian coverage however was pretty positive, pretty much just describing the spectacle as it was going on, without slinging mud or going off-topic. Of course when the media caught wind of the miming singer and the pre-filmed fireworks, it was still quite brutal, but would have been far more merciless if it had been America or UK that had done the same.

          The message you get when watching American Television is forever, “thank God you’re in America and not somewhere else”, which is not much different to “thank the party you’re in China and not somewhere else” which you get on CCTV. America is not a bad country and neither is China, but it is stupid to say in both cases to make a blanket claim that people would be less happy somewhere else.

          • SongYii

            wha… what? does your comment have to do with mine?

          • donscarletti

            You said that Americans are intimidated by China because of its portrayal by the media. Then I talked about the negative portrayal of China by American media, citing a specific example of a China related event and its coverage by two different English language speaking country that affirms your point. Seems pretty topical to me.

            Hell, they could even be subsequent paragraphs in the same post without anyone making comparisons with Catcher in the Rye or Ulysses.

            Adding to that, you also have to remember that online forums are distinguished from personal correspondence in that a “reply” is not actually addressed to a single recipient in order to tell them something that one is particularly sure that they urgently need to know. Nor does it have to be a rebuttal, nor a literary exegesis or critique.

            The simplest explanation is that I wrote that post as a reply to yours because I was reading your post when I thought of it and it seemed at the time like a thematic continuation. For the fact that Disqus saw fit to email it to you, demanding your attention and possibly spoiling your morning coffee, I am truly sorry. But I do not have access to your settings, nor did I post with ill intent, so I must protest my innocence towards this matter entirely.

          • SongYii

            Ah, I see. Well, I’m still not sure what you’re talking about. Insofar as “your comment,” I only meant to keep my reply topical, because the comment immediately before mine was authored by you. “Wha… what does… have to do with mine?” was just something else I thought of while reading that post. Was not meant to be a rebuttal or related to the comment authored by you immediately before at all.

    • Rick in China

      How is it ignorance? Are you really so dimwitted to recognize how valid of a representation that is, given the ideals they are trying to represent?

      Because it is a ‘good thing’ in China, and a ‘bad thing’ in many western countries, it is actually the *most* suitable representation – because the western countries may see some given actions by China as bad, and represent them *appropriately* with the *bad dragon*.

      China would domestically consider the same actions great, beneficial for *them*, therefor the same dragon appears to be a lucky boon, yay.

      They both show a dragon to represent the same exact action. However – from one perspective, it’s a terrible dragon, and one, it’s a prosperous one, if anyone is ignorant here it’s you.

      • someguy

        Are you serious? The representation is NOT valid at all, since the European style evil dragon is NOT the same as the Chinese dragon. I’m ignorant and dimwitted because I demand Westerners who comment on Chinese issues to understand Chinese culture better?

        Oh well, not that it matters to me to much. I know you are just one of those expats who think anything demonizing and ridiculing everything Chinese must be a good thing. You would of course, be calling all Chinese barbarians and ignorant if you were to see the Chinese mock the Irish for wearing green hats on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • guest

    I think there some hoodwinking going on here, I recognise the style of these cartoons that is shown in the cartoons in “Chinadaily” so I doubt they are drawn in the case of China in Western cartoons but more the West is drawn for Chinese propaganda or the article is to raise anti-Western feelings.

    Even one of them has the Chinadaily stamp on it, top right!

  • Markus P

    The person who wrote the explanations doesn’t seem to “get it”.

    • Zappa Frank

      yes, as Chinese comments said the person who wrote the explanations did not understand most of the cartoons

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      Indeed, you can’t understand anything when you already have a preconceived opinion about something.

  • Claude

    It’s an improvement over the old brand of propaganda.

  • David

    My favorite line. “That year
    when I saw Japanese people raise “down with Chinese imperialist” signs,
    I felt awesome inside, for the first time realizing, TMD, this is how awesome it feels to be an imperialist.”

  • mr.wiener

    Always interesting to see how others view you. Though in ths case we get to see how the someone elses sees how other people view them through an unfamilar medium.

  • b duck

    no wonder lots of whiter broke ass come to china look to marry rich.

    • David

      lol You see a lot of poor white people marrying rich Chinese people do you? I guess I miss that news.

      • b duck

        rich foreigners in china most are aged or colored sometimes, most young are broke.
        a lot of new rich in china.

        • Define “poor”? Then go and ask the average Chinese person how “poor” the white folk are. :-S

        • Claude

          Isn’t this eatit or eatet or what ever she called herself two years ago? Haven’t we learned our lesson, she’s a fucking troll. Move on.

    • mr.wiener

      “White broke ass”….What your arse has no crack?

      • Zappa Frank

        apparently her shit comes out from the mouth

    • Lei Feng’s Hat

      Well, you may be on to something, Daffy Duck, because, oftentimes, when a Chinese woman finds herself rich, educated, and thus in possession of that most elusive luxury ‘choice’…that last thing in the world she wants to do…is marry a Chinese guy.

      • b duck

        not safe to marry foreigners.
        marry a foreigner can make 20000 per month not better than marry a chinese guy make 5000 per month with property.

        • Joseph

          Yea, if you call a shoebox in a 30 story apartment complex “property” LOL. That’s not property. That’s hell.

        • Your salary scales are so out of whack it ain’t funny….

      • b duck

        also because chinese guys treat gfs much better. much more better.

        • Zappa Frank

          it is because Chinese guys usually have to pay for a gf

          • b duck

            i wonder in where men no need to treat women to get her ???

          • Zappa Frank

            i know is hard for you to understand that actually no, women don’t weight you for what you can buy them in some countries.. But you do, and here we back to the reply of before. Among western we cosider you to be ‘that’ kind of woman, and it explains why they do behave with you in a certain way.

          • Alex Dương

            Come on, Frank, everybody has to pay for a girlfriend one way or another.

          • Zappa Frank

            true, but not pay ALL dinners and ALL requests… besides even after marriage they usually don’t get control over your finances leaving you with an elementary school alike weekly pay

      • B*tches, Leave

        Yo, don’t make fun of those who found love. When I see on the street an old white guy holding hands with a young, bordering on pedophilia, Chinese girl, I always think now that’s real love! He could has a whole family back home, but he is just so much in love that he sees this girl. And this girl gives herself to this old man, because she is in real love!

    • donscarletti

      Marry rich?

      I’ll give you a tip, owning an apartment within the 4th ring road of Beijing means little to the average a white boy who grew up in a house in the suburbs with two cars and maybe a swimming pool.

      Out of all the mainland Chinese girls I know who have married white guys, only one has had a non-rural Hukou (非农业户口).

      • b duck

        i do not know that normal white guys are so rich?
        where are you from?
        ha, i am 非农业户口,my family tried hard to get me 农业户口 now gov took it back.
        of course, i am not from very poor area.

      • b duck

        and plus: several HK or chinese actress married white, but failed, even their money was taken away by them. so, be careful of white diggers.

        • Zappa Frank

          yes, could you please give us a list of the several hk or Chinese actress that lost their money due to a bad marriage with a white…

      • b duck

        let me tell you sth real.
        i dated a lot before settled down.
        chinese guys normally can invite me in a middle level restaurant or cinema then eat.
        foreigners normally invite for a drink no more than 35, even you told him big cup he still bought small cup to save that several kuai.some even arrived early bought himself first.
        i did test. if i told them i am from sh, then they treat me in a middle level restaurant and like to keep in touch. if i told them not local, then no more or drink to see if can get some fk.
        and i met a man, he only treats sh women, even after chat several mins can invite girl to his apt cook for her. now even have face to use another wechat to hook me up then play trick but no face to show a lot nice things but never offer one low.
        so, keep far away from white diggers.

        • Zappa Frank

          probably is what they do with you because you are not worth of more..

          • b duck

            oh, yes!
            after drink or during drink asking for sex then, so i am sure i am they are just cheap.

          • Zappa Frank

            that’s the proof of what they do think of you.. think about it, maybe is your fault. i can assure it doesn’t happen to all chinese girls..

          • Confucius

            Women are not commodities. While you may wish to come back at b duck with a smartarse remark, your need to choose a way that demeans and dehumanises women is not warranted. A good principle to follow always is: if you won’t say it to your mother (or some woman you love if you hate your mother), don’t say it. Choose another way to object – better yet, choose a rational, logical, evidence-based argument. There’s enough hate in this world without us adding to it in permanent pixels on the internet.

          • Zappa Frank

            consider what she said, she weight people according to what they can buy her, their money and how much of that they are going to spend for her.. what’s the difference between her and a commodities?

        • Jahar

          You ever think that we don’t feel the need to try to impress girls with money?

          • b duck

            not only cheap also zhuangbi!

          • Jahar

            what? no, we are just used to girls that at least like to pretend they aren’t for sale.

          • Confucius

            b duck, while you seem to have a lot of legitimate points to make, the way you make them really don’t leave much room for sympathy. Unless you’re in fact attempting to entrench the sentiments of anti-Chinese bigots, you should find another way to vent your anger and frustration, then come back and comment here with some dignity.

    • iLcOrNaLiTo

      You sir, are totally wrong.

    • hess

      This HAS to be eattot.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    “America’s envy, jealousy and hate can all be seen on the money.” oh boy….way to go

  • death_by_ivory

    I really love the world map one. So funny.Gotta blow that up for a background.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Why can’t we all just get a long?
    Oh yeah, that’s right, silly me …

  • NicolasBourbaki

    Who is the moron that wrote the caption to these cartoons? They are so inaccurate.

    • hang

      Someone with a low opinion of foreign countries, a high opinion of China, and little understanding of how the world views their own country.

  • Rick in China

    Some misunderstandings:
    (the one with the light shining against a guy and showing his shadow)
    “The meaning here is that China is looks weak, but the truth is behind it.”
    No, the meaning here is that China puts on a facade of innocents/plays victim, but in reality is monstrous. That’s why the guy looks all nice and proper in his suit, but the shadow is a mangy looking brute/bully.

    (the one with Romney and Obama carrying bats with spikes in it, and in their speech balloons identifying the other as holding a carrot)
    “Once again it US election time, and they all voice a hardline against China, but deep down they want to kiss up to China (who knows).”

    No, this is a play on the ‘carrot/stick’ way of dealing with issues. In this comic, the debate issue is China, and it’s poking fun at both Obama and Romney for saying the other is managing the China issue with a carrot, while They carry a Stick – ie.. “I’m hard on China, (the other) is weak!”.

    (the one with Syrian president sittong on a chair made of Russian & China hands)
    “Again the Syrian crisis, can’t get past China and Russia.”

    Not really. It’s saying that Syria has the backing/support (hence the chair) of China and Russia.

    (the one with hiroshima and fukushima)

    What the fuck does this have to do with western political comments about China’s rise. Just throw that in there for good measure? Sure, the locals will love it?

    (The image of the world, with the countries image to display various cultural or other types of product)
    “he whole world belongs to China (our costs are high too).”
    What! belongs to, hahahaha… No. It says China is a gray, dull, zero innovation manufacturing plant with nothing uniquely associated to it other than “made in China”. It means, when you think of China, you think of manufacturing, and that’s it. It’s juxtaposed with, say, USA, with movies, hotdogs, basketball, space flight….or Russia associated with hot blonds, or whatever.

    • Alex Dương

      No, the meaning here is that China puts on a facade of innocents/plays victim, but in reality is monstrous. That’s why the guy looks all nice and proper in his suit, but the shadow is a mangy looking brute/bully.

      I don’t agree with this interpretation. “Reality” should be what the guy actually looks like (“nice and proper”); “facade” should be what the others think he looks like (“mangy looking brute/bully”). I think the netizen who said “The sixth picture is misinterpreted…” got it right in my opinion. (And in my opinion, I wouldn’t say “nice and proper”; I’d just say “normal.”)

      • Rick in China

        That could be. I suppose it depends on the context – who it’s meant for, who it was written by, and what it accompanied. If it was meant to show how silly it is for lots of fearmongering around China, that would make sense too.

        • SongYii

          probably makes more sense in the time and place it was published.

  • Dax

    I’ll take angry dragon over angry… Jewish zombie?

    • mr.wiener

      But a Jewish zombie would only eat you if you are kosher.

    • Zappa Frank

      indeed it was the project of Mc Arthur, right?

  • narsfweasels

    Anybody seen the China Daily Political Cartoons? They’re about as subtle and nuanced as a sledghammer to the groin.

  • Perseus Wong

    I don’t think the average citizens from both country are concern with the perceived economic superiority or threat from either places. The real threat comes from the politicians in both countries who indulge in bad monetary policies, perpetuate anti-US or anti Sino attitudes, raise an entire generation who do not appreciate the immense contribution both countries have made to science and global commerce.

    I imagine the future to be something like in “Firefly”, where the US and China are the two surviving cultural and cooperative superpower.

    • Alex Dương

      The real threat comes from the politicians in both countries who indulge in bad monetary policies, perpetuate anti-US or anti Sino attitudes, raise an entire generation who do not appreciate the immense contribution both countries have made to science and global commerce.

      I agree. But on the topic of Firefly, xkcd sums up my feelings pretty well about it :)

  • Jahar

    I’m glad some of you guys did some research into where these came from. The farther I got through them, the more I was convinced that at least some of them didn’t come from the west. I’m also glad that a lot of the commentators realized how far off some of the captions under each picture are.

  • videmus

    A number of these aren’t “Western” cartoons. A quick Google image search on a few of them leads to Luojie, a cartoonist for China Daily. Another is Paresh Nath, cartoonist for Khaleej Times based in UAE.

  • vonskippy

    “Western countries are beginning to seriously feel the threat of China.”

    Lol – yeah, like grown ups worrying that the two year olds are planning a rebellious take over.

    • pat

      Grown ups? China: 5000 years old, America: 200 years old… who are the grown ups again? Pride before a fall… son.

  • David

    True, half hearted measures are hardly ever effective. But I just wanted people to make sure they understood what the cartoons were trying to say before they disagree with them.

  • Confucius

    Lifetime physical domestic abuse of women in the US, UK, Australia and
    Ireland range from 23.3% to
    41.0% of women with 12 month rates at about 5% to 17%.* WHO estimates 1 in 3 women had been physically assaulted by their partners at some stage in their lives.

    *Hegarty, K., What is
    intimate partner abuse and how common is it?, in Intimate partner abuse and health professionals: new approaches to
    domestic violence, G. Roberts, K. Hegarty, and G. Feder, Editors. 2006,
    Elsevier: London, UK. p. 19-40.

  • Dick Leigh

    Ask what the average Canadian or American thinks of China, and I’m sure they would spew a lot of unenlightened nonsense as well. So many people think that China is still capital C Communist it’s ridiculous.

    The average Joe in any country is likely to have some xenophobic and misinformed ideas.

    • If I May

      In my experience in many “western” countries, the average Joe is merely indifferent toward China, with perhaps the exception of generally disliking Chinese products and being somewhat concerned with tainted food imports. Also, the average Joe outside of mainland China is significantly better educated and more capable of thinking outside of the box than their Chinese counterparts.

  • linette lee

    Don’t matter. All the rich Chinese move to USA. Or at least put their investment money in USA or Canada.

  • MinRome

    potray Ameica is innocent one ,funny